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NOVEMBER 19, 2019

Very soon the identities of all thoase undercover agents will be revealed along with factual photos, and descriptions of the evil in graphic detail will be made available on this website. There have been countless players trying to disprove factual revelations within the threads entitled, "THE EVIL CITY OF CLEVELAND OHIO...THE ROCKEFELLAS...AND THE BOULE SOCITEY", "THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "CAN NUWAUBIANS BE MORE LETHAL THAN ANY OTHER BLACK DEVIL?", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY...PART 2", "OHIO'S BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 2", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 3", "DEATH OF BLACKMAN IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO NEAR KINSMAN ROAD", "THE BLACK DEVILS COULD HAVE MURDERED A FAMILY IN CLEVELAND ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019", "THE BOULE SOCIETY SENDS OUT ITS ATTACK DOGS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "USING BLACK SPIES AND TECHNOLOGY TO DESTROY BLACKS IN EAST CLEVELAND AND ABROAD", "ARE BLACK DEVILS IN CLEVELAND OHIO HELPING TO TURN THE CITY INTO A COMMUNISM ONE?", "BLACK PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE SECRET AGENTS FOR THE DEVIL IN CLEVELAND Ohio AND ABROAD", "CLEVELAND OHIO...THE 19TH MOST SINFUL CITY", "THE SCARY TRUTH ABOUT CLEVELAND OHIO (Strong Cities Network)", "BLACK DEVILS CLAIMING TO FOLLOW DR. MALACHI Z. YORK RESIDING IN CLEVELAND OHIO", and "CLEVELAND OHIO AND THE ROCKEFELLERS MEDICAL CENTERS." There have been alot of conspiracies taking place in regards to the following threads, and many many lies have been implemented to discredit the facts and the many fact finders. The way its presenting itself, no matter what sort of freemasons they may be, its a fact that countless various denonminations have gotten involved. And the thing about freemasons is when they request information about a civilian, whether legal, criminal, or financial, they will recieve it. This is what should really concern Americans.

There are people who hide behind symbols who can obtain information on any person by simple request. You think it is coincidental that many of you are suffering fianacially? Well its not. These demons have their eyes set on specific bloodlines and blood types. Sure, they may give you that promotion for snitching out some co-worker, or they may give you what you request because you snitched on someone you didn't know or knows. They may even reward you for taking part in advance lies against a thread with only a small bit of information. Then there are those who laugh and grin in your face who plot behind your backs. These misguided devils will only be rewarded for a time. And after the next phase or plan is put into motion, theywill be faded out. If they don't trust you because there is a possibility you will betray them, they'll usually have you killed. But in many cases they will just rearrange events to try and make you seem as if your information is fabricated. Then they'll cast you to the wolves. Black people have been branded by the Boule Society to take photos of black threats pointed out by Boule frontmen and women. There are countless photos within black communities within Cleveland, Ohio, of blackmen on specific websites. And by the youth being mostly negative, they frequent the sites and make sure that the photos are on others minds dily. They are destroying people by using photos with lies attached.

Many Americans are unaware that there is a strange transformation taking place right before your eyes. In Communist China, prior to the establishing of the Social Credit System, something happened with Police Departments that very few people are paying attention to. The departments had to be dismantled so that the military could pick up where police fail off. In Pennsylvania, many veterans claim that the Department of Veteran Affairs is being ran like a Dictatorship. Is the military in America preparing for something right under the nose of all Americans without their being aware? Lets just take for an example, 72 police officers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, being given desk duties as a result of unprofessional threads and posts on Facebook and other Social Websites. https://www.npr.org/2019/06/19/734241210/72-philadelphia-police-officers-placed-on-desk-duty-over-offensive-social-media. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/20/philadelphia-cops-pulled-off-street-amid-probe-into-racist-facebook-posts/?noredirect=on. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/emilyhoerner/police-facebook-racist-violent-posts-comments-philadelphia. Even though it appears that this sort of thing has never occurred before in American history, we all must be very vigilant in remembering that Philadelphia is the Seat of evil, here in the U.S. Many processes implemented by law enforcement and politicians, thought to serve the interest of civilians, have proven in the past to have negative consequences for the general populace. If police are being disciplined for their roles in posting not only racist and diabolical threads on Social Media Websites, but because many of them are tied in with white supremacist organizations based on their tattoos and photos of skulls holding guns with smoke coming from the barrels, then Philly could be moving in a positive direction to correct the wrongs implemented against people of color. The sad thing is that most white supremacist organzations are intertwined with Scottish-rite and York-rite freemasons.

And as we have revealed on many occasions, the tattoos of skulls holding guns with smoke coming out from the barrel signifies how many people of color they have destroyed. The more smoke added the more people have suffered and died! This is serious. And its a shame that it has tooken this long for parties to take interest in the plight. America has a history of appearing to correct problems when they have ran their course. In other words, if Satanists want 200 people to die within a community by using killer cops and serial killers, then after the killing of the 200 there will be investigations. So one can question if this is part of a transformative moment towards further New World Order policies. In Communist China, Private Security firms are behind massive surveillance which captures the images and records each and every person. Other electronic devices are used to score their behaviors. But the key is what methods did the Chinese use to get police out and place the military in! The Fraternal Order of Police, who are tied in with the Illuminati, the Black Illuminati, and others, will never allow the racist cops to be disciplined satisfactorily because history has proven that racist cops were allowed to terrify black and latino communies since slavery times. And while working together with the Black Illuminati, along with black Communist organizations, those same police went on to retire from departments all across America without being fired for some of the most treacherous brutality in American history. So the question is what is in it for the Black Illuminati, who has supported white supremacy since historical slavery here in America? In Philadelphia, the Fraternal Order of Police backed the Hates Crimes laws.

In a recent press release, the police union boasts that it has spent years lobbying for more federalization of crime and punishment. The press release cites a handful of recent incidents, nationally, in which police officers were attacked while on the job. The federal government’s 1969 hate crime law has been expanded several times and already criminalizes attempted bodily injury against anyone based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, s*xual orientation, gender identity, and disability. Penalties for committing a “hate crime” extend to up to 10 years in federal prison. The FOP proposal would add the basis of “uniform” to the current list. Under current federal law, police officers already enjoy additional protections, they say. Killing a police officer is a first-degree murder charge, carrying with it the prospect of the death penalty. Even in states without the death penalty a cop-killer could face death if prosecuted under federal law. So why the proposal for special status? With the proposal it appears that this entire so called cop killing is simply a false flag event to create a motive to pass such laws. Indeed, the original decisions by grand juries not to indict the officers responsible for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in New York has reinforced a sense among many Americans that police already enjoy institutional protections that an average citizen does not. There are two main principled reasons to oppose all federal hate crime legislation. First, is the basic legal tenet that all people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law. The judicial process should not be dependent upon the demographics of the victim or defendant. Violence against anyone, regardless of the identities or beliefs of those involved, should be prohibited equally and impartially in a fair and just system.

Second, the federal government has no legitimate authority to create such laws. The U.S. Constitution specifically Article 1, Section 8 of our constitution offers no mention of the federal government having the ability to prohibit crimes of violence between citizens for any reason. Crimes such as assault and murder are properly prohibited at the state-level and are enforced by state or local agencies not the FBI. To broaden the scope of federal law enforcers is a mistake and a move toward more centralized authoritarianism. We do not flinch at the brutality that is demonstrated against countries that have sworn to bring us to our knees and many will agree that it is in the best interest of America to protect its citizens from potential terrorist activity. However, for years we have not been paying attention to the open conspiracy of intimidation that is being waged against American citizens. The chief reason this is happening is because of pundits and statists that encourage the enabling of officials to intimidate citizens because we are under the impression that government overreach is needed in order to enforce unfair laws. The idea of a never ending war being waged by our leaders against the enemy of the week has now become so normal for Americans that the predatory option for all people accused of any civil disobedience seems to be the default position by talk show hosts and other pundits that should know better. In a predatory police state pundits of statist and authoritarian agendas wish to silence or marginalize those who are observing the intimidation and the killing of American citizens, well-informed citizens are seeing that the punditry is doing a disservice to American citizens by fostering an atmosphere of cognitive dissonance. And because of these irrefutable facts, the fraternal Order of Police in Philly, and within many other states throughout the U.S., will embrace hate crime bills and cases to support their officers not being disciplined to the fullest extent of the law!

Americans must further understand that you are caught up in an extraterrestrial plan to enslave all humans first, and then wipe them out. Some extraterrestrials who hold higher positions than any CEO anywhere on the planet, is calling for the destructions of humans without enslaving first. There is always infighting amongst them. The Aquarian Conspiracy is very real. The illuminati, as well as the many others tied in with them, know that in order for earth to properly transform to 4th density, we must all be on one accord. They are trying to implement this in a negative way. We must all vibrate on the same rate and move with the same energy. But here's the kicker. They feel that we should spy on one another, mistreat each other, terrorize one another, and kill each other for their causes and agendas. This is what will end life on this planet! They want earth to transform to 4th density with negative energy dominating positive energy. In order to save earth we must all treat one another as we ourselves like to be treated. This is in thought, word, and deed. We must also refuse to get caught up in gender! Respect every gender and move on. Remember, humans shall never enjoy the beauties from their Creators until we become one whole eye again. And furthermore, Americans must understand that many of your reptilian leaders throughout the years have tortured, murdered, corrupted, extorted, embezzled, and destroyed many people in other countries. This has marked America under the Karmic laws. We ,ust just accept what is to befall America while fighting against the New World Order. For what goes around comes around. This is a karmic fact.

And no matter how much Americans want to war with others because they appear to be oppressing you like what was done to them in the early 1900's, we should hold strong. If we were to fight back against them it will offer even more Karmic consequences. Americans chose reptilians to rule over them who committed brutal acts against other humans. These humans want retribution. So protect yourselves by using energy fields. Also, place it in the hands of the true Creators of humans. You may be rescued before America has to pay the full price for its sins which are piled to the Heavens! We must understand that the Illuminati and the luciferians know what it takes to preserve earth. The only thing is, like negative energy within an atomic particle, so are they opposite of that which is good on the earthly realm. They know the myseries and secrets of the earth and the universe but hides it just so humans can't know it. This keeps them in power over you because you are forever seeking their aid when it comes to advice and direction. The Creators of humans never instructed humans to kill one another, to enslave one another, to covet one another's property, nor to consume the flesh of another human. But in 2019, there has been alot of cannibalism taking place all across the globe. And right under your eyes in Hollywood, New York, Connecticut, England, africa, Russia, and China, to name a few places, reptilians are parading around with shoes and other apparel made from human flesh. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/big-nose-george-skin-shoes/ https://www.theweek.co.uk/97397/fashion-label-launches-human-skin-boots-in-time-for-halloween https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/9144128 https://www.ranker.com/list/actual-things-made-from-human-skin/jacob-shelton. In Washington State, the reptilians and others working with them passed laws where so-called humans can use "Human Remains" as compst to grow vegetables et cetera.

Black and latino people shouldn't think that your leaders are exenpt from their roles in New World Order policies even though they are requesting "Slavery Reparations!" Make sure that those who appear to be representing you are genuine! The devils have a history of wanting to give humans something in return for something else! And there have been black people involved since the beginning. Remember, the Black Illuminati won't end police brutality without something else to be set in its place. Will it be private Security Firms? Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr., was a staunch proponent of the Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism movements. He founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL). Like the Rastafarians and the Nation of Islam, these movements are Masonic fronts. Masonic control of Black Power movements suggests Freemasonry is part of the mechanism of colonialism. The way to control the opposition is to lead it. We are colonized in the same way. During the final four years of his life, Marcus Garvey turned even more emphatically toward the Masonic ideal based on secret knowledge. With the defeat of Ethiopia in the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1935, Garvey revised dramatically his previous estimates of what political movements alone could be expected to accomplish. Thus, he viewed as problematic the absence of "masonry in his [the so-called Negro's] political ideals," noting that "there is nothing secret in what he is aiming at for his own hope of preservation." Garvey was alluding to the evolution of the fraternal idea from its earlier craft stage into a potent political vehicle, one based on the organization of secret revolutionary brotherhoods.

From the start, the UNIA shared numerous features with fraternal benevolent orders. The UNIA's governing Constitution and Book of Laws held the same status and function as Freemasonry's Book of Constitutions and Book of the Law. The UNIA's titular "potentate" was clearly analogous to the "imperial potentate" of the Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, or black Shriners. The High Executive Council of the UNIA and ACL reflected the Imperial Council of the black Shriners and the Supreme Council of Freemasonry in general. The elaborate and resplendent public displays by the UNIA, particularly during its annual conventions, drew upon the example of the black Shriners and other fraternal groups. Other features shared with fraternal orders included solemn oaths and binding pledges, special degrees of chivalry (such as the Cross of African Redemption, Knight of the Sublime Order of the Nile, and Knight of the Order of Ethiopia). Marcus Garvey was a member of Prince Hall Freemasonry. To a large extent, the UNIA was organized along Masonic lines: it had a significant benevolent function: It had a constitution based on the Masons'; it also had a "potentate," an potentate's helmet closely resembled the ceremonial hat worn by Masons in special parades. Marcus Garvey in a similar uniform to that of a Knights Templar of the Masonic order. Many African-American Freemasons at the time believed that Freemasonry actually started in the advanced civilization of ancient Egypt. This helped African-Americans identify with Freemasonry as it was thought to be based on ceremonies in ancient Africa. Haile Selassie was a Mason and a Knight of the Order of the Garter, "Britain's most exclusive order of chivalry". After he berayed Al Mahdi, Britain knighted him. And for those who are unaware of the historical facts, observe:

Many black organizations held leaders who were Luciferians and Illuminati members. They were responsible for infiltrating certain organizations and making reports to their superiors. And after the destruction of a black leader, the next in line, who was secretly working with Satanic forces, would rise and start movements much different than those before them. Some blacks eventually found out the truth about who was behind the elimination of their true black leaders and it led to internal tormoil. They then departed from these groups and organizations. Take for an instance, the leader of the Rastafarian movement known as Haile Selassie. He betrayed As Sayyid Al Haadi Abdur Rahmaan Al Mahdi. Al Mahdi tried to keep the peace in Sudan between the Ansaars and the opposing parties, who were the Khatmiyya, Communists, and the pale Egiptians. However, after the powerful evil influence of the Communists, and those working with them, Al Mahdi moved from Sudan to Ethiopia. In 1970, Al Mahdi met with Ansaar leaders who had been exiled, at Alraduwk Mountain Camp, 22 kilometers east of the Sea of Alkumuk. And without being aware of his betrayal, Haile Selassie made their whereabouts known to the May regime. Haile Selassie also informed the British government, the American government, and the pale Egiptians of the plans that he overheard and, on March 31, 1970, a police force surrounded Al Mahdi and his companions, Sayfuddiyn Anaji and Muhammad Ahmad Mustafa. Al Mahdi was shot in his right leg. His two companions were assassinated, and their bodies were buried in Alduwn Valley. Haile Sellasie was later informed that Al Mahid was in jail and that is when he ordered the killing of Al Mahdi. Al Mahdi was shot repeatedy in the back of his head. He was then taken to and buried in the place where his companions were!

Haile Selassie, because of his brutal betrayal of powerful black leaders, was granted by the Illuminati and other secret societies, the right to start his own religion. After the betrayal of Al Mahdi, America later declared the Rastafarian movement as a national religion. The religion was established on the betrayal of other black leaders in Sudan who supported Communism and the New World Order. In truth, many can say that Halie Selassie and his movement are threats to other black movements. If blackmen pay attention closely, you'll see that blackmen who follow the Rastafarian religion supports the legalization of marijuana, which is destroying black communities, and the men have been known to work with the government against other blackmen who were not Rasta. Like Father like Son. Rastafarians also embrace caucasian members, who don't know the real history of why the Rasta movement was made a national religion in America. Most causians got involved because they loved to smoke marijuana. They didn't know that the leader of the religion betrayed a great African leader, and had him assassinated, in order to advance with his agenda. Even in America in 2019, most blackmen with dreadlocks that follow the Rasta religion cannot be trusted, and should never be left alone with another's wife. There were signs and deals made by so-called blackmen in Africa long ago which has played a major role in the destruction of the black race across the globe. Haile Selassie embraced Communism and most of his followers embrace it as well, even though they won't declare it openly. All one has to do is pay close attention to their ways and actions. And countless Rastas are drug dealers who have been pushing poison into black communities for decades. But their leader betrayed a great black leader, Al Mahdi, and asylum has been given to many of them. Rastas have also worked with agents who supplied them with drugs. Remember, black leaders who have been imprisoned or was killed were true leaders. They believed in the true liberation of their people and opposed Communism in all forms.

Whether these evil men's deaths and executions are real or simply theatrical performances is questionable. Where is Hitler? Did they really kill Bin Laden? Haile Selassie disappeared, some bones were found buried near his palace but never positively identified. Two of the most well known black leaders, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are Masons as well. Malcolm X seems to be one of the few who realized that the movement was driven by corruption and racism, but Alex Haley, the author of his biography, is also a Mason. It's not just black America that is completely subverted. With over 5,000 members enrolled to the fraternity, the Freemasons present at the Gleaner's forum said that their membership included nearly all the 'upstanding' men in leadership positions in medicine, the judiciary, the police force, and even parliament. They stressed the importance of unity, humility, and charity, among lodge members, as the brotherhood reaches across continents, racial and religious barriers. Jamaican DJ Bounty Killer, who at one time was referred to as the "Poor Peoples' Governor" for his songs speaking out against political corruption and supporting the poor, declared in a song titled "Lodge" that "fi me gun no join lodge and it no join church" (my gun will not join the lodge and it will not join church). Considering that he started going to church and may soon become a gospel artist, don'tbe surprised if he joins a lodge as well. Haitian national hero and revolutionary leader Toussaint L'ouverture was also a member: Although a former slave, he had owned slaves himself. Although he led a great slave revolt, he was desperate to trade export crops for defense supplies and so imposed a militarized forced labor system that was slavery in all but name. He was simultaneously a devout Catholic, a Freemason, and a secret practitioner of voodoo. And although the monarchs of Europe regarded him with unalloyed horror, he in effect turned himself into one of them by fashioning a constitution making himself his country's dictator for life, with the right to name his successor. Is it any wonder that black power, black nationalism, and civil rights have resulted in very little progress for the majority? Unless you consider a half-Jewish Kenyan named Obama being elected as American president!

But in the final days of Toussaint L'ouverture, he realized that his participation in the New World Order was pure evil. And Europeans sought to get at him for this. That is why all Americans should pay attention to Philadelphia landmarks. Toussaint L'ouverture sought to do business with a caucasian male by the name of Steven Girard. Toussaint L'ouverture was to meet with parties while entrusting upon Girard 6,000,000 in gold, equivalent to $6,000,000.00 today. Girard sole him out to the British and to the Americans, and Toussaint L'ouverture was jailed and then killed! Steven Girard, from his evil deeds, was well rewrded by both Americans and the british, and Girard avenue is named after him. Girard College. was named after him. And many other landmarks was dedicated fto him because of his treachery to Toussaint L'ouverture. There are black and latino people staying in Philadelphia, pennsylvania, even to this day, and don't know who Steven Girard was, nor why so many landmarks were named after him. Masonry, at one point in history, use to be both benevolent and rewarding. This is why one must always respect the craft. However, freemasons world-wide pleged their allegience to the New World Order after Adam Weishaupt. Then freemasonry became demonic and Satanic. And because of the evil masonic transformation, continents around the world now suffer mass murders, unspeakable killings, internal wars, and align with a New World Order agenda. There are few places in the world that resemble Astana, the capital of oil rich Kazakhstan which is the size of Western Europe, but only has 16 million people. The modern and occultic city, pop 850,000, packs a mixture of Masonic symbolism, strange architecture, and eerie designs straight out of a sci-fi movie. Named capital in 1997, Astana is the first capital built in the 21st century. The city's high paced expansion and growth is nothing short of incredible. In two decades, the city has become a global power player in international conferences, summits, and expos designed to further the New World Order agenda And for this reason Astana has been branded "City of Peace".

An example of such gatherings is the Syrian International Meeting on Syrian Resettlement hosted by Astana back in January of 2017. In May of 2017, they were back in Astana with delegations from Jordan as well. Astana was rolled out as the Geneva of the east. The name 'Astana' has a few meanings in different languages. In Kazakh it literally means 'Capital', but its origin is in the Persian 'Astane'. Astane (or Astaneh in Iranian accent) means "Threshold" or "gate".According to Islamic Echteiology, the antichrist will come to rise from "the East". It's narrated: "Dajjal (antichrist) would come forth from a land in the East called Khurasan, followed by people whose faces resembled shields covered with skin." In another narration, it specifically states: "The Hour will not be established till you fight with the Khudh and the Kirman from among the non-Arabs. They will be of red faces, flat noses, and small eyes; their faces will look like flat shields, and their shoes will be of hair." Khurasan once encompassed a large region of land of which Kazakhstan was apart of. Kazakhs match this description. They are descendants of the Turkic and medieval Mongol tribes and are for the most part 'flat faced' with small eyes and traditionally wear hair and fur garments such as camel hair shoes. Although the antichrist is of Jebusite (Jewish) origin originating from an island nation, in Britain, according to Islamic traditions, his ascension will manifest from the east. This is profound, given the definition of Astana/threshold according to the Cambridge dictionary as: "the level or point at which you start to experience something, or at which something starts to happen:" The sun theme is found from everything from the country's flag to architecture and monuments. 'Bayterek' (photo above left) is the most famous landmark in Astana. The tower is so iconic it has been commemorated on the national currency note. The legend behind the golden sphered tower is that it represents a poplar tree (kabalah tree of life), where the magic bird 'Samruk' (phoenix) laid its egg. The egg (the sun) containing all of humanity's wishes and desires (peace and paradise) is then eaten by a dragon named 'Aidakhar' (satan/antichrist) and the cycle repeats itself. A myth only Satanists can find inspirational and worthy of celebration.

The twin golden pillars anchoring the skyline of the city are named by the architect as "Boaz" and "Jachin". According to the religious texts, two brass pillars named 'Boaz' and 'Jachin' stood in the porch of Solomon's Temple. These are the same pillars Freemasons use in their craft and rituals. In addition to the pyramid and Masonic pillars/towers at the heart of Khazakhstan's capital, there is a giant satanic pentagram in a remote region of the country. The giant pentagram is visible from air and can be seen in satellite images. Not so strange maybe when considering that even the designated phone code for Khazakhstan is 7, the most sacred of numbers to Freemasons/satanists, which represents completion. Not to be overlooked, 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation' is a bold pyramid shaped building designed by world famous British architect Norman Foster. Religious leaders of various faiths have gathered every three years in 'The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation" around an image of a giant sun to discuss various issues, in essence concocting a New World religion. Inter-faith dialog to prepare us to accept the imposter Christ (antichrist) 'sun' [of] God (Satan). The plan is uniting various faith and denominations under subtle undertones and seemingly harmless pagan beliefs wrapped in furry myths. Similar to the man-made adaptations of most Christians worshipping on "SUN"day, and most Muslims using the crescent moon as a symbol of religion, both are of pagan origin. With all the Satanic and antichrist symbolism that Astana has come to enshrine, it may not seem so trivial to note that Kazakstan is also said to be land of origin of the apple (Pomegranate) tree, the same fruit said to have caused the expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Aden. Which begs the question, have we witnessed the beginning threshold of the antichrist coming to fruition in Astana?

In Conclusion: In Greek legend, the Sphinx devoured all travelers who could not answer the mysterious riddle it posed: “What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?” Oedipus gave the answer; he said “Man” causing the Sphinx’s to die. When we are babies we crawl on all fours, when we become adults we walk on two legs, some of us when we age wind up with a cane, giving us three legs. Age is an unfair mission creep. Eventually, it can become a catastrophic dysfunction of everything, all at once. Our mitochondria sputter, our endocrine system sags, and our DNA snaps. Our sight and hearing and strength diminish, our arteries clog, our brains fog, and we falter, seize, and fail. Every research breakthrough, every announcement of a master key that we can turn to reverse all that, has been followed by setbacks and confusion. 150,000 people die every day. Most check out well before what is considered the maximum age of 115, and some of them could afford to keep going far longer if only the Illuminati and Reptilians would allow it. The urge to combat aging, especially among the rich, is an old one, but new technological breakthroughs can make the prospect seem tantalizingly close. There are now millionaires that are hell-bent on an Immortality Investment where they seek the sorcerer’s stone or hire the right alchemist to get the job done. Investing in biotech breakthroughs is one way the super-rich are trying to stay young and healthy, indefinitely. Others in the community are settling for cryogenic freezing, in the hopes that they can be thawed once regenerative science has sufficiently advanced. Bank of America analysts say that companies focused on immortality and longevity, extending the human lifespan as much as possible, are going to grow in coming years, with the market expected to be worth $600 billion by 2025. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snincvwL-oI.

If these financial experts are correct then biotech companies are poised to start bringing unprecedented increases to the quality and length of the human lifespan, then we may start seeing serious results out of the industry. Bank of America’s predictions would mean a six-fold increase in the amount of money in longevity companies. In a report to clients reviewed by CNBC, analysts wrote that the human lifespan may soon extend to 100 years. This has enabled a new frontier in precision medicine to further extend life expectancy, the report reads: "The analysts identified four key areas of longevity research that they expect to grow in the coming years: genomics, big data and artificial intelligence, futuristic foods and nutrition, and healthcare companies working to eradicate diseases." The analysts claim that “medical knowledge will double every 73 days by 2020,” a claim that, given how much medical knowledge is already out there, sounds like it could be overly optimistic. Some investors and medical scientists have declared war on death. If there is a way to “solve death,” whether through cryonics or gene therapies, a kind of vampirism in which Silicon Valley billionaires “end up being sustained by young blood” or more wholesome methods such as good nutrition and medicine, some combination of the above or perhaps an actual sorcerer’s stone, the next generation of well-funded alchemists is determined to find it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNCgu6IH6Ak. The investors and the technocrats say that living forever doesn’t violate the laws of physics, so they will achieve immortality in the coming years. The knowledge and subsequent fear of our impending doom drives the way we go about this world, either as methodically and cautiously as we can, playing the odds of hanging onto this mortal coil as long as we can.

However, there are some that have the attitude: eat drink and be merry for tomorrow wen die! This was the saying of the Ancient Egiptian Pharoah, Khufu", the same who lifted the immigration Laws in Ancient Egipt which led to its destruction. It is being taught that life is meant to be enjoyed, and enjoying life can be we shouldn’t have to be fearful of things like smoking, drinking heavily, caloric indulgences, skydiving, public restrooms, chainsaw juggling, and Tinder dates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4rxlRsNcs8. An independent team this month showed that normal tissue is roiling with clusters of mutated cells, some of which have genetic errors common in cancer. This fits well with the current understanding that cancer starts when cells acquire a combination of genetic mutations that allows them to grow out of control. The reaction to the “bad luck” claim has been more moralistic than scientific. StatNews reported that the results might imply “that preventive efforts from smoking cessation to environmental cleanups were largely pointless.” A news story in Science Magazine said: “Many scientists took issue with the paper … because they felt it overemphasized the randomness of cancer and downplayed the value of trying to prevent it.” That defeatist view is a bit like not wearing a seat belt because driving is never 100% safe. There’s a more constructive way of thinking about randomness: not as a reason to give up on minimizing risk, but as a reason for vigilance and research. Knowing the role of randomness, maybe more of us would have a doctor look at that little lump, or spot between our toes that looks weird even though it’s on skin that never sees the sun. The paper said that 15% of lung cancer cases occur in people who never smoked, ask yourself is this fair? Should we just accept this as the norm without finding ways to beat it?

In the latest research, published this month in the journal Science, it’s hard to tell whether the mutations in healthy tissue were caused in part by environmental factors or are primarily random copying errors, but these results do suggest that the mere act of getting older is a major risk factor. As one of the studies’ authors put it back in 2015: The longer the trip, the greater the odds of an accident, even if you wear your seat belt. The fact that cancer-associated mutations exist in normal tissue could complicate the quest to offer simple blood tests to detect other kinds of cancer. It’s no longer obvious what to consider normal. Perhaps it really is normal to gradually progress toward cancer. If so, there isn’t much you can do about it. But there’s a lot more that medical technology might do and this is where investments in immortality sound so tantalizing. The lack of a scientifically proven intervention for extending life isn’t stopping the tech leaders from trying it on themselves. Peter Thiel is allegedly receiving injections of blood drawn from healthy young kids, a technique that hasn’t been shown to work in humans and is based on some very scary studies in mice. Just depends on who you ask –and what services provide the vampiric service. An article in Futurism recently says that scientists are actually perfecting that practice of parabiosis but it is still facing some quarrelsome discussions in the scientific community. According to the New Scienstist, scientists from Stanford University took blood from two groups of mice — one cohort was two weeks old and the other 12 to 15 months old and applied it to human brain cells grown from embryonic stem cells. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKLlXRjktak. Only the younger group’s blood boosted neural development, lending more weight to the idea of medical vampirism.

This research helps explain the “how” behind these revitalizing blood transfusions. Two proteins that were found only in the younger mouse blood, THBS4 and SPARCL1, made the lab-grown neurons grow more branches and form twice as many connections. Both of those factors are signs of healthy and increased neural development. But that doesn’t mean that the clinics out there claiming that young blood transfusions have medical benefits—The FDA is forbidding the idea of outrageous claims of a yet affirmed cure for aging. The FDA concludes that A pile of neurons, human or not, cultured in a petri dish are not the same as a living human brain, and a great deal of clinical experimentation is necessary before anyone can make substantiated medical claims about young blood transfusions. This is not stopping the rich from investing in new ways to cheat death; in fact, billionaires control a substantial amount of the world’s wealth – in fact, current projections see the richest 1% controlling 2/3 of it by 2030. And most of them aren’t investing in space shuttles, underground Hyperloops, and sprawling tech campuses—they are throwing their money into ways to expand life spans. There are also investors who are looking into helping companies that preserve the dead in order to revive them when science advances. This process is called cryonics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0el73T4RDtI. If you had the chance to be preserved after death with the possibility of being resuscitated in a future where medical science is light years ahead, would you take it? Imagine the possibility of being reanimated once cures to diseases and a way to halt or reverse the aging process has been discovered. Despite the huge amounts of money funneled into the research scientists at large views it as pseudo-science.

A notable billionaire championing cryonics is Canadian businessman and founder of Future Electronics, Robert Miller. He not only donates generously to the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, but he has also stated that he intends to undergo the process himself. It seems that there are plenty of ways to cheat death –all of them seem like science fiction and yet palatable enough to deserve investment money from well-known billionaires. Would you consider uploading your brain to the cloud if it meant you could live forever? What if you knew to do so you’d have to be euthanized as part of the procedure? Now we’ve really crossed the line into futurist fiction territory – or, if MIT-backed research company Nectome is to be believed – the next step in human consciousness. While it’s easy to laugh these ideas off as Silicon Valley has gone mad, it’s worth mentioning that there’s some serious money being invested into this project – with around $1 million in funding and a $900,000 federal grant from the US National Institute of Mental Health. To sign up for the waiting list you’re required to put down a deposit of $7,600 which, seems like a steal. But the problem is the company says in the fine print that the procedure is 100 percent fatal, meaning you have to agree to being euthanized for the procedure and there are no guarantees. trust it or not, many people have signed up for this! While this may sound completely unbelievable, here’s what Google’s director of engineering, Ray Kurzweil, has to say on the subject: “We’re going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates, and the biological part is not important anymore. In fact, the non-biological part – the machine part – will be so powerful it can completely model and understand the biological part.”

Another company looking into ways in which humans can live on via digital consciousness is the Tarasem Movement Foundation looking to create ‘mindware’ which would be used as part of a ‘nanotechnological body’ (a robot essentially) that would allow you to live without the constraints of pesky things like death and old age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2URf46UY7-A. Other investments in living a long life have nothing to do with health or longevity practices. There is another investment that has been gaining a lot of popularity and that is apocalypse insurance – namely advanced preparedness beyond that of buying two weeks of food storage from a company like My Patriot Supply. Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman has provided the best insight into the apocalypse insurance mentality, claiming that he had corrective eye surgery and stockpiles weaponry, food, and gold coins to make sure he’s ready for a disaster scenario. https://qz.com/892543/apocalypse-insurance-reddits-ceo-venture-capitalists-and-others-in-silicon-valley-are-preparing-for-the-end-of-civilization/. If his case sounds like an anomaly, estimates from insiders claim that upwards of 50% of Silicon Valley billionaires have some form of ‘apocalypse insurance’. Peter Thiel has purchased a 477-acre estate in New Zealand worth tens of millions which he claims is ‘insurance’ against global catastrophes. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is apparently on the same wavelength, with a 700-acre plot of land in Hawaii “just in case”, while Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison has taken it a step further buying 98% of the land on Hawaii’s sixth-largest island, Lanai, as well as his own airline. We all know that the rich Washington politicians have fancy bunkers provided for them underground if the inevitable happens. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can certainly get you somewhere fancy to hide while the world ends.

Meanwhile, billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, all want off of this rock and are setting their sights on summer homes on Mars. Creating a more efficient way to travel through space raises the possibility of humans colonizing other planets and mining valuable resources from asteroids – it’s essentially a worst-case scenario plan B in case things don’t work out here on earth. So, the lesson here is that if you’re super rich, there are plenty of investment opportunities in the immortality market. If cryonics isn’t for you, or blood transfusions, why not digital consciousness? If those are a bit far-fetched there’s always an island retreat or luxury bunker on the market. Or you can get your food supply and wing it when the lights go out. When we hear of these anti-death strategies, we stop and think that they are crazy schemes. People always seem to rationalize the tragedy of death. But that’s not really how we feel when we hear that someone we love has died. We have been programmed with the belief that death is the inevitable extreme to our birth and we are encoded with the contradictory determination to remain exactly as we are. Even in death, people spend money in preserving their looks with embalming and display for one more peek into the coffin before it is closed. This way they can maintain their looks in a final bit of narcissism. The war on death has begun and you are now being challenged to invest in your immortality.

those who were responsible for the assassination of Dr. King, Communist, Socialists, and Nazis, are within Congress today. It is old news that Jesse Jackson is a Boule Society member who was part of the assassination of Dr. King. But the newer news is that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, and countless others, including Hillary Clinton and the Obamas, to name a few, are all Communists and Socialists. They all talkn about Dr. King as if he were special even to them, but in truth, their movement was responsible for his assassination. Communists, Nazis, and Socialists are willing to kill anyone who stand in their way and Dr. King was proof of it. The sad thing is how they all lie and trick the American people into accepting their fake lies about Dr. King, as if he were their friend. President Obama used Dr. King to separate and divide black people. He also made it appear as if what he was saying about Dr. King helped him with his Communists and Socialist push because many black people really don't know the difference. Then he spreaded rumors that euro-americans were devils, appealing to the oppressed side of black and latino people. And after he left office, the infection he had spreaded took on a life of his own and its almost impossible to get black people to see him for the devil he really is! In truth, Dr. King had been a Communist pawn but was breaking away from his handlers. His opposition to the Vietnam war threatened to mobilize blacks who were already resorting to violence and terrorism. Just like the assassination of JFK in 1963, and his brother on June 6, 1968, these were Deep State hit jobs.

The thing which makes it difficult to remove those Communists and Socialists out of Congress is illegal immigrant coting rights. As long as the illegals are promised jobs, housing, money, and security to remaining in America they'll sell out their own mothers and fathers. Many of them are from Socialist and Communist countries anyway, and as long as they get a piece of the pie, they vote for the same things in America which destroyed Venezuela and many other hispanic ran countries. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says when she and other females are through with President Trump and America, hispanics from the southern hemisphere will be ruling. Thats why the push for open borders is so important for them. Anyway, Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Day, commemorating the civil rights leader who was assassinated April 4, 1986.

Many people have often wondered who had lured MLK on to the balcony where he was a sitting duck! Was it a photographer? A little investigation revealed that the picture of Dr. King surrounded by Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson, and Ralph Abernathy, was taken April 3, the day before his murder. Also, this was not "a balcony" but the front entrance to the Lorraine Motel rooms. King originally had a ground floor room. The room downstairs in the corner had originally been his room, his associate Andrew Young recalled. And the Memphis Police asked the hotel manager could they move him upstairs because they thought they could protect him better upstairs than on the ground floor. Nobody was complaining or anything, but he couldn't have been shot in that downstairs room. The police were all over on the other street and they were running toward us with their guns drawn and we were saying, 'The shot came from over there, Young recalled. "Instead of going to where the shot came from, they were coming to see about us." After the shooting, the police would not let anyone leave the Lorraine. Clara Ester, the black girl in the foreground photograph, was furious; they should be looking for whoever shot Dr. King, not quizzing them. "Why are y'all questioning us?'' she demanded of one euro-american officer. "We didn't do it. Y'all did it!''Unknown to her, Clara was photographed standing next to James Orange by Joseph Louw, who was doing a documentary on MLK for the precursor of PBS. The iconic picture of witnesses pointing in the direction of the shooter is sometimes attributed to Ernest Withers, a prominent civil rights movement photographer.

Withers had been at his Beale Street studio when he heard King was shot. He ran to the Lorraine, where he met Louw and took him back to his darkroom to develop his film before returning to the Lorraine. Over the next few days, rioting erupted in dozens of cities. Now, federal officials pressured the city of Memphis to settle the sanitation workers strike which had brought King to Memphis. On April 16, the strike ended with the recognition of the workers' union and wage increases. But, unknown to Dr King and other civil rights leaders, Ernest Withers was also passing photographs of them, their biographical details, summaries of their political beliefs, and even their car licence plate numbers to the government. "He informed on pastors and political candidates and alerted the FBI to planned demonstrations. Some of his information helped to disrupt a Memphis militant group called The Invaders in the late 1960s. The tip-offs were so detailed they included information on a teacher who had lent a car to a suspected militant, and how cigarettes were being brought to activists in jail. He even provided pictures of priests who were suspected of supporting striking black workers. The day before Dr King's death Withers had been taking photographs of him, but he had also been telling the FBI about a meeting of suspected black militants. The photographer was also at Dr King's funeral where he discovered information, passed on to the FBI, that two men blamed for a previous riot were planning a return to Memphis. Withers' FBI role was revealed by a two-year investigation by Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal, who obtained some of his files under the Freedom of Information Act...

Historians of the civil rights movement described the unmasking of Withers as a shocking betrayal and an illustration of how far J Edgar Hoover's FBI was prepared to go to infiltrate it."Joseph Louw had his iconic photo published in LIFE magazine. It was the seminal image of the tragedy, and his future seemed assured. But a year later, he moved back to Africa, where few people realized he'd shot the Lorraine photo. And he didn't tell them. Withers, a former police officer, who also served in the Pacific in the Second World War, passed his tip-offs to two agents called Howell Lowe and William H Lawrence. He had eight children and there was speculation that his motives were financial. Ethan Theoharis, a historian at Marquette University, Wisconsin, and author of a book on the FBI said: 'It is an amazing betrayal. It really speaks to the degree that the FBI was able to engage individuals within the civil rights movement. This man was so well trusted.'" Louw was travelling with King for a public television documentary. He had fled to the USA from his native South Africa in 1963. Under that nation's apartheid system, he was classified as ''coloured" -- mixed white and black -- and charged with having (consensual) s*x with a white woman. Those who knew him speculate about why he left America to practice journalism (first in Kenya, later in South Africa). John Ankele, an American friend, says Louw keenly felt the loss of hope that King's death symbolized, "so he went back to what he knew.'' Louw understood what he was leaving. Years later, his son Jacob found an invitation to the White House from 1968. "He laughed," Jacob recalls. "He said, 'Yeah, It was a big deal." After the Lorraine, "he didn't ride the train" of celebrity journalism, Jacob says. "He felt there were other stories to tell ... African stories." Louw's greatest satisfaction in Africa came from farming. He brought in three harvests before he died of cancer in 2003 at 64. U.S. newspapers and websites didn't carry his obituary.

The Illuminati laughs at Americans everyday, knowing that they are playing on the emotions of blacks, latinos, and many euro-americans by playing on Dr. King's speeches and being. Their signs are everywhere, and Congress plans on enforcing all New World Order policies in full. So look out for the following: recurring Illuminati motifs include the dot in a circle (***** in ******), Eye of Horus, rising sun (swoosh - as in horizon) compass and square, 666, two towers, Star of David, pentagrams and pyramid without the capstone. This is the way they signal their domination to insiders. Canadian Liberal Party (swoosh); Canada's governing Conservative Party (dot in circle); Disney 666; Tesoro, a large petroleum refiner; Voice of America, dot in circle; Delta Airlines - Pyramid; Iowa - Swoosh and sunrise; Healthy Child Manitoba-These logos combining dots, pentagrams and swooshes are everywherel Time Warner (Eye of Horus)l Regina, Two Towers; Ottawa ( The O, 666 is on every street sign, police car, city bus and vehicle.); Toronto (Two Towers); Winnipeg, Dot in circle, swoosh, on every city bus and vehicle. The dot in circle is made of stylized 6's - as in 666; Google Chrome search engine (dot in circle) also 666; CBS (dot in circle); APTN - Eye of Horus, dot in circle, swooshes; Obama '08 Pentagram; Colorado Seal with all seeing eye; Early Dodge car emblem; GOP and Democrat Logos GOP Pentagrams inverted in 2000; Shell Logo is not a shell but a rising sun; MS Office Icons for Mac appear to be Hebrew Letters; Panhellenic Socialist Party (Governs & Bankrupts Greece); Woolworth in Australia 666.

Many professional designers with big firms who didn't know these forms are Cabalistic signals for Luciferian rule. The textbook or professors don't associate them with the occult. The 1948 Buick hood ornament, we were told, obviously symbolizes s*xual intercourse. But the professional commercial artist is trained to think it's just 's*x sells'. 666 Vav - Hebrew 6; The new BC logo adopted by Premier Campbell is pure Freemasonry. The golden arch, the sun is like an eye at the top of the pyramid / mountain. The colors are also Freemason blue and yellow. 147 Masonic lodges in British Columbia. Pyramid, Kangaroo is Eye of Horus; and Victoria Police- pentagon, facing down. In Conclusion: No word in the English language conjures up more disdain than the word “cult.” It has been used and abused to describe any group that dances to the tune of a different drum. While it is arguable that we have all been a part of cult-like behavior from time to time in our lives it seems that there are many jumping on the bandwagon to warn you that these groups lurk in the most unassuming of places. You will also be surprised to learn that many of you are probably already a part of a group that uses a tactic known as group dynamics to get you to do their bidding. This type of manipulation can get even the smartest of people to do things that most people would consider peculiar. There is a pyramid authoritarian rule exists in many companies, religions, and in government. Deceptive groups use this same pyramid of power in order to get the unit to do the will of the dictatorial ruling body. This means that not all destructive cults are religious in nature. Cult-like behavior exists in therapy groups, political groups, and many businesses use group dynamics to instill pride and loyalty.

The confusing thing is that not all cults are bad. If the group is legitimately trying to find the truth and they’re purpose is to better mankind then they will stand up to the scrutiny and they will persevere. If they are continually pressuring people to commit before they hear the whole story, or if they lie or use nebulous rewards or undefined fear of an enemy as a tactic to get your servitude then you should realize that this group may be destructive and needs to be avoided. A cult defined is basically any group or organization where dedicated, willing members surrender independent thinking and their lives for an idealistic sounding mission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1j4JRwPB7k&feature=emb_logo. This definition literally points to any group that uses peer pressure and group dynamics to further an agenda. Thus creating a mindset where people would rather die or sacrifice those around them than go against the group. It is a programming mechanism that we are all familiar with. Whether it is a religious influence, a political influence, or patriotism we have allowed ourselves to make the claim that we would be willing to sacrifice our time, our well being, and even our lives for that ideology. Sometimes, however, there are things we give up little-by-little when we are being manipulated. We lose our integrity, and self-responsibility, little-by-little and become dependent on those who are controlling us. When they tell us of a threat and urge us to agree upon it, we are willing to give up everything even our lives to eliminate that threat. Last Sunday, CNN’s Brian Stelter appeared on his show Reliable Sources and claimed in all seriousness that those who support Trump are part of a dangerous cult and that he uses mind control to get people to follow him. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/cnn-trump-leader-destructive-cult-using-mind-control-americans?fbclid=IwAR1O70WsGP3iZ5_PSImZKNyj7cCQOJIFGlhozFC336EpBdEIK3OJR6TLa58.

Stelter’s virtue signaling rang high on the hypocrisy curve as the mainstream media that he serves has been well known for use of propaganda, emotion-driven analyses, and unwillingness to allow people to come to their own conclusions with regard to anything political in this country. Literally, everything mentioned in the report by Stelter and his guest are actually attributes and techniques used by modern progressive mainstream media. Indeed, any discussion of CIA “mind-control” endeavors, such as the infamous MK-Ultra, would be incomplete without West, who enjoyed a long and lucrative career in the field or torture and mind control. In fact, many people do not know that the so-called sleeper assassin program was headed by none other than Louis Jolyon West. In a document released under the Freedom of Information Act, for example, it was revealed that more than five decades ago, the CIA sought to set West up in a clandestine laboratory to perform “mind-control” experiments with hypnosis and LSD. A portion of the experiments with LSD and other drugs in which West was enmeshed at the CIA’s behest were exposed in the mid-1970s by the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Frank Church. Many people do not know that Dr. Louis Jolyon West is the reason why every time there is a mass shooting, conspiracy theorists will talk about possible MK Ultra programming and whether or not the killer was on psychotropic drugs. Dr. West was the CIA’s default psychologist who was notorious for carrying out experiments that rivaled Joseph Mengele. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npfuKELLQsE&feature=emb_logo. West was the scientist who actually killed an elephant named Tusko using LSD. Within five minutes he collapsed to the ground and one hour and forty minutes later he died. It is believed that the LSD was the cause of his death, although some speculate that the drugs the researchers used in an attempt to revive him may have contributed to his death.

West contributed to the early work which resulted in, among other things, the death of tennis pro-Harold Blauer in an experiment with a mescaline derivative in New York City in 1953. The Senate Select Committee’s investigation revealed drugging of unsuspecting targets, electric shocking to obliterate memory and “programming” individuals to kill — acting under psychiatric control. For example, Dr. West was always sought after to comment on many well known “sleeper” Manchurian Candidates like Lee Harvey Oswald and Patricia Hearst, the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapping victim turned bank robber. He officiated over Jack Ruby’s psychiatric evaluation, he also was consulted for evaluation of alleged RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan, Timothy McVey, David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Marshall Applewhite of the Heaven’s Gate cult. He was also consulted about O.J. Simpson or at least until West died in 1999. Whenever there was an assassination or a mass murder with a Lone Nut responsible, West seemed to always have a connection to them in some way which was suspicious at best. According to West, Jack Ruby suffered from “major mental illness apparently precipitated by the stress of his trial and its aftermath.” West’s opinion forestalled Ruby’s death sentence, and the convicted murderer died of cancer in prison. West was one of four psychiatrists named to examine Patty Hearst before her 1976 trial in San Francisco. The panel found her sane and able to stand trial but, in West’s words, “psychologically damaged as a result of torture by the SLA.” The doctors urged that she be treated for mental illness before the trial, a recommendation ignored by the court. West said in a San Diego speech after her conviction: “The government finished the destruction of her life started by an anti-government group.” President Jimmy Carter commuted Hearst’s prison sentence in 1979. West studied torture and brainwashing during the Korean War when he was an Air Force doctor at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Asked to determine why American prisoners of war had falsely confessed to engaging in germ warfare, West determined that guilt could be instilled by solitary confinement and prolonged sleeplessness as well as by physical abuse.

He continued his studies of brainwashing over the years, along with his work in post-traumatic stress syndrome, alcohol, and drug abuse, pain, sleep problems, dreams, and hypnosis. West prominently in the research and development of the invisible war—which was a deep state operation where intelligence agencies produced assassins to take out foreign leaders and Manchurian sleepers that were triggered to kill politicians in the United States. His public career appears like a carefully constructed espionage cover. There were many outgrowths of the MK Ultra program that were called subprojects. One such subproject was Subproject 43. The proposal submitted by West to the CIA, was titled “Psychophysiological Studies of Hypnosis and Suggestibility” with an accompanying document titled “Studies of Dissociative States”. Between 1974 and 1989, West received at least $5,110,099 in grants from the federal government, channeled through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), a major funding conduit for CIA programs. Many millions more poured into the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute that West headed, including over $14 million in federal funds in one fiscal year before he stepped down. Before stepping down as director of the Neuropsychiatric Institute, West reportedly allowed psychiatric “treatments” that were more suited to brainwashing, “mind control” or a torture chamber than for resolving mental troubles. It was reported in 1976, for example, that Neuropsychiatric Institute psychiatrist Ivar Lovass had used electric cattle prods for “aversion therapy” on children. As one newspaper stated at the time, “Farrell Instruments Company, the same firm which supplies other shocking equipment for UCLA’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ experiments on 3- to 12-year-old boys … recognizes that aversion therapy techniques are often cruel. An example, the company says, ‘is the use of cattle prods which have high voltage that produces skin destruction.’ Dr. Lovass and his partner in psychiatry, Dr. George Reker, however, favor the use of — and have used — cattle prods on children who are not mentally ill or criminal or who have not violated any law or rule — young boys merely thought to be ‘effeminate.’”

Lovass, hired by West, also allegedly shocked 5-year-old twins to “modify” behavior, with jolts administered through a grid system in the floor that enabled the psychiatrists to blast the children wherever they moved in the room. Despite the violence that marked the work of West and his cohorts, or perhaps because of it, he enjoyed influence in the psychiatric community, serving for example on the National Advisory Council to the NIMH. From his positions, he could have charted a far more humane and helpful course for mental health, rather than brain-damaging drugs and electric shock. As part of his legacy, the NIMH continues to squander billions in taxpayer dollars to fund research on brain-damaging substances, rather than genuine cures. The true cost — impossible to measure in money — lies in the Americans now dead from psychiatric drugs and electric shock or, still living, existing as little more than vegetables. The secrecy and false information that for decades cloaked West’s activities continue to shroud the effects of the treatments he promoted and which are still in use. West was responsible for the Cult Awareness Network even though he was responsible for giving many cults their start and when it comes to commentary about mass murders and MK Ultra – and the so-called drugs these killer are on – it was Dr. West that created these theories because he was the man behind them. West headed the American Psychological Association (APA) trauma response team that rushed to Oklahoma City in the wake of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building. Timothy McVeigh, convicted of the bombing, was examined by John Douglas of the FBI’s Psychological Profile Unit, who determined that McVeigh was “an easily controlled and manipulated personality.” A programmed sleeper – just like Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, and others. Boston mobster James “Whitey” Bulger alleged he had been subjected to weekly injections of LSD and subsequent testing while in prison in Atlanta in 1957.

The CIA insists that MKUltra-type experiments have been abandoned, although Canadian investigative journalist Elizabeth Nickson (whose mother had been a subject) claims that they continue today under a different set of acronyms. Victor Marchetti, who had held several positions at the CIA before resigning in 1969, stated in 1992 that the CIA routinely conducted disinformation campaigns and that CIA mind control research continued. He called the claim that the program had been abandoned a cover story. Many people may not know that some of the more prominent cult leaders were allegedly programmed in programs similar to MK-Ultra. Some of the more prominent names involved were Marshall Applewhite who was involved with “curing” his homos*xuality prior to becoming the leader of the Heaven’ Gate cult. He heard voices and believed that he was Jesus. He did projects for the government creating mentalist programs to remote view subjects and possibly communicate with aliens before he coerced his 38 followers to commit suicide in 1997. There are also other candidates that were allegedly part of the assassin club provided by the Black-ops groups that use drugs and brainwashing to create the sleepwalker killer. John Hinklely Jr., the would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan was allegedly programmed by agents that worked directly with George Herbert Walker Bush. The plot was that if Reagan was out of the way Bush would be president. Neil Bush, who at the time was an agent for Amoco Oil, told Denver reporters he had met Scott Hinckley, John Hinckley’s brother at a surprise party at the Bush home January 23, 1981.

This was nine weeks John attempted to assassinate President Reagan, which would have elevated Bush Sr. to the presidency In an incredible coincidence, on the morning of March 30 [the day of the Reagan assassination attempt by John Hinckley, Jr. Neil was panning another meeting with Scott. MK-Ultra was also known as Artichoke and there were several different programs associated with the original programs hat used biological contaminants and the use of LSD. It was revealed in June 2000 that Unabomber Ted Kaczynski met with Henry A. Murray an associate of Louis Jolyon West , , in 1959 on his third day at Harvard and every week thereafter. Interestingly, Ted Kaczynski’s Mk-Ultra Codename was “Lawful” – he was a good follower. He was also linked to the Tylenol poisonings that happened in Chicago in 1982. Son of Sam killer, David Berkowitz was allegedly drugged and programmed in the MK Ultra program and believed that a dog named SAM was speaking to him giving him orders to kill. Now it is being revealed that Hitler’s Nazi scientists, the same scientists that provided the methods for MK Ultra had taught dogs to speak. The Beltway Sniper case also had all sorts of MK Ultra programming overtones, from calling cards of death, to numeric death signatures and even trigger words read by the police to get them to wake up and turn themselves in. Lee Boyd Malvo, the younger killer in the Beltway Sniper case believed that he was in The Matrix and was influenced by The Matrix movies to believe that he was in a video game. His partner in crime, John Allen Mohammed was trained as a sniper at Fort Lewis and worked in psychological operations. It is obvious that both were brainwashed to go about mass murder throughout Washington DC. Brainwashing has always been the modus operandi of the Deep State and with intelligence groups infiltrating the media, we are now seeing the low move of trying to explain away support for Prescient Trump as cult-like and while it may be that he has cult-like support to ignore the political derangement from the left is laughable.

If you remember the same was said of Barack Obama, however it was not a talking point supported by a cult expert that praises the likes of Louis Jolyon West. When the media comes forward and tells you of political cults, they become self-serving and push their bias in favor of their own ideologies. The media no longer has a voice of its own and relays most of what it says with the approval of the State Department. The mere form of government cannot safeguard a nation from falling into the depths of corruption. You can elect any Tom **** or Harry into the presidency and they still would not be able to protect the nation from swinging towards despotism and it is becoming evident that the people of the United States of America are witnessing that partisanship cannot be the determining factor in “values” and the substantive process of running a government. George W. Bush was considered a President with Nazi philosophies. Obama was called a Nazi by conservatives and now the left calls Trump a cult leader. The intelligence war is obviously in play and there is now a concerted effort to demonize the President by calling him the leader of a dangerous cult. Our mainstream thinking is that our home, our government, our system is too great to fail. We need to bring into perspective the reality those who place themselves above us, will soon see their end too. The whole machine is showing signs of corruption. This spans the entire political spectrum, from republican to democrat. Ambition, while admirable, can also be detrimental if it has its foundation in lawlessness and uses the pain of others for unknown ends. This nation will eventually become undeveloped and we will no longer have the luxuries we once cherished. The media stands accused of painting a picture of a very dark America that needs to revolt and carry out whatever means necessary to secure a left vote or administration. We have seen violent protests which have been ignored liberal media outlets and have been spotlighted by conservative groups as threat to our national security.

This imbalance is actually affecting Americans that feel that their way of life is being threatened. The continued onslaught of this activity will not stand with most Americans and backlash is inevitable. By definition, any extreme right or left-wing group that uses violence for a political goal are considered domestic terrorists. As attacks domestically increase so, does the body count and the outright insurrection of liberal leaders against conservative ones deepen the divide and eventually, there may be an all-out assault in many communities across the United States. As many knowledgeable Americans will openly admit, battle lines have been drawn across the political and cultural frontier. This division is perhaps most conspicuous on social media, where friends and family who disagree with your political worldview get the ‘nuke option’ and are effortlessly unfriended with the push of a button. This is a worrying development. The real danger will come when Americans from both sides of the political divide stop talking and start erecting extremely dangerous barriers around their political belief systems. When organized armed assaults become more common and it is evident that the assailants are doing so to make America great again or because those who wish to truly make America great are gunned down because someone deems them fascist- we will know that America is about to have a curtain call. There is a cult brewing in America and that is a cult of death based in political sectarianism – this is what happens in many Muslim countries. The predominantly left-leaning US media has just entered its third consecutive year of open warfare against Donald Trump. This non-stop assault risks aggravating political passions to the point where ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ snowballs into something completely beyond our ability to control, a trigger for subversive behavior – a trigger for potential assassins that are leftovers from the MK-Ultra programs that were first implemented by Dr. Louis Jolyon West.

After Thought: E.T. Plan: Most conspiracy theory is fueled by a desire to see the universe as ultimately intelligible, the bargain being that things can make sense, but only if you believe in a pervasive totalitarian cover-up. One of the biggest conspiracy theories has always been the cover-up of activities in space and the relationship our military has with possible extraterrestrial encounters. For some time, there has been an attitude of malice towards the government and the military with regard to what is invading our airspace. This has engendered cloak and dagger attitudes that have lingered after the Cold War with regard to cover-ups at Roswell, Men in Black, detainments at Area 51, and the belief that the new Space Force is all about alien warfare in a future war in space. Last night, I received a number of e-mails asking me if I was going to report on a strange object that was seen over Washington DC that forced a lockdown of the White House. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLedtcl_xPA&feature=emb_logo. Some of the first reports of a potential aerial threat emerged just before 8:30 AM local time in Washington, with the U.S. Capitol Police and U.S. Secret Service subsequently restricting access to various sites and telling individuals at the White House and Capitol Building to shelter in place. Within 45 minutes, the U.S. Capitol Police said that the situation had passed “without incident” and the lockdowns ended shortly thereafter. The few first reports claimed that what was seen in the restricted airspace over The Whitehouse was an unidentified aircraft. It was first described as a dark elliptical object. Then it was reported that it could have been a drone or a plane that flew off course. What is most interesting about the event is that while very few news outlets reported it just after it happened; many of the initial reports were pulled from the internet, only to be replaced by official cliché statements of the event being attributed to a flock of birds, a weather balloon, or something else other that a plane, a drone, or a helicopter.

The explanation could have been taken right from the script of the Men In Black movie where Tommy Lee Jones’ character Agent K resets witnesses’ memories with the statement “swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.” Whatever it was, it triggered an alert that sent fighter jets and helicopters scrambling into the air. Before the lockdowns ended, the U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command NORAD was responsible for coordinating the defense of airspace in both countries, including over Washington, D.C., Tweeted out that “We have tasked aircraft to respond. More details to follow.” They claimed that what they were chasing was a plane that in their words was not showing any signs of being hostile. The Pentagon, U.S. Northern Command, nor NORAD issued an official press release regarding the incident. I couldn’t help but have a bit of déjà vu as many UFO historians remember the famous incident in 1952 where UFOs or Flying Saucers buzzed the nation’s capitol. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UOnzgpMUBs&feature=emb_logo. The Washington, D.C. sightings of July 1952, also known as “the Big Flap,” hold a special place in the history of unidentified flying objects. Major American newspapers were reporting multiple credible sightings by civilian and military radar operators and pilots—so many that a special intelligence unit of the U.S. Air Force was sent in to investigate. What they found—or didn’t find—along with the Air Force’s official explanation, fueled some of the earliest conspiracy theories about a government plot to hide evidence of alien life. According to The Washington Post, the number of UFO sightings reported to the Air Force jumped more than sixfold, from 23 in March 1952 to 148 in June. By July, the precise conditions were in place for a wildfire of UFO mania: widespread Cold War anxiety, mainstream press coverage of unexplained UFO incidents and a healthy dose of “midsummer madness.” All that was needed was a spark.

Today, we are in the middle of what can be called an increase of UFO sightings, the Navy admitting that they from time to time have encounters with them – and a recent flap of an asteroid near misses and very bright fireballs being sighted all over the world. All we need is a spark, set off some saucer madness as we go into the New Year and so far, we seem to be in the middle of something complex and somewhat familiar to those who know a little something about UFO history. The incident that happened over Washington D.C. yesterday underscores the very real challenges involved in protecting the skies above the nation’s capital, and short-range air defense, in general, especially as novel threats, such as increasingly capable small unmanned aircraft, continue to emerge and evolve. No matter what people tell you – Unidentified Flying Objects, Unknowns, Bogies, and Unidentified Arial Phenomenon pose a threat to the airspace above our country. On November 21st, NASA was tracking at least four incoming asteroids that were considered potentially hazardous. At the same time, NASA also reported that the earth was going to pass through a Comet’s tail – and that it would trigger some massive celestial fireworks. It was called the Unicorn meteor swarm. During that time there were several huge fireballs, light flashes and unexplainable rumbles that were reported. In the aftermath of this event, there were a number of stories that were reported where observers reported that a lot of what was seen did not appear to be natural. One of the most impressive fireballs to show up during the event was seen in Polk County Oregon. Many observers say that what they saw was something that was the size of a single-engine plane or an automobile headed toward the earth. It left a dark trail and then there was a huge explosion before the object disappeared into the trees along the coastal range.

According to local news, Richard Romano who lives just outside Dallas Oregon in Polk County snapped about a half dozen shots on his cell phone and then called the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, pretty sure what he saw was not only a fireball but a small aircraft – possibly a plane following it into the trees. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0TctQTm0L0&feature=emb_logo. Romano told the police: “ I saw the airplane going the same path as the fireball was – same exact path. In the time it took to get over there, for me walking and checking the mail, it gave him time to get right there where I saw the fireball. And I’m looking for the plane, and I don’t see the plane anymore.” The Polk County Sheriff’s Office did some looking of its own, Life Flight took a look with a helicopter, the Forest Service and Civil Air Patrol searched again on the ground – there were also unmarked black helicopters circling the area looking for something. Whatever it was came down either in the woods or in the ocean but the reports of helicopters in the area, especially unmarked black ones sends up a few paranoia flags because of the black helicopter connection. For decades, and across much of the United States, people have reported sightings of what have become known as “Black Helicopters” and “Phantom Helicopters.” They are often seen in the direct vicinity of animal mutilation events and UFO encounters. Back in August, we reported the strange cattle mutilations that baffled authorities in Eastern Oregon. Now, logic will dictate that what Romano saw was a fireball the size of a car pummeling to Earth – the report of a plane or a craft observing the object is curious. Many of the witnesses of a ‘real’ UFOs usually see what appears to be aircraft that can make impossible changes in direction, malleable/transforming of shape, the ability to ‘disappear’ in virtually an instant – fireball activity contributes to the possibility of hysteria—however we now live in times where not only are we seeing an increase in UFO sightings – and with this in mind we may want to weigh in on the fact that active skies are more complex than just claiming that aliens are at the wheel of these strange aircraft.

No longer are sightings likely just a benign party balloon or Chinese lantern floating on the wind instead our skies are filled with drone tech, from hobbyists’ quadcopters to million-dollar military surveillance craft. We cannot rule out these possibilities when we see something in the air that has no explanation, however, even with that said things can get awfully bizarre. Earlier this year it was reported that Gatwick, London’s second airport, was forced to close for 36 hours, stretching over three days because of what have been reported to be drones buzzing the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14NQbf9m2VU&feature=emb_logo. For three weeks, the region’s police, air traffic controllers, and even its armed forces were squinting at the sky, trying to work out if tiny airborne intruders were hovering over its runways. The first reports were all about UFOs that buzzed over the area and in order to silence hysteria, the media, and the airport issued a statement clearing up the notion that anything alien was involved with the sightings. At Gatwick on December 19, 2018, over 60 people claimed to have spotted a UFO over the airport and then came the drone reports in January of 2019. What is most bizarre is that no one in the area claimed to have seen any drones. Authorities claimed that a number of unidentified craft appeared on radar, however. No drone or UFO was ever caught on camera, although police insist they were indeed present. This is how strange it has been. There is no doubt that something peculiar is going on in the world’s air space. It is as if there is some sort of preparation or change in effect that leans toward the creepy and unexplainable. Not a day goes by where there isn’t some warning about incoming objects both natural and apparently, unnatural. The question is – does this seem normal to you? Last month we reported that a strange fireball incident happened in Chile. Seven fireballs were tracked coming into the Earth’s atmosphere over an area called, Chiloe. The fireballs did not break up but were seen crash landing into the Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ1DIN_BxhM&feature=emb_logo.

The objects were described as bright red and some claim that they looked as if they were under intelligent control. On September 28, 2019, National Geology and Mining Service officials released a preliminary report based on field analysis that concluded the mysterious objects that hurtled toward Earth were not dissolved meteorites. Geologists with the agency visited the alleged site of the impact and found no evidence of meteorites. However, whatever the objects were they were obliterated and set the area on fire. Astronomer Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics tweeted that he believed the objects were likely meteorites as there were no “relevant space debris candidates” that he could see, but noted that it often takes several days for more information to come out. So if it isn’t meteorites and it is not space debris, what has happened in Chile? The final report on the incident was supposed to be issued at the end of October. So far details of the incident provided by authorities’ state that out of seven sites, not one of them has evidence of meteorites. Typically, the fragments will strike the earth in a roughly elliptical pattern called a distribution, or dispersion ellipse a few miles long. Most of the major axis of the ellipse being oriented in the same direction as the original track of the meteorite. The larger fragments, because of their greater momentum, tend to impact further down the ellipse than the smaller ones. The characteristics do not match that of any natural fall from space – therefore pending further investigation the objects were either space debris or something else. Preliminary soil samples indicated some radiation was present and that the resulting fires in the area of the crash may have been unrelated to the site where the objects had landed or crashed. So what ignited the fires?

There is yet another explanation that may trigger talk of what can be called the “fake alien invasion” scenario. The U.S. Navy has been quietly developing what could be one of the most important, transformative, and fascinating advances in naval combat, and warfare in general, in years. This new electronic warfare “system of systems” has been clandestinely refined over the last five years and judging from the Navy’s own budgetary documents, it may be in operation. This secretive new electronic warfare is known as Netted Emulation of Multi-Element Signature against Integrated Sensors, or NEMESIS. The Navy has been developing and integrating multiple types of unmanned vehicles, shipboard and submarine systems, countermeasures and electronic warfare payloads, and communication technologies to give it the ability to project what are, in essence, phantom fleets of aircraft, ships, and submarines. These realistic-looking false signatures and decoys have the ability to appear seamlessly across disparate and geographically separated enemy sensor systems – both in the air and below the ocean. It’s not just about disrupting the enemy’s capabilities or confusing them at a command and control level, but also about making their sensors tell them the same falsehoods across large swathes of the battlespace. It sounds like science fiction, but it is anything but—it’s the next quantum leap in the quiet, but ferocious struggle to control the invisible domain of electronic warfare. Much of what could be used as electronic decoying was first developed by the CIA’s PALLADIUM project, which deployed radar spoofing systems and submarine-launched balloons carrying metallic radar reflectors in order to stimulate and probe Cuba’s Soviet-made air defenses. Back in 2014, it was reported that the CIA was taking credit for many of the UFO sightings that happened in the 1950s and 1960s including the 1952 UFO chase over Washington D.C. – the same UFO saucer scare that was explained away as a flock of seagulls.

The report alleges that ground-based observers of what they thought were UFOs wrote letters to the Air Force. “This, in turn, led to the Air Force’s Operation BLUE BOOK,” which “collected all reports of UFO sightings” and “attempted to explain such sightings by linking them to natural phenomena.” Others disputed the claim that the CIA was responsible for tests of phantom fleets and attributed sightings to that of the U2 spy plane. The government seems to know how to obfuscate their own disinformation campaigns as there are many UFO sightings and encounters that have had physical evidence only to be whisked away Indiana Jones style to be analyzed by “top men.” This type of disinformation is known as “accidental camouflage” in the intelligence community – a smokescreen to cover up inconvenient data about objects that they cannot identify or even engage. Sure they have PALLADIUM and NEMESIS but they cannot account for all of the strange sightings. There is little publicly available information surrounding NEMESIS aside from unclassified black budget documents that pass through the bureaucracy from time to time but of course, this will fuel speculation on the possibility that the military has the capability of faking or creating a phantom fleet of UFOs for strategic purposes. Keep in mind that the phantom fleets would not be seen by observers on the ground but could be used to spoof radar systems of an enemy. There have been reports that defense contractors have speculated that the 2004 Nimitz encounters could have been part of the NEMESIS program. Some argue, had the Navy’s UFO encounters been related to classify testing, military personnel would have been briefed and made aware they were part of a training mission. We have interviewed Kevin Day who was the Chief Radar Operation Specialist and Air Intercept Controller on the USS Princeton and he claimed that these so-called UFO Tic Tacs that the Navy encountered in 2004 have been around all along and that new radar systems are now detecting UFOs more and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85OhTbTtK_I&feature=emb_logo.

This gives the advantage to the military to respond to real threats from unknown aircraft. The incident over Washington D.C. tested radar and weapons response to unknown threats from the air. When it comes to the air defense network around Washington, D.C., even if it does detect a real threat, how to respond remains complicated. Firing surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles at a target over a heavily populated area, especially at a low-flying target, raises inherent risks of causing collateral damage. Employing automatic cannons or machine guns from aircraft or emplacements on the ground still present dangers to innocent bystanders. There is also the question of whether large scale attacks, especially those involving groups or fully networked swarms of small drones, would simply overwhelm these defenses. Now keep in mind that I am not concluding that this is the explanation for all mysterious UFO sightings but it is important that we look at all the plausible data to explain seemingly ‘impossible’ sightings of UFOs . Fairly small changes in military technology can be indistinguishable from magic or an aircraft piloted by an E.T, that wants desperately to land on the Whitehouse lawn. Beware of the Dragonians.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, November 28th 2019 at 5:30PM
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