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People from time to time have said Harry I don't believe you! (596 hits)

Let me explain the skepticism of Black Americans who says that they don't believe me. I take into consideration that because Black Americans have no firm foundation that we could say is ours makes us followers of other people's religions and ways. It is clear that everything we have clearly belongs to other people. Our present religions and the prophets we embrace belongs to other people, am I right.

Take for example, the religion of Elijah Muhammad, Siebra Muhammad, Robert Powell and Mr. Farrakhan belonged to the Arabian people, am I right. Likewise, the religion of Bishop TD Jakes, Eddie Long and Frederick Price belongs to the European gentiles.

A people's faith in God is the most sensitive and greatest investment a human being could ever make in life because when a person pass on they will leave everything here that they owned, but will take their straight or crooked belief in God. So it would behoove Black Americans that they faith and belief in God be straight and not crooked.

Some Black Americans argues with me that I am entitled to my belief in the religion of LIFE and by the same token they are in title to their belief in Christianity or Islam. What my ignorant people neither understand nor see is that what I am saying is more than a religion. What I am saying is a definite and permanent change coming to Black Americans. We are going to become a sovereign people on a fertile and reasonable portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders. This change is greater then their supposedly right to believe what they want and that I can believe what I want.

Likewise, the dumb Israelite told Moses he could believe in the religion of the Jewish people which is Judaism, but for them they will believe in the Golden Calf that Pharaoh gave them to believe in. These stupid dumb Israelite did not understand that Moses was bringing about a definite and permanent change. By God's will the children of Israel were going to Exodus Egypt no matter who liked it on not because no power on earth could stop the will of God from happening.

Black America's faith which should be the most important thing in a person's life can be traced to the Jewish and European gentile Christian religion and the Arabian Islamic religion and Black Americans are neither Jewish nor European gentile nor Arabian people.

Consequentially, the reason that I am not presently believed by Black Americans is not based on brain work since any people that follows and embraces the beliefs, ways and practices of other people are surely mentally dead and ignorant people. I say this boldly because no Black American has been able to say that I was wrong about anything I said. Therefore, I am not believed now because Black Americans are heavily stuck in the traditional ways White America have raised us as their property and people to embrace, am I right.

Posted By: Harry Watley
Friday, September 21st 2012 at 7:19AM
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NO --- not from time to time, but ALWAYS

harryWatley has on BIA ALWAYS been wrong and for the 12,568,888th time

Robert Powell IS a Believer of AlQur'aan and the Sunnah of Mohamed(saw)

Robert Powell IS and believes in the way of Life outlined by the Creator of Adaam(as) for All Mankind and created things.

Robert Powell IS and believes in the way of Life outlined by the Creator of Adaam(as) and as a matter of Faith, accepts All the Original Words and Prophets of Allaah from AtTaurat, AlInjeel, Adaam thru Nuh, thru Musa, thru Isa, thru Mohamed(sawm)

Robert Powell is NOT a 'black/white' American

Robert Powell is NOT in the same european belief of: harry, siebraFarakhan, clinton, the POPE, Hitler -etc.

harry, siebraFarakhan, clinton, the POPE, Hitler were and are 'black or white' paganChristians

harry would have finally realized this by 9/21/2012 if He were not a selfProfessed 68 IQ, retardant byProduct of paganChristianity..............

do not put Muslims in the same sentence with YOUR people and LEARN, READ and COMPREHEND 'some' History, Scholarship and Science.............

Friday, September 21st 2012 at 8:48AM
powell robert
Stupid Robert,

You say that you are a believer in Al Quran and the Sunnah of Mohammed. Stupid, that is exactly my point. The fact that you are not an Arab but believe in the Sunnah of Mohammed makes you a damn fool.

The Arabian people produce Mohammed for their purposes and divine benefits. Your race (Black Americans) did not produce Mohammed and therefore Mohammed can neither serve nor can we divinely benefit from Mohammed because Black America has produced our own prophet, Prophet Harry for our purposes and divine benefits. Something as simple as what I'm saying is too difficult for you to understand is mind boggling. You are extremely stupid!

Friday, September 21st 2012 at 10:08PM
Harry Watley

and again, In AlIslaam ----- one who speaks, writes and thinks in Arabic is Arab

some Arabs are also Believers of AlQur aan and the Sunnah of Mohamed(saw)

my wife was born in Africa and i was born in Europe, most of my Children were born in America ---- we are Americans by Citizenship, Arabs AND Believers of AlQur aan and the Sunnah of Mohamed(saw)

we are not 'black'Americans
Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 9:33PM
powell robert
Hello Stupid Robert,

You are absolutely wrong to say that if you speak, write and think Arabic then you are an Arab.

So I guess that speaking, writing and thinking Arabic is enough to wash your biology, race and ethnicity away like a person washes the dirt off himself when taking a shower. You are incredibly stupid.

Just recently the American ambassador Mr. Christopher that was murdered in Libya was a White American Caucasian man that spoke, write and thought Libyan suddenly turned into a Libyan man before he was murdered, huh!

You are incredibly stupid. Mr. Christopher was born a White American Caucasian man and he died a white American Caucasian man. Your reasoning abilities are below average. You are stupid!

I guess that you would think if a pig can act like a lamb the pig would suddenly turn into a lamb. Idiot life is real. You are not living in some Disney World or in Hollywood with special effects. Life is real, idiot!

Saturday, September 22nd 2012 at 10:22PM
Harry Watley

the SUBJECT of your BLAG is --:

"People from time to time have said Harry I don't believe you!"

i am going to go out a limb here and say 99.9999% perCent of people who you meet through writing or socially LEAVE you with NO BELIEF in yourMind onlyThinking!

yourMind seems to me to be a selfProfessed 68 IQ Jungle of Retardants, and yes ---speaking, writing and thinking a language makes that person --- ask any linguistic or sociologist......

you speak, write and think in colors so you are a colorWorshipper----sorry, a 'black'Color worshipper ---- or just a 'black' paganChristian or maybe just a 'black'Christian

christopher, weapons of mass destruction --christ ????? ---- I havent seen or read or believe anything from any of those................

Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at 8:52AM
powell robert

Your ability to reason is damaged. No matter how many times I explained to you that the name Black Americans are not a color crayon or paint color, BLACK you don't comprehend.

Likewise, White Americans are not a color crayon, WHITE either. Black Americans are a race of people that is contrastingly different from other races of people. Black Americans are not Arabian people or Nigerian African people.

I know you understand what I am saying because the point that comes right behind what I am saying knocks you flat on your ass. That point is that since Black Americans are not Arabian people you are incredibly stupid and ignorant upholding and embracing the Arabian religion, practices, ways and customs while you are not an Arab man. And, you want to stay an Arabian wannabe. For all your life you have thought you are right until you met me and I showed you that you are wrong and you do not want to give up your Arabian ways. So, your best defense is to play stupid and accuse me of being racial and color worship. You know full well that prophets are racially different. You know full well that Prophet Mohammed and you are not the same race and therefore Prophet Mohammed did not come to you. Prophet Mohammed came to the Arabian people because he was Arab himself. All this is fifth-grade reasoning. You are incredibly stupid!

You cannot advance in the Islamic religion because you are not an Arab. The only religion you can advance in is the religion of LIFE which genuinely belongs to Black Americans that are descendents of slaves.

You are so stupid that you had told me that you see no racial differences between a Black American man and an Arab man. You are stupid!

Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at 1:05PM
Harry Watley

my Advance is based on my Belief and Faith in the Creator of Adaam(as)

that is kindergarten understanding............I AM A MONOTHEISTIC Believer.........

was i close with the 99.9999% of your associations or People from time to time have said Harry I don't believe you!"---?????

Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at 2:06PM
powell robert

It is not true that your faith and belief is in the creator of Adam as you say is not true. To be more precise your faith and belief is rooted in the Arabian beliefs and practices.

And again, the name Adam is Moses and Adam was a factitious Jewish man. Even Daniel Webster had it wrong when he defined Adam as mankind. Mankind did not evolve from a Jewish man.

Moses was explaining to his people that just came out of bondage and slavery how God created them and everything else and he used the metaphoric Adam and Eve and if you notice all the descendents of Adam and Eve to Prophet Jesus were Jews and humanity are not all Jewish people. I must say that it was a very good motivational speech to give the Hebrew people backbone.

You just don't have the ability to look into creation as Angel Gabriel advised Prophet Mohammed to do when he said read by looking out into creation and observed God's wonderful creation. You are incredibly stupid! There are a lot of common sense things in creation that you do not understand.

The first thing you need to do is stop criticizing and mocking me, but instead honestly and uprightly reasoning with me.

Sunday, September 23rd 2012 at 2:27PM
Harry Watley

your euroCentric paganChristian definitions are WEAK and wrong

dannyWebster lived in the 18th century,

the DEFINITION of Adaam(as) is of Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic Origin-----before Mankind knew anyOne could live in the europeanWilderness

adaam does mean Mankind........ask any hebrew or jew or Muslim

i do not mock you, History, Scholarship and Science criticize Ignorance and the unEducated and you claim NOTHING with NO evidence

i mock a selfProfessed 68 IQ retardant........that KNOWS only want 68IQ can

Monday, September 24th 2012 at 8:51AM
powell robert
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