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Another police shooting acquittal worries black gun owners (752 hits)

Gerry Martin isn’t sure he will ever tell a police officer during a traffic stop that he has a concealed-weapon permit — and possibly a weapon — on him.

The acquittal of a Minnesota officer in the death of a licensed gun owner who volunteered that he had a gun seconds before being fatally shot during a traffic stop adds to the worries of African-American gun owners about how they are treated by police and society.

Acknowledging that they have a weapon, they said, can open them up to violence from police, who can then claim they feared for their lives simply because of the presence of a gun, even a legal one.

Posted By: Steve Williams
Sunday, June 18th 2017 at 1:20PM
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“The reports from Minnesota are troubling and must be thoroughly investigated,” the NRA said in a statement released on Facebook. “In the meantime, it is important for the NRA not to comment while the investigation is ongoing. Rest assured, the NRA will have more to say once the facts are known.”

Sunday, June 18th 2017 at 1:52PM
Steve Williams
In March, we reported on the details of NRA-backed concealed carry reciprocity legislation pending in Congress. The momentum behind those bills continues to build, with each attracting dozens of co-sponsors.

Sen. John Cornyn’s Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act now boasts 37 co-sponsors. And 194 of his House colleagues have signed onto Rep. Richard Hudson’s Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017.

Concealed carry reciprocity legislation recognizes that Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms doesn’t end at their states’ borders. While most states already recognize this and have provisions allowing for reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other jurisdiction, a minority of antigun states have made a point of arresting out-of-state residents who carry or transport otherwise lawfully owned firearms in their jurisdictions.

This sort of “zero tolerance” enforcement has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with punishing people who believe in the Second Amendment. There is nothing legitimate about a state using its police powers to suppress the constitutional rights of fellow Americans.

That’s why your NRA has for years supported legislation to ensure that people who are federally eligible to possess firearms and who have state-sanctioned ability to carry concealed don’t lose their eligibility to do so simply because they cross state lines. This legislation would ensure that states would have to treat lawful concealed carriers from other states the same as lawful in-state concealed carriers. States would maintain their prerogatives over their own licensing regimes and the rules of behavior that govern concealed carry within their borders.

Sunday, June 18th 2017 at 2:38PM
Steve Williams
Witness testimony from the Jeronimo Yanez trial: a summary


Sunday, June 18th 2017 at 7:39PM
Steve Williams
Not once was the name of Castile officially mentioned by the NRA in its statement. Even now the leadership of the NRA has not mentioned Castile and his rights as a gun owner. The silence has not gone unnoticed among its more than five million members on social media. Going to the official NRA Facebook page there are numerous statements that ask directly “What about Philando Castile” and the NRA’s silence.

Monday, June 19th 2017 at 6:46PM
Steve Williams
Castile had no right to carry no firearm.

Monday, June 19th 2017 at 8:00PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Castile did have a right to carry a firearm. Yanez is guilty of violating that right. I've told the NRA three times now they need to make a statement and I'll continue to do so. They have the facts before them, they need to judge the facts independent of the jury.

Monday, June 19th 2017 at 8:48PM
Steve Williams
Yanez violated his training and is guilty of manslaughter as a result.
Monday, June 19th 2017 at 8:53PM
Steve Williams
Don't hold your breath on that one about the NRA Steven. Although Castile was doing everything right and all of the encounter was caught on Facebook life, as far as the NRA is concern, Castile having to right to carry a firearm is a mute point.

Don't you know that the police is afraid of the Black Man. All they got to say is: "I WAS AFFRAID FOR MY LIFE!!!"

I believe the report says that Castile's Firearm was in his pocket and he was sitting on it.

Still holding your breath Steven.

Monday, June 19th 2017 at 9:41PM
Deacon Ron Gray
I'm not holding my breath for a statement from the NRA leadership. I'm a life member and the leadership has a responsibility to the members. They are dragging their feet on this because a large part of our membership are police. They've fallen into the very trap that their presidential hero ran against, political correctness. They will continue to hear from me and the other members who want a statement far more than you and the Washington Post do.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 4:49AM
Steve Williams
What some 2nd Amendment advocates think about this case, the police and concealed carry, and the NRA.


Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 6:54AM
Steve Williams
If it happen yet the NRA will now stand-up and speak out on the behalf of Castile's 2nd Amendment rights. SORRY!!!

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 9:35AM
Deacon Ron Gray
There's the leadership and there's the membership. The membership is already speaking out.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 9:54AM
Steve Williams
Remember Ron this is the man you and your cronies at MSNBC forgot for a year.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 9:56AM
Steve Williams
I just got off the phone with the NRA-ILA. Lots of members are calling in and we have got their attention.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 10:39AM
Steve Williams
Then where is this outrage Steven?

On that link you have, had a blogger who's name is covfefedom 127 who said this: Yes, but he was black and the NRA doesn't give a s h i t about black people.

Now Val_Hallen replied with this: Well, more specifically the NRA doesn't give a **** about people.

The NRA is turning into nothing more than a lobbying firm for gun and ammo manufacturers.

The NRA has been losing members steadily each year.

Right now, the NRA has about 5 million members give or take. The actual number is suspect as the NRA doesn't actually publish how many they have through any verifiable metric, they just want us to take their work for it.
There are somewhere around 90 million gun owners in the U.S.

That means just over 5% of gun owners forked over $35 to sign up.

Less and less of their money comes from membership and more and more of it is coming from gun and ammo suppliers.

The latest numbers I can find are from their 990 in 2014 showing member dues plummeted by $47 million — from $175 million to $128 million. In 2013, they lost $37 million in membership dues.

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action — a.k.a. lobbying arm — spent $47 million in 2014. That’s considerably more than the $27 million they spent in 2013.

The NRA’s public relations agency Oklahoma raked it in, with $16.9 million in billing in 2014 — compared to $14.5 million in 2013.

Good Luck on your efforts Steven and remember: Money talking and BULL💩, walks. Enjoy yourself on your journey.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 1:05PM
Deacon Ron Gray
I gave you a link with individuals expressing opinions. I'm glad you read it but my own opinion you can find right here. I have no intention of cancelling my membership. The leadership is listening to the concerns of all members and will issue a statement after that.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 1:24PM
Steve Williams
The leadership is listening to the concerns of all members and will issue a statement after that. Not according toGoCubsGo2007 on that site, he states: The leadership is listening to the concerns of all members and will issue a statement after that.


By DBDude I quote: Nope. The concealed carrier that was shot at Costco got no love. The NRA does not like to piss off police. This is a big problem they have.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 1:44PM
Deacon Ron Gray
remember: Money talking and BULL💩, walks. Enjoy yourself on your journey.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 1:44PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Remember, I'm the life member not you Ron. Remember, I have a much bigger stake. Remember, I spoke to the NRA-ILA and got that assurance, not you.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 2:08PM
Steve Williams
That is great Steven, I will look foreword for your progress. Enjoy yourself on your journey.

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 8:55PM
Deacon Ron Gray
There's nothing enjoyable about what happened to Philando Castile or the acquittal of Yanez. Those are beyond my control but I do have membership privelege with the NRA, and that is something I can do.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 9:41PM
Steve Williams
See, this is the crap we have to put up with. The NRA's response has NOTHING to do with Castile being black. It has EVERYTHING to do with a cop that was acquitted by a jury of his peers. This dumbass needs to be talking about the failures of our fu ck ed up courts.
Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 10:23PM
Steve Williams
Colion Noir says Friday ruling that police officer Jeronimo Yanez would not be convicted in the death of Castile is ‘just wrong’ and ‘covert racism is a real thing’

...the group’s most prominent black commentator, Colion Noir, is speaking out about the decision.

“Yanez walking away from this case a free and clear man is just wrong,” Noir wrote in an impassioned online post on Sunday. Though he despised “race-baiting”, Noir wrote, “covert racism is a real thing and is very dangerous.

“Philando Castile should be alive today. I don’t feel [Yanez] woke up that day wanting to shoot a black person. However, I keep asking myself, would he have done the same thing if Philando were white?”

On Monday, Noir – who works under a pseudonym and requested his real name, though widely reported, not be used – was filming for his NRA News television show in Utah. In a phone interview, he said Castile’s death had touched him deeply. But he said he was speaking only for himself, not as a spokesman for the NRA or its leadership.


Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 10:33PM
Steve Williams
don’t know what they would say,” he said, adding that any NRA statement on the Castile case would be used to stoke divisions and likely twisted or excerpted to make it seem anti-law enforcement or anti-black.

“I think for a lot of people it’s baiting,” he said, “it’s trying to cause a division, wanting them to say something [so] they can take a segment out and create a divide.”

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 10:44PM
Steve Williams
Philando Castile Should Be Alive Today

"What the ****! What the ****! What the ****!”. We were four black teens in a ****ty station wagon looking for a place to play basketball until we realized we were lost. All I can hear is my best friend in the backseat yelling over and over again, “What the ****! What the ****! What the ****!” and the cop outside of the station wagon with his gun pointed directly at me yelling, “Don’t ****ing move, roll the window down, don’t ****ing move!"

We pulled up next to a parked cop car to ask him for directions. When we realized there was no one in the car, we reversed to leave, but before my friend could put the vehicle in drive, a cop jumps out of a van next to the police car with his gun pointed right at me. To this day I still feel a little guilty about the relief I felt when the cop made his way from my side to the driver side of the car and pointed the gun inches away from my friends head instead of mine.

My friend's eyes were closed, and his hands were straight up. I could see the gun inches from his temple. My friend rambled, "we're lost, we're lost, directions, directions, we just wanted directions." My friend in the back seat was still yelling. I just stared at the gun waiting for my life to change forever.


Tuesday, June 20th 2017 at 10:49PM
Steve Williams
Good luck Steven on getting your voice heard with Wayne Lapierre because it will be plain to see that all Americans don't have the right to bare arms.

So far no word from Wayne.

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 8:00AM
Deacon Ron Gray
Yanez walked away from this case a free and clear man is just wrong. THIS is a prime case of getting away with murder.

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 8:06AM
Deacon Ron Gray
Let me put it this way Ron. I'll have more luck talking with the NRA than you'll have explaining, how it is, the very people who scream loudest that NO American should have the right to bear arms are the same ones screaming loudest that ALL Americans should have the right to bear arms.
Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 9:07AM
Steve Williams
We are not talking about All Americans, we are talking Philando Castile and will the leader Wayne Lapierre of the NRA, speak to his rights to bare a firearm and your work to bring that about.

Good Luck Steven!!!

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 9:42AM
Deacon Ron Gray
I'm not waiting for Wayne LaPierre. We are having this conversation right now. Come on over Ron.
Look for the thread started by Jesse D.Farber.
Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 1:51PM
Steve Williams
The death of Philando Castile is about race and not about the NRA and guns.

Think of it this way Mr. Philando Castile represents and is a part of 41 million Black Americans descendents of plantation slaves. His life is paramount and is all that he has. On a scale of 1 to 10 his life is 10, but White America and its oppressive institutions like the police department sees the lives of Black Americans dispensable and therefore on a scale of 1 to 10 the White establishment grades Mr. Philando Castile as a 1-.

My point is that one race of people who are racially different from another race should have the lives of the lesser race in their hands as in the case of Mr. Philando Castile and the White establishment.

Having said all this turns my attention to ask the question what is Black America’s permanent solution to these often tragic events of my Black American race by White American people?

Often times while White Americans are doing the most vicious, vile and racist things to Black Americans like mass incarceration of Black Americans the Whites say that it’s not about race the excuse is always about something else! Black Americans once a permanent solution and not reasons and Whites’ justification for murdering us.

Black Americans wants out. Black Americans do not want to be governed by White Americans. Black Americans wants total and complete out of White America and that is what God is going to bring about for Black Americans.

Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 3:18PM
Harry Watley
I see your point Harry.
Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 3:34PM
Steve Williams
I didn't see any comments from you on Facebook of Jesse D. Farber!
Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 5:02PM
Harry Watley
I tried to copy the exact link but Facebook doesn't let me.
Wednesday, June 21st 2017 at 5:10PM
Steve Williams
Sad to say Ron, it's not looking good over on the NRA-ILA Facebook page. It's mostly blind support for the acquittal of Yanez. Have you seen the dashcam video released Tuesday?


Thursday, June 22nd 2017 at 1:33PM
Steve Williams
Over at the NRA-ILA they are mostly a bunch of yahoos defending Yanez and the NRA's silence. A few are not though and one posted this.

Police Dashcam Shows Take Down Of Suicidal Man Armed With Rifle


Friday, July 14th 2017 at 8:07AM
Steve Williams
WOW!!! look at the difference.

Friday, July 14th 2017 at 9:11AM
Deacon Ron Gray
I wish more people knew how to make a difference. I did encounter a handful though.
Friday, July 14th 2017 at 1:21PM
Steve Williams
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