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JANUARY 14, 2020

Most Americans know that there have been countless caucasian police on the payrolls of both Arabs and East Indians. And this has been going on for years. But many are starting to ask the question, are black police on Arab payrolls. The Saudi government has a never ending money flow due to them robbing Africa of its riches. Lt. Mohammed, who committed an act of terror in Florida last month, is just the beginning of a massive group soon to take part in one of the same. They'll weither do it in groups or may be lone gunman. But the truth of the matter is that many within America don't respect America. America is their country, they chant. And anything standing in their way of progress will be eliminated. Unfortunately, black police when they place on their uniforms, transforms into some strange sort of monsters. A normal person will put on a military uniform, falls in line, and then will pick up a weapon and will just kill people, something they would not do naturally. So its all dealing with what they represent. Are they following the laws of nature or the laws of extraterrestrial overlords' children? At the Pentagon it is shaped like a 5 pointed star. And each point represents Penal, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, and Polytheism. You can also travel in the slies at night across many cities and see 5 pointed stars lit in some of the most strangest of places. The point being made here is that the 5 pointed star, or Pentagram, is their Satanic symbol. But then there is the 6 pointed Star used by Sheriffs that ties into Judaism and Islam. The word Shariff came from the arabic Sharif. Thus, as you can see America is being manipulated by both Arabs and Kabbalist Jews. Each sect has powerful Satanic rituals which is being implemented on a daily basis. These rituals keep those working for them under a spell. Thats one reason why if you give any person a police or sheriff uniform of any rank, they will transform into this. They must enforce the laws of an evil race over the Bible; See: Exodus 10:13 and Deuteronomy 5:17. Also see: Matthew 5:17.

Genesis 6:4-6, is the very reason why they recieved the curse. Genesis 4: 8-11; Exodus 30:13; and Deuteronomy 5:17, and Matthew 5:21. They will take a weapon or stick and kill their own race for their leader, even their own family members, and say, "I'm just doing my job!" This is why they have on mental and physical uniforms. Just look how cold they act towards people and especially to prisoners, even before they are found guilty by whose laws! They never even ask for whose laws am I killing or beating people? Not Bible laws, nor Quraanic laws. Whose laws? The laws of uniform skin colour! In truth, their extraterrestrial overlords abandoned their children who are presently trying to rule over the earth. Many have went underground and others are still on the surface for now. Their 6,000 year rule ended from the year 2000 to the year 2013, and was their great falling. It may look to the unknowing eye that they are still in power. That is an illusion. Keep your eyes on China. The scavenger doesn't work for its own. It survives and thrives off of the whats left by others. Arabs don't like blackmen going to their mosques but they do love the money you spend with them all day long at their stores. The Arabs also know that the job situation won't get no better and is cleaning up in bl;ack communities anyway. Many of you are witnessing a shift within the earth and even the oil from Asia to Africa. You will also see then start many wars which offer up fleshly people to their Pleadian deities. And yet each war is weakening them the world over. Blacks, latinos, and caucasians who adhere to the 613 commandments and the sacraments, shall know of facts. And its these same facts that will free you from your bondage. Consider if you will, the dwarf start known as Sirius B, the companion of Sirius. There is eight giant ancestors of all creation and they are known as Nomo. Po is the spark of existenceor Po tolo Sirius B and its companion Sigi Tolo, or Sirius. She, Emme Ya Tolo, is the celestial image of the feminine or mother seed, a star system. The images which came out of the water spoken of in the Book of 1 Samuel 5:2-7, is speaking about reptilies. Dagon means fish.

The Pope wears a Mitre which symbolizes the Dagon of Mesopotamia. These are the evil deities of Sumeria your leaders worship and sacrifice humans to. If you Google it, you will find that within the past 12 months a mass grave of babies was unearthed next to the Vatican. What more proof do you need that these beings are evil? However, the Dagon is a half man half fish (hybrid) or Oannes, also called Annedotus, Anementos, Odakon, Eudokus of babylon who comes from the sea, from half man half fish. At night they retire to the Erythraen Sea or the Persian Gulf. The god of the Arabs is Allah. The gods of the J. Witnesses is Jehovah. The gods of the Jebusites and others is Yahweh or Elohim or Lord of the gods, Rabb, or the Aalihaat in arabic. Their god, Allah, Angel or Malak, is no more than an E.T Extraterrestrial. So they come back to earth from the future with books or Bibles or Quraans. In both the Bible and the Quraan it says that their gods came down to eartyh. This is an extraterrestrial. Those blacks, latinos, and caucasians who want to know the real truth about your Creators just study Melchizedek, Malachi, or Yaanuwn. This is your true spirit guide. Your Bibles and Quraans speak very little about Melchizedek, Malachi, or Yaanuwn. This is where the trick came into play. If you are of this world the world would love its own. Isn't this what they claim Jesus stated in the Book of John? So how many really know alot about Melchizedek, Malachi, or Yaanuwn? When you get from behind the 8 ball you start to move away from the matrix! If Americans and others don't make up their minds soon as to who they serve, Satan or Huwa, which is the universal translation of love in all languages, your departure from you physical bodies will bring about much displeasure. The gods of the Arabs, and others are no more than time travelers. A time traveler can go backwards or go forwards in time, as you call it. Man, because of what he has learned, can travel in time, split atomic particles, clone both animals and humans, make test tube births, germwarfare, et cetera. If a humanoid stepped onto the moon, there he/she would be termed an extraterrestrial. And if you traveled to a remote village on earth, and the people there never saw a cell phone or a television, the voice on the other side of the speaker must be god, such as in Exodus 25:10-22. With the ark of the covenant no more than a cell phone of that day, or if the mysteries of birth were revealed to the people of the village, they would think god came to them. As they moved forward into time and progressed, they would look back at that old writing that they got from the visitor with the cell phone and the television and would think they are holy scriptures. Now they are seeing flat screen televisions and 3-D T.V., and even smaller hand held phones and would say, My God revealed this to my ancestors 1400 years ago. That is all.

The Magician Criss Angel does all the feats Jesus did. Passing through walls, levitation, and flying over Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas. The same as it is only call magic, while what Jesus did was called miracles. In Genesis 1:2, is speaks of the angels coming down to earth at night. See also Exodus 13: 21-22, and Zechariah5;1-2. The craft measured 30 feet by 15 feet; a flying roll. So like the villagers, they become messengers of Allah or God who knows things. In the case of the prophet Muhammad, those who came to him stayed all night according to Quraan, and implanted in him a radio reciever to make him hear voices from above just as the Bible says God, Elohim, operated on Adam. See: Genesis 2:21. Extraterrestrials are always implanting chips inside their chosen. Americans need to wake up because the children of the Nephilim are laughing at you. And black people really should awaken from their slumber because what was once less hamrless to you is now very destructive. They'll keep you stuck into the fabrications of religion even though you experience things all of the time which contradicts your Bible and Quraanic stories told to you by your masonic and Eastern Star Pastors, Shiekhs, Imams, Ministers, Rabbis, and the likes. They hail to conceal the secrets and they will never reveal to anyone unless you are of that order or degree, the truth in things. Other than that they will tell you ouitright lies. And the sad thing is that you pay them handsomely for it. Well as Melchiuzedek, Malachi, or Yaanuwn has declared, the time for their tricks is over. You shall only be a slave to them if you refuse to search out the truth in things. A lazy person don't like to work for anything and yet seek to even pay handsomely to be fed knowledge. And from this, what does he/she really know? Nothing! The only thing they know is what is being fed to them by their so-called teacher or preacher. If you go outside that relifious box they will term this innovation. And Arabs declare this in their khutbahs or sermons each and every Friday. You had better listen to us, the Arab says, and if you read any other book than the Quraan or the hadith, you are in violation of my evil extraterrestrial gods.
Posted By: george patel
Monday, January 13th 2020 at 10:05PM
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And as we stated in previous threads, many Americans, mostly black, in Cleveland, Ohio are Zombie chattel which is the same as cattle. Americans in Cleveland, as well as in all other cities in America, especially in Philadelphia, are cows, sheep, bulls, steer, and oxen. Man is form of stock, calves, and herds called firstlings of the flock. Blackmen have been mentally spell binded to worship the image of the beast whose supreme leaders are considered Pleadian Extraterrestrial Overlords. If you noticed whats going on in Philadelphia, there is proof that human sacrifices, falsely being called killings for the sake of protecting the alien overlords' children, is taking place everyday. In fact, there was more than 5 killings this weekend not counting vehicle crashes and other forms of tragedies. In Cleveland, Ohio, there is alot of murders or human sacrifices as well. But many who are going missing is being tooken through the hole or underground. Some are being forced to watch all sorts of things take place down there. Others are being stored for food. Underground there are celebrities, musicians, policitians, and countless others who have been declred deceased. The media did a good job in covering tragedies which allegedly led to their fabricated deaths. Not all people who have died are underground. Only those who were highly influencial and provocative. And whether blacks and latinos know it or not, Arabs and others with stores within your communities were placed there for the purpose of sucking up the rest of the wealth out of those communities. Ask around and see if Arabs and others have helped black and latino neighborhoods on a regular basis. The response you get all across the globe shall be no!

The Arabs, even though Arab youth are capable of reading minds, et cetera, is using some so-called higher intelligence to destroy black communities. They also focus on specific black people who may pose a threat to their intention and pupose for being in black communities. Police are used to search out and destroy these threats for the Arabs at the orders of the alien overlords children. Arabs don't like blackmen going to their mosques but they do love the money you spend with them all day long at their stores. The Arabs also know that the job situation won't get no better and is cleaning up in bl;ack communities anyway. Many of you are witnessing a shift within the earth and even the oil from Asia to Africa. You will also see then start many wars which offer up fleshly people to their Pleadian deities. And yet each war is weakening them the world over. The ancestors of black people is controlling the weather and nature. They will do to this part of the planet what white supremacists and their war weapons are doing to others. Killing for god who have desertered them. And yet they have many humans thinking they worship Jesus because they go to churches; thinking that they worship Muhammad because they go to mosques and masjids; and thinking they worship Moses because they attend Jews Temples, et cetera. They worship NAN.NAR anointed Cherubim. The Celtics, Keltics, or Seltics are part of the covenant. They are from the British, Britain, Bristum, British Columbia, British Commonwealth, or British, Berith Isles. The word Berith means covenant. The agreement between the Pleadian Extraterrestrial Overlords and their children involves supplying their gods with blood and sacrifice, and then cutting flesh and offering it. It started with the circumcision. Then it moved to sacrificing animals, birds, cattle, bulls, goats, and people. This is what the deal between the extraterrestrials over the White House in 1952 was really about. Food in exchange for technology. The food now happens to be humans, which is why they keep coming out with more advanced technology each month.

The offering or killing of animals is a way of sealing an agreement according to Judaic traditions. See: Exodus 4: 24-26. 10% of them preach and teach lies which includes blackmen and women. They teach a Bible they cannot even read in the orginal tongue, just as so-called muslims are reading a mistranslation of the Quran that even in arabic has mistakes. But they are quick to tell you that the Quran is a book of facts without error or mistakes! Think about it, if you are an American and study both the Bible and the Quran, wouldn't it be rewarding to get a version revealed in its own tongue instead of translations by others who have intentionally supplied contradictions? The Arabs hate bthe Nation of Islam, and many black so-called muslims who follow them are the same. But then there are those blacks who try and play both fields because money is involved. Black people need to understand that their deities cannot help you because they vibrate on different frequencies than you. Ever walked into a store owned by an Arab who was speaking with someone black and made fun of another customer who was also black? Blacks vibrate on different tones and frequencies than Arabs. AFC tones and rhythms for blacks is entirely different than those 6 ether tones used by Arabs. They have little to nothing in common with you other than money. Their gods have no power over black people which is why they have to be invited in much like with Dracula. If you were to see the movie by Stephen King entitled, "Salem's Lot", you will see that Barlow had to be invited in first, prior to destroying the entire region. And by black people allowing the Arabs to take over your communities with stores and businesses that is putting black communities across the globe into deep and deeper poverty, you have also inherited their many evil deities. Beware of Djinn. There is alot of wishing goinjg on in black communities right now and the powers of evil is growing more and more.

They cannot hurt you until you call upon them for help in some way. El Shad (Deuteronomy 32:17), who is their god, is responsible for all major religions and religionsm and is responsioble for zombism plaguing the erath right now. Being an Atheist won't save you because an Atheist is A= against, Theos = god of religion. But yet they believe in will power which ties into ancient egipt's, "HU", or the Creative Force of Will which ties into HUWA. This is why in Star Wars movies it is often said, "may the force be with you!" So the Atheist cannot deny the fact that there is a Creative Force or Energy Source from which other things thrive. Also, If you were to review a picture of George Washington in masonic attire, you will see pictures of a ship and a ladder. And this has nothing to do with Jacobs ladder which they claim is tied into Genesis 28:10-13. If you look closely at the picture of George Washington you will also see 7 stars of the Pleadies Star Constellation (Job 9:9) with the shooting star of Venus or NAN.NAR. See: Revelation 22:16, Ezekiel 28:17, and Isaiah 14:12. The Pleadians have been discussed all throughout the Bible and in many parts of the Quran. But very few students of these books are willing to search out what significance does Pleaides play on earth. But within each and every community in America, and outside of this country, is being over ran with wars of various sorts, killings or human sacrifices, and constant violence and mistrust. And in all of this confusion there will be winds that shall become travel 500 mph to 2000 mph. Tidal waves shall rise 100 to 300 feet and more. Earthquakes shall be so massive that the richter scale won't be able to logarithmic the scale. Both coasts of the U.S. shall be under the water. The children of the Pleadians are/have moved underground thinking that it shall protect them. But the earth keeps vomitting up that which is within it. And the children of Pleaidans don't want to cohabitat with humans who they see as undesirables.

Monday, January 13th 2020 at 10:05PM
george patel

Black police need to stop protecting and worshipping the Arab because before its over you will see that you have no place amongst them and their gods. Right now it appears somewhat like you do because they are financing you or is hiring you for whatever purposes. But when their money ceases you will be just like any other blackman or woman in America. Even the police uniform will expire and noone will respect what you stand for. Just recently in the State of Ohio, in East Cleveland to be spcific, a blackman, Arnold Black, was awarded by a Jury $50 million dollars in compensatory and punitive damages. Back in 2012, Black was beaten by police while handcuffed, and then was locked him in a concrete storage room for 4 days without food or a restroom. These sort of lawsuits are popping up all across the country. And when the town or cities can nolonger pay your salaries, where do you think that leaves you. Jobless. In Georgia, many sheriffs are patrolling where police once patrolled. The same is to happen all over America unless the Rothschilds cough up some of the money being sent to them by the 13 colonies or the 13 so-called royal families within America. You, the black police officer, will have to live around the same black people you brutalized or killed because of that hypnotizing uniform you are wearing. You will have more enemies than you can imagine, and do you think the National Guard will get there in time to save you or your family from an enemy of yours? Emphatically not! The Arabs god is not yours, and before you deside to hurt or harm another blackman or woman just ask yourself, "how long will i be protected by the badge?" The New World Order doesn't involve police, even though right now they got many of you believing that it does. But the Dagon Preist, known to many as the Pope, have already declared that China is a model for humanity. CVhina's New World Order, which is disguised under the Social Credit System, has eliminated many policde positions and the military plays a major role in arrests.

Private surveillance companies will end your careers, even though you cannot see this right now. It will be just as it is in Beijing right now. Do you think the deal America and Beijing just reached isn't part of their New World Order. You yourself Mr. Police Officer, will be restricted to traveling from place to place as the military will monitor your movements. The Arabs and others contact you each time they are approached for sadaqa by some poor black person in need. You then go after the black person(s) with vigor and sometimes deceit. There is a section in Cleveland, where the children of the Pleadians travel back and forth undeground. They have networks of underground tunnels which travel from the U.S. into Britain and other regions. The money being stolen from residents in every city and town in America is being used to fund underground construction and relocations. In the event America is nomore, they even have a city patternized after Washington DC, in Australia. Mr. Police Officer, you yourself had better start paying more attention to your furture because in the New World Order, you have no future. It will be so sad if you wait until the very last mi9nute before you finally get it. People are afraid of the alien overlords and the children of the overlords. But why? A secret battle is being fought for you by ancient ancestors who is using the weather. Even the Sun is working with the earth to get rid of its evil inhabitants. Many black people will fall with those they worship because they want so much to be in the image and in the likeness of another. But their gods won't accept you no matter how faithful you are to them. You will see that once you are dead! If there are beings who want another way in this life and is willing to start all over as a child, then seek out Melchizedek, Malachi, or Yaanuwn. This is the greatest advice we can give at this space/time continuum. And if you pay attention to critics, just watch what happens to them as the weeks go by. You will see that they have nothing solid to stand upon. Everything they believe or hope for is illusion and shall pass away.

In Retrospect: Many political writers have speculated that when George Lucas wrote Star Wars he was hiding, in plain sight, a bit of predictive programming about the fall of democracy to a cunning imperialist agenda. Hidden behind all the trappings of a childhood science-fiction fantasy is the fall of a republic through stealthy infiltration pushing the bounds of science and a future of war campaigns in the cosmos. Lucas has done what artists constantly do: create something that on the surface seems harmless, but that, as we dig deeper into the politics of ‘Star Wars’ reveals a story told and played out throughout history. From the Roman Empire to Nazi Germany, we have seen these stories, and are once more projecting them onto our reality while ignoring the consequences they have always brought. When we look into the mirror, are we seeing what we want to see, or the true image of what is happening? There is more to what is going on than meets the eye. Many people won’t see it, and needless to say, the media will not point out how the ‘Star Wars’ movies are a lesson in how fascism rises in times of crisis. Using the media as a tool to engineer society, the powerful and shadowy elite give us bits and pieces of the vision. They expose us to abstract shadows. We are compelled to wait in long lines to be stimulated by the tricks of the flickering image, being told that it is only a movie when it is so much more. We all see the same abstract picture, but everyone has a different opinion about what he or she is seeing or experiencing. This breeds speculation and eventually we begin to see popular spiritualism and the “church of the media” being wrapped in the spirituality of the military-industrial complex and its plans for a war in space. ‘Star Wars’ movies seem to paint a picture of balance through a system of meritocracy, which in this instance is the “good” force. This form of government gives a person a chance to rise to the top on the basis of individual merits. It is a great fantasy, to be sure because we eventually see that the decay of a republic begins when ultimate power is sought by its leaders who disregard the individual and ignores his merits.

The republic presented in the ‘Star Wars’ films is portrayed as an initially suitable form of democracy, yet a fragile one which demonstrates an almost inherent tendency to fall into a state of decay, a process that eventually leads to a dictatorship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5FSTPUzu4Q&feature=emb_logo. We see a pattern that has repeated throughout history. Any republic will crumble under the weight of ultimate power, and perpetual war will is stimulated by public fear of that which we cannot see, but that we are told exists and is out to destroy us. Putting all things into reality we must understand that the message conveyed in the mythos of ‘Star Wars’ is that perpetual war is an excuse for those in power to extend their executive powers. It takes away balance. The wave of dread cannot sustain itself without reaching a breaking point. Americans seem not to understand that this is a reality and even in the guise of space creatures and masked villains there seems to be a disconnect between a republic, its constitutional rights and the very government that uses democracy as a cover for their crusade of globalist imperialism. For example, we must reveal the harsh realities of the world now and how we are beginning to see a mission creep of sorts with how we are about to change the views of terrorism for the crusade of imperialism. The foundation has always been laid for the globalist empire and groups of vocal Americans that will demand that the wars continue even though they are unable to comprehend that these prolonged wars are multiplied in order to open the dialogue for a new form of government that is more akin to the Empire. The Empire being proposed is global in scope and it reaches not only in every corner of the globe but extends into outer space where the guardianship of what is out there will be fought for. Much like the resistance and the first order are made to fight to the death so that the real government lead by a darker synarchy waits to control what they can recover from the ashes. Clearly, we are seeing an escalation towards a centralized intelligence operation where the Republic is fooled into believing that we are spreading the good policies of democracy when the reality is that we are dissolving the republic and democracy in favor of a new globalist order.

If we choose to use an excellent metaphor for our times – the Earth is simply a space ship and there are very powerful governments who wish to take control of the steering wheel. In order to steer the spaceship, there needs to be an effort to control the ideology of the planet and there also needs to be an outpost that can officially observe the planet from outside the confines of its interior. This strategy was first realized after World War II as the race for space dominance was being sought after by the Soviet Union and the United States. While the U.S. civilian program to reach the Moon, and some details of the Soviet one, were public, there were other aspects of the race to the moon that were more secretive. They included the details of earlier proposals for military activities on or near the moon, the ability to use “moonbounce” for intelligence or communications purposes, and the U.S. intelligence community’s attempt to collect and analyze information about the Soviet lunar program. We know that technological advances accelerated the Cold War and the space race through the 1960s, and U.S. military and intelligence agencies expounded in further papers on how the moon could be used for military purposes or intelligence gathering. After some extensive research, there were many declassified documents that may have us question the timeline of events that are part of our history. Some of them were declassified and dumped into the National Security Archive. Before the mission of landing a man on the moon was definitively assigned to the civilian National Aeronautics and Space Administration, both the Army and the Air Force lobbied to establish outposts on the moon.

Monday, January 13th 2020 at 10:05PM
george patel

A two-volume Army study, Project Horizon, argued that there was a need for a military moon base that would be used to develop techniques for surveillance of Earth and space, communications relay, and operations on the lunar surface. The study examined not only the technical aspects — the necessary space transportation system, its launch, construction of the base, and communications but political, management, policy, and legal implications. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em7YSjw8t1I&feature=emb_logo. Of course, these ideas and projects were never part of our known history – the secret history of the off-planet projects have been a topic kept in the margins and exposed by so-called conspiracy theorists. It is important to remember that amateur computer hacker Gary McKinnon was arrested in March 2002 for allegedly hacking into dozens of NASA and Pentagon computers over a 13-month period from his bedroom in North London. He has admitted the security breaches but said they were unintentional and that he was looking for evidence of UFOs.” McKinnon claimed to have found a high definition picture of a large cigar-shaped object over the northern hemisphere. He said that he was so shocked by the picture that he didn’t think to immediately save it. He also said that the file size was so large that is was difficult to view it on his computer. Eventually, his connection was lost, and so was the picture. When McKinnon later hacked into classified files of U.S. Space Command (incorporated into Strategic Command on October 1, 2002, soon after McKinnon was caught), he discovered a number of naval terms such as “fleet-to-fleet transfers” concerning non-terrestrial officers. He said that he found a list of officers’ names … under the heading ‘Non-Terrestrial Officers’. He found a list of ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers’, and a list of ship names that weren’t US Navy ships. What he saw had him believing that the United States have some kind of spaceship, off-planet.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_IEQm4-1dY&feature=emb_logo. He also said that the records revealed there were also off-planet shuttles used that could hold 300 people. In 2012, all charges were dropped against McKinnon.

Around the same time, the United States government finally declassified the OXCART program at Area 51. It seemed like a coincidence that with all of the information out of the bag, that some of what happened at Area 51 would be declassified. Operation Oxcart was a secret operation to develop a supersonic jet that could reach speeds of Mach 3. This was eventually known as the SR-71 Blackbird project. Those who play in the world of conspiracy theory had reported this for many years before the government ever officially declassified the project. These are considered Black Box projects—projects that not only involve space operations but systems that also include control by Artificial intelligence. Military powers might be lulled into believing AI is the safest route but the technology can bring insidious risks that do not manifest until an accident occurs. On December 20th, 2019 President Trump officially signed into law the US Space Force, the sixth military branch and first devoted to organizing, training, and equipping personnel to use and defend military space assets. Trump signed a directive organizing the Space Force as part of the Air Force in February. With the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that Trump signed last Friday, US Air Force Space Command becomes Space Force but remains within the Air Force, much like the Marine Corps is a part of the Navy Department. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZDufs6B8VU&feature=emb_logo. Space Force is separate from NASA, the civilian space agency. Other agencies that work on space-related issues, like the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, will continue operating as before. But most of the Pentagon’s space programs will eventually be housed under the Space Force. Staffing and training details for the new branch will be sorted out over the next 18 months, Air Force officials said Friday. The establishment of space force is for most people something new –and for detractors of Trump I am sure they see this as a waste of Taxpayer money – but if you look carefully it is making the secret space program official. For example… The U.S. Air Force’s top civilian and a key member of Congress said last Saturday that the government needs to declassify a large amount of information about America’s secret military space programs to both intimidate foes and encourage support among the public.

The irony is that while conspiracy theorists have been told that there are no secret military space programs – the idea of declassifying something that we are told does not exist raises a few eyebrows. Air force Secretary Barbara Barrett spoke during the Reagan National Defense Forum that “Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea.” Reagan National Defense Forum is a bipartisan annual event held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. Key stakeholders come together to address the health of our national defense and to promote policies to strengthen the U.S. military. If you recall The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons. The concept was first announced publicly by President Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983—the Program was nicknamed the Star Wars Program. In 1987, the American Physical Society concluded that the technologies being considered were decades away from being ready for use, and at least another decade of research was required to know whether such a system was even possible. At least that is what we have been told. However, there is a secret history where space weapons were being developed and deployed that were considered not nuclear and therefore not in violation of space treaties where world powers wanted to keep space an area for peace. Project Thor was a hypersonic bombardment system was designed to simulate a meteor strike from space. Project Thor is built around the concept of kinetic bombardment. This isn’t an active weapon, rather, a metal rod that is accelerated at very high speeds. The Outer Space Treaty is recognized internationally that denies the use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in space. However, kinetic bombardment is not on the list. Supposedly, the US has dabbled with the idea of launching the rods at any area on earth from outer space. This weapon would be extremely hard to detect and even harder to defend. There’s no way a radar could spot it and seeing it through the human eye would be impossible. So, there’s really no way to stop it.

We are told that this project has been in the testing phase since the Clinton Administration — if we were to declassify secret space projects, would this be one of them? It has been theorized that this program still exists and that high above us in space are platforms that have these rods ready to drop on targets. While having nuclear weapons in space was considered a violation of various treaties, these weapons would not be in violation because they are not nukes. While there is very little known about the American secret space race, the Russians have had many stories spun about its various weapons platforms, many of them nicknamed Soviet Death Stars. One of the more threatening space platforms using the Energia Boosters was the Polyus. The Polyus spacecraft, also known as Polus, Skif-DM, or 17F19DM, was a prototype orbital weapons platform designed to defend against anti-satellite weapons with recoilless cannon. It also was capable of deploying nuclear mines in space. It was literally a Laser, space combat station launched in 1985. It is said that the platform was not able to achieve earth orbit and crashed somewhere in the Pacific, however, there was no attempt by the Reagan or Bush administrations to recover the wreckage. That is, of course, the U.S. Navy never reported or documented an attempt. The station was painted black in order to give it stealth capabilities. The question is could we see something like that with telescopes? Could this platform be in space now—were we lied to about the programs? Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Ala., said he met Navy Secretary Barrett and spoke to her calling the information on secret space programs “overwhelmingly classified” to be released. For Rogers, that over-classification is one of the reasons it was so difficult for him and others to build support both in the public and with other members of Congress for the Space Force. He believes that once Americans have access to that currently classified data, they will throw their support behind a Space Force and it will no longer have the criticism it does now. The Defense Intelligence Agency has made efforts to make more unclassified information available to the public through a series of reports on the military capabilities of other nations. Earlier this year the agency released a report on the threats to space that was entirely unclassified, although that approach limited what information the agency could reveal.

The Navy also declassified the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which sparked controversy over the revelation that since 2012 the defense department had been investigating UFOs that were reportedly stalking the military since 2004. The Pentagon has now said that the program was never meant to study UFO’s and has now claimed it was looking into exotic craft that may or may not be created by China or Russia, According to multiple insiders and whistleblowers, there are several Secret Space Programs, ranging from lower-tiered advanced aerial craft and advanced space stations in low earth orbit launched by the U.S. Air Force, DIA, and NRO to the highly-advanced U.S. Navy’s “Solar Warden” program. Apparently, Star Wars is more than just a movie. According to the War Zone’s Tyler Rogoway, a dozen mystery objects suddenly popped out of hangars at Tonopah Test Range Airport near Area 51 – aircraft that have been in developmental stages and are seemingly advanced unmanned vehicles that may have space warfare capabilities. Furthermore, according to the website, retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast gave a lecture last month that seems to further signal that the next major battlefield will be outer space. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsPLmb6gAdw&feature=emb_logo. Kwast’s lecture included comments that heavily hint at the possibility that the United States military and its industry partners may have already developed next-generation technologies that have the potential to drastically change the aerospace field, and human civilization, forever. Kwast claims China is already building a “Navy in space” complete with the space-based equivalents of “battleships and destroyers” which are “able to maneuver and kill and communicate with dominance, and we [the United States] are not.” Kwast’s speech centers on the thesis that the United States needs a Space Force in order to counter Chinese advances and win the competition over the economy of the future and, as an extension, who sets the values of the future: “Space is the Navy for the 21st-century economy, a networked economy that will dominate any linear terrestrial economy in the four engines of growth and dominance that change world power: transportation, information, energy, and manufacturing. […] Whoever gets to the new market sets the values for that market. And we could either have the market with the values of our Constitution […] or we could have the values we see manifest in China.”

Monday, January 13th 2020 at 10:06PM
george patel

Chinese advances have been cited as the reason why these technologies are needed. China has been rapidly expanding its presence in space in recent years; placing a Lander on the far side of the moon in late 2018 in what some say was a push to scout natural resources with which to develop a permanent lunar manufacturing center. China has also been developing “mothership” aircraft from which to rapidly and unpredictably launch spaceplanes and other payloads into space. The country has also launched several eyebrow-raising satellites in recent years which some analysts claim could be used in anti-satellite warfare. All of this is helping to set the stage for a new space race that may result in battles that are similar to those that are seen in the Film Star Wars. In fact, we are seeing more science than fiction and more saber-rattling that may or may not lead to a big showdown in the sky. Meanwhile, it is quite hypocritical for China to express that the formation of Space Force is a direct threat to outer space and security. Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters that China is “deeply concerned about it and resolutely opposed to it.” “The relevant U.S. actions are a serious violation of the international consensus on the peaceful use of outer space, undermine global strategic balance and stability, and pose a direct threat to outer space peace and security,” Geng said at a regular briefing. However, in 2007, China conducted an unannounced missile strike against one of its own defunct satellites, creating an enormous amount of space debris. Geng Shuang dismissed such concerns, calling them “unfounded counter-charges” that merely provided the U.S. with a justification for its own actions. China, he said, has consistently opposed the weaponization of space and believes international treaties on arms control in outer space need to be negotiated. The United States has countered that the establishment of the Space Force is seen by the U.S. military as recognition of the need to more effectively organize for the defense of U.S. interests in space — especially satellites used for navigation and communication. They claim that the Space Force is not designed or intended to put combat troops in space. Today, the Air Force develops, launches, operates and protects most of the country’s roughly 300 military satellites and other spacecraft. In exchange, it has received most of the roughly $11 billion the Defense Department annually has spent on space programs in recent years. We have had a secret space plane that has made its rounds stealthily observing the planet. We are still working on reverse-engineered aircraft at Area 51 and we have had whistleblowers who have said that there is more advanced weaponry that we can only dream about being used in space. Maybe it is time that the military gets its stories straight and maybe it is time to declassify the secret black box space program that is not seen while munching popcorn in an auditorium with budding Jedi Knights.

After thought: And remember, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Comcast, to name a few, are not your friends. The data they have collected on Americans and others across the globe is to enormous to expound on. Beware of their upcoming tricks, special deals, and tricks. Black women, stop hurting blackmen. Blackmen, stop hurt, assaulting, and killing black women. They just have a problem moving from the Moon cycle to the Sun cycle. Rise up all intelligent and helpful caucasians. Rise up all you latinos who have no idea what race you really are. We all have a common very powerful and destructive enemy right now. And that enemy is known as the New World Order!
Monday, January 13th 2020 at 10:06PM
george patel
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