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NOVEMBER 21, 2019

In order to understand what is going on in Cleveland, one must re-read all of the following threads entitled, "DEATH OF BLACKMAN IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO NEAR KINSMAN ROAD", "THE BLACK DEVILS COULD HAVE MURDERED A FAMILY IN CLEVELAND ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019", "OHIO'S BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY", and "USING BLACK SPIES AND TECHNOLOGY TO DESTROY BLACKS IN EAST CLEVELAND AND ABROAD." and "BLACK PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE SECRET AGENTS FOR THE DEVIL IN CLEVELAND Ohio AND ABROAD." "https://fox8.com/2019/11/18/cleveland-ranked-19th-most-sinful-city-in-america-on-wallethub-list/. And after reading the enclosed threads one will understand what is written below.

A massive domestic deployment mission is being proposed which means that such activity is a strong indicator that something massive is afoot; something that has been known in advance. because of the uses of so many evil clones, alien human hybrids, and reptilian human hybrids, America seems to be on its last leg before the blood rises up to the knees on the streets. https://summit.news/2019/07/01/antifa-member-threatens-to-acid-attack-attendees-of-dc-free-speech-event/. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/andy-ngo-quillette-antifa-proud-boys_n_5d1a1275e4b07f6ca5811e0c. There are so many plights attacking humans all at once to where the humans can't see that a global event is taking place which ties in with the chaos in Hong Kong. The Chinese Social Credit System has brought about alot of events which apparently, has been well thought out by the conspiracists. We know that at many points in American history there have always been wars between evil reptilians and humans. But when people start using acid attacks against others, it usually makes one question if those involved are human! Alot of players are on the field implementing their roles for the New World Order. And the problem for most humans is that they don't know the difference between whose right and whose wrong! People are saying that in order to defeat monsters sometimes you have to become a monster. If this is true, then America is about to come to an end as you know it now. Remember, the last and final war, World War 3, shall be on American soil.

And since that factual prophetic prediction, we have witnessed military veterans clashing with police all across the U.S., disregard for law enforcement and Municipalities, killings , murders, and assassinations gone wild, alien abductions, human organ harvesting, bodies being found with organs and brains missing from them (http://www.my9nj.com/group-content-team/family-seeks-answers-after-veterans-body-came-back-from-prison-missing-throat-heart-brain), the exposure of the Illuminati and their many paedophile rings, massive landslides, Devil Winds (tornadoes), weather modification at its finest, Star Wars, anarchy in the streets, and the list goes on and on. Many Rock & Roll bands during the 1960's and the 1970's used backward mass that revealed spilling the blood of the inncocent for Lucifer. Even the stories in Islamic past taught that one should never transgress the limits,; even in war. When you transgress the limits it makes one evil. Thats like shooting a man to death when he isn't armed. And the same tactics have been implemented by police all across the U.S. Most maniac cops were planted in their positions by those who control each Fraternal Order of Police. The highest of all police departments take their orders from someone higher up than themselves. But those who give orders from on high usually are hidden thanks to the local and national news medias. The FBI just released warnings to Americans that on July 4, 2019, there might be home-grown terrorist activities taking place! In July of 2019, there is a strong desire to get rid of all police departments within the U.S. And why is this? With all of the violence and chaos everywhere, would this be wise to support? So who is it behind getting rid of police? First off, we all know that white power freaks have disgraced police departments since historical slavery. And all recognized and unrecognized freemasons took part in it. Even Prince Hall freemasons are tied in with the conspiracies, and they are both black and latino. Since historical slavery, police, in the 1980's and the 1990's, were involved with mass incarceration of blacks and latinos. In fact, nearly every arrest should be investigated since those two decades. And then during the rise of the Black Illuminati who reached presidency, with their leader placed in the White House (Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro etc.), a constant war seems to rage on without limits. During the Obama presidency, there were Jebusites (jews), blacks, and hispanics, along with myriad caucasians, tied into submitting daily reports about the thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors of people in every neighborhood in America.

Conversations were listened to without those speaking knowing that they were being observed or recorded, and young people were experimented on in schools, colleges, and prisons. It all had to do with Cause and Effect. The powers that be wanted to see the Effects from atrocities they Caused. By taking away a young prisoner's clothes and placing them in dry cells, got the response Psychiatrists sought. Remember, there is an entire Unit associated with Psychiatrists and Psychologists at the Pentagon. And who runs the Pentagom? Deep State and the Queen of England! Whats the best way, as a youth, to gain the trust of another youth? Recognize what they are going through and associate with their plight. Then offer solutions to problems and issues which transform from one thing into another. And because the youth lost their family ties and Ancestral Connections, they can easily be beguiled. You can actually birth a killer race, seeing that most Millenials and Generation Z, respond strangely when they see blood. Some youth who are tied in with MS-13, et cetera, are so deeply crazed for blood that they are physically ripping the hearts out of their victims. So whose to blame for this? Some say government, because in the 1980's, the government took away the rights of parents from disciplining their children. Caucasian families pushed for this claiming that one had to let children make their own mistakes. This morphed into something nightmarish in 2019. And because of letting children make their own mistakes, children are going on rampages (https://6abc.com/roving-crowd-of-young-adults-damages-multiple-police-cars/5372829/), children are playing with explosive devices (https://6abc.com/girl-suffered-life-altering-injuries-from-illegal-explosive-device-police/5372199/), stabbings is occurring almost weekly (https://6abc.com/police-man-injured-after-stabbing-in-spring-garden/5372683/), and others are committing brutal robberies and home invasions. https://6abc.com/4-gunmen-attack-rob-family-in-west-philadelphia-home/5370997/.

The sad thing is because the parents in 2019, who didn't listen to their parents that were born in the 1950's and the 1960's, the government not only controls the children, but is also punishing the parents when their children commits crimes. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/42789324_Punishing_Parents_for_the_Crimes_of_their_Children). And peer pressure is the major culprit in your child committing crimes. Many parents have given up on their children because of Courts and Social Services intervening. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322988808_The_influence_of_WOM_and_Peer_Interaction_in_the_Decision-Making_Process_of_Generation_Z_within_the_family. And now since the Democrats and Liberals are battling with many Republicans and Conservatives over who will rule the humans in the New World Order, and by associating Immigration trauma, in the midst of wars with other nations, humans are almost exploding from being on full charge. And you can assure that Deep State and Secret Military scientists are calculating it all. They have already came up with remedies (99.8% effective) from the upcoming chaos.

But the "key" point now is, betrayal! Will the hispanics, who voted to destroy their countries for materialism and money, do the same in America? Is this why known Satanist Democrats, Liberals, and Republicans, are opening up voting for undocumented immigrants in their states (New York--Connecticut)? The hispanics were warned prior to the destruction of their countries. Will they do the same for America? Hell is about money, and the New World Order uses money to enslave and wipe out human populations! Will thousands of hispanics, with small children, destroy America under the guise of seeking asylum, with votes for Satanists who wiped out hundreds of thousands of people from their own countries? This is something to seriously ponder about! We must all understand that the Illuminati and the Luciferians play on the emotions of humans in order to fulfill their agendas. Exploitation of children has allowed demonic ran states to pass laws that cripple parents! We are living in times that law makers are passing laws based on what 5 to 100 people did, which effects everyone in America. Why not just punish those who committed the crimes instead of making millions pay for something only a few people did? They used this to take away parental rights. They used it to force people to follow Nazi-style lines at stores, grocery stores, et cetera. They used it all the way up to the point where robots are within stores like Giant grocery stores in Pennsylvania, and Wal-marts. These robots are collecting data on every customer that goes into these stores. They also capture facial images, tying them into police and federal data bases. And to prove this, recently, one Wal-mart employee claimed that a person was arrested because the store robot delved into police records and proved they had warrants. The robots shall continue to push out cops and security guards. ANTIFA, and other groups are wanting an end to police departments all across America. The desired result is a Nation-wide Social Credit System, where military soldiers arrest the culprits. You don't have to commit acts of violence to get your point across. All one has to do is use Social media to destroy all those threats against humans having the right to live without terror. https://www.revealnews.org/article/these-police-officers-were-members-of-extremist-groups-on-facebook/. But the Illuminati isn't finished with their pyramidal mazes of hell.

The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures (such as national governments). The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures (such as national governments). The English phrase originates from the Italian (strategia della tensione), which was first applied to Operation Gladio in Italy. https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Strategy_of_tension. When you are on the Right, you are not supposed to attack the State or its representatives. You are suppose to attack civilians, women, children, innocent people from outside the political arena. For one simple reason: To force the public to turn to the State; turn to the regime and ask for greater security. China was able to impose their Social Credit System using this strategy. The methods used are most obviously illegal and violent i.e. assassinations, kidnapping, paramilitary operations but also include propaganda, economic sanctions, support of civil unrest, fake grassroots movements, promotion of disruptive memes or technologies and the escalation of formerly peaceful protests by use of agents provocateurs. These are typically carried out under a false flag and combined with disinformation and use of enemy images to demonize uninvolved third party. If state agencies engage in staging or promoting acts of terrorism the term "state terrorism" is used. To be effective, they must be sustained, and they are therefore the preserve of intelligence agencies, the military or national governments. Organizations used are infiltrated and controlled but not directly affiliated with their controllers.

The main target of a strategy of tension is the public opinion, to manipulate votes, created a casus belli to legitimate a war or community chaos, to call for a strong leader or roll out mass surveillance and denounce peacemakers as 'unpatriotic'. False flag terrorist attacks are just the tip of the iceberg of possible measures to achieve these goals. Thus, the idea that parts of a democratic state may be involved in acts of state terrorism may be split off and denied as a psychological defense of basic beliefs. Recognizable patterns include, but are not limited to: An official narrative is quickly agreed upon and blames either "Lone nuts" or the enemy du jour; Lone nuts that die shortly after the event and/or have no chance to explain their side of the story; The number of reported perpetrators, decreases as the official narrative unfolds; Evidence which is quickly destroyed and/or made inaccessible to public or to journalists because of national security. Obviously pre-fabricated statements: responses are made which are far too quick - exploiting the targets' moment of psychological shock; Politicians and commercially-controlled media: blaming designated culprit before any investigation, hate speech, revenge, threating war or sanctions, fostering police state legislation; Name changes or misspelling of suspected lone nuts and/or intelligence links emerge; Imagery of low quality emerges, with mismatching details in different versions or viewing angels, time stamps and origin obscured; Presented evidence and history of Lone nuts contains bold archetypes, letters, testaments, even passports; Eye witness accounts are incompatible with press reports, et cetera.

Many Americans don't know that there is a shadow group in every state and government occupation. Local police have shadows who are usually involved with the military, or is federal agents in police uniform. There is shadows in each State and Federal agency(s) in 2019, and as most Americans know, there is a Shadow group which trails the U.S. Government. Then there are military shadows. The shadow groups are the ones involved with changing policies, practices, and procedures, all across the U.S. They are also the ones you see but never pay attention to. Lets say you you are filing complaints against State or Federal employees and you always see a police around. This officer is most of the time a shadow. He/she may or may not be involved with the military, or the feds. They are the ones who make up lies on Americans and then report to parties with the information/data. What they are reporting will never reach any courts within the U.S., because if it did, the cases would be massive, and would go on and on. Americans must further understand that a pact was made by very evil men with very very evil women. The same as these men have tooken over countries and their resources, the same as women are taking over materialism by any means necessary. All of them have the same strategty. Accuse a man of wrongdoing, start crying, demand that justice be served, and they want his head on a platter! Does this sound like a godly person to any of you? And when these evil women go after the men, they have no compassion for their wives nor their families. But they will tell the wives to get on board or else. Women with real issues don't get powerful televised opportunities. But their plights will be used as a tool for human harvesting. The Reptilian agenda in 2019, is mass immigration followed by economic destructions, followed by riots in the streets, followed by complete chaos and disorder. But there is a plan at the end. They are eating us folks! https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/reading-between-the-headlines/201311/body-snatchers-organ-harvesting-profit. And they claim police will save us. http://time.com/4779112/police-history-origins/. And at the same time they want our guns. https://www.oregonfirearms.org/first-gun-grab-bills-for-2019-announced. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/399551-more-than-450-people-in-florida-ordered-to-surrender-guns.

Americans must also understand that they will stop at nothing until they harvest us all. The sad thing is that many of them are having Americans to believe that they are human! And yet, they are far from it. It will always be about getting your guns even if its about passing bills for months, over and over again, until it reaches a point where you will have trouble buying ammunition. There were several countries that suffered mass immigration and gun confiscations before they collapsed. Now it is being done to America. And it appears that most of these entity's followers are alien human hybrids, clones, and ghouls. Most Americans can't tell because they are clothed in human garb so well. But their acts of evil, being overly emotional, and their strong desire for violenceand war, are traits they can't hide! Many women in 2019, have made deals with the devil and now they are tricking every other woman to getting on board or there will be a place in hell for them, according to politicians, celebrities, et cetera. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/that-special-place-in-hell-is-getting-crowded/2017/12/12/9ac489a6-df89-11e7-8679-a9728984779c_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.30ca9443e2d1. The so-called women that need support are those who is going to destroy America! Thats it! It has nothing to do with domestic violence or women not getting paid enough money. Its about a harvest and they will continue lying until they get what they want. https://21stcenturywire.com/2019/06/27/mcafee-to-washington-ill-fking-bury-you-exposing-corrupt-cia-govt-officials-if-disappeared/.

Everything is about mind control! Many blacks are walking up to black people they don't know and is taking pictures. The same is occurring with caucasians. Then the pictures are applied to Facebook or other social websites. An entire back story of lies is formulated. You may be moving around in your city or town, and the towns people could be plotting against you. This is happening because your picture was placed on Facebook, or some other social website, at the oprders of freemasons, police, or the feds. Certain police officers drive around taking pictures of specific people, and then go home and post things on social media websites about the person(s). The interesting thing is how the cops, after conducting background checks, uses restricted information to juice up their stories. Then many lies are told in hopes of causing major problems for those targeted. Every strategy is intricately planned and executed! This is why these devils get uinfathomable results for their masters. Blacks snap photos of other blacks they don't know and post it on Facebook. Fabricated stories about the stranger then is attached. It have been revealed that this is one of the many strategies of freemasons and eastern stars; turning people against themselves, and financially reqwarding those who seem to be the most effective! Countless blacks have jobs based on secret work done against other blacks. And like black police officers who only advance in rank based on how many blacks and latinos they give citations to, or arrest, black civilians with good paying jobs is doing alot to keep these jobs in 2019. And much of what they do is considered unconstitutional. But ehy, they are black, right? There is no faithful and true voice for black people in 2019. All of them work with and for the devil in order to maintain their fianancial and materialistic status.

So watch those blacks, latinos, and caucasian folks who are on their cell phones all of the time, pointing the phone's camera in your direction! Your face may just be on Facebook! This is the eastern stars, freemasons, police, and the feds, most powerful destruction machine! And they have all of their money on the youth of all nationalities. Also remember, when police are targeting you, no matter what town, city, or state, you may reside in, they will always have a spy come up to you with a cell phone, snap your picture, and then post your picture with fabricated back stories on you to Facebook, or on other social/dating websites. This chaos ties in with killings being implemented all across America right now. There are blackmen who are serial killers because of Mind Altering experiments conducted within the Air Force and other military branches. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7249025/Air-Force-major-charged-murder-death-Texas-wife.html. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2019/03/08/soldier-sentenced-to-7-life-terms-for-killing-wife-rookie-police-officer-in-2016/. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/01/23/sailor-kills-wife-shooting-her-face-during-argument-police-say.html. https://people.com/crime/philadelphia-cop-kills-wife-himself/. Then there are those killing other races at a time when Illuminati controlled racism is at an all time high in America. https://fox6now.com/2019/07/10/utah-man-charged-with-murder-in-mackenzie-luecks-killing/. These sort of killings were designed to ignite race wars throughout America. And then there are caucasian males who kill in brutal ways. https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/crime/2019/03/25/suspect-indicted-suss*x-womans-death-dismemberment/3271984002/. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6206378/. Then there are hispanics joining the ranks with brutal killings. https://myfox8.com/2019/07/16/ms-13-used-machetes-cut-out-victims-heart-in-los-angeles-area-killings-officials/. https://www.wxii12.com/article/skeletal-remains-found-in-clemmons-2-charged-with-murder/2056890.

There are many supreme heads calling the shots in every race where there are brutal serial killings and more. But Cleveland seems to have the highest number when it comes to undercover white supremacicy and white power freaks. These freaks spread poison on a daily basis, and despite the fact that America is about to become a Communist country, they believe that there is nothing wrong with Nazism. Nazism involves one race promoting total supremacy over all races, qhich is whats happening in 2019. But the trivia is every ethnicity's masonic supreme heads are implementing this. Not just the caucasian race in America. Trust it or not, other races can be more brutal to their own than the caucasians can be towards people of color. In Communism, and blacks who know their history can agree, thousands of blacks are slaughtered in the name of Communism. This doesn't account for those mysterious deaths where the victims openly denounced Communist rule. https://www.roadsnacks.net/most-racist-cities-in-pennsylvania/. Even the East Indians, who have manipulated every race on the planet into believing that they are highly spiritual and kind, have recently been exposed! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/10/world/asia/india-muslim-girl.html. Americans must understand that freemasons, Eastern Stars, the Black Illuminati, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the FBI, the CIA, and a whole host of others are intertwined within the pre-planned chaos which is plaguing our streets right now. Many people living within your communities who you think are human are far from it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KgkiruMB4g. Essentially every country is run by a shadow government, which owes its loyalty to the New World Order controlled by a 13-member Illuminati Council. Each ruler represents an area of Europe held under its sway; and each one represents an ancient dynastic bloodline. American leaders are direct descendants, whether legitimate or illegitimate. Henry Kissinger is the CEO of the Illuminati who naturally prefer to remain in the shadows. Our political leaders are chosen by their moral frailties, blackmail-ability, and willingness to advance the Illuminati plan. Strings are pulled and they mysteriously rise to prominence. It doesn't matter which party they belong to. They secretly serve the "Cause." Many are products of a life that may include pedophilia, drugs, child pornography, bestiality, mind control, rape, torture, satanic rituals, and human sacrifices. They are given many opportunities to indulge their vices, which ensures continued obedience and solidarity. Many children in 2019, from ages 11 to 40, are their offspring who commits the same acts and is exposed by the media. Drug trafficking, slavery, prostitution, and pornography finance secret New World Order programs. Elements of the CIA, FBI, Coast Guard, Military, and police are all involved, as is the Mafia. The public has a child-like trust in its leaders, especially Presidents. The charge that they really belong to a sadistic, criminal, traitorous syndicate is a betrayal on the scale of incest. We respond with denial and anger. We don't want to admit that we are dupes and our perception of reality is false. Dumbed down, we are incapable of common sense and concerted action. We refuse to contemplate what they may have in store.

The CIA's MK-Ultra mind control program is designed to create human robots to serve functions ranging from prostitutes, to couriers, and to killers. Their families belong to secret satanic sects that s*xually abuse their children generation after generation to produce the trauma which causes multiple personality disorder. In this traumatized condition the mind splinters into many compartments. Victims exhibit extraordinary powers of recollection and endurance and can be easily programmed to do anything. These cults operate within many organizations including charities, churches, boys/girls clubs, Masonic lodges, day cares and private schools. Society is being subjected to the same type of trauma-based programming using constant war and atrocities that include Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Kennedy assassinations, Sept. 11 and Abu Ghraib. We are being collectively desensitized on the one hand, and programmed to focus on s*x, violence, trivia, and empty social rituals on the other. Such participants in these evils were/are the cocaine snorting Clintons, the deceased Ronald Reagan, the deceased George H.W Bush, **** Cheney, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues), Senators Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd, and Arlen Spector. Notable by their absence were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. even London B. Johnson and John F. Kennedy were tied into this madness. Cheney is not a pederast because his huge genitals actually horrified children. remember Americans, a Vice President is just that; an undercover agent taking control of the drug industry for the President. These demons claim that 95% of the people want to be led by the 5%. Proof is that the 95% do not want to know what really goes on in government.

They also believe in the annihilation of underprivileged nations and cultures through genocide and genetic engineering to breed, the more gifted, the blonds of the world. They perform all sorts of deviant acts in a series of secret paramilitary compounds throughout the U.S. like one at Mount Shasta in California. this not so secret military buildup consists of special forces trained robotic soldiers, black unmarked helicopters, and top secret weaponry including electromagnetic mind control equipment. At these compounds the human slaves are often hunted like wild animals, tortured, and raped for the amusement of CIA, military, and politicians. As the Kennedy assassination and 9-11 prove, the United States (and most countries) have been totally subverted by a Luciferian international criminal elite. The role of politicians, media and education is to keep the sheep deluded and distracted while the elite stealthily advances its goal of world tyranny. Western society today is a massive fraud. It is tragic that brave young American soldiers have been brainwashed to believe they are advancing freedom when the opposite is the case. The populations of the West are spoiled, self-centered, and complacent. How can things be so bad when we have so much? We don't realize that the goodies can be taken away in a second by tightening credit. We don't realize that we are being distracted while our political and social institutions, our bulwarks against tyranny, are being infiltrated and dismantled. Our children are being brainwashed. And through it all, people walk around as if there will never be an end to America as we know it now.

In Conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTBIqhKGlbI&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4EgYp7EoBc&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a739VjqdSI&feature=emb_logo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zK6K-gUHEjc&feature=emb_logo. https://www.foxnews.com/us/colorado-parents-upset-high-school-teacher-assigned-s*xually-explicit-material-without-consent. https://www.infowars.com/fox-news-contributor-fired-after-guest-says-democrats-worship-moloch-demon-god-of-child-sacrifice/. https://www.infowars.com/fbi-agent-investigating-satanic-ritual-abuse-reportedly-carried-out-by-clintons-killed-watch-live/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vaJY3CnXk4&feature=emb_logo. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/nato-make-outer-space-next-operational-domain-stoltenberg. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2019/11/man-charged-with-theft-for-removing-police-gps-tracker-from-his-car/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKudg2uOsbg&feature=emb_logo.
Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, November 20th 2019 at 2:40PM
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