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A friend was driving down Route 422 in Palmyra and witnessed that a motel known as,"40 Winks Inn", located at: 1137 W. Main street, in Annville, Pennsylvania, had a sign out front stating that the property is being sold. Some of the nearby neighbors contend that its best to close the place, while others state that the reasons were very complex. You can bet that if the business is up for sale there will be devious implementations as it moves closer to being sold. And it was revealed that there are Guests staying there who gets into their vehicles at late hours of the night and go to meet secretly with parties in conspiracies against other Guests. Their vehicles have been photoes and their license plates have been recorded, but they seem to think that they are getting away. Racism is an issue plaguing both euro-americans and black people in this country. And the hate between the two is destroying whats left of this mighty country. Socialists, Communists, and Nazis, are all working together to see to it that America falls. The Nazis are influencing racial divides using euro-americans. And the Socialists and Communists are working on the minds of colored people to further their agendas. True Americans can't believe anything from either the Democratic and Liberal side, or even the Re4publican and Conservative side. Its all about a plan that was put together long before the rise of Millenials and Generation Z. Americans, even though children born in the 1990's up to this date are aware of, fought against a Communist takeover back in the 1920's and the 1930's. Since then, parents lost the rights to their children and its those children who will be the death of millions of their parents.

The government took away the rights of the parents and Social Media took partake in mind programming, or raising your children. They are a generation without direction and they have no idea that the change about to take place in America will come with a huge price. This is why the extremists made it where deaths would occur in America would occur at alarming rates. You had to literally become numb to violent crimes, killings, and mysterious deaths! They were preparing you for what was to take place in 2019.The border wall is only a distraction. You will soon see that both Democrats and Republicans against the wall separating America from Mexico will try and bring down America no matter what the outcomes is with this wall! Back in the early 1900's, there was a World's Fair which took place in New York. And this Fair was unlike any before it. The Social Security Administration was part of the plan, and others working on the New World Order planned for hispanics to take over America in the new millenum. Cildren born inn the 1990's, the Millenials, and Generation Z, had no idea what was taking place because the family tree was severed by the Pentagon and so many Agents working with them. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and India was also involved. The key was keeping the children sumbfounded to the future. But yet a certain syste of mental grooiming was taking place in the process of it all.

The United Nations have ordered each and every country tied in with America, to accept all migrants. And since countries have tried, Europe is being overwhelmed with brutal crimes from these so-called migrants. All one has to do is check the news in those countries. Democrats and Liberals can't claim that everything is a manufactured crisis by President Trump. Americans should know one thing. In the Arabic language, the Dajjal is translated as Anti-Xhrist. But the Anti-Christ isn't one person as lying religious leaders will have you to believe. Dajjal and Anti-Christ represents a group of liars seeking to betray the humans. Thus, the anti-Christs can represent every world leader, Political bodies in governments, and the list goes on a on. Americans seem to be looking for one person who spearheads. But the truth of the matter is that the Anti-Christ has been here al l along. The hispanics coming into America is being instructed to come in by Democrats and Liberals, to name a few, who is/has been sending word to their countries of origin. But of course they willm claim that we are all liars. Do Americanbs think that it was coincidental that hispanics were placed into Congress? Do Americans think that it was coincidental that other people of color were placed into Congress in 2019? So what do all of these people have in common, women and men? Many are racist with extremist views, and some hold ghetto mentalities.

They have tooken some of the most sinister and deceptive people and have placed them in Congress so that they could influence thoswe within neighborhoods who also have something to fight with euro-americans about. And of course white supremacist groups, who are Socialists, under the title of Nazis, plays their cards on the opposite side. Many leaders and organizers on several sides have been photographed laughing and drinking beer in remote places together. White supremacists and the Black Panthers really don't have a problem with each other. They just got to make it appear as if they do. Think about it. White supremacists, in times past, were physically castrating blackmen and the Black Panthers did not start an all out race war. They sure had the backing and the ammunition. A friend of a friend who is related to the late Huey Newton swears that Newton told him that it was all a conspiracy, and when he fact checked situations, by him knowing so much and getting too close, Black Panther, et cetera, had him assassinated. You don't believe it? When you join Communist movements like the Black Panthers and the KKK, there are oaths sworn to. Then there are very deep secrets that are never to be exposed or repeated. And if you turn against these organizations you stand to reveakl their secrets and they won't have that. The case with Huey Newton involved conspiracies against him implemented by both Black Pathers and the federal government. You don't hear Black Panthers standing up against mass migration, do you? This is because they know America is at a turning point where they will have power like never before.

And all black people isn't invited to their little gatherings either. There is a plan to destroy America as you know it and so many players have brought their evils to the table. And when the hispanics lead with their colonizations, there will be alot of uprisings everywhere. There is DNA and other data on each and every American which have made you targets. Not only will government angents, military contractors, and countless others assassinate you, but you may be a victim from someone from your very neighborhood who have been watching you for years. Do any of you think that its coincidental that most babies born since the Obama Administration have had micro-chip implants? There are those who they plan on prserving for their own sinister use, and those they plan on killing. Millions willl be slaughtered by bio-logical warfare, thermonuclear warfare, and weather warfare. In all honesty, President Trump is the only one who can stop all of this. But the thugs now in Congress have tooken over and controls masses of youth. Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, from the very evil state of New York, was part of the conspiracy from the beginning. Attack Trump is their motto. But they will not tell the American people the fukll disclosed truth on their plans.. They were recruited for one reason and one reason only. To stir up enmity and strife amongst the people, and push for race wars.

Some Americans are saying, "is this true? President Trump wants to build a wall and he is immediately compared to Adolph Hitler. But what about the many walls that exist in other parts of the world? What about the great wall of China? Don't believe the hype Americans. The way they are treating President Trump is the same way black and latino leaders were treated just before they were assassinated.; Clarwence 13 X, the founder of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths, was called the same names as President Trump. Hundreds of people who were within the military and tried to reveal to the American people that there was a conspiracy to hide the existence of extraterrestrials and alien technology against them brought about name calling, charater assassinations, and eventually, hospitalization where the Psychiatrists and the Psychologists did a number on their minds. Many were given shock treatments by force. Others, such as Marcus Garvey and Noble Drew Ali, were hit with charges just to land them in jails. And once they were in those detention facilities, they were beaten in their heads and things was done to their brains. Not long afterwards they died. Now keep in mind, Democratic black people, known as the Black Illuminati, were involved! The Black Illuminati have been working with white supremacists in gentrifications. The new people within many communities will be hispanics. Not Puerto Ricans or hispanics that wiorked hard to be accepted. These new people, if you want to call them this, are the sons and daughters from hell itself. You don't have to believe this, bugt just pay very close attention to how they kill others.

But people like me, who are the moderate thinkers of today, hav3e become the targets. It seems that the moderate thinker today is now being labeled a conspiracy theorist and while there are extremist political views that are mainstream opinions, the moderate decides to question each side of the extreme and becomes accused of being one way or the other and is judged harshly in society. https://www.google.com/search?q=moderate+thinker. While people on both sides can say that there may be some sort of conspiracy against their extremism, the moderate thinker tries to be fair and tries to see both sides and even in some cases criticizes both sides as enabling the pathocracy. https://www.google.com/search?q=enabling+the+pathocracy. In any argument a moderate thinker now is the focus of derision in the United States. The left hates them and the right hates them. Believe it or not, the left and the right see moderates as gullible. They label them and accuse them of being the conspiracy theorists and they believe that moderate thinkers are like sheep. The moderate want to find common ground, but lack a voice because they are surrounded by extremists who maintain control of the mainstream media. The extreme left and right wing always seem to think that a critique of a political party by someone that is objective and moderate is an attempt at seeing something that is not there or creating a conspiracy when there is really no conspiracy to begin with.

The extremists are the ones that tell the moderates that they see a “conspiracy” in everything and that it is time to take a side, stand for something or you will fall for anything. The irony is that the extremists have already fallen for the sales pitch, while moderates are still waiting to be convinced that the way the political and religious systems are organized are still working. Moderate thinkers aren’t so sure about the benefits or attributes that are professed by any political administration. In a moment where commentary against an administration is warranted, it is assumed that the moderate thinker is conservative when he criticizes a left-leaning administration and vice versa. The “You are either with us or against us” attitudes that were being bred by the Bush administration was the first step that government took to eliminate or at least frown upon pacifist and moderate thinking that urged investigation into the attacks of 9/11 before we declared wars on two countries an created a war on a tactic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You%27re_either_with_us,_or_against_us. Government now has created a way to stamp out moderate thinking. They have declared war on it and label it as paranoid libertarianism or just plain paranoia. The thought of a third party, or even several parties, that challenge the monkey-see-monkey-do actions of the Republican and Democratic parties are discouraged. Any attempt to call out the out-of-control dictatorships that are shared with the contemporary administrations can be called treason by the extremist left and right. https://www.google.com/search?q=monkey-see-monkey-do+actions+of+the+Republican+and+Democratic+parties.

Like it or not, the politics of the United States have accepted the idea that partisan government gets things done and that they need and want government to be used to determine what should and should not be done in the United States. We can no longer think for ourselves because there is a war for your partisanship. https://www.google.com/search?q=there+is+a+war+for+your+partisanship.. Saying that ‘domestic spying is unconstitutional‘ is no longer an option because the government, run by extremists believes that the program is there to reduce terrorism. http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/16/justice/nsa-surveillance-court-ruling/. A moderate thinker will say that perhaps it isn’t necessary and immediately it becomes an ad hominem moment where the moderate thinker becomes soft on terrorism and not praised or even considered for demanding that cool heads prevail. https://www.google.com/search?q=ad+hominem. It isn’t good manners to point out anywhere that spying on citizens is all part of a bunch of paranoid activity conducted by extremists in political positions to commit industrial espionage, keep dossiers on American citizenry and create a Main Core database of people to round up in times of crisis. http://www.democracynow.org/2008/7/25/main_core_new_evidence_reveals_top. The true conspiracy of extremists can be found in typical pundits that are paid mountains of money to cognitively infiltrate the media in order to poison the well and create straw man arguments in order to show moderate thinkers as the enemy. http://www.disinfo.com/2012/05/cognitive-infiltration-of-conspiracy-groups-white-house-official-cass-sunstein-confronted-video/. https://www.google.com/search?q=straw+man+arguments.

Moderate thinkers have been labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ when they question the reason why domestic spying has been done behind our backs. The conspiracy theorists are more than likely mentally ill if they question why the Second Amendment has to be tampered with or why it seems that police brutality is out of control and needs to be checked. Conspiracy theorists question too much and really should not be allowed to even have a say in matters because their moderate approach to issues is something that should be seen as suspicious. It is not enough that liberal extremists only hear the criticisms of Obama as racist, when it is not so popular with the conservative extremist to hear the moderate voice say that the Patriot Act, introduced by the Bush Administration – was a justification to snoop on Americans and negate the Constitution. A journalist finds a way to break up a press conference at the end of the Super Bowl by taking the microphone to tell everyone that attacks of 9/11 were an inside job and he is labeled an idiot or a radical when the government of the United States has treated every American as suspects after the fact. I mean not only have extremists demanded the bombing of two countries in the aftermath, but they also have treated Americans as if the plot to destroy America is an inside job. If it wasn’t an inside job, then why is all of the spying, indefinite detainment, and kill lists directed at Americans? http://www.activistpost.com/2014/02/911-truther-seizes-mic-during-mvps.html. Is it because perhaps the paranoia is all about the extremist left and right wing? It isn’t the moderate thinker that the extremists have declared war on.

We all can see that the conspiracy created by the right and left has no regard for the constitution. The left and the right say they believe in the First Amendment but love to use it as a cudgel to dismiss and railroad people when uncomfortable speech is made about race, s*xuality and pretend guidelines for discussions of public issues that are more important than whether or not Justin Bieber should be deported to Canada. The left can show their disdain for the Second Amendment and anyone who thinks objectively can say it is silly to tamper with it, and are met again ad hominem and banishment. Conservative extremists fight for the Second and First Amendments and the religious freedoms of Christian thinking and philosophy, but speak horribly about the diversity of the United States. Immigrants, whether legally here or not, are illegals and suspicious. If someone decided to defy a checkpoint and is shot and killed, it is said to be justified as capital crime without due process and violation of Constitutional right to trial. An extremist will say “why waste time?” Of course, a moderate thinker will ask why we don’t take the time to figure out why these things happen and try to find a solution. Extremists just see that the end justifies the means. http://www.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WellIntentionedExtremist. When moderates call this victimization it becomes an extremist talking point to say that victimization of citizenry will never go that far in America. Even though there are countless stories of American victimization that fails to be addressed by the left and right.

Moderates are called conspiracy theorists for believing or even considering that possibility that American citizens can be victimized by an out of control government ran by extremists. It is considered bad manners to see the state of our union as similar to the Weimar Republic prior to World War II, or Stalinist Russia, or Argentina and Chile during the years of Operation Condor. http://www.theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/quantitative-easing-worked-for-the-weimar-republic-for-a-little-while-too. Extremists tell us that no one in America will be targeted and those that are probably were traitors in the first place. Edward Snowden comes to mind here. http://www.thediplomat.com/2013/12/yes-edward-snowden-is-a-traitor/. The extremists on the left and right will tell you they are being targeted, when the real target is the moderate thinker and those who question. They are the enemy of the state, not those who play along in the game of deception and extremism. https://www.google.com/search?q=the+real+target+is+the+moderate+thinker. To question, or even suspend your faith for a moment in government and how it operates, appears to be criminal in the minds of the very vocal and degenerate extremists. Ever wonder why things don’t get done? It is because of extremism, not because of moderate thinkers who wish to find common ground. The extremists operate using blackmail, harassment, and cognitive infiltration to create chaos. The media mouthpiece loves it, and plays it like an old record that skips and sputters the same old song and dance. https://www.google.com/search?q=The+extremists+operate+using+blackmail%2C+harassment%2C+and+cognitive+infiltration+to+create+chaos. They always think that they will never get caught!

Notice that all things that are talked about in the media foster and nurture extremism there is no middle ground, only black and white watered down and homogenized euphemisms that can be gulped down like mother’s milk. We hear extremists say it is all for the benefit of America. Moderate thinkers are wondering just who is benefiting. They know the answer, but it just does not sit well with extremists that don’t want to hear that the terror they are building in obedience of empire is not benefiting them at all. http://www.memegenerator.net/instance/45655907. However, the apotheosis wins in the end as extremists love to kiss that which is bore to them. They think they are kissing the ring of democracy when they are getting hit in the teeth with despotism. The police state grows, the surveillance state grows, the state of or economy is in collapse and all extremists need is an excuse for a hollow revolution where guns and death replace the need for common sense and common ground. Extremists love to trade off the life of a human being in order to justify their stupid prose that it is ‘for the greater good‘. I hear it all the time and it is literally demonstrates the erosion of values in this country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilitarianism. The Founding Fathers were most definitely suspicious of government power. However, extremists have decided to malign those who have the same attitude as the wise men who founded the United States. https://www.google.com/search?q=The+founding+fathers+were+most+definitely+suspicious+of+government+power

We are told by extremists on both the right and left that it is time to rethink the Constitution. Every extremist has their little part they want to excise. The moderate says ‘leave well enough alone’. This is labeled as dissident behavior and thus it is marginalized. https://www.google.com/search?q=it+is+time+to+rethink+the+Constitution. The extremists can’t handle open-minded people who discuss the slippery slope that awaits. It is the unwanted paranoia that can’t be allowed in a discussion and gives an excuse for an authoritarian progressive to order security to pull out the batons and tasers. As the moderate is being beaten into submission, you hear the officer say the required “do not resist”, and this means that you are to take your punishment for questioning the motives of powerful degenerate oligarchs. The so-called Founding Fathers, if they decided to form a union today of free-thinking individuals, would have to endure no-knock raids, public beatings, pepper spraying, drone surveillance, wire tapping, social network trolling, and media bullying. The moderate thinking of the Founding Fathers would be seen as paranoid plotting and could eventually be met with lethal force. In today’s America, there are limits to public discourse and extremists are falling for the trap of legally, or through modest means, shutting down the debate over what is right and what is wrong for America. The whistle blowers are banished or killed, the free thinkers are conspiracy theorists and the world wonders why it has suddenly lost its way. Extremists are participating in the plot to destroy everything and hope some political savior will rebuild it in their image.

The rise of empire counts on extremists to eat each other from the inside out. Empires thrive on lack of progress and the stall of open and objective thinking. After all, it all has to be proven that the critical mass is flawed in order to enforce an empire. Extremists are finding themselves declaring war on everything and fighting for meaningless points in some imaginary sporting event where wars and political criminality are all fair if their team wins. Moral clarity tells me that this is all by design. When we allow for the fostering of creative mental development and respect for cognitive liberty, we create an environment that easily crushes the oligarchy. It is where we all strive for everyone to have a part in the human legacy of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In Conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhQoYYHcHRE. . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU5uCiV0MyQ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO8WxAIUQ4A.
Posted By: george patel
Monday, January 21st 2019 at 6:41PM
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