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AUGUST 16, 2019


At the America's Best Value Inn (717) 249-7775, located at: 1460 Harrisburg Pike, in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, the white supremacist motels managers driving a 2006 HYUNDAI Tucson, with Pennsylvania Plates: KXK-7085, claim that nigg--- are going to get what they deserve. They even claim that most politicians in Pennsylvania, got the backs of white supremacists. Each thread that we write concerning the plighta at America's Best value Inn in Carlisle, is met with the extremely racist caucasian male motel manager leaving daily and given fabricated reports while rebutting the facts. White supremacists are also being supplied with various devices to monitor and wifi jam specific computers surfing the internet. Police in Carlisle and in York, Pa., are extremely armed and dangerous and seeks to disarm black and latino people first before the next step in their death games. Someone called the room of Muhammad once again, and stated that no matter where he went police would have him tracked, and that police in other locations will join forces with them in keeping on the pressure. Their reasons will be that they were trying to keep him safe. In truth, they ware marking him like they are doing with so many other blackmen. It was further said that noone shall stop what white supremacists are doing or shall do because it will be impossible for anyone to gain access to important data. The motel has so0me very racist managers who are backed up by East indian employees who stand around the rooms of the victims while seeking to hear something. When nothing is being said they'll just make up something. Its further stated that there will be many more blacks eliminated by cops and Executive Orders on Gun Control shall take place in black and latino communities first. White supremacists claim that their homes will not be invaded because if they are, they will brinjg a war to the American government that will be legendary. Set up, have arrested by lies, and kill all nigg--- and spics is what is being said right now. Tghey will lie and claim these are not their own words until the ends of time. White supremacists are taught to destroy blacks and latinos by any means without end. And racist caucasians like the male who is a motel manager at the motel are master minds behind it all. And yet, they are the greatest of actors!



This is a big one. It’s so big, in fact, that many people will want to turn their backs on it and pretend it doesn’t and couldn’t exist. But it’s real. It does exist. No killing of innocent people can be called a “negligible statistic.” But what label do you apply when an entire government stands by and does nothing, while millions of people die? A supposed lone shooter motivated by political ideology kills 20 people, and this is called a terrorist act. But what category do you apply when a government enables a monopoly that destroys millions of lives? Don’t bother seeking answers from the mainstream press. They play dumb. They pretend to be clueless. They avoid these millions of deaths, as if they’re not worthy of news coverage. Doesn’t that sound strange? The press, which constantly sniffs the air for stories that will rouse public interest, ignores a force that is routinely killing millions of people. Why? Because that very force pays huge sums of money to the press. So let’s start here, with one of the most shocking mainstream reviews ever published in a medical journal. The date is July 26, 2000. The journal is the Journal of the American Medical Association. The author is Dr. Barbara Starfield, a respected and revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Impeccable mainstream credentials up and down the line. Starfield’s review is titled, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” She concludes: The US medical system kills 225,000 people a year. 106,000 deaths from FDA-approved medical drugs, and 119,000 deaths as a result of mistreatment and errors in hospitals. Extrapolate those numbers out to a decade: that’s 2.25 MILLION deaths.

Keep in mind that the US federal government, through agencies like the FDA, the CDC, and their parent agency, Health and Human Services, has extensive power over the US medical system. In fact, the FDA, through its routine manipulations and regulations, assures that the conventional mainstream medical system in America remains top dog; and competition from what has been called alternative or natural health is reduced as much as possible. It might interest you to know that, when a pharmaceutical company wants the FDA to review a new drug and certify it as safe and effective for public use, the pharmaceutical company pays a fee to the FDA. Dr. Starfield pointed this out to me. Therefore, in a real sense, the FDA works FOR drug companies. This is being mentioned to make sure you understand that the federal government could, if it wanted to, undertake a sweeping investigation of the US medical system, from top to bottom, and face up to the ongoing of tragedy of millions of lives lost. The federal government could come down mightily on the medical system and do everything possible to eradicate this holocaust. But the government doesn’t. It doesn’t do that. It stands by while millions die. Year after year after year. The government is entirely culpable. No killing of an innocent person is a negligible statistic, whether you call it an act of terrorism or something else. But what do you call it when the awesome power of an entire government is silent and passive, for decades, while the very monopoly it is enabling destroys millions of lives? Depraved indifference? Negligent homicide? Manslaughter?

Watch out blacks and latinos! they are coming for your guns and your lives without bounds. You had better prepare for a war never imagined! https://www.governor.pa.gov/newsroom/pennsylvania-governor-wolf-to-sign-sweeping-executive-order-to-reduce-gun-violence/.
Posted By: george patel
Friday, August 16th 2019 at 5:39AM
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