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AUGUST 15, 2019

Aot of people think that white supremacists are onl;y tied in with phone companies, utility companies, construction companies, automechanics, truck drivers, East indian motels, police departments, EMT's, Ambulance drivers, firemen, State Police, Lawyers, Judges, District and Commonwealth Attorneys, Police Commissioners, the Fraternal Police Orders across the U.S., or even sheriff deputies. But in truth, white supremacists have also managed to slither their way into mosques and masjids, causing divisions. In Pottsville, Pennsylvania, it was revealed by immigrant muslims who visited the masjid that white supremacists are involved with their mosque. There is a caucasian fellow, who claims to be muslim, and who is affiliated with the Islamic Society of Schuylkill (570) 622-6860, located at: 1043 E Norwegian Street, in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, that was recorded telling another muslim that Pottsville went to hell since the nigg--- came to town. The entire incident was overheard by another muslim that was speaking with someone on his phone. The person on the phone also heard the conversation. So a little more research was done, and parties sought to know more about what the caucasian so-called muslim was into. The party who was secretly investigating him found out that he hung with caucasians that had tattoos of skulls holding a barrel, with smoke coming out. Each smoke screen represents how many blacks and latinos they have had murdered or assassinated. White supremacist cops know this but they try their best to make sure that these facts are never revealed about today's white supremacists. And yet they are targeting all black and latino gangs! White supremacists have swore that before 2021, they shall outnumber both blacks and latinos 1,000,000 to 1. Imagine that.

White supremacists are not only dating and terrorizing black and latino females, but they also seems to instill within them a fear that nothing can save them from the clutches of the madmen. The women are watching both black and latino men tortured and murdered in the streets by white power cops. The courts systems are giving both black and latino men the shaft when it comes to sentencing. In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, there is a conspiracy against any blackman who speaks against white power! An entire town wants to know who the blackman is and over 65% will all get involved with conspiracies against him. White supremacists shall come from as far as Northwestern parts of Pennsylvania, or from York, Pennsylvania, where the KKK doesn't hide anything about themselves. Police are their protectors, and it is cops who assist them in their evils. Freemasons don't turn against one another when it comes to the so-called White Brotherhood. So-called foreign muslims have spld out their muslim brothers for white supremacists. They have even incorporated white supremacists so deep within masjids thatkies are being told as to who these strange caucasian male muslims are. At the Peace Centre (717) 241-9600, located at: 505 Cavalry rd, in CVarlisle, Pennsylvania, there is a very questionable caucasian male muslim who was placed in charge of the masjid as Director. His name happens to be Muhammad (717) 385-7903. He is tied in with Roshan Sabar (717) 609-9798, Abdul Aziz (717) 254-0462, Said Al Harriri (717) 701-3659, and Khalid Fsim (717) 701-9349. Muhammad handles issues when it comes to American muslims. Multiple muslim brothers and sisters swear that Carlisle is a very racist place. Muhammad being a caucasian muslim for the mosque has the job of disputing that there is racism within carlisle.

Muslims within Harrisburg even think that he is a undercover white supremacist because when black muslims attended the mosque for sadaqa, muhammad was the one who decided their fates. Multiple muslims in Philadelphia claim that he is a liar and a white supremacist. two days ago, a muslim brother, who is black and is within carlisle, contacted Muhammad and stated that he and his wife needed help. The black muslimm was given Muhammad's number by the Imama of the mosque (717) 962-1355. The blackman explained to the Imam, which was witnessed by at least 5 other parties, that they were stranded in Carlisle, and because of intense racism, needed help getting away from carlisle. So the Imam, according to the phone's recording, gave the black muslim Muhammad's number and instructed him to call him. So the black muslim contacted a caucasian muslim, in a racist town where the caucasian muslim claims that there is no racism, even though nearly every black person who've had contact with white supremacists in Carlisle says that he's a liar. Muhammad wanted to know where the black muslim was staying. The black muslim told him. Muhammad claimed that he was going to get two people to go and speak with the black muslim even though this never happened. white supremacists are being placed in power positions within mosques in order to keep sadaqa away from black muslims. They all lie and will use their stance in the town they reside in against a black muslim, knowing white supremacists and others will support them and their agendas. The Peace Centre tells all black muslims that they are a small communioty and cannot help anyone. But young muslims who visit from time to time have witnessed large sums of money exchanging hands with immigrant and caucasian muslims.

The caucasian muslim who is the Director for The Peace centre, according to many who know him, isn't to be trusted. He will lie and he will betray. Others claim that he is really a white supremacist and once the race war begans, and trust us it will, he has successfully convinced the immigrants to fight alongside of white power freaks against muslims of color, violating the Kalima Shahada. If caucasian males can turn black women against blackmen, it really isn't that difficult to turn immigrant muslims, whose numbers are low, against others thinking that the white supremacists are more superior. White supremacists are cowards! They will never fight battles where the numbers are even, and when they launch attacks against blacks and latinos, its always done in a sneaky underhanded way. If they do seek to battle with blacks and ltinos and the numbers are even, you can best bet that some caucasian cop is close around! White supremacy is a thing in America, and alot of it in Carlisle ties in with the America's Best value Inn (717) 249-7775, in Carlisle. Even white supremacist truck drivers go to Carlisle becausee there they can snitch on black and latino drivers, or say threatening things against them as they listen knowing police got their backs. Its beginning to reach a point where both blacks and latinos may have to start fighting fire with fire! If not, then they'll continue to use their lying white supremacist females in conspiracies to either incarcerate blackmen, or set them up in a variety of ways.

East Indians join forces with white supremacists against blacks because their hatred runs deep. However, this doesn't explain why the Hindus have a very deep dislike for black people with wooly hair. Its about historical vengeance. And if blacks and latinos were to meet with honest police officers, these officers will inform them that East Indian business owners, by the thousands, have took some part in making reports against blacks and latinos, assisting in the arrest of blacks and latinos, or secretly assisting in convictions against blacks and latinos. This have made many of them very paranoid,l despite their so-called brilliance, which is an illusion. East Indians have assisted police with the arrests to thousands of blacks and latinos all across America, and many of them have witnessed those they betrayed moving around in the same towns after the betrayal. They hear of the many shootings and killings everywhere and paranoia sets in. Some may think because they are medical doctors who were on call when hundreds of blacks and latinos died when their lives could have been saved at hospitals while they were on call, is grounds for massive surveillance. East Indians are a very bright people and if they wanted to cure an illness they have the knowledge to do so. However, they'd rather give blacks and latinos synthetics. They sell synthetic incense. They prescribe synthetic medications, and they refer people to eating synthetic foods which they know are harmful to the body. This is one reason the Most High didn't accept their offerings during the time of historical Cain and Abel. And if blacks and latinos scrutinize their actions and characteristics very closely, they will see that they are no different in 2019, than they were during the time of Cain and Abel. Only about 1% of East Indians, who aren't inside the U.S., are trying to atone for the evils against black people. Many of those within America that are business owners, or are in the medical profession, is tied in with European freemasonry, which is quite different than Ancient Egipt freemasonry. European freemasonry, with respect, is demonic and Satanic in nature. By stealing the secrets from the Ancient Egiptians they've managed to combine it with Kabbalism and other sorcery of the worse kinds. These demons will do things the devil himself would hesitate at doing.

The East Indians claims that all caucasian created religions originated in India because the main characters in Christianity is rooted from Sankrit names and gods. If caucasians really paid attention to what was going on in the world they would see that they are being used by evil forces to sacrifice themselves for the evil forces. Those forces feel they have a right to exist in the physical moreso than the caucasian race. But East Indians know that their hatred, malice, and betrayal against black people is one they will have to pay for in the end. The Ancient Ones sees all and knows all, despite the alien technology blocks. Black people just need to stop feeding them so much money because they are taking over American communities. As one caucasian female Pastor put it, "East Indians are buying up everything, and before its over, no American will have a job nor a place to live. It will be like whats going on in Los Angeles right now. Every problem in California isn't because of the lifting of Immigration laws." So, as you can see, there are caucasians in power positions who know whats going on. They feel they are outnumbered because people won't fight against immediate threats. they are more inclined to follow the trends to what the masses do. And the masses are being controlled by secret societies! However, for those who want to really know what East Indians are into, despite many claiming to follow Islamic religions, just observe this link: https://www.sacred-texts.com/evil/hod/hod09.htm. http://www.urbanlab.org/articles/Ghana_Hinduiusm.pdf.

East Indians were also involved with Project Echelon. In the beginning, we had the conspiracy theory. During the running of the revelation we had the frustration of being told that it was all paranoia. In the end, we had the death toll of previous whistleblowers, names, dates, room numbers and evidence that proved that, not only was the FBI, CIA, and the NSA, part of a sophisticated “Big Brother” network of the “all-seeing eye”, there were also parts of an even more sinister net of the “all-seeing ear.” A story broke in November of 1998, out of Australia, and it went virtually ignored. It was about a rumored surveillance system called ‘Echelon‘. The system it was rumored was sophisticated system that used a satellite position some 100,000 miles in space. https://www.groundzeromedia.org/archives/dis/fly/fly.html. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECHELON. This began an all-out rumor mill investigation into whether or not Echelon was just a pipe dream thought up by some paranoid genius, or a very real system that was in operation in order to track and control every American and every world citizen at all times. Echelon was reported to be a sophisticated satellite surveillance network that was the result of a proposed CIA spy satellite treaty in 1948. We were told that these systems weren’t anything new. In fact, the Internet was relatively new and stories like Echelon were reported outside of the United States and bulldog reporters and conspiracy theorists were looking for vindication by reading reports from other countries about what our government was up to. It was reported that these sophisticated surveillance networks apparently had been in place since the 1980’s. It may be hard to imagine what an impact a story like this had on people who were already worried that there was intelligence overreach already taking place in the United States. What it meant to researchers was confirmation that the government proposed and implemented a massive surveillance system that monitored every fax, every phone call, every e-mail, every communication that used fiber optics or wires or even radio and television transmissions in the country.

Echelon was reported to be an ominous and intrusive tool that illustrated the darkest imaged of Big Brother and the technotronic Orwellian nightmare. http://www.scribd.com/doc/87306673/ECHELON-Surveillance-Program. Echelon was quite literally a listening and observation relay that set up ‘listening posts’ in four countries. It included a grid of spy satellites in geosynchronous orbit, all linked to supercomputers capable of analyzing massive amounts of Internet traffic and voice phone calls. http://www.rigorousintuition.ca/board2/viewtopic.php?p=455909. Back in the 1990’s it was estimated that Echelon could process 3 billion e-mails, phone, and fax a day. The introduction of cell phones created yet another advantage for the alphabet agencies. The system reportedly was able to scan electronic data from satellite communications and cellular telephones all over the grid looking for certain “trigger” key phrases. http://www.docstoc.com/docs/160267549/The-NSA-and-Shadow-Government. Back then we could only speculate who started this intrusive gathering of data. All lines could be traced to the National Security Sgency. (Today the U.S. Government allow other countries to do it to Americans from thousands of miles away) However, the insidious part of Echelon is that it was part of a deal that practiced its bit of constitutional negation by operating in an area that could not be touched by the legislature. How can anyone fight against a worldwide spying system where world powers share the cost and set up clandestine listening posts all over the globe? https://www.google.com/search?q=How+can+anyone+fight+against+a+worldwide+spying+system+where+world+powers+share+the+cost+and+set+up+clandestine+listening+posts+all+over+the+globe%3F. Wikia says: “Echelon is said to be the system capable of operating worldwide on the basis of cooperation proportionate to their capabilities among several nations. The participating nation states were the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.”

There has always been a question as to how our overlords are capable of dodging constitutional bullets when it comes to spying and technological overreach. It is simple, what was once a conspiracy theorists pipe dream is a reality, and with the participation of several nations, we can circumvent constitutional entanglements by asking a cooperating Echelon partner to do the data collecting for us. Candidates for the interception of international communications are not usually targeted at residents of the home country. Therefore, the person whose messages are intercepted has no domestic legal protection, not being resident in the country concerned. We now have a network of fascist overlords who all agree that there needs to be a system of intrusion to protect their power hold on their citizens. They all can do favors for each other and all can agree on who needs to be surgically removed from this planet with a drone. The power now rests in the hands of President Trump and the 4th Reich. The fictional Skynet system has been achieved, and it has been with us long before ‘The Terminator’ movies were produced and shown as predictive programming. Echelon also have employed the Prosecutor’s Management Information System or PROMIS. This has given the NSA the power to also monitor and download financial and personal files of all American citizens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prosecutor%27s_Management_Information_System. http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/pandora/052401_promis.html. Before Edward Snowden there was another whistleblower that got too close. His name was Danny Casolaro. https://www.google.com/search?q=Danny+Casolaro. Danny Casolaro planned to write a book exposing the misuse of power in government. His book was about to connect the dots of what many conspiracy theorists called the ‘great beast’. Casolaro called it ‘the Octopus’. It was an appropriate name, because Casolaro uncovered one conspiracy after another, reaching out like deadly tentacles from the body of that slithering, sea monster. He was about to unload the secret of PROMIS and its connection to an unnamed surveillance apparatus. It was Echelon.

According the Casolaro it was some foreboding “big brother” master data base designed to list political dissidents, subversives, tax protestors, whistleblowers, snoopy journalists, conspiracy theorists, illegal aliens, and of course terrorists and criminals. The more he delved into the story he discovered that there were shadowy agencies whose sole purpose was to destroy the United States. His research was about to blow the whistle on the dirty deeds being carried out by a shadow government, a fifth column that was in the process of taking over our constitutional government. https://www.groundzeromedia.org/archives/dis/enduring/enduring.html. This ‘shadow government’ was profiting from peddling oil, drugs, s*x, and weapons. Many conspiracy theorists have been speculating about these shadow government operations since the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963. Casolaro got too close and just as he was about to blow the lid off the entire Big Brother network, he died very mysteriously. On August 10th, 1991, Casolaro met with an unnamed CIA agent. This agent arranged a meeting with then-President George Bush Sr.’s Justice department official, Peter Videnieks. https://www.google.com/search?q=On+August+10th%2C+1991%2C+Casolaro+allegedly+met+with+an+unnamed+CIA+agent. https://www.google.com/search?q=Peter+Videnieks. The next morning Casolaro was found dead in the bathtub of his hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia. His wrists had been slashed a dozen times. It was ruled a suicide. The powers-that-be had hoped that the silencing of Casolaro would stop the speculation of wrong-doing by various governments and their spying on citizens.

There is a war taking place and it involves humans versus extraterrestrials. Millenials and Generation Z, who aren't evil alien human hybrids, are being misled into believing that there is no such thing as aliens. This was one of the greatest tricks placed on their generations by those who worship Satan. Beings are being told that if they don't hurry up and follow China's New World Order that those who instruct the Queen will attack the Planet Earth. All sorts of scare tactics are being delivered without adequate proof. And speaking about China, those evil Reptilians running that Communist country is trying to reach both far and wide, to contain and to detain humans. This Social Credit System, which is its disguise, have brought about alot of killing and bloodshed.

When the Chinese turn off the media connected to the world, they plan on killing hundreds of thousands of people. China, not long ago, murdered over 10,000 people and the media went black. Noone can get any information out of them about what happened to those 10,000 people who were slaughtered. Americans must understand that this is what Communism does and do. The Chinese have also put billions of dollars into the Joe Biden campaign because he promises one thing but will deliver something else to the American people. So the lies must get very very intense! Biden further claims that there were no scandals while he was in office which was a lie. The only reason alot of information wasn't revealed is because he, and the Obama Administration, paid very close attention to what people posted on Social media, or said within their neighborhoods. As Obama said, they then degraded and destroyed the opposition. This is the way of Communists! Americans better wake up because the time is at hand for the New World Order to take place. They must have everything set-up by 2020, so that they can merge with China's system. This is another reason why Communist Amazon has robots that steal information from children and from adults. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/amazon/suit-alleges-amazons-alexa-violates-laws-by-recording-childrens-voices-without-consent/. The information being stolen from children is being stored in massive data banks which can either target the children or those around the children in the upcoming future! For what reason do one have to store data on another other than to use what is within it against the latter. Come on people! Wake up! There is an attackm on humans across the globe and because people cannot tell the difference from an alien human hybrid or a reptilian human hybrid, the devil is gaining ground on you! In Wilkes Barre and Plains, Pennsylvania, there are so many evil alien human hybrids that 93% don't even know they are imposters! If President Trump is truly for the human race than he needs help from all humans. But we have to watch him too because he just sold out humanity. https://www.apnews.com/2895e0f0ef344d16bfcf6f457ed2e759.

There are countless evil alien human hybrid police officers who are promoting racism nation-wide for the sole purpose of destabilizing America for the takeover. Just as China feels that they have more evil alien human hybrids supporting their Communist New World Order than there are humans, America too will join the ranks of terrorizing and killing its populace blackening out the media. You haven't seen nothing yet! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/world/asia/hong-kong-protest-extradition.html. And while China has its media shut off to the outside world, there will be hundreds of thousands of young people slaughtered in the streets by the brutal evil alien human hybrid controlled militaries. American police are bringing the U.S. into the same form of destabilization, by first turning the people against themselves. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/03/phoenix-police-officers-facebook-posts-include-racist-violent-commentary/1331941001/ Police Unions support them in their agendas because it is the order of the Queen! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/06/phoenix-police-union-defends-officers-identified-report-racist-facebook-comments/1369501001/. There are many racist cops across America and there numbers are much more than 2,900, and this has being going on for many years. https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/north-texas-cops-caught-sharing-racist-facebook-posts/ https://www.keranews.org/post/research-uncovers-cops-racist-violent-social-media-posts. Throughout the 1990's, when Joe Biden supported the Clintons "Crime Bill", hundreds of thousands of blackmen and women were incarcerated. Joe Biden, and all the rest who has ties to Satanic activity, otherwise they wouldn't be wealthy, are the Anti-Christ. The Arabic word for Anti-Christ is Dajjal, which means "a group of liars." Satanic Psychiatrists and Psychologists have worked with Judicial systems for years in targeting men and women that spoke negatively about others which led to assaults, killings, and riots. But police across America are being given free passes and don't have to be confronted with authorities suggesting that by posting racist comments on Social Media, the weak minded will act on their idiocracies.

In 2019, scientists have become Most High Gods when it comes to re-creating replicas of humans and with their technology. In the stories of Adam and Eve from your Bibles and Qurans it says that the serpent beguiled Eve into partaking of the forbidden fruit. The word serpent translate as snake person or reptile. Hence, Reptilian. Reptilians are very real and there are quite a few different Reptilians influencing Planer Earth. But not all Reptilians are malevolent. Some have been placed on earth to save humans from the horrible New World Order. reptilians are very real (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsgjWam26zk) and many are ruling governments all across the globe (https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/956609/World-War-3-reptilian-aliens-USA-Russia-Ukraine-alien-conspiracy-theory). And the evil Reptilians have serious agendas to influence humans everywhere (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izs_Ry6sXp8). Even Chinese President, Xi, is a different kind of Reptilian that tries to avoid close and personal cameras. Some closet to him has said that he controls his shapeshifting very well and is often undetected. Is this why the Chinese claim that they are about to lead the New World Order? https://qz.com/916382/chinese-president-xi-jinping-has-vowed-to-lead-the-new-world-order/, Is this why President Xi claims he will rule forever? https://www.economist.com/china/2018/02/26/chinas-leader-xi-jinping-will-be-allowed-to-reign-forever.

The Chinese are not only forcefully taking back those countries who were independent of the Communist regime, but any country that owes China will pay a serious price. https://www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2126541/china-planning-take-taiwan-force-2020. Even parts of Africa is caught up in the takeover. https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001306878/how-china-could-be-handed-mombasa-port-for-free. https://www.npr.org/2018/10/08/641625157/a-new-chinese-funded-railway-in-kenya-sparks-debt-trap-fears. Because of America's politicians and Deep State, to name a few, European countries have embraced the Chinese rule. https://www.scmp.com/news/world/europe/article/2145896/thousands-people-sweden-get-microchip-implants-new-way-life. The Chinese further state that they'll place white carnations on each soldiers breast and will destroy the entire planet with a blaze of glory if anyone stands in their way. Some of the latest weapons of the Chinese are: https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/chinas-newest-weapons-of-war/. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/5-deadly-chinese-weapons-war-america-wishes-it-had-27567. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/military/china-has-just-showcased-a-powerful-new-weapon-which-its-dubbed-its-own-version-of-the-mother-of-all-bombs/news-story/98460d62a36930dbf4c62a23791c5355.

The last phase of this New World Order plot in which Democrats and many Republicans secretly working with China on is by forcing America to give up the guns as their influence did with Venezuela. https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/383968-in-the-wake-of-a-gun-ban-venezuela-sees-rising-homicide-rate. https://www.foxnews.com/world/venezuelans-regret-gun-prohibition-we-could-have-defended-ourselves. California is among 5 states with very powerful gun cinfiscation laws. And isn't it a bit strange that an Asian with Chinese roots led the fight? https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/8016495-181/california-among-5-states-with. Asians with Chinese roots all across America seems to be leading the fight with breaking down America much like what was done to Venezuela, before the government comes in an take over. Americans need to educate Millenials and Generation Z on what the New World Order is before they bring doom to us all! Then Americans must educate their youth on Democrats and Republicans who think that being Nazis, Sosialists, and Communists is the way of the American revolution. The 3 with so many affiliates in America may claim that Communism is bad, and that Trump is a Nazi. But there is a connection between the 3 that should make all Americans uneasy.

New members of Congress pride themselves on either being Communist or Socialists and claim that thery are not the same, nor do the hold si,ilar views. This is a lie even according to the American dictionary.
Communism: a scheme of equalizing the social conditions of lifel specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all. President Obama wanted to redistribute wealth: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/07/18/barack-obama-on-wealth-inequality-only-so-much-you-can-eat.html. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvGsWQ69Tzk. President Obama fueled the fire in weak-minded wiomen and with the backing of some of the most powerful new faces in America, Congress grab for Socialism and Communism may be won! https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/02/democrats-try-to-win-house-majority-in-most-expensive-midterm-election.html. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2018/11/07/elections-results-2018-wealthy-voters-women-democrats-won-house/1918202002/. They plan on holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all. Thus, by the Black Illuminati being responsible for the poverty within their many communities across the U.S., and in Africa, they sold out the black people nearly across the globe. Hell is about money! And its this money that will enslave all in a way that was never experienced since the beginning of time. many of you were keep in poverty for a reason, and the key was placing the blame on the euro-americans when it was really the Black Devils responsible. Can black and latinos endure until the end, or will they sell their souls to the new lies brought by a new fresh face in Washington? Remember, within the definition of Communism, it further states that: Communism is a form of "Socialism" that abolishes private ownership. So what do you own they they plan on taking?

Socialism: A system of social reform which contemplates a "complete" reconstruction of society, with distribution of property and labor. The term is often employed to indicate any lawless, revolutionary social scheme. See Communism, Fourierism,and Saint Simonianism, which are forms of Socialism. Are you beginning to get the picture? Please read on.

Nazism: Nazism is a form of Socialism (KKK, white supremacist organizations, Black Panther Party, et cetera) featuring racism and expansionism and obedience to a strong leader!

So as you see you can't have one without the others. They are all working together in America. This is why the new faces in Washington is out to overthrow the government. I'm not saying that President Trump is innocent either. He is one with many demons as well. They are all fighting over who will rule the humans, and yet, they have no plans for millions of you to be around. If China can't have what it wants they will try and destroy the entire Planet Earth! The Chinese are taking lands, resources, et cetera, by force. This is why in Connecticut, when Chinese come from their country to observe what is now owned by the Chinese, if they are walking down a sidewalk as a massive group they'll expect Americans to get out of their way. Recently, a friend who drives tractor trailer was at this truckstop in Connecticut (https://www.ctserviceplazas.com/locations/darien-sb/) when Chinese were walking down the sidewalk. They even pushed euro-american females out of the way, declaring that they rule the region! From Hillary Clinton and to President Obama,m many Democrats and Republicans have secretly sold lands, businesses, et cetera, to the Chinese. Why can't America just pay its debt to the new race of Reptilians?

Anyway, together, the Chinese, the Democrats, some Republicans, Deep State, the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, and others, seem to be making back yard deals without the knowledge of the American people. Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and California, to name a few, if Americans paid attention, they would see that what China has imposed on their populace is also being imposed by these states on its populace. And they know that many of you isn't going to take it lightly. So they have infiltrated the very sectors that involves your food and beverage intake. If they can't vontrol you they will kill you! This is the way of the Socialist, the Communist, and the Nazi. And we must remember that a group of Reptilians were responsible for the advancing of weapons and mass surveillance in America. Another group of Reptilians are responsible for the same type of technology in China. And China fears nothing. https://www.forbes.com/sites/trevornace/2018/05/10/china-is-launching-a-massive-weather-control-machine-the-size-of-alaska/#6710a09b6315. https://www.newsweek.com/china-makes-it-rain-weather-control-network-twice-size-texas-922050. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBe9kVPh88A. China also studies the American people by using many who infiltrate in American colleges, American businesses, and American governments.

. Chinese people have often spoke about creatures feasting on the bodies of others. This happened because the Chinese Reptilians also have a craving for human flesh! But the key is psyching out the American people just like millions were psyched out in China.m GMO food is everywhere in America now, and even though its been ,ade to taste really good, people are ending up with mystery illeness that seems to be undetected during their earlier infection stages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfrvZdqh-3M,. According to the Beyond Meat website: “It’s sold in the meat section of over 10 thousand grocery stores in the US and soon, the world. It is made without soy or gluten and is GMO-Free. By braiding together proteins, fats and minerals, they have re-created the basic architecture, and thus texture, of meat, unlike any other brand or product. The Beyond Burger according to the site is not a veggie burger.” They call it a delicious, juicy, meaty burger for true meat lovers. It is actually made from mixtures of pea protein isolates, yeast, and other ingredients. It literally contains all of the amino acids proteins necessary for a healthy vegan diet. It is also low in carbs so it is almost the perfect burger for people who want to eat a hamburger without all of the diet guilt. Monsanto is brilliant isn't they?

The topic of lab grown meat has been a controversial subject for a lot of my listeners because of the GMO fears that accompany the idea of eating meat that is made from cultured blood cells from an animal rather than from slaughtering the animal. Also remember, its that blood which drives the repitlians crazy. It allows them to be able to smell chwemicals within humans that show them those who they may want to eat. However, Americans don't have to believe that they are on a food change of more advanced creatures! Its about the same as New Yorkers being lied to and fooled by their government and when ever thery hear a loud bang or see something strange, they'll stampede like a bunch of scared wilderbeasts. https://abc7ny.com/thousands-flee-after-gunshot-like-noises-at-nyc-festival/4372008/ and http://time.com/5489703/blue-light-new-york-aliens/. They key is making all Americans submit the way they have done to New Yorkers. Then Americans will begin to disappear alot more like what happened in Venezuela. https://www.11alive.com/article/news/year-in-review/georgia-model-vanishes-body-found-with-organs-missing/85-442199392. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4541828/No-answers-four-years-man-dead-no-organs.html. https://newsone.com/2744177/ryan-singleton-atlanta-found-dead-missing-organs-california-desert and https://nypost.com/2018/04/16/mysterious-beast-terrifies-town-after-killing-two-dogs/.

If Americans don't believe that your government made deals with aliens in exchange for you as food, just ask those who survived chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Venezuela, to name a few. But you must remember, the minute Deep State and others working with them get whiff of this article, calls, texts, and flights will happen almost Immediately. They have to make sure that witnesses are silenced! However, back to the meat. The meat has been called many things. It has been nicknamed, in-vitro meat; it is also known as cultured meat or “shmeat.” Alternative names include hydroponic meat, test-tube meat, vat-grown meat, and victimless meat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOJxhN_LfqY. It is not synthetic or artificial meat because it comes from an animal; however, it has never been part of a complete, living animal. It is also not imitation meat, which is a vegetarian food product produced from vegetable protein, usually from soy or gluten. Those types of “meat-type” products provide an emotional bridge for people who can’t completely deal with leaving behind the taste of meat. Now a vegan or vegetarian who feels badly about an animal suffering will no longer have to worry about this meat since an animal does not have to die in order for it to be eaten. The animal only needs to have a needle to extract blood from the muscle and from there meat is created in a laboratory. Now you can eat something that is beyond meat from plants, or cultured meat from a lab.
Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at 6:17PM
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