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May 25, 2019

Not long ago a black female name Ruth, who stays at the Melody Motel in Wilkes Barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, stated that her cell phione was hacked and money was stolen from some account. The only people who has technology that can do this are police. Some police allow the White Brotherhood, whether they are cops, City Bus drivers, or other civilians, to use their technology for sinister purposes. Some black people say that their cell phones were hacked to a point where when they make phone calls, after a period of time, someone calls those they have called and either play games or speak ill of the previous caller. When police don't care for blacks, their will use devices to gain access on cell phones and when those cell phones are used, someone will know. By hacking cell phones blacks have made calls to Edwardsville, Pa., in hopes of finding rooms or apartments. But when the hacked calls are used ina nagative way, landowners and managers claim that they'll have to do background checks on the blacks before they can move into a place. But the pklaces don't supply leases. Imagine that! Police have alot of technology at their disposal. Higher ranking cops in patrol cars may have even greater technology within their grasps than lower ranking cops. And they are not exempt from committing crimes against civilians, nevertheless, people of color. The U.S. DOL has proven this. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/police-sometimes-misuse-confidential-work-databases-for-personal-gain-ap/. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/47-defendants-charged-separate-schemes-resulted-thousands-identities-stolen-and. https://www.rasmussen.edu/degrees/justice-studies/blog/law-enforcement-technology/. Some cops even have 5G technology and is using it in a diabolical way. Many blacks have complained, but when those blacks are located, informants are then placed upon them just like whats happening at the Melody Motel.

Privacy threats for 3G, 4G and 5G, have vulnerability affecting Authentication and Key Agreement (AKA), which is how your phone securely communicates with cellular networks. The new vulnerability allows potential data thieves to steal information from 5G airwaves, such as number of calls and text messages sent, according to ZDNet. The advent of 5G is supposed to bring supercharged speeds to mobile devices, and low latency, opening the door for tech innovations like self-driving cars and virtual reality. The new technology is also supposed to bring in a new level of security, as government agencies use International Mobile Subscriber Identity, or IMSI catchers to impersonate cell towers and spy on phones with older connections. IMSI catchers, sometimes referred to as "Stingrays," pretend to be phone towers and trick phones into connecting to it, allowing spies to gather information like location and details on phone calls. As networks became more advance, it became harder for IMSI catchers to work, but many were still capable of spying on mobile devices. 5G's AKA was supposed to protect against IMSI catchers, but the researchers found a new vulnerability that could trick the authentication protocol into giving up sensitive information.

In Pennsylvania rioght now, alot of hacking is taking place by police and civilians. Even blacks and hispanics are tied in with the hacks because they mostly work for freemasons or a nagative group which has ties to the Black Illuminati. beofre the Social Credit System and the New World Order is finalized, there will be alot more taking place in America. This is mostly thanks to the British Invasion here in America. Even Comedy Centera's "The Daily Show", with the host, Trevor Noah, has even cited his great admiration and support for 5G in America. But the British conspiracies here in America just didn't start recently. Did you know that Simon Cowell, the acerbic judge on American Idol, is half-Jewish? British Jews, who may be in shades of all races, keep a low profile but they are extremely influential. Similarly, it is hardly known that the British aristocracy largely is half-Jewish too, and that, in the words of L.G. Pine, Editor of Burke's Peerage, "the Jews have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. After Waterloo [1815] London became the money market and the clearinghouse of the world. The interests of the Jew as a financial dealer and the interests of this great commercial polity approximated more and more. One may say that by the last third of the nineteenth century, they had become virtually identical. The British Empire was a Masonic Jewish proxy. British & American imperialism derived its moxie from the perverse desire of Cabalist bankers to use their money-creating power to buy real assets. The Illuminati bankers (i.e. the "Crown") colonized England & the US as well as the world. The "Jewish Conspiracy" was the British Empire now repackaged as the New World Order. Of course, now it encompasses everyone with a stake in "globalism."

For every Rothschild or Disraeli, there are "10 cases of Jewish connections which are now forgotten. The reason is that in many cases Jewish origin is concealed. The marriage of Jewish finance and British aristocracy took place literally. Spendthrift gentry married the daughters of rich Jews. A man is not usually thought the more of, because he has married a woman for her money. An ancient estate is likely to be sold unless some large sums are found. The sums are found from marriage with a Jewish heiress. An outstanding example is the marriage of the 5th Earl of Roseberry who married the only daughter and heiress of Baron Mayer de Rothschild and later became Prime Minister. "She stayed in the Jewish religion but her children were educated as Christians...The alliances between Jewish ladies and British lords are mostly of this type, the wife providing large sums...while the aristocrat has the title and ancient estate. The children are able to look back upon a varied bag of ancestors. There can be no question that the British Peerage is now very much diluted with Jewish blood and has many connections among its most ancient and august families with those who only a few generations ago were inhabitants of the Ghetto. The power of money is very great and as almost every liberal newspaper is under Jewish influence it follows that the forces of revolution when directed against the peers are likely to meet with as determined opposition from the Jewish kinfolk of the aristocracy. The "Jewish Conspiracy" may indeed be the British Empire, and the "Jews" may, in fact, be the Masonic British aristocracy who regard themselves as Jews, and often are. They consider themselves one of the lost tribes of Israel, the real "Chosen People." The word "Brit" apparently derives from the Hebrew for "pact" or "covenant" ( i.e. the Jewish Covenant with God.) Members of the British royal family are circumcised by a Jewish mohel.

In 1941, Friedrich Wilhelm Euler, Nazi Germany's leading expert on Jewish genealogy, published a lengthy article entitled "The Penetration of Jewish Blood into the English Upper Class. Euler asked how modern Britain became the "protecting power of Jewry" despite the relatively small size of the Jewish community there. He claimed too much emphasis had been placed on Jewish economic and intellectual influence, and not enough on the penetration of the English aristocracy by Jewish blood. Well before British Jews were emancipated in the 19th Century, Euler argued, baptized members of commercially and financially successful Jewish families had married into the English nobility. Virtually all of his 148-page article consisted of a catalog of Jewish conversions and subsequent marriages with non-Jews, starting in the fourteenth century. The evidence proved that the English aristocracy had literally sealed a "marriage with Jewry" in terms of its "blood substance." This information, cited from Alan Steinweis, "Studying the Jew: Scholarly Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany" (2006) p. 107, has important implications. The New World Order is an extension of the British Empire, which has always represented the rapacity, greed and satanism of a mixed-race caste of Masonic (Cabalist) Jews called the Illuminati. If Euler is correct, it's no exaggeration to say that the English elite is crypto Jewish. This is consistent with the conclusions of Leslie Pine, editor of the renowned Burke's Peerage. The "Jewish Conspiracy" is the British Empire. So are the American Empire and the NWO. The "Jewish Conspiracy" is the "Establishment," founded on the power of the London-based central banking cartel.

In truth, extraterrestrial overlords who give orders to International Militaries across the globe, seek for their New World Order to exist without cohabitating with humans. This means humans will be wiped out! In Luzerne County, and in other parts of Pennsylvania, as we have stated on many occasions, there are many reptilian human hybrids and alien human hybrids. The majority are evil and works for the New World Order. They are black, caucasian, hispanic, Chinese, and every other race on the planet. But they chose the image of the Kabbalist Jews who seem to run the world. And the vast majority of kabbalist Jews, even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are part alien. Humans are willing to learn but can easily be misguided which is why they don't know the differencfe between alien human hybrids or regular humans. Hiding in plain sight allow many species to operate in a way that humans will be in the dark about. There are over 10,000 evil alien human hybrids police officers and other forms of law enforcement all across the U.S. And most of them are secretly wrking to fulfill the Social Credit System in America. However, some humans still can't understand that there are a species out there, who appear human, but are far from it. Even the Secret Military Space Program, "Mars Mission, deployed all alien human hybrid soldiers because extraterrestrials didn't like humans at all. But in Colonies on Maras there are alien human hybrids that work together with various alien. The Secret Military has been a threat to the human existence for quite some time and every form of evil taking place on earth, including the Social Credit System, was authorized by them. The Chinese evil alien human hybrid rulers are predators who go from country to country pushing the Social credit System agenda.

And if they have their way America will be under the entire system in 2020. Aliwen human hybrids do exist and they are enemies to humans. We are only talking about those who is working towards and for the New World Order. If you understand DNA, and have been paying attention to NASA's studies, breakthroughs, and developements, you'll clearly see that you are not alone on Planet Earth, and many who seek to enslave you may be staying right beside you in your communities. Instead of DNA’s usual four ingredients, the NASA scientists have created one containing eight. It has all of the four that are found in life on Earth: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. The NASA scientists have added an extra four synthetic ones, capable of mimicking the structures of the ingredients found in regular DNA. The NASA researchers call the new creation “hachimoji” DNA – hachi is Japanese for eight, while moji means letter. Hhachimoji DNA functions the same as our DNA, meeting the same requirements that allow it to store and transmit information. Again, with this discovery, how was NASA able to synthesize an alien model and what specimen of life form they extract the DNA information from? One person that may know is Emery Smith. I met Emery at Contact in the Desert, He was very friendly to me and at the time I met him I had no idea why he was a guest at the conference. After talking with him I realized that he is probably one of the most controversial figures in the field of UFOlogy but his claims seem to be very believable in light of the new information from NASA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXPPH9n-Dk4.

Emery Smith was in the US Air Force and stationed at the Kirtland Air Force Base hospital, in New Mexico. Emery was working in a hospital surgery unit, then asked by officials to do “moonlighting” after hours to make extra money, collecting and harvesting specimens. Emery at first thought this was organ harvesting from fallen soldiers. He was called in to dissect specimens and label tissues. Tissues samples were human at first. Then these tissues changed. They did not appear human. He didn’t ask questions. Emery got increasingly higher security clearances. He claims to have been part of a billion dollar project. For Emery Smith, it was a fun thing and addictive work, with over 3,000 different specimen samples. The question is whether or not these specimens were from extraterrestrials or even hybrid species. Not all were full body, but he looked at mostly limbs or organs. Working in underground bases at Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs – those are entry points to underground large facilities with millions of acres. Underground labs are 100 to 1,000 feet underground with compartmentalized floors rented by corporations. Emery’s specialty was biologics. He was 6 to 7 hours on the regular hospital job. Then, after hours, he walked over to his moonlighting position underground that was highly secured. Emery says that Sandia Labs has a base within a base at Kirtland AF Base. Sandia Mag-Lev 2 train systems connect underground to Area 51, and different entry points are all connected: White Sands, Mountainair New Mexico, Kirtland, Los Alamos, Dulce, Crestone, Colorado Springs, and Denver Airport. The underground network may go beyond that. Transport unit holds four people, has nice, comfortable seats, and it goes 700 miles per hour. Each “cab” is the size of a Volkswagen truck. This network may go halfway around the world. Emery didn’t always know exactly where he was working.

Emery Smith reported to a fire tower after hours at Kirtland. He went through security, had a full body scan before he reached the elevator, there was another check with canine units, which were dogs bred to sniff out everything. Then he would climb into a chair lift system to drop down to the lower floors. This underground area is a very large area that is five (5) square acres in size, with many operating rooms. He was given a glass pad that looks like x-ray film. The glass pad has database info, with information on what he was working on. He was not allowed to ask questions. He worked there for 3 years. He got higher and higher clearances. He was brought into other projects. Many included working in a specialized operating room. He claims that they are vacuum-sealed like being in a submarine. Two people helped Emery change into an operating suit. The beings that were being analyzed have different atmospheres, so pressurized rooms to work on them are needed. He also had to receive a special inoculation to work on these specimens. The inoculation was in the form of a light gel on the back of the hand. The procedure had to be done in order to put you into the same chemical frequency as the extraterrestrials Emery, as a young man, didn’t care about being inoculated. But he says that there are side effects. After the inoculation, he said that he could see inter-dimensionally. Seeing things overlay and overlap, see you here, you there, and in another timeline. About 50% of people inoculated with this gel have this experience. People “see double,” see light bodies and the astral realms. People see color shifts and hear melodic tones and communications from different ET species, actually singing and chanting. It’s mostly nice tones that can be heard and a lot of advanced civilizations have this form of communication.

Emery claims that he was able to use a see-through diagnosis bed made with clear metal, which could see into the human body and it had 400 times the power of a CAT scan. It was able to zoom into cells and find anomalies. He believes that it will be available to the public in the next decade or two. It will look into the body and see what is wrong. There are 50 to 60 devices that have been recently released to the public from corporations since Emery went public. Emery was also the surgeon that performed the autopsy on the tiny humanoid creature known as the Atacama being – a small creature that was discovered in Atacama Chile. The being is a mummified six-inch humanoid figure that was rumored for 15 years to be the first discovery of an alien creature. It had an enlarged cranium and oversized eye sockets. Scientists discovered the skeleton, nicknamed Ata, more than a decade ago in an abandoned town in the Atacama Desert of Chile. After trading hands and eventually finding a permanent home in Spain, the mummified specimen started to garner public attention. It became an object of controversy as it appeared in UFO investigator Steven Greer film, Sirius. Emery Smith was the doctor who took samples of the mummy for analysis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnRIR3pqY9A. Apart from Smith’s report, scientists from Stanford University concluded that the small deformed skeleton belonged to a human girl whose physical malformations were the result of several severe genetic mutations. Within days of the study being published, a controversy emerged. The Chilean National Monuments Council launched an investigation, saying the mummy’s remains may have been acquired through illegal smuggling and grave robbing, and that the research was wholly inappropriate. Some Chilean scientists went so far as to say that Genome Research paper should be retracted.

An international team of experts led by Sian Halcrow from the University of Otago, New Zealand published their findings in the International Journal of Paleopathology, and claim that the Stanford research report was replete with errors and misinterpretations and that a genetic study probably shouldn’t have been conducted in the first place.

The authors of the new paper found “no evidence” of the skeletal anomalies described in the Genome Research paper. The abnormal characteristics described by Stanford team, the authors say, are consistent with normal fetal skeletal development. The conclusion is that what was found was a mummified stillborn. The authors of the new study also concluded that the flawed nature of the Genome Research study highlights the need for interdisciplinary research approaches, which in this case should’ve involved experts in osteology, medicine, archaeology, history, and genetics. But of course, there was a whole genome sequencing that arguably gave no real satisfying answers as to why the little being looked alien to begin with. So the mystery is whether not arguing pathologists are giving the whole truth. Some of that truth has to come from Emery Smith—and can we conclude that the genome sequencing of one alleged alien being has led to others –and is the genome sequencing part of a bigger experiment where NASA can now create alien DNA in a lab? The big issue is whether or not there have been several studies done on aliens post mortem. The first evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence may come to us from the remains of a long dead and unknown species. However, it is my firm belief that a dead alien will only bring with it more questions than answers and it may be kept as a core secret and it represents the possibility that we too may see the same fate. People seeking “disclosure” seem to think it is for our own good. They think that learning the truth will put us on the path to free energy machines, miraculous health cures and all sorts of other New Age ideas that sound good in a pink fuzzy way but end up dying when faced with the truth. The truth may be that the phenomenon is not easily put in a box and disclosure will most definitely not happen in the way we seem to think it will.

There are many things in government that are known as “Core Secrets.” Allegedly, Core Secrets are only given to the President on a “Need to Know Basis.” That means, some Intelligence the President knows nothing about. From what is indicated in several intelligence reports, the President does not know the “core secret” of the alien presence. He only knows what you and I probably have been privileged to learn from Ground Truth Documents that are seen by very select few, and they hold the secrets. There is no automatic clearance for access to any doomsday scenario provided to the President. If the President makes a speech or if he does disclose the alien presence, it will be disclosed directly from Intelligence and even then, that information is highly-suspect and carefully planned and thought out to prevent mass hysteria from the general public. All core intelligence information is protected, even if it is bogus. The reasoning smacks of dark creepiness. Core intelligence is always somehow linked to all “doomsday blueprint” Intelligence cores. Core intelligence that would reveal an alien presence, possible alien intervention and alien attack and or invasion eventually arrives at the possibility of planetary annihilation. It, unfortunately, seems like some pseudo-religious scorched earth scenario where civilization must perish to protect itself from an alien threat. This is one possibility as to why full objective disclosure cannot happen. There has always been the worry that religions would crumble if an alien presence was revealed but surprisingly of all things, religion and beliefs in a higher being may not receive a big cosmic dent after all according to experts. The Bible, Quran and other sacred texts of the world’s major religions stress God’s special concern for humanity and for Earth. So the discovery of aliens, microbes on Mars, or signals from an intelligent civilization in another solar system, might seem threatening by implying we and our planet aren’t all that special. However, we have to keep in mind that religious faith remains strong in much of the world despite scientific advances showing that Earth is not the center of the universe and that our planet’s organisms were not created in their present form but rather evolved over billions of years. While the prospect of picking up alien signals sounds amazing experts warn that much of what we would be hearing would be coming from ghosts meaning civilizations that have died – sending their last message to anyone who may hear it. Policies for open contact have changed – and there are processes for procuring specimens post mortem. The only thing is while the actions of alien autopsy have been declassified – the details of any findings will remain a matter of core intelligence. The Navy’s new position regarding UFO disclosure also states that while servicemen can now report UFO’s without being stigmatized – details of the sightings will not be made public. Once again it is a matter of core intelligence, so everything that has been old school is becoming new again and all of the reports will most certainly be sanitized for the public. While the new interest has its flair, the old school intelligence still has its grip on the subject matter.

After Thought: In truth, the only reason there has been a push in the past 18 years by local and national news medias seeking to get civilians to worship the military and soldiers, was for the benefit of evil alien human hybrid soldiers. There are human soldiers but the evil alien human hybrids are thev real focus. Once you accept all soldiers you'll be also accepting those evil alien human hybrids that may have participated in the Mras project, et cetera. Some of them are those proclaimed heroes who were coming down the street walking or within a vehicle, and allegedly noticed a crime taking place. They were those who took on the alleged criminals. There is alot going on in America that first took place in China prior to the Social Credit System being established. The so-called heroes, who are mostly alien human hybrids, are also Super Soldiers with extraordinary bilioties. They ride city buses, drive Uber or taxis, are involved with everyday occupations, or is just mkoving around during the day. their jobs is to get data on humans. And any opposition will be swiftly eliminated. Just watch what happens in America between May 26,m 2019, and July 4, 1010. You have been warned...
Posted By: george patel
Friday, May 24th 2019 at 6:50AM
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