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DECEMBER 4, 2019

Before we get into the facts of this tragedy, let us first just say that there have been new players added to the list of lying informants and spies. They claim to be known as Nuwaubians. They live in East Cleveland, Ohio, and they go by the names Tehuti and James neighbors call him blackman). One is from Youngstown, Ohio, and the other is from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They have been the latest liars used by police, secret societies, important figures, or even the military. So if there are negative responses from whats posted today just know that these two guys are the latest players in mass conspiracies. However, to the tragedy of Sara Alley. We informed parties that Sara Alley and her husband use to stay at the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714. In the thread entitled, "THE ELIMINATION OF HUMANS IN YORK PENNSYLVANIA AND ABROAD", "RETALIATION USING YORK PENNSYLVANIA AS A CATALYST", "BLACK DEVILS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA", "ATTACK OF THE WHITE SUPREMACIST POLICE IN YORK COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA," "WHITE SUPREMACIST BUSINESSMEN IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA", and within all other threads backing up this thread such as, "" MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA... PART 1", MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA....PART 2', "PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA.", PLANS TO KILL BLACKMAN FROM NORTH CAROLINA STAYING AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY, PA...PART 2", WE MUST KILL MUHAMMAD EURY, THEY ARE CHANTING, "ARE BLACKMEN TARGETS WHO DATE OR MARRY CAUCASIAN FEMALES WITH BI-POLAR DISORDER?", "WHITE SUPREMACISTS AND BLACK DEVILS TAKE ON MUHAMMAD AT CHATEAU MOTEL IN SPRINGETTSBURY PENNSYLVANIA," "THE POWER OF EVIL IN YORK, HALLAM, LANCASTER, AND HARRISBURG PENNSYLVANIA," "CAUCASIAN FEMALES USED AS A POWERFUL WEAPON AGAINST BLACK COMMUNITIES IN YORK PENNSYLVANIA," "BLACK DEVILS AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN YORK PENNSYLVANIA," "GUN RUNNING WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN NORTH CAROLINA," "WHITE SUPREMACIST BUSINESSMEN IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA, " MISSING PEOPLE AND RACIAL DURESS IN YORK, PENNSYLVANIA... PART 1," "UPDATE: MISSING WOMAN IN YORK COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA."We also revealed how Muhammad Eury's wife, Sara Alley, went missing. Then we spoke about how WGAL News 8 and Springettsbury Police (717) 757-3525 were in cahoots to search and destroy Muhammad Eury, as upon orders from secret societies. As we stated, Sara Alley went missing on Sunday, September 1, 2019. She became clinically depressed because freemasonic and Eastern Star white supremacists didn't like seeing a guy like Muhammad Eury, who bares an Ankh and other ancient emblems, in relationship with a caucasian female who they considered good breed that blackmen she never touch. The plot thickens! After you read all of the threads indicated above, please then read on. Keep in mind that whit6e supremacist cops and the media, had no intention on finding Mrs. Alley until days and the elements turned her depression into something more severe. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS BECAUSE TODAY'S WHITE SUPREMACIST COPS ARE OUT TO DESTROY BLACKMEN, WHO AREN'T SELL-OUTS TO THEIR RACE, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. And after calculating things to the disired effect, police, on September 5, 2019, apprehended Mrs. Alley and had her sent to a mental hospital. But this isn't the kicker.

On September 6, 2019, in between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Springettsbury Police (717) 757-3525 then went to the Chateau Motel (717) 757-1714, and knocked on Muhammad's door. They were pretending that Mrs Alley was still lost. They called them selves writing down a missing persons form to play on the mind of Muhammad, which was stated by onlookers who secretly recorded the cops activities. Then the cop left, a chewing tobacco chewer, and went back to the Chateau Motel a little later. He then showed Muhammad a standardized form making it appear as if everything was official. Then at about 6:30 pm, 5 or more police, while witnesses were filming, went to the motel with a bloodhound dog and pretended to make it appear as if they were going to use the dog to find Mrs. Alley. Now keep in mind all of this wasw a trick! One party staying at the motel told police how could they use the dog to get the scent of a woman 6 days after she was missing. How could the dog pick up a scent when it rained and the grass was cut days befopre? The cop looked at him dumbfounded. Then a white supremacist cop who everyone knows is a white supremacist racist told Muhammad that he need to go into his room. So the cop went into the room and parties told Muhammad, "You better keep your eyes on them because we witnessed them planting drugs on people here before. People Know that the red heded guy is a mind control lunatic that preys on blacks and poor caucasians. One person overheard cops saying to one another, "he has a computer in his room. Maybe it ios him who have been posting things about us on the internet. And here's the kicker folks, after they performed fake investigations, Muhammad recieved a call stating that his wife, Mrs Alley, was in the hospital and police, along with others, instructed Muhmammad to be banned from having any contact with them. The news that Muhammad owned a computer even reached WGAL Newsn 8 (717) 393-5851. They all conspired becfause one cops frequency was overheard using a device. They also didn't know that Muhammad had a hidden camera in the room watching everything police was doing while he sat outside.

One guy followed two of the police in his vehicle and kept his device on the frequency, listening to their conversation. One cop was overheard saying, that nigg-- will not make it back to North Carolina alive. Pam, the extremely racist motel worker at the Chateau Motel who is a very old racist, never liked seeing Muhammad with Sara and started trying to destroy their relationship immediately. She was hoping that Muhammad was abusing Sara, but Sara told everyone that Muhammad was the love of her life. Blackmen with their cameras going informed Muhammad that police don't like seeing blackmen with caucasian women, and when the women undergo depression, they will keep the female in an enclosed room for hours trying to cohearse her saying something bad about the blackman. Muhammad then contacted the hospital his wife sara was at. One of the workers confirmed that police wanted her not to have any contact with him at all. Reasons were unknown. Muhammad didn't batter her nor abuse her but this blackman should not be with her. The worker claimked that it was a major conspiracy dealing with Muhammad and that Muhammad never should have given police his phone number. The police then used a device to not only monitor his calls, which was confirmed by Muhammad's phone company, but they also managed to block out his calls to his family back in North Carolina. Even Muhammad's neighbor informed Muhammad that he was born and raised in York, and that police are white supremacists. The way Muhammad was done was a pure example of white supremacy. Muhammad then contacted his wife's uncle who goes by the name of Pink Atkins in Forsyth County. Pink told Muhammad that police from Springettsbury contacted him and said that they didn't believe Muhammad's story. Then they told Pink that Sara was in bad shape, making it appear as if Muhammad was a bad provider. Pink told Muhammad that he never liked caucasians and blacks mixing in together because his people were all white power and white control supremacists. Pink says this is why Sara dis-owned their family because they were racist against black people and Sara wasn't.

Pink said that the police officer tried to paint a horrible picture of the condition Sara was in but when parties look at the surveillance on the motel's camera, along with speaking with recent parties who met with Sara, she was clean, happy, and didn't want for anything. But Muhammad is responsible for the many complaints about white supremacists running Central Pennsylvania, police say, and he has no right to be with one of our women. The hospital worker told Muhammad to get another phone because Springettsbury Police, and others, are out to get him and is secretly listening to every conversation he has on the phone. The owner of the Chateau Motel told Muhammad, which was witnessed by 5 parties, that she was sorry that police was playing games like this because she knew his wife was in the hopspital for 2 days and was instructed to not say anything to Muhammad. She further siad that Pam, her motel worker, hates black people, and especially blackmen with caucasian women, and reports to police in Springettsbury on a weekly basis about what she overhears coming out of rooms. Pam, according to many parties, have been a lying police informant for quite some time, and she was witnessed, by video, conspiring with police against Muhammad on September 6, 2019. All of the people standing around looking at police overheard them say, he ain't got no white woman no more. They also, according to a private investigator, has informants all over the motel who, each time we post a thread about Muhammad's plight, mysteriously leaves and make reports based on what we have revealed. Muhammad's neighbor say that Springettsbury Police are some of the most lying, deceitful, and racsit cops he has ever encountered. And they teach their informants what to say, who to speak with, and how to deal with blackmen. Mrs. Kim, the owner of the motel, in so many words, told Muhammad that police made contact with Pam the day they got to the motel on August 16, 2019. Now they plan to use sara in a racial conspiracy to lie on Muhammad so that they can either come up with false charges or outright murder him.

So Muhammad walked to the Sheetz Gas Station across the street from the motel, and was stopped by a guy who was watching the entire charade by police. He told Muhammad that he had never witness them every using a con and trickery like what was displayed in dealing with Muhammad. White supremacist cops don't want to be defeated by any black and will use all of their police power to influence all those they know; cop or not. Muhammad is a threat and has to be eliminated, and if their was a just system for black people in America, if the feds were to investigate the lies against Muhammad, they will witness acts of police insubordination. White supremacist have succeeded in separating Muhammad from his wife. On December 2, 2019, a body was found a block from the Chateau Motel in Springettsbury, across from a car lot. https://fox43.com/2019/12/02/police-body-of-deceased-female-found-in-springettsbury-township-york-county/. And according to a police officer in York, it was the body of Sara Alley. Mrs. Alley was severely depressed because of the racism her husband and she experienced being an interracial coupe. She had a history, according to medical reports in North Carolina, of going out into wooded areas when she was depressed. And unless someone would call authorities, she would remain in the woods for days or even weeks. People in Springettsbury don't care for interracial couples and this is one reason why those who witnessed her sitting in the woods never reported it. According to one female, she just layed down and died. Her husbnad was told she was in the mental hopital and sought to prepare a place for her when she departed. But police and others outright lied. They even managed to get others involved who secretly work with devils and claim to be Nuwaubian in Cleveland, Ohio. For further study on this just check out the threads entitled, "THE INTENT OF THE BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", ""THE EVIL CITY OF CLEVELAND OHIO...THE ROCKEFELLAS...AND THE BOULE SOCITEY", "THE FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "CAN NUWAUBIANS BE MORE LETHAL THAN ANY OTHER BLACK DEVIL?", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY", "NUWAUBIANS IN CLEVELAND OHIO AND THEIR CONNECTION TO THE BOULE SOCIETY...PART 2", "OHIO'S BOULE SOCIETY AND WHITE SUPREMACISTS MODERN DAY SLAVERY", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 2", "SHELL GAS STATION AT 13441 EUCLID AVENUE IN CLEVELAND OHIO...PART 3", "DEATH OF BLACKMAN IN EAST CLEVELAND OHIO NEAR KINSMAN ROAD", "THE BLACK DEVILS COULD HAVE MURDERED A FAMILY IN CLEVELAND ON NOVEMBER 13, 2019", "THE BOULE SOCIETY SENDS OUT ITS ATTACK DOGS IN CLEVELAND OHIO", "USING BLACK SPIES AND TECHNOLOGY TO DESTROY BLACKS IN EAST CLEVELAND AND ABROAD", "ARE BLACK DEVILS IN CLEVELAND OHIO HELPING TO TURN THE CITY INTO A COMMUNISM ONE?", "BLACK PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE SECRET AGENTS FOR THE DEVIL IN CLEVELAND Ohio AND ABROAD", "CLEVELAND OHIO...THE 19TH MOST SINFUL CITY", "THE SCARY TRUTH ABOUT CLEVELAND OHIO (Strong Cities Network)", "BLACK DEVILS CLAIMING TO FOLLOW DR. MALACHI Z. YORK RESIDING IN CLEVELAND OHIO", and "CLEVELAND OHIO AND THE ROCKEFELLERS MEDICAL CENTERS."

Whe white supremacist cops don't take blamen seriously, and tragedy occurs, to protect themselves they'll use their resources or masonic influence to contact parties who may be tied in religiously with the party. Those involved in the conspiracies will act as lying informants. And from all the deception and lies implemented by white supremacist cops in Springettsbury, and other neighboring towns in York County, Pennsylvania, a woman is now dead from severe depressing caused by racism. So whats the chess move now? Its clear negligence that the cops never searched for Mrs. Allah who was found lying dead on the ground. The problem with most plights like this is that informants and lying informants are employed to carry out missions against certain targets. If police would have did their job and searched for Mrs. Allah she would still be alive today. But because of their racism against blackmen they never took what her husband said serious. This is why we say so whats the chess piece move now! Every since her husband heard that his wife's body was found after being told that she was in the hospital he has been a complete wreck. He wants police in Spregettsbury and others within York, Pennsylvania, to pay for their lies and their fake investigations which led to the unncessary death of his wife which could have been avoided. Mrs. Alley's uncles and aunts are white supremacist racists and never liked their relatives dating or marrying blackmen. If a tragedy occurs with the mentally ill relative they'll always look for someone to blame. If Pink Atkins, the uncle of Mrs. Alley, would have listened to her husband instead of being racist against him, her tragedy could have been prevented. We will watch closely as this case unfolds and keep you updated on who they'll place blame upon.
Posted By: george patel
Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 1:16PM
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In Conclusion: And as for the latest other news: Conspiracy theories connect the dots of events that seem to present themselves in what can be seen as patternicity. When patterns are infused with intentional agency or agenticity, there seems to be a form of confirmation, however, sometimes some conspiracy theories have a harder time proliferating because there is a concerted effort to shut it down. No conspiracy theory proliferates in a swamp of bias that seems to want to tear down the processes even when the evidence is plain and forthright. Transcendentalists believe that everything is interconnected and all events happen for a reason, while empiricists think that randomness and coincidence interact with the causal net of our world, and that belief depends on evidence for each individual claim. The problem for skepticism is that transcendentalism is intuitive and empiricism is not. Our propensity for patternicity and agenticity leads us naturally into the transcendental camp of those who see events in the world as unfolding according to a preplanned logic, whereas the empirical method of being skeptical until a claim is proven otherwise requires a concerted effort that most of us do not make. What I am proposing is simply a Transcendentalist conspiracy theory about how a butterfly effect is happening with so much plausible deniability that it may or may not be seen as an outright takeover of this planet. Usually, when someone wishes to disclose fraudulent behavior on a worldwide scale they are often met with ridicule and what can be called the snicker factor. Furthermore, it could throw the proponents of any position into disrepute and spell the end of their political power. However, when one speaks out about the corrupt political nature of Global Warming there seems to be a disconnect – there seems to be a concerted effort to shut out any exposure of fraudulent behavior or even deceptive practices among the elite.

Global Warming is not about science, but about politics; that is, about expanding the power of elites using the coercive instruments of government to control the lives of people everywhere. Just as the governing class embraces ineffective stimulus spending to justify the expansion of the military-industrial complex – they now extol anthropogenic Global Warming as the basis for increasing their power to rule over the rest of us. But try as they must – the Global Warming alarmists are losing steam and it is evident as they are now facing an image crisis yet again. First, it was called “global warming.” Then there was that inconvenient period in the 1990s and early 2000s when the average global temperature actually fell. So the alarmists rebranded global warming as “climate change” and the mainstream media quickly picked up the term. Forget that Earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years. Now, though, the alarmists think that “climate change” is not as alarming as it could be, and one is pushing new terms like “global meltdown” “scorched earth” and “climate collapse.” We all know that scorched earth already has a definition but of course, these desperate cultists will find a way to rebrand everything to suit their virtue signaling. What we now can learn from all of this whole ‘climate hysteria’ is that it’s now more of a brand than a serious movement — they need a brand name that will alarm other people because it is on the fast track of being exposed as a fraud. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden, said last week that the climate crisis is caused by “racist systems of oppression.” Greta wrote two op-ed columns last week: “The climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice, and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it. We need to dismantle them all. Our political leaders can no longer shirk their responsibilities,” she wrote with two other far-left climate activists in an op-ed Friday.

“Politicians and fossil-fuel companies have known about climate change for decades,” she wrote, adding, “yet the politicians let the profiteers continue to exploit our planet’s resources and destroy its ecosystems in a quest for quick cash that threatens our very existence.” The arguments of a scientific consensus should be enough but apparently it is not. Scientists are becoming political advocates for a green socialistic government that for some reason is a miraculous solution to our climate woes. The sick and twisted thing is that there are people who actually believe this –and they allow for common core school curriculums to support end of the world brainwashing to scare kids into believing there is no future unless they allow the elitist take over that proposes emergency Marxism to save the United States from its own excessive behaviors. While the fight over branding of the climate is ridiculous – the true evil is being overlooked. The whole situation is a criminal enterprise that is benefitting the military buildup of a military garrison that is being set up in the Arctic and we here in the United States are now suffering from a very dangerous butterfly effect. Just before Thanksgiving weekend, a winter storm formed in the Pacific Ocean. The storm was named Ezekiel and while this storm moved across the United States and became a hazardous snowstorm in the east – many people are unaware of how Ezekiel began as a wheel of fury. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYanlvTS6G4&feature=emb_logo. Winter Storm Ezekiel first entered the West Coast last Tuesday, Nov. 26, when it hit southern Oregon and northwestern California as a bomb cyclone. A bomb cyclone is a rapid drop in air pressure. This cyclone brought heavy snow and ice and winds sustained at over 100 miles per hour –some say there were gusts in excess of 120 miles per hour in some areas. Winter storms, of course, are normal in November and December but this storm actually strengthened as it hit landfall and moved across the country in time to strand Thanksgiving travelers at airports throughout the United States.

We are now seeing a frequent rise in explosive cyclogenesis. The four most active regions where extratropical explosive cyclogenesis occurs in the world are the Northwest Pacific near Alaska, the North Atlantic near Greenland, the Southwest Pacific, and the South Atlantic. We have seen bomb cyclones in Colorado, they have formed in Arizona and have dropped a lot of snow over the Midwest which caused major flooding in March. This activity includes heavy radar operations and ionospheric heating operations like the Russia/China joint operation called SURA. However, there is more to the story. According to The War Zone Correspondent, Joseph Trevathick: Russia says has now set a new, long-range over-the-horizon radar system to help “control” the Arctic by providing additional early warning and monitoring capability with regards to various potential threats, including aircraft, cruise missiles, and hypersonic weapons. The new system will be called Konteiner. This announcement comes just over a week after the head of U.S. Northern Command, who is also in charge of the U.S.-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command, called for revitalization and expansion of similar American capabilities in this ever more strategic region. This means another powerful array system has been constructed to again heat the ionosphere to undergo this task. Konteiner is an extremely large, bistatic system consisting of separate high-frequency transmitter and receiver arrays. The complete transmitter array, which has 36 masts, is just over 1,440 feet wide, while the 144 masts that make up the receiver are spread across an area 4,265 feet wide. The transmitter and receiver sites in Mordovia are around 186 miles from each other. The U.S. military also operates a number of large phased-array radars, primarily designed for detecting and tracking ballistic missiles, some of which provide coverage over the Arctic. These include Solid State Phased Array Radars in Alaska, Greenland, and the United Kingdom. These terrestrial sensors are further bolstered by space-based early-warning assets, an area where Russia has historically had much less capacity.

While there may be some that will say that these array systems have little or no impact on weather systems – the Kremlin’s plan to set up a military garrison in the Arctic includes weather modification in order to create a convenient waterway to ship supplies. It is called the Transpolar Passage. In 2010, Russia joined with Japan in an attempt to water down a resolution to restrict research into geoengineering at a meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity. This has given both Russia and China cart blanche in putting together geoengineering systems and radar systems that create a butterfly effect on the environment—this is effecting the weather in the United States. Pro-geoengineering analysts writing for a US conservative think-tank have argued that nations with weak environmental lobbies (meaning China and Russia) will be able to deploy “solar radiation management” with muted internal opposition. This, they wrote, is one of its advantages. If true, solar radiation management is the dictator’s technology of choice. China, increasingly fearful of environmental catastrophe, has recently included geoengineering among its earth sciences research priorities. There is a long history of attempted weather modification in Russia, especially as part of the cold war arms race. In 1960, in a book titled Man versus Climate, two Russian meteorologists matched American technological hubris when they wrote: “Today we are merely on the threshold of the conquest of nature. But if … the reader is convinced that man can really be the master of this planet and that the future is in his hands, then the authors will consider that they have fulfilled their purpose.” Geoengineers have also stated that the people of Siberia would not mind a few more degrees of warming and so what we are seeing are various attempts at warming the area for both military and commercial purposes. Sea ice around the North Pole covers the largest area at the end of the winter in March and thaws to an annual minimum in September. Russia is already prepared to hire nuclear icebreakers to go in and create a passage that would allow for year-round navigation in 2020. Here in the United States severe winter weather began the second week in October. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2gtsTvSQ-M&feature=emb_logo.

At that time SURA was online and so was the HARRP Project in Alaska, Ionsopheric heaters that are known to create fluctuations in the jet stream. When you are dealing with a complex system, like the planetary environment climate alarmists will have you believe that it can simply be changed with a change of government – or a worldwide green authority. Well, those with logic know that this is not the case. Complex dynamical systems exhibit unpredictable behaviors such that small variances in the initial conditions could have profound and widely divergent effects on the system’s outcomes. Because of the sensitivity of these systems, outcomes are unpredictable. This idea became the basis for a branch of mathematics known as chaos theory, which has been applied in countless scenarios since its introduction. The Butterfly Effect is the idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. The concept is imagined with a butterfly flapping its wings and causing a typhoon. Of course, a single act like the butterfly flapping its wings cannot cause a typhoon. Small events can, however, serve as catalysts that act on starting conditions. However, what if there were some bigger events that were happening in one part of the planet, events that could cause a typhoon or a major storm – wouldn’t that be something to warn everyone about? In the book Deep Simplicity, John Gribbin writes “some systems … are very sensitive to their starting conditions, so that a tiny difference in the initial ‘push’ you give them causes a big difference in where they end up, and there is feedback, so that what a system does affects its own behavior.” One system on our planet that is very sensitive to what can be seen as cause and effect is our weather system. Small quirks in the atmosphere, like the exact location of individual clouds, can have big effects that we can’t predict. This is why weather forecasting is literally based on an educated guess provided by computers and the intuition of meteorologists.

In view of the inevitable inaccuracy and incompleteness of weather observations, precise very-long-range forecasting is non-existent. Climate observations in the long term determine what is considered normal weather. In most cases, it is determined by a 40-year observation of any given area. However when weather anomalies occur or when abnormal weather occurs, the climate change alarmists will use it as a reason to prove their point but the truth is simply that a spike of violent force multiplied storms are the result of some other activity elsewhere on the planet that has created a glitch in the delicate and dynamic system in our atmosphere. From stratospheric currents to undersea rivers and from plankton to palm tree emissions and sequestrations – quantifying, qualifying and calibrating planetary systems is at least as challenging as understanding genes or neurons. Geoengineering systems that are dynamic much like our atmosphere bring in a whole new form of chaos, back it with politics and you have a system that is under the control of Artificial Intelligence. It is a vicious circle and it is very real. Think of our atmosphere as a human body—what is the reaction when the body loses eyesight. Other senses seem to be more aware. How does the body react to a tooth extraction? The teeth tend to change over time to compensate for the missing tooth. This is simple biology but when you apply this to complex weather systems the reaction from geoengineering is not so subtle and is worthy of investigation. The distinction between identifying weather manipulation and accurate modeling of climate change is vital. Scientists and governments do need a much better understanding of what is happening and who is responsible for the weather spikes – that seem to be the result of some obvious butterfly effects.
Tuesday, December 3rd 2019 at 1:16PM
george patel
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