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NOVEMBER 17, 2019

In Cleveland, Ohio, just as it is in many other cities where the black and latino populations are large, there is always talk about President Trump and nearby white supremacists. Some of the people think this because on the RTA Bus Transit on November 15, 2019, at about 5:42 pm, three black people were discussing the horrors of life and a caucasian fellow tried recoording one conversation on his phone, while pretending to talk to someone on the phone and took photos of a blackman while the phone was on his ear. What gave him away was how the phone's recording/image capturer dispensed a light for about 10 seconds. He did it very sneaky and was caught by the blackman he was voice recording. A photo of him was tooken as well. And even though this happens alot to black and latino people all across the U.S. by white supremacists with specific tatoos proving they are racists, much more goes on within the black communities. Black people talk against Donald Trump but the tactics being used against them by white supreacists is also practiced and executed by Black Devils; i.e, the Boule Society or the Black Illuminati. The difference is that the Black Illuminati speaks about the evils done by white supremacists against people of color openly. But most blacks and other people of color don't know that white supremacists and the Black Illuminati top heads meet in secret locations discussing how to execute plights. When you review the threads entitled, "THE EVIL CITY OF CLEVELAND OHIO...THE ROCKEFELLAS...AND THE BOULE SOCITEY", "CAN NUWAUBIANS BE MORE LETHAL THAN ANY OTHER BLACK DEVIL?", "THE BLACK DEVILS COULD HAVE MURDERED A FAMILY IN CLEVELAND ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019", "THE BOULE SOCIETY SENDS OUT ITS ATTACK DOGS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "ARE BLACK DEVILS IN CLEVELAND OHIO HELPING TO TURN THE CITY INTO A COMMUNISM ONE?", "THE SCARY TRUTH ABOUT CLEVELAND OHIO (Strong Cities Network)", "BLACK DEVILS CLAIMING TO FOLLOW DR. MALACHI Z. YORK RESIDING IN CLEVELAND OHIO", and "OHIO'S BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY", you will read about conspiracies against a blackman from North Carolina being implemented on a large scale.

On November 15, 2019, at about 11:18 am, the blackman was taking a walk but got lost and had to keep moving until he reached a major street. Suddenly, a police officer snuck up in his police car looking and plotting. In Cleveland, Ohio, just like in other major cities, cops can tell a lie and sometimes it can cost the victims their lives if the cops are out to have them eliminated. The blackman from North Carolina keeps his surveillance on at all times and he has a small camera attached on his collar just for corrupt cops. He keeps his phone on voice recording when he is out and about. But cops who have illegally latched on to his phone's signal sometimes think his phone is off and instead of observing from a distance, they get very close and personal. The black cops are much more deadlier than caucasian ones because they are in neighborhoods getting into the heads of the people. Most will tell them about anyone they want to know something about. The black community is so screqwed up that every bad thing happen is being blamed on President Trump. The Black Illuminati, when Trump was Young, existed, and played roles in countless black leaders lives, including Dr. Martin Luther KIng Jr. And when they are exposed they'll dig up dirt never before heard of on the black leader and find a gossiper that is connected to the Eastern Stars to effectively spread the lies. Black people like Comedian Richard Pryor, and countless others, are having information out about them taking it up the butt. This information was released by the Boule Mogul and Druid Warlock, Music Composer, Quincy Jones. Black people just run with the information and refuse to call it lies. We are living in an age where they are re-writing history and is erasing inportant parts of it. Black people should have known that if they waited until 2019, to come up with all of these rumors about blackmen and women who died being loved, then this should have told them that they were trying to destroy the image of that person for some reason. There are many spies in East Cleveland, who are home owners, on or around Forbes and Holyoke streets.

Blacks in Cleveland believe mostly anything spoken to them by a Boule Society member. And there are hundreds of Boule in Cleveland, Ohi, along with multiple thousands of wannabes. The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced "boo-lay"), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and women. Fashioned after Yale's Skull and Bones, the Boule historically takes pride in having provided leadership and service to Black Americans during the Great Depression, World Wars I and II, and the Civil Rights Movement. What could the Boule offer America's Blacks in the early 20th century? Joining the exclusive secret society offered advancement and perks to select Blacks in return for loyalty to its objectives. The upper tenth of Blacks started to live the good life as Boule members, while the majority of ordinary Blacks were disenfranchised. But what were the Boule's objectives? The Boule recruits top Blacks in American Society into its ranks. Today, 5000+ Archons, (male Boule members) and their wives, (Archousais), with 112 chapters, make up the wealthiest group of Black men and women on the planet. "Archon" means "demon" - the kind that like to keep hidden. In truth, the elite members are operating for personal gain. The Boule works in concert with their masters in maintaining the grip of Illuminati supremacy on their people. The Boule is another arm of the nefarious secret societies that recruit, indoctrinate and cull for the dark forces. Therein are perks galore, power and notoriety all lying in wait for the easily compromised soul. On November 16, 2019, at about 6:30 pm, the blackman from North Carolina was walking past Taco Bell in East Cleveland, when the camera at the corner of Euclid Avenue and Eddy road took a photo of him. 5 guys met him a couple of blocks down the road and told him when cops start doing that to people, they plan on passing out the photos in mass quantities. This is how black people in power get rid of other black people. Their tactics are patterned after white supremacists.

The cops feel that if they illegally wiretap your phone and somethime they can't read if the phone is on or not, then they rely on surveillance cameras. Black bus drivers and train employees have a history of working with the evil powers that be against black people. Several employees working for RTA Bus Transit in Cleveland say that alot of evil stuff is going on and they are illegally spying on countless people without prooof that they have done anything wrong. Once someone exposes them, according to one female, they will lie their way out of it. And she said the best liars she have ever seen were black people trying to keep their jobs. The sad thing is that they lies they make up on blackmen for no reason at all usually is unwarranted and there isn't any proof. So they'll hire and incorporate others to lie on the target in exchange for special things. They are told they will never have to go before any court. One caucasian cop in Tower City, or downtown Cleveland, was overheard saying, "these negroes are the most stupid people i have ever seen. They will lie on their own race even if they don't know the person. They just make up outright lies for no appearent reason whatsoever. I never seen a people who takes pride in hurting their own race like black people." Then he went on to say that black people will never betrusted by any other race fully because its witnessed everywhere how they betray their own!

And man, self-castrated and self-frustrated, flees down the corridors of nightmares, pursued by monstrous machines, overwhelmed by Satanic powers, haunted by vague guilts and terrors all created of his own imagination. He escapes into absurdity, drowns his spirit in pretense, worships brass gods of power and tin gods of success. Then, shamed by his pretenses and frustrated by his self-denial, he projects his horror on imagined enemies, seeks release in scapegoats and false issues, thereby propitiating those bestial gods who have arisen from the shattered eidolons of his spirit with sacrifices of blood. Many Americans don't know it, but for there are forces being conjured from underground by freemasons, eastern stars, and countless others in communities near you, who have sent those forces to take over your bodies. Ever wondered why a person living amongst you for long periods of time all of a sudden killed or dismembered someone? Are people killing within your communities on a weekly basis? You see, freemasons and eastern stars know that its very difficult to bring up a case in court where feeding the forces seems to be the topic! Like judges usually laugh at every blackman they hit with over 10 years prison sentences, that same judge will laugh at you. But lets stop for an instance and define the word judge. A judge is one who hears and determines the fate of another. Also, the 7th degree in Scottish-rite freemasonry covers Provost and Judge, which clearly indicate that most Judges are freemasons and eastern stars. So is it possible Judges can be involved with the feeding of forces as well? Why do most Judges bare banners which support the New Dawn, or the New World Order? And why do most judges, knowing that mass incarceration is a product of dynamic racism, continues to remain a bias medium in support of mass incarceration?

Lets just state the facts folks, the aliens, the invisible enemy, the predatory soul eaters, the tricksters, whatever you call them, are already here. There is an evil that exists on a much larger scale than most of us realize, and perhaps it is time to question just where it comes from, and why we humans continue to suffer without fighting for something as simple as joy. When we strip away the fat on any conspiracy, we realize that it is either the work of aliens, or of demonic forces. Both skeptics and true believers fight over minutiae while the domino effect continues. More ideas and conspiracy theories begin to stretch the story to the point of banality. The true conspiracy is the engineered group effort to bring down and otherwise belittle the conspiracy theorist, as well as those who want to sift through the opinions of the conspiracy analysts. If you discuss the evil acts committed by the CIA, or the criminal activities that go on in governments and religion, you are considered a conspiracy theorist or a paranoid, even when you can show cause for believing that something wicked this way comes. Why is it so hard for people to understand that men whose portraits hang in our government buildings and religious offices can become amoral monsters and eager collaborators with that which we can call alien or evil? The term alien can be used as a metaphor for that which we do not want, to teach us to reject it as a perversion of all that we keep sacred.

There are two governments occupying the United States of America today. First, there is the traditional government established by so-called founding fathers, founded upon the constitution and an elected government, and there is the fascist-Bavarian-Illuminati backed "underground or shadow government" led by the Corporate-Military-Industrial government, which is fighting against traditional America on its own soil. In other words, the two sectors are the Judeo-Christian based Constitutional Republic of America and the Luciferian-cult-based Socialist empire of Bavaria, known as Bavarians or the Illuminati. Perhaps as early as 1776, a gradual coup d'etat has been underway by Illuminati secret societies to undermine, overpower, and take over the traditional form of government in America and establish a fascist Luciferian dictatorship working under the guise of a New World Order. Over the last 75 years since 1933, this New World Order Shadow Government funded by American tax dollars and illegal drugs and weapons trades has been developed and implemented alongside our normal government but kept hidden and out of public view by a controlled media and their trained assassins. There is an inevitable war waiting between the elected surface government and those who will fight to defend it and the underground joint humanoid-reptilian-draconian New World Order if freedom is to be preserved. Over the past 40 years, the New World Order has successfully taken over the elections process to guarantee one of their followers is always elected as president. The American public has been deceived and played as fools by those who wish to destroy them from within. This joint alien-human domination is almost complete.

It is this joint alien-human government that has covertly undermined our elections process, lied to the American people, and have served as Presidents and many of our Congressmen since the 1970s. Secret Societies rule our government. Not one president has been elected for the past 30 years that was not a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission run by the Illuminati. The insignia of the Trilateral Commission is the same insignia seen on Alien aircraft. It is the fascist core of the NSA and CIA that has been the Illuminati's arm of control and protection here in America. It is this core who protect information about these bases and the alien aspect of the shadow government from being exposed. It is this core that is the direct link, not only to the aliens who direct behind the scenes, but the Vatican itself that sits at the top of it all. Not the Pope himself, but the Black Pope position, the real power in the Vatican that is hidden behind the "white" Pope and is virtually the Seat of Lucifer himself. The Draconians, dragons, of which Satan is, run the Vatican and the Illuminati and they rule this alien-human empire via Lucifer from the Vatican. In their insane desire to have human bodies as their own, Aliens have perfected the ability to take a person's soul out of their body and put it 'elsewhere.' This gives them access to a human body devoid of a soul. The body is a shell, a carcass, and they can take over and possess this body and use it for themselves. This is termed as "walking-in." There are two types of walk-ins. Aliens can walk-in and possess a live human body, and/or a dead human, or in this instance, a live human who had their soul removed and then their body was taken over and walked-in by an alien. The aliens are kidnapping humans and taking out their souls and then putting these souls in storage containers, even boxes, and then taking over the human bodies as their own. The person who was abducted and kidnapped is not dead. They are still alive, but now as a soul, they are trapped in that container or storage box they were put into. They become prisoners imprisoned in these storage containers with no way out. When George Bush Sr. first publicly announced the creation of the New World Order in 1991, he was in effect publicly announcing an alien take over of our nation and the replacement of our republic and constitution with a Luciferian and Alien dominant government.

The Nazis, the Socialists, and the Communists may seem to dislike one another, but rest assure that they are only disagreeing. This doesn't mean they hate each other. They are only fighting over who will rule over the humans! Many of you will be stored for food, whether you trust this or not, and others will be eliminated by the millions. Nearly each and every Politician across the globe has either reptilian DNA or other alien DNA mixed with human DNA. This makes them alien human hybrids or reptilian hybrids. Those beings who command international militaries don't like humans and will only accept hybrids from their own blood lines to interact with. In retrospect, they are the new slaves. They don't seek to cohabitate with humans which is why millions will be slaughtered and others stored for food. Yahweh is actually a group of extraterrestrials from the Aldebaran Constellation, tied in with Pleiades. They sought the appearance of the caucasian and then came in that form. Please keep in mind that not all caucasians are tied in with these monsters. But those with gray eyes are. Yahweh is composed of two poles. Positive and negative. Yah means positive and Weh means negative, which is why there is always infighting amongst them. Then there are the Luciferians, who are actually a group of extraterrestrial reptilians. The Luciferians are responsible for the many changes within all religions right now, and the merging of Jesuit Priests placed them in positions over most churches, Jewish temples, mosques and masjids, et cetera. The Catholic Church was the first chuch to be brought down. And then like a domino effect, all other churches will crumble. This explains why hundreds or perhaps thousands of churches all across America have closed to never open their doors again. Many Pastors who wasn't tied in with the conspiracies were set up. They were set up using women and children. Some had special agents plant child porn on their computer harddrives without their knowledge, and others were approached by very beautiful under-aged girls who could seduce in a way that would make a man change his belief temporarily. The Luciferians don't make mistakes! They know mostly everything about each target they are after. They know how you think, how you feel, what changes your thinking, and what changes the way you feel. What makes you edgy, and what makes you snap.

Then there are those CIA, FBI, and many other Deep State Operatives who are within every facet of American society monitoring and recording what we do and what we say. People watch the local and national news medias and don't know that Deep State is within which is why the news is twisted.

After years in the shadows overseeing espionage, kill programs, warrantless wiretapping, entrapment, psyops and other covert operations, national security establishment retirees are are turning to a new line of work where they can carry out their imperial duties. That is, propagandizing the public on cable news. Reborn as cable news pundits, these people are cashing in. So many years working in the dark, only to emerge in the studio lights of the same networks that rail all day everyday against state TV from countries that America hates. Former CIA Director John Brennan who is now an NBC News senior national security and intelligence analyst. Fran Townsend, former homeland security advisor to George W. Bush. She’s now a CBS News senior national security analyst. But CNN takes the cake — it’s the biggest spook show of all. Jim Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, now a CNN national security analyst. Retired General Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and the NSA, now a CNN national security analyst. Asha Rangappa, former FBI special agent, now CNN legal analyst. James Gagliano, a retired FBI supervisory special agent, now a CNN law enforcement analyst. Tony Bliken, former deputy secretary of state and former deputy national security advisor, and now CNN global affairs analyst. Mike Rogers, former chair of the House Intelligence Committee, now CNN national security commentator. Samantha Vinograd senior advisor to the national security advisor under President Obama, now CNN national security analyst. Steven Hall, retired CIA chief of Russia operations, now a CNN national security analyst. Philip Mudd, former CIA counter-terrorism official, now CNN counter-terrorism analyst. The trick started in 2009 when everything was transferred from analog to digital which is a system of hypnosis. And the LED televisions were created for the sole purpose of controlling you, making you sick, monitoring you, listening to your conversations, and lastly, killing you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQn2exmTWZ4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uK3GRXKcWVs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPH1Z6B2oUc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FsPijnIOkc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5INemQdevA.

The Illuminati has been busy with adopting what is called the “revelation of the method” where we acclimate to the idea that the darker secret societies are now in the business of mocking the uninitiated by dropping clues and symbols in the media, mostly in our music and in our television shows and movies. Recognizing all the ways that the elites have been controlling us, whether through the TV, “education”, money, vaccines, GMOs, etc ultimately serves to empower us as we begin to make different choices that are more conducive to health, vitality, and peace between all people. This is the real silent revolution, not violent resistance, but rather an inner revolution, and this starts in the mind and how you see things. Choose to see with greater objectivity and compassion and you can stop feeding the very systems that are repressing the world. If we all stopped complying with these structures and systems, they would stop functioning immediately. You see, the very things most people warn against, are the very things that seem to be the most popular no matter how dangerous or bad they are for us. We are the ones doing the majority of the work to keep the corrupt system going by participating in it and fueling it. Those in power have just cleverly deceived us to believe that this is the only way things can be and that this is somehow serving our greater interests, but we know that this is untrue and yet we continue to propagate our own demise by paying attention to distractions instead of focusing on the real problems and the real deceit in action. The reasons that the “dark” have been so effective in maintaining power for so long are actually quite simple. They have kept their knowledge of the higher realms and the divine totally secret from the masses, while keeping the public focus on materialism and anything that breeds separation and conflict. They are very dedicated in their efforts and united sufficiently in their outlooks to be truly effective in ruling over the many. They believe that you are incapable of thinking for yourself so they resort to divisive and the invective, to push agendas that favor them, and they do not and absolutely will not help you. Those in power will continue to do their best to take away our power and control us through fear and other advanced mind-control tactics. They are working towards a New World Order and they need our consent in order to succeed.

In Conclusion: Recently, a 16-year-old boy pulled a handgun out of his backpack at a Southern California high school and shot five of his fellow students, killing two, before he turned the gun on himself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2DEBoPMRLk&feature=emb_logo. The deceased victims were identified as a 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. The wounded victims were identified as a 15-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl, and another 14-year-old boy. The suspect survived his gunshot wound to the head. According to police, it all happened in 16 seconds. It was the suspect’s 16th birthday. It sends a message that no matter what the motive was the shooter realized that life was not worth living and so he wanted to go out with others. He was disconnected and distraught – some say he was triggered by his father’s death. It is always hard to hear about how parents have to bury their children – it seems to be an evil that is so pervasive because it is difficult for young people to live in these times especially when they are told that they have to future. Most experience evil, but few experience evil in its most absolute and terrible forms. But the biggest evil of all is how children are being brainwashed by a generation of wealthy, empty, spiritually-confused people in desperate need of a new salvation story. But the only salvation we hear about us how we all must die in order to save the planet or its resources. There seems to be this religion or cult of doom that is permitted in society as an excuse to develop a philosophy that human life is no longer worthy to hold its head upon this planet. “The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement” believes that “phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth’s biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlAMno6QD0A&feature=emb_logo.

This is the spiritual core of modern-day environmentalism: Humans are evil. Nature is good. What we do know is that critical thinking is dead and it is affecting children. The Apocalypse is being fueled by a lot of the demons we thought we have shaken off millennia also. The Apocalypse, even Armageddon begins in the soul and war now is not just political fuel but fuel for the dispensationalist thought that end times prophecy eschatological events are transpiring making it an acceptable inevitability to be living in a country where war will be part of their everyday lives until the professed return, second coming or second incarnation of Christ or a messianic intervention. Treading in the religious implications of such moves triggers a lot of religious debate amongst true believers; however, it must also be entertained or at least a dialogue must be had about the implications of staged events that appear to be a fulfillment of prophecy. When you become a researcher of the fringe and the person who searches in the darkest alleys for paranormal happenings, you find something sinister and very powerful is driving those around us into making decisions that really have no explanation. It is always easy to develop fearful notions that a lot of what is happening behind the scenes is cleverly obscured and in some moments, the open conspiracy is obvious and that those who are the planners in control of the world are driven by the occult relationships with powers and principalities that defy explanation. When we look over the various secret societal rituals, symbols and the gods or devils that are worshipped in the darkness, it seems to be a scholar’s task of lining up numbers in mystical mathematic toil. The numbers line up along with the various planets. We are currently reaching the end of what is known as Mercury Retrograde. All that is happening now is unbelievable and in the same breath, it is highly believable. In the heat of the moment, it is imperative that we clear our heads and look at what is happening and try to piece together what may be the fulfillment of prophecy, or a blueprint created to make it appear that prophecy is being fulfilled.

Many of you who know me understand that I see the world in patterns. I am a person who often detects symbolic language, actions, and the number that renders the mind waiting for a kind of synchronicity to unfold. When you share this type of thinking with people, they are not always receptive and tend to think that you are prone to magical thinking. It is not magical thinking; it is merely pattern-seeking and acknowledging that a lot of coincidence is meaningful and that it can be the result of calling upon a confidence trickster. It can be intentional or unintentional; however, I can see that the confidence trickster we all know has been summoned and the devil comes quickly with wrath because as the bible has said, “his time is short.” He must act quickly when summoned and when he is, we begin to see the aftermath of his machinations. Follow me now – this is about to get weird. There have been many reasons for me to be self-referential especially when we present the use of the Ouija board on the show and it tells us of the rise of Iblis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTEU160orz0&feature=emb_logo. Iblis, of course, is the adapted Muslim version of Satan or Al-Shaitan as with many demonic forms there are relationships within what is called the legion of demons. In the Mesopotamian structure of religious belief there legions of demons that came before Satan, Eventually all demons and devilish gods were all under the command of the chief demons or Djinn and many middle eastern cults worshipped them as gods. Many demons represented pestilence and the death of children. Iblis was a devil that also was connected to another demon that was worshipped by a group called the Yazidis called Melek Taus or Melek. Melek Taus was depicted as a Golden peacock – in some areas he was also depicted as a horned bull god. The Yzidis lived primarily in communities located in present-day Iraq, Turkey, and Syria. Since the late 16th century some Muslims have accused Yazidis of devil worship due to the similarity between the Quranic story of Iblis and the account of Melek’s refusal to bow to Adam.

Melek and Iblis both did not bow to Adam as they saw man as an abomination that should never have been conceived. The story of Melek had evolved into other demonic pantheons. Iblis and Melek became Satan the devil that was mentioned by the Jews who eventually became Christians. Melek also in some ancient cults became Moloch the horned demon or God that was often connected to child sacrifice. Melek, Iblis, Satan, and Moloch are demonic legions that share many of the same characteristics. What is most disconcerting is that it was reported recently that a larger than life statue of Moloch has been placed at the entrance to the Coliseum, one of the most sacred Christian sites in Rome for an “art display.” The Coliseum is believed to be the place where many Christian martyrs died, fed to wild animals or killed by gladiators during the Roman Empire. In 1749, Pope Benedict XIV made it official Church policy to view the Coliseum as a sacred site where early Christians had been martyred. He installed Stations of the Cross, declaring it sanctified by the blood of the Christian martyrs who died tragically there. The placement of a pagan god responsible for the deaths of untold numbers of children in front of a sacred site has left visitors and pilgrims confused. The Bible has a good record of the pagan civilizations and what they did out of allegiance to demon gods like Moloch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RobeyZC7KMM&feature=emb_logo . According to the book of Psalms, They sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood. No matter the reason for the statue – it is evident that there is a message there about what we have been talking about in past shows about the sacrifice of humans for the sake of sustainability. Raising an idol that represents a God or a demon that has no regard for human life sends a very chilling message about population control and the deaths of children in order to bring balance to the planet.

Those hanging out in the conspiracy theory circles estimate the magic number of those marked for death will be 2/3rds of a “chosen” population. This is in reference to what is known as Daniels 70th week. The 2/3rds reference comes from the Bible where God says in the whole land 2/3rds will be struck down and perish, and the 1/3 who are left will be brought into the fire. The phrase “the fire” is thought to be the refiner’s fire; a name that was sometimes given to the Great Tribulation. That means 2/3rds of the world’s population will die at the hands of the globalist empire. A careful reading of the Book of Zechariah demonstrates that this 2/3rds will perish in what is known as the dispensation or last days. It is also interesting to note that on a calculator 2/3 represented decimally, 0.666. The sequence repeats ad infinitum. While the numbers are all random and sequence at times in ways that have us pay attention there seems to valid reasons to believe that there is a comprehensive plan of action that is being taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations that consult the various governments, to review ways the world can be prepared for a global network that can ensure the promise of sustainability. While fertility and reproductive laws are being sought to reduce the population there is certainly an effort to encourage abortive procedures and later doctor-assisted suicides. However, it has been determined that many millennials are not even considering bringing children into the world. The U.S. birthrate is currently at its lowest in 32 years, with 2018 being the fourth consecutive year of decline. Usually, births increase at times of economic stability, so these latest numbers have led demographers to wonder what else is on prospective parents’ minds. Well, a poll by the Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation in September found that 68 percent of respondents ages 18-29 say they are “afraid” of the effects of climate change, and 63 percent of teen respondents believe future generations will be harmed a great deal.

Many of them have decided that they should not bring children into the world because they see them as a burden on the climate and the planet. For others, the concern is less about what a child might do to the world than about what the world might do to that child. There is also yet another anti-life trend that is popping up on the radar of those who believe in culling the population for resources and that is antinatalism. Adherents of this trend view life not as a gift and a miracle, but a harm and an imposition. They see humans as deplorable and they even regret that they have ever been born. It certainly is counterintuitive. Last February, a 27-year-old Indian man named Raphael Samuel announced plans for an unusual lawsuit. He was going to sue his parents for begetting him. “It was not our decision to be born,” he told the BBC. “Human existence is totally pointless.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ixfz_qw3CHU&feature=emb_logo. His complaint was that it is wrong to bring new people into the world without their consent. He wanted to sue his parents for a symbolic amount of money, such as a single rupee, “to instill that fear among parents in general” because now parents don’t think before having a child. The notion that having children may be a bad idea seems to be gaining mainstream popularity. But when we hear about it, it’s most often in the context of the climate crisis: activists are worried about bringing children into a world threatened by rising seas, mass displacement, and other calamities. Anti-natalists, however, believe that procreation has always been and always will be wrong because of life’s inevitable suffering. What is similar about both anti-natalists and climate activists is they are seeing an increase in attention due to general pessimism about the state of the world, giving both more opportunities to gain support. The bottom line is that if you give up that which you value, the most you will gain more resources in the future. In this case, it is life, it is your children, and it is the progeny of the future if there is any future left in this world. Moloch is the demon that represents the hate of the current system of life. Moloch is the demon who declares throws what you love most into the flames, and he can grant you power, high yields from your land and victory against your enemies.

The Canaanite worship of this horned god had the ancients believing that they could get whatever they wanted, victory overall, so long as you make the right sacrifice. So long as you sacrifice your global maximum which included offering up children in order to limit the number of mouths that needed to be fed. Moloch is the god of zero-sum existential competition. Moloch is the watchmen over the faithful who die in the fires of sacrifice. The metaphor for global extinction is something that is being pushed as our inevitability in 12 years – again a pitch that is counterintuitive and is giving people a reason to give up. The University of Oxford recently determined that the probability of our entire species going extinct in any given year could be as high as one in 14,000 although it’s probably closer to 1 in 87,000. Last month, a separate team from Oxford published its own paper on human extinction in the journal Scientific Reports and it found that people don’t seem to see the loss of humanity as uniquely tragic. Researchers asked 2500 people about their views on the ways humans could be wiped out on the planet; in other words, which way would you prefer civilization to meet its demise. They were asked to rank three possible scenarios from best to worst: no major catastrophe, a catastrophe that wipes out 80 percent of the human population, and a catastrophe that causes complete human extinction. As you might expect, most people ranked no catastrophe as the best possibility and complete human extinction as the worst. But when asked to think about the difference in “badness” between the possibilities, most people were more bothered by the possibility of losing 80 percent of humanity than losing all of it. The issue, it seems, is that survey respondents focused a lot on the individual human lives lost and how the deaths might affect those left behind, rather than on the loss of humanity as a whole.

When people were asked how they’d feel if we were to be guaranteed a better future most said that they would care about the possibility of extinction, however, at this point, the majority did not see the thought of a planet without people as tragic. With the extinction of the Moloch cult millennia ago, is the sacrifice allegory still relevant and is it crazy to believe that a statue of this demon at the entrance of a sacred site a message to people everywhere? We may not see the altars of sacrifice and the demons all have different names but we seem to see the philosophies of death and antinatalism creeping into our popular culture. Millions of children everywhere are sacrificed on the altars of parental neglect, rage, and s*xual molestation. Many children today are being told that they have no future because of ecological disasters that will happen if we don’t change our form of government. We have been exhorted to be environmentally aware, to be aware of terrorists, to be prayerful, to avoid meat and to spiritualize sacrifice. However, the sacrifices we are being asked to spiritualize is destroying human values and human lives. The oligarchs that ask you to join their cult of Moloch are ignoring human basic needs to be safe and secure in our lives. In their so-called spiritual quest for sacrifice, we forget that any sacrifice that aims to destroy human life and safety should be avoided. Someone should rise up and call it what it is: evil.
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, November 16th 2019 at 8:36PM
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since my last Ohio residence on Euclid in East Cleveland.....in 1968 ?

…...I thought the 'blacks' were already in a state of destruction...Glenville had not be cleaned up 1968

Sunday, November 17th 2019 at 8:19AM
robert powell
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