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NOVEMBER 10, 2019

Yesterday, several travelers who have been visiting Cleveland, Ohio, ventured into regions to see what was the indepth conditions of poor people. The first thing experienced was the bus andRedline Train systems. Parties who have friends that work for Cleveland's Public Transportation swear that police have illegally been monitoring surveillance on trains and buses just to keep tabs on poor blacks and latinos. It hasw been alleged that there have been crimes committed in the past which require police to monitor Public Transportation daily. And when these cops get caught up in their schemes, usually employees working for Public Transportation will continue the spying until they can find one who will do something against laws, policies, and procedures. This is how police will always remain conducting illegal wiretaps, unlawful surveillance, and illegal seizures. Black and latino people who have no ties to freemasonry are primary targets. And there are alot of cops in Cleveland who don't agree with some of the illegal things going on. But very wealthy people are funding this sort of stuff which is why there will be no changes for the better, ever. They believe technology is their god and because so many Boule Society plants, freemasonic and Eastern Star plants, along with military plants, et cetera, are out causing chaos in society, this justifies the use of technology illegally. People claim that white supremacists are to blame for everything. This just isn't the full truth. One thing about white supremacist is that when it has been known that a blackman/woman is a threat, they, like the Boule Society, believe in passing around photos of the targets. And then by using surveillance they monitor the places their targets frequent. There are also parties secretly working for them who keeps their eyes on the targets in locations where surveillance is limited. They are truly great emmissaries or spies.

Next, quite a few people have been visiting the Shell Gas Station (216) 249-4560, located at: 13441 Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio, the Gas Station sits at the corner of Superior and Euclid. Investigators from other states have been going inside of the store seeing how it is ran because, according to some sources, it was revealed that an employee at Shell was a drug dealer. They are trying to see if the money is being funneled through the business like so many Arabs are doing all acros Cleveland. But some of what they found out was startling. The Shell Station is opened 24 hours daily. And over 99.9% of their profits come from black people. However, they treat black people horrible. When people purchases chicken and other food there have been videos surfacing showing how employees spit on some of the customers food. On Saturday, November 9, 2019, at about 7:15 pm, it was shown on video how a pale Arab, or he could be hispanic, that works behind the food section, talks over the food while spit comes out of his mouth and falls into the food. And when blackmen say something to him about it, he has one of his friends take pictures of the blackman and they mark him. Some may secretly contact police that they deal with and will make up stories or lies on the blackmen at a time when noone is around to hear them. This is how they have managed to destroy strong blackmen. Most of the blackmen who aren't freemasons is on drugs or is ill in some way. The Pale Arab or hispanic working in the store recently threatened the life of a blackman because the man asked him not to yell out how much his food cost, opening up a door for him to get robbed. But the go and arragance of these demons is beyond anything known. Arabs are a very competitive species of demons. When the men own businesses, if they don't want you as competetion, they'll [pay someone to either trash your business, or they'll give drug addicts drugs in order to go around the business and caucase chaos. It has also been recorded that some Arabs will go as far as paying someone to rob a business just to eliminate the competition.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We were informed that there are parties on payrolls who are rebutting our factual testimonies in order to keep the chaos within communities. And when they succeed you'll usually see a spike in violence because this is how they want it. Arabs in Cleveland, Akron, and Kent, Ohio, claim that they work with white supremacists because they don't care for black people anyway. This is why all across America Arabs are using gentrification in many areas to get rid of black people. Those so-called b lack muslims who worship them have been known to lie for them because it gets them healthy financial bonuses. Africans usually worship the Arab or Pakistanis, but there are many so-called african americans who do as well. So is the Persian form of voodoo really that powerful? The spells being cast on many black people is turning black communities into horror stories. People can see the changes. People also observe how blackmen are towards one another. Blackmen treat each other horribly. And then there are those corrupt cops who plant lies and tales against certain blackmen, with photos. The photos are then passed around, and before you know it, that blackman has enemies he has never done anything to. The Arabs and other foreigners working with corrupt police and white supremacists have managed to get incarcerated hundreds of blacks within the past 3 months. Black people are denied jobs because they won't comply with conformity. Their individual thinking follows them even when they go to the Welfare Ofice in hopes of seeking relief there. Unfortunately, like in so many other places, these targeted blacks are forced to steal just to provide for their families or to eat. And then there are those who was waiting on this to happen. They'll descend on those blacks like a terrible storm which may claim the life of those blacks. This is why black people should keep their eyes on all Arabs in America, and on all of those blacks who seem to be a friend to the Arabs. Blacks must learn that the Arabs, and many of those tied in with their bloodlines, are great enemies to blacks and caucasians. BUT BECAUSE MANY OF YOU CAN'T SEE IT RIGHT NOW, YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO SEE IT WHEN AMERICA COLLAPSES.

Its so sad that it will have to come to this. We know that Cleveland's Finest Secret Societies have parties who are rebutting our factual revelations. We also know that they have the money and the influence to change scenes and situations. Blacks want to know what are the rules for being accepted by the dominant society? What are the rules to avoid experiencing racism in America? Why everytime blacks learn one rule, they are told those rules don't apply, and new rules are created? All you Uncle Toms and Aunt Thomasinas better pay close attention! We know you are reading our threads and have became involved. Those of you staying at the Glen Motel (302) 834-9812, located at: 1176 Pulaski road,in Bear, Delaware, who have sought to harm innocent blackmen that have never done anything personally to you, better wake up and learn! Those of you who have changed rooms because of secret missions you have been working on with racist police, and you think staying in certain rooms may protect you, think again! We know who you are! So wake up and learn now! Those who have been working with parties staying at the Glen Motel against innocent blackmen, who don't stay at the motel, but read all of our threads, we know who you are! So wake up and learn once and for all!

When blacks were first dropped off from the slave ships, they said, "what do we have to do to be accepted by the dominant society, avoiding racism? The dominant society said, " if you change your african names we'll consider accepting you." So blacks changed their names. But they were never accepted. The blacks were then told that if they gave up voodoo and african religions, they could be accepted. Black folks said,"well thats not a problem." "We can convert to christianity because we have a version of that in africa." "The whole European Jesus thing is a new thing for us, but we'll adapt." "Can we be accepted?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because that voodoo thing is still with you. Maybe if you wasn't so lazy, we'll accept you!" So black people said, "well, we're slaves, and noone works as hard as slaves. We pick all this cotton, and do all this work, and nobody works like us. Can we be accepted?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because slavery is now over, and we don't need your work no more!" So black people said, "how about hiring us since we have all these skills?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because we have all these caucasian only unions, and we don't need that!" Black folks then said,"how about we build our own communities, our own Tulsa, Oklahomas, our Central Avenue in Los, Angeles, and our own prosperous economical communities?" The dominant society said, "well no, because now you are making more money than us, and you are becoming a threat. And so we'll burn down your communities!" So black people said, "we'll work for you and keep our heads up!" The dominant society said, "well, no, because you are being uppidy now!" Black folks said, "ok, we'll just shuck and jive, and be entertainment for you. We'll tap dance, skin and grin, coon, or whatever. Can we be accepted?"

The dominant society said, "well, no. We love the entertainment, but thats it." So black people said, "we won't even bother you. We'll just hang out on the street corners. We won't even try to become part of the dominant society. We'll just hang out in front of the liquor store. And if we see something we like, we'll just take it!" The dominant society said, "if you do that we're going to arrest you!" So black people said, "how about we just go in the house? We'll just get crumbs from you and spend most of our time watching television because that way we can escape racism?" The ruling class didn't have much of a problem with this because television shows negative images of black people, supresses creative thought processes, and keep blacks in states of ignorance. The bottom line is there's no rules to accept black people as a whole. All of the rules are there to keep blacks marginalized. And to keep people confused as to what racism really is. Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry, are tools caucasian men, and countless women use against black people. Racism is not a noun, but is an action verb. In order for a person to practice racism, or to be a racist, they have to not only have prejudice, but they also have to have power to influence the success or the failures of another race's life! Thats what constitute a racist, and blacks need to learn this. Most black people think a racist is just someone who dislike them and calls them names, because of their hue. This happens to be one who is only prejudice. Thats why its important to note that black people can't be racists against caucasians. Even if blacks stand on the street corners calling caucasians names, but they can't determine where the person lives, how much money the person makes, or whether they're gonna have healthcare, these limitations make it impossible for blacks to be racists!

Racism is a power dynamic. Its also a power system dynamic, and blacks are the only victims of racism. Calling a person names isn't the same as controlling every aspect of that person's life. America was founded on racism. There's no institution that can get away from the founding principles of its origin. America was founded on its oppression and enslavement of black people! In order to get away from that you're going to have to reconstruct American society from the bottom up. President Obama started this task, but his intentions were for the New World Order! Not for the liberation of black folks. This is one reason why he refused to get black people their 40 acres and a mule, which would have bankrupted the U.S. Government. His mission was for the New World Order. President Obama knew that Africa was being robbed by the U.S., and by Europe. Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan ruler, and other African leaders, were about to bring forth an African Central Banking System. Africa was erecting a Central Bank, backed by resources under the ground. This would have destroyed the Global Economic Order (New World Order stronghold). Remember, the United States dollar isn't backed by any natural resources. The British pound isn't backed by any natural resources. The Canadian dollar isn't backed by any natural resources. Nor does the Europe have alot of natural resources. Africa does (See: Premier Diamond Mine of South Africa). A Central Bank of Africa coming up with a unitary currency, and then backing that currency to the material wealth under the soil would have bankrupted every other economical system on the Planet Earth; from America, to Europe, and to China! That was a revolution! And thats why Muammar Gaddafi was assassinated. The CIA got hold of this information from its many informants, and the information was spread from Europe to China! They used "Terrorism" to kill Muammar Gaddafi, and very few Americans know this truth! Gaddafi was about to help the African Heads of State eliminate modern day slavery, and neo-colonialism from Africa. And America got with both Europe and China, and they not only turned his people against him by spreading lies, but they also had special assassins kill him, and instructed local and national news medias everywhere to report that he was killed by his people! And believe it or not, President Obama gave the ok on this assassination!

Caucasians are struggling for their genetic survival. If there is a threat to one's genetic survival, then the threat to your survival has to become a target. And the blackman is the targeted threat to caucasian men genetic survival because only males, despite their nationality, can impose s*xual intercourse. Females cannot impose s*xual intercourse. So the blackman is perceived consciously or unconsciously, as the genetic threat to caucasian men, and must be attacked! And this is what we see. Whether its unemployment, incarceration, or failure in school, its because there is a war going on. The sad thing is that blacks became hyypnotized under President Obama. Sure he gave you welfare and free money, but he took alot of civil rights away from you, under the illusion of inclusion. Blacks suffered more under President Obama than under both Clinton and Bush. The unemployment rate was higher. The incarceration rate was higher. And every index for progress was worse under President Obama. The domianant society always put a black face in many different offices, place them in charge on police forces, et cetera, when they plan to take something away from black people. Black people look at racism as a moral issue. And when you look at racism as a moral issue, especially for blacks, you automatically relegate racism to the realm of religion. And thats a major problem! Its a problem because the solution to racism becomes baptism, or islamisizing caucasians into the righteousness of God and Equality. The problem with that is the church and the mosque have been some of the biggest perpitraitors of racism in global history. The Catholic Church was one of the first institutions to give permission for blacks to be reduced to servitude

Racism was given its validation by the church. The church felt it was ok because blacks did something against God, which ties into the Mormons, or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What makes it so hard for blacks to fight against racism is because freemasons and eastern stars have made it invisible to many. When a black person goes to court and sue for racial discrimination, citing that they were refused jobs based on their race, or was kicked out of school for being black, they have to prove racist intent on the part of the perpitraitors. This was white supremacy's chief weapon, because its difficult to combat it. Blacks have to prove that the person, who created the act of racism, had the deliberate intent of discriminating against them because of their color. The dominant society says, "we are all human and nobody's perfect." There's a million reasons they can use as excuses for why blacks didn't get hired, or was kicked out of school, or was given 40 years for 4 grams of crack cocaine. There are judges in North Carolina who have given blackmen 10 years per one rock of crack cocaine. Thus, racism hides behind everyday human errors that all humans have, according to freemasons, according to eastern stars, according to the dominant society, and according to even the Queen of England and her reptilian offspring.

Another important point to note is that caucasians calling themselves "white", was a trick. Black people were tricked into calling them white, which tied into your religion, and even tied into the god you were/are worshipping. It is a sin to call caucasians white. At one time, blacks were called africans and caucasians were termed Europeans. Many poor caucasians don't realize that there were more caucasian slaves in America than there were black slaves. Indigent slaves is what they were called. One day, both black and caucasian slaves came together and overthrew their slave masters in the entire area! Imagine what you can get done when you open your minds and work together. However, after this took place, the dominant society got together and said, "lets call africans moors or blacks, and lets call caucasians white!" This was the trick that made poor caucasians think they were better than blacks, had more rights than blacks, and were more inclined to become successful than blacks. Divide & Conquer. There were no people classified as white before the 1500's and the 1600's. As a matter of fact, even the term "caucasian" is a relatively new word. Johann Blumenbach was respopnsible for creating the term, "caucasian", in between 1790 and 1795. This was 20 to 25 years after the Illuminati first had nations sign their treaty.

Back in the mid-1900’s, there were a number of elites that considered themselves the ruling class, and had plans to deal with those individuals that they did not agree with or identified with. In a time of class warfare there is always a division where a certain group of people are somehow under the impression that they are superior. There are documents and historical accounts of how the elite wanted to dispose of the indigent, the mentally retarded, the handicapped, and even women. The overall attitude of the elite had given way to the use of eugenics to eliminate types of people that were considered undesirables. Anymore when one has to search the internet for eugenics stories in America you have to go through the delicate word salad that makes it palatable for researchers because no one wants to admit that while we called ourselves a country that believed in human rights we all secretly had plans for those we felt deserved to be eliminated from the gene pool. Surprisingly, the reason for the eugenics programs again was to insure that resources would be used by those who would benefit society. Those who were thought to be a burden were conveniently removed.

Of course, the hypocritical and of course secretly sickly President Woodrow Wilson supported eugenics directives prior to 1913. When Wilson was Governor of New Jersey, his support of eugenics programs should have been fair warning about the type of individual he was. On April 21st, 1911, just two years before becoming President, Wilson passed into law an act to authorize and provide for the “sterilization of feeble-minded (including idiots, imbeciles, and morons), epileptics, rapists, certain criminals and other defectives.” It was overturned by the New Jersey Supreme Court on November 18, 1913. Many attitudes about culling the undesirables were fomented during World War I. One admirer of the eugenics programs in the United States was a young Adolf Hitler. Much of Hitler’s attitudes towards the nation-state, war, eugenics, race superiority, community and obligation came from his participation in the First World War, where 6,000 men died every day. Contrast that with the 3,000 that died in one day in the U.S. on 9/11, but not day after day for four years. Hitler of course, believed in the idea that those who did not follow the rules of the government deserved to be culled. In his book, Mein Kampf, he stated that it is important to “sift the human material” for those who support decisions of the leaders and those who do not support these decisions. He also believed in culling those who were a burden on society.

Perhaps we can make a comparison to what Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller and puppet master of Barack Obama, who once said: “In earlier times, it was easier to control a million people; literally it was easier to control a million people, than physically to kill a million people. Today, it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people. It is easier to kill, than to control a million people.” Of course, he can openly discuss how easy it is to kill people because he seems to be untouchable. He is the man who co-founded with David Rockefeller the very organization that recently released their slick little public service announcement where many elite publishers, authors, actors and statesmen speak about over-population; specifically, how the world will be facing some big decisions and that it will take the Council of Foreign Relations to handle the dirty task of somehow rectifying the problem of things like climate change and over-population. Blacks must further remember that Cleveland is the home and stronghold of the Rockefeller family. Chemtrails, drinking water poisons, contaminated foods, and so much more goes on in both Ohio and in Michigan.

It is no surprise and is quite obvious that fossils like David Rockefeller still think population is the problem, and of course, the Rockefeller Foundation is nefarious for funding the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz. Much of the devout ideological guidance and political campaigning for the American eugenics movement came from California’s quasi-autonomous eugenic societies, such as the Pasadena-based Human Betterment Foundation and the California branch of the American Eugenics Society, which coordinated much of their activity with the Eugenics Research Society in Long Island. These organizations, which functioned as part of a closely-knit, network–published racist eugenic newsletters and pseudoscientific journals, such as Eugenical News and Eugenics, and propagandized eugenics programs for the Nazis. The eugenics programs that existed were a byproduct of politics, urging science to provide a reason to eliminate what were seen as unfit humans in order to guarantee worldwide sustainability.

The American eugenics programs inspired the Nazi’s programs and were extensively extensive financed by corporate philanthropies, specifically the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America’s most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. These scientists espoused race theory and race science, and then faked and twisted data to serve eugenics’ racist aims. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget that it was the Rockefeller Foundation that patented the Zika Virus in 1947. The question is, why are they now pushing their globalist ideals in public service announcements? During its first fifty years of existence, the CFR was almost never mentioned by any of the moguls of the mass media. And when you realize that the membership of the CFR includes top executives from the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Knight newspaper chain, NBC, CBS, Time, Life, Fortune, Business Week, U.S. News, Wand Report, and many others, you can be sure that such anonymity is not accidental; it is deliberate. The question now is why has the CFR and their elite policy makers are stepping out of the shadows and acting as if their organization is going to save us when it can be said that much of their saving solutions include finding better and more stealthy ways of eliminating us for global sustainability.

Last June, CFR member James Traub wrote “It’s Time for the Elites to Rise Up Against the Ignorant Masses.” He portrayed Donald Trump and the E.U. Brexit as symptoms of mindless and dangerous insanity. Traub wrote for Foreign Policy Magazine: “It is necessary to say that people are deluded and that the task of leadership is to un-delude them,” “Is that ‘elitist’? Maybe it is; maybe we have become so inclined to celebrate the authenticity of all personal conviction that it is now elitist to believe in reason, expertise, and the lessons of history. If so, the party of accepting reality must be prepared to take on the party of denying reality, and its enablers among those who know better. If that is the coming realignment, we should embrace it.” So Traub is saying that those who are not playing by their rules should be ready to be realigned in order for them to have a taste of the reality they want for us. I am sure this includes having fellow CFR member Hillary Clinton as our leader and I am curious as to what kind of reality we are awaiting to be realigned to. I can actually give you an idea of what is coming and how they are literally poisoning us, little by little, so they can manage the remaining few who have decided to adapt to the elitist reality to avoid being sifted out.

If we take a step back in time to the 1960s and ’70s, there was a book that was published called, The Population Bomb. It was written by Stanford University Professor Paul R. Ehrlich and his wife, Anne Ehrlich. It warned of the mass starvation of humans in the 1970s and 1980s due to overpopulation, as well as other major societal upheavals, and advocated immediate action to limit population growth. Fears of a “population explosion” were widespread in the 1950s and 1960s, but the book brought the idea to an even wider audience. In answer to the question, “what needs to be done?” he wrote, “We must rapidly bring the world population under control, reducing the growth rate to zero or making it negative. Conscious regulation of human numbers must be achieved. Simultaneously we must, at least temporarily, greatly increase our food production.” Ehrlich described a number of “ideas on how these goals might be reached” He believed that the United States should take a leading role in population control, both because it was already consuming much more than the rest of the world, and therefore had a moral duty to reduce its impact, and because the US would have to lead international efforts due to its prominence in the world. In order to avoid charges of hypocrisy or racism it would have to take the lead in population reduction efforts.

Ehrlich actually proposed the idea of modifying foods in order to render the population sterile and to add chemicals to the water supply to make the population passive. This became the junk science that was endorsed by a lot of scientists and was actually becoming as settled as climate change is today. Arguably Ehrlich’s idea of modifying food has already become a reality as genetically modified food go from farm to table on a daily basis and people are willing to believe that these foods pose no problem to the public health. However, glyphosate, already labeled as a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization in 2015 – has now been identified inside most Americans. In the first-ever, comprehensive, and validated testing project carried out across America, this toxic chemical was found in the urine of 93 percent of subjects tested. Children had the highest levels of the toxin in their systems. Overall, higher levels were found in the West and Midwest, regions known for their agricultural production. The testing project was carried out by a University of California San Francisco laboratory, with preliminary results showing glyphosate in well over 90 percent of all urine samples analyzed during early phases of the study n 2015. The study involves more urine samples than any other such study for the toxin in the U.S. Results released to date cover the first 131 test subjects, with remaining results expected to be made public later in 2016.

Known best as the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate has become the world’s most widely used herbicide as high-input conventional agriculture production has advanced. It is a broad-spectrum, non-selective chemical that is used to kill vegetation in farm fields, as well as gardens, roadsides, playgrounds, parks and other areas likely to present exposure to food, water, animals and humans. Since 1996, Monsanto has marketed “Roundup Ready” seeds for crops including soy, corn, canola, alfalfa, cotton and sorghum. These genetically modified seeds make the food and feed crop resistant to the deadly effects of Roundup, which encourages the overuse of the chemical for the control of weeds in the farm field. So, most Americans don’t realize that when they eat these foods that they have been marinating in Roundup while they grow. Now we see the consequences of genetically modified foods. Meanwhile a series of shocking new reports reveal that 45,000 acres of California crops are being irrigated with recycled fracking water, with some samples showing levels of petrochemicals higher than those found at oil spill sites. This is being done even though no one has bothered to verify if the practice is safe or not. There are big profits for oil companies – at the expense of the public health.

The ability for oil companies to earn a profit off their wastewater is extremely similar to the way the phosphate fertilizer industry sells their byproduct, hydrofluorosilicic acid or fluoride, to be added to public drinking water. Several international studies to date have demonstrated that fluoride added to water is causing numerous health complications, including reduced IQ ratings among children. The notion that drinking fluoridated water contributes to healthier teeth has not been proven, and is slowing disintegrating into thin air. As a matter of fact, there is more evidence that fluoride is harmful rather than helpful. There has been controversy over the activity of adding fluoride to municipal water supplies and elsewhere, but not enough. The seriousness of this issue is more than what most realize, which is why most developed nations refuse to fluoridate their water. Actually, Israel is the latest nation to completely halt water fluoridation, mandatory and voluntary. Fluoridation ranks with GMO’s, chemically tainted toxic foods, and vaccinations as an effective way of slowly reducing the population. Much like what Paul Ehrlich proposed in the book, Population Bomb.

Another author with a familiar name has also given his opinion on how the planet can become more sustainable. Dr. John Holdren, one of the Obama administration's Science Czar, co-authored a book called Ecoscience, where he argued that in order for the planet to be sustainable forced sterilization and mass abortions might be necessary, and even viable under the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Furthermore, according to a recent Washington Times article, climate-change activists are mobilizing to cut the birthrate, arguing that richer nations should discourage people having children in order to protect them from the ravages of global warming and reduce emissions. Travis Rieder, assistant director of the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University, says that bringing down global fertility by half a child per woman “could be the thing that saves us.” He proposed procreation disincentives such as government tax breaks for poor people and tax penalties for rich people, a kind of “carbon tax on kids.”

Poor nations would be cut slack because they’re still developing, and because their per capita emissions are a sliver of the developed worlds. He will be publishing a paper he wrote along with two Georgetown University professors called “Population Engineering and the Fight Against Climate Change” in October. If you read the news of other countries we are seeing calls for one or two child policies to be implemented to ensure global sustainability. The economic hardship that the world faces is also creating a climate favorable to population and eugenics policies. The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Program that was issued for global sustainability gave a timeline that began in 2007 and runs through 2036. The report outlines a grim economic future of middle class rebellion amidst falling standards of living. Now keep in mind that this is all planned and issued as a blue print for future world planning that also includes the implementation of eugenic directives brain chip implants, and other forecasts. One scenario in particular states that youth in western societies could see the growing elderly population as a burden, opening the doorway to euthanasia for the elderly.

In the agendas of world economic and environmental sustainability, your economic burden on society cannot be tolerated during unprecedented economic times. The growing population of elderly individuals will be an incredible burden on a faltering system. Some governmental think tanks see younger generations pursuing euthanasia policies as an option. While we are asked to recycle waste, there are those who wish to recycle or remove human life for world sustainability. As the global planners hook you with “climate change” and the socially engineered “saving the planet from the environmental cataclysmic model” we could very well see in the future an urgency to justify laws requiring euthanasia, eugenic infanticide, futile care provisions, and weeding out those with undesirable genetic propensities through the mapping of an infant’s genome literally marking them genetically for a “predisposed outcome.” The growing economic crisis, and numerous other crises both real and manufactured, will be held as an example of the need for a new army of social workers and bureaucracy to manage the affairs of average men and women. So as you can see, the coming realignment proposed by the CFR in concert with the United Nations Summit 2030, which is really 2020 proposals, is inevitable. https://www.infowars.com/implanted-microchip-to-replace-credit-cards-car-keys/

In order for Americans to overcome the most powerful vice used by the Illuminati and many Secret Societies, which happens to be psychopaths within ourmidst, you must first get into the head of the manufactured psychos. Psychopaths succeed because they use many tools of manipulation, charm, intimidation and sometimes violence in order to procure their position of power. A psychopath has a knack for glibness; a grandiose sense of who they think they are, a lack of empathy and a failure to be accountable or accept responsibility. Now it would be an easy jump to say that all psychopaths become murderers; however, the degree of the disposition can lead to disregard for human life and from there we see the psychopath act upon their desires to eliminate anyone or anything that gets in the way of their power trip. When some speak of psychopaths they are sure there are plenty of images that run through your mind of what one is; however, the creepy thing that occurred to me is that we have about 15 million out there we are completely unaware of how a psychopath operates. People only assume that psychopaths are always vicious or appear to be crazy. The truth is that they blend in well. Psychopaths are compelled to acquire powerful positions; they often resist critique and scrutiny and develop a network of followers and disciples that are unaware that they are being manipulated. Most of the disciples are damaged goods, but not so damaged as to not carry out the wishes of the psychopath. Psychopaths succeed because they use many tools of manipulation, charm, intimidation and sometimes violence in order to procure their position of power. A psychopath has a knack for glibness, a grandiose sense of who they think they are a lack of empathy and a failure to be accountable or accept responsibility.

Psychopaths all seem to be charismatic and pleasant, but eventually they show tendencies toward violence and corrupting gullible acquaintances in order to shape and seal their lust for power and control. This also raises some questions about how we see and allow certain individuals to manipulate us, especially those individuals that have been appointed to be our leaders and whether or not psychopaths are in control of our government. We have been having a love affair with psychopaths for some time, and it is with this misguided affection that we are not paying attention to so-called charismatic leaders that try and sell us on their abilities to lead and protect the country. If we are honest with ourselves for just a moment, we can assuredly say that we have witnessed all these traits being demonstrated by many of our presidents and it isn’t that far of a leap to say that political parties have now evolved into extremist sectarian cults allowing their leadership to have a hold over them even though we are learning that they have a very ugly and immoral past. We have been beguiled into a culture of wall making. We have put up barriers and are divided over many things and the overall tendency is to draw invisible lines in the sand and when they are crossed, there is an extreme uproar that is exploited by the media. The extremes have also been programmed into the young by teachers acting out in an out-of-touch education system bent on producing compliant cogs for a globalist future.

We cheer on a government that treats its citizens like chess pieces. We extol the virtues of reality TV personalities that are superficial and glorify musicians that promote drugs and the abuse of women. Bill gates supports eugenics, and Prince Phillip and Prince William support it. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, supported it, of course, Hitler did too. Eugenics went underground after WWII, but continued under the guise of population control and environmentalism, proceeding partly with the aid of Rockefeller family wealth. Rather than focus on quality control the emphasis was on quantity control. One of the first books to tie these ideas together post-WWII, titled Our Plundered Planet, was written by Fairfield Osborn, who in 1921 served as the President of the Second International Congress of Eugenics in New York. You see, the best Eugenics plans were not thought up by the Nazis, they were created by Americans! COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY BEING USED TO CRUSH US ALL: Computer Technology is quickly changing the world. Creating a New World and a new culture. A fast paced cyber-consciousness. It is happening so fast that the world outside of the cyberculture is beginning to wonder if this outré world is really a runaway train. A perverted extension of who we are. A threat to the information watering holes we used to use. Without a common enemy nothing seems to hold The United States of America together. Without Fear in our lives we are not motivated. We tune into television shows where we watch the other pathetic criminal down the block get his teeth bashed in by a large group of police men in body armor. This is the future. Watching the war from front row center, in a lazy boy with a bag of pork rinds and a beer. We do not choose an enemy any more, he has been chosen for us. The enemy is demonized by the media and by Hollywood and whether you like it or not Hollywood has more relevance than you realize. The media has more ways of educating you than you think. If those who press the consensus reality buttons in your world don't talk about it, It's as if it never happened.

It may sound uncomfortable to you but the Internet has created a monster in the real world. It has sparked the fears of the once mighty empire, and when an empire loses its grip it grows nervous. It worries about every little militia, cult, Subversive or extremist who might be hell bent on plotting anything behind its back. It can therefore justify constitutional violations such as eavesdropping, imprisoning without due process, more wiretaps and of course Internet filtering and spying. The Government paranoia trickles down to people paranoia and one reinforces the other. It's a Vicious circle. The Cold War is not over. It has been moved. The geographical landscape is not a place of mountains, oil wells, and missile silos. It is the Internet; a place that has built in itself the same utopian and apocalyptic capabilities as the real world that fuels it. It's not always glamorous and it isn't always perfect. But it is an extension of us. Not a perverted one as some would have you believe but the actual consciousness of a world that wants to speak. That wants to be heard. That wants to achieve. It's a world that wants to challenge the news, not just listen to it but be interactive with it.

But that is competition. To a power aggregate that wants to do all the talking, all the cover stories and cover ups this means one thing to them, competition. Intelligence cabals need to be one step ahead of their competitors. When the intelligence of the people is constantly running at 56k there is room for leaks. There is room for subversive information and room for back door intelligence gathering. This is the competition. Intelligence agencies consider it a threat. So they make attempts to gain control. They decide that the only way to safely derail the competition is to engage in frenzied efforts of spreading lies about it. Always they must deceive those with average intelligence and average education or else they will not be believed. The way to do this is to create the fantasy with enough reality mixed in for general plausibility. You release it in pre digested sound bites That really need no processing whatsoever. You must convince the people that it is for their own good, and in order to do so you pay highly priced spokespeople to come on and tell you that they are smarter than you and know better. It is like a game of poker on a larger scale. Every player sends false signals to the other and least part of the time. No one wants to lose control of the game.

That is why those who are in authority, those who control us, those we have put on the top are never told why they have to punish those who question their motives. And those who feel like they are on the bottom of it all feel helpless and keep their mouths shut. These same people we have elected have taken it upon themselves to regulate things they no nothing about. They make their decisions based solely on reports invented by the media and sycophants who continue to flatter them and suck up just for that power contact high. The Internet is the enemy. Not to it's user. Not to it's benefactor. But to its competition. Those who push the limits will not continue. It is all planned out. Unless you fight back. Be ready. Those who voice the truth will be opposing those who manufacture truth for their own purposes. The Internet has already been tainted with Horror stories. Every one of them manufactured by Hollywood and the media and factions that look to the Internet as the enemy.

There are more than a million Websites that are available on the Internet and more to come. The Web has made us all publishers in our own right. More people are generating more printed materials since the invention of the printing press. This means there are more choices, and more things to read. You can get information about the same topic indefinitely in some cases. 7 Million people worldwide have chosen this information tool. But yet there are those who feel they do not need this in their homes. It seems strange for those who have been taught and indoctrinated with old media and old communication tools. So those who fear the technology can easily believe the demonizing of it. Those who fear it's potential can lie about it. You've heard that the Internet is a perilous wilderness of deviant pornography. That every little militia and satanic cult under the sun is lurking in the shadows to jump out and attack your child online. These devices have been applied and still stick with the misinformed but average educated public. The very same paranoid public that were fed this disinformation from a Time Magazine Article (that was later criticized by it's own editors as being as misleading and over exaggerated) Are the same people who rally behind their senators who passed the 1996 Communications decency act regulating free speech online.

It was soon after that the Internet received another black spot on its record. During the Easter Season of 1997, Thirty nine members of Heaven's Gate drank a mixture of Vodka and Phenobarbital in hopes that they could shed off their earthly containers and be whisked aboard a spaceship somewhere in the tail of the Hale -Bopp Comet. Marshall Applewhite the leader of the group had access to the Internet and had read and received information that a spaceship was hidden in the comet tail. You see, on the Internet Events are not reported, they just occur and if more people collectively agree that something happens then it becomes news. This argument is used by the mainstream media and Hollywood movies to show that there must be a way to regulate standards and practices online to prevent unstable people from cracking up. Doing the very same thing that for years they had accused their opponents of. Demonizing them as the liberal media. Obviously there is no honor in the marketplace.

Hollywood can never get it right either. But it is believed as gospel. They played on our Paranoia with The movie Wargames about Hackers who break into Defense systems. Strange Days, The Net, Sneakers, That all those who play with computers are evil and that Hackers and freaks hide in the shadows waiting to steal your identify and your privacy. The Intelligence groups, the ones you elect to protect us from ourselves, use fiction to Justify their heavy handed attempts at suspending constitutional rights of free speech and in one particular case, suspension of 5th amendment rights and due process of right to trial, and right to prepare a defense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wx3TBEihSHA&feature=emb_logo. https://themindunleashed.com/2019/11/manson-family-connection-cia-hollywood.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsxNgn-_93Y&feature=emb_logo https://thefreethoughtproject.com/?s=quota https://news.yahoo.com/global-debt-surges-record-high-188-tn-imf-142925892.html. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEF61jlUslA&feature=emb_logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3nkKssk5yM&feature=emb_logo https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/03/us/california-fire-homeless.html https://www.activistpost.com/2019/11/verizon-pitches-5g-as-climate-champion-manipulative-marketing-and-manure.html. https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, November 9th 2019 at 8:30PM
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