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AUGUST 15, 2019

White supremacists men's most prized weapon is the white supremacist female. There4 is a tactic the female uses which seems to be a very powerful tool when disrupting and destroying black families. And that is building a character for their victims. Its almost in alignment with whats needed by police to apprehend black so-called suspects. They must make a blackman appear either the violent type or the verbally abusive type with violent tendencies. And they must use psychology to get inside of his head in hopes of making him react in a certain way. Its absolutely essntial that a blackman reacts a certain way so that "violent" can be associated with their fabricated reports. At the America's Best Value Inn Motel (717) 249-7775, located at: 1460 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the caucasian female and her husband who were appointed as motel managers by East Indians tied with the Patel clan, are racist beyond all reasoning. Black and latino people must understand that white supremacists are the greatest of actors and actresses which is why they get all of the Oscar awards. It so sad that in 2019 we are dealing with a maniac group of people that are deeply tied in with police. It has been revealed by countless military veterans that even the State Police in Pennsylvania are part of some fascist white supremacy group. In both Carlisle and Middles*x, Pennsylvania, black police on the force claim that there isn't racism within the areas. These particular cops support and uphold white supremacist cops not because of fear, but because of their masonic affiliation requires it.

When a black person is stopped by a caucasian cop and a black cop is with him the first thing the black do is look the blackman or woman up and down, from head to toe while the caucasian cop is speaking. After the caucasian cop puts on some sort of play, once nearly finished, the black cop will speak. The first thing the black cop wants to know is where do the blackman or woman hail from, since Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, isn't a heavily populated black and hispanic place. Many blacks are from Philadelphia, so the black cop shall claim to hail from the same region. He then seeks to try and relate temporarily, but after some time, psychological mind play begins to pursue and he then transforms into something else. Each black cop within heavily populated caucasian areas utilize their form of psychology differently. The key is getting into one's head and finding out when was the last time the person went to the bathroom. Blackl cops in heavily populated black and latino areas are much different than black cops in heavily populated caucasian areas. No black cops within Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, dare go against white supremacy. They know that their careers shall come to an end and that their lives will be turned upside down. If black cops were to tell the truth, there would be more investigations into places like Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They claim racism isn't present in Carlisle, but facts show a different story. Now observe:


As you can plainly see, there are things taking place within Carlisle. But the sad thing is that most people expect for white power freaks to react like the youth who are involved with mass shootings. This isn't the way caucasians have stayed in power. Mind control is one of their most useful tools and observing the movie entitled" Get Out", on face value, any person can see that mind control is a powerful thing. Most white power freaks will try and downplay the truthful narrative within the movie by claiming that the movie invokes hate. But in truth, there are blackmen and women who are under a spell by white supremacists and they are trained to go on the attack against one another when things seem to be on lock down. Black people are being treated as prisoners on the outside and tactics being used by Correctional Officers are similar to what police are using in society. The house negroes, much like Harrisburg's NAACP, aren't really concerned about the Strategy of Tension. They are more concerned with being accepted in the society of caucasians which is why white supremacist mind control tactics have accelerated within Central Pennsylvania. When one contacts the NAACP and inform them of an advanced form of search and destroy covert missions being implemented by white supremacists, if the conversation is too intense, they'll reflect why are are in existence and shall become unresponsive. The NAACP is controlled and ran by the Black Illuminati, also called the Boule Society. The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures (such as national governments). Forget about the Patriot Act and the NSA. Our enslavement takes a much more subtle and pervasive form.

White supremacists believe in the annihilation of underprivileged nations and cultures through genocide and genetic engineering to breed, the more gifted, the blonds of the world. The Strategy of Tension proposes one is suppose to attack civilians, women, children, and innocent people from outside the political arena. To force the American public to turn to the State, and then turn to the regime, and ask for greater security. They have already gotten the American people to believe that a State of Emergency can be called at any given momemnt, due to the ongoing violence in the U.S., and these people shall willingly trade part of their freedom for the security of being able to walk the streets, go on trains, or enter a bank, just as those countries did who now uses the Social Credit System. The methods used are illegal and violent i.e. assassinations, kidnapping, paramilitary operations but also include propaganda, economic sanctions, support of civil unrest, fake grassroots movements, promotion of disruptive memes or technologies, and the escalation of formerly peaceful protests by use of agents provocateurs. These are typically carried out under a false flag, and combined with disinformation and use of enemy images to demonize uninvolved third party. If state agencies engage in staging or promoting acts of terrorism, the term "home grown terrorist or lone gunman" is used, The strategy of tension operations are potentially disastrous if uncovered, which is why they require a high level of secrecy to afford their perpetrators plausible deniability. To be effective, they must be sustained, and they are therefore the preserve of intelligence agencies, the military or national governments. Organizations used are infiltrated and controlled, but not directly affiliated with their controllers. The main target of a strategy of tension is the public opinion, to manipulate votes, created a casus belli to legitimate a war, to call for a strong leader or roll out mass surveillance and denounce peacemakers as 'unpatriotic'. False flag terrorist attacks are just the tip of the iceberg of possible measures to achieve these goals.

The fate of humans are being decided by evil so-called men, who are actually alien human hybrids and reptilian human hybrids. Many of today's white supremacists who claim to have ties to President Trump are millionaires and billionaires. These men, for decades, spent money on experimentations with caucasians, DNA from black people, and alien DNA. Its all about building better killing machines. Its no coincidence that Pennsylvania has over 36 known white supremacist terror groups. White supremacist females are working at stores, at East Indian owned motels, at department stores, within Departments of Social Services, and the lists goes on and on. These women are prized by their male counterparts and the laws in America have deepend to a point where various details within certain laws are being used against blackmen. As we've stated in previous threads, the blackman known as Muhammad stays at the America's Best Value Inn motel. Prior to arriving at the motel, due to his phone being hacked by white supremacist cops who provided white supremacist civilians with certain devices, once he contacted the white supremacist female manager at America's Best value Inn, she was already informed about who he was, according to her own testimony. White supremacists, much like East Indians, usually like to target black people when they are alone. When blacks are caught alone in the midst of white supremacists, any lies can be told on them. America is at a point in its evolutionary period where positive and negative forces are about to collide! White supremacists are evil terrorist organizations that have massacred large numbers of people of color within the past 10 years. And people of color are tired of it.

Unfortunately, the only thing standing in the way of the success of victimized people of color by white supremacists are police! It appears that many caucasians are under some sort of spell or their true nature is coming out which is why racism has reached a point where a race war is inevitable. https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a444446.pdf. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/JU/JU00/20190409/109266/HHRG-116-JU00-20190409-SD011.pdf. A race war isn't a desired thing but people of color will eventualy start fighting back against white supremacist terror. The police seems to have been under some sort of spell as well. The CIA utilized shamanistic or black magic ritualism that included hallucinogenic drugs, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, astral projection, mental torture and whatever methods necessary to bury an alternative personality inside the brain of the test subject. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUW-frxo2X4. The idea was to create a killer who would surrender his volition at the hint of a trigger word or phrase. His kills are according to plan and they are layered like an onion. Each skin is peeled away to reveal that some very interesting programming has been implemented in the brain of the killer. Some of the things you hear in most of these cases are that the killer not only kills but he has some strange ritualistic fascination with numbers, words or phrases and possible literature. These oracles are used to trigger an implanted thought or hypnotic suggestion. These assassins literally become dormant zombies waiting to go off like ticking time bombs. There are thousands of these lunatics within America right now, awaiting their call to action! The United States has a rich history alleged programmed killing machines. We remember Charles Manson and the artistic and synchronized way “Son of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz carried out his deadly handiwork. Mark David Chapman, Manson, and John Hinckley all had certain triggers that somehow jumped out at them in record albums and books.

Manson had an obsession with the White Album. It was alleged that Manson believed the Beatles were sending him messages inciting him to start his “Helter Skelter” killings meant to start a war between the white man and the black man. Mark David Chapman had an obsession with the book “Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger. When Chapman shot John Lennon in front of the Dakota he was carrying the book. There are many that claim that Chapman seemed to be hypnotically influenced. John Hinckley had an obsession with Jodie Foster. Particularly with the character Iris, a hooker that appeared in the movie, Taxi Driver. The puppet masters who do the manipulative thought implants have a method where they create an alternate personality in the candidate. They use mind-altering drugs, lack of sleep, starvation, and bombardment with audio and light triggers. They use these triggers so that the candidate can obsess and provide the candidate with a fantasy world where his psychosis can develop. James Holmes, the suspected killer in the Aurora ‘Dark Knight’ shootings, was found to be part of a U.S. government research project headed by the Salk Institute that included neurologically enhancing soldiers’ abilities on the battlefield. The project was also overseen by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the central research and development organization for the United States Department of Defense. Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, who shot his victims some 25 miles away from Roanoke, was also a victim of a mind control super-soldier program. Cho’s sister worked for a State Department contractor with ties to the Department of Defense called McNeil Technologies. They are linked to military training, classified military operations defense intelligence, and Human Intel Ops. They also provide front line security at sensitive classified facilities.

Virginia Tech hosts “The Farm,” where mind control experimentation is conducted under the aegis of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. When the massacre occurred in April of 2007, Virginia Tech was involved in an earlier stage of Operation Noble Resolve. Cho killed 32 people and then turned the gun on himself. When his body was removed from the scene he had on his arm the words ISMAIL AX. Cho was triggered by reading Daniel Quinn’s book, Ishmael. The book paints a grim commentary about planet earth and how humans are destroying it. In the book, a gorilla seeks out and recruits humans to save the planet. It depicts humans as the enemy to the world and that the world does not belong to them. When Cho sent a manifesto to NBC news before his rampage, he signed it, “A. Ishmael.” All of these incidents all ignited the “gun control” debate and also fueled accusation of “false flag” or “hoax stories” when there could be an element of the newest breed of misfit hipster sleeper assassins that are merely collateral damage in the quest for a super-soldier with brain plasticity. National intelligence agencies are now the authority in this country and it seems that they are the ones who approve what is truth. What falls through the cracks is the ooze and paranoid conspiracy theory that we are told to avoid because it is just not American to be a paranoid collector of the muck that is left behind from the deceit that we have been given. However, National Intelligence agencies can’t keep a hold on all of the information and tenacious researchers along with students of history are certainly aware of how to connect the dots when it comes to circumstantial relationships between the killers we hear about in the headlines and secret mind control programs that may or may not be tied to the infamous MK Ultra Program.

For example, the suspected lone nut shooter in the El Paso, Texas massacre Patrick Crusius seems to be tied circumstantially to the founder of the MK Ultra Program. Patrick’s father, John Bryan Crusius, worked with Colin A. Ross at the Timberlawn Mental Health System in Dallas. Colin A. Ross is a Canadian psychiatrist and was president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation from 1993 to 1994. Ross works in the Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma hospital in Dallas, Texas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IStoyUb697c. He has written several books on Satanic Ritual Abuse and military mind control. Ross have shared a relationship with Sydney Gottlieb, the father of trauma-based CIA MKUltra LSD mind-control experiments, including brainwashing Manchurian candidates. So, John Bryan Crusius, the father of alleged killer Patrick Crusius worked with mind control expert Colin A. Ross, who worked with Sydney Gotlieb who was the father of the CIA assassination attempts and the mind control program MK Ultra. In truth, there is an army of white supremacists awaiting the call to kill without mercy! Flyers being sent throughout all caucasian communities within the U.S. suggests that caucasians should stop hanging out with blacks, latinos, and many other people of color except the East indians within America, or they will be killed as well. There are thousands upon thousands of white supremacist police officers who sit back on a daily basis and control their beat with patience. There is a website where white supremacist cops are calling for the killing of Mexicans and others coming in through Mexico. White supremacists have testified that many of them working for Utility and gas companies have intentionally sabotaged lines just so explosions can kill out certain people. And like St. Louis, Missouri where white supremacists are in charge of everything, their superviors contend that the explosions were ignited by faulty lines. Imagine that!

Caucasians are using every form of technology in their fight against black and latino people. They want to control the minds of those who isn't considered a threat. Technologies in computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, genomics, and brain function, are now advancing exponentially and are converging. Increasingly pervasive data networks and connected devices are enabling rapid communication and processing of information and ushering in unprecedented shifts. If Google has the ability to read our minds. It comes from typing in a search term and having Google finish our sentences or give us the information that confirms our cognitive bias. This type of behavior from a mere search engine should have us asking, is Google becoming an intelligence agent that has gone rogue? The rearrangement of truth and values within the computer matrix should be of greater concern for the future of how we are being mentally controlled and conditioned. The results of your searches appear to be the work many human agents within the Google matrix trying to re-organize society according to the truth and values of the exchange of information between agents and machines. However, what if we find out that there are no agents at the controls? What if we find out that the machines are going rogue and are not only changing our history, but are also changing the way we think and interact with one another. What if we are seeing technology with the ability to frame arguments, or to understand how popular arguments are being framed and then send the necessary solution that fits with a determined outcome provided by collective intelligence gathering? In a world of ever-shrinking attention spans, consumers flit through social media sites and eat up headlines and comment on them without reading the fine print. These comments can be data mined and then fed into a matrix that provides the information that is less objective and geared to toward the collective’s normalcy bias.

Neuro-programming takes over from here and choices are made based on what the computer tells you. This is known as neuronet programming – it is not illegal because it can be said that new methods of television programming utilizes colors, flashes and cutaways to get the desired results. Internet companies have already created emotional analytics to help in the eventual psychological adjustment to the massive programming and hype reality both TV and the internet give us. But it is not there to cure any psychological effects; it is there to analyze consumer response to their programming. Emotional Analytics allows companies to understand what engages their consumers and provides insight on what tactics can be utilized to further entice them to use their products or services in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmsVBZ5973o. These companies care enough to enhance or tone down their programming in order to make it palatable for the consumer. Emotional Analytics can help companies center advertising campaigns around the interests and concerns of their clientele better than before, in turn engaging and enticing consumers better than ever. It even provides online therapy if needed in order to bring about calm and peace. Simply put, it is emotional self-help at the touch of a button. There actual apps for emotional self-help in the iTunes store: Calm- Offers a variety of mini-lessons to increase mindfulness. Lessons cover a plethora of topics, such as loving-kindness, forgiveness, and non-judgment. Headspace- This tool offers a variety of meditation sessions, ranging from brief to lengthy. It also comes with rewards and reminders to encourage users to persist.

Pacifica- App users can join online communities to support one another, track their current mood status, and even observe their mood patterns. Users can also create “limits” for themselves on factors that trigger anxiety, such as caffeine and sleep. Who needs a psychotherapist when you have an app to tell you that you are emotionally evolving into a programmable drone? It is the equivalent of hitting a like button on kitten pictures you see on Facebook and soon everything becomes kitten pictures in your newsfeed doesn’t that make you feel a whole lot better? Your wife is leaving you, you lose your job, and your truck won’t start—don’t pop open a beer and listen to New Age music, just hit the reaction bar on Facebook and soon those rainbow glittery unicorn pictures will get you back to normal. Facebook gives you six emotions to choose from; all you have to do is select the emoticon, the thumbs up or thumbs down, and that should be enough to give you the dopamine squirt you crave. Well, that will pacify for now but later we will all evolve and it won’t matter until upgrades in stimuli are available. Meanwhile, a new study suggests that technology is having an effect in our bones. New research in biomechanics suggests that young people are developing hornlike spikes at the back of their skulls — bone spurs caused by the forward tilt of the head, which shifts weight from the spine to the muscles at the back of the head, causing bone growth in the connecting tendons and ligaments. The weight transfer that causes the buildup can be compared to the way the skin thickens into a callus as a response to pressure or abrasion. https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2019/06/20/head-horns-tech-neck-text-thumb-and-other-smartphone-health-issues/1508851001/.

The result is a hook or hornlike feature jutting out from the skull, just above the neck. In academic papers, a pair of researchers at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, argues that the prevalence of the bone growth in younger adults points to shifting body posture brought about by the use of modern technology. They say smartphones and other handheld devices are contorting the human form, requiring users to bend their heads forward to make sense of what’s happening on the miniature screens. The researchers said their discovery marks the first documentation of a physiological or skeletal adaptation to the penetration of advanced technology into everyday life. Health experts warn of “text neck,” and doctors have begun treating “texting thumb,” which is not a clearly defined condition but bears resemblance to carpal tunnel syndrome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1jKCDXBGX0. Another paper, published in Clinical Biomechanics in the spring of 2018, used a case study involving four teenagers to argue that they had head horns and that they were not caused by genetic factors or inflammation, pointing instead to the mechanical load on muscles in the skull and neck. The sort of strain required for the bone to infiltrate the tendon is linked to handheld devices that bring the head forward and down, requiring the use of muscles at the back of the skull to prevent the head from falling to the chest. They are attributing the horn growths to something they call “Text Neck.”

Of course, bad posture was not invented in the 21st Century. People have always found something to hunch over. So why didn’t we get the skull protuberances from books? On the other side of the world, in Germany, scientists have discovered another bizarre development: many children’s elbows are shrinking. Christiana Schaffer, an anthropologist from the University of Potsdam, was studying body measurements taken from school children when she noticed the trend. To see exactly how much their skeletons had changed over time, Schaffer undertook a study of how robust, or “big boned”, children were between 1999 and 2009. This involved calculating their “frame index”, which is how a person’s height compares to the width of their elbows. Then she compared her results with those from an identical study that was 10 years older. She found that the children’s skeletons were becoming more and more fragile every year. She believes that part of the problem is a sedentary lifestyle and that fact that long term handling of video game controllers are causing that malleable bones and joints to narrow. In truth, many of these children are alien human hybrids evolving. Remember in the movie, "They Live", when Roddy Piper destroyed the satellite, humans could see the aliens in their full form. And because of technology glitches today, you are witnessing the true form of genetically engineered humans.

However, things like “heads up displays” and ergonomic controllers are going to be affordable in the future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tF28CKg_ek. A heads-up display are readings and relevant information that can be seen without lowering the eyes, and it usually projected onto a windshield, visor, helmet or glasses. In the industry currently, the biggest impact within the space of heads-up display technologies can be seen in automotive Heads up displays, helmet integrations for military and sports purposes, as well as personal displays using hololens technology. Personal heads-up displays have received the most attention commercially since Google Glass was made available to the public in early 2015. Google glass is classified as “smart glasses” and offers a heads-up display on one of the lenses. A touchpad on the side allows you to swipe through applications, like your social media pages and a functional camera. Glasses and goggles have yet to take off commercially mainly due to pricing, but their uses are broad. As costs start to decline on this rapid evolution within the realm of augmented reality, the more commercial and public interest will begin to permeate the heads-up display market. When we look at the future of Transhumanism, many of us see it as voluntary rather than mandatory. Transhumanism is really allowing the intergration of alien human hybrids and reptilian human hybrids in society, globally. In other cases, certain young people are evolving into humans that augment their bodies to make the marriage of man and machine inevitable. So prepare for whats to come after 2020. Going back to the natural order of things will become almost non-existent. White supremacist will bring in the New World Order and death with unimaginable chaos shall reign! To be continued....
Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 5:14AM
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