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NOVEMBER 22, 2019

In Part 1, we discussed several travelers who have been visiting Cleveland, Ohio, ventured into regions to see what was the indepth conditions of poor people. The first thing experienced was the bus andRedline Train systems. Parties who have friends that work for Cleveland's Public Transportation swear that police have illegally been monitoring surveillance on trains and buses just to keep tabs on poor blacks and latinos. It hasw been alleged that there have been crimes committed in the past which require police to monitor Public Transportation daily. And when these cops get caught up in their schemes, usually employees working for Public Transportation will continue the spying until they can find one who will do something against laws, policies, and procedures. This is how police will always remain conducting illegal wiretaps, unlawful surveillance, and illegal seizures. Black and latino people who have no ties to freemasonry are primary targets. And there are alot of cops in Cleveland who don't agree with some of the illegal things going on. But very wealthy people are funding this sort of stuff which is why there will be no changes for the better, ever. They believe technology is their god and because so many Boule Society plants, freemasonic and Eastern Star plants, along with military plants, et cetera, are out causing chaos in society, this justifies the use of technology illegally. People claim that white supremacists are to blame for everything. This just isn't the full truth. One thing about white supremacist is that when it has been known that a blackman/woman is a threat, they, like the Boule Society, believe in passing around photos of the targets. And then by using surveillance they monitor the places their targets frequent. There are also parties secretly working for them who keeps their eyes on the targets in locations where surveillance is limited. They are truly great emmissaries or spies.

Next, quite a few people have been visiting the Shell Gas Station (216) 249-4560, located at: 13441 Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio, the Gas Station sits at the corner of Superior and Euclid. Investigators from other states have been going inside of the store seeing how it is ran because, according to some sources, it was revealed that an employee at Shell was a drug dealer. They are trying to see if the money is being funneled through the business like so many Arabs are doing all acros Cleveland. But some of what they found out was startling. The Shell Station is opened 24 hours daily. And over 99.9% of their profits come from black people. However, they treat black people horrible. When people purchases chicken and other food there have been videos surfacing showing how employees spit on some of the customers food. On Saturday, November 9, 2019, at about 7:15 pm, it was shown on video how a pale Arab, or he could be hispanic, that works behind the food section, talks over the food while spit comes out of his mouth and falls into the food. And when blackmen say something to him about it, he has one of his friends take pictures of the blackman and they mark him. Some may secretly contact police that they deal with and will make up stories or lies on the blackmen at a time when noone is around to hear them. This is how they have managed to destroy strong blackmen. Most of the blackmen who aren't freemasons is on drugs or is ill in some way. The Pale Arab or hispanic working in the store recently threatened the life of a blackman because the man asked him not to yell out how much his food cost, opening up a door for him to get robbed. But the ego and arragance of these demons is beyond anything known. Arabs are a very competitive species of demons. When the men own businesses, if they don't want you as competetion, they'll pay someone to either trash your business, or they'll give drug addicts drugs in order to go around the business and cause chaos. It has also been recorded that some Arabs will go as far as paying someone to rob a business just to eliminate the competition.

They use black people for many purposes and many blacks can't seem to see that they are puppets in a game of both gentrification and genocide. The Arabs are also getting very wealthy in black communities within east and west Cleveland. And at the same time they conspire with cops behind closed doors or within the face of onlookers, snitching out black people in hopes of having them incarcerated. They get a thrill out of telling one blackman something bad about another blackman. Usually it will end up as rumors floating around or there may be violence. Black people are targeted by their own, Boule Society, black Eastern Stars, black freemasons, white supremacists, and nearly every foreigner living in America, even though from the sweat and blood of their ancestors America was built and constructed. But posts like this brings about many oppositional players. And because there are secret wars going on in America, most want the black race to remain ignorant of everything around them. They even incorporate black female lesbians and black females who are bi-s*xual into the mix. For they all have their roles in the destruction and gentrification of the black race of working class poor people. And when complaints are filed and revealed, much like this thread, informants on payrolls will be used. Black people don't have a voice which is why so much is happening to them. When these kind of atrocities takes place within caucasoan communities, usually they'll get together and expose it. When this happens to Mexicans or any other race of foreigners within America, they too will get together and will combat the injustice. Black people, however, no matter what city or town they are in within America, have no voice. In fact, the only time blacks will get together is when cops shoot an unarmed blackman or woman. Other than that blacks will not get together to make their plights better.

Drug dealers are tied in with today's Illuminati based and appointed gang bangers. Thousands of young and middle aged females are tied in with this as well. So netwroking amongst them against a common enemy is intense and highly advanced. The only time the feds and others target black and latino gangs is when they refuse to keep chaos within their communities. Those gang bangers will then be uprooted and newer plants are placed within positions of power who will adhere to genocide policies, and who will kill over drugs and money. All of these killings are actual sacrifices to reptilian gods. They won't tell people this because it it sounds too Satanic and not Christian. Arabs in Cleveland, Akron, and Kent, Ohio, claim that they work with white supremacists because they don't care for black people anyway. This is why all across America Arabs are using gentrification in many areas to get rid of black people. Those so-called black muslims who worship them have been known to lie for them because it gets them healthy financial bonuses. Africans usually worship the Arab or Pakistanis, but there are many so-called african americans who do as well. Arab sorcery and Persian voodoo seems to be very effective. The spells being cast on many black people is turning black communities into horror stories. People can see the changes. People also observe how blackmen are suspicious towards one another. Blackmen treat each other horribly. And then there are those corrupt cops who plant lies and tales against certain blackmen, using photos as evidence to prove their poin. The photos are then passed around, and before you know it, that blackman has enemies he has never done anything to. Black people are denied jobs because they won't comply with conformity. Their individual thinking follows them even when they go to the Welfare Ofice in hopes of seeking relief there.

But alot of demons garbed in brown and black skin do conform to the New World Order policies. And they make sure that they speak against what is right, and the freeing of the mind of the people. They are compensated by beings when they turn black people into monsters. Unfortunately, like in so many other places, these targeted blacks are forced to steal just to provide for their families or to eat. This is why black people should keep their eyes on all Arabs in America, and on all of those blacks who seem to be a friend to the Arabs. Blacks must learn that the Arabs, and many of those tied in with their bloodlines, are great enemies to blacks and caucasians. Christianity teaches acceptance. And it was this acceptance that led to the forced slavery of black people over 465 years ago. Christianity and Islam were also used as catalysts. There are countless evil alien human hybrid police officers who are promoting racism nation-wide for the sole purpose of destabilizing America for the takeover. Just as China feels that they have more evil alien human hybrids supporting their Communist New World Order than there are humans, America too will join the ranks of terrorizing and killing its populace blackening out the media. You haven't seen nothing yet! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/world/asia/hong-kong-protest-extradition.html. And while China has its media shut off to the outside world, there will be hundreds of thousands of young people slaughtered in the streets by the brutal evil alien human hybrid controlled militaries. American police are bringing the U.S. into the same form of destabilization, by first turning the people against themselves. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/03/phoenix-police-officers-facebook-posts-include-racist-violent-commentary/1331941001/ Police Unions support them in their agendas because it is the order of the Queen! https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2019/06/06/phoenix-police-union-defends-officers-identified-report-racist-facebook-comments/1369501001/. There are many racist cops across America and there numbers are much more than 2,900, and this has being going on for many years. https://www.texasmonthly.com/politics/north-texas-cops-caught-sharing-racist-facebook-posts/ https://www.keranews.org/post/research-uncovers-cops-racist-violent-social-media-posts. Throughout the 1990's, when Joe Biden supported the Clintons "Crime Bill", hundreds of thousands of blackmen and women were incarcerated. Joe Biden, and all the rest who has ties to Satanic activity, otherwise they wouldn't be wealthy, are the Anti-Christ. The Arabic word for Anti-Christ is Dajjal, which means "a group of liars." Satanic Psychiatrists and Psychologists have worked with Judicial systems for years in targeting men and women that spoke negatively about others which led to assaults, killings, and riots. But police across America are being given free passes and don't have to be confronted with authorities suggesting that by posting racist comments on Social Media, the weak minded will act on their idiocracies.

Today's white supremacists aren't human. Most are evil alien human hybrids. They identify with the nature of caucasian men and some women, who are war-like anyway. There are even evil alien human hybrid blacks and hispanics, which is why they are working so very hard to destroy America by allowing mass immigration. And the lie they tell each time is that America is a nation built on immigrants. What they are saying is when the Mayflower came to the New World, headed by Christopher Columbus, the deal that was made with the devil at that time involved blackmail, for lack of a better word. The blackmail is being placed upon the caucasian race in 2019, which is why its so very hard to stop whats about to happen in America! And even though many caucasians knew that that they would be blackmailed just to acheive success, money, and power, they still went for it and cannot turn back now! The Black Illuminati is increasingly involved with the destruction of black communities world-wide, and the killings in these communities shall never cease until people denounce wealth and those who control it. Just as the so-called "House Negro" in brutal slavery times, the Black Illuminati were praised for their dedication to white supremacy, and are now being praised for their chaotic roles in the destruction of black communities, enraging racism thats swiftly leading to a destabilized America. They tried the same thing in the early 1900's prior to the establishing of the Nation of Islam by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But then, both blacks and caucasians worked together to fight against Communism. People of today are both weak and aren't so dedicated. This is why hell is gaining ground in America, and if people pay attention to the local and nation news medias, you will see that Americans are just as those in Middle Eastern countries. They are throwing rocks at people.

They play on the emotions and the lack of tolerance of today's Americans. This is why they are gaining ground for 2020. Joe Biden is a devil who has took part in human trafficking, amongst other evils. And those who support him are doing their best to erase all of the negative history condemning his evils. The Bilderbergs even have black females tied in with them and their message right now is "caucasians are keeping blacks down." In truth, the only ones who are keeping black people down are other black people in powerful positions! They control who works where, how successful they become, et cetera. People like Michelle Obama made a very deep impression on black females which is why she is still recieving awards to this day. Black people believe that the Obamas were true and faithful to the black race. They have no idea what sort of bills Obama signed into law, and his role in the New World Order. Simply because he has brown skin, like most of the Boule Society, he is supported regardless of how many blacks die or are turned against one another through strategies. And when factual testimonies are made against the Obamas, when the Obamas claim that they are false, millions of black people, mopstly women, immediately embrace it. Each and every President of the U.S. was a psychopath. And like all psychopaths, Psychopaths succeed because they use many tools of manipulation, charm, intimidation and sometimes violence in order to procure their position of power. A psychopath has a knack for glibness, a grandiose sense of who they think they are a lack of empathy and a failure to be accountable or accept responsibility. Even after the writing of this document psychpaths will race to dispute its validity. Some have the ability to read minds while others act as evil mediums for their deities. Some are evn provided all information from Cell Phone Companies through and by secret society members who can get this information from a simple request.

In Conclusion: Just weeks ago California was hit by a Tsunami caused by a huge earthquake in Alaska. Even ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was allegedly hunted down, cornered, and was killed in an operation that was called “Falcon Eye.” The Falcon Eye is actually the Eye of Horus –which is depicted as a Wedjat. The Wedjat (Which sounds a lot like Ouija) is allegedly a representation of Barnard’s Star from Orion, Venus, and Mercury as they pass the sun to create a large eye. Mercury went into retrograde out of Scorpio. Al Baghdadi was called the scorpion — his replacement as caliphate was named Abdullah Qardash, He is known as “The Destroyer.” If these are coincidences they were most certainly chilling ones. Many considered the events that happened after the prediction were a direct hit. Further, into the Séance the board spoke of the Black Dragon – we determined that the Black Dragon was the demon Ahriman. The boards said that the dragon would rise at the time of Saturn. That at that time we would lose all that we fought for with no real explanation as to what that meant –we are currently in a framing war with the impeachment hearings and we may just lose everything that we had put our hopes into or some of what we have fought for. The board said that something would happen in November 2019 and that we should stay out of the big cities around the time the president has health problems. Recently there has been speculation over why the President checked into Walter Reed hospital over the weekend. Rumors that he was admitted for chest discomfort, to neurological problems, and there is even a rumor that someone tried to poison him.

What was most perplexing is why the board predicted that we stay out of the major cities in November. While there has been a number of speculations about what may happen – I proposed on October 23, 2019, that the only event that would even apply was an asteroid flyby that was scheduled for November 21. This asteroid is considered Apollyon class of destroyer class. Apollyon is the name of the destroyer and is the destroying warrior angel that ascends from the bottomless pit after a falling star named Wormwood causes the waters to bitter. Many of you already know that this year we have been seeing an abundance of fireballs and anomalies happening in space. However, last October we were warned of an Asteroid that could be nudged by the power of the Sun which could create see some very destructive fireworks somewhere near November 21, 2019. On the night of November 11th, there was a huge fireball that was seen from Texas all the way to Illinois. The huge Bolide meteor was actually seen exploding over the St. Louis Missouri Arch. This certainly had piqued the interest of GZ listeners because of the speculations I made about the possibility of an Asteroid event happening on November 21, 2019. The asteroid with code name 481394 2006 SF6, would be nearest to Earth on November 21. What’s alarming is that the asteroid is classified as an “Apollo” which is considered to be the most dangerous class of space rock that’s set to cross the Earth’s orbit. The asteroid’s path is too close for comfort and can actually change course and bring it closer to the planet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk1mICsQRUw. Now, of course, we have all heard about these cosmic close shaves before with nothing much happening; however, an Apollyon of Apollo class asteroid is big enough and close enough that it might create what scientists call the Yarkovsky Effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYblEFug0ao&feature=emb_logo.

The Yarkovsky Effect is when the “soft force of sunlight can steer asteroids into Earth-crossing orbits and drastically alter the layout of their paths across the solar system.” In theory, asteroids that are larger than 35 meters across can already pose a significant threat to a town or city. So at 650-meter diameter, the 481394 2006 SF6 can be considered a major problem should the asteroid change its course. As it is, the asteroid has not yet been categorized under the Torino Impact Hazard Scale. Now, the Ouija board speculation took a more interesting turn when out of nowhere there was a report that the planet was about to pass through a Comet’s tail and that starting November 21st, we will be seeing the sky light up with some 40 meteors per second or 144,000 meteors per hour. Now scientists are saying that this event will not be your typical meteor shower. The Monocerotid meteor shower could turn into an all-out meteor storm on the night of November 21st. It is named after Monoceros the Greek name for the Unicorn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXMTuFAFvfQ&feature=emb_logo. Unlike most meteor outbursts which last for several hours, strong activity from the alpha Monocertids is over within an hour and easily missed. The outburst is forecast to reach its climax around 11:50 p.m. EST on Nov. 21, according to the American Meteor Society. Onlookers should start looking for shooting stars around 11 p.m. EST and continue looking through midnight for the best chance to see the potential meteor storm. If you are not outside during this window, you will miss it. We have all heard of meteor showers, sparked when the Earth passes through a field of debris left behind by an asteroid or comet.

If the dust trail is small and dense, then the resulting meteor shower may result in hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of meteors burning up in just minutes. Now keep in mind that Scientists are unsure about why this is happening, or what exactly is causing it. The European belief in unicorns stems in part from ancient pagan Greek sources as well as the Septuagint versions of the Hebrew scripture. When the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek, the Hebrew word reem, which might mean a wild ox, was translated monokeros (one-horned). This rendering was followed in later Latin versions of the Bible, which in turn influenced English translations such as the King James Version. The Book of Numbers (23:22) says: “God brought them out of Egypt; he hath as it were the strength of a unicorn.” The Revised Standard Version of the Bible in its translation of the verse substitutes “wild ox” for unicorn. One medieval Jewish folktale said the unicorn had perished in Noah’s flood because it was too large to enter the ark. Another Jewish folktale argued that God never destroys his own creation; if the unicorn was too large to get into the ark, then God would have let it swim behind the ark. In The Golden Legend, a series of saints’ lives by Jacobus de Voragine wrote in the 13th century, the “unicorn is the figure of Death, which continually followeth man and desireth to seize him.” Death rides a unicorn in some late medieval ,Books of the Hours. In the 12th-century book of rules for nuns, the unicorn appears as a symbol of wrath, along with the lion for pride, the serpent for envy, and the bear for sloth. The dark horse of the apocalypse without the horn is a symbol of famine and pestilence – a symbol of the downfall of the economic environment. Early followers of Christianity used the unicorn as a symbol of Christ.

The Church Fathers at the Council of Trent, held in the 16th century, forbade the use of the unicorn as a symbol of Christ. One legend they cited was from Leonardo da Vinci’s Bestiary, in which the artist made the unicorn a symbol of lust. The unicorn’s horn was thought to have magic curative powers; many late medieval monasteries and cathedrals were believed to possess them, and they appear in inventories of Queen Elizabeth I and other monarchs of the period. Powders purporting to be made from crushed unicorn horns were sold by apothecaries. As late as the French Revolution the unicorn was believed to exist, and a “unicorn’s” horn was used to detect poison in food fed to royalty. This again is coincidental due to the rumors swirling around Washington that someone attempted to poison President Trump. This raises the questions of the esoteric nature of the predictions given by the Ouija board a month ago. An event happening in November where we should avoid the big cities as the President has health problems. Now keep in mind that the Unicorn meteor storm was something that just popped up and that it is going to happen so fast you may miss it in its short window. Meanwhile, there are at least three more asteroids that will brushing by the planet and these were just identified over the weekend. 2019 UK6 is an Amor asteroid, which that goes around the Sun and the Earth, occasionally, but very rarely, crossing Earth’s path. Apollo asteroids, on the other hand, intersect with Earth’s orbit as the planet travels around the Sun. 2019 WF was first spotted by NASA’s asteroid hunters on November 17. Estimated to be about 24 meters wide, it will make its closest Earth approach at roughly twice the distance to the moon; there is no danger of an extinction level event. 2019 WE, also spotted at the last second on November 17. This asteroid will sail past our planet at a distance of about 1.3 million kilometers away. During the rundown of all of the space rocks passing over us during the Unicorn shower window NASA also dropped a bomb on everyone.

NASA has released details of an asteroid, known as JF1, that is heading towards Earth. The rock, a whopping 420ft across, is predicted to collide with the planet on May 6, 2022, with devastating consequences. The American space agency has said that if the asteroid continues on its current trajectory, it could strike with a force of 230 kilotons (230,000 tons of TNT). The impact would be more than 15 times larger than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, which liberated energy equivalent to approximately 15 kilotons of TNT. Scientists have said that if JF1 were to hit a populated area, it would wipe out an entire city instantly, potentially causing millions of deaths. But they warn that even if it were to splash down in the remotest part of the Pacific Ocean it would still cause devastating tsunamis and a “nuclear winter” that could severely impact life on Earth. As a result, the asteroid has been flagged for close attention by their near-Earth monitoring system, Sentry. NASA said: “Sentry is a highly automated collision monitoring system that continually scans the most current asteroid catalogue for possibilities of future impact with Earth over the next 100 years.” The space agency also said the probability of the rock colliding with Earth is low but then again NASA says this about every Near-Earth Object. The odds of us being hot are what matter and NASA believes there is a one in 3,800 odds the asteroid will hit Earth on the expected date of May 6, 2022. They said there is a “small but appreciable chance” the JF1 could strike the planet. But because of the sheer size of the asteroid, which is roughly the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza, it will continue to be monitored. Due to the danger posed by a future collision, space agencies around the world are developing ways to avert a possible extinction event. Researchers and spacecraft engineers from across Europe and the US are working on a mission to “deflect” a space rock and “prove the technique as a viable method of planetary defense”.

This mission is called the Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) and will attempt to redirect the smaller part of a pre-selected double asteroid called Didymos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ8vp-u-9A4&feature=emb_logo. In the first stage of the mission, a spacecraft will deliberately crash into the space rock. Then a second ship will assess the crash site and gather data on the effects of the collision. NASA is already working on a craft called Double Asteroid Impact Test, whilst Italy will send a mini-satellite to gather data as the mission progresses. The European Space Agency [ESA] mission, called Hera, will perform “a close-up survey of the post-impact asteroid,” collecting vital information about such as the asteroid’s composition as well as the size of the crater left behind after impact. DART can perform its mission without Hera – the effect of its impact on the asteroid’s orbit will be measurable using Earth ground-based observatories alone. Now, there are many people who will say that many of these space rocks are too far away to bring us any danger. Well, first of all, a rock does not have to hit the planet to cause any danger; in fact, one can explode over and area creating an EMP. To non-scientists, it can seem strange to call an asteroid “near” when it’s farther away from us than any human has ever traveled, but of course, it makes sense when dealing with the mind-blowing scale of the universe, as astronomers do. The same goes for those “potentially hazardous asteroids.” These events take on a whole new esoteric nature when paired with paranormal séances and connections to mythical creatures that represent death. No one is going to tell you that something the size of Texas is going to slam into the earth and wipe out all of mankind. It is these close calls that I look out for because of what I call the sweeper or stowaway effect.

The stowaway effect is when cosmic debris is pushed toward the earth because a massive celestial body passes over. The body pushes smaller stowaways towards earth triggering massive fireball sightings everywhere. Last year, a team of researchers from the Czech Academy of Sciences in the Czech Republic found evidence to suggest Earth is at greater risk than we thought of being hit by an asteroid associated with these meteors. They identified a new swarm of meteoroids – icy debris in space, left behind by a comet – they seems to be popping up everywhere like the Unicorn swarm that will hit soon. Despite these uncertainties, one thing is known for sure: the meteor swarm will be coming from Monoceros, a constellation that is Greek for unicorn and located just to the left of the well-known constellation Orion. In the book of Amos in the bible there is a scripture that calls for repentance when the signs in the heavens point to destruction: “There are those who turn justice into wormwood and cast righteousness to the ground. He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns darkness into dawn and darkens day into night, who summons the waters of the sea and pours them over the face of the earth, the LORD is His name. He flashes destruction on the strong, so that fury comes upon the stronghold.” -Amos 5:8. There are some that believe that the falling star Wormwood from the biblical prophecy will come from Orion. There are some that say that Wormwood is simply Barnard’s Star which is a star in the constellation of Orion and is considered a wandering star because of its weird orbit. Again, some say that Barnard’s star could be another candidate for the eye in the sky; sharing duties as the “Wedjat”, “eye of providence” or the “eye of Horus” the sun god with Venus and Mercury. Our thoughts and conjectures about life and the universe are often based on assumptions, unproven theories, hearsay, rumors, and misinformation. Decisions we make in life may be based on ancient attitudes and archaic practices. Mythologies, astrology, prophecy both biblical and non-biblical shape the way we see the world. Odds are, we will not be seeing an ELE tomorrow. The Ouija board was not specific – we were only speculating but it seems that we certainly have been having a cosmic white knuckle affair with rocks spinning close to our home.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, November 21st 2019 at 7:06AM
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NOVEMBER 22, 2019

We have covered issues at the Shell Gas Station, in East Cleveland. We were further informed that they are aware who have been exposing what they are doing to the black people. These demons care nothing about black people, but they love your money. Blacks in East Cleveland have an issue just respecting one another because so many forces are spreading information and rumors on threats to conformity. You can walk into the Shell Gas Station in East Cleveland, and depending on what you purchase, some items will be scanned and others not. When they scan tobacco products, the price is less than $1.00 cheaper than the labels placed on the items. This is why they don't scan the bar code. And there isn't a government who will force them to stop price gauging on the poor working class people. If a black person calls them out on their treachery, they'll spread false rumors about him/her just to stay under the radar. And they'll obtain images from surveillance to get a good look at the threat. Photos will be made up against the threat, and on many occasions photos will go out to "key" parties working with them inside of black communities. Black people working for them really don't care how they treat other blacks. They just love the money. Many of the shootings and assaults occurring in Cleveland and across the U.S. originally starts from rumors carried out by Arabs, Pakistanis, East Indians, et cetera. Even at restaurants ran by these people, within black communities, they serve meat and vegetables that may be one year old. It may have been frozen for that period of time. And as far as shrimp is concerned, you may be getting cat's guts or some other weird organ or limb made to appear as shrimp. Water sold within their stroes sometimes taste no different than tap water. And yet, they are clocking over $20,000 weekly from poor working and non-working blacks. So beware of those black Sunni Muslims who fight for their Arab, Pakistani, or East Indian counterpart. Their secret testimonies on their behalf is why black and latino communities are crumbling. They are also responsible for the lack of trust in all communities. They work very close with freemasons, the Illuminati, and the corrupt parts of the U.S. Government.

There have been countless muslims who didn't believe in destablizing America who were mysteriously targeted by ICE. Immigration came in, accused them of some bogus crime, or claimed that their Visas wasn't in good standing with the government. There is a group of Imams and Sheikhs in America right now who have frequent dealings with the federal government. And they allow their camera systems to be tapped into by either local police or the feds, just to see who all are within their mosques. Background checks of American muslims are done almost immediately. There have also been alot of in-fighting within various mosques where so-called muslims took other muslims to court because federal agents or police instructed them to. At Masjid Al-Taqwa (609) 344-1786, located at: 3536 Atlantic Ave, in Atlantic City, NJ, several muslims claimed that the feds met secretly with the heads they wanted in charge and instructed them to take the power out of the hands of the previous Shura Committee. A very nasty court proceeding took place, and with the feds backing the group, the Illuminati and the federal government worked with their agents to take over the mosque by manipulating the court to rule in favor of the aggressors. And yet, they still have the audacity to say that muslims are brothers and sisters. There have been Imams all around the country who have swore that federal agents would visit their mosques and would dictate how they should run their mosques. And from that point, due to strict rules and practices, men, women, and children who were in need, started becoming part of the homeless. https://www.infowars.com/new-california-tent-city-video-sparks-outrage/. Those put in control of mosques in Connecticut, according to very reliable sources, were plants for the Illuminati and for the feds. There is literally hundreds of muslims who are homeless because they were considered undesirables, and over 99% are Americans. (Note: Some of the most racist muslims against blacks are in Akron, Kent, and the west side of Cleveland, Ohio.)

Those who are still with homes are so-called foreign muslims who seem to constantly speak ill of President Trump. They are literally brain-washing black Americans against Mr. Trump, which is an act of treason. Other so-called foreign muslims within these Imams and Sheikh circles have been plotting to overthrow America. Americans just don't know how hard they are working to overthrow this government, and the Trump Administration. We have it on good authority that many mega mosques house paramilitary soldiers who are snooping not only on American muslims, but also on Americans as a whole. Lets say for an instance, if they do not know the Americans who came to their mosque for prayer, they'll either take photos of the Americans, or will send someone to briefly stay near them just to gain access into their world. This happens weekly. Most Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyptians, and some Bangladeshi claims that America is on the verge of collapse, and when the civil war takes place, after blacks and caucasians kill down their numbers, foreign muslims will then start killing all thats left in America. Students have overheard so-called Sheikhs and Imams talking in Urdu or Farsi, who revealed that caucasian youth who were recently found with bombs knew what muslims had planned, and the Pentagon had them arrested. It appears that the government wants Americans to die with their hands tied behind their backs by foreigners who were placed in America for a specific reason. And there are hundreds of Americans who hold signs which say; "Stop the Islamaphobia." yet, they have very little knowledge as to what is really taking place throughout this country. Not all foreign muslims mean harm to Americans, but we should keep our eyes on all foreign Imams and Sheikhs. For it is they who are trained in mind control, have paramilitary backgrounds, and preaches that President Trump is the devil and needs to be brought down.

They claim that Allah will destroy him, but Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyiptians, and others, have their own Allah. They believe that their race is the race of Allah, and if you aren't with their race, then you'rer not with Allah. Also, within Connecticut, many so-called African American muslims have turned against, and have secretly plotted against, other black muslims for the foreign muslims. This is done so that blacks can't claim that there is racism within Islam in America. But the truth is that racism is more intense in Islam than it is with Christianity. And the most faithful of so-called muslims is those black muslims with the name Belial. And even though the name Belial is one of the nephilim names, foreign muslims use this to claim that he was black, and was a slave. You will find black muslims name Belial who will accompnay Imams and Sheikhs all across the U.S. Your government doesn't care that slavery is going on in America. In fact, according to certain politicians, the U.S. government is backing slavery inside the U.S. Within New Britain, Connecticut, there is a mosque known as the Islamic Association of Central Connecticut, located at 400 Arch street. Beside it is an Islamic book and clothing store. Not long ago there was a caucasian American muslim by the name of Roger, who worked at the store on the weekend. The owner of the store is a big shot from the Islamic Center of Connecticut (860) 249-0112, located at: 140 White Rock Dr., in Windsor, Connecticut. The owner, and other foreign muslims, were threatened by Roger because Roger was financially stable, and wouldn't allow them to talk to him any kind of way. So they plotted to have him removed as a worker from the store which was witnessed in converstaions by at least 10 foreign muslims. They plotted in Urdu, to throw off any American listeners. Now when muslims call asking about Roger, the store owner saqys, "we had to get rid of him! He was bad for business!"

So it doesn't matter what race you are in Islam because the Pakistanis, the Arabs, the pale Egyptians, and other foreigners residing in America will treat you as a slave. In fact, a family attended one mosque and sought help with food. The mosque brought food to them that was already picked out of, and was partially eaten by other muslims. The rice and chicken had been within their refrigerator for at least two weeks, and when the family consumed the food they became violently ill. When they brought this to the attention of Imams and Sheikhs, they quickly condemned the family to spare their reputation. And as a result of this, the family are now Christians. Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyiptians, and others, claim that they wish all Americans would join Christianity because they have no use for American muslims. They further claim that American muslims are too weak, and when the civil war takes place in America on a physical level, Americans may not be able to turn against other Americans for foreigners. But there is a massive conspiracy taking place amongst foreign muslims in power. It have also been leaked that many Imams and Sheikhs, not only in Connecticut, but within several other states, have been having s*x with underage children of their own race. The children are taught to keep their mouths shut. These are the ways of freemasons and secret societies even within mosques throughout the U.S. Furthermore, Americans must understand that each mega mosque has military soldiers from other countries right here in America. And their tactics being used should really alert Americans as to why are they here! There have been hundreds of American muslims who have revealed this but were silenced by local police, and by the feds. Something is taking place on American soil, and your government is about to use foreigners against you once they completely destroy the economy.

People may sya that Charles Manson was crazy, but before he died he had converted to Islam. He was told by very powerful muslims that America will undergo a civil war, and foreign muslims will wait until blacks and caucasians have killed down their numbers to very small estimates, and then they'll kill off those Americans who are left. And these foreign muslims aren't stupid either. They have military soldiers with high ranks here in America, IT Specialists who are responsible for hackings, identity theft on a large scale, and is gathering data for the government in many communities. As they see it, Americans will never see them coming! One Imam claimed that there was nation-wide move recently, implemented by all foreign muslim big shots, to get in good with the local police around them. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer they say. This is why Imams and Sheikhs claim that mind controlling their flock is of the most importance. They claim that they must create the illusion that Imams and sheikhs all across America, have an unobtainable appearance of perfection, while placing the viewer in a self-conscious mental state. Alot of black muslims who worship these foreigners will die fighting for them. They believe that the Prophet Muhammad and all of his Caliphs were in the image of Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyiptians, and other foreigners. Even Africans make for good slaves. One African muslim claimed that if the African Imams revealed what they have witnessed Pakistanis, Arabs, pale Egyiptians, and other foreigners do against Americans, it would cause a massive investigation against the federal government. But these Africans, who don't really care for black or caucasian Americans, will never reveal what plots have tooken place against Americans because their citizenship will be revoked. There have been Africans coming from Boston, Massachusetts, who've sought to receive charity from foreigners in Connecticut, and have claimed to have witnessed all sorts of evils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcPVfa76Qig

They claim that they have witnessed secret racism and conspiracies at: Islamic Association of Greater Hartford - Berlin Mosque (860) 829-6411, located at: 1781 Berlin Turnpike, in Berlin, CT; the Farmington Valley American Muslim Center Inc (860) 673-9630, located at: 35 Harris Rd, in Avon, CT; the United Muslim Mosque Inc (203) 756-6365, located at: 132 Prospect St, in Waterbury, CT; Masjid Al Mostafa (203) 597-7676, located at: 120 Schraffts Dr, in Waterbury, CT; the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (203) 379-0724, located at: 410 Main St, in Meriden, CT; Minhaj ul Quran Al-Noor Islamic Center (860) 870-0786, located at: 4 West Rd # 4, in Ellington, CT; Masjid Al-Rawdah (203) 302-0788, located at: 189 E Main St, in Meriden, CT; the New Haven Islamic Center (203) 933-5799, located at: 254 Bull Hill Ln, in Orange, CT; Ahl as-Sunnah Masjid (309) 550-5675, located at: 5 National Dr, in Windsor Locks, CT; Islamic Center of Wallingford (203) 668-7367, located at: 950 Yale Ave, in Wallingford, CT; and Nur Mosque, located at: 94 N Main St, in Thomaston, CT, just to name a few places. Foreign muslims use blacks against blacks, and caucasians against caucasians. Its good that America has law enforcement who are concerned about the welfare of Americans, and refuse to be payed off by wealthy immigrants, nevertheless, do their bidding. Unfortunately, there are african american muslims who worship, lie for, and protect these ruthless immigrant muslims, even though these same immigrants look to them as their devoted slaves. However, these same african american muslims will die for their masters, and are the very reason behind the separation of mosques. Many african american Imams from across the U.S. have had immigrant muslims informing authorities that they aren't following true islam, and have used the feds to freeze mosque accounts, et cetera. So many african american mosques have been reduced to only using a very small room for a place of worship.

They use the Africans against American muslims because the Africans are deep within the psyche of those in black communities! Americans must understand that many of these foreigners worship demons, but claim to worship Allah. This have been proven by many who have caught the foreigners chanting and doing incantations, that wasn't found in any Hadith, nor Quran. Destroying operatives of the left-hand path that respond to the name Jesus Christ are Abbadon, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Azazel, Moloch, Belphegor Behemoth, Ornias, Shedim Seraphim and of course, Satan. Most of the Chaldean (Hindus, Arabs, Pakistanis, pale Egyptians, et cetera) demons bow to the Son of Man. However, in the 5th century, the demons were then divided into 5 levels. There were demons that were so named for seven different planets; some for the elements of fire like the Djinn, water deities like Fontus, and of course, the lords and demons of the air like Baalhazor. Then came the 6th level called, the Lucifugum or those who fly for the illuminated.

Many of these demons like Pazuzu, Abyzou, are conjured demons and are force multiplied to be used in spiritual warfare. In the Grimorium Verum, and the Grand Grimiore are the three supreme powers of evil, Lucifer, Belzebuth,and Astaroth. There are many minions and demons of war that are unleashed by Magicians as well. Azazel is probably the most know demon of war, there is the Armenian demon known as Tezrian, and the Demogorgon and agent of chaos and war. The Demegorgon is a well known demon by those who played the game Dungeons and Dragons, or have read poems by Blake or Paradise Lost by Milton. Demogorgon’s name was invoked by Faustus in Scene III of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus when the Doctor summons Mephistopheles with a Latin incantation. The sixteenth-century Dutch demonologist Johann Weyer described Demogorgon as the master of fate in hell’s hierarchy. According to Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, Demogorgon has a splendid temple palace in the Himalaya mountains where every five years the Fates and the Djinn are all summoned to appear before him and give an account of their actions. They travel through the air and some live between air earth and hell. Demogorgon was called the Prince of Demons, and was worshipped as a god by the denizens of the abyss. In the TV show, Stranger Things, the Demogorgon appears, however, not as it was originally described. In the TV show, he appears more like an H.P. Lovecraft character, slithering out of the “upside down.”

However, if you are not a Dungeons and Dragons player, or are not watching Stranger Things it becomes a satanic irony that the demon appears in the show as in our real world the indications of a spirit so vile has the earth in its grip, creating chaos and anxiety. In Revelation 16:12, it reads: And the SIXTH ANGEL poured out his BOWL upon the great river, the EUPHRATES; and its water was dried up, that the WAY might be prepared for the KINGS from the EAST. Think of how this applies to today, the symbolic interpretation is that eastern religions and the demons of the 6th level Lucifugum will infiltrate Judeo-Christian strongholds. In the past, it was necessary to unleash demons to fight the infiltrating demons. In Exodus, we learned that when powerful demons from the east would attack the Hebrews, often they would readily turn to Baal even though they were commanded not to worship or use his services. The Greek Demogorgon was a wild beast of a demon with two beastly heads that looked like baboons and talons. It would first be heard moaning and screaming under the Earth and then it would rise up out of the abyss as it was commanded or conjured as a weapon against the eastern Kings. It was a metaphor for the ultimate fight, for the evil that could not be defined it was so powerful. It meant that unimaginable destruction and inevitable death was stalking you. The Demogorgon was mentioned only as a mispronounced version of the demiurgeous or demiurge. The demiurge is the term for the entity that created the physical universe. However, it is important to understand that this is not necessarily the same as the “creator” in the Christian sense of God.

In many ancient spiritual philosophies, god and the demiurge were not only separate entities, but the demiurge was considered evil. Because the physical world was a flawed and evil thing fashioned from raw chaos that held us like a prison and prevented us from touching God. Also in Greek mythology, gorgons of course were the three sisters of whom Medusa was the most famous. The Demogorgon itself has only been mentioned in passing in literature over the millennia. It makes an appearance in Voltaire, and another in Percy Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound. It’s used as metaphor in Moby **** and also in Edmund Spenser’s, The Faerie Queene. Spenser describes the Demogorgon like so: "Downe in the bottome of the deepe Abysse, Where Demogorgon in dull darknesse pent, Farre from the view of Gods and heavens blis, The hideous Chaos keepes, their dreadfull dwelling is." The Demogorgon is also considered an ultra-terrestrial that passes through heaven, Earth and hell. Some believe that the gorgon like entities were capable of channeling energy and knowledge to humans in order to have them create implements of war. A purely magical-mystical lodge was founded in 1840 in Munich by some German rich industrialists and well-situated citizens. This lodge existed until 1933. At all times only 99 persons of the male gender could belong to this esoteric working-group or secret lodge. This lodge basically never appeared in the open.

This lodge had nothing to do with regular Freemasonry. They didn’t have any actual degrees, ranks and levels of realization. The advancement to apprentice, journeyman and master was only of symbolic character. All secrets were given during the initiation. The other “grades” were not ranks, but only temple-stones which were provided with a number and name. Their intention was demonological oriented i.e. they tried, in alliance with allegedly existing negative spiritual forces to obtain personal advantages, influence, power and money for their members. For this reason, they placed themselves under Mars-demon “Barzabel”, the old bull-god Astaroth, Belial and Asmodi as lodge-demons who took place number 100 in the lodge. The roots of the “FOGC” don’t go back too far into the past and this lodge actually lacks any ritual or historic tradition. It has some “therionian”-traits. It also leans a little on the rituals of the “Golden Dawn”, provided by Aleister Crowley. A man by the name of Franz Bardon tried to reveal through fiction that the FOGC had a powerful weapon they could use to kill people at a distance. It was called the Tepaphon or in English the Tepaphone. This invention was supposed to have been handed down to the lodge from the warlike demons to be used for protection. It is supposedly the most powerful magical weapon ever created, a combination of weird science and black magic, capable of killing its target at any distance. A Tepaphone is a essentially magical death ray generator. This technology was allegedly handed over to the Nazis. Bardon, in fact, was briefly imprisoned by the Nazis for refusing to collaborate with their occult research.

Bardon wrote in his book, Fabrato, the following passage: "One of the secrets of the F.O.G.C. Lodge members lay in their ability to put anyone to sleep, wake him up, make him sick or healthy, and invigorate or kill him whenever they liked. The leading members of the lodge, however, had only acquired this knowledge by entering into a pact with a prince of demons. With their magical methods, they were able to influence any untrained person, who had no way of discovering the source of the influences at work upon him." The Demogorgon was one of the many Princes in the demonic realm. It was the lodge’s most strictly guarded secret: a magical vibratory instrument which could emit fatal vibrations across any distance and constituted the deadliest weapon in the arsenal of the lodge. If the picture or effigy of any human being or animal were placed at the focal point of the tepaphone’s vibrations, both the astral and physical bodies of that entity would be affected. Substances of any kind could be destroyed by this instrument from any distance. Furthermore, it served as a wireless transmitter of energy, something modern science could only dream about. Any kind of thought could be transmitted by the tepaphone as well. Finally, the device made it possible to cause nervous diseases and poisonings which puzzled the medical establishment. Typically, a picture or personal object was sufficient to establish contact with the intended victim, and remember, distance was of no consequence. Raymond Holder, in his book The Anti-Christ Training Manual, describes a method in of building a Tepaphone that he claims is authentic. His description includes using ethyl alcohol as the fuel for a very powerful lamp that can be used on a victim.

Quite simply the Tepahone was a rudimentary radionic device. Perhaps it was the impetus for the HAARP project or other weapons used to control magnetic fields and control human minds. But was it given to us by demons as a war tool? Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a member of Aleister Crowley’s, Golden Dawn and wrote a book about the coming ultra terrestrials or gorgons called The Coming Race. . The book is about a civil engineer who finds a race of beings living in the earth called the Vril-ya. The Vril-ya are ultra-terrestrials whose name is Sumerian for Like God. The Vril Society was a group of women that claimed to have psychic powers. The leader was the Thule Gesellschaft medium Maria Orsitsch of Zagreb, who claimed to have received communication from Aryan beings that allegedly lived on Alpha Tauri, in the Aldebaran system. Allegedly, these beings had visited Earth and settled in Sumeria. The society allegedly taught trance-like exercises similar to remote viewing. These exercises were designed to awaken the forces of Vril, and their main goal was to achieve Raumflug (Spaceflight) to reach Aldebaran. To achieve this, the Vril Society joined the Thule Gesellschaft and a cult called, Men of the Black Sun, to fund an ambitious program involving the construction of a flight machine based on technology that as delivered to these beings in the Black Forest. In the 1936, there were reports of a large bright light that came down from the sky and landed or crashed somewhere in the Black Forest near Poland. SS troops from the Jelenia Góra garrison came and brought the disc to Jelenia Góra township, where it was examined and back engineered by scientists who were members of the Thule Society and answered to the Vril.

The Thulist scientists laid claim to the idea that the technology left behind by the beings was propelled by something called the Black Sun. A very powerful energy source which cannot be seen by the naked eye. It was allegedly thought by the Vril and the Thulists to be in the godhead’s inner light in the form of a cross. It was also said to be found in antimatter. It was the all powerful energy source directly from the hand of God to mankind. Or was it handed to mankind through the beings associated with the demiurge? In the TV show, Stranger Things, the “monsterous” Demogorgon comes from beneath the earth in the Upside Down Underworld. This monster is also an ultra-terrestrial. The teacher, Mr. Clarke tries to explain to the children how time and space can be shifted using the flea and the acrobat. He says that the only way to cross dimensions is to create a massive amount of energy, so large that it makes a tear in time and space. Now, going back to the Vril and the Black Sun Technologies that were given to mankind by these gorgon like entities, one can look through history and read about the Nazi secret weapon known as Die Glocke or in English, The Bell. Leaked information and de-classified documents have given us the direction in understanding of what this “bell” was all about. It was when in Igor Witkowski’s book called, “The Truth About The Wonder Weapon”, this weapon was first introduced to us. He claims that he has been shown classified Polish government documents by an anonymous Polish intelligence official. In these documents were the most important Nazi research projects, and among them was Die Glocke.

There are many documents and series on TV and the internet that state the Third Reich was doing hard core research before the end of the war in 1945. And, aside from the chemical weapons and tough machinery, it was believed the Third Reich scientists were working on a supposed time machine. This machine was believed to have great power. Descriptions state the device was made of heavy metal, around 9 feet wide and up to 15 feet high and had a bell like shape. The information states that the device had two counter-rotating cylinders, filled with mercury-like liquid and had a bluish color. The mercury-like liquid was referred to as “Xerum 25” and was stored in special flasks. Other liquids were added, such as light metal, with thorium and beryllium peroxides. This device emitted strong and dangerous radiation, which often caused the scientists health problems. Scientists suffered from sleep deprivation, dizziness and some even died due to radiation poisoning. Witkowski speculates that the area around the Wenceslaus mine was used for testing Die Glocke and its anti-gravity powers. Many different proposals were made about the machines ultimate goal, all connected with generating power for massive aircraft . It was said that it generated wormholes.

Wormholes or Stargates are tunnels made out of space-time fabric that connect very far distances in space in a much shorter distance. Space-time fabric was proposed by Einstein back in 1915. Wormholes exist naturally and theoretical physicist John Wheeler said it’s possible wormholes to appear spontaneously anywhere and to suddenly disappear, and, he has a hypothesis called, “quantum foam hypothesis” backing it up. Marshall Barnes appeared on Ground zero to demonstrate how micro wormholes are made and then collapse using the Verdrehung Fan. He has now shown that he can send video and radio signals back in time. The idea of wormhole technology and its ties to the occult lead us in the direction of scientists or wizards wanting to use powerful forces to rip holes into space time and with these powers risk the possibility of bringing into the matrix strange creatures similar to those Stephen King wrote about in his story “The Mist.” Like the TV show, Stranger Things, a show based on the Mist will once again aquaint us with what King called the “Arrowhead Project”, intended to peer into other dimensions. The experiment went terribly wrong. Thus, allowing the creatures to cross over the spilled portal and into the human realm. If you remember in the story, Mrs. Carmody convinced that the Mist was a punishment from God for mankind’s sin and dissolution. She also used the Bible to prove that the creatures being seen were directly from the bottomless pit. Our collective consciousness is now sensing the eschaton. There are technologies being used that some believe were seen in the Bible during the Apocalypse.

If we allow our imaginations to rise to the occasion, a bottomless pit can be a Black Hole, which can be generated by the technologies found at places like Brookhaven and the large Hadron Collider. Is this a demonic form of the singularity? The question is, what will win first? And when it does, we all lose. Do not trust any foreign muslims (Hindu, Arabs, Pakistanis, Egyiptians, nor Africans), because it isn't but a matter of time before they will mentally break down, and shall try to kill as many Americans as they can, which was done in New York recently! Remember, many foreign muslims are spies for their country, and is keeping tabs on the activities of Americans. This was recently shared from a Turkish politician. https://www.infowars.com/college-students-thinks-women-can-have-male-genitalia/. https://www.infowars.com/wealthy-hong-kongers-activating-contingency-plans-as-violence-spirals-out-of-control/. https://www.infowars.com/foreign-born-researchers-at-us-agencies-secretly-working-for-china-recruiting-others-senate-report-finds/. https://themindunleashed.com/2019/11/legalize-marijuana-nationwide-end-prohibition-passes-key-committee.html. https://www.mintpressnews.com/us-government-saudi-arabia-9-11-families/262909/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpH1Z0Y8250&feature=emb_logo. https://books.google.com/books?id=Hmw9AAAAMAAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=Report+of+the+President%27s+Committee+on+Administrative+Management+(1937&hl=en&newbks=1&newbks_redir=0&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwinwvqC8fnlAhXKpJ4KHSmgAsoQ6AEwAHoECAYQAg#v=onepage&q=headless%20fourth%20branch&f=false. https://mises.org/library/bureaucracy-and-civil-service-united-states-2#7. https://mises.org/library/ex-america-50th-anniversary-peoples-pottage. https://www.militarytimes.com/opinion/commentary/2019/09/10/passing-the-paramilitary-torch-from-the-cia-to-special-operations-command/. https://theintercept.com/2017/07/22/donald-trump-and-the-coming-fall-of-american-empire/. https://www.thenation.com/article/pentagon-audit-budget-fraud/.https://closethewatergap.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Dig-Deep_Closing-the-Water-Access-Gap-in-the-United-States_DIGITAL_compressed.pdf.
Thursday, November 21st 2019 at 9:10PM
george patel
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