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In the threads entitled, "" MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA... PART 1", MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA....PART 2', "PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA.", PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA...PART 2", WE MUST KILL MUHAMMAD EURY, THEY ARE CHANTING, and "ARE BLACKMEN TARGETS WHO DATE OR MARRY CAUCASIAN FEMALES WITH BI-POLAR DISORDER?", we covered territory on alot of issues. One of the main issues being the missing woman in York County. Even up to date, police has not informed the blackman staying at the Chateau Motel (717)757-1714, located at: 3851 East Market street in Springettsbury/York, Pennsylvania. on whether or not his wife is okay. Sara Alley has been missing since Sunday, September 1, 2019, and noone has told her husband anything as of yet. And instead of the cops working with the blackman, mysterious parties are moving into the Chateau Motel with white power tattoos, even though they think Muhammad is ignorant of the ink, and have witnessed Muhammad staring off into space. They would then go over to where he was sitting and would start conversations. And at the same time they would be on their cell phones sending out information as if Muhammad was speaking with him. Muhammad has witnesses that will testify that he doesn't talk to anyone he don't know. People will make up stories on targets, especially white supremacists towards highly intelligent blackmen. But white supremacists aren't the only threats. Blacks casn be major threats as well. Muhammad was instructed to stand clear of certain blackmen at the Chateau Motel because they were in cahoots with the racist motel worker name Pam, and her partner, Mark.

Various parties have been sent to the Chateau Motel to find out what type of people Pam and Mark were. Everyone who knows them say they are not only open racists against black people, but they are also in cahoots with white supremacist cops in Springettsbury (717) 757-3525. Maybe this was why Pam, the motel worker, went around telling people that the cop she knew told her Muhammad's wife was within a mental hospital. Several Guests know that its important not to talk in front of Pam because she will distort conversations she overhear, and will feed the information to the motel owner and others. Most of what she alleges send others out on wild goose chases, but because of her dedication to being an informant, they still use her. Mark, however, according to sources, is a whole different animal. He has deep connections to white power freaks in York and other counties. A blackman is either always a liar or doesn't know what he is talking about, in his book. Witnesses have overheard Mark and Pam saying some seriously racist things about black people. But when they get whiff that this information is going around about them, they'll then be nice to one or two black people until they gain their trust. Afterwards, they'll go on being racist against other blacks and when the claim of "racism" comes up against them, it will be those blacks that they've mind looped who will testify, secretly, that they are not racists. They may even give their black attack dogs a ride who doesn't own a vehicle. To that black person it means a lot. Its just so sad how racism is so deeply embedded within the consciousness of most caucasians in York County.

Black church members in York County say that they haven't experienced racism, which is alleged for the sole purpose of killing racial discrimination claims. Black freemasons and Eastern Stars are a powerful demonic force in 2019. They not only uphold white supremacy but also teach black youth to submit to it. Muhammad was told by powerful caucasian men in York that he was staying within an area where klansmen and klans women were in control. Muhammad then informed the powerful men how his wife was being kept from him by racist cops who are trying to separate them. The men told Muhammad that Pam, the Chateau Motel worker, informing people that his wife was within a mental hospital while police claimed that they didn't know where she was is a trick with white supremacists that don't want to see the couple together. They even went more indepth by saying that the officer who spoke with Muhammad on Friday, September 6, 2019, and did a missing persons, even though Muhammad had contacted police nearly 5 days prior, reporting that his wife was missing, used malicious and racist tactics backed up by his badge. He wasn't really trying to help Muhammad. The cop asked for the number of his wife's surviving elderly relatives, and that same cop contacted them and painted a terrible picture to the old racist relatives of Sara Alley. White supremacists in North Carolina are no different than those within York County. And the fact many of them work on the police forces, who are complained about, usually conduct their own investigations for one aanother which is very scary. The cop can't say that he didn't speak ill about Muhammad because Sara's racist uncles and aunts talked about it all over Forsyth County, North Carolina. The information even got to Muhammad's uncle, who is a private attorney in North Carolina. Cops in Springettsbury, and other neighboring towns, are very corrupt and racist. If one makes claims against cops from one police department, police from another township would then target that person(s). One important factor with white supremacists and those blacks who support them, is that their targets must be made to appear either verbally abusive, prone to violence, unstable, et cetera. And they'll use their Freudian psychological mind games and lies to make sure their fabricated reports read the way it is.

When one review a picture of Sara Alley from the news stations, the report says only that she has health issues. It doesn't state that she has a history of depression, and suffers from bi-polar disorder. Muhammad made sure police knew this, even though they intentionally decided to leave it out. This is where the trick comes into play when a caucasian female is with a blackman, and the KKK cops don't like it. Should she go off and get missing, they'll paint a picture with a sad story. In truth, Sara and her huisband were happy before they came to Springettsbury, Pa. And now since she is missing, they are placing all sorts of surveillance on him. Even civilian white supremacists are watching Muhammad. Muhammad just don't understand why police are telling people his wife is within a mental hospital while the news companies claim that she is still missing. Since we have been covering this story there have been strangers slithering around where Muhammad lives and will just type things on their cell phones. It was said that they had to be seen shaking his hand on camera in order to make their mysterious reports credible. Anyone who witnessed Muhammad ans his wife together say they were happy people together. Racial psychological warfare is what seriously depressed Sara, despite what white supremacist cops, their judges, their lawyers, et cetera, may conclude. Sara tried being with caucasian men before she met Muhammad, but the men beat her, some had relationships with other women while they were together, and others just couldn't deal with the extremism of her bi-polar disorder. On the night Muhammad and sara met, she informed him that her uncle and aunts on her mother's side were racist against blacks. The spoke evil of Sara by telling everyone she was a sweet girl until she hit the age of 15. Then they claimed she couldn't be controlled anymore. So they stopped supporting her and constantly spoke ill about her.

When Muhammad met Sara, she looked stressed like how she looked in the picture posted by Fox 43 News and WGAL 8. The photos were from around 2006. https://www.ydr.com/story/news/2019/09/07/missing-woman-health-problems-springettsbury-township-police-seeking-help-finding-her/2245127001/. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/pa-sara-m-alley-62-springettsbury-township-york-county-1-september-2019.472220/. https://fox43.com/2019/09/06/police-looking-for-missing-woman-in-york-county/. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/0MmzXUu5/police-looking-for-missing-woman-in-york-county. In 2019, she didn't look anything like the photo. The cops just wanted to play games with a blackman's life by showing his mate looking in distress. Even though the picture is over 12 years old, today she looks nothing like it. So why are cps playing games with Muhammad? Why are they trying to keep his wife's whereabouts unknown to him? And why are blacks saying there is no racism in York, Pennsylvania, when even the media made recent reports? If cops will go on the internet and post hate speeches, how can they be trusted in society with other white supremacists? White supremacist youth who went on mass shooting sprees were indoctrinated by cops. The only problem is the youth get tired of hearing that the nigg--- and the latinos are problems for caucasians, and then decided to take action. Noone trust police in York or Springettsbury. All of the white supremacists have connections, and not all post their rhetoric on the internet. https://www.ydr.com/story/news/watchdog/2019/07/15/police-department-racist-s*xist-anti-muslim-facebook-posts-investigation-york-county/1660137001/. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/07/police-social-media-facebook-racism-islamophobia-bias/593131/. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/04/racist-posts-police-officers-social-media-accounts-trigger-wave-investigations/. And if Sara looks nothing like the photo they are displaying, if she's not within a mental institution, how do they expect to find her?

Noone is giving Muhammad any information about his wife. even a couple of lawyers were baffled at how strange the case is. Everyone just keeps warning Muhammad to be safe because white supremacist cops, and their black and latino attack dogs, are a dangerous force in York County. We were even told that the Chateau Motel has internet trolls who is targeting the facts within Muhammad's case. when people can't afford to pay their rent they'll do anything to keep a roof over their heads. This much York County white supremcists know! Most maniac cops were planted in their positions by those who control each Fraternal Order of Police. The highest of all police departments take their orders from someone higher up than themselves. But those who give orders from on high usually are hidden thanks to the local and national news medias.These evil racist cops who are more corrupt than the society they patrol must keep up with all the madness in order to be pushed out by robots.Many people want an end to police departments all across America because of mass injustice and rampant corruption. Nipsey Hussle was assassinated because police plotted against him with their secret society affiliates, and promised Eric Holder $75,000, and no time in prison for doing it. This is how they are getting rid of black leaders. In Muhammad's case, he's the lone Montu that battles forces using his staff. They fight against him by using lying informants from all sides. Muhammad is a very powerful blackman with more knowledge than most, and he is considered a major threat to white supremacy, and to their New World Order, some police proclaim. Keep Muhammad alone and you can control his power, some cops have said. The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon Muhammad, intended to promote stress and fear. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frfI-3EmWLs. When one goes against the Democratic New World Order, these are things that can happen to you. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/john-mcafee-poisoned-hospital-bitcoin-twitter-cryptocurrency-north-carolina-a8412341.html. Whether Americans know it or not,the devil has chosen the form of a woman! And that woman has stirred up many women everywhere. Most of these women are parasites lunging onto materialism by any means necessary. They are bringing down powerful men, and they have been used to prevent good men from succeeding where stability and balance was needed. Americans must understand that a pact was made by very evil men with very very evil women. The same as these men have tooken over countries and their resources, the same as women are taking over materialism by any means necessary. All of them have the same strategfy. Accuse a man of wrongdoing, start crying, demand that justice be served, and they want his head on a platter! Does this sound like a godly person to any of you? And when these evil women go after the men, they have no compassion for their wifes nor their families. But they will tell the wife to get on board or else. Women with real issues don't get powerful televised opportunities. But their plight will be used as a tool for human harvesting. White supremacists cops in York County, have been promulgating messages like; "Blackmen have no respect for white women and will drug them to hurt the white race, or that blackmen are getting at white men by disgracing their females." This is one reason Muhammad is being targeted. They don't care about Sara being mentally ill. All they care about is targeting a strong blackman. Even Euroamerican police officers, who were stopped at private white supremacist rallies, have been recorded as saying similar things. Many blackmen in York County are living in a constant state of fear by white supremacists and their many cops because there are nearby prisons.

White supremacists have disguised themselves under Democrats, under Republicans, and under Conservatives, and have no interest in solving the poor people's crisis. They believe the best way to do this is by first using prisons as a backup plan. Then comes the New World Order plans with poor people. First off, most prisons are held in remote Republcan location, and the Republcains count the prisoners on their taxes yearly. They are making a killing off of slaves. There is an extraordinary amount of money being made from mass incarceration in 2019, because part of it is due to private prisons. They make their money from caging human beings directly, but there's also a number of other corporate interests are profiting. Private phone companies that charge prisoners and their families extremely high rates, just to place phone calls, and remain in touch with loved ones, make millions per year. Taser gun manufacturers, and private healthcare providers that provide, typically, a bismal healthcare to people behind bars, secure very lucrative contracts. There is also private corporations, in 2019, that are using prison labor, rather than shipping jobs over seas. They pay prisoners pennies! And alot of furniture within state office buildings are made by black people in prisons. Blacks isn't just making license plates. They are making all sorts of things being used inside and outside the U.S. And mostly all of them are located in areas where there are farms. Almost all of them will loan out blacks to work the farms, where they get only pennies a day. THIS IS SLAVERY! And many of these agencies, get rewarded in cash, by the millions, for the numbers of people swept in for drug offenses, which helps to explain why so many law enforcement go out looking for black youth! Stopping, frisking and searching, as many people as possible, in hopes of boosting their numbers up, and continuing to qualify for funding. Anytime you put your prison on the New York Stock Market, it means you have a methodology to guarantee the commodity. And the commodity is to imprison young blackmen and women! They are given a number and is warehoused in a cell, becoming an warehouse receipt. More jails are kept up because of the warehouse receipt. And if you don't have anyone in jail, you're not making any money.

They claim there's a need to keep jails full. This should concvern blacks and latinos, but of course they are being represented by the Boule Society, who runs and manages all Civil Rights Organizations. And like I've stated on a couple of occasions, the Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate, and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul. In the Greek system, the Boule was the Lower House of Parliament. Charged with organizing the affairs of the city for the King. Let that sink in. This is an ancient story. The New World Order is The Old World Order. The elite Blacks of the Boule are culling and controlling their own for a slice of the elite Euroamerican man's pie. Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homos*xual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Any kind of top-notch black gets together and they have s*x with each other. These perversions are then cataloged and stored on record. Later, if needed, these abuses may be used as bargaining tools in the ULTIMATE GAME. And the Ultimate Game is capturing human souls. The Boule Society is everywhere. Anytime there is a black who gives white supremacy a problem the Boule will be there to crush him/her on all fronts. The Boule also seeks out and find all of those black people that are not members of any of their frats, and then decides how to get rid of them. The Boule feeds information to white supremacists and gives the okay for them to get rid of all those they find no favor in or with. The Boule Society is one of the most powerful organzations on the Planet earth, and they have pledged to destroy all who aren't part of their fraternity, or the many sub fraternities. They, like others, are supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana because it allows them to get an edge over most Americans. A large percentage of the black youth smoke marijuana, and it has altered their brain patterns in countless ways. They even have speech impedimants caused by marijuana.

Their memories are shot, which is why many of them can't remember intricate details. The Boule have studied the black population since it was first brought into existaence. Kill the roots and plant will die. Create a synthetic root and you'll have an inexplicable plant when comparing it to an organic one! Members of these black devils are in each and every black home! They are also responsible for the violence in black homes because of their teachings and philosophies! Marijuana was given by the Ancient Egiptian Deity"Geb." But it was not meant to be abused. Legalizing marijuana opens doors of abuse on all levels. Then there is a conflict of interest between States and the Federal Government. States are legalizing recreational marijuana but the Feds can still arrest and incarcerate Americans. Why can't Americans see this trick? All black leaders are freemasons tied in with the Illuminati. This Black elite society, based on Skull and Bones (Yale), was chosen by the U.S. Government (Illuminati) to run Black neighborhoods. And anywhere there are prominent professional Blacks, chances are they're in the Boule. The members of the Boule pose as Freedom Fighters or Civil Rights Activists on the surface. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people. The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul. Like other secret societies, the Boule encourages homos*xual trysts as initiation practices. This must be done to join the ranks. Any kind of top-notch house negro gets together and they screw each other. This is a fact we have personally witnessed. The same occurs amongst caucasian freemasons and those within secret societies. These perversions are then cataloged and stored on record. Later, if needed, these abuses may be used as bargaining tools for Trump's plan for America. Americans think that President Trump's people have been leaving because of certain inexplicable reasons. However, in truth, they departed because he had more intense Nazis laying wait for the call. There are many awaiting to serve Trump should others lose their positions or are forced to resign. This is all about his ultimate game! Whether Americans know it or not, Trump will bring fire and destruction to America for 2020. Many American cities are going to burnbecause this is his job that Satan assigned for him to fulfill!

The enemy may appear to sometimes have a caucasian face but it goes much deeper than that. This is a force cloaked within many facades, personas, fictions, and governing powers. The Boule Society members may speak ill of Trump, but everything happening within America can be witnessed in patterns. They are all working together despite their openly professed dislike for one another. And once they got those guns out of Americans hands, you will then see the true Boule Society at work!C Many caucasians know what is about to happen and they are risking their lives for their freedom. Black people, like thousands within Philly, are a threat to progress. You can't fight against the devil when so many are standing in between the devil and yourself, distracting and getting in the way. These elite systems promote dissension, division, hatred, bigotry and war. According to the ruling powers, people are objects that need to be controlled. Therefore, we have men and women in high places that are soulless and beyond the reach of normal reasoning processes. We have an ancient enemy with a large collection of demonic assistants. The evil elite has had a good run. Though they may be certain skin colors, certain nationalities and creeds, they are apart from you and me. They have long ago abdicated any and all connections to a shared humanity. This is why so much secrecy is involved with conspiracies against Muhammad and his wife Sara. This is another reason why the Chateau Motel, since the disappearance of Muhammad's wife, is fraught with informants, spies, and scoundrels. And they are all targeting Muhammad at a specific time of day, with specific intentions. He knows them all and is letting them play themselves. For they'll all soon see that Muhammad is a fighter for life. He is a true inspiration that a blackman with a caucasian female with bi-polar disorder, can commune without the use of drugs, alcohol, et cetera. Its a mind thing. And when the caucasian female with bi-polar is overstood, she will never betray the blackman. But white supremacists will use torture, if necessary, in many forms, to obatin iformation from her to hurt a blackman they consider a threat! A woman with a mental illness such as Sara's, when being dealt with by mental health personel, who are really technical witches and warlocks, undergo brain manipulation in the worst of ways. Sara has told Muhammad on several occasions that when she ends up in the hospital from time to time, they use some form of hypnosis to extract her thoughts. Many methods are used when being given electro shock therapy. Its an extreme medical practice with extreme intentions.
Posted By: george patel
Sunday, September 8th 2019 at 6:57PM
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