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Genesis 15:16- But in the 4th generation, they (black people in America) shall return here. for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete. The sad thing about this chapter and versus in the Bible is that it explains the rise of the 4th Reich. The 4th reich are a group of euro-american Nazis targeting black people at every turn. The Socialists are tied in with the Nazis because they all represent Socialism, Communism, and Nazism. They are all one and the same vibrating in unison like a pulsating beat. Black Illuminati members can be Socialists, Nazis, and Communists, much like that of hispanics and euro-americans.

In Part 1, of this article, I tried to explain some of the horrors occurring at the Scottish Inn Motel, located at: 300 Commerce drive in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. And since the report, we have recieved a numerous amount of allegations against the place. In Part 1, I spoke about a racist euro-american female who goes by the name of Holly M., a supervisor for East indians at the Scottish Inn. Parties staying at the Scottish Inn got word to field investigators about the thread posted concerning the motel. Immediately, the Dept. of Defense tactics kicked in and many Guests claim that while on the motel's wifi, strange things started happening to their computers and Smart phones. They claim that their computers started losing software as if some devices used at the motel was erasing software from their laptops, et cetera. On Smart Phones, Guests claimed that their android key boards were seized and when they spoke to motel employees about it, the only thing done was that certain Guests who are informants for the East Indians who run the motel were put on standby. It is a known fact that some Guests who have stayed at the Scottish Inn, and who have complained about discrimination of several sorts, were gunned down in Harrisburg, Pa., or in other nearby towns and cities in the past. We are living in times where Satanic sacrifices are taking place on all levels. Even an african taxi driver revealed that he was from Nigeria and witnessed Nigerian Politicians, and others, take part in blood sacrifices. He further stated that the evil he has witnessed at the Scottish Inn is so horrifying that its a wonder why people chose to stay there. Africans speak with east indians in Harrisburg, who in turn reveal to them things about the East Indians running motels across Central Pennsylvania.

One East Idian revealed that a blackman checked into the Scottish Inn motel in New Cumberland on February 7, 2019. Within a two day period of time it was revealed that law enforcement, and others, secretly spoke with management about the blackman and informed the East Indians and others that the blackman exposes things over the internet. According to one african, the motel employee, "Holly M.", declared that she would take care of things. So management has been targeting a blackman for over a week without his knowledge. Their only charge is that he fights racism over the internet. Imagine that! And according to very reliable sources, they have tampered with each and everyone's internet activity, except those who are known by management. Like I said, the new way white supremacists and East Indians fight against black people who reveal things over the internet is by hacking their computers and Smart phones. There have been Guests in the past two days who have revealed that apps from their Smart phones were mysteriously being erased. Others are saying that motel management has had wifi slowed to a point where they can monitor everyone's web browsing. The sad thing is that most East Indians are Socialists and Communists and feel that what they do is for the change about to take place in America. This is why the feds praise them sio highly.

When motels, their employees, and those Guests working for them as informants and hackers who target other Guests, they'll try and prevent them from browsing the internet once they have successfully attached to their computers and Smart phones. Then they'll recruit informants and hackers to support what it is that they are doing against those targeted Guests. Then they'll recruit Guests of the same race by dazzling them with free room and board for a few days until the complaints against them have been treated as frivilous. Trust me, according to a few friends who just stayed at the Scottish Inn, and are still there, proclaim that there are parties who monitor the internet nearly all day long. They monitor the activities of Guests without their knowledge. East Indians are very patient who carry out these attacks against Americans. And because law enforcement have schooled them in their activities, they feel that they are untouchable. Like I said, when they attack a Guest, while police get the Guests' phone info through cell phone towers, the Guests' are rendered as helpless. This is a nation-wide tactic being used against black people everywhere. White supremacists are winning the battle because they have police assistance. And even when police claim that they are not involved, some officer will have informed the supremacists how monitor all communication devices. There are white supremacists working for the DOD in New Cumberland who have Stingrays and Rangers. They'll even travel through black neighborhoods in Harrisburg causing chaos everywhere. The white supremacists number one weapon against people of color, except for those people of color that are working with them, is the internet and massive surveillance devices.

White supremacists are going through black neighborhoods and is killing whomever is ion the streets at that time. Some blacks are being set up by white supremacist cops and city officials by providing information about their activities. These demons hate interracial relationships where the blackman and the euro-american female are in the 50's and 60's. Interracial couples this old have witnessed most opposition and know how to fight it. But they love interracial couples where the blackman and euro-american female are within their 20's or 30's. They know that blackmen this young will turn against people of color much more easily. This is why police, all across the U.S., use young interracial couples against older couples without their knowledge. It makes it appears as if there is no racial discrimination involved. The perfect conspiracy. And even though I know that most blacks will read this without getting the information out, its sad that more black women and men will have to die as a result of it. Like I've stated, when they control your internet use, your phone use, and have supplanted invisible enemies all around you, they could massacre many of you and will have solid defenses. Thus, until black people can get with the program and see that they are being wiped out through electronic hacking manipulations, they'll continue to be found dead in places where the cases shall go unsolved.

White supremacists in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, along with those in lebanon County, are murdering people of color and false arrests have tooken place. Some parties have been forced to falsely testify to committing the crimes under duress and hypnosis. The movie entitled, "Get Out," by Jordan peele is a movie which have revealed alot of things that have went on in America for decades. Mind manipulation and hypnosis is something police have been trained to do. I personally have relatives who are police officers and they have tesified on record that cops use hypnosis and mind manipulation to force perps to admit to committing crimes, whether guilty or not. At the Scottish Inn Motel in New Cumberland, Pa., Guests even swear that other nearby internet service providers have been stealing their data which was confirmed by monitoring software which proved this. Buit the East Indian and the euro-american white supremacist are superior to all other Americans and will never undergo investigations without bias. In order for America to rid itself of so many evils there will have to be a major collapse of some sort. Take away their weapons and they will cry out more than anyone else. This is why they are easy to detect. When their phjones and internet devices are blacked out these are the ones who will scream louder than all others to have technology turned back on. They show you who they are on a daily basis but blacks and latinos are too preoccupied with other things to notice. Holly M., at the Scottish Inn, is a ruthless liar who covers her tracks in all of her lies. This is what appeals to the East Indians that hired her. Holly, if a complaint is lodged against her, will work with House keepers and others to get at the Complainants.

House Keepers will lie either for some special privileges, or because they were lied to about those targeted. Black people have had euro-american white supremacists shoot through their walls at the Scottish Inn, and because of the presence of the Dept. of Defense, things are literally swept under the rug. They have even started targeting my computer and before long, it will be almost impossible to post articles. And at the same time the powers that be will claim that much of the attacks on the 1st amendment will be because of immigration. There will eventually be micro-chip implants for all Americans, and President Trump will make Artificial Intelligence take over the human way of life. Whats going on in Pennsylvania is setting the precendent for the world stage. Within 3 years, society 'will even go so far as to dissociate reproduction and s*xuality. s*xuality will be the kingdom of pleasure, reproduction that of machines. American will manufacture the human being like a made-to-measure artifact, in an artificial uterus, which will allow the brain to further develop with characteristics chosen in advance. The human being will thus have become a commercial object. Immigration flows will expand and submerge nation states. 'Great Britain will become a major host country, especially for citizens of Central European countries. The latter will in their turn welcome Ukrainian workers, themselves replaced by Russians, themselves replaced by vast Chinese populations. Resistant countries will learn that a population inflow 'is the condition of their survival.' In a sinister passage, Attali speaks of third-world hordes engulfing the West. 'Ever more numerous masses will hurl themselves at the gates of the West. They already number hundreds of thousands every month; that figure will increase to millions, then tens of millions.

The United States will be the most popular destination and 'In twenty years, the Hispanic and African-American populations will almost constitute a majority in the United States. Nomadism will also become the norm in the West, 'more and more people will leave one country for another: there will soon be more than ten million of them switching countries every year. America's main incentive will be money, but many will leave because they are disgusted by their homeland. They will no longer want to depend on a country whose tax system, legislation, and even culture they reject. And also to disappear completely, to live another life. The world will thus be increasingly filled with people who have become anonymous of their own free will; it will be like a carnival where everyone - ultimate freedom! - will have chosen a new identity for himself. However, Communist China will move in and shall take over the U.S. Soon, people will no longer bond and create families. The couple will no longer be the principal base for life and s*xuality. People will prefer to choose, in full transparency, polygamous or polyandrous loves. The driving force of this trend is technology that frees youth from parental control. The first was the radio, which allowed the young: To dance outside the ballrooms and therefore be free of parental supervision- liberating s*xuality, opening them to all kinds of music, from jazz to rock, and thus announcing youth's entry into the world of consumption, of desire, and of rebellion. A media-dominated culture will create an egocentric populace who 'will be loyal only to themselves. With lovers failing to mate for life, 'the world will be no more than a juxtaposition of solitudes, and love a juxtaposition of 'masturbation.

The elite goal is to remove love from s*x so that they control reproduction. Attali writes that in the twentieth century, society 'sought to evacuate the reproductive role of s*xuality by making motherhood artificial, by using increasingly sophisticated methods- pills, premature labor, in vitro fertilization, surrogate mothers. Society will even go so far as to dissociate reproduction and s*xuality. s*xuality will be the kingdom of pleasure, reproduction that of machines. People will manufacture the human being like a made-to-measure artefact, in an artificial uterus, which will allow the brain to further develop with characteristics chosen in advance. The human being will thus have become a commercial object. We will live with untrustworthy robots. Domestic robots will become universal in daily life. They too will be constantly connected to high-output grids in nomadic ubiquity. They will function as domestic help, as aids for the handicapped or aged, as workers and as members of security forces. In particular, they will become Watchers. All our data will be collected by public and private security firms. The main form of surveillance will be portable entertainment devices. The embryo of this today is the iPhone that sends data to the NSA. The unique nomadic object will be permanently traceable. All the data it contains, including images of everyone's daily life, will be stored and sold to specialist businesses and to public and private police. 'Electronic bugs, worn subcutaneously, will ceaselessly register heartbeat, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Microprocessors connected to various organs will watch their functioning as compared to the norms. Living insecure and chaotic lives, we will be dependent on insurance companies for security. These companies will make sure their clients 'conform to norms to minimize the risks ... They will gradually come to dictate planetary norms (What to eat? What to know? How to drive? How to protect oneself? How to consume? How to produce?) These companies will be ruthless. They will penalize cigarette smokers, drinkers, the obese, the unemployable, the inadequately protected, the aggressive, the careless, the clumsy, the absentminded, the spendthrift. Ignorance, exposure to risks, wasting, and vulnerability will be considered diseases.

Prisons 'will be gradually replaced by long-distance surveillance of a person under house arrest. And the Socilialist white supremacists will bring America down to below its knees! Killing down the population is the first mission, and blacks and latinos seem to make the most babies. So they'll continue to target and take out the blackman by any means necessary, and by using the laws on the books as a magic wand, so to speak. People will die much faster in 2019, than in any other year prior to it. Satanism has swept all across the globe, and even in Nigeria, satanists are running the country. There is no where on the planet humans can prosper without blood sacrifices and blood contracts! The Rover on Mars breaking apart proves that all those who haven't made it to Mars yet will have to die with the humans. So they will continue to chemtrail the planet, changing its atmosphere to one of their own. Keep your eyes on East indians with power because no matter where technology is there you will find an East Indian of the highest rank. He/she will lead the planet into a hell never before experienced since the beginning of man's procreation. Welcome to hell on earth!

Posted By: george patel
Sunday, February 17th 2019 at 6:41AM
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