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May 19, 2019

We have posted 9 threads on the above enclosed plight and each thread posted has brought about more and more intense racism in Plains, Pennsylvania. First off, police in Luzerne County are racist and corrupt, and quite naturally the caucasian population will follow suit. Many white power freaks claim that police work for them and the only caucasians police don't work for is those poor undesirable caucasians living amongst blacks and latinos. At the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Plains/Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, the only people the East Indians have employed to work for them are outspoken white power freaks. Parties who live in back of the motel at the East Mountain Apartments claim that white power freaks try and terrorize so-called minorities staying in the apartments,. and will watch them constantly. A blackman nor woman can move around within those apartments without someone watching each and every move that they make despite how long they have lived there. Many blacks in Luzerne County plan on moving out of the county because of its intense racism from civilians and from police. Parties claim that they are being scanned by police devices in cruisers all of the time because after the scans they feel nausia. The blackman from North Carolina, staying at the motel, was speaking with the black woman, Ruth, who is in room #1, on May 17, 2019. As they were coming back to the motel together, along with his wife, parties were peering out of their windows, including the East Indian motel manager and his wife. A plan was put into effect and it was executed on May 18, 2019. The plan was to move parties in room #2, to keep watch on Ruth. Whether Americans know it or not, the East Indians are actually promoting racism against blacks and caucasians. But they have a history of trying to backtrack their actions and correct things to a point where its very difficult to prove.

Americans have a history of supporting people who don't have their best interest at heart, and together with masonic white supremacists they have managed to put forth a system that is reviving itself all of the time. No matter how much one tries to inform caucasians that they are being used in racial conspiracies to bring about a Communist/Socialist America, there are still those evil reptilian human hybrids and those evil alien human hybrdis causing chaos. Caucasians just won't study the body structure, facial contortions, slope of the heads, or the contracting pupils of those so-called humans who are actually hybrids. They seem to think that because they have the same skin complexions that they are humans. In truth, they are far from it! It was recorded on video that each time the blackman from North Carolina leaves the Melody Motel without his wife, the son of the East Indian motel manager, who goes by the name of Harry, soon afterwards get into his car and follows. Friends of the blackman who stay at the Holiday inn hotel behind the motel witnessed this with their own eyes. So why is the East Indians trying to keep tabs on the blackman from North Carolina, even though he commits no crimes and stays to himself? What kind of conspiracies are they up to on a daily basis? The only way to find out how evil they are Americans will need to file complaints against them for over pricing items at their stores; for conspiring with motel Guests against other Guests, et cetera. Even the country Canada takes East Indian Sikh's extremism seriously. So why can't Americans learn? https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/canada-takes-sikh-extremism-seriously-memo-to-freeland-said-before-india-trip.

Black people need to learn that there is a war on you from many sides. racist cops are killing black youth because their youth is dying from drug overdoses, and they place the blame on black people. Attacks against black people in America is becoming over the top! Here is just a few plights that decribe the black experience in America. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/nypd-supervisor-sent-text-message-saying-eric-garner-s-death-n1007011. https://blavity.com/dress-codes-have-not-and-will-not-save-black-people-from-the-ills-of-white-supremacy. https://indyweek.com/news/wake/the-garner-cops-mikisa-thompson-malcolm-x/. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trash-collector-police-gun-video-john-smyly-zayd-atkinson-colorado-a8919281.html. Blacks are even more likely to be gunned down by black police because black freemasons such as, Prince Hall, swears within oaths to uphold white supremacy! Its a shame that black people even allow them within their communities in 2019, knowing that they are a threat to the advancement of the black race! Psychology is a field that most freemasons get involved with which allows them to run game on those who are not part of their degrees or orders. You are an undesirable and black cops also let black people who are not part of freemasonry know this! https://rollingout.com/2019/05/18/black-teen-traumatized-after-being-attacked-by-police-for-allegedly-jaywalking/. https://psmag.com/social-justice/black-cops-are-just-as-likely-as-whites-to-kill-black-suspects.

The blackman from North Carolina staying at the Melody Motel told Ruth that a plot was against her. This is why the East Indians at the Melody Motel moved the caucasiian female/possible racist Anarchist in room #2, which is right beside Ruth. The blackman from North Caqrolina tries to inform both blacks and caucasians in Luzerne County that racism is only being used until a certain point. That point being until the New World Order rear its horrifying head under the Social Credit System, just like China. But America is doing things backswards, showing off their dyslexia disabilities. They are setting up all of the surveillance first and then they apply the Social Credit System. This is why cameras are being placed more and more on highways and streets, which can look right into one's vehicle. The claim is that people be texting and driving which is causing wrecks. But in actuality, they are doing this to set up the New World Order. There are many evil reptilian human hybrids and evil alien human hybrids working with them to set up the New World Order. Then there are both men and women who get on national television and claim that safet is good. They may even exploit some child to give the message a boost. They are using children in every facet of society, to take away more and more rights from all Americans. The blackman from North Carolina informed parties that it was an extermination taking place which is why many hybrids are showing themselves in 2019. An odd piece of footage from California appears to show a humanoid figure floating in the sky and frightening witnesses on the ground. The eerie video was reportedly captured by a man named Pablo Morales in the city of Burbank on a cloudy evening earlier this month. The witness subsequently posted it to YouTube where it was noticed by a number of channels devoted to showcased strange footage of possible paranormal events.

In the video, a dark anomaly that resembles a person can be seen moving across the sky as Morales and his family watch on in wonder. At one point, the bewildered witness asks "is that Jesus Christ" and them solemnly whispers "please, oh, Father God." After exclaiming to his mother that there is a man floating in the sky, she asks if he is sure and Morales indicates that he is certain of it. Eventually, the oddity floats behind a tree and then seemingly starts to descend to the ground. To his credit, Morales does muse during the video that perhaps the anomaly was merely a balloon. However, after filming the video, he purportedly went to the area where it appeared to land and saw that there were "no balloons or trash or anything that could have been that big." Nonetheless, skeptics will undoubtedly point to previous cases of 'flying humanoids' which were revealed to be balloons as evidence that what Morales and his family witnesses was not any out of ordinary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q317z7DiUk. This same creature, or one like it, is being called the Phantom of Chicago! And even after reviewing this irrefutable video white supremacists will still launch attacks at black people, and other people of color, except the East Indians. This is whow one can tell that their positions within America is one that involves the destruction of America! People have gone so crazy that they are killing Americans by any means that they can, and race is not an issue. Just look at the Massachuetts plight! https://www.boston25news.com/news/dph-employee-at-rockport-seafood-restaurant-has-hepatitis-a/950173850. There is so many conspiracies taking place and is being revealed in 2019, its a wonder how people can still be so ignorant to facts! Communism is Satanism fulfilled! Even black people have been misled to worship other blacks who were known Communist!

Take for an instance, Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks had angenda and knew that at the turn of the century her party would probably take over America. Its even being stated that Actor/Comedians Steve Martin, Martin Short, and a host of others are professed Communists. However, Rosa Parks (1913-2005) was a Communist Party member who worked as a secretary for the NAACP, a Communist Jewish banker front. Her refusal to move to the back-of-the-bus Dec. 1, 1955, was a typical Communist publicity stunt staged by her handlers. Sell-out, Rep. John Lewis tweeted: " Rosa Parks stood up for what is right, what is fair, and what is just, by sitting down on a Montgomery city bus and refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger. Her actions took raw courage and helped ignite a movement." In 2013, she was honored by a stamp. She was honored with a statue in the Capitol. Was Karl Marx unavailable? (Important Note: Communism has wiped out black and caucasian nations in times past. Will we accept it again?) At the time Speaker John Boehner said: "In two weeks we will have a historic ceremony here in the United States Capitol. House and Senate leaders will gather to unveil a statue of civil rights icon Rosa Parks. This will be the first statue of an African-American woman to be placed here in the Capitol, and I can't think of a more fitting honor for a great American hero who still inspires us all." Rosa Parks was not a simple seamstress whose lonely act of defiance in 1955 sparked the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. In fact, she was a trained Communist Party (CPUSA) activist. Her refusal to move to the back of the bus wasn't a spontaneous gesture, but a provocation organized by her longtime employer, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The white man in the picture was a sympathetic reporter. In 2005, Rosa Parks' body lay in state under the Capitol Rotunda; an honor accorded only 29 times in US history, to people like Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, and most recently Ronald Reagan. This treatment illustrates how the American public is routinely deceived and betrayed by its political leaders and mass media. The New York Times obituary said her arrest "turned a very private woman into a reluctant symbol and torchbearer." President Clinton said her action "ignited the most significant social movement in American history."

The portrayal of Rosa Parks as an ordinary citizen triggered my alarm bell. Betty Friedan, the "founder" of feminism and longtime Communist activist was also depicted as an average mother and housewife. Rosa Parks began working as a secretary for the NAACP in 1943 and still held that position when she was arrested. In July 1955, five months before the famous incident in December, she attended "Highlander Folk School" in Monteagle Tennessee. Myles Horton and James Dombroski, both Communist Party members, started this school in 1932 to train Communist activists. Betty Friedan was another alumnus. The school was cited for subversive activities and closed by the State of Tennessee in 1960. It seems to be up and running again. Rosa Parks and many others had defied the bus segregation laws on numerous occasions since the 1940's. The Montgomery bus boycott was planned in advance. Martin Luther King was brought in to lead it. Rosa Parks was chosen to kick it off. (See Aldon Morris, "The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement") Rosa Parks was a member of the party. This is something Communists don't advertise. David Horowitz writes in Radical Son that his Communist Party parents claimed Rosa was a member. The testimony of numerous defectors leaves no doubt the US Communist Party was directed from Moscow. Despite what idealistic dupes ("useful idiots") like Parks and Friedan thought, its goal was and is to subjugate the American people. The Women's Liberation Movement was patterned on the Civil Rights Movement. They are both off-the-shelf Communist psycho-social operations. To be effective, they must appear to reflect a popular groundswell rather than an elite agenda imposed from above. While these movements rectified many genuine injustices, their hidden purpose is to destabilize and undermine American society.

Banker Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild's agent in the US, and later the paymaster of the Bolshevik Revolution started the NAACP in 1909. In his book, "My Awakening" David Duke paints a picture of the NAACP that suggests a typical Banker-Communist front. (pp.282-284) Although founded in 1909, it didn't have a Black President until the 1970's. Until then, its President and Board were mainly drawn from the ranks of Communist Jews. Dr. Martin Luther King may have been a typical frontman. Privately he declared himself a Marxist. He attended the Highlander School and his personal secretaries Bayard Rustin and Jack O'Dell were Communists. Stanley Levinson, who wrote his speeches and managed his fundraising, was also a Communist. They claimed that Dr. King's integrity has also been called into question. King plagiarized large sections of his doctoral thesis. He also had liaisons with white prostitutes, which were taped by the FBI and confirmed by his successor Ralph Abernathy. (And the Walls Came Tumbling Down, 1989) Mankind is a family of races, each gifted and bringing something unique to the potluck. At the same time, a balance must be found. Racial and national groups have a right to protect their racial character. Its very odd that countries like the State of Israel, China, and Japan can do this without criticism but countries in Europe and North America cannot. Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics can do this but Europeans cannot. I also believe discrimination in favor of a "minority" is as bad as discrimination against one. This agenda is spelled out in a document entitled "A Racial Program for the 20th Century" (1912) by a British Fabian "Israel Cohen" quoted by Congressman Thomas Abernathy during the Civil Rights debate and entered into the Congressional Record (1957), p. 8559: "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can move them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

Remember, the central bankers are involved in a massive fraud: printing our money for the price of the paper, loaning it to us and then demanding repayment with interest. The only way they can perpetuate this fraud is to distract us. That involves creating divisions. (More on the racial plan.) The sanctification of the Communist Rosa Parks proves again that the American political and cultural elite have achieved this status by collaborating in America's ultimate subjugation. Social change doesn't take place in the USA unless the central bankers and their media assets sponsor it. Their long-term plan for world dictatorship is disguised as a spontaneous grassroots revolt. Increasingly as traitors are treated as heroes, we recognize that we are already living in a twilight zone and have been for some time.

In Conclusion: Many countries, governments, and militaries, have been in cahoots with aliens or extraterrestrials for a long time. The aliens will tolerate hybrids with their own DNA, but they won't tolerate cohabitating with humans! This is why its very important for humans to denounce white supremacists, white power freaks, and all of those blacks and latinos who think that killing all caucasians is the answer. This is what they want! You all are being bamboozled and misled into thinking that the New World Order will be a time of complete safety. But the New World Order was condemned by your gods within you Bibles, your Qurans, and your Torahs. When they set up their New World Order babies will be sacrificed as much as they want, and no law will charge and convict them for it. Human organs and flesh will continue to be a delicy for them. And when they put you in a state of fear, and then you die with high adrenaline, there are those adrenaline junkies who will feast on that gland of yours. Do you all really think the New World Order is going to be a system where safety is its greatest achievment? Many of you will be set onto spikes, just like when someone hangs a deer upside down to drain its blood, and to linger for days. Think the Vactican is innocent of baby sacrifices? https://www.bbncommunity.com/can-explain-catholic-mass-grave-sites-350800-missing-children-found/. They all have one policy! Deny everything! Those involved with the glue that binds this ruling cult together engages in paedophilia and child sacrifice. Its members are filmed committing these horrific acts. The name of the game is blackmail. Almost everyone who gets ahead in politics, government, business, media and entertainment, accepts these terms. There is little doubt that Trump has done this, given his association with Jeffrey Epstein, and salacious pictures with the teenage Ivanka. Actor Seth Green, and partner Clare Grant, are confessed paedophiles. Steven Speilberg, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Barack Obama, and Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times, also sacrifices children and humans. Jimmy Saville molested and murdered hundreds of children and got knighted by the Queen of England, an openly professed reptilian. The Illuminati wannabes will pimp their own children for fame and fortune. Paedophilia is their Achille's Heel. We must redouble our efforts to expose them. Pizzagate was genuine but a google search confirms that pedophiles are working overtime to make sure that Pizzagate is without merits.

The people who want to ban "hate speech," fake news" and "extremism" are traitors, Satanists, and perverts. They are our so-called leaders. They are working towards an alien agenda which they have used Google and others to try and make it seem as if the invasion is a game or a joke. Then there are parties who is being paid that stay in each and every neighborhood in America who rebut these facts! They are paid a weekly salary just to monitor the conversations and success of every neighborhood in America. The rain, snow, earthquakes, and tornadoes being caused by devices are extreterrestrial technology given to the U.S. Government and the Secret Military in the 1900's. Tghis was given in exchange for food. Anf the food is human flesh. You don't have to trust this to be true but just pay attention to the latest news feeds everywhere. In 2019, we are all but learning that the military, scientists, religious figures and some members of government are confirming that we are not alone or that something of extraordinary nature is happening in he skies in places all over the world. A number of reports from the Pentagon have stated that they have been analyzing UFO reports for threat assessment – and have investigated what is called an incursion, where an armada of UFOs that looked like Tic Tacs were following a Navy strike force. Witnesses included highly trained military personnel; among them several deeply experienced radar operators and fighter pilots who at the time of the sightings were at the controls of arguably the most advanced flight technology ever created. And yet none can explain what they saw. The date was November 14, 2004, and the location was the Pacific Ocean, about 100 miles southwest of San Diego, California. The USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group, which included the nuclear-powered carrier and the missile cruiser USS Princeton, were conducting a series of drills prior to deployment in the Persian Gulf.

At about 2 p.m., two F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter jets from the Nimitz received an unusual order from an operations officer aboard the Princeton. Already airborne, the pilots were told to stop their training maneuvers and proceed to new coordinates for a “real-world” task. More ominously, the officer asked if they were carrying live weapons. They replied that they were not. The Princeton’s highly advanced radar had been picking up mysterious objects for several days by then. The Navy called them “anomalous aerial vehicles,” or AAVs — names that have been carefully selected in order to separate the reports of UFO’s a term that has been maligned as fringe terminology associated with space aliens. According to Kevin Day, the Princeton’s senior radar operator at the time, his screen showed well over 100 AAVs over the course of the week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tX3YZ6CnVs. According to Day, the AAVs appeared at an altitude greater than 80,000 feet, far higher than commercial or military jets typically fly. Initially, the Princeton’s radar team didn’t believe what they were seeing, chalking up the anomalies to an equipment malfunction. But after they determined that everything was operating as it should and they began detecting instances in which the AAVs dropped with astounding speed to lower, busier airspace, Day approached the Princeton’s commander about taking action. Two fighters were diverted to intercept one of the strange objects. When they first arrived on the scene, the pilots didn’t see any flying objects. But they did observe what the lead pilot, Commander David Fravor, later referred to as a “disturbance” in the ocean. The water was churning, with white waves breaking over what looked like a large object just under the surface. Then they noticed one of the objects flying about 50 feet above the water. Fravor, the commander of the elite Black Aces squadron who was a Top Gun program graduate with more than 16 years of flying experience, described it as about 40 feet long, shaped like a Tic Tac candy and with no obvious means of propulsion.

It had no wings an no rotors — it was a bonified UFO and the thought there was a group of them is also troubling. This incident prompted the Navy to draft new guidelines for pilots and other personnel to report encounters with “unidentified aircraft.” This is a significant new step in creating a formal process to collect and analyze the unexplained sightings and destigmatize them. UFOs should be taken out of the fringe and that the narrative should take many sightings—even those from the past more seriously. Some UFOS are alien spacecraft. Most are not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQW--QciAmo. People who have seen UFOs understand this – debunkers do not. In fact, they are the ones that are sounding ignorant now –and they do not realize how silly they are as they go out of the way to debunk objects that can be a threat to national security. The Flying Saucer story is the biggest story of the millennium: visits to Planet Earth by aliens and the U.S. government’s cover-up of the best data (the bodies and wreckage) for over 70 years. The truth is that hopefully Stanton realized that his hard work is part of the reason why we are now in a place that is not so fringe, not so outrageous. The difficulty in being part of the maligned fringe is you must deal with those who immediately dismiss anything that is uncomfortable or inconvenient conversation. The objective is to reveal what is called the “big lie” and to do so, we also have to admit that we can lie to ourselves. One of the biggest liars we have to deal with is ourselves – all of the hopes we have, the fears, the biases, and psychological defenses, that in a clandestine way try to distort our perception of the world and how we react to it. The mind has to be open and objective. No one has to compromise ethics or core beliefs, however, we all would benefit from a reasonable compromise between being naively trusting and pathologically paranoid. There are many people we trust who are telling us the truth, but when it comes to sensitive material, or matters or national security, the public has to understand there are limits to what the alphabet agencies call “Intelligence.”

That is why it may be beneficial to do the work yourself, meaning not relying heavily on the messenger but become someone who can testify to the validity of what can be called paranormal activity by experimenting with it all by yourself or with a small group. Your findings may surprise you. Although you must realize that during your experiment, the universe never just hands you a bundle of paranormal proof. Sometimes it can be a daunting task that takes a lot of times. Days can go by, or weeks or even month where something that can be shown as compelling evidence can be dropped in your lap. Until then, we always end up with what can be called cosmic breadcrumbs. Scraps of what are pieces of the puzzle rather than the whole puzzle. These may be valuable and every little bit, every dot connected can lead you to a major discovery or answer questions you may have about the world, albeit the paranormal world that surrounds you. Many think that there is no room for the paranormal; however, I have always illustrated that the normal news sometimes is distracting from the strange news and the hunches that remain in the margins because they seem so unbelievable. It has always been the aphorism among UFOlogists that there has been a consistent attempt to suppress any and all information about UFOs and alien visitation. With all of the leaks and the cover-ups many cases have been debunked, or at least been retold to the point of banality. It has also been suggested that most cases have evolved into the realm of legend because they have happened so long ago, and true witnesses are elderly and arguably not as sharp as they used to be. Some of witnesses have taken to their graves the secrets surrounding such landings. This leaves the new investigator frustrated because perhaps he cannot relate to historical accounts. Many would much rather study and understand cases that they don’t have to blow the dust off of in order to prove that they indeed happened. It wasn’t known that just after World War II that in the halls of the CIA’s headquarters, in the corridors of the Pentagon, and in the strongholds of the National Security Agency a war of deception was declared on the American people. It was an information war about the many secrets the government kept from us and about what sinister operations the military was up to and therefore “National Security” in one guise or another was always used as a cover and excuse for legitimate intelligence gathering operations as well as countless instances of cover-up and counterintelligence work.

We have discussed in the past that at War’s end it was discovered that Nazi scientists had been previously developing their final secret weapons which they hoped would turn the tide in the war effort. Of course, their wonder weapons on the drawing board included what many perceived to be the “flying discs.” These weapons were allegedly created under the direction of what only can be called “Secret Chiefs” as the Nazi scientists and others were allegedly under the control of a type of synarchy. It has always been a matter of the darkest intelligence that Hitler and those who worked under him had made a secret pact with otherworldly entities until later in his chancellery where they abandoned him seeing greater possibilities looming elsewhere. In 1947, we began hearing about UFOs or saucers that were a product of the news media after a brief conversation with private pilot Kenneth Arnold. Arnold claimed that he saw nine crescent-shaped aircraft traveling at supersonic speeds between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in Washington State. Arnold also was involved in the investigation of the Maury Island incident where harbor Patrolman Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman were caught up in the first UFO cover up, where men in black and Military investigators attempted to sweep evidence under the rug but were killed in the process. A team from the U.S. Air Force sent two investigators to talk with Kenneth Arnold and later visited Maury Island and collected samples of UFO debris. They carried the material with them for a return flight to San Francisco in a B-25 aircraft, but never made it. On August 1, 1947, the plane crashed near Kelso, Washington, killing the crew onboard. It’s a story partly gleaned from declassified FBI documents – a conspiracy investigation that the government wanted to hush up. What material was on board that B-25? Whatever it was, it apparently was linked to what Harold Dahl claimed to have seen in the sky over Maury Island, as the first wave of UFO sightings began in 1947. Meanwhile the Roswell crash was also happening during this time. Evidence of crashed exotic aircraft, or a disc and even possible evidence of the Secret chiefs piloting the crashed aircraft were being reported.

Such anomalous aerial phenomena had been observed before, even throughout history but only rarely and sporadically. After Roswell it seemed that saucers were suddenly everywhere and in greater numbers. Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects conducted by the United States Air Force. It started in 1952, and it was the third study of its kind. The first two were projects SIGN (1947) and GRUDGE (1949). A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activity under its auspices ceased in January 1970. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKzI3uu_oTQ. Project Blue Book had two goals: To determine if UFOs were a threat to national security, and to scientifically analyze UFO-related data. Thousands of UFO reports were collected, analyzed and filed. As the result of the Condon Report, which concluded there was nothing anomalous about UFOs, Project Blue Book was ordered shut down in December 1969. According to a 1985 fact sheet from Wright-Patterson, posted online by the National Archives, the Air Force decided to discontinue UFO investigations after concluding that “no UFO reported, investigated and evaluated by the Air Force has ever given any indication of threat to our national security (and) there has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as ‘unidentified’ are extraterrestrial vehicles.” Wright-Patterson also said the Air Force has not seen any evidence that suggesting the sightings “represent technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge.” Skeptics smelled a whitewash. The private and now-defunct National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena charged throughout the 1960s that the federal government was covering up what it knew about UFOs and pushed for congressional hearings.

The National Archives has made these files available to public on microfilm in its Washington headquarters. Parts of the Project Blue Book files previously have been posted online in various locations.

The truth is that the Flying Saucer or the UFO in the 1940s and 1950s had become a common mystery that was shared by many people. In fact, many magazines like TIME and LOOK would devote page after page about saucers stories. The obsession of the Flying Saucer was just as prevalent as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and an American fear of the Cold war. The thing that needs to be emphasized when reflecting on UFO’s and their effect on cultures is that the UFO was at first discussed without the alien context. It then became more of an extraterrestrial or alien topic in as much that while we were not doing well in the space race, we were all dreaming of space flight, manned missions to the Moon and to Mars. It was theorized that perhaps with a little help from our alien friends we could someday make it to other worlds. The alien context of the UFO phenomenon has unfortunately dogged any objective analysis of the sightings. Many objective investigators are well aware that there are military test aircraft that can also be seen. However, in the 1980’s one man came forward to say that the military had in their possession saucers and unknown space craft that they were reverse engineering at a secret base called S-4 near Area 51 in Nevada. In 1989 George Knapp, a well-known and respected journalist with KLAS, did a series of interviews with a man named “Dennis” who made a claim. “Dennis” claimed to have worked at a small test facility near Area 51. He said he was involved in research that included the testing and reverse engineering exotic craft. The aircraft, a series of 9 disks ranging in shape form a small circular nicknamed the “sports model” to a larger “top hat” style, were housed at super-secret test facility code-named, “S4.” A by-product of the black budget skunk works test program at Groom Lake, Papoose Lake or S4 was a smaller more concealed location. After several interviews with Knapp in locations ranging from a studio to a van, the true identity of the man emerged as Robert Scott Lazar. Lazar, as it would turn out, is perhaps the key element in the “saucer tales” that have been circulating about Area 51. Arguably much of the conspiracy surrounding Area 51 and reverse engineered alien craft comes from Bob Lazar. As an individual, Lazar’s credibility has been brought into question by a few UFO researchers. People tend to criticize Lazar primarily because of what appears to be lack of credentials and a lack of a personal history. However, many times those same researchers have failed to truly explore his background. And to Lazar’s credit he has produced several key items which lend credibility to his identity. Lazar, very early on, produced a W2 form which stated he worked for Naval Intelligence during the time when he says he worked at S4.

From there the trail went cold. However, the story of Bob Lazar and the secrets of Area 51 continue to breed intrigue. One thing about Lazar that seldom gets mentioned is that Lazar is straightforward in his ability to relate the story of his experiences. Polygraph and hypnosis tests have also impressed witnesses as well. Lazar has never really benefited from his story and does not seek to bank on his experience. In fact, many people have probably forgotten about Bob Lazar now that much of what has been happening at Area 51 was declassified. Lazar was the first man to tell us about advanced aerospace systems that were derived from possible extraterrestrial technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn9RrAv60uM. If you believe Lazar and others the “smoking guns” have been locked up in the Nevada Desert. The only way to prove that these technologies exist is to demand that the government kick in the doors and reveal that perhaps we have had the knowledge about advanced systems since the 1940’s and events like Roswell were enough to force the United States government to set apart the Army from the Air Force and create security agencies like the CIA to head up investigations into exactly what went on in the decades leading to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. President Harry Truman instructed Secretary of Defense James Forrestal to set up Operation Majestic Twelve, a blue-ribbon, top-secret panel headed by Vannevar Bush, a leading Manhattan Project figure and creator of the Memex machine, a forerunner of the modern-day computer. Researchers contend that the MJ-12 committee eventually brokered a sit-down between space aliens and President Dwight D. Eisenhower, during which an agreement was reached to enable alien studies of human biology via abductions and animal mutilations in exchange for use of extraterrestrial “black” technology that would lead to developments like the B-2 “Stealth Bomber.” Later, it was suggested that John Kennedy’s threat to reveal the MJ-12 alien negotiations was the prime reason for his assassination. It was soon after the space race ended with a man on the moon and the fear of an alien threat was somehow speculated about when Reagan gave his alien threat speech and proposed his Strategic Defense Initiative or Star Wars plan. Lazar then made his claims and later it was hacker Gary McKinnon that confirmed what Lazar already told us in 1989.

McKinnon was the hacker at the center of an extradition dispute between the U.K. and the U.S. and claimed that once he broke through flimsy security on military and NASA computers, he found “The Disclosure Project,” which collected testimony from air-traffic controllers, nuclear-missile technicians, and others confirming the existence of UFOs. He also found evidence of secret space program that predated Trump’s Space Force. The U.S. Government wanted to extradite him and charge him with acts of terrorism, however, charges were dropped because he certainly had information that the government did not want to have heard in a lengthy trial. What McKinnon uncovered was just the beginning of the confirmation process that has been talked about by many investigators like J. Allen Hynek, Freidman and whistle blowers like Lazar and even Ed Snowden. The 2017 report in the New York Times saying that for at least five years, the Defense Department housed a $22-million, clandestine program to investigate UFOs also is an important benchmark that takes the fringe out of UFOs. Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, as it was called, was to investigate those claims to see if there was truly something otherworldly behind those sightings. It’s unclear just how many reports pilots had filed to the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, but people who have come forward about the program have made it clear that there would have been a lot more reports filed if it hadn’t been for one thing – stigma. It is unfortunate that believing in the paranormal has become shorthand for crazy. However, the tables are turning, and it is crazy to dismiss the phenomena outright. Science hinges on discovery and the pursuit to understand the unknown. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, then, that some of these UFO reports are worthy of rigorous investigation. They could reveal something new about atmospheric phenomena, or physics, or, yes, possibly even extraterrestrials. It’s not easy to separate the mysterious sightings, the ones that could yield something scientifically interesting, from the sightings that can quickly be resolved. Keep watch on white supremacy and white power attacks against blacks! Keep watch for those so-called colored leaders seeking to wipe out the caucasian race. keep watch for more surveillance which empowers the social Credit System. Keep watch on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others usinmg skynet type technology to spy on humans all across the globe! Keep watch on the many Chinese electronic devices which is stealing Customer data and spying inside of American homes. Keep watch over the many Russians in America who are empowering white supremacy, and is behind some attacks on people of color! Their connection to police, especially in Connecticut, should not be overlooked! Remember, white supremacists a5re all cowards to like to have the upper hand on their victims. They will never fight an even battle. It must be 20 of them against one. Or they have to be police hiding behind shields, badges, and guns. They'll even attack the elderly, serious diabetics, or people with caner. We have witnessed this first hand. And keep watch over the many East Indians who target smart black people they deem threats!
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, May 18th 2019 at 4:57PM
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