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It was reported by several sopureces that on February 19, 2019, the Scottish Inn motel (717) 774-5990 manager who goes by the name of Holly M., and who is also a white power freak, had a young employee go to work in her place at 7:00 am, on the above date and time. But something happened where she had to come into work at 11:00 am, at the same above implied date. The operation was one, headed by the East Indian who goes by name of Sunny Patel, which involved covering up every complaint launched against them by getting everything in order and using lying to defend against everything else. Americans must understand that it is the nature of Hindu Indians that follow the religion of Hinduism, to lie about everything. Their evil and deformed gods have told them that they are the true caliphas of earth and every other race should bow down to them. The right and wrong concepts is only embraced by a very small group East Indians. Even if Americans were to review Above Top Secret Military Operations, most of the operations are named after some Hindu evil deities. The fact is that many East Indian tribes embrace different evil Hindu dieties but each and everyone of the tribes believe that lying is acceptable. They also believe that when you do evil against another this is everyday business. And if one is caught they are taught to gather the greatest of liars together and combat facts with impossible to prove fiction and lies, which is why many of them within the Pharmaceutical Industries, within government, within Google, within military projects, within hospitals, and within most businesses of success, are kept behind the scenes during investigations of various sorts. Most Hindu Indians will also confirm that their head deities were at war with the deity known as the Messenger Michael, who banished them to earth prior to the establishment of Indra. Within their holy books it is verified that their head deity is known to christians and muslims as Satan. Satan taught them to change everything good to that which was evil and then make it impossible to tell the difference..

Hindu East Indians believe in the wealthy enslaving the poor which is why most Americans who have worked for them has alleged that their job descriptions consisted of lying, set ups, and the planting of evidence against Americans. Most Hindu men is involved with raping young children and is never caught except when they slip up. )Psychology is a major field of study for them which is why its almost impossible to catch them in evil acts. Thousands of years ago people on the planet were instructed by their deities to stay away from the Hindu East Indians because they held the secrets of Satan himself. There have been alot of people in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who has alleged that when they worked for the Hindus that they would find themselves doing things against their normal minds as if some Djinn was in control of the motor functions. And yet, according to several Hindu college students, these secrets were never meant to be revealed because when it is, the Hindus would ban together and call on their evil deities to get involve with who arranged the complaints against them. The Djinn would then, through vgision or dream state, show them the image of those complanants against the "evil" race of Hindu Indians within power all across the globe. According to reliable military sources, this is one reason the Hindus are feared by many military Generals on countless continents. Satanism itself is rooted from Hindu religious deities, and as long as Americans and others across the globe don't know who is who on the Planet Earth, their will always remain a chaos until the ends of time as you know it. Like the Kabbalist Jebusites (Jews) who work in secret with the Hindus, they are all into Socialism and Communism, which is Satanism in full expression. Americans also don't know that Kabbalism is tied in with Hinduism, which is why the historical Yashua (Jesus) informed others not to mess with it. The Jebusites and the Hindu Indians are responsible for launching one of the most evil and invasive religions of our time which support and control under Communism. So why was Hillary Clinton and countless others given a safe passage to India? Why was President Obama initiated within a cave in India?

If Ameericans were to travel to Hindu Indian hotels and motels all across the U.S., you will be tempted by the s*x force. When Hindu Indians isn't spying on Americans with surveillance, they are tempting them with channels on their televisions that have pornagraphy. s*x, love and relationships have become the ersatz religion of modern society. The implied message, "s*x is the Way to God", has been in our cultural drinking water since the 1960's and longer. Movies portrayed s*xual intercourse in mystical terms, perfect bodies coupling to a chorus of angels. Hindu and Kabbalist Jebusite Illuminati music industry pushed the theme that romantic love and s*x connect us to God. Thanks to their media control, the Illuminati have convinced humanity that s*xual union restores unity with the Divine. This iHinduism and Kabbala. Just as man seeks unity with God through s*x, so God supposedly seeks union with His female nature. In other words, man both imitates and helps God by having s*xual intercourse. Kabbalism divides God into a Father and Mother figure and adds son and daughter figures. Despite the incestuous implications, the Cabala is all about the son and daughter Gods having s*x which is being prevented by "Satan," who is the God of the Gentiles by the way. The duty of pious Jews is to restore through their prayers and religious acts the perfect divine unity, in the form of s*xual union between male and female entities. .." The prayers actually enact this seduction. (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of 3000 Years, pp. 33-34.) Kabbala preaches that God is formless and unknowable. The whole point of religion is to worship (obey) God. How can you obey something "formless" and "unknowable"? Naturally, the Satanist will convince the unwary that God is unknowable. Second, by making the s*x act a means for reaching God, the Cabalist sets up a false God. According to the Cabalist, s*xual intercourse is tantamount to mystical union. Orgasm is revelation. In fact, unity with God is reached by grace, worship, devotion, selfless service, and spiritual discipline, not by copulating. But just as homos*xuals use s*xual excess to compensate for loss of healthy intimacy between a man and woman, heteros*xuals use it to compensate for loss of God. Naturally, the Illuminati want us to imitate homos*xuals.

Third, the "Gods" of Hinduism and the Kabbala combines good and evil. Somehow, good will come from doing evil. This is salvation through sin. Again, this is nonsense. God is Moral. He is perfection. "Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48) God speaks to man through our spiritual ideals such as Truth, Beauty, Justice, and Love. Thus, Hinduism and the Kabbala is typically Satanic : making evil appear good, lies appear true; sick appear healthy, and vice-versa. Thus, the Kabbala is the reason why the ****** is the Holy Grail and young women are idealized as goddesses. This pagan s*x cult is peddled by the Illuminati-controlled media. The elevation of young women to Goddess status is more than s*xual. Hollywood portrays them as warriors and geniuses as well. Thus, when everyone is deviant (sick), deviant becomes the new normal. The female focus is also reflected in the obsession with "relationships", encouraging more woman-worship and co-dependency. "Relationships" are a female preoccupation. None of this means the Illuminati give a damn about women. They are promoting them to feminize men and destabilize society. Thirty percent of all Internet traffic is porn. In spite of 50 years of feminism, or because of it, women define their value in terms of s*x appeal, just as homos*xuals do. Society is saturated with s*x which degrades all human relationships, including children, to the lowest common denominator. Popular culture increasingly is devoted to death, destruction, pornography and the occult. We rarely see a positive and uplifting vision. We rarely feel good to be human. Because of the age-old Kabbalist (Masonic) Jewish hatred of other Jews, God and mankind, depravity and occult fantasy pass as culture. "Progress" and "social change" promote social degradation and disintegration. This malevolent power is evidenced every day. Leftist disdain for common decency, truth, fairness, and democracy are characteristic of a satanic cult. Their programming has been interrupted and they are deranged. Relentless attacks on gender identity (promotion of homos*xuality/transgenderism) and racial cohesion (migration) are more evidence of a pernicious occult power at the heart of our body politic. Grooming children for pedophiles under the guise of "s*x education" is another example.

The unabashed Leftist bias of the mass media; and corporations taking stands on political and social issues are additional proof of de facto Communism. The Illuminati (Freemasonry) "hide in plain sight." They control government credit. Their logos are on the one-dollar bill and on gmail. Their entertainers and politicians (including Trump) constantly make Masonic hand signs and handshakes. Their obelisks dot our cities. Their lodges are found in every city and town. Yet people like Texe Marrs (and myself) who draw attention to this fact are marginalized. Society has been subverted by Satanism. Society is in denial. Freemasonry is an instrument of the Kabbalist Hindu & Jewish agenda for world domination (i.e. Communism.) But like lower-ranked Masons, most are not privy to this plot which is unfolding before our eyes. They are manipulated. Simeon bar Yochai, a 2nd-century rabbi, was really a manifestation of Satan, much like Christ manifested God. Most people are confused by the hocus-pocus surrounding Satanism. Watch what they do, not what they say. Satanists worship the devil by doing evil just as believers worship God by doing good. Satanism turns reality upside down. Good is evil; healthy is sick; true is false, and ugly is beautiful. And Vice Versa. It's made to look chic but it's out to destroy you. Knowing that there was in existence a "Secret Power" which had used Nazism and intended to use Communism to serve its own secret plans, and further its own ambitions to usurp undisputed world domination, many have realized that the Illuminati, are controlled at the top by the Synagogue of Satan and the race of Hindu giants (the super wealthy).

According to Satanism, it is perfectly right and proper to encourage moral turpitude in all classes of society, and at all levels of government, by convincing the public that abnormal s*xual behavior is normal; and that the moral code accepted by civilized nations, based on the Commandments of God and teachings of the Holy Scriptures, is old fashioned and introduced by Church and state for selfish purposes. But behind the building up of a wrong conception of s*x, and its purposes as intended by the True Creators, is the Satanic principle that the best revolutionary is a youth absolutely devoid of morals. It is Satanism, as it is direct from the top, which is responsible for the increase in juvenile delinquency, but those selected by the governments of the world to investigate this problem invariably give every cause other than the right one. So we as Americans must totally wake up and now.

Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, February 20th 2019 at 7:02AM
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