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Lock Him Up! (290 hits)

Trump should be in prison, not on the ballot in 2020. If Dems cant make this happen, they full of crap. TREASON, HIGH CRIMES & MIS., FRAUD, s*xUAL ASSAULT, TAX EVASION, ESPIONAGE, BRIBERY, INCITING RIOTS, VIOLENCE AND MURDER. IF DEMS DONT DELIVER, THEN THEY IN ON IT TOO.

If the average citizen had done any of these things, guess what...

read MY report - http://afromerica.com/directory/justice/trumpnjail.php
Posted By: CR Minister
Wednesday, November 7th 2018 at 3:01PM
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I get it that you hate Pres. Trump! Your hating of Pres. Trump is not enough to lock him up. Stupid, at the same time you are name calling Pres. Trump; TREASON, HIGH CRIMES & MIS., FRAUD, s*xUAL ASSAULT, TAX EVASION, ESPIONAGE, BRIBERY, INCITING RIOTS, VIOLENCE AND MURDER.

There isnít any evidence that Pres. Trump is guilty of any of the crimes mentioned above by you.
You are stupid only because you are not objective and honest and fair!

What say you!

Wednesday, November 7th 2018 at 7:04PM
Harry Watley
Those are not my accusations, those come from lawyers, analysis, and other professional politicians. The man is corrupr.
Thursday, November 8th 2018 at 10:07PM
CR Minister
Mr. CR,

I did not ask you who made the accusations against Pres. Trump. I asked you for the evidence or probable cause to support the accusations and that you have not provided!

There are 10 accusations. Provide me the evidence to support the accusation of treason. What did Pres. Trump do and when did he do it that would reasonably support the accusation of treason.

Citing lawyers, analysts and professional politicians are not evidence or supporting evidence since lawyers, analysts and professional politicians are not immune from being stupid ass holes and haters of Pres. Trump like you are!

Now please be on your best foot and provide the evidence that Pres. Trump committed treason you stupid man Mr. CR! If you cannot provide any evidence then all that you are doing is hating on Pres. Trump and only non-thinkers hates. Since, I donít hate it makes me an excellent thinker!

What say you non-thinker!

Friday, November 9th 2018 at 12:48PM
Harry Watley
In the words of the late, great Richard Pryor, "I don't have to show you ****." HA!.The burden of proof is not on me, but on the ones who repeatedly make the accusations on the news 24/7. I guess you just have to wait on the mueller report.
Saturday, November 10th 2018 at 8:41AM
CR Minister
In the meantime, read MY report - http://afromerica.com/directory/justice/trumpnjail.php

Saturday, November 10th 2018 at 8:42AM
CR Minister
Mr. CR Minister,

These felonious accusations that lawyers and professional politicians launch against Pres. Trump do you support these accusations as though you launched these same accusations yourself against Pres. Trump instead of the lawyers and professional politicians?
In other words, do you own up to these felonious accusations!

It seems to me that you are trying to dis-own these accusations and at the same time you are supporting these accusations by posting them! You have to make up your mind. Do you support these accusations as though they were initially yours and not the lawyers and professional politicians or donít you? Make up your mind!
If you donít support what you are blogging then I canít really ask you to produce any evidence to back up these accusations until you first own up to the accusations and right now it seems to me that you are backpedaling from owning up to the accusations you blogged.

This is the dumb **** Mr. Ron does! He post things that others say and when you call him out the first thing he says is that it is some one else's claims so when I ask why is he posting some one else's claims he doesn't have an answer Mr. Ron is stupid just like you!
I read your report and in your report you support the claims just like your support now, but when you are called out you claim that the accusations belongs to lawyers and professional politicans. In addition, Mr. Richard Pryor was a comic I can why you are stupid and confused!

I would never post a blog that I am not willing or able to support when challenged! I am very intelligent and I donít do things stupidly!

So, please answer my question do you accept these accusations as though you made them yourself and not the lawyers and professional politicians?
Sunday, November 11th 2018 at 2:14AM
Harry Watley
Harry, what you really need to do is STOP your LIES and BULL💩.

I have been asking you about what you have done for the Black American as Black America's first black prophet and I have not gotten anything that resembles a tangible answer yet.

You know questions like:

Has The Most High God sent you on a mission to tell his people about him? Oh! that is right, you claim that The White Man made us, that is right and the Black American are not his very own people but the people of some plantation THUG.


Have you made any videos of your teachings and where they posted? That man will not answer that one neither.


Where is this book called "LIFE"? How much progress has been made outside of two pages in the last 5 years by him, the messenger of The Black American, I wonder why? I get nothing out of him and he wonder WHY? But the answer to that question never came forth neither but yet he loves to bring up my name and I know why, because he is a complete failure so he comes to the new people to Black In America with this BS.

I asked him where can I come and worship. I might as well be speaking Martian, that one, I am still waiting for that answer.

This has been going on for quite some time now, many years. I see that he is asking you to answer his questions but he will not answer yours, TRY HIM.

I was just one of the few people here on Black In America that would try to talk with him, to show him that he is WRONG AS HELL to say The King James Version of The Holy Bible is a White Man Bible when all of the prophets in The Holy Bible was of one family and all of The Prophets was Black. So he Band me off his blogs but by now, he should have realized by doing that, he has not stopped a thing.

Now when I show him that, where he can go and read those FACTS for himself, he says that they are not Black Americans born out of the ashes of plantation THUGS. From their I have talked about the great Diaspora and how the Black Jew came to these shores to fulfill the prophecy found it Deuteronomy 28. I have asked him many times, what other people in history do he know that was done that way in the history of the world and nothing because that flies in complete contrast agenda that he is paddling.

Some may say we don't need to study the black presence in the Bible and that color doesnít matter, but if this is so, why is Jesus painted with blond hair and blue eyes? Why were early pictures of black saints, biblical characters and black Madonnas destroyed? Some will say these items were destroyed to protect people from idolatry, but I would argue that this could not have been the case since they were replaced with icons and photos of white saints and Bible characters and I will go further, this is where the brainwashing or the Whitewashing of racism begins.

Black Madonna with a Black Jesus was found all through out Europe and today you still can find that image in Russian Church today.

It is difficult to see the black presence in the Bible because you wonít read the terms black or African but you will read the terms Ethiopians, Think Black Cu****es, Think Black Egyptians, Think Black Hebrews, Think Black or other tribal terms. if you true Hebrews was not Black, why would The Jews go to a Black nation to hide in, if they too was not Black.

Now when I talk to Harry about Joseph, who was a Black Hebrew, raised and loved by pharaoh after he gave the order to kill all Hebrew male children, If Joseph was WHITE, why would pharaoh give Joseph the second in command over all Egypt which we know for a FACT was a BLACK NATION AT THE TIME.

That man can't and have not answer those questions yet, so Brother CR Minister you now know a little bit more about Harry Warley, please continue to use this time as a teaching moment because others are watching how you handle that person.

This is how he HI-Jacks a blog, as he wonders off to the only topic in his weak mind, he knows for a FACT that if his spirit was of The Most High, that Elohim would provide all that he needs to made his word know to his people.

Saturday, November 24th 2018 at 3:46PM
Deacon Ron Gray
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