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AUGUST 9, 2019

This isn't a new thing. East Indians have been secretly workibng with white supremacists all across America targeting both blacks and latinos. Many East Indians also claim that hundreds of thousands of police in the U.S. are white supremacists and target black people all of the time. ICE is modern day Nazi Storm Troopers terrorizing latinos everywhere. Even parties from Iraq, who were used as informants against their own people during the invasion on Saddam Hussein, are being sent back to Iraq. Some are mysteriously dying once they get back to Iraq and in many other places. Do they have some sort of knowledge against U.S. Customs, or others, confirming how they were secretly hired to target not only their own people, but also black people in America? Many East Indians, and others, have confiormed that when they went through Customs prior to moving into America, caucasian officials told them to not trust black people because they all lie and steal. Some East Indians claim that they reported each and everything they've witnessed blacks doing to caucasians in suits. They had private numbers for these caucasian men in suits. In 2019, many East Indians have crossed over allowing white supremacists to run their motels. This is happening mostly in the Northeastern parts of the U.S. The white supremacists seems to protect them from threats and attacks from other caucasians. The white supremacists are also in connection with white power cops. There are hundreds of white power cops, according to some East indians, who live in Pennsylvania, and is part of the State Police Force, local law enforcement, City and Town Managements, and the lists go on and on. Like we've stated previously, since the 1980's, white power police were arresting blacks for crimes they didn't commit. Many framed blacks or planted drugs on other blacks. If 90% of the cases were really investigated in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, et cetera, many of those cases would be expunged.

White supremacists claim that America is their country, but in truth, America belongs to the dark ande brown-skin people, respectively. Systematic racism led to mass incarceration and detention in America, since the 1980's. In the south, when young blackmen became 18 years of age, caucasian men then showed them who they really were despite how many young cucasian friends they may have had. Today's caucasian youth are being used as psychopathic killers to instill fear into the populace. This is why in New York, a place where sntching and spying on one another keeps the populace in fear for their lives while looking over their shoulders all of the time, can make them accelerate into mass panic mode even when a car backfires loud. Fear is a very old and very powerful tool. All East Indians living in America are well aware of fear tactics and use mass mind control to rule white supremacy. They also force the white supremacists to do their bidding. This is why at the Northwood Motel (570) 547-6624, located at: 6801 U.S. Highway 15, in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, which is owned by East Indian, Harry Maisuria. A white power couple are employed as motel management there who claim to everyone that Harry Maisuria owes them money. But yet they continuously work for him. The motel doesn't get many black Guests because spying on those Guests surpass whats termed illegal. Black Guests are usually placed within the vacinity where the caucasian couple can keep eyes on them at all times. One black Guest who may drive in his vehicle to see them only drops off drugs to them. The motel is a dump, and the bug infestation is unbelievable.

The caucasian motel managers, Curt and Christa, are used to lie for the owner, Harry Maisuria, who in turn rewards them for services rendered. And anytime people wrote bad reviews about the motel Harry made sure Curt and Christa used someone they knew to write good reviews. Mind control at the Northwood Motel is one for the books! Should a Guest complain about the condition of their motel room, their name is remembered, and attacks with defenses are launched against them without their knowledge. Its like fighting some invisible ghost without actually knowing about the ghost who uses covert strategies. According to decent police officers, not those who are in cahoots with East Indians determined to take over America, Harry Maisuria is tied in with the Patel Clan. The Patel clan have vowed for over two decades, to take over hotel and motel markets. They say the best way to defeat white supremacy is by sending them into financial ruins. However, the Patel clan, along with other East Indians, are likened unto triple agents who can't be trusted by anyone. They may speak to blacks and latinos about white supremacy, but when they are under attack by white supremacy they'll sell out the blacks and latinos even by lying on them. They term this just doing business as usual. http://patelmonopoly.blogspot.com/p/who-are-patels_18.html. The Patel clan own motels in New York, Connecticut, Atco, NJ, Cinnminson, NJ, Sicklerville, NJ, Northern NJ, Hazelton, Pa., Carlisle, Pa., New Cumberland, Pa., Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and in many other places across the U.S. Believe it or not, white supremacists are being taught how to hack into everything by East Indians and other Asians.

Not long ago some East Indians got caught up in a federal raid. https://www.firstpost.com/business/economy/13-indians-charged-in-biggest-credit-card-fraud-in-us-102571.html. Since then they have went underground and started using their enemies (caucasians) to do their bidding. Some of the most criminal minded of them are those who are within the medical profession. https://nypost.com/2019/08/05/new-jersey-neurosurgeon-pulled-over-while-rushing-to-work-had-cocaine-cops/. The East Indians are involved with many scams that Americans didn't know have been happening for years. https://hippie-inheels.com/common-tourist-scams-in-india/. East Indians, and many of those who are considered foreign muslims, have been robbing Americans blind for many years. They have brilliant criminal enterprises. https://www.dw.com/en/credit-card-cloning-on-rise-in-india-amid-narendra-modis-cashless-push/a-44749955. At the Northwood Motel in Montgomery, Pa., Guests contact Harry Maisuria, who lives in New Jersey, and they give him their credit card information over the phone. Harry then contacts Curt and Christa, his white supremacist connection, and the numbers are given over the pnoe for Curt to place in the credit card machine. The cards go through a cloning process, and the prizes are sat on for at least 6 months before they are used. The white supremacists working for East Indians are using skimmers. Skimmers are small devices that attaches to a reader. When a credit card is swiped, the skimmer captures the magnetic field, and then collects it, saving the data of everyone who swipes. While skimmers are most often used at ATMs and gas stations, they’ve been used at East Indian restaurants, Caucasian restaurants, and other foreign owned ran restaurants. Some skimmers are so small that they can be held in the palm of one's hand.

When a customer hands the server his/her credit card, the server will swipe it through the restaurant’s own point-of-sale system and then through a skimmer, which records the credit card number. If your credit card number is stolen at a restaurant or motel, it likely isn’t because of one fraudulent server, but an entire ring of credit card thieves. And trust us, according to alot of East Indians speaking in Hindi, thousands of police officers are involved with the scams. Most of these cops parade around like they are top cops. But they do have secrets. However, servers in these scenarios usually get paid based on how many card numbers they steal. Once the ringleader gets a hold of the credit card number, they can take a gift card from just about any retail store, demagnetize that card, and then re-magnetize it using the stolen credit card information. The cops, East Indians, and white power freaks are so deep into schemes and scams that they are hacking into ll sorts of things. All they do is install a program on the payment-processing devices anywhere they want to hit. The program is designed to search for data from the magnetic stripe of payment cards that had been swiped (cardholder name, card number, expiration date, and internal verification code) as the data iss being routed through affected systems. Restaurants offer an ideal environment in which to commit identity theft, mainly because the card is out of its owners’ possession for several minutes. At restaurants, you still have to give the server your card, and once it leaves your hands, you don’t know where it goes. The Kabbalist Bankers left this little perk out of the fine print because their solution was to micro-chip every human across the globe under the guise of Security and Safety. In retrospect, if a customer's credit card information is stolen, they likely won’t realize it right away. This is another boon to fraudsters. And most people who use their credit card use it at a lot of different places. So, by the time their charges show up on a statement, it’s been a month or a few weeks. They may not even remember where they used it. It’s very hard to determine whether or not you got scammed at a restaurant.

Restaurants are also an ideal location to perpetrate credit card fraud because cards at restaurants are almost always swiped, even chip cards, which were designed to ward against fraud. The chip doesn’t really help at a restaurant or motel. That credit card information is still magnetized, even if it has a chip. Most stores and companies are moving toward the chip, and when you use a chip, the card never leaves your hands. But restaurants, hotels, and motels haven’t gotten on board for the most part. Even chip cards aren’t foolproof. There are ways that they can steal credit card numbers without even coming in to contact with the card. There are devices, some that can fit inside a wallet — that, when they get near to your wallet, can capture your credit card information. Essentially, it send out signals and demagnetizes the area around the card. And when things like Safepay catches up to American society, you can best believe that East Indians, white power freaks, and others, will be ahead of the game. On one side of the arena you have the smart hackers. And on the other side of the arena you have the psychopaths. Speaking on psychopaths, Americans must understand that before this country can become like China's Social Credit System, which is the New World Order, America must first go up in smoke. The Democrats, Liberals, republicans, and Conservatives,k save a few, want to disarm all Americans. The only way they can disarm Americans is by senhjding out killers who when spell-binded, goes on killing sprees. Many are killed before they can reveal their military and government handlers. Others are kept for the sole purpose of using their ignorance to pave the way for further gun control. Then there are the lunatics. https://www.chicagotribune.com/nation-world/ct-nw-walmart-missouri-armed-man-arrested-20190809-td45rfeuhfejdlnxxfjv4hbbvu-story.html. The lunatics recieve their body armor and military style rifles from police and white power freaks who may still be in the military. The equiptment is transported from nearby bases by those thought to be highly trustworthy.

There are hundreds of thousands of cops who are racist, and when a race war hits in America, they will be on the side of white power freaks. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/stabbing-pittsburgh-leaves-one-woman-dead-another-wounded-man-knife-n1040431. The intensity is so polarized because of President Trump being used as a puppet/scapegoat in the White House that racism is everywhere. even in Mexico people better not deal with caucasian Americans or there will be trouble. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/aug/08/mexico-bodies-police-uruapan-drug-cartels. People know that hundreds of thousands of cops planned in the 990's to take over police forces nation-wide. https://nypost.com/2019/08/08/michigan-cop-suspended-after-house-hunter-uncovers-racist-memorabilia/. About 18 truck drivers were in Harrisburg this past weekend and spoke about police corruption at a motel own by the Patel clan. The motel is called: America's Best Value Inn (717) 249-7775, located at: 1460 Harrisburg Pike, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. The drivers, mostly hispanics, claim that there are white supremacists running the East Indian owned motel. They further claim that the caucasian female is motel management, and her husband is suppose to be an officer. They frequently communicate with State Police and nearby law enforcement. The Truck drivers say they often target both blacks and hispanics at the motel by allowing ordinary police to go into the office and easily access names of Guests. The cops then look onto photo copied identification cards, verifying date of births, and secretly conduct background checks. White power cops are the only ones who do this sort of thing against people of color. And the Republicans back their invasive illegal activities because many of them want to keep caucasians in power within law enforcement. Hundreds of cops claim that hundreds of thousands of caucasian cops in 2019, are tied in with eliminating so-called minorities in some way.

They all have vowed to die in order to keep white supremacy alive! They will lie, steal, cheat, and kill! Fox News say all Americans should honor the brave men in uniform. Well, the so-called brave men in uniform are domestic terrorists who have a legal pass to seize or assassinate. Democrats and Liberals want to end white power but the alternatives they are giving is Socialism and Communism. Black people better go back into their history and learn about Communism in Africa, and the many thousands of people who were exterminated simply because they wanted to use their own minds. Its also sad to say, especially at a time when white power freaks are killing people of color like flies, that groups such as the Black Panther Party is also a Communist Organization. Black people, if you slip back into a Communist ran country again many of you won't live long afterwards. They have agendas and humans are not part of it, despite how much lying they do about it. They make you think that in 2030, you will be doing this and that. But in truth, millions won't live past 2021. Parties even within Washington have leaked this information. Those who are killing in communities, and psychos using military assault rifles in serial killings, werer planted amongst you. Many have triggers which set them off. Some are being mind controlled in public schools and colleges while in your midst. Schools in 2019, are modern day Nazi centers. Your children are being mentally groomed to attack other Americans, and at the same time, do iot with weapons so that the weapons can be demonizede. It was once said over 50 years ago by elderly black and caucasian Vietnam Vets, that guns don't kill people. Unstable people with guns kill people. When the American government tries to disarm us by force, then shall the internal wars began. And there shall be many many wars stemming from the war on guns. There are caucasians ready for war right now, and vow to kill out as many people of color that they can. Then there are those who will take on the U.S. Government. But what the U.S. Government don't know is that there are many within it who are awaiting for the call to war. Once that happens, many within the U.S. Government will be no more, and the Kabbalist bankers will have achieved their sub stage mission. The nest phases will be about straight up killing. Children and babies will be victims and no police officer will intervene. For at this time many cops will have to protect their own families. There are alot of people with alot of military style guns, glocks, et cetera, along with body armor and rocket launchers. There are tanks, and then there are other military styled weaponry.

Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, and Conservatives are fueling the fire. Their mission isn to bring all out internal wars on American soil. You don't have to trust what we say. Just listen to their everyday rhetoric. They hate humans and internal wars is the only way to kill you out. And if they are successful in Impeaching president Trump, blacks and latinos had better run for the border. White supremacists targeted you all your lives for one reason. They knew that they would have to fight against various forces, and because they knew you wouldn't forget the harnm they brought upon you, the felony convictions were supposed to keep guns out of your hands. White power freaks are born cowards. Theyb only take on wars where they have an advantage. The reptilians have placed weapons of mass destruction within their grasp, and before they give up power they will end all life on earth including their own. They are on a suicide mission and trying to mentally figure out Donald Trump is only a distraction. There are many many white supremacists working behind the scenes while Trump is President, who not only contributed to his campaign, but demanded that he grant them this favor and that favor. If you are loyal to Trump, he will be loyal to you. And it has nothing to do with race! The forces working behind the scenes the Black Illuminati and Hollywood celebrities know about. Those white supremacists are both millionaires and billionaires. But Donald Trump seems to be the only direct target. The war about to take place on American soil from all those fueling it (Congressmen and women, celebrities, police, media, et cetera) have a place to stay outside of the U.s. until the mass bloodshed settles. Woemn are suppose to be brillaint but most are more concerned about money or positions on jobs. You Are About To Die Mrs. Lady And No Police Will Be Able To Stop Whats About To Happen! Not one police officer, despite how much they tackle a lon gunman. Now suppose there were 10,00 to 1,000,000 gunmen? This is why its not good to worship police.

When you start to believe that police will always be there to save you, right at that moment you have edited dictated thoughts! Everyone knows something evil this way comes, but many think police can save them. It will never happen. The Illuminati will let gangs out of the prisons who will kill down the caucasian population! Others will continue to flood into the U.S. Nothing will stop them. They have Pope Francis support! The war to come on American soil will be a World War, because parties from all over the world are involved! It will be the 3rd and final war! Caucasian racists should think twice before targeting black people. Blacks fought with you in both world wars. They saved your lives and caucasians saved theirs. Thw war to come on American soil is mastered by kabbalist Illuminati bankers. They want the war to come with pure killing intensity. Blacks and hispanics are about to be fed up of cops and the feds terror on them. If you back a cat into a corner it will cause major damage trying to get out of that corner, even if it loses the battle. There will be casualties on all three sides. The internal wars will start the minute they brutally go after everyone's assault rifles! And trying to take people down one by one will soon alert others that mass gun confiscation is taking place!

In Conclusion: The demons are trying to ignite Trump into a war-like come back that will contribute to the final war of wars. For example, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, Frank Figliuzzi appeared on MSNBC news and became a dime-store numerologist while giving his response about the President ordering flags to be flown at half staff to honor the victims of the latest shootings. Figliuzzi claimed that President Trump may have ordered flags flown at half staff not to honor the victims of the Dayton and El Paso shootings, but rather to celebrate Adolf Hitler. He surprisingly went on to say that he came to this conclusion because of dates and numbers that he claimed have significance to neo-Nazis. He stated on national television that the date the flag is to remain at half staff is August 8th or 8/8 and that these numbers are a neo-Nazi calling card because the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, which stands for Hitler and 8/8, means H H or ‘Heil Hitler.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgBI6leb1G0. Here is his quote: “We have to understand the adversary and the threat we’re dealing with. And if we don’t understand how they think, we’ll never understand how to counter them. So, it’s little things and language and messaging that matters. The President said that we will fly our flags at half-mast until August 8th. That’s 8/8. The numbers “88” are very significant in neo-Nazi and white supremacy movement. Why? Because the letter “H” is the eighth letter of the alphabet and, to them, the numbers “88” together stand for “Heil Hitler.” So, we’re going to be raising the flag back up at dusk on 8/8. No one is thinking about this. No one is giving him the advice or he’s rejecting the advice. So understand your adversary to counter the adversary.”– Frank Figliuzzi

Does this mean that somehow it is a white supremacist act to have flags flying at half-staff in honor of victims of a white supremacist murderer? Why did the media let this statement go without questioning the numerology or even the insinuation? Once again if you don’t think numbers in context have meaning, you can now say that you are now in the process of waking up to the tactics of the intelligence cabal. Not only are numbers being used to push an agenda but others are saying the Trump is sending subliminal messages to white supremacist foot soldiers. MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance also had some very weird things to say about how Trump is sending subliminal messages to his alleged white nationalist base or what he calls Trump’s foot soldiers to carry out acts of racial terror. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/08/07/msnbcs_malcolm_nance_trump_giving_subliminal_orders_to_white_supremacist_foot_soldiers.html. Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Monday afternoon actually claimed that President Trump is “talking about exterminating Latinos” much like Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews. https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/mark-finkelstein/2019/08/06/nicolle-wallace-trump-talking-about-exterminating-latinos. She has since apologized for the slanderous remark. It is conspiracy theory without mockery and it is doled out in order to encourage the resistance and insurrection that can lead to a police state. On the other side of the media spectrum, Sean Hannity took to the air to address America’s gun problem and suggested that what was needed was an elaborate police state with every high school and shopping center guarded around the clock by Armed Forces. https://www.indy100.com/article/sean-hannity-gun-control-el-paso-shooting-texas-dayton-ohio-trump-fox-9043936.

It sure is great to be in a country where the media believes that its President is Hitler and that the solution is to make America a Gulag patrolled by either Robo Cop or Judge Dredd. Today, a propaganda campaign was underway where bus boards and fliers were circulating in Patchogue New York that depicts Trump with his face replaced by a skull with the words “Death Camps For Trump Supporters Now!” Pictures of the fliers were taken and they went viral on the internet. Suffolk County police said they weren’t alerted to the fliers; however, there has been an effort to remove them from the area. Pay attention to what is happening because if it continues we will all be seen as enemies of the state, agitprop is now being fed to us in the media and the levels of hatred are unprecedented and with every American Citizen as a suspect, there will be a guaranteed effort to excise rights and freedoms from the American people. If you think the gun control debate is the only debate on the table after these shootings you are missing the bigger picture. https://twitter.com/LaF3mm3Nikita/status/1158045942857261056. Nance claimed that existing laws aren’t sufficient for prosecuting the El Paso shooter, because there are no laws designating his act of mass murder as “domestic terrorism”. However, these allegations are absolutely ludicrous because the accused shooter, for the record, is in fact under arrest currently, and prosecutors say that they are treating it as a domestic terrorism case for which they are seeking the death penalty. So again what are these so-called Intelligence analysts saying? What is their agenda? They are eyeing for a police state and are pushing their predatory state agenda in the Newsroom. Nance continues his agenda by saying that anyone who opposes these new police state laws are Nazis.

Speaking of the El Paso shooter Nance stated “But he’s a murderer with a political intent who is spreading an ideology “So Congress should take that up immediately. And let’s see if the White House won’t sign that legislation. That would be very revealing.” Nazism and white nationalist terrorism are now the buzz words being used to ratchet up the 2019 version of Satanic Panic. You can vanquish Satan with the exorcist and prayer but to eliminate these White nationalists, the intelligence ops believe we need a coup and they are practically encouraging that and Martial Law. People are demanding that the El Paso shooter in particular and white supremacists, in general, be labeled terrorists by the narrative that again is pushing for draconian solutions that have not been seen since the 9/11 attacks. History has established a basic fact that the US government will use the narrative about the need to fight domestic terrorism to advance pre-existing agendas that include ripping from the American people constitutional rights. Of course, that will include freedom of speech rights with regard to an internet conspiracy theory which right now is being aimed at Q followers and new Red Flag laws that will indeed put some pressure on the second amendment to remain literal. Remember that the first draft of the massive USA Patriot Act was introduced a week after the 9/11 attacks, far too fast for anyone to have gathered the necessary information from all the relevant government bodies about what changes were necessary and typed out the hundreds of pages of the bill. Legislators later admitted that they didn’t even have time to read through the densely worded bill before passing it the next month, so to believe that it could have been written in a week would make you naive.

FDR once said, “If it happens, it is because we planned it that way.” This kind of mindset negates the belief that people are always in control of their government or aware of what they are plotting and executing policy. It is important to somehow lift the veil of propaganda and see with eyes wide open that we can obviously see that the stakes are so awesome in this contest of life and death, that the characterization of the good guys and the bad guys are all about just who has the greater influence on convincing the people that an enemy is at the gates and that they are busting through our borders in some planned invasion. No one wants to come right out and say that the United States is at war at home. This is what happens in other countries. Our image parameters of what constitutes war in America are like blinders in some respects because no one wants to admit the United States is now waging war against itself. We have seen the enemy, and we know it is ourselves but it is hard to finally admit that the war that will create a battlefield in America has begun. We now are fully aware that the government that wants to coerce you into believing that everything is under control in America are very likely to be the criminal element behind the terror and corruption that we wish to blame on others. One of the biggest casualties of war is the truth. But two of the greater evils of war are ignorance and denial.

Long before the attacks of 9/11 Americans and the world in general, through an ethos of “blind faith”, have made themselves vulnerable to orchestrated deceit. Americans have been lured into following philosophies that have brought them into a maelstrom of problems. They continue to make the wrong choices and believe in consensus myth. Myths and lies that are created by government think tanks and encouraged by a media that refuses to challenge government tinkering and psychological engineering. Experimental Politics have been used on the American people and these types of experiments have been successful in creating a cold political war in the United States. This cold political war has been responsible for left wing and right wing fights that have opened the dialogue for surrender to State socialism, a citizen security and spying apparatus and the controlled demolition of the welfare state and means we have to sustain ourselves in a country that whether we like it or not is at war. The war we are in now was spun at first by myth makers who trained and brainwashed their initiates in creating a phantom enemy that to this day many Americans believe exists and yet they do not know exactly who the enemy is until they are told who to hate by the mainstream narrative and various political parrots. In 2011 then-Congressman Ron Paul told Politico that “the Patriot Act was written many, many years before 9/11,” adding that the attacks simply provided “an opportunity for some people to do what they wanted to do.”

Paul was serving in Congress when the Patriot Act was passed. The Act has since been used to erode human rights at home and abroad by destroying Fourth Amendment protections and legalizing Orwellian surveillance, and it’s safe to assume that the opaque and unaccountable government agencies who were greatly empowered by it had already wanted this to happen. Here we are nearly 20 years after 9/11 and we are back to the terrorism fear – however this time the phantom terrorist is the American White Nationalist. To declare that there are terrorists who operate for left wing mob, now makes you a Nazi – a defiant of the resistance. If the government is consistent about any one thing, it is this: it has an unnerving tendency to exploit crises and use them as opportunities for power grabs under the guise of National Security. Those who operate in the National Security cabal believe that hard core crisis management justifies all manner of government tyranny in the so-called name of National Security. If the President does not sign off on these draconian laws or if he does not implement the police state agenda, there will be more shootings, more terror and more attempts at insurrection to bring the citizens of this country to their knees. It’s all part of the grand plan for total control. The government’s proposed response to the latest round of mass shootings—red flag gun laws, pre-crime surveillance, fusion centers, threat assessments, mental health assessments, and involuntary confinement—is just more of the same. These tactics have been employed before, here in the U.S. and elsewhere, by other totalitarian regimes, with devastating results.

It’s a simple enough formula: first, you create fear, and then you capitalize on it by seizing power. We need to be wary of new laws that are being pushed by opportunistic politicians and we also need to understand that in this moment of crisis, the President is being pressured to comply to the desires of the security state. For starters, consider Trump’s embrace of red flag gun laws, which allow the police to remove guns from people “suspected” of being threats, will only add to the government’s power. As The Washington Post reports, these laws “allow a family member, roommate, beau, law enforcement officer or any type of medical professional to file a petition [with a court] asking that a person’s home be temporarily cleared of firearms. It doesn’t require a mental-health diagnosis or an arrest.” Be warned: these laws, growing in popularity as a legislative means by which to seize guns from individuals viewed as a danger to themselves or others, are yet another Trojan Horse; a stealth maneuver by the police state to gain greater power over an unsuspecting and largely gullible populace. Seventeen states, plus the District of Columbia, now have red flag laws on their books. That number is growing. In the midst of what feels like an epidemic of mass shootings, these gun confiscation laws, extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws—may appease the fears of those who believe that fewer guns in the hands of the general populace will make our society safer. Of course, it doesn’t always work that way. Anything, knives, vehicles, planes, pressure cookers can become a weapon when wielded with deadly intentions. In a coup, the direct objective is to disarm those who wish to be heroes. The closer we move to full disarmament the closer we move towards living in a nationwide gulag. Red flag gun laws merely push us that much closer towards a suspect society where everyone is potentially guilty of some crime or another and must be preemptively rendered harmless.

In fact, U.S. police agencies have been working to identify and manage potential extremist “threats,” violent or otherwise, before they can become actual threats for some time now. According to the FBI’s latest report, you might also be classified as a domestic terrorism threat if you espouse conspiracy theories, especially if you “attempt to explain events or circumstances as the result of a group of actors working in secret to benefit themselves at the expense of others” and are “usually at odds with official or prevailing explanations of events.” Additionally, according to Michael C. McGarrity, the FBI’s Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division, the bureau now “classifies domestic terrorism threats into four main categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority extremism, animal rights/environmental extremism, and abortion extremism.” In other words, if you dare to subscribe to any views that are contrary to the government’s, you may well be suspected of being a domestic terrorist and treated accordingly. There are people in America today that believe if a person is suspected of wrongdoing and are harrassed or otherwise brutalized by the police, it is deserved and that we should not question the brutality that is carried out by rogue police forces. However, it must be said that this attitude is dangerous because those who espouse these ideas assume that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal. That is not the case.

You could easily be caught up in a riot or say something online that can be seen as combative and when the knock come at your door you must go with the authorities and prove your innocence because Americans rush to judgment when they see the flashing red and blue lights. They assume the police wouldn’t be there if someone wasn’t guilty. With the help of artificial intelligence, a growing arsenal of high-tech software, hardware, and techniques, government propaganda urging Americans to turn into spies and snitches, as well as social media and behavior sensing software, government agents are spinning a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports aimed at snaring potential enemies of the state. Again, where many Americans go wrong is in naively assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or harmful in order to be flagged and targeted for some form of intervention or detention. If this does not bother you – if this is not your concern – it should be. We should not forget history and how power grabs happen—if you want to talk about the Nazis – just remember the Reichstag Fire. If you’re not familiar with that event, the date was February 27, 1933. Adolf Hitler had been sworn in as Germany’s chancellor just four weeks hence, though his Nazi party was in an unstable position at the center of a coalition government holding a small plurality of 32 percent of the seats in the Reichstag — Germany’s parliament under its Weimar Republic. At the time Hitler had an agenda in mind to secure a much larger portion of the Reichstag’s seats in order to create a majority for passing an Enabling Act that would allow him essentially to rule by decree, at an election set for March 5. By happenstance or contrivance on the part of the Nazis, it’s still a matter for debate — a fire was set in the assembly chamber of the Reichstag building which raged until the structure lay largely in ruins. A 25-year-old Dutch communist with a sketchy history as an arsonist named Marius van der Lubbe was found at the scene and charged with the crime, along with four other communists, as the Nazis used the Reichstag fire as evidence of a communist putsch to overflow the Weimar Republic.

As a political weapon, the Reichstag fire was incredibly useful to the Nazis — their representation in the Reichstag grew to 44 percent of the body, giving them a majority of 52 percent with allies included, especially when Hitler was able to convince German president Paul von Hindenburg to sign the Reichstag Fire Decree suspending most civil liberties and banning the communists from participating in the country’s parliament. That we know as the Third Reich followed. The Reichstag fire has been the shining example of a “false flag” operation, in which a hoax of some kind is perpetrated in order to inflame public sentiment against parties not guilty of the conduct the hoax is intended to portray. Which is both instructive and ironic given our current American reality, in which the Left cannot stop slandering its political opponents as Nazis and keep pushing the agenda that our president is undoubtedly the second coming of Hitler and yet it appears the Nazi false flag tactics are far more prevalent among those who paint the rest of their enemies with such a brush. It is obvious that the Left extremists have the power to take advantage of the culture. They have the power to utilize the news media, the arts, movies and television, and academia to push their agendas. These abuses of that cultural advantage won’t stop, because the people pushing them believe they work. They’re cultural Reichstag fires.
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Friday, August 9th 2019 at 5:01AM
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AUGUST 11, 2019

On 8/10, 2019, about 150 people were outside of Steelton, Pennsylvania, discussing some of the most vile and racist things blackmen are being exposed to. Some of the men spoke about how black people are being treated at motels owned by East indians, but being ran by white supremacists. One East Indian student declared that most of those East Indians are from different generations and they are not like that. However, one caucasian male stated that he have stayed in a few motels owned by East Indians, and being ran by white power freaks, and black people were being targeted. He spoke about the Northwood Motel (570) 547-6624, located at: 6801 Highway 15, in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. He stated that the caucasian male running the motel name is Curt, and his girlfriend name is Christa. He further states that the two gets into violent arguments and fights and its interesting that neither one have murdered the other. He also contended that when a black Guest come from out of town or out of state, the two will put aside their differences and focus only on the black person close by. And according to the fellow, Christa and Curt does drugs. Harry Maisuria, the owner of the motel, knows this and uses it to his advantage. The motel is a dump and if any black people ever stop there they are under some of the most intense surveillance. According to a friend who knows and gives Curt rides to the store, Harry Maisuria has his cell phone tied into the camera surveillance at the Northwood Motel. He demands to know about everyone who drives into the motel. There is no hotwater and the only people who usually stay at the motel temporarily are drug addicts. They will supply the white power motel managers with some drugs in order to be left alone. And if the they are exposed, white power freaks will mysteriously shjow up at the motel and shall target the whistle blower.

They will stay out in the parking lot after Curt informs them when the Guests are supposed to check out. The white power freak then gets a make and model of the vehicle they leave in while taking down the license plate numbers. The party then starts experiencing strange activity around his/her home and most of the time is unclear as to whats going on. Police in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, not only teaches white power freaks how to fend off complaints against them by so-called minorities, but they also assist them with devices that can get into cell phone accounts. They can also listen in on phone conversations. Police in Lycoming County know that this is very difficult to prove which is why most who are being victimized by white power freaks using this technology only respond with violence. In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, many black people have serious stories to tell. But noone within the area is trying to listen. Instead, white power freaks rely on young gang members who secretly work with them distributing drugs. These so-called thugs are responsible for keeping terror within the communities which takes most people minds off of racial discrimination implemented against them. And if the party(s) are highly educated and resourceful, white power officers within Lycoming County, along with State Police from Montoursville, will use the technology supplied to them to keep track of the threat. The person can travel nearly 400 miles away and police will work with others connected with them in other states. There are many ways white power cops correspond with other white power cops in other states besides Facebook. The same thing applies to East Indians, who are working closely with white supremacists. East Indians target black people while, white supremacists target latinos and hispanics. However, the East Indians intend to be the victors because they claim that they will financially own America within the next two years. White supremacists are under a spell and once they are first psychologically enslaved by the East Indians, then comes the physical enslavement.

One of the parties in Steelton at the meeting on 8/10/2019, spoke about running across a website where East Indians are taking photos of certain Americans, especially blackmen. The photos are being shared with East Indians throughout the U.S. They use other Hindus to not only keep track of the bloackmen but also make up complete lies on them and feed the information to parties with connections to the federal government. And according to one ex-federal government employee, that same information is supplied to local police officers. East Indians are a major threat to black people but very few know it. One female who runs team as Truck drivers proclaimed that she recently had to stay a couple of days at the America's Best value Inn (717) 249-7775, located at: 1460 Harrisburg Pike, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. She stated the first thing she noticed was the caucasian couple who manages the motel for Patel. http://patelmonopoly.blogspot.com/p/who-are-patels_18.html. She further stated that the caucasian female motel manager was a known racist because she knows people that know her. The female working at the motel has a history of calling police on black people simply for walking down the street. Carol says that the female working at the America's Best Value Inn in Carlisle, Pa., tells people her husband is a police officer, but yet, they can't afford to rent a place of their own. They are living at the motel being controlled by the Patel clan. Carol's husband signed for the room at the motel days ago and states that they witnessed East Indian housekeepers go into a room where a blackman stayed when he wasn't present, went through personal belongings, and then contacted the owner of the motel giving him an inventory of what was within the room. The blackman has alot of persoanl towels and rags and when the East Indian housekeeper witnessed this, he made up some tale that the motel's rags were being abused. So the caucasian female motel manager immediately typed up multiple letters stating that if any rag or twoel is stained all weekly Guests will have to pay $25 for the rags. They would also never receive motel linen again. This was on the memo shared with hundreds in Steelton and Harrisburg.

White supremacists are very well connected in Pennsylvania, and many work for East Indian hotel and motel owners because of how they can get right dirty and lie. Ignorant young black men talk too much and young white power teens picked uo information and shared it with white powers within Generation X and Baby Boomers. These same white supremacists have been safeguarded by white power cops all of their lives so that they were careful to never receive felony convictions. Carol says it was because they had the time set when they would go on the attack against so-called minorities. Caucasians in Central Pennsylvania, want a race war and they are talking about it on a daily basis everywhere. Some brag about how they can be walking past blacks and hispanics, and would just bump into them. Then they would call white power cops they know and claim assault. Others brag about how they are hacking phone calls and then terrorizing neighborhoods. Minorities within those neighborhoods are under the impression that black and latino youth are responsible for the strange chaos. Other white power freaks working at restaurants brag about how when blacks and hispanics come in to order, they would either spit in their food or drinks, or may ejaculate within them. White power cops, who will be hard to prove who they are unless their other websites are exposed, is teaching them how to be invisible. White supremacy is staying invisible because white power cops are involved. They are saying that blacks and hispanics are a threat to the caucasian race because they are trying to de-throne caucasians. White power freaks, according to one party in Steelton who stays in Brown Summit, North Carolina, are terrorizing blacks and police are forcing fake confessions from uneducated blacks. There is a ring of white supremacists from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, who are deeply involved with terrorizing blacks and latinos. Some even say that police are showing white power freaks and East Indians how to get away with photographing and placing under illegal surveillance, both blacks and hispanics. The Patel Clan are very much involved with tricky surveillance, and they have managed to assist cops, for over 20 years, with the arrests of thousands and thousands of blacks and latinos.

East Indians working with the federal government know that none of this information ever gets out. They expose cops, their names, and their places of residence when targeting them, but East Indians are never exposed in America. And yet some of the most brilliant of them are tied in deep with serious drug smugglers. They are doing drugs and assisting cops at the same time which is why they are never targeted in anything. Caucasian cops who claim to be top cops are usually involved in something sinister and illegal, but due to hhow effective they are at their job, no attention on them is never warranted by those in power. https://nypost.com/2019/08/05/new-jersey-neurosurgeon-pulled-over-while-rushing-to-work-had-cocaine-cops/. East Indians are involved with all sorts of illegal activity even as they are doctors, et cetera. https://www.firstpost.com/business/economy/13-indians-charged-in-biggest-credit-card-fraud-in-us-102571.html. When East Indians are targeted by Americans they'll contact many within their clans who will try and make contact with the American(s). They won't speak to the American(s), but they will drive past them. Then there will be lies made up against the Americansm mastered by over 300 East Indians from all across the U.S. The character lies and fabrications told against Americans are then held within a secret data base, which your government and others will claim isn't real. But several whistle blowing CIA and FBI American Patriots have proved that these data bases are very real. And once the time has been set, the authorities will move on the Americans while the East Indians go on to "own" nearly every valuable market America has. The topics on East Indians isn't even covered by so-called conspiracy theorists either. Talking about East Indians seem to be taboo. Americans are being trained the same way blacks were trained. Blacks were trained that when caucasians give them grief, or if they terrorize black people, blacks are suppose to take their anger and frustrations out on one another.

In the case of East Indians within America who are taking over markets everywhere, and is forcing their Socialist and Communist views onto the American populace, with plenty of money to see it through, both blacks and caucasians become silent and start terrorizing one another. If you don't trust this, just take a look at our posts exposing the East indian conspiracies. Pay attention to each of the dates that the threads were submitted on this website, and then pay attention to caucasian racism on videos against blacks and latinos, along with caucasian youth mass shootings. You will see that the topic on East Indians is being diverted by violence dominating the local and national news medias. There is a link between the East Indians, the Social Credit System, and the New World Order. However, white supremacists are safeguarding them right now and they are being well rewarded. East Indians claim that they depend on the white supremacists because they dominate the police departments nation-wide, the courts, and in 2019, the streets. So the dominant force is white power freaks. They are driving through black and latino communities in very dark tinted windows shooting men, women, and children. Lying white power cops are trying to place all the blame on black youth or blacks with violence in their criminal jackets. Americans better wake up and see that white supremacy is about to send us into the dark ages. Military technology shouldn't have ever been made available to them when they don't believe in treating everyone equal. Even when a caucasian cop stops a black person and runs an NCIC check on them, eventually, the tone within his/her voice changes, and the black person realizes that they were holding back their true emotions. When a black person goes to court and sue for racial discrimination, citing that they were refused jobs based on their race, was stopped while driving black, or was kicked out of a hotel or motel for being black, they have to prove racist intent on the part of the perpitraitors. This was white supremacy's chief weapon, which is now embraced by East Indian business owners, because its difficult to combat it. Blacks have to prove that the person, who created the act of racism, had the deliberate intent of discriminating against them because of their color. The dominant society says, "we are all human and nobody's perfect." There's a million reasons they can use as excuses for why blacks didn't get hired, was stopped while driving black, or was kicked out of a hotel or motel for being black.

White supremacists, and East Indians, most powerful weapons are both white power females and East Indian females. Together, they are destroying so-called minority men and women. Corrupt cops teach them how to spread lies which is then held as data against those voctims. East Indians claim that America is more theres than any black or latino. And when they get all of the power over the financial markets, they will then get rid of white power freaks who have nothing and sold themselves to the East Indians for a little of nothing. East Indians claim that caucasians are the most easiest to possess with spirits, forcing them to do the bidding of those who called on the spirits for aid. Black and latino females have very little in common with caucasian and East Indian females. However, some caucasian females sincerely recognize with the black and latino race. Only .001% are willing to die for the cause. Many will eventually crack under pressure and sell out. East Indian females lie for business, for survival, and for their men, even though their men beat them very badly. The East Indian females are so dedicated to their men that the news never cover the black eyes or the busted ribs they may sustain from the men who beat them. The East Indian and caucasian females are trying to make sure that both black and latino females follow their trends. If they don't, then they try and get rid of the females in one way or another. Culture is based on the expression of spiritual ideals like beauty, truth, love, and justice. In Chicago in 1912, a woman could be fined for showing too much leg, smoking cigarettes or using profanity. We had a culture that consecrated women for marriage and family and opposed s*xual promiscuity. Anonymous s*x and promiscuity is the ultimate step in divorcing s*x from its procreative function. Nature made s*xual attraction for the purpose of making families. This is why qualities like character, loyalty, and innocence are important. Its strange how women obsess over being s*xually attractive, yet, don't realize that the most attractive quality is not physical at all. It is spiritual: innocence, goodness and love. The promotion of promiscuity is designed to s*xually sterilize women.

1. Female nature. More than anything, healthy heteros*xual women want to be loved by a man, their husband. They want to his Goddess. They want to be possessed by him. s*x is a form of woman worship. When a man "makes love" to his wife, he is basically paying homage to her beauty and importance to him. s*x is an act of love. During intercourse, most women's faces become very beautiful, as if nature has blessed this act. s*x is obviously a rite of marriage as a man cannot really "make love" to a woman he doesn't know or love. What these men and women are really doing is masturbating. This is what s*xual intercourse has become.

2. In The Psychology of Women (1944), psychiatrist Helene Deutsch said women are governed by a combination of masochistic and narcissistic instincts. For sacrificing themselves to husband and children, (masochism), they want to be adored as Goddesses (i.e. narcissism.) It is her masochism that makes a man love a woman. How many men love their wives for what she has put up with from him? When she sacrifices her ego and self-interest, she becomes part of him, his companion and support. This is how two people become one. Women trade power for love.

3. A loving husband is not a sadist. His healthy natural reaction is to want her to love being with him. Thus, he does everything to nurture, empower, and respect her independence, views, and desires, without pandering. He loves her. The Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) mass media is full of propaganda about women who have been betrayed and exploited by men. This is expected from Satanists dedicated to destroying marriage and enslaving humanity. But marriage has withstood the test of time because men and women know instinctively that it is an exchange of woman's power for man's love. Women become feminine when they sacrifice power for love. The more power they cede, the more love they get. s*x is an act of domination and possession. Therefore it must be reserved for marriage where a woman's vulnerability is protected.

The Illuminati have taught women to seek power instead of love. Seek career not family. "Men are oppressors." Since masculinity is defined by power, the effect is to neuter both s*xes. As a consequence, many women can't give themselves to a man. That's what love is. That's what makes a man love a woman. These forlorn "independent" women are everywhere, some obese, some still presentable, some carving out a relationship with another woman. They ate the apple, the poisonous communist satanist apple. Thanks to communist brainwashing, they will never know the joy and fulfillment of marital love and s*x as nature intended. https://wakethechurch.org/articles/hollywood-the-modern-face-of-an-ancient-s*x-cult. The world is set to drop into the central bankers' outstretched hand like a ripe peach. Illuminati bankers are harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy Christian Civilization and place humanity on a treadmill of greed, s*x, violence, trivia and political correctness. They have succeeded because we have no leaders. They select obedient blackmailed perverts to execute their design. "President Clinton has been very helpful to us," a banker confided in 1998. "We knew of what character he was before we placed him as president. Exposing him was very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth downward. This is to our advantage. Even more agreeable to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to have him removed." https://www.activistpost.com/2019/08/jeffrey-epstein-found-dead-in-apparent-suicide-hours-after-documents-released.html. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDdckkn08VU. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZL0x-lmZ_8. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/aug/07/monsanto-fusion-center-journalists-roundup-neil-young.

Psalm 24:7-10, is the Sabbatean (Illuminati) prayer after s*x. The "King of Glory" is the *****. The Sabbateans were a heretical Jewish Satanic cult that morphed into Illuminism, Communism, European Freemasonry, Feminism, Zionism, and "s*xual liberation." They were ostracized by Torah Jews for engaging in s*x orgies, adultery, pedophilia, incest, and homos*xuality in the 17th and 18th Century. The rulers of the world, Jewish and non-Jewish, belong to this pagan s*x cult, and in the name of "progress," inducted society into it. They were responsible for WWII and for the Jewish holocaust. The Illuminati have extended this war against their fellow Jews to humanity as a whole. The masses choose which Illuminati s*x addict or stooge they want for President and feel they are living in a democracy. The Illuminati banker just smiles: "Excuse me if I seem to be mocking your system of beliefs, but they are rather outdated. Have you no eyes to see your vain liberties and your righteous pontifications are nothing before us? ...We place our proposed leader before you and you vote for what we want. In that way, we give you the vain voting exercise in the belief you had something to do with placing your president in office." The bankers can't have it both ways. They can subvert politics, culture, education, and media but they can't make us believe in them, or participate, or buy their products. They can destroy a belief system that tried to elevate humanity in the image of God but they won't like the world they created any more than we do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=25&v=KG6QFhkolTA.

Our true rulers have determined that we shall have no real say in our collective future. Like livestock, we will chew our collective cud on s*x, drugs, toys and trivia, which they will supply in abundance. This explains why the mass media (incl. movies) and education long ago ceased to deal in reality, or teach civics or history. Instead they are engines of deception and conformity. The U.S. election is really a job competition where a shortlist of candidates vie for the privilege of selling the public on the central bankers' agenda. Even this process is fixed, as the bankers naturally prefer the candidates who are most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient. Four current Presidential contenders are on the Judicial Watch list of 10 most corrupt politicians of 2007. There hasn't been a President in the last 100 years who hasn't been controlled by the Rothschilds via the Rockefellers. The ones that resisted were poisoned (Harding); murdered (JFK) or framed (Nixon.) The bankers use the U.S. to coerce laggard nations into accepting their world government tyranny. At the same time, the US is weakened so it can be properly merged. Our role as citizens is to be diverted like children at summer camp and do our "patriotic" duty on cue. Culture is financed and directed by money. People, like ants, go to the jam and adopt the most expedient ideas. Since the so-called "Enlightenment (East Indian spell)," culture has been financed by the bankers and has been geared to being "revolutionary," which means transferring power from the landed nobility and the church to the bankers' nominees under the guise of "liberty," "equality," "fraternity." The bankers must destroy religion for the sake of the work. In the mass media, it is considered courageous and cool to flaunt decorum and be disgusting. These days, no bodily function escapes scrutiny and s*x is an obsession. Attempts to raise humanity above the level of fruit fly are considered old fashioned and prudish.

Much of what passes for "modern" is really Satanist dysfunction: the attempt to rationalize man divorced from God or Morality. Thus we have the frenzied finger painting that passes for modern art, philosophy and literature, "Oh, the angst, the despair!" The bankers fragment reality with neurotic solipsisms because they want to define reality themselves. In places where they hold sway "black is white" and "day is night." This is the Orwellian world we are entering. Money and Power. This is Satanism, where man becomes God and the banker takes the helm of Creation. It originates in the Kabbala which is the source of all Occult. The Jewish teaching makes them the "God-people" rather than the "people of God:" "The religion of the 'Deified Man' with which they were impregnated in Babylon, was only conceived as benefiting the Jew, superior and predestined being. The promise of universal domination found in the Law by the orthodox Jew was not interpreted by the Pharisees in the sense of the reign of the God of Moses over the Nations, but in the sense of a material domination which would be imposed by the Jews over the universe." This elitist philosophy has been enlarged to include anyone who will serve their Satanic agenda, Jew or not. That's why the cast includes non-Jews like Maurice Strong, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates. The mass media and education systems function to legitimize the criminals, perverts and traitors. Our collective life is a fraud because our national credit is controlled by private banking families. They have assumed control of the economy, undermined civilization, and installed compromised pseudo leaders to sabotage society. The tragic wars which have marred modern history and caused untold suffering were caused by a relatively few sick minds who hate the Ancient Ones and humanity. Their demented centuries-old plot is just entering its final stage.

In Conclusion (Killing Society): The media tries to simplify our world into mini sound bites and visuals. They neatly put every issue and every crisis into a box and beam it into your home. There are stories about struggles against all odds, miraculous births, untimely deaths, and global conflict. Cultural narratives are now easily hijacked and we are learning that many of the things we thought had disappeared from the radar come back and haunt us and in some paranormal way we realize now that the being afraid and angry has become resurrected American pastime. Exactly 50 years ago, the Manson murders took place and much like what we are experiencing today, it was yet another reason to buy a gun and lock the doors. The savagery, the cruelty, the seeming randomness, of the killings of actress Sharon Tate and four others in Hollywood on the night of Aug. 8-9, shocked America in much the same way as last weekend’s spate of shootings in El Paso and Dayton. The media has again turned the recent shootings into political grandstanding as both the President and opportunistic Democratic hopefuls have cast shade on each other. The left-wing politicians have used the shootings as a way to not only showcase gun reform but to put a spotlight on white supremacist hate. Many have outright said that the President is a racist, that he is the embodiment of Hitler and that there is a race war that is underway in the United States.

This is an eerie parallel to the philosophies of Manson some 50 years earlier. We even demonstrated a direct through-line from Cielo Vista Mall to Cielo Drive with numerology and mystic synchronicity with Ryan Gable and Robert Phoenix. Chillingly, we began to see the mainstream spin stories of numerology and the significance of the date 8/8 which FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism, Frank Figliuzzi who reminded us that the half-mast flag honors for the dead in El Paso and Dayton would end on August 8th–or 8/8 and that these numbers are a neo-Nazi calling card because the eighth letter of the alphabet is H, which stands for Hitler and 8/8, means H H or ‘Heil Hitler.’ https://soundcloud.com/groundzeromedia/helter-swelter-from-cielo-vista-to-cielo-drive-w-robert-phoenix-august-05-2019. Once again when you draw a line through the connections between the killings ordered by a seemingly crazed hippie cult leader, in 1969, and the recent rise in mass-shootings in places like El Paso, Charleston, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere we realize that race war and racism are main ideologies behind such carnage. Manson, lest we forget, was trying to start a race war. “Helter Skelter” or “Healter Skelter,” as members of Manson’s cult spelled it, in blood, on a refrigerator door in another of their murders was going to be the final, apocalyptic war between Black and White. Manson and his followers were going to launch the ultimate race riot, by killing random white people and letting black people be blamed for it. After Armageddon, the victorious black people were going to be, of course, incapable of governing themselves, they believed. So Manson and his followers were going to come out of hiding and rule over them.

These and similar tragedies, in recent months, are forcing many Americans to more seriously confront the legacy of racism in the U.S. While racism is a scourge in this country, it is important to understand how we breed hate by focusing our attention on the extreme counterculture and giving it the spotlight. The Manson murders were about the counterculture craziness in the late 1960s. It was about mind-control, s*xual subjugation, drugs, and how the Hollywood culture actually gave birth to Charles Manson and his followers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWbzE0aZIvY. Here we are 50 years after the carnage of the Tate-LaBianca murders and Charles Manson has become a fixture in our culture and in a lot of ways is becoming as legendary as perhaps a Freddie Krueger or Jason Voorhees. Historians and journalists have crafted compelling works of nonfiction about Charles Manson and his followers, reading their strange history through various lenses while still sticking completely to the facts. The murders that the Manson family committed in August of 1969, claimed seven lives over two nights, and they struck dread into the hearts of people all over Los Angeles. It took months for the police to crack the case, which came to be known as the Tate-LaBianca murders, named after three of the victims, including actress Sharon Tate, and link them to the Manson family, which by then was falling apart with members fleeing, defecting, and being arrested for a variety of charges. The trial that followed captured the American imagination, and Charles Manson became that familiar archetype: the murderer both despised and revered by the public. His courtroom antics attracted national attention. During the trial, he received letters from young women who wanted to join his family, even though he was on his way to prison.

In the half-century following the murders, though, Manson has become another sort of icon — the lynchpin for a pop culture trope. He isn’t a serial killer, exactly, nor is he famous for being the leader of a cult. Instead, Manson family lore and especially the murders in 1969, have served as an inspiration to dozens of creators, and not just for documentaries and memoirs and biographies and true crime docudramas, as one might expect. It’s also been the basis for fictional stories. Recently Manson and his followers become the foils in a film by Quentin Tarantino called “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELeMaP8EPAA. It is one of those films where you believe that you know the story and you know where it is headed but then you realize this is a film that wants to right the wrongs of history – it is an attempt to give us back what we lost back in 1969. However, it still reminds us that Charles Manson still is in charge of a lot of the pop culture tropes that we are subjected to. The enduring legacy of the Manson story is a curious one. Why this story, of all true-murder tales? What is it about Charles Manson, his followers, and the horrific murders they committed that keep uninterested, not just the facts, but in a lot of the occult and conspiracy theories that endure about the counter-culture hippie turned devil. Manson was just one of the few who obviously had synchronicity against him. In the years before he ordered the murders, the media foretold of his coming in an odd sort of way. The connections to Manson go beyond the paranormal. They are actually a poetic Apocrypha scrawled out with blood and guts in the handwriting of the media machine that dares to dance with the devil. Manson came on to the scene when the United States was suffering from religious paranoia. It also was suffering from racial tension, much like the racial tensions we are in now.

The religious world was thinking that they were in the end times and waiting for the arrival of the antichrist. The very idea of an antichrist coming into the world was fortified in what was to become the powerful ultra-right-wing. Articles in Time magazine asked the question “Is God Dead?” and the very story of the birth anti-christ was ripe for the telling in a motion picture and book called, Rosemary’s Baby, written by Ira Levin and directed by Roman Polanski. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffw1u0aXn0o. It was a film that put forward the idea that the child of Satan can be conceived through black magic. The story tells of a Satanic coven living in the heart of New York City and their successful attempt to inseminate an unwitting female with the child of the Devil. It was Roman Polanski who decided to helm the project of bringing Rosemary’s story to the screen. Manson, of course, was referred to as the Devil in the media and he even named himself the God of Garbage People and the devil out of his own mouth. Ironically, he was the very same Devil who ordered the deaths of Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, her eight-month-old unborn child, along with the others. Although Rosemary’s Baby was released a year before the Manson Family murders, one can argue just how prophetic the movie was. It set the stage for the arrival of the Garbage Messiah – the hippie antichrist. Both the Tate Murder and the Rosemary’s Baby story deal with a woman who has ties to the glitz of Hollywood. Rosemary’s husband is an actor. Sharon Tate is an actress married to a notorious director. Both Sharon and Rosemary are pregnant both women are subjected to the consequences of the Devil, and both Rosemary and Sharon Tate realize that they are both trapped by a cult that kills without conscience.

Towards the movie’s end, Rosemary realizes that her husband has made a deal with the Devil. It is then she realizes it’s too late for her. Sharon Tate may have ironically found out the hard way that deals with the Devil are made every day in a world that questions if God is dead. Polanski decided Rosemary’s Baby deserved respect to detail and began to do some things that most people claim tempted fate. The lead role of Rosemary’s husband went to John Cassavetes. This was a bizarre coincidence when you realize that in the film, the “son” of the High priest black magician, Stevan Marcatos, changes his name to Roman Castavets which is dually remarkable when you see they are interchangeable anagrams that can be arranged to spell the sentence “Satan craves most.” What Satan craved most was the attention that Polanski gave freely. The attention was to the detail. The movie was set in 1966 like the book. June of 1966 to be exact: 666. Using the beast’s area code wasn’t enough for Polanski. He had to hire a consultant for the movie, who was Anton LaVey. Who better to consult in all things Black than the High Dark Prince of the Church of Satan? LaVey also negotiated with Polanski the part of Satan in the film. The movie introduced quite well the possibility of The Devil’s Child being born to a world. A quiet world that was unaware of what was to come. The movie was loved by the people yet panned by the critics. Polanski was accused of being a Satanist. After all his work was done so authentically one would be tempted to question if maybe he knew about it all from experience. After the death of his wife and unborn baby he obviously brought it all upon himself, right? Perhaps the Devil had an account to settle. The Paranoia was unbelievable. Mia Farrow the actress who played Rosemary didn’t attend the funeral of Sharon Tate fearing that perhaps she would be next.

She worried that there were police informants and spies that were hunting down and killing Hollywood actors and actresses because of their political views. Manson allegedly was a police informer as well while he was in and out of the system with ties to the FBI and an indirect link with psychological operations or MK Ultra. He also had ties to the Process Church and the Church of Scientology. The Church of Scientology, of course, was led by none other than L. Ron Hubbard who you may remember was involved in a little Black Magik stunt called the “Babylon Working” with John Whiteside Parsons in the 1940s. The very thing that Rosemary’s Baby is about. It was suspected that perhaps Manson was a triggered Manchurian candidate, or was certainly a tool of intelligence operations hell-bent on destroying the hippie culture. Religious authorities at the time said that the world at the time should have expected a Character like Manson as they claimed: “A Godless undercurrent exists in the nation and that there will be a leader that will appear to be a Christ but is far from him.” Manson was a self-fulfilling prophecy. Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby was predictive programming, the tension in the country fueled by racism was a catalyst for the idea of civil upheaval and Manson thought that he could take advantage of the fact that people were waiting for Armageddon. It just seemed so odd that Polanski was trying to send a message to his audience. Sharon Tate was stabbed to death. She was killed by cult members, in her living room, with her friends. The movie, Rosemary’s Baby, tends to foreshadow the events of the Manson family murders. In the film, Rosemary has a knife and she enters a room with the cult members as they want the child in the final moments. It is too late. Her fate is sealed.

In Sharon Tate’s case the cultist murdered her and her baby. What is eerily synchronistic is that the apartment scenes in Rosemary’s Baby were filmed at the Dakota Apartments in New York, which was the very place where John Lennon was killed. John Lennon was shot at the Dakota by a fanatic of his music. Mark David Chapman was another MK Ultra Lone Nut like Manson who was allegedly triggered into killing by the book, Catcher in the Rye. Manson was inspired by Helter Skelter, a song created by Lennon and his bandmate Paul McCartney. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWW2SzoAXMo. Manson was obsessed with the Book of Revelation, especially Chapter 9 and he was also claiming that he heard messages in the White Album telling him that revelations were about to be fulfilled. Manson was inspired by songs like, Happiness is a Warm Gun, and, Blackbird, which he believes was the message for the blacks and their moment to arise. The George Harrison song, Piggies, was allegedly about the fat establishment needing a damn good whacking The Whites were the establishment and the Blacks were the ones who would arise and whack the pigs. “Pig” was written on the walls of the Polanski home in Sharon Tate’s blood. The Manson family had hoped that it would give the impression of a racial killing, igniting a racial war pitting Black against White. Revolution #9 is a collage of strangeness that for some is unlistenable. A chant of the words Number 9… Number 9 that allegedly says: “turn me on dead man,” when run in reverse. The word “Rise” and the sound of machine-gun fire can be heard on the tracks as well. Some say that they were strange trigger words that were probably programmed into the heads of his followers who were in reality sleeper assassins. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bkuafIRhZA.

The basic method of “brainwashing,” is to subject the victim to repeated indoctrination of key or trigger phrases which will later enable the subject to do a destructive act of violence. So the arguably the program mechanisms were probably both Rosemary’s Baby which was the almost prophetic floor plan of some Satanic ritual killing and the Beatles White album an enabler used in the virtual brain washings of the Family. When the bodies were found the message was sent. A satanic conspiracy existed and someone needed to pay for the crimes. After Manson was caught and his family exposed, the Hippies lost all of their appeal. The Flower Child era was killed and the Summer of Love was reduced to the summer of bloodshed and hatred. The Tate-LaBianca murders profoundly shook America’s perception of itself. They upended ideas of safety, security, and innocence, and effectively sounded the death knell of ’60s counterculture, ushering in a new decade of darkly psychos*xual, conspiracy-laced cultural exploration of America’s seedy underbelly. The ritualistic nature of the killings set the stage for the rise of Satanic Panic, a phenomenon that never fully went away. The new Satanic Panic is the rise of White Nationalism and it certainly looms as large as Manson himself. We are learning that both the shootings in El Paso and Dayton were carried out because of both fueled hatred and racism, and in the case of the Dayton shooter, a devotion to Satanic philosophies. The recent shootings and the Manson Family murders are a kind of psychic attack on America itself.

Hate crimes of recent years, like the ones in El Paso and Charleston, are often committed by self-described “race warriors” whose motive seems to be, above all, fighting for their own group, their “kind.” There’s no evidence that Manson’s motive, at any point, was anything but himself. But the point is, he used racism. More, it was the very focus of his scheme. The Dayton shooter had a plan to fuel the fires of the left and give them a reason to demand gun control and socialist reforms. He stated that he was in league with the devil and that devil guided his actions. Both of these ideologies reflect upon the same ideologies of Manson. The very fact that Manson was a smorgasbord of ideologies, some of them New Age, and some of them old-school intolerance, is another way in which Manson feels oddly pertinent. Satanic Panic and racism seem to resurrect again and again in the United States. Back then it had long hair and hippie beads. Today it wears fatigues and carries assault rifles.
Saturday, August 10th 2019 at 8:57PM
george patel
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