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MAY 13, 2019

We have continuously reported on conspiracies being implemented against the blackman from North Carolina, and his wife, staying at the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania. The conspiracies won't cease because black people are considered undesirables to over 93% of the caucasian race in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, and abroad. However, Luzerne County is in question right now. On May 11, 2019,. friends asked why have there been so many complaints against the East Indian motel managers at the Melody Motel and nothing was done about it! Well first off, it was reported by someone who knew Ruth, the black woman satying at the Melody Motel in room #1, that she spoke with parties who know the North Carolinians about being compensated for any lies she could make up on the outsiders. She indicated that her job was to snake her way into getting to know the North Carolina couple and then obtain some sort of personal information which was to be combined with lies. East Indian motel managers at the motel would in fact inform her of the threads we posted which would reveal what was occurring, and in turn, she would visit parties in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, and give her daily reports. But something started going wrong and the East Indians had to get re-enforcements. A strange caucasian lady was moved beside the North Carolina couple who is room #5, at the Melody Motel, who has refused to show herself to the couple. But she shows herself to all other rooms. One of the blackman from North Carolina's muslim brothers drove through the motel and saw her with her head out of the door. So he took a photo and then drove off. Very few people of color trust caucasians in Luzerne County because those caucasians have implemented some of the most sleazy and vile sinister actions against people of color without provocation.

With all of the complaints launched at the Melody Motel, it was asked why nothing is being done. Well, police in Plains, Pennsylvania, works closely with the East Indians and they plot things together on a frequent basis. When we posted how friends of the North Carolinians would sit at the Subway Restaurant beside the Melody Motel and watched what went on there, not long afterwards State Police and others would watch and see who is sitting in their vehicles doing this. This proves that law enforcement, whether State Police or Plains Police, was well aware of the complaints and is in fact, behind some of the conspiracies. How can a police force know about such evil and illegal activities taking place at the Melody Motel and refuse to do anything about it? Why are the East Indians being given leaway to continue their sinister actions? Black people aren't considered any people of importance in Luzerne County, according to one white supremacist. The only way blacks are favored is if for two reasons.: 1. They are part of some secret society. 2. They are used to destroy the merits of any racial discrimination and conspiracy complaints formulated by other blacks. Other than that, they are of no use to neither East indians nor caucasian police officers. They are only targets. The Black Illuminati failed to inform black people that they could buy back their freedom through the courts which would have been a game changer when it came to racial discrimination. Slaves are monitored by police who work for the wealthy. But when one isn't a slave noone has claims over them. This is why blacks are encouraged not to seek to by back their freedoms from slavery. They are being told, maliciously, that they were free in 1865, which is a lie!

Complaints against the East Indians at the Melody Motel will never be remedied because caucasian police won't choose a black over an East Indian. East Indians have done great work when it came to assisting with the incarceration of thousands of blacks without their knowledge. East Indians know how to give rewards to people in financial crisis, and those people will go outside their way to work for the East Indians. Anytime there are complaints filed or allegations being made against the Melody Motel, the East Indian motel owner's son would make brief appearances to certain permanent Guest rooms at the Melody Motel. Each video surveillance at the motel or on live streaming video phones show time periods. And these times, if Plains Police wasn't so sinister and racist against black people, can connect the dots proving that conspiracies are being implemented against the North Carolinians at the Melody Motel, and that derugs are being used by caucasians only. And with so serious of allegations made against the East indians, why is it that nothing was done about it, according to certain queries imposed on us? First off, the North Carolinians are outsiders who have only been in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, for approximately 1 month and 9 days. This isn't long enough for people to claim that they know someone, especially when people like the North Carolinians, mind their own business and never really speak with anyone at the motel. The only party who sought to get close to them is Ruth, in room #1, at the Melody Motel. And they haven't told her anything personal about them. In fact, one of their muslim friends in Wilkes Barre, states that Mrs. Sarah, the wife of the blackman from North Carolina, neither likes nor trust Ruth, even though she has exposed evils at the Melody Motel. Mrs. Sarah informed many parties that she has witnessed Ruth, right after Ruth told her something about the drug addicts and racists at the Melody Motel, secretly carrying on conversations with those same people she made terrible allegations against.

And when Mrs. Sarah passed her, Ruth declined to even recognize her presence. Mrs. Sarah thinks Mrs. Ruth is a double agent who was assigned to get close to her husband and make bogus reports. Other people in Wilkes Barre says that they don't trust Ruth because when she came around police started monitoring certain people. It isn't that unusual for black civilians to be double agents for police and the feds. In fact, many of arrests has come about by the use of black double agents. Ruth, however, claims her innocence and reveal that the East Indians did at one time try and use her against the North Carolinians after the first complaints against the motel. She further claimed that she has been in Luzerne County off and on for a while. She also contends that caucasian police and caucasian civilians are some of the most racist people she has ever encountered and that they don't take to outsiders at all, especially black ones. Trust us, Plains Police are very well aware of what goes on at the Melody Motel. They just don't particularly care if someone black is pointing things out. Black people in the area have alot of issues against police in both Wilkes Barre and Plains. Caucasians look at many of them as some sort of social experiment. Certain blacks won't leave because they have worked with police against blacks who sold drugs and assisted in their arrests. They are afraid of moving to other regions where the black population is dominant due to the word getting out that they were snitches. And police have a way of leaking information about this. They don't trust blacks who try to move away when they conspired against someone and that black person(sw) was involved, with knowledge of illegal activities, illegal spying, and illegal use of planting rumors which causes distrubances. This sort of thing is being revealed all of the time on the local and national news medias. But only a few caucasian and other cops are being exposed. There are thousands of racist cops in Pennsylvania, and they get away with murder! People have started fighting back by taking on the police due to knowing that the courts isn't going to do anything about it anyway. Black youth are being plotted against and either arrested or murdered because they don't have slave mentalities. Caucasians seek for blacks to say sir and maam to them, and when they don't, you aren't acknowledging them as a master race! They then have to work on getting rid of you because you are a bad apple that could spoil the bunch.

East Indians only join forces with black people when they are being discriminated against by white supremacy. But when things are going their way they are serious threats to both blacks and Puerto Ricans. All across the U.S. blacks and Puerto Ricans have spoken about how East Indians speak about one against the other. East Indians at the Melody Motel will accept drug and prostituion money from caucasians, knowing that such things is taking place at their motels. And caucasian informants, 10 times out of 10, at the Melody Motel, are either prostitutes or drug dealers and addicts. Some just have jobs which shields any Probable Cause. Chances are, police will never look their way anyway. A friend, who was at the Wilkes Barre City Bus Transportation Center, claimed that drivers were so racist that when she was standing on the side of the road waiting for a bus, she tried running to the stop because she was about 20 feet away. She had to miss her bus and be very late for work because of it. But when caucasians do the same thing, the camera surveillance from the bus will show that the driver stopped. Deliberate Indifference, Racial Discrimination, and Cruel and Unusual Punishment goes on alot against black people in Luzerne County. China's fulfillment of the New World Order is in the guise of the Social Credit System. Racism was used against citizens and residents to establish such a vile and wicked system. Neighbors are being paid to spy on the neighbors, people in China are being monitored by computers each and everywwhere they go. The computers give scores which determine if people are worthy of employment, housings, bus or train tickets, et cetera. The homeless population has risen and will continue to rise after the Social Credit System goes nation-wide in 2020. Each and every Democrat, Liberal, and some Republicans claim that the Social Credit System is a model for the world. They praise China and hope to embrace the system when they win in 2020.

If one were to take a look at the Social Credit System, you will see that blacks within America are already under that system. It just haven't been established by the government yet. But when the Democrats and Socialists take hold of America in 2020, what is going on in China will become a living nightmare for Americans! East Indians are grooming minds in every community they are in. They are similar to forerunners. They prepare the way. The Chinese state has set up a vast ranking system that monitors the behavior of its enormous population, and ranks them all based on their social credit. The "social credit system," first announced in 2014, aims to reinforce the idea that "keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful," according to a government document. The program is due to be fully operational nationwide by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people across the country already. The scheme will be mandatory. At the moment the system is piecemeal, some are run by city councils, others are scored by private tech platforms which hold personal data. Like private credit scores, a person's social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret, but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online. Banning you from flying or getting the train. China has already started punishing people by restricting their travel. Nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights. They can also clamp down on luxury options: three million people are barred from getting business-class train tickets. The eventual system will punish bad passengers specifically. Potential misdeeds include trying to ride with no ticket, loitering in front of boarding gates, or smoking in no-smoking areas. they are also throttling your internet speeds, which Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile are already doing in America. According to Foreign Policy, credit systems monitor whether people pay bills on time, much like financial credit trackers, but also ascribe a moral dimension.

Other mooted punishable offences include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases and posting on social media. Spreading fake news, specifically about terrorist attacks or airport security, will also be punishable offences. They are also running you, or your kids, from the best schools. 17 people who refused to carry out military service in 2017, were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school, or continuing their studies, Beijing News reported. In July, 2018, a Chinese university denied an incoming student his spot because the student's father had a bad social credit score. They can also stop you from getting the best jobs. Some crimes, like fraud and embezzlement, would also have a big effect on social credit. They can keep you out of the best hotesl. People who refused military service were also banned from some holidays and hotels, showing that vacation plans are fair game too. The regime rewards people as well as punishes them. People with good scores can speed up travel applications to places like Europe. Those who lost all their points had their dogs confiscated and had to take a test on regulations required for pet ownership. Naming and shaming is another tactic available. A a 2016 government notice encourages companies to consult the blacklist before hiring people or giving them contracts. However, people will be notified by the courts before they are added to the list, and are allowed to appeal against the decision within ten days of receiving the notification. This here folks, is the New World Order at most of its fullest. Doesn't this sound like what black and Puerto Rican people go through with white supremacists on a daily basis? The New World Order is already here in America! Its just not fully established like whats going on in China.

White supremacists and white power freaks are some tricky creatures. Just pay attention to our reports about the Melody Motel. Caucasian cops in Luzerne County, Pennsylvanmia, and abroad, think that by planting caucasian informants, with racist and prejudice backgrounds, will bring about truthful outcomes. They even listen to the conversations of black people and see how they speak and act. Some act inn favor of white supremacy and the abolishing of black freedoms. These are those who contnuously say yes sir and no maam to caucasians. But strong and powerful minded black people such as the blackman from North Carolina will never have a powerfully minded black personal to monitor a situation. They'll use black sellouts everytime. Their favorite black informants are those with no criminal history, those with children, today's elderly people who are nothing like the elderly in the 1980's, and those who empower white supremacy. Doesn't this sound alot like the Chinese Social Credit System? Even the Black Illuminati, to some, the Boule Society, works with white supremacists and white power cops to appoint blacks to manitor other blacks. Whether Americans know it or not, East Indians, especially those who own and run motels, keep a system like this themselves. Blacks are undesirables to them because of histoprical reasons, and their threats are caucasians. So they work with caucasians, and at the same time, they overpower them. Eventually, they own all of a certain stock, they buy up all of a certain property, and they corner the financial markets. Most east Indians claim they have diplomatic immunity and is immune from arrests. But they can commit crimes that go unpunishable. Sounds like the New World Order to you yet?

East Indians are Socialists and Communists, whther they'll reveal the truth to you after being exposed or not. They are liars by nature and police favor them over most Americans; especially black and Puerto rican people. All other hispanics are fairgame because they'll turn against blacks and Puerto Ricans at the drop ogf a hat. There are Dominican Restaurants in Wilkes Barre, and neighboring boroughs, who have betrayed black people at the drop of a hat. And there is data in police departments nearby that proves this. The sad thing is caucasians running things within mountainous regions all across the U.S. can get away with alot. This is where true white power lies! Transforming over to the New World Order will be a breeze because they already have the people divided. Mostly caucasians are willing to sell out themselves and their entire race for safety and protection, which is how China's Social Credit System was embraced and enforced. Whats going on in America now went on in China prior to the Social Credit System. Racist caucasians, and those who don't claim to be racists but embrace New World Order policies are a threat to all Americans. There wouldn't be so many cameras all across the U.S. if they didn't embrace it. They know police, secret societies, and others, empowered by kabbalist jews, were behind terror and mass gun shootings in America. But yet they still vote on Big Brother and Big Sister invading our most secret and sacred places. East Indians know whats going on so much to where many of them have placed cameras wqhich can see into rooms at the motels. Some have Flatcreen televisions within the rooms which spy on Guests having s*x, et cetera. They are an invading predator type race in America who are enemies to all Americans. But like we stated, such as the East indians who run the Melody Motel in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, psychological and psycho-psychology are methods being used to control, separate, and take over the minds of the American people.

Most East indians, whose central point is in New York, is pushing for the New World Order in America. Judges, Lawyers, and District Attorneys are keeping this information away from the masses. East Indians always look to those East indians in New York! And many latinos in New York swore that they have been told by many E$ast indians that they support the New World Order in America! Imagine that! And like the New World Order in Communist China, America will first wintess Europe and other countries being ripped apart prior to the global change. Socialism and Communism are being estblished everywhere by East Indian plants, and from freemasons and eastern stars. The first thing East indians in powerful positions, and who are psychology master instruct, is for guns to be tooken away from each and every America. after the guns are removed then the militaries can oppress by force! Nearly all democrats, Liberals, and some Republicans are liars, con artists, scammers and schemers. They were behind East Indians being appointed as Mayors, et cetera, to run cities and towns in the south. In Louisiana where an East Indian use to be Mayor, after leaving office, blacks and caucasians went at each other like a pack of wolves. Everywhere East Indians run things people in America because greatly divided. And since they have done such a suceessful job, one was the first to be appointed as an Attorney General in New jersey. And because they have got into the inner minds and workings of the black people, mostly because the younger generations of blacks tell all of theirs and others business in public, and don't care who hears it, this has caused blacks to be placed in Checkmate status. The same has been happening to the Puerto Ricans. Now the East indians are determined to go after the caucasian race. But they mustb take each state at a time being sured not to allow the people to network. Secrecy is the East Indian's motto, which is why most of them parade around with American first names, but when you check them out you'll find out that those first names are fabricated. Americans are being lied to by Ministers, Imams, Sheikhs, Pastors, rabbis, and Gurus, to name a few. Many of them are Jesuit Preists and is destroying all religious institutions as you know it now. East indians are the ones who are targeting caucasians especially in New Jersey. They want your guns! https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/12/gun_confiscation_begins_in_new_jersey.html.

And Senator Cory Booker says if the white people don't give up the guns place them all in jail. https://reason.com/2018/12/20/new-jerseys-gun-owners-do-not-seem-eager/. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cory-booker-americans-should-be-thrown-in-jail-if-they-wont-give-up-their-guns. Cory Booker along with his many East Indian friends have already destroyed the black communities not only in New Jersey, but they have managed to work with other Senators, et cetera, in other states. Cory Booker claims to be Islamic because many mosques throughout New Jersey has him featured in various print outs and magazines. But he just recently proved that he wasn't a religious man. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/05/11/cory_booker_on_guns_thoughts_and_prayers_are_bull****.html. Meanwhile, most Americans, except Millenials and Generation Z, know that Usury is forbidden in all religous texts. But the Witches of Eastwick, namely, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, claims to be the god of bibles and qurans, and is pushing the end the Usury agendas. https://www.infowars.com/tucker-backs-aoc-usury-ban-there-is-a-reason-why-worlds-great-religions-condemn-usury/. Americans had better keep their eyes on Cortez and her inner circle of witches because they are using a fine-toothed comb to sift between all things that hold America together. They are trying to tear down the very pillars which hold communities together. And the sad thing, like Gearaldo Rivera did in the past by professing to be Mexican, Mexicans and other hispanics embraced him. Cortez claims to be Puerto Rican and is connecting with Millenials and Generation Z. She secretly speaks with China and has openly embraced the Chinese Sociaql Credit Systems. She is determined to destroy America as we know it.

The Nazis impose white supremacist terror and the Socialists come back with policies, bills, and laws, they both really embrace in secret together. Ministers, Imams, Sheikhs, Pastors, rabbis, and Gurus refuse to take on trhose who threaten their so-called religion of faith which is how you know they are tied with with the Jesuits. Cory Booker disses Islam by making such allegations and Ocasio-Cortez, a Jewish witch with Putero Rican blood lines, is working to make America into today's Communist China. She will stop at nothing doing this because she was appointed just for that purpose. caucasians with Fox News, like Tucker carlson, really has his hands full with Cortez. Information about the Chinese Social Credit System should be revealed to every man, woman, and teen, within every community in America. Young people have the tendency to do or support things without thinking, and when it hurts them they start to feel bad. We should teach them to think first before embracing the Social Credit System secretly being pushed by most Democrats, Liberals, and Republicans. They are all Communists and in 2019, is showing their true colors while revealing the truth about themselves. Mass shootings occur to promote an incremental ban on guns, the main remaining obstacle to the imposition of Communism in the U.S. today. The Rothschilds are Kabbalist Jews who worship Lucifer who represents their own demented megalomania. They are imposing their occult tyranny by virtue of their worldwide monopoly over the medium of exchange. They produce credit & currency from nothing in the form of a debt to themselves, something our government could do itself, interest-and-debt-free. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are accomplices in this scam. Alas, our "money" is just coupons, virtual chips in their digital casino. They can manipulate or void these chips any time they want.

Their agenda is to protect their money monopoly by extending it into a monopoly over everything - power, knowledge, culture, religion -- by re-engineering humanity to serve them. This is the real meaning of Communism. This requires the breakdown of nation, race, religion (God) and family (gender). This is why Western nations are flooded by migrants. Why Communist and LGBT values are foisted on children. Why universities have been neutered. Why corporations and banks promote migration and homos*xuality. Why the foreign policy of the West is bent on destroying any resistance (Russia, Syria, Yemen, Iran, Korea.) Society is satanically possessed. Freemasonry and Organized Jewry are their instruments. Why do so few "pundits" get this? The process of human reengineering has advanced to the point where society is an accomplice in its own destruction. This was all laid bare in 1938 by Illuminati insider Chaim Rakovsky when he was arrested by Stalin's NKVD. His interrogation was leaked and published under the title "The Red Symphony." The State is a front for the Masonic Jewish central bankers who own its "debt." Anything that increases "State" power is Communist. World government will take this to the next level. The aim of Freemasonry is the triumph of Communism. And Communism represents a means of developing what we call a monopoly, that is, an organization of, say, a large-scale industry into an administerable unit. Most people think Communism is an ideology dedicated to championing workers and the poor. This was an incredibly successful ruse which manipulated millions. Behind this artifice, "Communism" is devoted to concentrating all wealth and power in the hands of the central banking cartel (the Rothschilds and their allies) by disguising it as State power.

The central banking cartel is the ultimate monopoly. It has an almost global monopoly over government credit. Its object is to translate this into a monopoly over everything - political, cultural, economic and spiritual. One world government = Rothschild monopoly = Communism. Any ideology that further concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the "State" is Communism in another guise. These ideologies -- socialism, liberalism, fascism, neo-conservatism, Zionism, and feminism -- are fronts for "Communism," and are organized and funded by the central banking cartel. Current events are all designed by the central bankers to increase government power. Every Masonic organization tries to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of Freemasonry. The aim of the Revolution is no less than to redefine reality in terms of the interests of the bankers. This involves the promotion of subjective truth over objective truth. If Lenin "feels something to be real" then it is real. "For him every reality, every truth was relative in the face of the sole and absolute one: the revolution. This is Kabbalism: Kabbalist Jews (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Witches of East Wick) create reality because they believe they are the conduit for God's Will. (In other words, mankind has fallen for a gigantic fraud.) In other words, white is black and up is down. This is how it was in the Soviet Union; and now in the West, truth and justice are being replaced by political diktat. "Political correctness" a Bolshevik term is now in common usage. Thus, homos*xuality which psychiatrists always considered a developmental disorder, became a "lifestyle choice" in 1973 by political diktat. Now public schools encourage heteros*xual children "to experiment with their s*xuality." This is unhealthy and unnatural but that's what Satanism and "revolution" are really about, overturning the salutary inherent order.

The benches on which sat the greasy "Usurers" to trade in their moneys, have now been converted into temples, which stand magnificently at every corner of contemporary big towns with their heathen colonnades, and crowds go there to bring assiduously their deposits of all their possessions to the god of money. The Soviet five-pointed star represents the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possess colossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known. And War is the means by which the central bankers advance their agenda. Is not war already a revolutionary function? War? The Commune. Since that time every war was a giant step towards Communism. Finally, Communism cannot triumph unless it suppresses the "still living Christianity. The "permanent revolution" as dating from the birth of Christ, and the reformation as "its first partial victory" because it split Christianity. In reality, Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the Bourgeois States. Christianity controlling the individual is capable of annulling the revolutionary projection of the neutral Soviet or Atheist State. Now the Central Bankers are promoting World War Three as in "The Clash of Civilizations." Substitute Islam for Christianity, and pit "Christians" against them. The New World Order creates a false reality which represents our mental enslavement. Legions of pundits, professors and politicos enforce its precepts. Society is totally subverted. Government, education, entertainment and the news media are in the hands of the central banking cartel. The private sector sings from the same songbook on subjects like "diversity." The same applies to think tanks, foundations, NGO's, professional associations and major charities. Intelligence agencies serve the central bankers. As a result, society is helpless to address its real problem: the concentration of power in the hands of Cabala-believing bankers. We are stymied by the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism" when most Jews are ignorant of the big picture. There is no shortage of lackeys, often Freemasons and Masonic Jews, willing to share the spoils of the bankers' fraud. This defines "success" today.

Mankind is doomed as long as these bankers control society. What is the remedy? Nationalize the central banks, repudiate debts created from nothing, break up cartels, especially Hollywood and the media, and institute strict public campaign financing. In addition, we need a spiritual revival, a return to true religion, or at least an affirmation of God and a moral order. But as long as people perceive their interests in terms of the status quo, our problems are systemic and won't go away. So stay focused on Ocasio-Cortez, her inner witch coven, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, and most of all, but not least, the East Indians all across America who are involed in everything we do. They are the real aliens amongst us seeking to make us all slaves. Don't they portray themselves as masters of Americans? We are talking about those masonic owners of hotels and motels, alongwith many many convenience stores and restaurants. The Melody
Posted By: george patel
Sunday, May 12th 2019 at 5:45PM
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