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How TRUMPCARE Makes " Hitler and the Nazis " Look Like Saviors (95 hits)

OP-ED : With this dissertation I will attempt to make sense of Trumpcare and the rationality of it's Nazi Ideology. And by doing so , it will give a new perspective of Hitler and his Nazi Movement which until now has been perceived as inhumane.

We must first look at the United States of America as not only a country , but a corporation. And as with any business it needs " workers " , and that requires all citizens to work and to try their best to remain able body and productive.

But over the past few decades the number of mentally and physically disabled citizens has risen to outlandish numbers. And although unfortunate this requires the government to support them through government programs like Medicaid , Social Security Disability and Food Stamps. - All funded by the angry able body taxpayers i might add.

And because their are so many " non-able body citizens " this forces the government to spend billions every month to maintain their " useless lives ". Useless because they are unable to benefit the country through working and paying taxes which could continue these programs.

Therefore the government is dishing out more than they are taking in , and this is what Hitler saw happening in Germany. He knew that if such a situation continued it would financially destabilize the country which would force the corporation so to speak into bankruptcy.

So it was his idea to exterminate all of the mentally and physically " weak people " to save the country from self destruction. Although I do not agree with the method he chose - I do understand it. If it becomes a trend to lean on the government , it will become an epidemic because it appeals to the lazy nature that most people have - particularly our youth.

And this is what we are seeing today, their are so many weak people surviving by leaning on the government it has become an " alternative lifestyle " for our youth. In essence the weak are now " role models " for able body youth who find ways to lean on the system for financial support when they are able body enough to work or become entrepreneurs.

And of course no weak and useless person would be in favor of ending a system that supports uselessness. But to save the corporation, drastic steps must and will be taken to reverse this epidemic and " promote work " by removing all of the programs the weak lean on leaving them no choice but to be productive.

And as for the 500,000 people it is estimated that would die every year as a result of Trump Care's elimination of these programs many would say " good riddance ". Uselessness has no place in a modern and productive society, how can America or any country be great when half the population is crippled , lazy or crazy ?

Trumpcare like Hitler's Idea is not inhumane , but totally sane and rational and not only that - it is a Christian Concept : Jesus himself Said : That he came to separate the Wheat from the Tares , meaning the things that stifle growth and productivity.

I understand this because I myself am " Disabled " and useless not only to the corporation ( i.e. America ) but to my family as well. And if being " thrown into an oven " with all the other useless souls would make room for a younger able body generation to prosper I would not fight for my useless life.

Written by Prophet - King Nazir Muhammad
Visit us online @ http://religionofpower.weebly.com

Posted By: The Church of Black Syientology Inc.
Monday, July 17th 2017 at 6:31PM
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