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MAY 13, 2019

Continuing from Part 4, we reveal that many other countries are acknowledging the evils of East Indians, especvially the group known as Sikh. Canada has anounced that it is very concerned about the extremism of the Sikhs whiich has gone viral. The only ones who don't seem to take the East Indians seriously are Americans. This goes especially for caucasian Americans. They'll work with the devil in the flesh just to get at black people. And there are many black people, especially black women. The East Indians are a cunning group of people but not all of them are the same. those who isn't like the East Indians in America stay on islands on the outskirts of the country of India. But those in America are both freemasons and eastern stars. Some secretly work with freemasons against Americans. Like with the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, freemasons have taught them that when allegations and complaints are being made against the East Indians, look to Americans close around them, reward them, and make sure that they get online and rebut the testimonies of those making claims against them. Then assassinate the characters of those who complainants online. Some police work with the East Indians by using facial recognition software to identify threats to the East indians. Once the information comes up the East Indians will be given detailed information about the targets. They are then instructed to never reveal where the information came from. And police are to protect and serve the American people huh? There are many corrupt police in Wilkes Barre, Pa., and most blacks claim that police cruisers with numbers #11, #14, and 316, are the most vicous and invading forces they have ever encountered. Parties just don't understand that police are working towards the New World Order. They have continuously disarmed blacks and latinos, leaving only mostly caucasians with guns. Now they are out to take gubns from caucasians by force which has divided Sheriffs in manyn places across the U.S. https://www.teaparty.org/four-rhode-island-towns-declare-2nd-amendment-sanctuary-361665/.

And under the New World Order, within the script for those running countries, gangs are being used to terrify and kill out young people all across the U.S. https://www.thedailybeast.com/is-a-serial-killer-gang-murdering-young-men-across-the-us. People are mysteriously vanishing everywhere as a result of those gang m,embers who are really alien human hybrids. https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/missing-maryland-19-people-have-vanished. But they are not focused on stopping whats going on. They are more focused on setting up a Social Credit System like China, using mass surveillance everywhere. https://www.kentlive.news/news/kent-news/new-led-road-cameras-zoom-2858689. They are furthermore employing known white supremacist female teachers at schools who are involved with causing corruption between students. And when their actions are being calculated and monitored, they cry out in racist rants. https://www.facebook.com/shaunking/posts/2291352687570303?comment_id=2309562605925653&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R7%22%7D. But caucasian America will not find them guilty of any crime. they may be penalized at schools and public places but many caucasians willo still support them and will embrace their hatred of black people. caucasian females, much like East Indian females, are great actors. The East Indian who runs the Melody Motel's son has a caucasian female friend who is helping them by claiming that no wrongdoing is occurring at the sleazy motel. And because she is a caucasian female police will accept what she says with no questions asked. She won't be questioned about her interests in the plight. Many caucasians who have joined forces with East Indians both have a profound dislike for black people.

Many foreign muslims in America claimed that when they went through Customs prior to being able to stay in America, they witnessed caucasian officers telling them not to trust black people because they all lie and steal. East Indians in America embraced the lies and set up mass surveillance cameras everywhere, including on their home. They allow police to use the surveillance as much as they want to target Americans. Even one East Indian in one of the highest positions in a company across the globe praises the Global Elites, the Bilderberg Group, and all freemasons, citing that they are all trustworthy. Imagine that! https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2019/05/09/google-ceo-sundar-pichai-describes-the-masters-of-the-universe-as-humble-trustworthy/. And becaause of their support and their voices, American's second Amendment is being dismantled! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/san-francisco-journalist-says-police-raided-his-home-after-he-n1004776m. This is also happening with gun laws. https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/new-colorado-gun-law-divides-sheriffs-over-enforcement-59493957683. The East indians job is to monitor Americans with intensity. They are also sleepers who try and manipulate Americans into belieing what they are seeing and experiencing is an optical illusion. In other words, they are dictating how you should review things. This is why they inform thousands of Americans that there is no New World Order, that there is no such thing as aliens, and the list goes on and on.. To rebut their lies lets just say that revelations are being revealed against their lies each and everyday. East Indians, when told that children in the 1970's and the 1980's were being abducted from various places and tooken to underground locations to become slave workers, East Indians claimed that there was no such thing.

However, facts revealed that in those two decades children were being tooken underground and were used as slaves for an advanced extraterrestrial race of beings. This was occuring underneath the Peoria, Illinois Airport, whose underground railroads, et cetera, stretches through many cities and towns in Illinois, Colorado, and New Mexico. The area was being patrolled by the Blue and Black berets. The two Units hold higher positions than that of Green berets. They guard extraterrestrial crafts and extraterrestrials. Project Blue Book was a powerful group that had direct contact wioth aliens, cloning alien DNA with human DNA, which has brought forth alien human hybrids and more. This was debuked for so long that now, in 2019, the truth is finally coming out making those East Indians who have been telling the youth that aliens don't exist outright liars. In a rather fitting alliance between two locations synonymous with the strange and unusual, the international airports in Roswell and Denver have announced the formation of a 'supernatural sisterhood.' The odd agreement, announced via a press release, will see the two facilities work together to promote their respective sites and exchange ideas regarding best practices when it comes to making air travel easier for everyone. https://www.flydenver.com/sites/default/files/downloads/19-26%20Roswell%20DEN%20Sister%20Agreement%20Press%20Release.pdf. In keeping with the reputation of the two locations as well as the Denver airport's recent embrace of its place in conspiracy theory lore, the announcement of the partnership included a wildly-amusing 'Memorandum of Understanding' that is rife with in-jokes and paranormal references. https://www.flydenver.com/sites/default/files/press_releases/Roswell%20Sister%20Airport%20MOU.pdf.

Fashioned to look like a 'classified' document, the memorandum indicates that the two airports will be sharing "best cover-up practices," while "maintaining strict confidentiality especially regarding underground affairs." In a nod to Roswell's role in UFO history, the announcement also notes that the two sites will cooperate when it comes to communications received from "cosmic visitors" as well as how to properly manage and store "flying aircraft or vessels." And, although the agreement states that the two airports will not share their "darkest secrets," it does concede that such insights will be exchanged if ordered by a "superior species." In a testament to how committed the airports were to the bit, they also state that, should one party wish to cancel the agreement, they were required to do so no less than one month "prior to the apocalypse" and that the agreement cannot be transferred to any "non-human third party." The two sites even went so far as to stage a signing of the resolution in an empty bunker (seen above) and the mayor of Roswell even issued a video announcement about the new partnership in a manner similar to how one imagines the revelation that UFOs are real might unfold someday. https://www.facebook.com/RoswellNMGovernment/videos/2031821666916913/?__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCYYB6u4eSzErG0cZxi-ATv54GL_qQKBOHXzYmUOW1DJBWRMSeMoEQguXPSAO8B02SL1EU_CKEO1r_6cqNhBE9l-Vte5N11x3HmFM3W1l0DD4pfv4oh3hqe8LNbNrfN9dp4ZIHkh2ulqdqaf2aHk37IM8CUOAtz3wwSqAxfNj_ZpaEpzr9KPFYIuMwcut9cIpeNVvDhPfOqdkMEIgp-GthOPZO0wuKpYp-C5ebKhjKU8QtUgk4DZWN-KpWfXQmDvpNGa4au7dvzZd7XbCm_c4NQ-4PKUVFqNguqInxav3Nnj5VYSAa09iSa_7HOorARPwGlTyXtK1x_YYm6PGf8gSn3aOJx3H7c08A&__tn__=-R.

Americans who believe the lies East indians feed them are in a hell no god can save them from. East Indians know that their god is called Satan in the Bible who fought against the Angel Michael. Thery also know that Sanskrit is the very lanuguage of Satan himself which is why its consideredn very sacred to them. They are manipulating every facet of society in hopes of gaining power across the globe. They hope to do to America what China has done to its people (Social Credit System). Americans support, empower, and fund all of their stores, businesses, and restaurants. But you won't find one East Indian who will invest money into communitiesn they set their businesses in. They may let Americans go for a penny or two if they are short on money for certain items. But other East indian businesses will make it up, like in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where they run Service Stations and keep the change of their customers. usually if a quarter is the change they'll keep it. And after doing this with 500 to 1, 000 customers each day, just imagine the profit they are making. Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks to empower what they are doing by pushing some bill to end Usury. She is a direct threat to America and if Americans aren't careful, she'll send you back to the stone age. East indians are working with every politician in Congress and has their support in each and everything they do which isn why, at the Melody Motel, the Sikhs can get away with anything. Every one of them look to New York for help, no matter what state they are in, when threatened by Americans. Americans will target muslims but they want target those master minds behind attacks. They will draw on and burn up mosques and masjids but they dare not touch a Hindu temple or a Sikh temple.

In a 1956 story, there are three mutants called “pre-cogs” who can see the future. Paradoxes and alternate realities are created by the precognition of crimes when the chief of police intercepts a precognition that he is about to murder a man he has never met. Like many stories dealing with knowledge of future events, “The Minority Report” questions the existence of free will. Thanks to many East Indians with serious interest in America and Canada, today we do not have mutants with precognition predicting crimes, but the United States Government has software that can mine social media to predict everything from future terrorist attacks to foreign uprisings. President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law allowing indefinite detention to be codified into law. The NDAA has badly bludgeoned the constitutional right of due process. The U.S. has pursued “domestic terrorism” by practicing pre-emptive prosecution that is, going after individuals who have committed no crime but are alleged to possess an ideology that might dispose them to commit acts of “terrorism”. Maintaining that it can -and should – be in the business of divining intent or literally using whatever they can to pre-cog crime. Precognition is a common ability in ****’s Science Fiction world, where chronological time seems more a necessary structure to keep his middle- and working-class heroes semi-sane than a hard reality. Information flows in unpredictable directions, and all parties and interests seek control of it. Business executives, real estate speculators, police, journalists, spies, god-children, clergymen, con artists, drug dealers, advertising agencies, androids, generals, and presidents struggle to understand and predict the consequences of the data they collect. And if they aren't stopped, America will become the next China. The East indians job is to constantly change things when they are exposed. So the devil will keep coming and coming to he/she set up their demonic systems in America.

Each and every East Indian supports the New World Order. The East indian females within their 60's and 70's, much like the wife of the East Indian who runs the Melody Motel, will do anything their husbands request of them. Anything. These same East Indian females have been caught stealing at Flea Markets all across America and then put the items within their stores for the selling. They speak about one American against another, much like the east Indian motel manager's wife at the Melody Motel speaks against the blackman from North Carolina, to only caucasian females. Anytime their business is threatened they will lie like no opther. And because they are elderly they know that caucasian America will listen to them with open minds. They use religious simpathy as a weapon against the people which is why Christianity is being dismantled piece by pience. One Tibetian Monk once said," Americans have the biggest hearts but others will see this a weakness and will destroy America from within." This was the East Indians being spoken about. So keep your eyes on the East indians who are getting deeper and deeper into sciences which is transforming America into a Social Credit System. You have been warned....Watch out for Verizon Wireless!
Posted By: george patel
Monday, May 13th 2019 at 7:02AM
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