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The Best Macro-Economic Investment Strategy In Project Safer America (107225 hits)

Project Safer America's Targeted Market
Through the L.A.U.S.A. Group, I envisioned a consortium of landlords implementing a Domestic Investment Strategy that will ultimately service Twenty-Two Million Households throughout the United States. Its object is to create a special patent metal, traceable state of the art property, and jobs by employing Warehouse Workers, Office Managers, Property Repair Maintenance Workers, Furniture Movers, and Truck Drivers, to service Americans in every apartment and c*ndominium community in the U.S..

It will done by the L.A.U.S.A.'s Group investing in a majority ownership on apartments and c*ndominium community in every city in the U.S. Create the market for setting up Service Managers Distribution Centers in what are called the Superintendent's Office, or, Manager's Office. The L.A.U.S.A. Group will train, very thoroughly, all Service Managers on how to market L.A.U.S.A.'s Traceable Home Furnishings, Consumer Electronics, and Appliances. All Service Managers will equipped with;

1. packages of the Federal Crime Insurance Program, or a similar policy.

2. furnished Apartment and/or c*ndominium Leasing Agreements.

3. a C.P.U. Property Finding Activator.

4. photo pictures of L.A.U.S.A.'s Traceable Property in full color catalog, along with part supplies for maintenance purposes.

5. Extensive advertising on television, in print, and on radio, encouraging all tenants of apartments and c*ndominiums throughout the U.S., to invest in United States Savings Bonds, as well ass Preferred and Common L.A.U.S.A. Group Stocks before leasing its state of the art in Home Furnishings, Consumer Electronics, and Appliances.

6 at-least one maintenance worker that lives on the premises who has been trained to repair L.A.U.S.A.'s property.

7. packages for lease at $200.00 a month, $100.00 a month, $50.00 a month, and $25.00 a month. About twenty-five years after implementing Project Safer America, the L.A.U.S.A. Group hope to be servicing twenty-two million households, and generating revenues of $324 billion dollars every ten years, while creating a strong labor force.


Crunching Project Safer America's Numbers

Below, are the figures that "Project Safer America" expect to generate within its market, which is all of America. As you can see, the bulk of this investment strategy target's two strong income markets throughout the U.S. The money that is in these two markets is consistent, and is like to be paid (on time) for the duration of the L.A.U.S.A. Group's Furnished Apartment and c*ndominium Leasing Agreement, which is a 4 year agreement.

After 4 years, the said tenant has an Option to either, sign a new L.A.U.S.A. Furnished Apartment or c*ndominium Leasing Agreement, and receive a brand new 10 piece state of the art traceable property package, or, the tenant can just keep 4 year old furniture, and pay half price each month from what he, or she, has been paying the previous 4 years. The philosophy, here, is that sooner, or later, all packages leased will find its way to "Low Income Communities" at a "Working Price" affordable to them.

L.A.U.S.A.'s Report 20 Years From Implementation

1. Packages Sold = 22 Million
2. High Income Leasers = 10 Million
3. Moderate Income Leasers = 4 Million
4. Low Income Leasers= 4 Million
5. No Income Leasers = 4 Million

1. Multiply 10 million investing leasers at $200.00 a month, and gross 24 billion dollar, annually.

2. Multiply 4 million moderate income leasers at $100.00 a month, and gross 4.8 billion dollars.

3. Multiply 4 million low income leasers at $50.00 a month, and gross 2.4 billion dollars.

4. Multiply 4 million no income leasers at $25.00 a month, and gross 1.2 billion dollars.

$32.4 Billion (Annual Gross)
In 1988, about 6 months in my being released from federal incarceration, where I had plenty of time to read my Bible, and pray, a white Jewish brother by the name of Loel Drey, an ex- bio chemist who had become mentally ill, and whom I had taken under my wing when residing on Altoona Dr. in West Oak Cliff.

He knocked on my door while I was sitting at the table writing a vision God had blessed us with, within a manuscript I was completing, titled, " Visions of Business."
I had been up 48 hours writing. God planned it so that I couldn't go to sleep until this moment had passed, I suppose? I saw visions, and wanted to write. It was like something had taken control of my right hand.
And then, the moment came when I opened the door, and there was Loel with this short, olive skinned man, with big black curly hair like that Stanley guy with the group Kiss coming into my mother's home.
I asked Loel who was he? And the little man responded, "You can call me, uncle Sam." I chuckled, but also detected a very thick accent. So I asked him where was he from? He said, "I'm from Israel?
The Hebrew translation of my name is pronounced Shmuel Hezi. The English translation is Samuel Hezi. But you can call me, uncle Sam. What do you do? You write songs, poetry, or what?"
Shmuel saw where I had been at my table writing, and wanted to know was I a songwriter, poet, or something? I told him, that, "I had recently been released from prison and had prayed and asked God to redeem me and bless me with compassion, vision, and wisdom.
I asked God to grant me a vision of 'Permanent Jobs Creation' throughout America during this time, since, President Bush, is taking a beating in the media about his lack of a vision to create jobs. That's what I was finishing up on when you guys came."
Sam gave me a strange look, and then asked, "Can I read your work?" I said, "sure! I am honored to have a Jewish man read the visions that God has blessed me with! I know how Jews priorities education!!" So, he read while Loel, and I, stepped outside for his privacy.
We gave him about 30 minutes and went back into my mother's home, at which time, Sam approached me to hand me my manuscript, and said to me, "This is a book you've written. You should write poetry."

I responded, "What?! Poetry! There's not one poem in the entire manuscript, Sam! Why do you suggest that I write poetry?" And he said, "If you write poetry -- you will become a great poet!"

I had never written a poem in my life. But in my belief that God sent Samuel to me as a messenger from the holy land, I started writing poetry, in 1990.

Sam suggested that I write poetry after reading the macro-economic thesis, below, from the manuscript I had written, and he saw, entitled, Visions Of Business, that was, later, stolen out the Dallas Historical Society's Library Archives Division.

Much of everything I donated to then Curator, Gaylon Palotti, in 1997, and again, in 1998, has been stolen.

Salvation Army - Children of Autism - UNICEF - Cathharities - Islamic Nonprofits - Israel

U.S. Department of Labor
Department Of Labor

Dear Mr. Mathis:

Thank you for your recent letter to President Bush. Unfortunately, due to his busy schedule, the President cannot personally answer all of his correspondence.
Therefore, your letter was forwarded to the Department of Labor, which has primary responsibility for employment and training programs.
Your proposal for "Project Safer America" -- making it possible to electronically identify leased property--may be a viable entrepreneurial opportunity. You wish to pursue that prospect with appropriate offices at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Specifically, the Office of Technical Assistance and Research Development, U.S. Department of Commerce, may provide financial assistance for the enterprise you propose.
Raymond J. Uhalde

Collectors Validation Site
Raymond J. Uhalde, in 1992, was the Administrator at the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Development at the time he responded to my letter to President George H.W. Bush concerning the issue of permanent jobs creation.

I wrote the following thesis in my original handwriting and donated, in 1997, the manuscript, titled, Visions of Business, to the Dallas Historical Society where thieves have now stolen my (small) literary estate out of the society's Library Archives. But I still have copies of the 'The Plan'.

Better than a 'Public Works Program,' though the investment dollars are really needed in that area, as well, Project Safer America is the 'Brand New Deal' that "Investing Americans" will prosper from for many years to come. Isn't that what we want to do is prosper?
I'll even show you how we can get into burglars minds, nationwide, and make them say, "Put that stuff down man! We can't even make any money selling it to our fencers! There are few buyers for that hot stuff!
But investing Americans will be making money and creating jobs throughout every community in the United States of America for many years to come.
Visions of Business
Project Safer America

In 1987, I authored a compilation manuscript, titled, Visions of business. In the first chapter of this work, I demonstrate to my readers, how, when visions of conducting business appears in my mind, I plan to market my ideas in an effort to implement strategies that has yet be considered by other innovators in the area of business.

In Visions of Business, I discuss one strategy in particular that could literally create "PERMANENT JOBS" in every community in the United States. Some consider it to be the most revolutionary domestic investment strategy for all of America in the years to come.

My Visions of Business
It was the year nineteen hundred and eighty-seven when GOD entered my life and gave me vision; a kind of vision that could one day benefit millions of citizens throughout the United States.

It was nineteen eighty-seven when a prophet of GOD (but a con man) told me that I would inform the American people of a program, that in his opinion, was one of the "Best Kept Secrets" in the United States.

Initially, I was confused? Here I was talking to a guy who lived in Philadelphia, PA., and said he worked on 82nd Street, in New York City, as an investment analyst traveling around the world doing on site inspections of his clients Portfolios before reporting to advise them as to sell, or hold on to their stocks.

Nevertheless, once I reviewed the packet that had been addressed to me in my jail cell, I then understood exactly what this fellow was saying about this federal program. It was obviously surrounded by secrecy?

And I was "shocked" to learn about our federal government being the business of providing/underwriting both "Robbery and Burglary Residential Insurance Policies," combined, to millions of prospective citizens living in 14 states.

This program was called the Federal Crime Insurance Program. Federal Crime Insurance Program offered on its "Residential Policies," both robbery and burglary insurance, combined, for as little as $32.00 a year.

It offered on ts Commercial Policies, robbery only, burglary only, or a combined robbery and burglary coverage for as little as $216.00 a year.

The corporate price was offered to business owners in some of the highest crime areas in those states that were eligible for the program. Our government also offered "Taxi drivers" robbery only insurance for as little as $128.00, annually.

This program had been around since 1971, and yet, at the time I had learnded about it, in 1987, only about 5% of our national population knew the program was in existence and working well for those individuals who were fortunate enough to be participants.

The $64,000 question is... "Why the big secret?" Could it have been that our United States government was intentionally discriminating against the millions of individuals, business persons, and taxi drivers, in the so-called ineligible states?

Our government claimed that the Federal Crime Insurance Program was made available to citizens in states where robbery and burglary insurance weren't available at an affordable and renewable rate.

I'm certain many citizens living in every major city in our nation could have made the same claim of "crack and crime" being everywhere while high crime rate followed.

So why weren't everyone across the board offered this insurance coverage when there was, then, and still is, now, a desperate need for it? After all, every tax paying citizen made the program possible through the paying of their tax dollars.

Perhaps our government believed there would be too many false claims to pay-off? But that doesn't have to be the case if we, Americans, use innovation of a new creation.

Visions of Business

" A Macro Economic Jobs Creation Plan "
As I sat in my mother's home trying to figure out how and in what ways should Americans invest their capital for creating permanent jobs throughout the U.S, I came to the realization that America needed a domestic investment strategy that will both create jobs, and, solve some of our nation's social problems.

We all know that Americans will invest, but, the problem is their hasn't been any real investment opportunities.

Therefore, forcing investment brokers to dream up "Flim-Flam-Scams" that has helped to create a national deficit of trillions of dollars which perpetuates the loss of jobs while continuing to lose money.

This type of treachery must stop! I didn't finish high school. I didn't even get halfway through my junior year. I've been incarcerated three times, but nevertheless, I know what I'm talking about, and that, my friends, is what count in making money, or creating jobs.

I hope you don't view me as arrogant but, I used to be angry as Hell! I've written programs, and business plans. I've inquired about applying for loans at every kind of commercial bank in my city, and every time the same bank policy trampled all over my dream, and that was, "You don't have a history of repaying your debt". So there I was, again, left, with only having "Visions of Business".

To tell you the truth, I believe the way most lending institutions make their decisions on how to grant a business person, or a business, a loan, sucks!

Most of these lending institutions are no more than "Undercover Pawnshop" that doesn't know anything about analyzing the "Expected Growth" of a business, nor, are they in touch with the needs of the American people.

I hope to have my works accepted by all America because, my works benefits all America. It's time for the American people to start thinking of what is in the best interest of all America.

Project Safe America, an addition to our already established economic system, could generate revenues of 70 billion dollars every 10 years with 10 million American households investing on average, $250.00 a month.

But enough of talking about all the money Project Safer America would generate for the American people. And please, try not to think about the millions of jobs that will derive from this program.

Rather, think about how nice it would be if America implemented an investment strategy that stretched throughout every community in the United States.

A program that uses the ultimate property management strategy, and provides the best service imaginable to apartment and c*ndominium dwellers, as well as homeowners, that will allow them to invest in L.A.U.S.A.'S Common, and Preferred Stock, as well as other securities.

The funds raised from private and government security issues will enable the most important entities in our society to invest in the highest in quality, and extremely durable home furnishings, consumer electronics, and appliances.

This is an excellent opportunity with the stage being set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae now owned by the American people for us to export this innovation worldwide.

Based on the concept of mass production due to high demand, Americans living in apartments, c*ndominiums and homes throughout our nation will be able to "LEASE" these items on a monthly bases for up to 4 years at a price affordable to low income citizens, as well as all others.

The process of producing these "State of the Art" in durable goods will force burglars throughout America to seek other types of property to steal because these new innovative products Americans will be offering to the general public will be manufactured on the concept of being "Traceable and Identifiable" by a devise similar to the remote control; a device called the C.P.U. Property Finding Activator.

The Device I Dubbed The C.P.U. Property Finding Activator

Let me share with you how Project Safer America works? The corporate entity is, titled, The Landlords Association of the United States in America, or, THE L.A.U.S.A. GROUP, parent company, and executor of "Project Safer America".

Project Safer America was created to encourage all landlords throughout the U.S. to consolidate the industry for the purpose of implementing this macro-economic jobs creation plan that will be most profitable to all investing Americans long term, and at the same time, deter burglaries throughout each of our communities, nationwide.

This will be done by "DEVALUING HOT PROPERTY," such as, computers, entertainment systems, tv's, dvr's, coffee tables, dinning tables, living room suits, bed room furniture, dining room suits, washers, dryers, and everything else Project Safer America offers.

Our devalued property will be stable property that we can enjoy until we cash in our stocks, and/or other securities at retirement!

To stabilize our "State of the Art" durable goods, even, in the highest of crime communities, first, we must search the metal market and find a kind of metal that's not used in (any way) in the manufacturing process of goods the industry now already provide to apartment, homeowners, and condo dwellers.

Secondly, we build the device I dubbed, "The C.P.U. Property Finding Activator," a device similar to the remote control, but, different in that it has a "RED LIGHT" on it that flashes "On and Off," with a "Built-In Sound Box" that goes beep!, beep!, beep!, beep!, when either an apartment manager, pawn shop owner, fencers, and law enforcement authorities, in thousands of communities across our nation, activate it by "PRESSING" its button.

This traceable property is leased by the American people, and not ever sold.

The C.P.U. should be sold to anyone who want one. This will allow pawn brokers everywhere to purchase one so they can identify said property belonging to the L.A.U.S.A. Group in cases of thieves trying to pawn the people's property .

Many fencers will be inclined to purchase a C.P.U. to enable them to identify "THIS VERY HOT PROPERTY" of the people. The theory that supports this thinking, is that, fencers, pawn shop owners, for the most part, will not spend their money to purchase property that can be so easily traced. In addition to that, it will be a state criminal offense and a $2000.00 fine for anyone caught with possession of L.A.U.S.A.'S property without its permission.

Implementing of such a policy will discourage all perpetrators of this activity from buying L.A.U.S.A.'S (traceable) properties, thus, forcing the burglar's mind to seek property that is more marketable to the general public, and certainly not as hot as PSA's property will be. And much of our property 10 years old, and older, can be exported to third world countries for further use, and leasing.

This concept also inspires the act of recycling everything that's manufactured, and that should inspire global participation.

Our Special Patent Metal
Now let's take a look at the very special patent metal we will be using to build America's future, and how we must use it? It's really very simple. All we will have to do, is, melt our very "Special Patent Traceable Metal" down and mix it with a metal of endurance to produce our screws, nails, bolts, and staples for manufacturing all of our property.

This process allows us to infest L.A.U.S.A.'S merchandise with screws, nails, bolts, and staples that can assure the property's stability. It's that simple!

The special patent metal we will be using is what causes the the 'Red Light to Flash On and Off' as well as activating the 'Sound Box' to go beep!, beep!, beep!, beep!

And as stated earlier, the funds for Project Safer America will derive from sales of private and government securities with extensive promotions targeted at every American citizen living in the United States, especially, those residing in homes, and apartments.

As part of our campaign we must also educate our 'Mostly Average American Securities Holders' on the importance of them leasing L.A.U.S.A.'S traceable home furnishings, consumer electronics, and appliances, and how by doing so, we, all of us, will increase the value of our stocks and/or other securities as we continually use the property in our daily course of living.

And most important of all, we will create jobs in every community in our nation as we deter burglaries. But it will be Americans participation that will determine how many jobs we create here at home?

The L.A.U.S.A. Group must call for the passing of legislation by our U.S. Congress to pass laws that makes the Federal Crime Insurance Program available to every citizen of the United States before the incorporation of this concept so the L.A.U.S.A. GROUP can then in earnest promote the manifestation and implementation of this property management strategy in as many communities that embraces it.

It will be the responsibility of the consolidated team of apartment and c*ndominium managers to help (anyone) wishing to apply for 'Residential Policy Coverage' to receive $3000.00 to $10,000.00 worth of Robbery and Burglary Insurance at an annual premium of $150.00 to $300.00, which can be paid partially, on a monthly bases.

Upon acquiring the insurance coverage the tenant then becomes eligible to lease L.A.U.S.A.'S State of the Art, and traceable, home furnishings, consumer electronics, and appliances.


Since Project Safer America is targeting every homeowner, apartment, and c*ndominium dweller in the United States, there will ultimately be a need to have upwards to 100 manufacturing facilities spread throughout the country.

These facilities will be set-up for manufacturing, and restoration. This could mean 5 to 10 thousand jobs created per location, in manufacturing alone.

There will be a need to warehouse L.A.U.S.A.'S properties in practically every major city, county, and parish in the U.S. in route to either manufacturing for restoration, or to a home, apartment unit or condo dwelling for leasing, thus, creating another possible 5 to 10 thousand jobs per location, nationwide, again.

Local Delivery
Truck drivers and furniture movers will be needed, to deliver "The Investing Americans Merchandise" throughout each city, town, county, and parish, especially, if there's a huge number of participants/investors.

They will deliver L.A.U.S.A.'S properties to those who has placed "Leasing Orders," and pick-up properties in route to our manufacturing facilities for restoration, or major repairs. Here, loading, and unloading is the focus. The creation of more jobs, this time, on a local level.

Apartment Complexes
Electronics Technical training students across our nation will have, at graduation, enough electronic repair experience to get a job as "Property Maintenance Personnel" at 10's of thousands of apartment complexes and c*ndominiums throughout America.

They will make all minor repairs to washers, dryers, dvrs, tvs, entertainment systems, and computers on the property for where they work.

Raw Material Transportation
We will need cross country truck drivers to transport lumber and other raw materials to each of our manufacturing facilities spread throughout the country, and still, creating more significant jobs.

Precious Metals
Due to the increased demand for L.A.U.S.A.'S traceable screws, nails, bolts, and staples, America's steal workers can look forward to having a lasting relationship with a special patent metal that is here to stay.

In conclusion, I want to say, that, the "All American Dream" of one owning their own home, I believe, must start with job security, and that's the intended purpose of Project Safer America.

With inspired participation, Project Safer America will create, and secure jobs for citizens living in every "investing community" in the United States, and ultimately, the entire world.

Now what American landlords need to do is to further consolidate the industry, and let's go to work!

Because a country without work for all its people, is a country lending opportunity to those who can be, deceitful.
Posted By: Stanley Mathis
Friday, November 10th 2017 at 3:47PM
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