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What Is Epigenetics? (201 hits)

What Is Epigenetics?
Junious Ricardo Stanton

“Epigenetics is the study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression. ‘Ep’ means above- epigenetics means above the genes…Epigenetics proves that our body has the incredible ability to adapt and stay in health no matter what genes you have. This is the gift of God- that we are not victims of our biology but we are in control of it!” Epigentics How Your Mind Can Reprogram Your Genes https://renewingallthings.com/spiritual-health/epigenetics-how-your-mind-can-reprogram-your-genes/

We are constantly being brainwashed, conditioned and subjected to mind entrainment by the corporate media which is owned by a select few, whose agenda is to control the flow of information and determine what we believe, what we buy and how we behave. They attempt to sell us foods that are not good for us and promote lifestyles that discourage optimal health. We are told we are helpless to alter our condition and our health is something we cannot affect, but this is not entirely true. There is hope; there is a branch of study called epigenetics that shows we can alter our DNA and health through our thinking, emotions and eating nutritious foods, that we are not victims of our ancestry or family health histories.
"Epigenetics is a branch of biology which studies how the development and functioning of biological systems are influenced by forces that operate outside of the DNA sequence. Within the past few years alone, remarkable discoveries have been made which demonstrate that our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and overall perception of the world/environment around us can actually have physical/biological effects on our DNA. Adding further complexity to our often mystifying genetic code, research from Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia has shown that it’s possible for information to be inherited biologically through our DNA. More specifically, their research shows that behavior can be affected by events in previous generations which have been passed on through a form of genetic memory." Researchers Discover That Memories Can be passed Down Through Changes In Our DNA. Arjun Walia http://www.collective-evolution.com/2015/11/12/researchers-discover-that-memories-can-be-passed-down-through-changes-in-our-dna/
We are more than mere flesh and blood; we are spiritual beings. There is a complex relationship between our thoughts, feelings and our physical wellbeing. “In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton explains the foundation of epigenetics, and how the true secret to health does not lie within your DNA. Dr. Lipton explains that you have cell membranes and the DNA are inside them. The cell membranes ‘read’ all external signals coming from your environment and changes the genes inside accordingly. The external signals it reads are: thoughts, emotions, food/water, movement, air, noise, etc. So this means that what we eat, what we think, and how we feel CONTROLS how our genes are expressed- for better or for worse. Epigenetics proves that our body has the incredible ability to adapt and stay in health no matter what genes you have. This is the gift of God- that we are not victims of our biology but we are in control of it! Thinking affects gene expression in cells of the Brain and the rest of the Body. This in turn affects the structure, function, and the health of the Body. Toxic thinking harms the normal functioning of the Body.” https://renewingallthings.com/spiritual-health/epigenetics-how-your-mind-can-reprogram-your-genes/
This is not new. Our African ancestors knew this eons ago! That is why they placed such high value on living in harmony with the spirit world, the physical environment and each other. (Read Self-Healing Power and Therapy, Old Teachings From Africa by Kimbwandende Kia Bunseki FU-KIAU 1991 Vantage Press ) Spirit was a major factor in their lives. They realized subtle energies/vibration/frequencies permeated every facet of the physical world. To them the goal of life was to resonate harmoniously with the higher energies (spirits) so our lives and relationships are healthy, productive and fulfilling. This is huge, it means we can generate optimal health of our own volition!
Western science is now telling us what ancient Metaphysicians, mystics, shaman and traditional healers have known for centuries, that we can alter our current condition by taking action. "Over the past decades, epigenetic studies mainly have been focused on embryonic development, aging, and cancer. Presently, epigenetics is highlighted in many other fields, such as inflammation, obesity, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and immune diseases. Because epigenetic modifications can be altered by external or internal environmental factors and have the ability to change gene expression, epigenetics is now considered an important mechanism in the unknown etiology of many diseases. Such induced epigenetic changes can be inherited during cell division, resulting in permanent maintenance of the acquired phenotype. Thus, epigenetics can provide a new framework for the search for etiological factors in environment-associated diseases as well as embryonic development and aging, which are also known to be affected by many environmental factors." Epigenetics A New Bridge Between Nutrition and Health- Sang Woon Choi and Simonetta Frisco http://advances.nutrition.org/content/1/1/8.full
Our healing, redemption and transformation are up to us. We are the only ones who can accomplish it. We can heal ourselves by changing our psychic/energetic environment, by raising the energy and vibrations in our immediate surroundings from negative to positive. This means being aware of the messages and energy in the music, televisions, movies, games as well as our daily conversations and interactions. We have to change our lifestyles by eating healthy foods, drinking clean water, getting adequate sleep/rest, meditating, redefining ourselves by realizing we are spiritual/energetic beings, and that giving up our maladaptive unhealthy behaviors is healthy not just for us but future generations. When we do this we’ll reverse the deadly pathologies permeating our communities.
We can do this we have innate power, intelligence and energy residing in us that can/will assist us, support us and enable us to transcend our current condition. We can save ourselves and our progeny. We just have to activate and actualize it.


Posted By: Junious Stanton
Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 10:28AM
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I agree with Dr. Lipton, You are what you think. Thanks for this powerful read Brother Doctor Junious Ricardo Stanton.

Tuesday, September 10th 2019 at 11:12AM
Deacon Ron Gray
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