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May 11, 2019

It was reported by friends who parked at the Subwayand Exxon next door to the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, and kept watch over the motel after we posted Part 1, of this thread that when we got through posting Paqrt 1, the East indian's wife who seems to speak from behind the scenes, came out of her home and went to room #5, at the motel, and spoke against the blackman and his wife. The blackman overheard the conversation and immediately got out of the room. The East india's wife was standing out of the door of room #5 at the time. The blackman, according to a friend who had his car parked right in between the Melody Motel and the Subway and Exxon, got as far as the front office to the motel and forgot his phone. He then went back to get his phone and when the East Indian owner's wife saw him, she immediately moved swiftly into the room #5. She had revea;ed information from our thread to the elderly caucasian female who does her best to hide her image from the blackman. Unfortunately, like we stated in Part 1, caucasians in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, are an evil breed of mountain people. There are those who are racist against blacks that can be as old as 75 or 80 years of age. And they are not afraid to show it either. The only thing about them is that they have been around for many decades and know how to seem kind one minute and vengeful the next. They are excellent actors. However, the activity of the East indian motel owner's wife can be captured on motel surveillance. But like we've stated before, they know how to change things around and while altering video surveillance.

But the timeline of events will coincide with the posting of all of our threads about the Melody Motel. There is a time our threads were posted on this website, and there is a time actions and activities are implemented at the motel. Only an honest federal Agent can connect the dots. But of course this will never happen. We fight against the New World Order and federal agencies are for the New World Order, nevertheless, they promote a Socialist and Communist America. And as we have stated all along, nearly each and every East indian in America are Socialists and Communists. Even their children, whether born in America or not, are taught to be the same. East Indian men, whether Americans know it or not, uses their women like the East Indian motel manager. She is a deceptive elderly woman and they don not care much for black people. They don't care for caucasians either except caucasians are willing to work with them before they work with blacks. Anyway, when the blackman from North Carolina got back to the motel, the East Indian owner had the caucasian who works for him in room #12, to load up something like paint in his vehicle. But vefore he left he let the drug addict undercover racist mentally ill permanent Guests know that he wanted them to keep their eyes on the North Carolinians. After conspiring with the elderly caucasian female in room #5, they sent the young caucasian female, in the interracial relationship, to room #13. They asked the elderly black woman in room #13 did she need anything. The disabled woman has no idea that she is being trapped in some sort of masonic and eastern star pyramidal trap. The East Indians even have a caucasian female who drives a red mini-van come to their home where they discussed the North Carolinians. Of course anyone knows that the female would take the side of the East Indians.

The East Indian motel manager, accoprding to sources, iis very strict with his wife. He doesn't allow her to handle financial affairs, and many East Indian men are very brutal with their women. They will beat them, even though the women will mostly deny it. In order to get the truth out of the women the feds would have to seriously interrogate her. After a while she will tell the truth. Most black people have witnessed it. they just hide it from caucasians. East Indians are a very deceptive type of people and many are more sneaky than today's youth. All you have to do is launch complaints against them and then use their own camera surveillance to prove your case! But the feds do work with the East Indians. So it will be impossible to convict them of the many crimes they commit in a court of America Law. East Indians are masters of deception and they'll call on many demons to do their bidding. Its a know factr the witches are involved with what is going on at the Melody Motel. East Indian conspiracists will go into a room when a Guest isn't around and will drop something into a place where he/she thinks the Guest will never look. Guests within that room, after a period of time, will start experiencing bad things happening, one after another. They may even start to experience bad dreams. The worst thing America did was to allow Socialists and Communists, like the East Indians, within America, buying up stocks, properties, et cetera. They have imposed their views and idoelogies upon Americans and this will not end. They speak with Americans against other Americans, and then will tell them, "do say nothing aboutn what we talked about!" And the only way you can get the truth out of those Americans is by threatening them with imprisonment. Either theirn bond goes that deep or a spell has been placed upon them.

Most black people in Luzerne County state that many caucasian females are witnches and many men are warlocks and Satanists. There is a biker crew that rides around pretending to be just riding, but is taking interest in alot of things that has to do with black people. Blacks are so pre-occupied in what they are doing that most don't even know what's happening. If racist caucasians have a problem with blacks why not separate themselves from amongst them? The first people in the New World (America) were dark skinned people! It wasn't until the European came over that death and destruction reigned down upon them like a plague. Caucasians are from Europe and Europe is their country. Those who claim that America belongs to them are liars and is just as murderous as those who wiped outr most of the dark skinned Natives before them. In truth, they are the exact same spirits! Others they raped, and the women bored children with lighter complexions. Those children were placed on today's reservations and is being called the true Natives. The Hopi Indians know this isn't true! They know the truth which is why white supremacists within Mesa and other parts of Arizona are terrorizing them constantly. At one time, when a blackman was with a caucasian female she didn't speak until spoken to. Today, caucasian females with blackmen get them into fights, have them arrested because they want to play around and the only way to do it is by getting the blackman out of the way, or they'll get him into confrontations where he'll lose his life. Being sickmatized is what they enjoy. But there are some caucasian females, very few, who is the crown of the man's head. She doesn't mess around with ignorant people and she stays out of bad company! She cares for him and knows that society is against him.

But most of these caucasian females are middle aged or older. They have seen what is going on and have chosen sides. The young caucasian females, who are 30 to 35 years of age is tied in with the Daughters of the Conferacy. Not all of them are but in places where caucasians outnumber blacks 10 or 30 to 1, you have to really monitor her ways and actions. She can sell you out with the quickness and you'll never know what happened. Most of them will give caucasian men and image of their black mate in which he'll decide on whether to intimidate him or run some sort of psychological warfare. When young blackmen are caught up in this fervor, usually the black race shouldn't trust them until they can become blackmen again. Just look at the movie, "Get Out", by Jordan Peele. Despite how he translated the movie for his observers, the movie showed how caucasians can mind manipulate blackmen. It further showed the real intention of a female white supremacist. Each and every blackman should watch the movie over and over again. The secon movie Jordan Pelle came out with, "Us,", was a interesting movie but black people already know that there is monsters amongst that have dark skin. The black devil is a force to reckon with but blacks shouldn't forget the movie, "Get Out." Let us make it known that not all caucasians are ruthless and work tirelessly trying to take down the strong blackman and woman. But at least 93% of them are like this though. And in 2019, all of them seems to have the same or like minds. Caucasian men shouldn't be trusted. They should earn black trust and if they have a problem with it then they should go back to Europe. But they won't do this. They will create a massive race war thinking that God is on their side! God has passed judgement against them and they know the God of black people isn't with them. Their Gods are tied in with Rael and the white Brotherhood in Oklahoma. They give praise to the beings from Pleiades and Jupiter. However, this is an entirely different reading.

Back to the East indians. many East Indians have claimed that they are the gods of the caucasians race and from Hinduism, all of today's major religion was born frome it. East Indians, whether Sikh, Hindu, or Ismic, are all the same people. they have the same philosophies nd ideologies. They all are the like their Father, Satan, who was/is the father of lies. And the only ones who have allowed them to gain access over the entire world are caucasians. INDIA, the primitive home of religion and philosophy, exhibits as strong a tendency for monism as the Persian nation has shown for dualism. But the ancient monism of India is apt to lose itself in pantism,--a theory according to which the All alone (or rather the conception of the absolute as the All) is possessed of reality, while all concrete existences are considered as a mere sham, an illusion, a dream. The polytheism of the popular Hinduism is practically a pantheism in which the various deities are regarded as aspects of the One and All in which a discrimination between good and evil is entirely lost sight of. Thus the struggle between good and evil is contemplated as a process of repeated God-incarnations made necessary, according to the idea of the Brahmans, by the appearance of tyranny and injustice, lack of reverence for the priests, encroachments of the warrior caste. The Brahman gods in their turn are by no means the representatives of pure goodness. Not only do they frequently assume shapes that to the taste of any Western nation would be exceedingly ugly and diabolical, but the same deities who in one aspect are beneficent powers of life, are in another respect demons of destruction. East Indians believe Brahma, the first-originated of all East Indians beings, the lord of all creatures known only to East Indians, the father of all the original star from whence the East Indians came, is considered by them to be the divine mind who is the beginning of all. He is called Aja, the not-born, because he has originated, but was not begotten.

Brahma is pictured with four heads and four hands, in which he holds a spoon, a sacrificial basin, a rosary, and the Vedas. One of the four hands is frequently represented as empty. He sits on a lotus which grows from Vishnu's navel, representing the spirit that broods over the waters. Brahma keeps the first place in the speculations of philosophers, where he is identified with the life-breath of the world of evil, the Atman or self that appears in East Indian's souls, but he has not exercised a great influence on the people. The gods of the people must be less abstract, more concrete and more human. Thus it is natural that Vishnu, the second person of the trinity, the deity of avatars or incarnations, is, for all practical purposes, by far more important than Brahma. Varunani, when conceived as goddess of beauty, is called Lakshmi or Shri; and it is noteworthy that like Aphrodite of the Greeks she originates from the froth of the ocean. The third incarnation is the Varâha-avatar, in which Vishnu, in the shape of a wild boar, kills, with his tusks, the demon Hiranyaksha, who threatened to destroy the world. Hiranyaksha is who present day East Indians throughout America give honor and worship to. Vishnu. The unnatural father tried to kill his son, but the latter escaped all danger because he did not cease to pray to Vishnu. When Hiranya-Kasipu expressed a doubt of Vishnu's omnipresence, mockingly declaring that he could not possibly be in a column to which he pointed, the wrathful god decided to punish the scoffer. The column rent in twain, and Vishnu, proceeding from its interior in the shape of a monster half man half lion, tore Hiranya-Kasipu to pieces. This fourth incarnation is called the Narasinha-avatar. Its moral is to impress upon the people the sad fate of those who do not believe in Vishnu.

We can go on and on about the East Indians but one important part is this. The New World Globalization Orders is still being fulfilled even under the Trump Administration. India is tied into nearly each and every evil thing that have existed for the past 100 years! In many cases, other countries, including America, look to India for guidance. The4 Hindus were the first to embrace nation-wide surveillance of its people. Like the Hindus within America, many businesses have camera surveillance everywhere. There are Hindus who own motels in Memphis, Tennessee, that have placed hidden cameras within private locations in motel rooms, just so they could watch everything their Guests did. Complaints were launched against them, but as always, Hindus know how to lie for years. They can keep records of their lies, and will continue to update their lies. No people on the Planet Earth can construct lies like the Hindu Indians, which is why so many countries not only found it fascinating, but have looked to the Hindu indians for answers to difficult issues.

Many Americans, and people around the world for that matter, do not believe that Satan has a seed or offspring on the Planet Earth. So many Americans are under the impression that Satan is an invisible spirit. This couldn't be more wrong. When you go into your Bibles and your Qurans, it speaks about the Angel Micha'el battling Satan and his demons. Muslims term this Satan, "Iblis." The sacred language of Satan was Sanskrit. A direct dialect of Sanskrit is Urdu, meaning the language of fire. And the offspring of Satan, by blood, is your Arabs, your Hindus, your Pakistanis, your pale Egyptians, and the list goes on and on. Born into what is known as Genus Homo, here on Earth, millions of years before the arrival of the certain species of Hindus from the Planet Nirvana, which is their own heaven, known as the Enkiduites. Their purpose was to breed a daughter who was to be named, Nekaybaw, Hawwah, or mother of all living, who would be able to procreate. A delegation was sent to the land of Nod amongst the Cuthites, the original Hindu people. The disagreeable Anaqite of Singh (ties in with the Sikh beliefs), the 6th planet in Orion (Bible-Book of Job 9:9), also called Nirvana and Procyon, which means "before the dog," the 8th brightest binary star in the Canis Major Constellation. It is also called the Dog Star. That dog being the Sirius star constellation, known as the dog star. Its also known as Kalb, Keleb, Kulaab, or Kuluub. This is where the Hindus mixed their seed with the Shaggy, also known as the bigfoot. Then they came down to the Planet Tiamat (Earth) from the constellation of Orion. These Hindus that ruled from their Planet Nirvana, which they called heaven, were Sarasvati, also known as Satarupa, Savitri, Gayatri, and Brahman, meaning deity of science, wisdom, and music.

Sita, also known as Parthivi, an incarnation of Laksmi, meaning deity of love, prosperity, and learning. Supay, meaning deity of of air. Suryasavitri, meaning deity of the sun. Kottavei, the female warrior, who was the deity of war. Kama, meaning deity of desire, which is one of the laws on their realm. Karttikeya, also called Skanda, the sixth faced deity of war, and the Hindu demon who leads the heavenly hosts into battle and rides a peacock. It was the peacock which brought wars to the Planet Earth! Hamuman came to earth and is known as the monkey deity, who was only part monkey. Shiva, also called Siva, Rudra, and Nataraja, came to earth, and his wife Kali, also came to the Planet Earth in order that she may stop the war, and protect humans from demons. And Kali slew the general of the demons, and then you have Brahma and Thessaly, the cherioteer of Arjuna. Varuna, or deity of the sea, is termed the creator of the world, and ruler of the universe. Then you have Vayu, father of Hanuman, who is deity of the wind. Yama, brother and husband of his twin sister Yami, claims to have created the human race, and is the deity of the dead, whose souls the Yamadutas bring to him. Then you have Tripurasura, a demon of three worlds: their planet, the moon, and the earth. There is Matsya, Kurma, Varahs, Aditi, Agni, also known as Pavaka. Dhumaketu, Jatavedas, Anala, Surya, Asvins, Dasra, Nasatya, and Narasimha, who is half human and half lion. Then there is Manasa, mother of Nakhash or Naqas, who is queen of serpents, and grants fertility to sterile mortal females. Thessaly, who is a hermaphrodite, is also known as Baphomet-The Goat of Mendes. Then there is Vairocana, who is known as king of demons, and only desire to do his job well!

Vishnu, who is also called Narayana, was the overseer, meaning the soul universe, of these black haired Hindu demons. There is then Jagannath, a warrior who incarnates in the topaz skinned tone with neutral gender, making him a hermaphrodite, having both male and female genitalia, as in the case of all of these Hindu demons. These are the real devils with their scrolls, the Upanishads, and later, the Baghavada Gita; and they bred the original brown-man, with 6 ether black hair, black eyes, and dark skin. Certain species of the Hindus are descendants of the shggies, or bigfoot, which are descendants of Enkidu, one of the descendants of the original shaggies from Sirius, a friend of Gilgamesh, who is two-thirds human and one third deity. Some of the Hindus were identified as Garubaat, and is classified as the disagreeable Avatars. Their coming down to earth is recorded in the Upanishads. They came in crafts called Vimaanas. These Hindu demons gave praise to these Avatars of the sky, and these Avatars that came down to earth were the 200 fallen angels, after they lost the fight with the angel Micha'el, and the good angels (mal-awk or messangers) . The Hindu people of today are descendants of the 200 fallen demons, headed by Satan. Their deities arrived thousands of years ago in the land of Nod, and are hermaphrodites. They moved to the earth to set up Bali, their secret homeland on earth, where they used the images of the many thousands of creatures that incarnated to Earth. There in Bali, they are worshipped, even in 2017. Those who came from Bhogabati, which is the first planet in Dvaraka of Procyon, after the Planet Nirvana, came down to help humans. They are called Naga, or Nagini, or Nagas. They were the non-violent race of serpents and reptilians who are benevolent toward humans.

The ruler, king of the Naga serpents, was called Takshaka, who was beloved by Indra, and the queen was Manasa. There is a particular strain of Hindu Indians, who are called the Jackal People, who are water worshippers, and have deities of the water, like Hiranyaksha, a demon that held earth prisoner beneath the waters of a flood. Another breed of Hindus were beings that were half human and half monkey. These are the ab-originals who once lived in China. They are the monkey people who were the first breed of the shaggies. Many animals are worshipped in the land of Indra, presently called India, amongst the Hindus. For they also know the true story of existence, and of beings coming to this planet. Long after this second group of Hindu, were and are the agreeable ones, have bred the many great leaders, such as Shirdi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Mahatma Ghandi, and Siddhartha Guatama Buddha. But many of the Hindus living in America, and in other parts of the world who doesn't recognize the teachings and practices of those above have embraced the many Hindu demons, and is pushing for the New World Order on earth, with the rest of the demons on Planet Earth. Many of these hybrid beings were your mermaids, your unicorns, your minotaurs, and other half-man, half-animal creatures. Many of these beings who came to earth are defected beings, and is deformed in appearance. Those on earth that have descended from them are your people with 3 arms, no legs, 6 fingers, 6 toes, and are Siamese twins. The practice of Yoga imitates and immulates these deform beings.

Americans must know that Hindun Indians have an understanding between worlds and realities. The U.S. Government know of their abilities, which is why they embrace and protect them. Hindus in America literally gets sway with alot of crimes, simply because they know how to lie, and lie very very well. Most Hindus that own hotels, motels, and various other businesses have no spiritual connection to Shirdi Sai Baba, Satya Sai Baba, Mahatma Ghandi, or Siddhartha Guatama Buddha. They are the seed of evil, and have a great dislike for black people. Many claim that black people are descendants of the Angel Micha'el, while they are descendants of Iblis, another name for Satan. The hatred goes back to the beginning. This is why if Americans were to research the number of blackmen incarcerated in prisons, at least 20% of Hindus had them placed there, while working secretly with police. Police love the way Hindus can manipulate camera surveillance, and can lie in ways as to never get caught. Many Hindus are extreme beings and will take on fights with enemies for years and years. The land of Indra, presently called India, is a haven ran by demons of all sorts. They have been secretly conducting experiments on their people for the New World Order. They show other governments how to implement the attacks and invasions using intense psychology and technology. They claim that caucasians have no souls and are easy to be possessed, which is why America abnd Europe is under their control! Many Hindu Temples around America are places where djinn are raised, and is ordered to do the bidding of its master. Hindus running motels in Connecticut, and all across America, has chants and rituals which can change the fate of Americans. Americans need not be fooled by the smiling Hindus, because Hindus in India are leading nations with methods for the New World Order.

And many in America are tied in with the rulers of Indra. Hindu ran motels in Newington, Berlin, and Wethersfield, Connecticut, use their slaves, who are their housekeepers, to illegally get into Guests rooms, and search through their belongings. Its been revealed that police work with them in secret, and uses their camera surveillance to spy on Guests. This is an illegal search! Yet, these people use terrorism and drugs to get away with these crimes! Cops in Connecticut is given a wide range of border-line Constitutional Violation activities, just as long as they don't get caught. And alot of it is based on racism. Whether black people know it or not, many Hindus are tied in with the rise of diabetes in black communities. Hindus working in hospitals have been responsible for the deaths of countless blacks all across America. The diabetes crisis in America, which was created by Asians and Caucasians, have become an epidemic within black communities within America. They are getting very wealthy from selling you synthetic insulin and other medications. The sad thing about it is that blacks believe everything the caucasian or Hindu men and women tells them. Its that same bloodline that practiced colonialism against you, raped your black mothers and sisters, cut the testicles off of your black fathers and brothers, ripped blackmen apart who were tied to horses, is mass incarcerating your men within the new slave plantations know as prisons, and blacks believe that all of a sudden these demons are concerned about your well-being, or makes medicine that is good for you? This same tribe of Amorites were also involved with the massacre of thousands of other caucasian tribes in Europe which makes the slave trade looks pale. And its the same Hindus who are tied in with satan himself, and know the battle between black people and Hindus have been going on for thousands of years, who are so-called doctors in America.

The hospital is suppose to be the center of the community's health, and because there is Hindus, and caucasian men and women who have alterior motives against the black race, the blacks are becoming sicker, and is dying. Even Urgent Care medical cventers in New Jersey, isn't trying to truly help black people! The Immigrants running them only prescribe drugs that is killing them, and then lie about it when the blacks claim that they have gotten sicker from the drugs! Blacks are in situations where the institutions are conspiring against them! How is it that there are sick people in neighborhoods with hospitals and Urgent Care Centers? How is it possible that there is crime in neghborhoods with police precincts nearby? How is it possible that there are public schools and people are dumber? The black community is the only community who are afraid of hospitals. Many hospitals are selling human organs, is killing blacks, and are selling off their body parts. There are videos and testimonies from thousands of black people all across America. Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, North Carolina, have killed so many black people in the past 10 years its a wonder how they are still in business. When they are challenged because of some of the killings, like all conspiracists, they change information on charts and in files. Another thing black people don't know is when you go to a hospital, a criminal background check is done on you. And based on the findings, this is what determines whether you live or die! Black devils support the conspiracists' cause, and they do it to be left alone. Unfortunately, we are in the age where alien-human hybrids runs things. They are within hospitals, and is in every other place of business!

We have heard of the one world conspiracy. We all are fighting against a foggy indefinable enemy. We all have our own ideas of what the grand conspiracy is. We all have our ideas of who is part of the great conspiracy. We hear of all the old demons from the Masons to the Muslims, the Catholics and the Jebusites (Jews), and how bigotry has its last word in cases of scapegoats. However, we may be wise to understand what is controlling us rather than who is controlling us. Once we do that we will understand how the conspiracy operates. The thing commonly overlooked is that all of these glimpses into the darkest futures do nothing to build upon faith. They merely bring up more questions, and in some cases, disillusionment. The doom and gloom of secrets and peeks into the abyss are nothing more than distractions. The coincidences that we see is part of the plan. The plan for the Grand Design of God on earth, a global government rooted in recognition of universal interdependence. Our governments cannot stop or protect us from war or catastrophe, no matter how many cameras clones, alien human hybrids, and others ask for.

They cannot protect us from external extraterrestrial threats, and Mother Nature has her own time table. The government and their agenda of full spectrum control, also includes controlling the environment and weather controls, through geo-engineering, and the tinkering of the ionosphere through ionospheric heaters. With the threat of disasters and crisis constantly being reported on the nightly news, advanced systems of cataloguing and surveillance have been the answers provided by the technocracy in order to control the masses, and give them the convenience of having their medical records catalogued with their police records. There have been proposals for electronic tattoos, swallowed nanobots, and other ways of having the information available. This way a paramedic or health official can just wave a reading wand over a petition and immediately have his or her health history and criminal history all in one swipe. To some, the microchip was a great idea for use in these cases. The RFID chip is certainly a high-tech helper that could increase security at nuclear plants and military bases, help authorities identify wandering Alzheimer’s patients, allow consumers to buy their groceries, literally, with the wave of a chipped hand. To others, the notion of tagging people was Orwellian, a departure from centuries of history and tradition in which people had the right to go and do as they pleased, without being tracked, unless they were harming someone else.

Chipping, these critics said, might start with Alzheimer’s patients or Military personnel, but would eventually be suggested for convicts, then parolees, then s*x offenders, and then illegal aliens, until one day, a majority of Americans, falling into one category or another, would find themselves electronically tagged. The concept of making all things traceable isn’t alien to Americans. Thirty years ago, the first electronic tags were fixed to the ears of cattle, to permit ranchers to track a herd’s reproductive and eating habits. In the 1990's, millions of chips were implanted in livestock, fish, dogs, cats, even racehorses. Microchips are now fixed to car windshields as toll-paying devices, on “contactless” payment cards. They’re embedded in Michelin tires, library books, passports, work uniforms, luggage, and, unbeknownst to many consumers, on a host of individual items, from Hewlett Packard printers to Sanyo TVs, at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. In post-9/11 America, electronic surveillance comes in a myriad forms: in a gas station’s video camera; in a cell phone that is tucked in your pocket ; in a radio tag attached to a supermarket shopping cart; in a car equipped with a Lo-Jack anti-theft device. The dialogue was opened for mass surveillance including the use of the chip in order to do so. Some Christian critics saw the implants as the fulfillment of a biblical prophecy that describes an age of evil in which humans are forced to take the Mark of the Beast on their bodies, to buy or sell anything. However retailers have provided choice and while the devout Christian sees the chip as the great 666 or not, there are other methods in development to allow for the spirit or the law to be broken and not the letter.

People have again accepted a cashless society and they will also accept a chipped society when it is time to implement such a citizenry. In design, the tag or chip is a simple device. A medical-grade glass capsule holds a silicon computer chip, a copper antenna and a capacitor that transmits data stored on the chip when prompted by an electromagnetic reader. Implantations are quick procedures. After a local anesthetic is administered, a large-gauge hypodermic needle injects the chip under the skin on the back of the arm, not in the hand, midway between the elbow and the shoulder. In an emergency, hospital staff could wave a reader over a patient’s arm, get an ID number, and then, via the Internet, enter a company database and pull up the person’s identity and medical history. Now, with funding from the National Science Foundation in collaboration with the National Research Foundation in Korea, researchers are attempting to create an implantable antenna for long-term patient monitoring. Antennas operating near or inside the human body are important for a number of applications, including healthcare. Implantable medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers and retinal implants are a growing feature of modern healthcare, and implantable antennas for these devices are necessary to monitor battery level and device health, to upload and download data used in patient monitoring, and more. This project will create a UHF RFID tag antenna that can be inserted under the skin for a permanent application. Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tag antennas are printed using conductive ink and have found increased applications due to advantages such as minimal cost, low maintenance, good tag read range, and ability to operate without an integrated battery.

Despite their potential use in long-term patient monitoring and wireless biometric tracking there is limited research on UHF RFID for insertion in high-loss human body environments. Although the government has so far only contributed a few thousand dollars towards the research, the fact that this is being pursued at all indicates that other researchers are also likely conducting research in RFID technology for use within the human body. One of the major steps towards the implementation of a completely controlled world government is the implementation of RFID chips in every item for sale and every human being and animal on the planet. Although this may seem farfetched, the technology is absolutely there and the promotion of it can be seen throughout our daily lives. Taking a chip into the body may or may not be the mark of the beast; however, we have to consider that complexities involved with accepting a technocratic government that brings with it a well oiled surveillance state. Not just any surveillance state but a technocracy created in order to collect data on your DNA, your blood and bloodline and your genetic contribution to the workforce. The technocracy sees you as a resource or just another part to the machine that fuels the empire. In the mind of the technocrats there must be a separation from mind and body. You have to train your mind to accept the idea that you are nothing more than a machine that can be salvaged through repairs and mechanical expertise. This includes anything to do with medical health and reproductive health.

The main value that exists in the technocratic paradigm of medicine is separation. There is the principle of separation that states that things are better understood outside of their context, that is, divorced from related objects or persons. Techno-medicine continually separates the individual into component parts, the process of reproduction into constituent elements, and experience of childbirth from the flow of life. But first and foremost, it separates the human body from the human mind. The technocratic style is more or less without the obstacle of a soul that literally gets in the way of the process of treating the body like a machine that may be in need of an artificial part or substance to sustain it. Mechanizing the human body and defining the body-machine as the proper object of medical treatment frees techno medical practitioners from any sense of responsibility or care for the patient’s mind or spirit. In the future and at times in our present we begin to see that medical doctors do not necessarily have the need to engage with an individual who has a medical condition. They merely use language that reflects a more mechanical view of the patient. There is a passage in the Obama Affordable health care proposal page 1001 illustrates this perfectly. The Affordable Health Care Act Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521— National Medical Device Registry reads:

"The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the registry) to facilitate analysis of post market safety and outcomes data on each device that— is or has been used in or on a patient; and is a class III device; or a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining."

There have been many attempts to downplay this section by those who don’t want to believe that this may entail an implantable device, namely a transponder or chip; however this is exactly what this is meant to address along with other devices that can be used to prolong and sustain life. In fact, the very purpose of these devices are to collect data in medical patients such as claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary. These provisions are necessary in order to restructure that which is seen as being an old system. The Affordable Health Care Act was proposed and made into law, not improve health care, but to control who gets medical care, which is need of new technologies to prolong life, and to regulate reproductive health in order to identify and observe those with genetic defects or mental problems. Yes, this is all part of surveillance and law enforcement programs that many people think is all for the benefit of the people. Obviously, they were wrong and now we are part of the machine that will decide if we are eligible for health care and even technological breakthroughs that will sustain life or even recreate it. It takes a crisis or a motivator to get people to do what they morally feel is wrong or possibly against their beliefs. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, we cannot see out of the box.

Hegel’s dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. The dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides. We can see it in environmentalists instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the stealth dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts. The solutions to these problems don’t come from any politician. They come from those who can’t step out of the dialectic. They come from many years of programming and button pushing. The republic becomes the puppet and the puppeteers can make anyone dance if they play the right tune. The puppeteers are easily identified: The Bilderberg group, the Council on Foreign relations and the Trilateral commission see a technocratic future coming and an opportunity to introduce economic restrictions, health care restrictions and civil liberties restrictions to those who do not want to participate in the technocracy. The original stated purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to create a New International Economic Order. Its current statement has morphed into fostering a “closer cooperation among these core democratic industrialized areas of the world with shared leadership responsibilities in the wider international system. The Global plan is for all countries to live on the level of third world nations. Economic sustainability can be achieved through a process known as end game strategies.

Which include controls on ecological systems such as food, water and air. The agenda would severely limit water, electricity, and transportation – even deny human access to our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and people through tracking and scientific measures such as biometrics, RFID chips and eugenic background checks. As the world moves further into economic chaos, eugenics, an old idea cloaked under modern terminology, is making a comeback. During these times it is easy to see how a resurgence and re-packaging of eugenics could come about. In the case of Global Warming and economic sustainability, we hear these questions asked by proponents: Do you have more than two children? Is your carbon footprint putting a strain on the environment? Egypt aims to reduce its surging fertility rate over the next 15 years, a government minister has said, in an effort to address overpopulation concerns in the Arab world’s most populous country. With about 90 million people – a population the United Nations projects to hit 103 million by 2030 – Egypt has struggled for decades to provide its citizens with jobs and services. Most Egyptians live on a sliver of land along the Nile River and the Mediterranean coast, away from the vast desert that makes up most of the country. According to a plan laid out by Minister of State for Population Hala Youssef, the government will provide financial incentives to keep children in school expand family planning services and boost public awareness – while working closely with non-governmental organizations and local communities.

The aim is to get Egyptian women to attain a fertility rate of 2.4 children, she said, speaking on the sidelines of a conference on youth hosted by the US-based NGO Population Council in Cairo. Women currently give birth to 3.5 children each on average. Overpopulation, global warming, food shortages, and economic meltdown can pave the way for new eugenics programs that the American people will be forced to accept in order to buy, sell, trade or even live on this planet. House resolution 1 EH affects every individual in the United States. The Resolution states that your medical treatments will be tracked electronically by a federal system. Having electronic medical records at your fingertips, you can easily have them transferred to any hospital. However with the convenience comes a few catches or conditions. One includes receiving an implantable chip, or a biometric identification bracelet that you must wear at all times. This chip will give vital information to the authorities including how you are affecting the system as a whole and whether or not saving you can be seen as a burden on an already overburdened system. If we reduce all living things to carbon we reduce them to 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons or 666. The number of man is 6. This number is even shown to be that of man in Taoism. The number of man’s society is also 6. The number of the World and the Demiurge is 6. So we break down the blood in the genome to its purest form and we determine that it is 666.

Buried deep within United States Code in Title 42 is a section numbered 666 (cited, 42 USC 666) which deals with the establishment of blood paternity and the enforcement of child support. It sets procedures the states must follow in order to get the massive federal block grants established under the section. Paternity is proven through genetic blood sampling for DNA in order to provide welfare from the state. Your DNA is also part of the 666 equation. Because Eugenics and population reduction are hidden agendas within worldwide sustainability. It can be theorized that your carbon footprint is the Mark of the beast. We have demonstrated that its numeric property is 666. Eugenics went underground after WWII, but continued under the guise of population control and environmentalism, proceeding partly with the aid of Rockefeller family wealth. Rather than focus on quality control the emphasis was on quantity control. One of the first books to tie these ideas together post-WWII, titled Our Plundered Planet, was written by Fairfield Osborn, who in 1921 served as the President of the Second International Congress of Eugenics in New York. You see, the best Eugenics plans were not thought up by the Nazis. They were created by Americans! The growing economic crisis, and numerous other crises both real and manufactured, will be held as an example of the need for a new army of social workers and bureaucracy to manage the affairs of average men and women. Among all of the other proposals that the elite are throwing at us to “fix” these problems, such as world governance, the control of food sources and water, the proposal for Global sustainability and other population control proposals could become a reality. In order for full spectrum control all people will have to receive a chip. It would be made mandatory; those who decline would either be fined or jailed as enemies of the state or a threat to national security.So wake up caucasians who are not part of the global takeover using racsim. wake up black people who isn't tied in with the Black illuminati nor the Prince hall freemasons. Wake up blacks who don't desire to be caucasian and is proud of who they are. Wake up latinos, if for no other reason than you are black yourselves. You did come from Africa, and Africa is a divided and separate people. For the end is complete and the destructions are at their last and final phases before the cleansing.
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 4:16PM
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