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SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

There is an element of evil that lurks in the shadows in America. White supremacists today are viewed as those who possess certain spider webbed or skull holding guns with smoke coming out of the barrels. But there is an older evil in the form of a man and a woman who are white supremacists that abide by the laws where they live. Most of them are tied in with corrupt cops who have made sure that through the years these people have never been convicted of crimes which would present an obstacle for them in the future. Most of these caucasians who are white supremacists are within their 80's. There is a man in Forsyth County, North Carolina, known as Pink Atkins (336) 769-0405 or (336) 682-3706, located at: 521 Farms Creek road in Kernersville, North Carolina, who, according to cops against white supremacists, ran guns for many many years at gun shows. He almost always dealt with white supremacists and white power militia, when it came to selling and moving AR-15 rifles, along with Bows and Arrows. His ties into white supremacy is very deep, and he never did gun deals and transactions with anyone other than white supremacists. Thousands or even hundreds of thousands of AR-15 styled rifles have traveled through his hands into the hands of white supremacists who have been involved with altercations with people of color. His son, "Bruce Atkins, located at: 7525 Watkins Ford road in Kernersville, North Carolina, is a tobacco farmer. Kernersville is a place fraught with white supremacist cops, and many white supremacists within the area are millionaires. Racial profiling has been a key issue in the town, and for many many years blacks have implied that the KKK had heavy influence within the area. Black motorists recieve more traffic tickets and are more prone to stops by police than their caucasian counterparts.

People like Pink Atkins believe that blacks and caucasians should never intermix nor marry. He has been quoted as saying that the only thing a blackman can do for him is shine his shoes or be his servant. Other than that, he doesn't care for having any sort of deals with black people. Pink has ran guns with bows and arrows for many decades into the hands of white supremacists. He may not stand on street corners professing hatred towards the black race but he does stand behind all of those who believe in punishments for blacks when they cross the line of white supremacist demands and beliefs. ink has pushed guns and other weaponry from North Carolina to Kansas to Wisconsin, and to many other states where white supremacist groups are a powerful hate force. He has attended Sedge Garden United Methodist Church (336)-788-2297, located at: 794 Sedge Garden Rd., in Kernersville, NC, for most of his life. This specific church has always housed many white power freaks for many years. Both white power freaks in Kernersville and Summerfield hold places in the courts and within many other places where they control the decisions on Public Relations. The Atkins and other family members are die hard Republicans. They also embraced the thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors of the late white supremacist Senator Jesse Helms. They embrace racist lawyers and judges. https://www.journalnow.com/news/crime/walkertown-lawyer-and-onetime-leader-of-white-supremacist-group-is/article_54c045f4-9cc3-587c-9acd-20cf6c42d270.html. Their racism rheoric for many decades is responsible for their offspring's terror. https://www.revealnews.org/article/inside-hate-groups-on-facebook-police-officers-trade-racist-memes-conspiracy-theories-and-islamophobia/. https://theintercept.com/2018/11/05/new-york-times-police-white-supremacy/. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mass_shootings_in_the_United_States. https://triad-city-beat.com/problem-northwest-guilford-high-school/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH6hnFYwfB0. https://www.vox.com/michael-brown-shooting-ferguson-mo/2014/8/19/6031759/ferguson-history-riots-police-brutality-civil-rights. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greensboro_massacre.

Many of the 80 plus years of age white supremacists like Pink Atkins is personally responsible for the hatred which is plaguing their communities and communities across the U.S. in 2019. These silent white supremacists in 2019, may have failing health, some of their wives may have had their breasts amuptated from cancer, but the hatred within them is just as strong as it was when they were in perfect health. They will die thinking that America is a caucasian country and all other races must submit to the will of white power. White supremacists in the United States have experienced a resurgence in the past three years, driven in large part by the rise of the alt right. The white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11-12, 2017, attracted some 600 extremists from around the country and ended in deadly violence. These shocking events served as a wake-up call for many Americans about a resurgent white supremacist movement in the United States. Modern white supremacist ideology is centered on the assertion that the caucasian race is in danger of extinction, drowned by a rising tide of non-caucasian people who are controlled and manipulated by Jews. White supremacists believe that almost any action is justified if it will help “save” the caucasian race. The white supremacist resurgence is driven in large part by the rise of the alt right, the newest segment of the white supremacist movement. Youth-oriented and overwhelmingly male, the alt right has provided new energy to the movement, but has also been a destabilizing force, much as racist skinheads were to the movement in the 1980s and early 1990s. The alt right has a white supremacist ideology heavily influenced by a number of sources, including paleoconservatism, neo-Nazism and fascism, identitarianism, renegade conservatives and right-wing conspiracy theorists. The alt right also possesses its own distinct subculture, derived especially from the misogynists of the so-called “manosphere” and from online discussion forums such as 4chan, 8chan and Reddit. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/26/opinion/william-barber-trumps-judge-farr.html. https://pulse.ncpolicywatch.org/2019/08/26/armed-kkk-members-demonstrate-in-hillsborough-are-outnumbered-by-protesters/. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/27/julian-castro-beto-orourke-section-immigration-illegal-coleman-livingstone-blease/?noredirect=on.

Though aspects of the alt right date back to 2008, it was Donald Trump’s entry in 2015 into the 2016 presidential race that really energized the alt right and caused it to become highly active in support of Trump. This activism drew media attention that provided publicity for the alt right and allowed it to grow further. The alt right interpreted Trump’s success at the polls in November 2016 as a success for their own movement as well. After the election, the alt right moved from online activism into the real world, forming real-world groups and organizations and engaging in tactics such as targeting college campuses. The alt right also expanded its online propaganda efforts, especially through podcasting. Violence and crime represent the most serious problems emanating from the white supremacist movement. White supremacists have killed more people in recent years than any other type of domestic extremist (54% of all domestic extremist-related murders in the past 10 years). They are also a troubling source of domestic terror incidents (including 13 plots or attacks within the past five years). Murders and terror plots represent only the tip of the iceberg of white supremacist violence, as there are many more incidents involving less serious crimes, including attempted murders, assaults, weapons and explosives violations, and more. In addition, white supremacists engage in a lot of non-ideological crime, including crimes of violence against women and drug-related crimes. Young caucasian men have been responsible for many of the most recent mass shootings in this country. https://www.injusticewatch.org/interactives/cops-troubling-facebook-posts-revealed/ https://www.revealnews.org/article/these-police-officers-were-members-of-extremist-groups-on-facebook/.

White supremacists are no different today with the rhetoric than Pink Atkins and his thousands of affiliates. Everything from the words ‘invasion’ to the idea that people are going to replace caucasians, has been part of their speeches for over 80 years. Most of today's white supremacists come from a so-called loving family. It's the time when young people are really trying to develop that sense of identity, community and purpose. And if young people are feeling marginalized or maybe they're vulnerable, and they get detoured by potholes, the things in life that we encounter, things like trauma or mental health issues, or poverty or joblessness, or even privilege which can keep many within in a bubble. Those types of things detour people as they're searching for identity, community, and purpose. On the fringes there is always somebody with a narrative, ready to give it to them and [to] certainly blame somebody else for the pain that they're feeling. People like Pink Atkins, and the many white supremacist cops, judges, lawyers, et cetera, must die out before America can move forward as a nation. If not, then this country will end with bloody massacres everywhere. Blackmen with caucasian females, who have mental disabilities, are prime targets for the white supremacist thinkers each time the female have episodes. They want to place blame on blackmen because it sooths them from having to blame pharmacuetical companies and psychiatrists who have failed their families. When a woman recieves electro shock treatment 2 times within a 2 year period, it does something to her mind. And for white power freaks to always place blame on a blackman because the woman cracks up from time to time is both mean and unjust. They sidelined those within their families who suffer friom extreme mental disabilities because they don't have the patience nor the compassion to work with them on a daily basis, even if it takes years.

When Pink Atkins' sister-in-law, Rebecca Stuart (336) 993-9492, located at: 1281 Stuart Run Rd., in Kernersville, NC, lost her daughter Anna Wright, who layed down on a couch and died from a brain tumor, the first person suspected of her death was her black husband, "Eric Wright." This is the normal response for those who don't agree with interracial relationships. Anna suffered from bi-polar and the pressure from white supremacists and the white power views from her elder relatives was too much for her to bare. She was a troubled girl all of the time, according to very reliable sources. White supremacists don't know that many caucasian females with mental disabilities move towards blackmen because many blackmen are more compassionate than caucasian men. Caucasian men are more prone to cracking up and killing the woman and themselves, which gets very little criticism from white supremacists. The way they see it, if their women has to be killed they would prefer being the ones who do it. Its a crazy rhetoric, but this is those extreme views of white supremacists in the south. White supremacists within their 80's are responsible for the deep historical racism rhetoric which has molded young caucasian boys into psychotic serial killers. They are willing to sacrifice their youth for the sake of, as they say, saving their race. Every gun or AR-15 rifle Pink Atkins, and thousands of others have handled, have fell into the hands of lunatics. And this was in fact pre-planned. Stable white power caucasians within their 80's aren't stupid. They are well grounded and is aware of everything they say and do. Pink Atkins has ties to some of the most calculative and racist caucasians in the south, and within the midwest. They have never had a blackman within their circles. They believe in using blacks and hispanics against each other in order to take down both races once they take down the primary targets. Hispanics don't see them as a threat because the white supremacists allow them to work and live near their neighborhoods. But from time to time the hispanics get a wake up call by white supremacists who express that the hispanics better not get too much money or too many businesses, sending caucasians into poverty. Before those within their 80's die out, they want to make sure that the young caucasian generations understand that white power is the desired remedy for the advancement of their race. Those Baby Boomers and those within Generation X, who are tied in with the white supremacists, is responsible for keeping the hate fresh within the minds of the youth. In York, Pennsylvania, white supremacists are tied in with the Harley Davidson Company, and rides their motor cycles into so-called minority communities keeping watch and spreading poison to their plants within those communities.

Most of the plants appear poverty stricken, but their job is to make sure that black people hate black people. They are also reponsible for making sure that there is a hatred between blacks and hispanics. The work is continous. Blacks within York, and neighboring towns, are taught to not even speak to one another when they are passing by each other. They are taught to hate the image of being black, nevertheless, connected to it. And white supremacists in York and in Springettsbury has the same strategy as those white supremacists within the south. They believe in allowing blacks to have jobs and make money, but before they get too much money, they have to be cut down. This white supremacist strategy is spreading like wild fire all across the U.S. And who is it that makes sure that the white supremacist demands are met? The Black Illuminati or the Boule Society, the hispanic Illuminati, black and hispanic Eastern Stars and freemasons, and many within other secret societies. They are the primary "Keys" to why black and latino communities is highly poverty stricken, and psychotic killers are shooting others over some of the most stupid of reasons. Blacks and latinos better wake up because a storm is coming, and it is going to get very bloody.

In Conclusion: There is a deeper evil taking place and many Americans are unaware. Countless cops, along with the CIA, is part of a drug trafficking scheme to exploring the corruption of government. A never ending cycle of big money bullies using bribery and intimidation to force agendas is devastating to the American way of life. The idea is that the schemers love to play with people, divide them and play both sides in order to create a controlled demolition of the American way of life. In a predatory state where intimidation is seems to be the way politicians do business in the apocalypse, the average American does not realize the mental traps that are intentionally set to get a reaction and to foment an age of turmoil and division. There are still a few people out there that are so hopeful that things will change that we ignore that they really haven’t. The problem is how we can’t identify the problem of government overreach because we blame it on a political party and how right and left wing extremists are the Nazis, the fascists, and the Marxists in our midst. Isn’t it obvious that the entire government is corrupt, and that Nazi / Marxist suspicion is really the ghost of good old fashioned fascism whispering in your ear that ‘something wicked this way comes‘? Can we not determine that there is a plan afoot with all of the same trappings that were set prior to many extremist coup-d’etats that have been recorded in history? Can we see this as a warning that someone or some organization with a truckload of non-traceable money is about to commit another crime of the century that is equivalent to either 9/11 or the Boston Bombings? The war that we are waiting for is a war from within and it is being created by spin doctors that wish to see civil upheaval through collapse and implosion of the rule of law. It is time that our nation, as a collective whole, toughens its emotional skin and stop pretending that whatever horrors are happening are going to change or go away soon. Otherwise, we will make harsh judgments on our fellow man based on programmed prejudices that have been fortified by pundits who wish to keep pushing the right and left paradigm.

Our mainstream thinking is that our home, our government, our system is too great to fail. We need to bring into perspective the reality those who place themselves above us, will soon see their end too. The whole machine is showing signs of corruption. This spans the entire political spectrum, from Republican to Democrat. Ambition, while admirable, can also be detrimental if it has its foundation in lawlessness and uses the pain of others for unknown ends. This nation will eventually become undeveloped and we will no longer have the luxuries we once cherished. The dangerously naïve in this country, comfortable in their manicured lawn suburban sprawl, complacent with American Idol, and Sports will discount the possibility that a there could be civil unrest, war, bio threat and even a coup that bring about a dictatorship in this country. It is becoming evident that if anyone points out that sociopaths or psychopaths are creating and taking advantage of crisis they will be labeled a lunatic or worse. We need to be mindful of what was written in Section 5 of the Project for the New American Century. It was proposed by neo-cons and war hawks that change begins when there are trigger events to set off the chaos. We can easily perceive that a terror event or a “homeland” crisis is looming. We have been programmed for this since the days of the Bush administration. We can also read over many documents and facts that point to the possibility that what the future holds is a mass uprising and possible mega-death scenario that will create chaos in a country that already has been ravaged by economic debt and victimized by a terrorist event and the paranoia of an unknown enemy ready to strike. Each time there is a crisis on the horizon, or there is an attack no matter how minor or major, the dialogue in the media is open to socialist programs, growth in the national security state and how we can eliminate extremists. The definition of extremist is loosely defined.

There is also an immediate response from both political parties as to how failures within an administration are to blame and how the answer is with the alternative. The problem is we have been choosing one or the other because the system coerces you into thinking that only two parties are capable of protecting and providing a solid plan to combat the threats that exist. All the while they are incapable of identifying the threat that is within the ranks of both political groups. During elections, some Americans are cocksure that the choice to remove one incompetent administration is guarantee that the new choice will not continue the same corrupt policies and ideologies. These individuals figured that if they could give the people two candidates with the same socialist goals but still call one a “Democrat” and one a “Republican”, they could give the people the illusion of choice while keeping the country headed in the same direction no matter who was elected to office. The two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shift in policy. We are now feeling a climate of intimidation and dissension. Ranks are splitting on what is truly going on and things are getting too real and too bizarre for some people. It can only be speculated that there is a hidden hand in all of this, and that hidden hand is providing a means to provide enough misinformation and confusion to generate hatred between the citizens of the United States. The question is who is behind all of this and what their goals are. There is an axiom that comes from the movie ‘All the President’s Men‘ that’s says if you want to know who is behind malfeasance just “follow the money“. Money buys political influence and it is money that buys off people in the media who shift their positions abruptly in order to look as if they have nothing to do with pushing an agenda, when all along their souls have been bought off.

We all know that both conservative and liberal groups have rushed to create non-profit organizations that supposedly exist to work on “social welfare” causes. The truth is that they are fronts to raise what is called “dark money” in order to secretly spin the political views in the zeitgeist. Most of the money they generate is sent by private donors and these organizations do not have to reveal who those donors are. “Dark money” pushes agendas and spins the political climate and this is why we see the tide turn against those who wish to stand up to the oligarchy. By law, candidates and elected officials cannot coordinate with these so-called “shell groups,” “front organizations” or “fence groups” during an election or to shape policy. It’s a crime to do so, but that hasn’t stopped the super rich banksters and gatekeepers like Charles and David Koch from helping politicians of both parties get elected – and then calling in political favors. During one of their secret meetings an official donor list was left behind and on that list it has been proposed were the names of those who drop heavy money into pushing different agendas. Now the scary part is the Koch brothers and others like George Soros are actually playing on the same side as both have enough funds to play both sides against each other creating a chaotic body politic. Both claim to have right wing and left wing interests and yet both sides seem to be creating the same atmosphere of enabling what can be called a controlled demolition of the United States. Another multibillion dollar agenda pusher is the head of the powerful DeVos family led by Amway tycoon Richard DeVos Jr. who pushes his authoritarian agendas that enable both left and right wing discord. The conspiracy that is happening between the big money families can only be speculated about because the default is to say that it is all about the right wing when both sides are being played and many politicians and others are being bought off in order to spin a certain agenda.

It is a dark and sinister underworld where bribery and intimidation are used to get certain outcomes. Now we are seeing turmoil and confusion in the United States. Is it any wonder why these things are happening? Is it a vast right wing or left wing conspiracy or is it simply a conspiracy of enablers with enough money that is being generated by shell organizations that answer to multi-billion dollar controllers that have the power to put certain people intro positions of power and eliminate those who cross them? There are many blanket crises that can be targeted and followed and eventually you can reveal who benefits monetarily from all of the pain and suffering. Sham profiteering and megalomaniacal power players are now getting too much power in our new found predator state and are more than likely planning the next crisis to carry out. It can either be a world war or a range war, it does not matter because the war is always against you and they benefit from some sick and twisted disaster capitalism blueprint, that is a valuable in influencing your vote and your decisions about how you plan your future.
Posted By: george patel
Monday, September 9th 2019 at 10:46AM
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"... these caucasians who are white supremacists are within their 80's... in Forsyth County, North Carolina,

white supremacist...s Pink Atkins....Pink Atkins' sister-in-law, Rebecca Stuart (336) 993-9492, located at:

1281 Stuart Run Rd., in Kernersville, NC, lost her daughter Anna Wright, who layed down on a couch and

died from a brain tumor, the first person suspected of her death was her black husband, "Eric Wright."

Posted By: george patel
Monday, September 9th 2019 at 10:46AM
You can also click here to view all posts by this author...


Thanks again for a 'heads up' about North Carolina gun running....

…..Hey you always give good info... more than BIA northCarolina..African American 'harryWatley'

Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 9:13PM
robert powell

SEPTEMBER 12, 2019

September 11th is the birthday of Muhammad's wife who has been missing for ver 10 days now. And there have been plants, informants, and attacks used against him since September 6, 2019. Blackmen, one who lives at the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714, located at: 3951 East Market Street, along with anopther who is from York, posed as friends to Muhammad, but according to very reliable sources, was overheard plotting with the South Korean owner, Mrs. Kim, who have been doing covert opts against Muhammad using her female motel worker, who is a racist. Not long ago, according to video, Mrs. Kim was witnessed pushing a young caucasian female with a son, and they fought a bit. She kicked her out of room #104, but according to some very important figures in York, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Kimk is doing somethings for the Springettsbury Police against Muhammad which is why she is not in jail for assault. Mrs. Kim have been instructed to not only create credible character lies against Muhammad, but she must also use as many people as she can in her conspiracies against him. Guests at the motel state that she is owed money by her informants. Blacks don't mind speaking ill and lying against another black just so long as they are being compensated for it. And per instruction by white supremacist cops, her methods will never be unfolded because she knows when to be nice to certain tenants and when to cause problems. Muhammad's wife has been in the missing persons all across the internet and several people have contacted Mrs. Kim on September 11, 2019, asking her questions. Mrs. Kim, according to phone records, informed those who contacted her that Muhammad's wife wasn't missing and police instructed her not to let him know of his wife's whereabouts, since he is black and she is caucasian. Police also stated that they are watching each and everything Muhammad does and where he goes because their mission is to see that he is homeless so they can attack. This was stated from a white supremacist cop to someone that informed Muhammad of the plot.

Police think they will never be found out, but according to a law enforcement agent miles away from York, he said that it wasn't hard for the FBI to see who all are involved in this conspiracy against Muhammad. All of the players have roles, and because Muhammad is gone everyday, they have no character analysis to give against him thats truthful. Certain Guests and people who just drive by have witnessed Mrs. Kim's informants within his room. She has the backing of the Springettsbury Police Department on her side, and this is why she is getting away with alot. White supremacists want him dead and they are using alot of players, including blacks. If the feds can't sift through the conspiracy against Muhammad, they will unravel unimagineable injustice and corruption from the highest of levels. For those who can't remember the Muhammad Eury and Sara Alley case, we will once again reveal the plots and conspiracies. In the threads entitled, "" MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA... PART 1", MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA....PART 2', "PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA.", PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA...PART 2", WE MUST KILL MUHAMMAD EURY, THEY ARE CHANTING, and "ARE BLACKMEN TARGETS WHO DATE OR MARRY CAUCASIAN FEMALES WITH BI-POLAR DISORDER?", we covered territory on alot of issues. One of the main issues being the missing woman in York County. Even up to date, police has not informed the blackman staying at the Chateau Motel (717)757-1714, located at: 3851 East Market street in Springettsbury/York, Pennsylvania. on whether or not his wife is okay. Sara Alley has been missing since Sunday, September 1, 2019, and noone has told her husband anything as of yet. And instead of the cops working with the blackman, mysterious parties are moving into the Chateau Motel with white power tattoos, even though they think Muhammad is ignorant of the ink, and have witnessed Muhammad staring off into space. They would then go over to where he was sitting and would start conversations. And at the same time they would be on their cell phones sending out information as if Muhammad was speaking with him. Muhammad has witnesses that will testify that he doesn't talk to anyone he don't know. People will make up stories on targets, especially white supremacists towards highly intelligent blackmen. But white supremacists aren't the only threats. Blacks casn be major threats as well. Muhammad was instructed to stand clear of certain blackmen at the Chateau Motel because they were in cahoots with the racist motel worker name Pam, and her partner, Mark.

Various parties have been sent to the Chateau Motel to find out what type of people Pam and Mark were. Everyone who knows them say they are not only open racists against black people, but they are also in cahoots with white supremacist cops in Springettsbury (717) 757-3525. Maybe this was why Pam, the motel worker, went around telling people that the cop she knew told her Muhammad's wife was within a mental hospital. Several Guests know that its important not to talk in front of Pam because she will distort conversations she overhear, and will feed the information to the motel owner and others. Most of what she alleges send others out on wild goose chases, but because of her dedication to being an informant, they still use her. Mark, however, according to sources, is a whole different animal. He has deep connections to white power freaks in York and other counties. A blackman is either always a liar or doesn't know what he is talking about, in his book. Witnesses have overheard Mark and Pam saying some seriously racist things about black people. But when they get whiff that this information is going around about them, they'll then be nice to one or two black people until they gain their trust. Afterwards, they'll go on being racist against other blacks and when the claim of "racism" comes up against them, it will be those blacks that they've mind looped who will testify, secretly, that they are not racists. They may even give their black attack dogs a ride who doesn't own a vehicle. To that black person it means a lot. Its just so sad how racism is so deeply embedded within the consciousness of most caucasians in York County.

Black church members in York County say that they haven't experienced racism, which is alleged for the sole purpose of killing racial discrimination claims. Black freemasons and Eastern Stars are a powerful demonic force in 2019. They not only uphold white supremacy but also teach black youth to submit to it. Muhammad was told by powerful caucasian men in York that he was staying within an area where klansmen and klans women were in control. Muhammad then informed the powerful men how his wife was being kept from him by racist cops who are trying to separate them. The men told Muhammad that Pam, the Chateau Motel worker, informing people that his wife was within a mental hospital while police claimed that they didn't know where she was is a trick with white supremacists that don't want to see the couple together. They even went more indepth by saying that the officer who spoke with Muhammad on Friday, September 6, 2019, and did a missing persons, even though Muhammad had contacted police nearly 5 days prior, reporting that his wife was missing, used malicious and racist tactics backed up by his badge. He wasn't really trying to help Muhammad. The cop asked for the number of his wife's surviving elderly relatives, and that same cop contacted them and painted a terrible picture to the old racist relatives of Sara Alley. White supremacists in North Carolina are no different than those within York County. And the fact many of them work on the police forces, who are complained about, usually conduct their own investigations for one aanother which is very scary. The cop can't say that he didn't speak ill about Muhammad because Sara's racist uncles and aunts talked about it all over Forsyth County, North Carolina. The information even got to Muhammad's uncle, who is a private attorney in North Carolina. Cops in Springettsbury, and other neighboring towns, are very corrupt and racist. If one makes claims against cops from one police department, police from another township would then target that person(s). One important factor with white supremacists and those blacks who support them, is that their targets must be made to appear either verbally abusive, prone to violence, unstable, et cetera. And they'll use their Freudian psychological mind games and lies to make sure their fabricated reports read the way it is.

When one review a picture of Sara Alley from the news stations, the report says only that she has health issues. It doesn't state that she has a history of depression, and suffers from bi-polar disorder. Muhammad made sure police knew this, even though they intentionally decided to leave it out. This is where the trick comes into play when a caucasian female is with a blackman, and the KKK cops don't like it. Should she go off and get missing, they'll paint a picture with a sad story. In truth, Sara and her huisband were happy before they came to Springettsbury, Pa. And now since she is missing, they are placing all sorts of surveillance on him. Even civilian white supremacists are watching Muhammad. Muhammad just don't understand why police are telling people his wife is within a mental hospital while the news companies claim that she is still missing. Since we have been covering this story there have been strangers slithering around where Muhammad lives and will just type things on their cell phones. It was said that they had to be seen shaking his hand on camera in order to make their mysterious reports credible. Anyone who witnessed Muhammad ans his wife together say they were happy people together. Racial psychological warfare is what seriously depressed Sara, despite what white supremacist cops, their judges, their lawyers, et cetera, may conclude. Sara tried being with caucasian men before she met Muhammad, but the men beat her, some had relationships with other women while they were together, and others just couldn't deal with the extremism of her bi-polar disorder. On the night Muhammad and sara met, she informed him that her uncle and aunts on her mother's side were racist against blacks. The spoke evil of Sara by telling everyone she was a sweet girl until she hit the age of 15. Then they claimed she couldn't be controlled anymore. So they stopped supporting her and constantly spoke ill about her.

When Muhammad met Sara, she looked stressed like how she looked in the picture posted by Fox 43 News and WGAL 8. The photos were from around 2006. https://www.ydr.com/story/news/2019/09/07/missing-woman-health-problems-springettsbury-township-police-seeking-help-finding-her/2245127001/. https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/pa-sara-m-alley-62-springettsbury-township-york-county-1-september-2019.472220/. https://fox43.com/2019/09/06/police-looking-for-missing-woman-in-york-county/. https://www.newsbreak.com/news/0MmzXUu5/police-looking-for-missing-woman-in-york-county. In 2019, she didn't look anything like the photo. The cops just wanted to play games with a blackman's life by showing his mate looking in distress. Even though the picture is over 12 years old, today she looks nothing like it. So why are cps playing games with Muhammad? Why are they trying to keep his wife's whereabouts unknown to him? And why are blacks saying there is no racism in York, Pennsylvania, when even the media made recent reports? If cops will go on the internet and post hate speeches, how can they be trusted in society with other white supremacists? White supremacist youth who went on mass shooting sprees were indoctrinated by cops. The only problem is the youth get tired of hearing that the nigg--- and the latinos are problems for caucasians, and then decided to take action. Noone trust police in York or Springettsbury. All of the white supremacists have connections, and not all post their rhetoric on the internet. https://www.ydr.com/story/news/watchdog/2019/07/15/police-department-racist-s*xist-anti-muslim-facebook-posts-investigation-york-county/1660137001/. https://www.citylab.com/equity/2019/07/police-social-media-facebook-racism-islamophobia-bias/593131/. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/04/racist-posts-police-officers-social-media-accounts-trigger-wave-investigations/. And if Sara looks nothing like the photo they are displaying, if she's not within a mental institution, how do they expect to find her?

Noone is giving Muhammad any information about his wife. even a couple of lawyers were baffled at how strange the case is. Everyone just keeps warning Muhammad to be safe because white supremacist cops, and their black and latino attack dogs, are a dangerous force in York County. We were even told that the Chateau Motel has internet trolls who is targeting the facts within Muhammad's case. when people can't afford to pay their rent they'll do anything to keep a roof over their heads. This much York County white supremcists know! Most maniac cops were planted in their positions by those who control each Fraternal Order of Police. The highest of all police departments take their orders from someone higher up than themselves. But those who give orders from on high usually are hidden thanks to the local and national news medias.These evil racist cops who are more corrupt than the society they patrol must keep up with all the madness in order to be pushed out by robots.Many people want an end to police departments all across America because of mass injustice and rampant corruption. Nipsey Hussle was assassinated because police plotted against him with their secret society affiliates, and promised Eric Holder $75,000, and no time in prison for doing it. This is how they are getting rid of black leaders. In Muhammad's case, he's the lone Montu that battles forces using his staff. They fight against him by using lying informants from all sides. Muhammad is a very powerful blackman with more knowledge than most, and he is considered a major threat to white supremacy, and to their New World Order, some police proclaim. Keep Muhammad alone and you can control his power, some cops have said. The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon Muhammad, intended to promote stress and fear.

Blacks and caucasians on drugs are being used against Muhammad and other threats against white supremacy or the New World Order. Since the 1990's, crack addicts have evolved into horrible creatures. Much of this have to do with how cocaine was made into synthetic forms. Those who designed the new strains of cocaine, which is now being used to make crack, first studied the human mind. Strains were designed to produce specific psychological outcomes. The same is occurring with marijuana. Many Baby Boomers proclaim that marijuana in 2019, is nothing like the marijuana in the 1970's, the 1980's, and the 1990's. During the previous decades, marijuana users would develope cotton mouth from using, and would eat alot. Later, they would desire s*x or would just go to bed. They very seldom got violent, and no chaos came from them. Now, since the government have developed synthetic marijuana, which is being called by many names, people are losing their minds, getting violent, and is committing crimes. Synthetic marijuana and other drugs are in every facet of society. The natural marijuana is being pushed out of existence. This is one reason for very high crime rates! Take for an instance the elements within the link above. Crack heads are professing to be christain, muslim, et cetera. And if you analyze their minds it will become clear that they have alterior motives. Many work for with the feds or with local police as spies because crack heads will do and say anything for a hit. Even police use to pose as drug addicts before the turn of the millenium, and would have to go through alot of detox and therapy. In 2017, drug addicts are used to do the work police once did.

Police will meet with the addicts in secret locations, or will correspond with another who knows or has ties to the addicts. THe addicts will then be fed information about the targets they are suppose to keep watch on. And from that point, they will make up other things on the targets as they go. A little bit of the truth, and alot of lies seem to have been working for quite some time in neutralizing the targets. No matter where you live, if you are a target, they will find some way into your homes. They may even stand outside your windows or doors trying to listen in on your conversations. People who rent from drug addict homeowners go through the worse. They'll play games like blowing fuses to agitate the tenants, spend up all their money and then complain that they are in serious need of more money, try and force the tenants with some scare tactics, while implementing triple agents. In Philadelphia, this occurs alot in black and latino communities. And when you trace the plights to their orgin, it will always lead back to a freemason, an eastern star, local police, or the federal government. This is another reason why its not a priority for them to get rid of synthetics. The synthetics make people act according to how they want them to act. And according to sources, Block captains (heads of street blocks) are being used by those above as well. Block captains have turned their backs on their communities and only exist for the purpose of keeping others informed on what goes on in the communities. Lies seem to benefit all involved in 2019, until they get caught. And then those they report to will make them suffer alone, instructing to keep their names out of it or else.

As of September 11, 2019, Muhammad hasn't heard anything about his wife. Mrs. Kim, the owner at the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714, is telling everyone she knows, according to leaks, that police informed her Sara Alley was within a mental institution, and that police and some feds don't want Muhammad and his wife together anymore. Blackmen are saying that they are trying to extract information if she is within a mental institution, from her to use to bury him. But Sara loves Muhammad. They will either drug her up or give her electro shock treatment to make her incoherent. Many many blacks say that white supremacists working with mental health is a deadly combination against interracial couples and marriages. All black people are not brothers because there are two kinds. The peaceful ones and the non-peaceful ones. Muhmmad is a peaceful one in the presence of ravenous wolves and other predators. They will seek to get what they want by any means necessary which is why the black race is not trusted as friends in York. Caucasians know the type of stuff blacks say and do against one another which is one reason they are not trusted any other races. At least 75 blacks have given graphic details about assassinations implemented against undesired blacks who had knowledge of self, and worked to bring black people closer. The sad thing about what goes on in highly populated black and latino areas is how drug addicts infiltrate many walks of life. Before the late President Hugo Chavez was murdered by shapeshifting forces who got something within him, he warned Americans that the U.S. Government, and the Military, whether International or home based, would use the weather as a weapon against the people. Cops in York is saying Muhammad has knowledge of some heavy stuff which is why he is so much of a threat.

Believe it or not, when Americans were born in this country, their genetic makeup was kept in large filing systems held in remote areas around the country, until expose. Once exposed, they moved from West Virginia, to countless other regions. And from these genetic makeups, your government, through scientists, mediums, witches, and warlocks, et cetera, could determine whether or not you would be a threat to their existence! Americans don't have to believe this! But its irrefutable facts! From the very beginning of many births on Earth, certain humans have been assigned soul ties who watch them throughout their existence. They are responsible for the success, the failures, and the deaths of these humans. Muhammad Eury is a threat against white supremacy, and even if cops feed information back to sources in rebuttal to these facts, Americans must ask themselves,"If Muhammad is not a threat and noone is doing anything to him, why is there so much secrecy about him?" Why are people who haven't had jobs mysteriously being employed? Why are Guests who are weeks late on their payments at the Chateau Motel being allowed to stay for a time? Why do Mrs. Kim seem to lie on Muhammad every chance she gets even though she nor her workers ever speak much to him? Why was Mrs. Kim's husband wanting to leave her and go back to South Korea to marry another woman if Mrs. Kim is not a monster? Alot is going on and there are so many conspiracies in York and Springettsbury, Pa., along with conspiracies within nearby towns. Many unconscious blackmen and women in York will challenege any black person they don't know. Their self hatred against the black race is based on their actions and their speeches. So they can deny that they hate themselves. However, white supremacist cops and civilians work with each other and use the zombie blacks as a weapon against black threats! Muhammad has alot of witnesses who have seen, heard, and video recorded conspiracies from a large number of people who doesn't know him. They are taking up swords against him because white supremacist claim they have the backing of some feds to do it.

There are also many many Boule Society members in York, Pa., who work using broken forms of Freudian psychology to get their point across. Every blackman and woman they meet is told about prison or jails, as if this is the way they want the people to see their individual lives. Join a church or an institution and be accounted for or noone will help you in anyway. You must join forces with Satan in order to be protected from satan! Imagine that! The Boule Society works with white supremacists, and when black people are accounted for by the Boule, they'll keep them in check for white supremacists. Thus, there will be no individual thinkers. You must conform to one frame of mind and that is hating those who are independent thinkers! Not all cauucasians are white supremacists in York. But those who aren't have been exposed to the worse sort of black people. Not black people like Muhammad Eury. Mrs. Kim says told someone who told someone else that the cops plan for Muhammad is to see that he can't afford to pay his motel bill. He has furniture within the motel and will lose it all, they assume. If he has nowhere to go, they allege, then it will be easier to handle him. Just keep your eyes and ears open for what happens to Muhammad between now and September 20th. T^his will indeed be an eye opener to the entire world.

In Conclusion: Many people in York, Pa., have concerns about more laws that will take away their civil liberties. They believe that that by 2020, we will be seeing the complete and utter breakdown of the structures of everyday life. What they are referring to is the distribution, cost, and availability of food, fresh water, energy, healthcare, income and basic security. They fear that the police are being empowered to harass and exploit the poor and the minorities and the lack of resiliency of many of the core values that have been broken down by the Government. They are expressly concerned about how traditional liberal values are being broken down by extremist and that while they want a lot of social programs they do not want to see our country leap into democratic socialism. Since 9/11, it seems that the country has been in a cascading crisis. When the Towers fell in 2001, we started to see a bundle of systems collapse with them. History has shown that complex systems are connected in many ways so the collapse of one system triggers crises in all the systems it is connected to. Not only did the Twin Towers look as if they were brought down in a controlled demolition but so was our ability as Americans to think rationally and even before the smoke cleared and ashes settled, those who planned this destruction were also planning the rebooting of our entire way of life in America and they were well aware of what it would look like 20 years after. In the emotional wake of 9/11, a shocked and grieving nation demanded answers and justice. However we did not get justice, what we got was punishment. We were all marked as potential criminals with the Patriot Act. The law dramatically expanded the government’s ability to gather surveillance, broadened the definition of terrorism and sought to strengthen border security. It led to roving wiretaps and the much-criticized collection and storage of U.S. citizens’ phone and internet metadata while requiring communications companies to hand over that data. The Patriot Act also ultimately helped force into the public sphere a debate over the conflict between the government’s desire to protect its citizens and its citizens’ civil liberties.

What people forget is just how fast the Patriot Act was enacted. The nearly 300-page law was enacted in less than a month after the 9/11 attacks. It was not available to the public and was barely made available to members of Congress. It is obvious that members of Congress had no time to read it. The bill was rushed through and the United States of America, as we once knew her, was no more. A survey found that nearly 65% of Americans do not believe the official government narrative of September 11th. So this makes a good majority of American conspiracy theorists and since the 9/11atttack but the government and the media have discouraged anyone from talking out of line about the government’s official story about the attacks. However, the fact that the Patriot Act was obviously written long before that awful day in September should set off alarms and yet people wish to argue over whether or not a two towers and free fall to the ground, whether or not building seven was brought down in a controlled demolition or whether or not Jewish businessmen were told not to come in that day and while those stories are part of the conspiracy lore, the details get lost in the no plane theories and whatever else is discussed to cloud the issue. We know that the establishment has long used the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit any idea in the public sphere that has anti-establishment leanings or runs counter to the government’s narrative regarding an event or situation. In 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) wrote a dispatch which coined the term to discredit those Americans who were not content with the findings of the Warren Commission following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The dispatch, which was obtained by the New York Times in 1976, was part of the CIA’s Clandestine Services unit and was classified as “psychological operations.” The document also lays out the exact arguments used by the establishment for years to discredit certain theories such as: claiming that eyewitness testimony is unreliable, claiming that it’s irresponsible to speculate, claiming its impossible for so many people to keep quiet about large conspiracies, claiming conspiracy theorists are politically or financially motivated in the promotion of these theories and refocusing attention on “official” reports. Despite the CIA’s best efforts, the belief in conspiracy theories remains alive and well in the United States and many once-ridiculed conspiracies have been proven to be fact as information became declassified and publicly available. In fact, the assassination of President Kennedy has long been the most widely believed “conspiracy theory” among the US populace, with over 60% of Americans believing that Kennedy’s death was part of a larger conspiracy and not the work of a lone gunman. Now, another “conspiracy theory” is approaching that same level of acceptance as over half of Americans do not believe that government’s official narrative regarding the September 11th attacks. During his election campaign, President Trump stated that he did not believe the official story about 9/11 but I can bet you that he would not say that now, however, I could be wrong. He also has struck up some controversy over his attempts to meet with the Taliban at Camp David, especially when the meeting was scheduled so close to the anniversary of the attack on the United States. The president’s surprise announcement, and the swift emergence of competing versions of events was in keeping with Trump’s impulsive-seeming and highly personalized style of handling complex international diplomacy.

However, it appears to be a sore spot that his Neocon associates are taking issue with. It looks like the impulsive President has again stepped out of line and has offended his Neocon handlers like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo that were in on the letter of intent called “The Project for the New American Century. “ The Project for the New American Century was the manifesto that uncannily inferred that the United States would gladly spend more money for defense abroad if there was a New Pearl Harbor and event that would significantly stir up anger in the United States and allow for the Neocon war hawks to conduct their wars in the Middle East. Not only did the document say that a New Pearl Harbor would have to happen to secure the war footing, but a chemical or biological weapons attack on the United States would also be effective in order to convince the people that the threat warranted a long-standing war. For those that are unfamiliar with the plan, I can explain that years before George W. Bush entered the White House, and years before the Sept. 11 attacks set the direction of his presidency, a group of influential neo-conservatives hatched a plan to get Saddam Hussein out of power. The group, the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, was founded in 1997. Among its supporters were three Republican former officials who were sitting out the Democratic presidency of Bill Clinton: Donald Rumsfeld, **** Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz. In open letters to Clinton and GOP congressional leaders the next year, the group called for “the removal of Saddam Hussein’s regime from power” and a shift toward a more assertive U.S. policy in the Middle East, including the use of force if necessary to unseat Saddam. And in a report just before the 2000 election that would bring Bush to power, the group predicted that the shift would come about slowly, unless there were “some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.”

That event came on September 11, 2001. By that time, Cheney was Vice President; Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense, and Wolfowitz his Deputy at the Pentagon. The next morning, before it was even clear who was behind the attacks, Rumsfeld insisted at a Cabinet meeting that Saddam’s Iraq should be “a principal target of the first round of terrorism,” according to Bob Woodward’s book, Bush at War. In a world where justice is carried out, John Bolton would be tried as a war criminal along with all of the other signatories and supporters of this evil plan. In a sane society, people like Bolton wouldn’t be allowed on television, much less put in charge of American security. New evidence shows that the September 11th activities of former President George W. Bush, Vice President **** Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were falsely reported by official sources. The International Panel also discovered that four massive aerial practice exercises traditionally held in October were in full operation on 9/11. The largest, Global Guardian, held annually by NORAD and the U.S. Strategic and Space Commands, had originally been scheduled for October 22-31 but was moved, along with Vigilant Guardian, to early September. Although senior officials claimed no one could have predicted using hijacked planes as weapons, the military had been practicing similar exercises on 9/11 itself and for years before it. The Panel, discovering widespread reports of confusion and delays in the defense response, looked into who was overseeing the air defenses after the second Tower was hit at 9:03 A.M. Official sources claimed neither Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Joint Chiefs of Staff Acting Chairman General Richard Myers (filling in for General Hugh Shelton), nor war-room chief General Montague Winfield were available to take command until well after the Pentagon was struck about 9:37. Yet emerging documents and memoirs show that top leaders were engaged earlier – and later discussed a shootdown of the “let’s roll” Flight 93 before debris was scattered widely around its alleged Shanksville, Pennsylvania crash site.

Most intriguing is the mystery of who was running the Pentagon’s war-room during the critical early hours. The rest of the course is a clouded history that people will argue about. Those who do not face the facts play the emotional card that for them is an effective way for making excuses about why we no longer respect due process and civil liberties. Manifestos of intent on a government coup and mythologies were drawn up because our leaders thought that one day we can all look back and praise them like heroes or gods. The facts are simple – both the Patriot Act and the Project for the New American century were created long before the attacks on 9/11. One was a manifesto or a paper of intent and the other was the endgame for rebuilding America’s new image. The Patriot act has snowballed into the eradication of every vital safeguard against government overreach, corruption, and abuse. The real title of the act alone is an Orwellian mouthful – most people don’t even know what the the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act is – they only know it as the Patriot Act an act that simply obfuscated the Constitution of the United States and locked down the country into what now can be seen as a militarized, hypersensitive, litigious, goose-stepping antithesis of what it used to be. Since the towers fell on 9/11, the U.S. government has posed a greater threat to our freedoms than any terrorist, extremist or foreign entity ever could. The American people have been treated like enemy combatants. We are now used to being spied on, tracked, scanned, and subjected to all manner of intrusions, intimidated, invaded, raided, manhandled, censored, silenced, shot at, locked up, denied due process, and killed.

Oh and we cannot forget that not only was the Patriot act a dose of poison to kill inalienable rights the National Defense Authorization Act which was a plan for a cloaked martial law, where law enforcement could act as judge and jury in situations of speculation and all probable cause this thrown out for what can be called “future crime.” The NDAA was signed into law on December 31, 2011 by President Obama. Both the Bush and Obama administrations employed excessive secrecy and, in particular, for invoking the state secrets privilege to shut down civil litigation challenging things like rendition and surveillance programs. However, in the run of 2020 it is as if nothing existed before the Obama administration and that somehow Barack Obama had no hand in maintaining the draconian downfall of this nation after 9/11. The media fails to look back on the attitudes of former administrations Like Bush and Obama with regard to immigration and how they felt about caging not only children but alleged enemy combatants that got no trial and no due process only advanced interrogation another Orwellian term for torture. Opinions vary about whether efforts to fight terrorism in the United States have inflicted collateral damage on political dissent, religious liberty and the freedom of association. No one has given anyone the “all clear” –we have been using terrorism as a crutch to destroy the way we were. The kleptocracy will tell you that the way we were contributed to the attacks on 9/11 and reinforced guilt is a cult dynamic that is used to remind you that people died because you did not do enough. The FBI established the Terrorist Screening Center in 2003 because they felt that agencies did not share counterterrorism information in an effective and timely manner.

Today, there are an estimated 1.2 million people on the center’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), including more than 4,600 Americans and green-card holders. These are people whom officials believe could support or commit terrorist acts. But if you’re in the database, you wouldn’t know it: The government refuses to identify who is on the list or why they were placed there. There is no due process for those who find themselves on the list. “An individual’s placement into the TSDB does not require any evidence that the person engaged in criminal activity, committed a crime, or will commit a crime in the future; and individuals who have been acquitted of a terrorism-related crime may still be listed in the TSDB. Think of all the lists you might be on and think about what would happen if you woke up and realized you were being targeted. You are told that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about. Now, you have to hide your guns, your words, your actions. You now even have to hide your thoughts or your anger because this can be seen as a pretext for a breakdown. The government believes that we brought all this on ourselves because we did not want the United Stated to be the aggressor in matters of war. 9/11 had to happen because those who planned it wanted to provide the nightmare that no one can really wake up from. This is your long and drawn out punishment and the answer will be that you must comply with the idea that restitution and repentance are found with a new proposed Democratic Socialism – the very thing that the 9/11 attacks were supposed to guarantee. That is the real secret that is the real conspiracy. It was the vision of the New World Order and its offering were the lives the 3000 people sacrificed on the altar for the furthering of the global plantation. There is a place for alarmism when threats to civil liberties are concerned. Too much worry about our freedoms is better than too little, particularly in the face of a government that shrouded itself in secrecy after the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 was the catalyst that opened the dialogue for the socialist state and the complete and utter negation of constitutional rights. https://www.coreysdigs.com/c-i-a-3-letter-agencies/cia-coined-weaponized-the-label-conspiracy-theory/. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/BILLS-107hr3162enr/pdf/BILLS-107hr3162enr.pdf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QgOUWsFeKg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtpJTdHrDF8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bshz1reMTVY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onQWNn24BqQ. https://www.infowars.com/fire-power-with-will-johnson/. https://www.infowars.com/cnn-promotes-young-people-living-in-mega-city-pods-with-no-privacy/. https://www.intellihub.com/japanese-geneticist-to-grow-government-approved-human-animal-hybrids-in-university-lab/.
Wednesday, September 11th 2019 at 9:36PM
george patel

SEPTEMBER 13, 2-19

When one pays attention at the conspiracies against Muhammad Eury who stays at the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714, located at: 3951 East Market Street in York/Springettsbury, Pennsylvania, you will witness the entire episode against him riddled in secrecy. We have it on good authority that there are noth witches and warlocks who have joined forces against him. And days ago Muhammad fixed the car of a party that needed help badly. The blackman betrayed the trust of Muhammad and had his wife fix a plate of food for Muhammad as payment for mechanic work done. Muhammad accepted the payment thinking that this is how black people treat black people in York. Self hatred is a very power thing amongst blacks in York, which is being orchestrated by an whole host of different parties who are both American citizens and foreigners. Guests staying at the Chateau Motel claim that Kim, the female motel owner who was left the business by relatives around 2002, is one of the most evil people they have ever met. She uses white supremacist or white power workers as attack dogs against Americans. According to the black couple in room #102, Kim and the young caucasian woman with a child that she kicked out on September 6, 2019, should have filed papers against Kim for assault. But whatever Kim has going on with police is so heavy that any illegal activity committed by her is overlooked. From what white supremacists and others are saying, no blackman is as honest and sincere as Muhammad, and they are trying to make sure that the changes about to occur in his life leads him to a life of crime. But it won't. Most blackmen have underwent this CIA sort of mind control tactic and they failed. Muhammad is much more strong minded which is why they had to employ some of the worst of blacks in York, Pennsylvania, to target him. Police are some of the wicked parties known, and many of them are much more vicious than any criminal. Muhammad's wife is still missing, even though police may know where she is at. However, the local news still has her up as missing which is why Muhammad is still worried.

There may be many interracial couples in York, but according to some parties within law enforcement, it isn't like those people hadn't stood against the tests of time! One very reliable source who is on the inside of secrecy informed someone to get word to Muhammad about an issue. The party was to walk past Muhammad and whisper what it was, but kept walking like nothing was ever said. He informed Muhammad that there is a major plot against him and instructed Muhammad on what to do. He also stated that police and others are monitoring our threads and is linking with ordinary residents, informing them how to proceed further. Black people are very much under a serious mind control spell which is why many of them are choosing Joe Biden, a professed sometimes racist, who has made racial comments about blackmen. Ther indoctrination goes very deep and they shall continue with their evil until they destroy earth as we all know it. Robots are now taking over McDonalds restaurants at the drive through. The Social Credit System is becoming a reality in America. And any opposition against global enslavement is being met with dissection. Some of the mkost strangest people are being used as plants, lying informants, and set up artists. Blacks are being compensated for their duties against Muhammad, and against others. Even caucasian men are being targeted who are against this wave of pure evil in York and Springettsbury, Pa. Americans just don't know that when one is against the New World Order and against injustice and corruption on the highest of levels, secret societies and police, et cetera, are spreading lies about them and can turn nearly half a town against the target. The Muhammad Eury story is a powerful one for all those who oppose the Boule Society and their many minions. Its mind control on one of the final levels. https://www.npr.org/2019/09/09/758989641/the-cias-secret-quest-for-mind-control-torture-lsd-and-a-poisoner-in-chief. https://www.mintpressnews.com/cia-israel-mossad-jeffrey-epstein-orwellian-nightmare/261692/.

Money is being provided to all those with the most serious of ghetto mentalities. This is the major threat against black people! They use those who does everything around blacks as destructive forces against targets. When we think of money, we usually think of the coupon form, the official looking paper slips of various denominations. This is deceiving. Money is really an abstraction denoting material value. There are hundreds of millions of transactions every day. Do you really think paper slips get moved from bank to bank? No, all that changes is a number in your account. Yes, a tiny fraction of paper slips change hands when we use cash but this is negligible. Money is the original shapeshifter. It starts off as "credit" which the Rothschilds bestow on your country or banks provide a loan. Then it can take any form. In an instant, it can become the shares in a company. They can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a car. The car can be sold and the proceeds used to buy a vacation in Hawaii. You see my point? Money should be thought of as a kind of electricity, the lifeblood of the economy. When it does not take the form of goods or services, "money" hibernates in the digits in millions of bank accounts. "Money" comes into the world as debt, usually the national debt which is backed by the credit of the state. The collateral for this debt is its citizens. In the future, the Rothschilds could demand repayment of this "debt", an abstraction they created out of nothing. As their debt slaves, one day this may be a pretext for our enslavement. Imagine a power station producing this abstraction called money like a microwave tower spewing radiation. Imagine it is run by Satanists (cabalists) who hate humanity and wish to enslave it. I'm not just speaking of physical enslavement. Money is used to enslave us spiritually as well. Most of our waking thoughts are devoted to money. Millions are wrapped up in the stock market and watch their net worth fluctuate from hour to hour. Most people spend their day trying to make money or fretting about whether they have enough money for their old age. Basically, the man behind the curtain has already enslaved us spiritually by making us obsess on money and the things it can buy.

We associate money with liberation. But many super-rich people are not happy. Kate Spade, who committed suicide yesterday, is said to be "worth" over $200 million. If anything, money is a spiritual foretaste of our physical enslavement. My point is that money's function is not just economic. It enslaves us spiritually too. Money and s*x are the North-South of our mental compass. By no coincidence, the people who make us obsess on money, are also behind s*xual liberation and pornography. Both occupy our thoughts. Both take us away from God. Both dehumanize and degrade us. Satanists think "God" is a dirty word and they have banished it from public discourse. They have done this partly by misrepresenting what a God is. After providing for our reasonable material needs, we need to banish money from our thoughts. The only man who is truly liberated is he who cares nothing about money. His soul cannot be bought. We can meet according to God's Plan if we all serve God in our own way. In fact, society has been subverted by Satanists using the banking system. Their goal is to degrade, dehumanize, and enslave us individually. And many of those who are doing undercover work for all sorts of evil forces have no idea what price they are going to pay for betraying some of God's most precious humans. They will fall and their masters will have never gotten their hands dirty. This is the trick. The History of money, and currency, is an obfuscated History. "All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America (and Canada) arise, not from defects in their constitution or Confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation."Indeed, most High School and College "Graduates" today, know neither how to make basic change nor balance a check book, let alone exhibit an ability to grapple with basic concepts of money, currency and finance. It is for convenience sake we have become entrained and are currently trafficking in abstractions and a Color-Of-Things, rather than truth and substance. We flounder in the contradiction between substance and appearance (form).

Money is not an "abstraction denoting value." Rather, Lawful money is the value. In principle, whereas currency is printed, money is minted. "Making money," for instance, refers to a minting of gold and silver bullion, into denominated coinage i.e., a manufacture of money. So whereas money constitutes an independent, repository of intrinsic value - its refined bullion content, a currency is a conveyance of a claim upon value. This is your abstraction. Further, what we call a DOLLAR is not a DOLLAR. John Quincy Adams "coins" the term... "Those things (DOLLARS) which appear to be, but are not" - this in describing a "Color-of-Law," in his reference to the Maritime claims of the Spanish Crown and her Agents. Further, in the founding American system of weights and measures, money is denoted as a fixed quantity, not a fluctuating value. Like a quart of milk, A DOLLAR of silver, comprises 371.25 grains of fine silver - DOLLARS of gold, 1/15th this measure. There is no paper money. Rather, there once were paper Bank Notes which denoted a claim, Legal Tender, or Bill, for money - as recorded on the face of earlier Bank Notes, Promising to Pay to The Bearer on Demand, real money, i.e., TEN DOLLARS, in either gold or silver coin. Thus, a lawful Bank Note which represents an intrinsic value, is "A" Legal Tender FOR a Measure of money. Federal Reserve "Notes" today, are not money, but denominated Tokens representing a conveyance of a claim upon value. A currency, although useful to production and trade, does not represent an exchange of value. Only an exchange of lawful money for goods and services, is an exchange of, rather than a claim upon value. Lawful money, is to an open and fair economy, what a PIRATE CURRENCY is to extortion and debt servitude. The key to an issuance of a people's currency, like early Colonial Scrip, is that it is issued into circulation interest-free, with its quantity being expanded or contracted in response to the needs of trade and production. The critical goal, and intent of a system of lawful, honest weights and measures, whether of a currency or money, is, to preserve the purchasing power of earned capital (wages), and savings derived therefrom. As it always has, faith collapses in the wake of a DEFLATING purchasing power in wages and savings. Interest bearing credit capital works also, to debase earned capital and savings.

Properly understood, true money, and possibly a coexistent, non-interest bearing "Scrip" currency, publicly administered in trust, is also tied in with a "Satanic" curse, that becomes the balm to the OCCULT SPELL cast by a PIRATE CURRENCY. Lawful money, unlike a Fictional Currency posing as money, cannot be "conjured." money, can however, be debased through Fractionalized Banking, an inflation of credit or finance capital, and in bullion based coinage, clipped, drilled or shaved. In principle, a people through their elected representatives must have control over an issuance of their currency, and a minting of their money. This, must be held as a closely guarded public trust, ensuring political, and economic outcomes are representative of the moral conscience and welfare of the people. Basically, in an absence of control over one's pocket, ones conscience and will is also forfeit. Lets also check out the taxes spells. https://www.lewrockwell.com/2019/09/gary-d-barnett/fictitious-markets-false-economics-and-the-reality-of-fraud/. We all know that the powers-that-be own the money system and that they can print up all the money that they desire for themselves at any time for any reason. Of course many people will tell you that this can't be done because simply printing up money leads to Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation; but in reality this is done all the time and wealthy nations and especially those whose currency is the world reserve currency can get away with such policies for a long time and are very adept at hiding their money creation in various financial ruses such as artificially-inflated stock markets, housing bubbles, and the derivative fiasco. This hiding of all this newly created money in the financial system is very effective in forestalling the onset of hyperinflation. The reason worthless fiat currencies were created in the first place is for the very reason that an endless supply of this 'money' can be conjured up out of thin air, based on nothing and backed by nothing. Those creating it need not actually produce any goods nor offer up anything of value with which to back up the value of the currency.

Unlike with the case of commodities such as gold or food or finished products, trillions of dollars can be created with zero effort on their part. Zero effort in its creation and zero effort in transportation and storage. Most of the money in existence isn't even in physical form, it's merely entries in a ledger or in recent times just digits on a computer screen. Now being able to print up all the money they want is one thing but if no one actually needs any of this money to be able to survive then the powers-that-be wouldn't be able to make people accept their worthless pieces of paper in trade for goods and services (who would willingly trade the hard-earned fruits-of-their-labor for a worthless piece of paper unless they had some reason to need to). In other words, if no one had the need for 'money' with which to pay their taxes, the powers-that-be wouldn't be able to use their 'money' to acquire things, wage wars, buy fuel, pay soldiers, buy gold, bribe officials, manipulate financial markets, etc. Now at this point, some people will say that money serves as a sort of bartering chip to facilitate trade, and of course, this is correct, but you mustn't lose sight of the fact that people could use anything that they agree upon as the bartering chip. The powers-that-be use taxes as a means to force their own 'money' to be accepted as the only form of bartering chips that anyone actually needs to trade with. So, you see, taxes are there so as to create a permanent demand for this fictional currency by requiring that people (and businesses) acquire this 'money' so as to be able to pay their taxes. The powers-that-be don't need your tax money to survive; what they need is for you to be compelled to trade your lifetime of work for their essentially worthless currency. They need to give society a reason to need their money. Their existence depends on it.

In Conclusion: Collective memory refers to how groups remember their past. While Americans remember 9/11 and subsequent events, the collective memory like many memories of tragic events can be blurred or even incorrect. Defective memory recall has been the explanation for what has been called the Mandela Effect as many people recall pop culture events in many different ways –far from the actuality of what really concurred. For example, many generations have passed since World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. All the memories are dying as those who were there have aged and have passed away. Families can recollect the stories that great-grandpa told about the war — Hollywood can fill in the rest but is it truly history and we need to ask ourselves how emotions affect the collective memory. Collective memory about World War II, Korea, and Vietnam now are simply facts about recollections second hand. When asked to remember World War II, Americans report numerous events, but the majority of people report the attack on Pearl Harbor, D-Day and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si5AWDCPVp0. To understand a country’s memories is to grasp something essential about their national identity and outlook. Of course, countries do not have memories; it is the people in the country who retain the memories, but often there are common themes rather than true memories. Collective remembering implies that collective forgetting also occurs and 18 years is enough time to forget details about 9/11 and so out of sheer laziness we trust the official narrative that tries to cloud some inconvenient facts that were reported first hand on the day that we are told we should never forget.

Collective memory is a burgeoning topic of research, one that might be used to understand the perspective of people in other groups, whether of a nation or of a political party or other social group. In certain cases, we can also measure collective forgetting and the events of 9/11 should be analyzed for clarity and also the narrative that is played over and over again should be exposed as an attempt to induce false memory and should be called a scam. It can be argued that false memory implantation of 9/11 created a social contagion that began the extreme polarization of the country. It can be argued that false memories and lies about the event were intentionally made in order to provide impetus for declaring two wars with the potential for more and the lingering paranoia that was used to scare people into thinking that if they did not accept new laws that destroyed their civil rights –another event similar to the attack on New York would be carried out with more people dying and more people in peril. A particularly dramatic form of social contagion is seen in studies of memory implantation. In these studies, rather than conversation shaping memory for incidents that actually happened, individuals are induced into taking on rich, vivid memories that were conjured and used for social engineering. The conjurers of these contagious memories are the media and teachers who do not value the need for accurate history that supersedes political leanings or ideology. In America today, the education system has failed in its attempt to create an interest in preserving historical consciousness. The various narrators of the events of 9/11 have intentionally overlooked details that have certainly put the official narrative in the category of induced false collective memory. The mainstream media will be a mouthpiece for a political agenda. They have a very important influence on the formation of collective memory.

Moreover, studies on collective memory have suggested that this effect of inducing false memory by a powerful narrator can occur independently of whether the narrator is viewed as an expert. One can imagine a variety of circumstances in which one person dominates a discussion, even though the group does not view the individuals as possessing any special knowledge or expertise. This means that regardless of who sits at the news desk with the lights and cameras rolling they are by no means an expert – they are only paid to be powerful narrators. The public, unfortunately, trusts them without knowing their backgrounds in journalism or in the subject they profess to know about. News documentaries and Hollywood movies are an effective and influential means of spreading memories within groups. Even if the history is twisted or glamorized for the public, a lot of things we believe about history have been given the Hollywood veneer in order to make them palatable for the public’s cognitive resonance. Through conversations, and viral stories passed around in social networks people come to a shared rendering of the past, where otherwise people would possess their own individual rendering. There are those who still have their individual renderings, especially those who experienced what has happened first hand. Bringing the attacks of the Twin Towers in our homes made the 911 events a shared experience but it was through the keyhole provided by the mainstream media. When people remember the past in a social context, when they rely on recall they get from the media and from Hollywood there is the potential, through social contagion, to influence each individual’s subsequent memories and thus increase the cohesiveness of these initially disparate memories. Things like the Mandela Effect, faulty recall, all have the potential to implant new memories and even more epiphanies about historical events.

Even though we are told that we should never forget the events of 9/11, the whole process of creating new memories is the act of forgetting other moments and memories that when not repeated are forgotten over time. Could conversations 18 years after 911 serve as vehicles for promoting forgetting as well as remembering? 84% of the American people feel as though we have not been told everything about the attacks of 9/11 and there has never been an event so sacred in American history as that dreadful day. So what is it that has been forgotten – what has not been said in 18 years that needs to be said? What needs to be revealed in order to show that there has been a concerted effort to plant false memories about the event, we are told not to forget. There is no reason to forget. Perhaps there is no reason to forgive, That it was the catalyst for the polarization of the nation long before many put all of their hate into President Trump. It is terrifying to remember that immediately after the events of 9/11 We were convinced of the necessity of big government making big decisions that were unpopular and uncomfortable and we are now in a very frightening time in our history where the shadow of what happened looms forever as a political football in the hands of endgame strategists that will do anything to keep us in a state of flux. When we are terrified or confused we forget what is happening in real-time. We hide and we flee. We ignore details and in some moments accept cherished myths that take the sting away from the reality that we have always been vulnerable. When you ask people to revisit the events of 9/11 and reconsider what really happened, you enter the Twilight Zone of public mythology where people don’t want to rethink unhappy events and where you challenge their personal egos. If you eliminate the emotional baggage and the constant bombardment of the false narrative you may be able to see the truth. Images begin to re-emerge and forgotten information comes back.

All of this we see being reported in the mainstream now, all of what awaits us could have been prevented if we were just able to see through the programming years before the event. If we are to look back in history we can see that there seems to be a paper trail of intent, a money trail of crime and denial of people that want to hold on to an ideal that died the day the towers fell. FDR once said, “If it happens, it is because we planned it that way.” This kind of mindset negates the belief that people are always in control of their government. Voting seems to be the last great argument of defense. But as we can obviously see the stakes are so awesome in this contest of life and death, that the characterization of the good guys and the bad guys have reached new levels of propaganda. Those who coerce you into believing that the government will protect you from terror are very likely to be the criminal element behind that terror. They have created it and they can cure it. They can also convince you how it all happened, with a tone of religious reverence and nationalist mythology powerful enough to convince people that giving up rights and freedoms are acts of patriotism. One man who knew how to use political mythology was Philip D. Zelikow. At Harvard, he uncannily predicted the future. He had written in 1998 that in the future the inevitable next step is terrorism. He stated in his work “Catastrophic Terrorism” that readers should imagine the possibilities for themselves because the most serious constraint on current policy [non-aggression] is lack of imagination.

“An act of catastrophic terrorism that killed thousands or tens of thousands of people and/or disrupted the necessities of life for hundreds of thousands, or even millions, would be a watershed event in America’s history. It could involve loss of life and property unprecedented for peacetime and undermine Americans’ fundamental sense of security within their own borders in a manner akin to the 1949 Soviet atomic bomb test, or perhaps even worse. Constitutional liberties would be challenged as the United States sought to protect itself from further attacks by pressing against allowable limits in surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects, and the use of deadly force.” More violence would follow, either as other terrorists seek to imitate this great “success” or as the United States strikes out at those considered responsible. Like Pearl Harbor, such an event would divide our past and future into a “before” and “after.” The effort and resources we devote to averting or containing this threat now, in the “before” period, will seem woeful, even pathetic when compared to what will happen “after.” Our so-called leaders will be judged negligent for not addressing catastrophic terrorism more urgently. Policy and history can be misused to reform cultural myth. Contemporary” history is “defined functionally by those critical people and events that go into forming the public’s presumptions about its immediate past. The idea of ‘public presumption’,” he explained, “is akin to [the] notion of ‘public myth’ but without the negative implication sometimes invoked by the word ‘myth.’ Such presumptions are beliefs thought to be true (although not necessarily known to be true with certainty), and shared in common within the relevant political community.”

In all of the chaos, there were so many stories being thrown around in the media that no one got the real truth about what was happening. Even Washington couldn’t get their suspects straight. While Osama bin Laden was the media darling and chief evil-doer-in-charge. He wasn’t even Washington’s first choice as mastermind for the attacks. All points and circumstantial evidence was being calculated by Donald Rumsfeld and he had expressed great interest in focusing our manhunt in another area. CBS News reported in 2009: “that barely five hours after American Airlines Flight 77 plowed into the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld was telling his aides to come up with plans for striking Iraq — even though there was no evidence linking Saddam Hussein to the attacks.” It was John Bolton, **** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others that created the PNAC brief in order to send a message to Bill Clinton that he was too soft on Iraq. They demanded a regime change on January 16, 1998, following perceived Iraqi unwillingness to co-operate with UN weapons inspections. Members of the PNAC drafted an open letter to President Clinton asking him to remove Saddam Hussein from power using U.S. diplomatic, political and military power. They thought that Saddam would pose a threat to the United States, its Middle Eastern Allies and oil resources in the region. They also claimed that he had weapons of mass destruction. It’s all the same stuff we heard about after 9/11. Does this surprise you – do you remember this? It certainly wasn’t brought up during the Condoleeza Rice interview. In fact, after Philip Zelikow praised John Bolton, the pair were asked questions about the President’s decision to meet with the Taliban and Camp David and then it dovetailed into questions about Vladimir Putin’s relationship with the President and the Russian meddling and collusion in the 2016 election. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Du6v_MsMnw.

Unless we remember who headed up the investigation of 911 – none other than Robert Mueller head of the FBI at the time. Robert Mueller, of course, we all know is the man who recently led the probe into allegations of Trump/Russia collusion. The media has placed in the public collective memory the idea that Mueller was a relentless crusader standing up to Trump and digging for truth. But when it came to investigating foreign influence into 9/11, he wasn’t much of a truth warrior at all. Of course, the state sponsor of 911 was not clear enough in our collective memory of 911 thanks to Mueller and for some reason, Saudi Arabia was overlooked in the quest for truth even though Osama bin Laden was a Saudi and 15 of the 18 hijackers were Saudi nationals. It was a case of putting political interests first and not the victims of the attacks. Both the so-called phantoms of the attacks—Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden are dead which in the end we were told had nothing to do with 911. It is also forgotten that Osama bin Laden may have died weeks after the September 11th attacks due to kidney failure. And yet the announcement of his death was made by Barack Obama on May 1st, 2011. Is this some sort of Mandela Effect? Does your memory play tricks? Timing is everything. Do not forget the attacks of 9/11, but understand that the collective memory is being used to lure us in a social trance. A trance that may bring us back to the idea that the safe route is to find a new scapegoat; however, the suspects have always been in plain sight. Some of them are still pulling the strings. And the same sort of unbelievable conspiracies is being implemented against Muhammad Eury. You had better trust this to be true because all of you humans are next once they end Muhammad. The muslims are afraid, all across America, which is why Muhammad is fighting the fight alone. Just pat close attention to what happens with Muhammad. You will soon know that everything we have informed you about was factual, and that the rebutters were incahoots with pure evil the entire time.
Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 4:03AM
george patel

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019

The greatest attack against the black people was when bi-polar disorder caucasian women were unleashed into black communities. Some scientist claim that people with bi-polar disorder are connected to the Nephilim, or an evil race. The most ruthless of those with bi-polar disorder are those with the Rh Negative blood type. Even the government still uses these people to get in with those they plan to degrade and destroy. Many within the Pentagon has considered certain bi-polar disorder parties with psychic abilities. Others were programmed within mental hospitals, under hypnosis or mind manipulation, for outside tasks. A very popular one is when a caucasian female with bi-polar disorder romps with certain blackmen, at a certain time they'll end up before therapists or psychiatrists, and will unleash, with great detail, information on all they came in contact with in the black community. This means that drug dealers are being secretly revealed. Many people with bi-polar disorder remember conversations, mainly bad ones, and will reveal that to parties within mental institutions. The sad thing is if the bi-polar subject has to be committed in a state mental institution, woe unto those who were in her midst. Police will start secret investions on certain blackmen and women, while all information given to them comes from the state mental institutions. Now, since its widely known that bi-polar disorder caucasian women were used against blackmen, white supremacists seen to it, along with the Boule Society, that blackmen and women with bi-polar disorder started playing powerful roles in black communities! When someone with bi-polar commits a crime, whether its for cigarettes or drugs, the crime is usually a crazy sight. And police would secretly meet with City Hall officials in hopes of gaining greater ground into black communities and their homes. This goes on alot in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, in parts of Georgia, and in Florida, et cetera.

The things that was so important for white supremacists was how the women and men with bi-polar disorder, were brilliant liars. And they will also bounce from subject to subject, never really staying on one specific topic for long. And when they would lie, they'll change the topic about 6 times, which most people would give up on tracking their mental states. Thats when they get you! You stopped studying and watching them which is why they were able to dwestroy many black communities. There are thousands of college students with bi-polar disorder, nevertheless, bi-polar with the Rh Negative blood type. And this contributes to alot of things. The military, the shadow government, and military contractors, amongst others, have depended on people with bi-polar disorder for missions. The same way people with bi-polar has aided New World Order progressives in America, in other countries, people with bi-polar disorder confused everyone they dealt with to a point where they took their eyes of those seeking to destroy their countries! We live in times where the flesh fest is being paraded on the nightly news. People with bi-polar devours hearts, and leaves others seeking answers. In the year 2011, Father Rufus Pereira, Roman Catholic priest and exorcist appointed by Pope John Paul II, took to the podium at a Catholic Conference; he had an urgent message from Pope Benedict XVI about Satan. Some 300 catholic priests appointed by the Pope as exorcists were called together to discuss vampirism, shape-shifting and mental illness. The conference was held at Poland’s Jasna Gora monastery, home to the venerated Black Madonna icon. The congress examined the current fashion for vampirism in Europe and the world-over, schizophrenia and other mental disorders and the topic of demonic shape-shifting into profane forms.

The priests were warned that the devil’s deceit is in the acceptance of devils, vampires, and the mental illness that turns people into vicious killers. The Catholic Father was very serious about the societal change in attitudes towards the reality of evil and the invitation of demonic denizens into society. According to a group of Christian scholars, this comes as the world is experiencing an explosion of ancient occultism combined with wicked fascination for ghosts and all things paranormal. In the United States alone, there are now more than two hundred thousand registered witches, this group claims, and as many as 8 million unregistered practitioners of the craft. On college and high school campuses, vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night are esteemed as objects of desire and idolized by young men and women who view them as cult icons of envious mystical power. It seems a bit odd that the interest of the churches in something this paranormal is happening now. The fight against so-called vampires and werewolves has always been a secret held by the church. The very idea of chasing demons out of the market place has given the church an archaic and medieval image. Now it seems they really are not that covert. The war against Satan is ageless and the fear of a shape-shifter has been a tale as old as time. In the forests surrounding Alert Bay, B.C. on Cormorant Island, locals are claiming that a loud howling noise is being heard. Some are saying it could be a Sasquatch, however, the island is small and there really is no wildlife living on the island. Veteran Bigfoot researcher, John Bindernagle arrived at the island and it is believed he could not find any evidence that it was indeed, a Sasquatch. The only other conclusion is that it could be a dog, but locals believe it is too loud to be a dog or human howling. Surprisingly, there are those that are leaping to the conclusion that it may be both.

Now keep in mind there is no wildlife in the area… so it sound like someone is hinting the sounds may be coming from what the Indians call, the wild man or even a werewolf. Speak of the werewolf and you are told that it is a mythical creature. Others will tell you about lycanthropy and how people would have the appearance of wolves. Shape-shifting has also been recorded anciently, where a man wears the skin of a creature and becomes that creature. What is a werewolf and how does one become one? Have there been werewolves in our midst? The answer is surprising. It has been observed that perhaps the inhabitants of hell far exceed those who reside in heaven. When the moon is full, it is written that the inhabitants of these netherworlds journey to earth looking for prey. While animal, vegetable, and mineral are pleasing to these profane creatures, it is man who often gets in the way. When the creatures have their first taste of blood, they know what is most desirous of the planet. However, it is not just any blood. It is the blood of the young and only blood that is taken when the target is in fear for its life. With the quickness of a cat, the monster attacks from the shadows pouncing on its victim, ripping its throat out and quenching its thirst with the severed vein which serves as a fountain of life. The twitching body slowly loses its life force and the creature drops the lifeless body to the ground and moves on to the next unsuspecting victim. The story of the shape-shifter or werewolf is as old as your bedtime stories.

The wolf disguised as grandma lies in the bed as the young girl with the red hood arrives with wine and bread. It is symbolic of trying to get the evil shape-shifting creature to partake of the sacrament. There is also an element of transubstantiation as the shape-shifter eats the girl and then she returns again in an act of resurrection. So perhaps the werewolf is real? That we merely try to explain it away with science when in reality, it is creature that has been yanked from its domain in hell to prey upon children. Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night, May become a wolf when the wolf bane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright. Werewolf tales existed during the Inquisition. In 1598, a werewolf was reportedly captured and was forced to drink a tub of water to cleanse it of its possession by Satan. The werewolf died of a distended stomach. Of course, the curse of the werewolf was most definitely a fear at the time as demonic possession would make human beings think and act like beasts. Many were forced to confess they were werewolves or werebears. Peter Stumpp of Cologne, Germany was brutally tortured until he confessed that he transformed himself into a wolf by a magic apron given to him by the devil. The judges couldn’t find the apron where Stumpp claimed it was hidden and so it was explained that Satan had taken the apron back to hell. Stumpp was sentenced to have the flesh pulled off his bones in ten places with red-hot pincers, then to have his legs and arms broken with a wooden axe; finally to be beheaded and burned.

On December 14, 1598, a tailor of Chalons, was sentenced to death for having confessed to luring children into his shop, murdering and eating them. It was believed that the man was a werewolf however no one will know for sure. Cover-ups aren’t necessarily the product of paranoid conspiracy theorists because the judges ordered the court records burned. In 1521 at Poligny, three men were induced by torture to say they had made themselves wolves with a magic salve given them by the devil, and in wolf shape they had eaten several children, and enjoyed s*xual relations with wild she-wolves. Gilles Garnier was a famous lycanthrope caught by the Inquisition, tortured and executed for having devoured children. The charge was not murder or cannibalism, but lycanthropy. Whatever was left of the pagan wolf cults, it seems the Christian church molded the material into the enduring legend of the werewolf. However, medieval Christianity is not the only place where men were men were cursed with the insatiable need to rip the flesh off of the bones of man like wolves. It was reported recently that 71 year old Robert Howard died in a British prison. Howard was child killer and rapist who was called the Wolfhill Werewolf. It is believed Robert Howard could be connected to the disappearance of up to six women, including two high-profile cases in Ireland. It is believed Howard’s history of s*x attacks and suspected murders stretches over 40 years, since he was first convicted of burglary at the age of 13. The 71-year-old called himself Wolfhill Werewolf because he claimed that he would change into a werewolf and stalk the night looking for prey, after that claim he spent some time in a mental institution.

After his release he continues to rape and kill female victims and then eventually finds himself in jail. The security at the jail had said that Howard would walk around the prison like a zombie and while in his cell, would writhe and screamed like a wolf. Otherwise, he was very soft spoken and when he acted normal, seemed very nice and well adjusted. He later died of natural causes. Ancient Navajo beliefs speak of the shape-shifter and its mannerisms. The Skin Walker wears the skin of who it wants to be, and literally becomes that person or that creature. The skin walker often wears the skin of the wolf and of course the mentality of that creature takes over the mind of the man, thus making him a werewolf. There were many rituals that were said to transform a man into a werewolf. They would draw circles and ingest substances that would put them in a trancelike state. Great fires would be built and opium was smoked then a medicine man would use an incantation: "Hail, Hail, Hail, great wolf spirit, Hail! boon I ask thee, mighty shade. Within this circle I have made. Make me a werewolf strong and bold. The terror alike of young and old. Grant me a figure tall and spare; The speed of the elk, the claws of the bear; The poison of snakes, the wit of the fox; The stealth of the wolf, the strength of the ox; The jaws of the tiger, the teeth of the shark; The eyes of a cat that sees in the dark; Make me climb like a monkey, scent like a dog; Swim like a fish, and eat like a hog. Haste, Haste, Haste, lonely spirit, Haste! Here, wan and drear, magic spell making, Findest thou me shaking, quaking. Softly fan me as I lie. And thy mystic touch apply. Touch apply, and I swear that when I die, When I die, I will serve thee evermore, Evermore, in gray wolf land, cold and raw."

The supplicant then kisses the ground three times, and advances toward a fire and then screams: "Make me a werewolf! Make me a man-eater! Make me a werewolf! Make me a woman-eater! Make me a werewolf! Make me a human -eater! I pine for blood! Human blood! Give it to me! Give it to me tonight! Great Wolf Spirit! Give it to me, and heart, body, and soul, I am yours!" It was told that after all was said the trees would begin to rustle, and the wind would moan and out of the sudden darkness there would be a glowing, tall, cylindrical, pillar-like phantom of the unknown, seven or eight feet in height. There are others who claim that the column would take on a half-man, half-human form and look gray in color with large eyes. It would then transform into a woman with large ears and a doglike snout. It eventually transforms into a wolf. The wolf then would bite the supplicant. It would then produce a prolonged howl that sounds as if it is produced from the bowels of the earth, a piercing, harrowing whine, or a low laugh of hellish glee. The supplicant is now a werewolf. He undergoes his first morphing into wolf form the following evening at sunset, reassuming his human shape at dawn. This will continue until his death, when he may once morph either from man form or wolf form. The Spanish story of Manuel Blanco Romasanta is one that talks of a ritual that Romasanta performed before he would attack his victims and eating them and leaving behind their bones. He would strip off his clothes dance in the moonlight and then roll around on the ground three times in order to become a werewolf. Many people say that the werewolf legend can be explained away by a disorder called lycanthropy. This of course was a medical diagnosis which did not explain why people were seeing wolves in areas where wolves did not live.

In 17th-century England, for example, lycanthropes were generally considered victims of delusion due to excessive melancholy, not because English doctors were so far ahead of their Continental colleagues at the time, but rather because wolves were then already extinct in their country. That is why behavioral studies at the time were keen on looking into why certain people were affected by the full moon. This is where we get the term, Lunatic. Soon, doctors avoided crying wolf and decided that more conventional diagnoses such as schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder would explain the delusion of being a beast or a wolf. By the 19th century and well into the 20th century, the powerful belief in werewolves would not go away. It was then that the Shape Shifter or the satanically possessed man beast brought forth through satanic ritual was a popular subject of campfire stories, books and movies. Between the legends, the satanic ritualism and the clinical diagnoses of lycanthropy, there have been sightings of upright walking wolves that are believed to hybrid human shape-shifters or changelings that have been seen by hunters and other unsuspecting victims. In the purest black magical sense, there has been a movement among the practitioners of the black arts which promotes the idea of Atavistic Resurgence. The late Kenneth Grant, known occultist ceremonial magician and prominent advocate of the Thelemite religion stated the resurgence of the beastly nature of man can be explained as a divine union with mankind and their primal appetites.

Grant stated: "Atavistic resurgence, a primal urge towards union with the Divine by returning to the common source of all, is indicated by the backward symbolism peculiar to all Sabbath ceremonies, as also of many ideas connected with witchcraft, sorcery and magic. Whether it be the symbol of the moon presiding over nocturnal ecstasies; the words of power chanted backwards; the back-to-back dance performed in opposition to the sun’s course; the devil’s tail, are all instances of reversal and symbolic of Will and Desire turning within and down to subconscious regions, to the remote past, there to surprise the required atavistic energy for purposes of transformation, healing, initiation, construction or destruction." Grant stated that it is possible through black magick to actually transform into a beast and allow for the primal power to possess you. This of course is similar to what shamans do when they wear animal skins in order to bring forth the Skin Walker. The Werewolf legend is far more complex than the Hollywood tales of silver bullets and wolf bane. Ritualism has anointed the few with the knowledge of shape-shifting and activating the primal nature of man. It is a conjuring of the beast whether it be on two legs or four where either one might be lurking somewhere ready to pounce.

As the Jesuit Priests continue to infiltrate the churches, the mosques, the Jewish temples, et cetera, charity and looking out for the less fortunate will come to an end. The only charity they seek for Americans to participate in are those commercials showing aliewn human hybrid children in poverty. Many times they will show fabricated videos of poor people just to get the money from Americans. At other times they use 20m to 30 year old videos of children in poverty just to get your money. America is slowly but surely becoming a place where the rish is getting filthy rich while the working class moves closer and closer to poverty. Many residents in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey are moving in the southern parts of the United States. And with them they bring their mentalities, changing the mindsets and the landscapes forever! If an infection isn't contained within time, it can spread! Muhammad Eury tried to inform Americans that the Hindus are taking over markets everywhere. They are tied in with mass surveillance everywhere. And the country of India was the first to use Monsanto to kill down its population. And while the Hindus in America are working with their country powerhouses through parties within New York and within Government, the Saudi Arabians have made it to where they can kill anyone without bounds and without answering to any agency through total immunity. Americans must understand that there are many foreigners within the U.S. who are agents of their countries. Their job is to take down the U.S. to a point where others can come in and take over by force. There is already agents from other countries within the U.S. government. They are tied in with Deep State and other Special Interests Groups.

President Trump was right about many things concerning how America have been raped by other countries through Treaties made between the countries and rogue politicians in this country. The evil alien human hybrids that have been put in "key' places and positions within every community, every place of business, every school, within every institution, et cetera, are the key players to America's destruction! Whether Americans know it or not, there is a New World Order unfolding. And if it doesn't unfold to a point of fulfillment, they will burn the entire USA to ashes! Like we've stated on many occasions, the Entities controlling all of those within governments world-wide don't like humans. But they do accept alien human hybrids. The hybrids will act as their slaves while humans are assassinated, murdered, poisoned, imprisoned, and is rounded up for food, et cetera. This isn't some movie take folks! What is going on right now is very real! The Jesuits are responsible for the construction of the George Guidestones. It will be wise to learn about them. The strategies may change but the end result will always be the same! Muhammad Eury tried to inform Nubians (blacks) tied in with islamic communities that there are many evil alien human hybrids within those religious institutions. they play American against American always. The sad thing is how blacks are placed in high positions within mosques and masjids and act as attack dogs against all other black orthodox muslims. Americans must also understand and learn quickly that the Hindu Indians taking over America isn't the type who will quit at anything. You can start up in opposition against their evil plans and while you are sleep, they will continue to plot for perfection of deception.

Muhammad Eury, who is the blackman being targeted at the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714, located at: 3951 East Market Street in York, Pa., has lived a life of much sorrow. Before he was born, his grand father (Robert Eury Sr.), a freemason, was approached by secret societies in the 1950's and the 1960's in Reidsville, North Carolina. Mr. Eury was a War War 2 veteran and refused to participate in the destructive New World Order. And because of his refusal, the Boule Society turned their heads when white supremacists were sent by the Scottish Rites to terrorize his family. Mr. Eury's farm was burned to the ground and was forced to leave North Carolina due to an attack on his life. There are pictures and other documents which not even his children has access to that reveals this. And because of that drastic night, freemasons and agents for the New World Order plagued the family with hardships for the rest of their days. This would also tie into the grand children, the great grand children, the great great grand children, et cetera. There have been private investigators, retired cops, and non-demoninational freemasons who have confirmed on record that Muhammad Eury is a target and conspiracies aurround him. Even certain lawyers have tooken a look at each and every historical event Muhammad has been involved with and concluded that an evil pattern had been implemented against him. In 1983, Muhammad witnessed a freemason pay another freemasonic hitmnan to assassinate his uncle. His uncle was unarmed and was shot three times in the head. The hitman shot him in the head while facing him, then when he turned, shot him in the back of the head, and while on the ground, shot him in the front of the head again. The autopsy and medical records of his uncle's death confirm this. These people don't make mistakes! When they target Americans, only those being targeted know what is going on. This is why they'll use the media and others within communities to demonize targets because it sets the targets in a place all by themselves. Americans will believe anything the media and liars tell them which is why so many powerful figures have been assassinated and murdered in 2019!

Before many of them died, they at one time stated that their lives were under attack by secret societies. Very few Americans payed attention, and when they died, very few even remembered some of what they had stated previously. John Mc Afee, the founder of McAfee Internet Security, recently informed Americans that his life was being threatened by killers working deep within the Governments. McAfee stood his ground against government invasions, and how Google, Facebook, the FBI, et cetera, were invading American's privacy. Americans don't know it but your government were watching you have s*x in your beds, watching you take showers, watching you masturbate, can tell you how long your ***** is, et cetera. McAfee wouldn't alloow government intrusion on Americans using his software, and as a result of Americans not being as passionate about him, he ended up on life support with tubes going down his throat in 2018. Keep youn eyes on Millenials and many born in the 1990's. There is an evil breed of alien human hybrids hiding within the crowds that are some of the most brilliant strategistsm the government has set upon the people. Muhammd, who has an IQ of at least 185, have been warning people for years that there was a plan to get rid of the masses of the population. This is one reason why he is considered such a threat. Noone ever brings up charges on police trying to have parties killed from their psychological tricks. White supremacists who have worked with secret government agents that are tied in with DNA fusions, know that evil alien human hybrids are police to go to persons. And there are many evil alien human hybrid police officers who is hiding behind the shield, staging heroic scenes which is reported on by nearby news media sources, just to get the public to think that they are good people.

Americans were further informed that the Bilderbergs decide the fate of humanity and their Satanic pledge is global Communism everywhere on the Planet Earth. Even Denver council member, who won recently, promised to impose Communism ‘by any means necessary’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkuBmsfSiUM. Also, when the Chinese turn off the media connected to the world, they plan on killing hundreds of thousands of people. China, not long ago, murdered over 10,000 people and the media went black. Noone can get any information out of them about what happened to those 10,000 people who were slaughtered. Communist Amazon has robots that steal information from children and from adults. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/amazon/suit-alleges-amazons-alexa-violates-laws-by-recording-childrens-voices-without-consent/. The information being stolen from children is being stored in massive data banks which can either target the children or those around the children in the upcoming future! For what reason do one have to store data on another other than to use what is within it against the latter. There are countless evil alien human hybrid police officers who are promoting racism nation-wide for the sole purpose of destabilizing America for the takeover. Just as China feels that they have more evil alien human hybrids supporting their Communist New World Order than there are humans, America too will join the ranks of terrorizing and killing its populace blackening out the media. You haven't seen nothing yet! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/world/asia/hong-kong-protest-extradition.html. And while China has its media shut off to the outside world, there will be hundreds of thousands of young people slaughtered in the streets by the brutal evil alien human hybrid controlled militaries. American police are bringing the U.S. into the same form of destabilization, by first turning the people against themselves. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/03/phoenix-police-officers-facebook-posts-include-racist-violent-commentary/1331941001/ Police Unions support them in their agendas because it is the order of the Queen! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/06/phoenix-police-union-defends-officers-identified-report-racist-facebook-comments/1369501001/. There are many racist cops across America and there numbers are much more than 2,900, and this has being going on for many years. https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/north-texas-cops-caught-sharing-racist-facebook-posts/ https://www.keranews.org/post/research-uncovers-cops-racist-violent-social-media-posts. Throughout the 1990's, when Joe Biden supported the Clintons "Crime Bill", hundreds of thousands of blackmen and women were incarcerated. Joe Biden, and all the rest who has ties to Satanic activity, otherwise they wouldn't be wealthy, are the Anti-Christ. The Arabic word for Anti-Christ is Dajjal, which means "a group of liars." Satanic Psychiatrists and Psychologists have worked with Judicial systems for years in targeting men and women.

And most of the women targeted by them were in fact witches. The female role in the New World Order is very thorough. Many of the women support 5G frequencies being spread all around the U.S., except for where they live. It is very important for Americans to know that the wealthy are separating themselves from you, even though they'll remain here in the U.S. As a massive wave of cancer causing 5G technology is sheepishly introduced to first world populations, and they predict by 2024, 5G subscriptions will reach 1.9 billion, 35 percent of traffic will be carried by 5G networks, and up to 65 percent of the global population will be consumed by the technology. This makes it the fastest generation to be rolled out on a global scale. So keep your eyes on Millenials and Gneration Z, who plan to hand us all over on a teflon platter. 13,000 Square Miles Of U.S. has made cell phones & Internet illegal. A massive section of the United States, bigger than the state of Maryland, has been quarantined by the establishment as a protective zone for themselves against cell phone towers and the internet when the 5G grid comes online. The problem is that most truth seekers vioew only the masculine negative effect in a form known as freemasons. But the Eastern Stars are really forces to be reckoned with! They are combing through American communities thoroughly, and whats being transformed from their evils and spells is nothing like ever before in history. At one time, whether good or bad, witches were burned for their evil dark spells and chaos. However, they don't burn witches anymore. During the 1980's and the 1990's, witches were incarcerated. They were all placed in institutions together. And now they are out for vengeance. And when the spells bringing in a New World Order is done the flies will be released! Just view how witches have tooken over Africa. Large flyswarms are a testimony to thsi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlhN0vPSP0s. Many humans from around the world are talking about Women in Black (WIB). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yuYvPiLgsE.

Today's witches are fair-seeming beautiful, and slay men with their vicious and rough s*x. Many of them have tooken a page from the Elizabeth Taylor book of witchery. Actress Elizabeth Taylor stayed young because there was a substance she use get from young men. It kept her youthful in appearance. Today's witches have practiced the art, and so much is happening at once across the globe that humans aren't taking out the time to fathom this. Witches are in positions of authority all across the globe and it has nothing to do with women's rights! Its all about control and consumption. If Americans pay close attention, there aren't many christian, Islamic, nor Hindu females in control who are highly spiritual. But there are females in power who claim to be affiliated with some of the religious groups but lack compassion, a key essential to a pious way of life. Many are ruthless in a very negative way. Remember, Feminist witches actively target individual men. Wiccan Satanists count as their members almost each and every powerful female/feminist within the US Government, especially in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other major cities. They target prominent men. Wicca is inherently Satanic, and was developed and founded in England during the first half of the 20th century formally, but is really much older than that. Think of the Freemasons men's group which was formally organized in England in 1717, but has more extensive origins thousands of years older than that. The British love to organize and codify organizations that are much older. Think of the King James Bible drafted in the early 1600's, but really goes back at least 5000 years. Wicca draws upon a diverse set of ancient pagan and hermetic motifs for its theological structure and ritual practices. Its traditional core beliefs, principles and practices were originally outlined in the 1940's and 1950's by [Gerald] Gardner and Doreen Valiente both in published books as well as in secret written and oral teachings passed along to their initiates. There are many variations on the core structure, and the religion grows and evolves over time. Wicca worships a Goddess and a God (Satan). These are traditionally viewed as the Moon Goddess and the Horned God. Wiccan Satanists count as their members almost each and every powerful female/feminist within the US Government, especially in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and other major cities. They include federal and state judges, senators and congresswomen, police officers, district attorneys, FBI Agents, school teachers, child protective service workers, family court judges, hotel and motel owners and managers, and anyone you can possibly think of. It's a very tight-knit sorority that protects their own, and destroys anyone that is adversarial to them, even using illegal and murderous methods to do so. An organization called "The Wing" in New York City, is only one of their business fronts.

These women, and tens of thousands more in high influential positions, can be called upon at any time to break or bend the law to serve their members. Several times per year they engage in rituals wherein they'll designate and choose certain notable or powerful men to "sacrifice." That is they create a whole host of elaborate rituals wherein they'll agree to target and destroy that powerful man, as a gift to their Moon Goddess and Satan. To that end they select certain members of their organization, in certain selected professions, and proceed to destroy and ruin that targeted man in every capacity; his work, livelihood, family, children, health, reputation, set up false criminal traps all over the place with their prostitute/escort agents using false criminal charges, rape accusations, domestic violence allegations and other methods. They also extensively spy on their target using theIr agents posing as dates or girlfriends to gather and glean copious amounts of evidence or documentation to destroy that person legally, even if the allegations are false. The witches, thousands of times a year, all over the United States, and in the Western world, target low-level or "under the radar" men, but they also target high level, high visibility men/celebrities only a few times a year during their ritualistic times beginning in October, the time of the "harvest," i.e. "harvesting mens' souls" for the Moon Goddess and Satan. This organization will never be righteously investigated and dismantled because it is protected under the guise of "womens' rights," "feminism," "protecting women and girls," ending "human trafficking," and other such nonsense designed to scare off anyone criticizing or investigating it.

The governments are now seriously neutralizing threats to their global order. There are multiple ways are killing Americans. 1. Mistresses, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, et cetera, who may be involved with a male/female who is a threat, accepts deals from the FBI and the CIA, in which they'll feed the men capsules filled with poison. It can also be where men would do the same to women. But from most of the stories on this since 2009, women have out-numbered the men when it came to grave betrayals. 2. Americans must understand that the CIA developed another way to kill which involves dyes within clothes sold at some of the big businesses where mostly women shop daily. These dyes hold a poison within them that takes time to enter the circulatory and respiratory systems, but when they hit, it will kill you slowly. They had to perfect a method where the time it took for their chemicals to hit you, you wouldn't have know where it first happened from. Some clothes and fabrics are lined with spores and bacteria that would give you a skin disease (and maybe worse). 3. Another way of killing Americans is from ballpoint hypodermic syringes. An ordinary-looking pen would be rigged with a hypodermic needle so fine that the American wouldn’t notice when someone bumped into them with the pen, and injected them with an extremely potent poison. Alot of this have been going on in Philadelphia, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. So watch out for those bumping into you, pricking you with these things, and later scratching because it at first itches.

4. There is also exploding laptops, cellphones, cigarettes, cigars, et cetera. This was no parlor trick. The FBI and the CIA use to pack cigars and cigarettes with explosives. Now there are chemicals in tobacco products that kill, and the batteries are set to ignite. When you go to any major cellphone and computer store, Hindu Indians, or other foreigners, seek to know your names, phone numbers, et cetera. You must show an identification which tells them everything they need to know about you. They'll get on their computers and will connect with a central system, that can pull up all sorts of things. This information is mostly known to those with the highest positions in the stores. And while they are working on the computer, certain information ties in with federal departments, and thats when your name will be scrutinized by those on the other end. You may tell the store manager that you want a specific type of computer, cell phone, or laptop, but they'll get one from where the things are being stored. You might just buy a device which listens to each and every word you say, anonymously, while tracking you at the same time. You won't know it though because you're only glad to get the device, and as long as it works, thats all many people care about. 5. Another way to kill Americans is by using thallium salt, the chemical in depilatory products, that is placed in your shoes. The chemical would be absorbed or inhaled, and will cause the facial hair to fall out. An after a time, you'll start experiencing many other problems! 6. Another way to get to you is by using the strongest street drugs. In order to first discredit you, and not kill you, places where you frequent would be bombarded with an aerosol spray containing a substance similar to heroin, crack cocaine, molly, or LSD. This will cause you to freak out in a public place, and people would think you have lost your mind and will stop trusting or listening to you. This act was implemented against many Americans in 2016 and in 2017. 7. Another way to get to you is by cloths teeming with deadly bacteria. The CIA is obsessed with covering Americans in harmful bacteria and toxins.

The wealthy have done a good job in driving Americans crazy. They know that if you are being bombarded by chaos each and everyday, nearly all day long, you won't have a chance to gather up your thoughts. You are like the energizer bunny turned up on full blast, and once the battery weakens, later it will be dead, and you'll have to replace it. Americans are like those bunnies set on high speed. It isn't but a matter of time before your bodies will turn against you moving too fast! A star about to burn itself out! This was the trick of Deep State, the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, many within your local police departments, working for the Rothschilds, the Morgans, the Rockefellas, the Du Ponts, and countless so-called royal relatives of theirs living in Massacusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina (the Reynolds family, et cetera), South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, to name a few states, are behind the mass conspiracies in each state within the U.S. They work with freemasons and eastern stars who are within the workplace, who live amongst you in your homes, who know someone you know and influences them, and who makes sure that police back up whatever they do. Americans are too much into disputing with one another that you just won't pay attention to the fact that you are being exterminated! They are killing you in many many ways, and there are parties set up near you who is making sure that things go as planned. It can be friends, relatives, or anyone. Even your doctors, lawyers, supervisors, et cetera, can be in on your extermination. And whether Americans know it or not, the Illuminati, with the help of freemasons, have got the right people in the right positions all across the U.S. There is no where you can go where there won't be someone tied into the Illuminati.

The witch, when experiencing cold orgasm at the sight of a distant man, is having in her arms an invisible partner called Satan, and a spell ensues that brings financial ill luck to the man viewed with the money difference turning into the witch's invisible bank account. Satan is also present in all female orgasms generally speaking : even though they are legitimate by the law of the land, they entail indebtedness by the very pleasure they give to the woman and partake of the advent of the march of the world to the new world order nevertheless. In Africa, mass enslavement occurred by the mere power of unbridled female orgasm once s*x was adored as a divine force about 13th century. The conquest of India by the Moguls and then by the Brits happened thanks first to the planned wide spreading of tantric philosophies. Non-Jews make a great error in associating Jewry with faith : actually, the way expert Jewitches understand YWHW is an all-powerful but diffuse and will-less occult energy to be commanded to at will to perform operations of object-less seduction and invisible vengeance, quite like Grand Zombi as used by the Voodoo witches, or as described under the name of orgone by Wilhelm Reich, or the various impersonal occult energies referred to by Indian experts of tantra : YHWH is antithetic to the concept of God. Whereas you surrender your being to God, you use YHWH as mere infinite life-force current to satisfy your whims and needs. This is not a late deformation and heart-hardening of Judaism by stubborn rejection of Christ, as classical Christian theology implies. Quite the contrary, Christian influence on the Jewish thing has been its humanistic and progressive facade and the honesty of most of its useful idiots so to speak (Lenin's expression for idealistic communists had been there for millennia to denote idealistic Jews). This is Jewitchcraft in its original ancient and eternal form.

You don't need to be circumcised to be Jewish, since women are more akin to judaism than men. It is nevertheless your interest to be cut as a male once you have a Jewess above your life, for by cutting your foreskin you start cutting the occult s*xual bond you have with your all-devouring Jewish mother : otherwise, without performing something equivalent in pain, you may lose your soul and turn into a mere toy in her hands for the rest of your life, as are most business beasts who turn into money-making or power-grabbing machines for the invisible mothers and witches that agitate them from behind the screen. Another very big mistake most non-jewish theologians do is likening all Jews, genetically or philosophically, to the ones that crossed the Red Sea and received God's words under Moses' guidance. In the Memphis Mitzraim Masonic lodge (for Jews and very Jewish-friendly sorcerers) the neophyte is made to unlearn his religion so as to interpret it as mere symbols for practical dealings, and that his best ancestors were cunning enough to remain in Memphis and remotely controlling the idiot ones who crossed the sea. Witches, by practising de-vitalizing disciplines of thought-control, tend to grow pale by comparison with their native hue, and have paler and paler offspring if they get one. They say that after three generations the offspring is perfectly caucasian, and as a matter of fact many Black women in Haiti go into witchcraft in the hope of passing into the white (and jewish) camp. The North African Jews have similar theories and stories, except of course for them to be rewarded by their whiteness and the Blacks to be punished for their idolatrous and amorous ways by blackness. This may sound ludicrous and exaggerated, but there are photographs of perfectly caucasian-blond haired boys being born out of off-black or brown Haitian families (of the dark side of voodoo) ... and who one adult migrate to the US as Jews.

You may laugh at those facts as at mere curiosities of life proving nothing, you may likewise laugh at my definition of what is a Jew, but the fact is that the Haitian Jews born by our definition of practising witches and without having had any other formal contact with mainstream judaism (though they are generally interested in cabalistic magic and know some hebrew words for spells) never had any great difficulty in getting accepted as Jews in the world of American coloured Jews or making their Aliya to Israel (generally with the intention of re-migrating as non-Haitians to other western countries). According to various definitions, the whole caucasian race was formed that way, by witchcraft through the formation of Jews as the most perfect caucasian type. A depraved satanic cult called the Illuminati is waging a covert war against humanity. The plan does not represent Jews but only a small cabal of bankers who organized in Masonic secret societies. They intermarried with prominent Gentiles and formed a vast occult and criminal underground. They are stealthily constructing a totalitarian world government behind the facade of democracy. Satanism. They involve nations in needless wars and enthrall the masses with porn, violence, trivia and toys. They attack our sources of identity and love -- God (religion); family (gender); country and race -- in order to stymie and dehumanize us. https://www.infowars.com/trump-administration-considering-social-credit-score-system-to-determine-who-can-buy-a-gun/.
Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 6:25AM
george patel

thanks for more info about Pennsylvania and North Carolina....I did NOT know.....


".....Today's witches are fair-seeming beautiful, and slay men with their vicious and rough...x

Many of them have tooken a page from the Elizabeth Taylor book of witchery.

……..You may laugh at those facts as at mere curiosities of life proving nothing,

you may likewise laugh at my definition of what is a Jew,

but the fact is that the Haitian Jews born by our definition of practising witches.... cabalistic magic

and know some hebrew words for spells) never had any great difficulty in getting accepted as Jews in

the world of American coloured Jews or making their Aliya to Israel...... According to various definitions,

the..caucasian race was formed...by witchcraft through the formation of Jews as the most perfect Caucasian"

Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 6:25AM
george patel


Can you help your "colured, jews, and 'blacks' of Pennsylvania and northCarolina".. get out the VOTE....

…..VOTE in 2020 for The Honorable Senator and AG of California ….. Kamaala Harris...

Thursday, September 12th 2019 at 7:35AM
robert powell
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