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JULY 20, 2019

Within the thread entitled, "MODERN DAY SLAVERY IN AMERICA (2019)", we revealed how East Indians are enslaving the caucasian race while wealthy caucasians sit back and allow it to happen. We even revealed how a blackman name Muhammad Saleem, because of intense racism in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, had multiple State Police come upon him stating that someone called the Department of Children Services and informed them that little children were being starved. At first it was alleged that East Indian Motel owner, Harry Maisuria, of Northwood Motel (570) 547-6624, was solely responsible because he has had serious run-ins with black people in New Jersey, where he lives. Many people thought he was solely responsible because he fed the State Police information about Muhammad that was well over the top. He went back two weeks and informed police what vehicles Muhammad and his wife arrived in, he lied about the license plates, and because Muhammad stays out of things, the only way he could try and cipher Muhammad's mind state was by getting his motel managers, a caucasian couple, to try and listen through walls, et cetera. The history between white supremacists and white supremacist freemasons versus Muhammad, and his family, goes back many many years. Muhammad's life has been a sad one, and white supremacists in North Carolina are some of the most ruthless within America. They are also very crafty and resourceful. However, Pennsylvania has some of the most advanced when it comes to committing acts of terror and evil. Within the thread entitled, "MODERN DAY SLAVERY IN AMERICA (2019)", we also stated that Curt and Christa, a caucasian couple who are motel managers at the Northwood Motel, located at: 6801 U.S. Highway 15, in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, we modern day slaves of East Indian motel owner, harry Maisuria. But the sad thing is even though many caucasians are slaves to foreigners, their dislike against black people is still just as intense. How can a group being enslaved by foreigners possess such intense hatred towards black America? There seems to be some serious brainwashing taking place within Pennsylvania. And its been going on for so long that many caucasians are at a point of no return.

On July 19, 2019, we recieved countless calls and visits stating that our post (MODERN DAY SLAVERY IN AMERICA (2019), was not really complete. We were informed that the real reason Muhammad was targeted was because he was black. And local law enforcement, along with residents of Montgomery, Pa., didn't know who he was. Muhammad minds his own business by taking care of what he needs to take care of and then making sure to be where he lays his head before dark. He truly believes the freaks come out at night. Unfortunately, this wasn't good enough for the mass caucasians in Montgomery. They needed more! So law enforcement, according to one who has ties with law enforcement within the areas, started secretly monitoring Muhammad and his wife. But mostly Muhammad because he is a black male. According to very credible sources who spoke with Muhammad prior to and after the events which took place on July 18, 2019, he contended that his cell phone was being hacked. He could actually hear parties talking on his phone when he would try and call someone. Then there were echoes. And while he was deep in conversation he could hear someone hang up a phone while in a call. We were informed that white supremacists works with East indians who usually teach them the ropes. Stop and frisk a blackman you don't know, and then conduct an NCIC check on him. You shall obtain a history because white supremacists, along with black white supremacists, hispanic white supremacists, and black secret societies, believe heavily in psychology. They believe that actions have patterns. And patterns lead to states of mind. But Muhammad was secretly given an IQ test by a party not long ago who found out that he has an IQ that registered 182, and in some instances, it rose higher. Muhammad's entire back story was one fabricated by white power cops who destroyed the lives of blackmen that wasn't saell-outs, nor were they people that took an interest in harming black people. Muhammad has never harmed a black person other than adolescent fights. He claims that fighting is for lesser density animals. Hue-man was equipted with intelligence that demanded they be much more intelligent than lower density beings.

Muhammad has watched his family be used and abused by both white supremacists and black secret societies. He even has personal documentation concerning females being used against the males to keep blackmen binded. Black women, in the south, are placed in higher positions than most blackmen, unless the men are part of secret societies. And over 75% of the blackmen population has had some run-in with law enforcement. In Pennsylvania, things are similar accept there's a deeper psychosis at work. Just as in the southern parts of the U.S., when caucasian law enforcement asks for blackmen identification and social security numbers, there is a great chance that the information will end up in the hands of a white supremacist freemason. And that freemason, with the help of Prince Hall freemasons who have vowed to uphold and support white supremacy no matter if they aren't considered brethren in caucasian masonic lodges, shall assure that the information is submitted to recognized informants, drug dealers, killers, liars, military contractors, et cetera. Issues such as these are still being exposed in 2019. If there was truth and justice within the American justice systems, and if there were serious investigations implemented in behalf of people like Muhammad, hundreds of thousands of blackmen won't have a record at all. But this will never happen. And justice shall never be served in America to save this country. America will crumble soon, and World War 2 will be on America's soil.

Whitepower freaks are being controlled by extraterrestrials, hybrids, clones, and technology. No matter how much good you display, there will be someone or thing that displays an even greater evil. And the greatest trick was making good appear evil and evil appear good. In Montgomery, Pennsylvania, according to 45 sources, there may only be 5 black people in the entire town. And those blacks are puppets for white supremacists. There is even hispanics that have turned against their own race and has sided with white supremacists. Latinos not far from Montgomery claims that a Mexican staying in Montgomery has turned against people of color and chooses the company of white power freaks. He drives an old beat up truck with Pennsylvania Plates: YWM-9811. Some caucasians within Montgomery, according to reliable sources, have secretly recorded his conversations on their phones. He was overheard speaking ill against blackmen, and he chooses to stay away from hispanics. Identity issues are a big problem in Pennsylvania, and across the U.S. People can't love their own without being racists or prejudice against others. There is always some evil voice whispering in the ears of those most influencial within their communities. White power freaks are some of the most vicious in Montgomery, and in other parts of Lycoming County, Pa. In fact, the entire central Pennsylvania is fraught with white power freaks who are going outside their way to harm black people. Many of them are passing along information within their communities citing that caucasians must embrace hispanics and speak ill against blacks. And once they have most blacks imprisoned or killed, when their numbers are acceptionally small, then hispanics are the targets.

Many East Indians, and East Indian students attendiong colleges throughout the U.S.,m know of this and caters to caucasian America while they are financially crippling them. Some can say that East Indians are brilliant because they came to America and put many caucasian businesses out of business. Theyy have also bought up more property, real estate, et cetera, than another other foreign ethnic group in America. They have even cornered all financial markets. And with white supremacists on the rise all across America, the white power freaks worship the East indian, and attacks other people of color. Within Pittsburg, neighboring towns outside of Pittsburg, Montgomery, and in countless other remote places, East indians have caucasian slaves. And the slaves are discarded by their own race which gave the East Indians the right to enslave them. And slavery is all across Pennsylvania. Noone won't say anything about it unless large numbers of people challenge it. They tell themselves it can't be happening in 2019. Imagine that! White supremacists, even though many are poor, are being used by wealthier white supremacists. Sometimes they are even funded by the wealthy if the threat is too great. White power cops even supply poor white supremacists with devices that hack into cell phones owned by people of color. There have been a rise in accounts being hacked into and money being stolen. But this information is being kept quiet by police, city and town hall leaders, along with cell phone companies.

Verizon is more concerned about establishing 5G all across America than they are with people whose identities, accounts, and cell phones are being stolen and hacked into. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2019/02/southern-poverty-law-center-counts-36-active-hate-groups-in-pennsylvania-in-2018.html. Racial profiling is still just as much a threat today than it was in the 1980's. https://www.vox.com/identities/2018/5/11/17340908/racial-profiling-starbucks-yale-police-violence-911-bias. There is a serious racial divide in America and its being exposed daily. The only problem is that those who have the power to change it won't change it because of their pledge to the New World Order. There have been studies proven that there are serious racial divides in America even though the caucasians favored possess social security numbers as well. Cultural stereotypes that depict Blacks as criminals affect the way Blacks experience encounters with police officers, expecting that such encounters induce Blacks to feel stereotype threat (i.e., concern about being judged and treated unfairly by police because of the stereotype). In some studies, we asked black and caucasian participants to report how they feel when interacting with police officers in general. As predicted, blacks, but not caucasians, reported concern that police officers stereotype them as criminals simply because of their race. In addition, this effect was found for black men but not black women.

Black and caucasian men were also asked to imagine a specific police encounter and assessed potential downstream consequences of stereotype threat. Consistent with with the previous, black, but not caucasian men anticipated feeling stereotype threat in the hypothetical police encounter. Further, racial differences in anticipated threat translated into racial differences in anticipated anxiety, self-regulatory efforts, and behavior that is commonly perceived as suspicious by police officers. By demonstrating that blacks might expect to be judged and treated unfairly by police because of the negative stereotype of black criminality, this stereotype threat theory to the new domain of criminal justice encounters. It also has practical implications for understanding how the stereotype could ironically contribute to bias-based policing and racial disparities in the justice system. Even hispanic youth are being effected in some way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Hispanic_and_Latino_Americans.

The traditional American wants to maintain the stability, sovereignty, and cohesiveness of HIS American heritage and not be subverted nor overtaken by invading third worlders being used by Organized Jewish psychopaths intent on destroying the most liberty-protective nation in modern history so they can install their satanic Talmudic Hell. The satanic Kabbalists who promote this takeover agenda are evil cowsrds. They hide behind their wealth, their banking, corporate or political power base from which they manipulate others to do their bidding (E.g. third world invaders, bribed, blackmailed 5th columnists playing 'politician', bought judges, etc) while never showing their face or names to the myriad websites and organizations which promote the Protocols' goals of societal destruction. The corruption of government agencies, police, and the military to serve the New World Order destruction of America must be addressed and countered. These "training" junkets to Israel by American police, etc, must be stopped and made illegal. The Patriot Act must be repealed and every agency associated with it, starting with Homeland Security and TSA, must be dismantled. FBI Fusion centers, NSA data collection centers, etc, etc etc, also must be dismantled. The 9/11 Israeli/CIA/Military Inside Job which spawned the War on Terror has always been a War of Terror against Americans citizens to cow us into submission for their communist takeover. Since WW2 the talmudic/kabbalic/masonic/satanic conquest of all American venues of authority at the top has been completed and national objectives turned into just another talmudic/satanic hatred of humanity driven in the "trenches" primarily by greed for all worldly wealth.

"Race Traitor" was the epithet thrown at Elisa Hategan,18, by her former Nazi friends after she defected from the Heritage Front and testified against its leaders. When Elisa was 16, she joined the group and was quickly recognized for her writing and speaking talents. A Romanian immigrant with an abusive mother, the poverty stricken Toronto street kid found a surrogate family in the motley group of neo Nazis. She was trusted by its leader Grant Bristow and friends like Ernst Zundel to perform a variety of confidential tasks. But when Bristow launched a terrorist campaign against anti racist activists, ranging from psychological harassment (eg. telling employers and landlords they are pedophiles) to vicious beatings, kidnappings and rapes, Elisa defected to the other side. Her testimony was instrumental in putting some leaders (not Bristow) in jail and in later disbanding the group. With more than 2000 members, the Heritage Front was a potent subversive organization responsible for vicious beatings, arson and bombings. Its members dressed in the popular skinhead costume, accumulated an arsenal of illegal weapons and planned for a Day of Reckoning when all "race traitors" would have their throats slit. Their inspiration was Hitler's takeover of Germany. Toronto in the early 90's began to resemble Berlin in the 1920's with street battles between neo-Nazi skinheads and their anti racist opponents. Toronto police actually collaborated with the Heritage Front. The head of the "hate crimes" unit met with a Heritage Front leader to identify anti racist activists from pictures. Some cops were Heritage Front members. The Heritage Front also infiltrated and provided security for the Canadian Reform Party, the forerunner of Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. Its leader at the time, Preston Manning has since spoken out against this government operation.

When Hategan and her anti-racist supporters provided enough information to arrest Heritage Front leaders and members, the police mysteriously refused to act. After testifying, Hategan went underground but she was stalked by a power far more capable than Bristow, who was a former strip club comedian turned private detective. In 1994, Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy revealed that Bristow was a CSIS agent, and that the Heritage Front was a CSIS operation known as "Governor." Since Bristow was not responsible for a single arrest, one can only speculate on the purpose of this operation. Governments initiate 90% of terrorism. It's a pretext for a police state apparatus. It promotes fear and division, prerequisites for control. ISIS is a bogeyman like the Heritage Front was. The Canadian government has stonewalled inquiries into its sponsorship of the Heritage Front. Grant Bristow has been given a new identity and a large pay-off and pension. Canadian Jewish organizations have honored him for his work! Meanwhile Elisa Hategan struggled not just for subsistence, but to be heard. She self-published Race Traitor in 2014 but Canadian publishers, like their police counterparts, won't touch the story. It implicates the federal government in all terrorist activities. Race Traitor is gripping and poignant testimony to the resistance of the human spirit to tyranny. They don't represent the people. They represent the Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) central banking cartel and its agenda for world government tyranny. We are in a race war. It is not really between caucasians and blacks. The "war" is actually an insidious campaign by Organized Jewry, an arm of the Rothschild banking cartel, to use immigrants to displace people of European and Americandescent, and erase their heritage. It's about time we recognized that the "hate" is all coming from the bankers and their Freemason shills. It's time we called "globalists" what they are, communists.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that whomever speaks about Communism has ties to white supremacy. This is just not true. The Communists had Dr. King murdered. Many African leader were assassinated by Communists. War is defined by the severity of violence and the body count. Technically, the experts say a civil war is defined as any armed conflict that involves; a military action internal to the parent state or state system members. It requires the active participation of the national government; there has to be an effective resistance by the warring parties, and there has to be a total of at least 1,000 battle-deaths during each year of the war. Now a civil conflict is defined in the same way except the death count has to be 25 deaths per year. Some say that this is where the country is now with many factors involved including police brutality against minority groups, mass death incidents where military type firearms are used, suicide deaths, and deaths due to starvation and bad medical care. U.S. suicide rates are at the highest level since World War II, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Material well-being, emotional distress in the U.S. has reached “crisis levels,” according to the CDC. The national mental health epidemic stems from various causes, including “genetic, social, and environmental factors.” Scarcity in the United States is starving families to death and children are dying because of it. More than 12 million children in the United States live in “food insecure” homes. That phrase may sound mild, but it means that those households don’t have enough food for every family member to lead a healthy life. Children are becoming a casualty in a war for food. U.S. police kill black people at disproportionate rates: Black people accounted for 31 percent of police killing victims in 2012, even though they made up just 13 percent of the US population. Although the data is incomplete because it’s based on voluntary reports from police agencies around the country, it highlights the vast disparities in how police use force.

The disparities appear to be even starker for unarmed suspects, according to an analysis of 2015 police killings, racial minorities made up about 37.4 percent of the general population in the US and 46.6 percent of armed and unarmed victims, but they made up 62.7 percent of unarmed people killed by police. And finally, the body count increases the likely hood of civil war especially when we speak of fatalities due to mass shootings. The problem, however, is there is no standard definition of what constitutes a mass shooting. Media outlets, academic researchers, and law enforcement agencies frequently use different definitions when discussing mass shootings, leading to different assessments of how frequently mass shootings occur and whether they are more common now than they were a decade or two ago. Some claim that a shooting involving as little as 4 or 5 victims makes up a mass shooting. Now put this into perspective as a civil conflict only requires 25 deaths a year to be at a crisis level: we are definitely pushing ourselves towards a civil war. Many chalk up the hyperbolic talk of civil war to the country’s hyperpartisan atmosphere and a cable news arms race in which commentators feel compelled to ramp up the rhetoric to be heard when everyone, including the president and Congress, seems to be shouting all the time. The talk has drawn particular derision from some military-veteran groups, whose members have experienced actual warfare. But the rhetoric also has origins in some real-world problems, such as a crumbling of confidence in the country’s democratic institutions and its paralyzed federal government. With Congress largely deadlocked, governance on the most controversial issues has been left to the Supreme Court or has come through executive or emergency actions from President Trump.

All the doom, gloom, and divisiveness in the United States has caught the attention of experts who evaluate the strength of governments around the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, a measure widely cited by political scientists, demoted the United States from “full democracy” to “flawed democracy” in January 2017, citing a big drop in Americans’ trust in their political institutions. According to Newsweek magazine’s polling, a third of all Americans think that a civil war could break out within the next five years, with 10% thinking it “very likely to happen.” The predominantly left-leaning US media has just entered its third consecutive year of open warfare against Donald Trump. This non-stop assault risks aggravating political passions to the point where ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ snowballs into something completely beyond our ability to control—like full-blown Civil War. In the past, many left-leaning newspapers and television networks have taken on the charge of being part of the resistance and have gone out of their way to ignore the problem of extremist left-leaning views. Groups like Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer are called extreme white supremacist operations while Antifa are considered counter protesters whose manical supermen are out to bring justice through intimidation and violence. Violent and extreme ideologies bring ratings to the networks by way of guerilla and pack journalism where commentators peak from political boas instead of objectivity. The media stands accused of painting a picture of a very dark America that needs to revolt and carry out whatever means necessary to secure a left vote or administration. We have seen violent protests which have been ignored liberal media outlets and have been spotlighted by conservative groups as threat to our national security.

This imbalance is actually affecting Americans that feel that their way of life is being threatened. The continued onslaught of this activity will not stand with most Americans and backlash is inevitable. By definition, any extreme right or left wing group that uses violence for a political goal are considered domestic terrorists. As attacks domestically increase so does the body count and the outright insurrection of liberal leaders against conservative ones deepen the divide and eventually, there may be an all-out assault in many communities across the United States. As many knowledgeable Americans will openly admit, battle lines have been drawn across the political and cultural frontier. This division is perhaps most conspicuous on social media, where friends and family who disagree with your political worldview get the ‘nuke option’ and are effortlessly unfriended with the push of a button. This is a worrying development. The real danger will come when Americans from both sides of the political divide stop talking and start erecting extremely dangerous barriers around their political belief systems. When organized armed assaults become more common and it is evident that the assailants are doing so to make America great again or because those who wish to truly make America great are gunned down because someone deems them fascist- we will know that America is about to have a curtain call. Not even family members are spared from the turmoil; just because people share the same bloodline does not automatically mean they share the same political views. It can be said that what has triggered the current civil conflict was the hypocritical guarantee in 2016 that there would be a peaceful and smooth transition of power when President Trump took office.

This never happened and this is why the civil combatant operations are now being fed and the monster that will come from it may cause American Omnicide. If the word Omnicide sounds ominous, it is because it is. Loosely defined, Omnicide is the total extinction of a civilization through a major catastrophe brought on by war or ecological disaster. No President, pundit or religious authority can prevent a stroke of extinction and the idea of finger pointing and blame is hollow as we are responsible for our own demise. Donald Trump is certainly not above criticism. Far from it. But for the mainstream media to place all of the blame for the current political malaise at the Republican’s door is about as responsible as lighting up a cigarette in a fireworks factory. If the mainstream media continues to slavishly serve just one political master over another, it will only have itself to blame for what comes next. Its prejudiced and agenda-based reporting is a disgrace and really nothing short of a bona fide national security threat. The America we loved is lost, perhaps forever. That is the meaning of this conflict. The republic that bound its rulers with the chains of the Constitution and freed the rest of us to live in peace is no more. The Constitution along with our Declaration of Independence was a guarantee etched in stone of the freedoms and sovereignty need to establish a strong republic. The Constitution now is cherry-picked in order to justify extremist speech, a corrupt press, and to justify other acts of malfeasance that bend or even break the rules regarding civil liberty. Are we able to pause and reflect seriously on the dire consequences of our collective behavior – or passivity when it comes to an American’s right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

At some point, for whatever reason, you have to come to the realization that the consensus narratives in our society about what’s going on are false. The tools that people are taught to use to inform themselves about their government, their nation, and their world are not just full of inaccuracies, but deliberate distortions, ranging from the reasons that were given for why wars are started, to the way our political systems work, to where real power and authority actually lies, to the way nations and governments actually behave in the world. This awareness has come with a degree of alienation. Not buying into the same consensus narratives about the world as your friends, loved ones and peers comes with an inability to relate to them on some levels, which can cause you to feel a lack of intimacy in those areas. You may have also found yourself the odd one out in conversations about politics or other controversial issues, maybe even lost old friends over it. Many of you who take the time to listen to alternative views are shunned. Many of us are told to pick a side and the sides we are told to choose are extremist. Centrism is now a major sin politically and when one states that this is their affiliation they are told that they have no place in this war of ideologies. What is most disconcerting is that people don’t use the strength of their numbers to force an end to the oppressive, homicidal status quo, because they aren’t interested in doing so. Many have not felt enough pain to do something about it. They see suffering as an inevitability or they see it as the new normal. All of mankind’s biggest dilemmas are ultimately due to the fact that propaganda is far more ubiquitous and far more advanced than most people realize. Social media is effective in shaping views and now those who control it have become aware of the power and now wish to take control of all information and now they even want to be your banker.

Nobody teaches you in school that throughout your entire life that behind the scenes an organized plutocracy will be working to control the thoughts in your head using a highly sophisticated arsenal of psychological operations funneled into your mind via their near-total control of the media. Nobody warns you as a kid that if you ever really want to grow up, you’ll first have to extricate the vast network of lies which have been deliberately sewn into your consciousness since birth. This is why Americans do not value their freedoms enough to fight for them. Younger generations have now been manipulated on a mass scale by the same people who have been granted immense power and wealth by the existence of that status quo. However, the responsibility of the older generations has not been greater. It is our responsibility to share information which counters the disinformation, doing our best to throw sand in the gears of the propaganda machine and show people the little gaps in the code of the matrix in the hope that some light sleeper might spot it and begin waking up from the dream. You should never concede to knowing everything – you should be teachable and impart your wisdom whenever possible. It is imperative to keep learning and gaining a better and better understanding of how the oppression machine operates so that you can describe it more lucidly to others. This is the real tool to end the fomenting war – solid and objective information. Never let anyone shame you into silence or make you believe that your efforts are in vain. Never doubt that you’re on the right path. Your edge is your agility and your access to inspiration. No amount of social engineering can kill the truth – as they say, solid ideas can withstand bullets and bombs.

In Conclusion: While DC insiders who took flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express,” or visited his “pedophile island” are nervously watching their backs as the charges of human trafficking against him begin to unfold, there is yet another serious threat about to hit nation-wdie. Los Angeles, California’s growing homeless and rodent populations will lead to a resurgence of the bubonic Plague. The current typhus outbreak infecting Los Angeles residents and said bubonic plague is similarly endemic to the area. Both typhus and bubonic plague can be spread to humans from rodents and the combination of the city’s massive rat infestation and increasing numbers of homeless people sets the stage for a major outbreak. In fact, the last outbreak of bubonic plague in America took place in Los Angeles from 1924 to 1925, and was stopped by doctors. With today’s technology allowing the millions of people in the Los Angeles area to travel far and fast, it would be nearly impossible to prevent a new outbreak from spreading. California’s surge of illegal aliens, thanks to sanctuary state policies, must also be taken into consideration.
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, July 20th 2019 at 2:07AM
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"......The traditional American......American heritage and..... Jewish insiders...……

who took flights on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express..."

Posted By: george patel
Saturday, July 20th 2019 at 2:07AM


I always notice that your 'comments' or 'manifesto' begin around 2AM.....

…..that's OK, I have suggest that your hindu expressers from PA. go to special area of help

The man from NCarolina; harryWHAT and...COLORED'man-blackHebrewIsraelite' deacon 'work' at 2AM


1. I did like your Homage to Muhammed AbdulSalaam

2. The 'whitePower' you refer to seems to be what COLORED'white' men have always done; since

1776-1864-2019....rape... and exploit …(LIKE Israeli Citizen Epstein)… boys and girls

3. It seems that your ideas of 'whitePower' may explain why epsteinFRIENDS, trump-Clinton

and some State of Israel's' ...primeMinisters…seem to NOT want to clarify their trips on “Lolita Express”

Monday, July 29th 2019 at 8:46AM
robert powell
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