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JANUARY 15, 2020

In the past few weeks, there have been serious federal stealth invasions in communities, at jobs, at hotels, and at motels not only just in Cleveland, Ohio, but across the entire United States. Young blacks are losing their minds and is killing at an alarming rate which should stop now! In East Cleveland, on the street beside the East Cleveland Library, there are oftentimes gunshots ringing out in the night time. In Pennsylvania, houses are mysteriously blowing up and terrorism is on the rise from Arabs and other so-called foreign muslims. The recent killings last month in Florida is just a reminder that parties coming into America don't respect the laws and have alterior motives. In order for Americans to understand the nature of people you must learn how they live. Is there violence plaguing their countries? And who is responsible? What is so interesting about Arabs is that they won't give up, much like East indians. Arabs, however, will go at a target and will not cease from various forms of attacks until the target is neutralized in some way. Usually, they rely on character assassinations and lies. The power base of Arabs in East cleveland resides at 13441 Euclid avenue, at the Shell Gas Station. And whether Americans know it or not, Arabs were placed into your communities for the sole purpose of sucking up what wealth is left in those communities. You can rest assure that there will never be a time in America like the 1980's and the 1990's, where jobs were plentiful. America has been infected severely by parasites who are dead set on sucking it dry. They know that the Rothschilds are responsible for stealing all wealth in America, and the recent move made by Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle shall remain a trivia for many of you seeking to know whats going on. We are at points in space/time where you will witness the children of Pleadians doing all sorts of strange things. But the ends will be your demise if you don't wake up. 5G has already been unleashed and many [people are suffering as a result of its frequencies. Microsoft nolonger supports Windows 7 and only has two operating systems life before the kill switch is used. China has tooken control over the internet in that country, and if you pay very close attention to Microsoft and the American government you will see that many things are disappearing just as it did in China. Men are killing women at alarming rates this week and women are killing men and their children. People thought that the government would forevermore take care of women with children but as many of you can see that is changing.

Many women see that they have made horrible mistakes with having children without father figures and their lives, and many of those women can't deal with the pressures of a changing America. Your money will continue to deplete no matter how many lies will be told to you. There will be Politicians who will claim that they will make it better but better will never come. Mind control and the depletion of funds is rapidly growing not only in Cleveland, Ohio, but all across the U.s. And you can bet that some governmental entity is monitoring the crisis. There seems to be an onset of mass fear and hatred in the United States that permeates in a manner that is far more active than in times of the Cold War. In that era, we were aware of the Soviet threat. We could name the so-called enemy, and we could hide in our shelters with guns and ammo waiting to dive into our stored wheat that we would grind into bread. The world worried that nukes would be used to show whose boss. Even though there was deep rooted paranoia with the cold war, there is nothing that is far more dreadful than the hate which has been generated after we have endured the trauma of the post 9/11 psychological operations. There is no doubt that what is happening in this country is a well-produced psy-op and social experiment to see how the strategy of tension will affect the group mind in this country. Strategies of tension are age-old operative tactics that are used on a large scale in order to control people in the way that the authorities wish them to behave. You may think that your observations of what is happening around you in a crisis are correct, but with the tension strategies provided, you are making all of your decisions on what is happening because you are a casual observer and not a participant in the event.

Every camera angle, every sound bite, every concern, information tidbit and summation of so-called gathered facts are only media driven and public opinion driven for the sole purpose of steering the consensus toward a solution that also is directed and suggested by the controlling authority. Tension strategies build anxiety and doubt. These anxieties and doubts are immediately tranquilized by the assumed idea that the authorities will take care of it, and whatever they say has to be the truth because we trust they are always thinking of our best interests rather than self-interests. Tension strategies have been proven tactics used to divide, manipulate and control people. These tactics are meant to create targeted violence that can be labeled as acts of war or terror in order to get the populace to react and become desensitized to the inevitability of police or military force to move in and take control of peaceful societies. It leads to provocation, violence and intimidation. It also creates a public mistrust of a particular race, religion or social status. It increases the level of tension in a society and makes people suspicious of each other and in return creates the illusion that they have no choice but to place their trust on a centralized power that they encourage to step in and control them. This will be you end!

It also creates a precedent for modern witch hunts, where the public demands there be no due process of law, no trials and no substantive processes that are given as rights in a constitution. The public rationalizes that if authorities, including the media, have decided that a person sought after by authorities is guilty, and engages in defensive behavior, then they give up their right to a trial by a jury of their peers. This leads to destabilization of the public order, the public right, and the public sovereignty for the purpose of stabilizing the political tyrannical order. We are pumped full of propaganda that along with news speak and quote mining of our political candidates by the media, there seems to be a cloud of hatred that has spread to the level of historical proportions. If the hate doesn’t scare you, it should because this untamed hatred is a symptom indicating that our civil cohesion is splitting apart to the point of what can be compared to a civil sectarian war. Sectarianism is a word which conjures up many different emotions, opinions and perspectives. The term can take on different meanings depending on how it is used. The word is usually used to describe organized bigotry between religious sects. Forgive me if I am taking liberties with the definition of sectarianism, but for the purpose of this dialogue I am defining it as the nurturing and fostering of narrow-minded political beliefs that lead to prejudice, discrimination, malice and ill-will towards members, of other political groups, religious groups.

Although sectarianism is rooted in religion, it is often linked to cultural, historical and political differences. It is frequently argued that in recent years, this type of intolerance of others has little link with history or association with religion itself. Since politics has become the new religion, the application of the word sectarianism to describe militant partisanship applies now more than it ever has as because it is evident that we now accept bigotry, discrimination, and hatred between political ideologies as acceptable in society today. It is terrifying to witness Americans dangerously attaching notions of inferiority and superiority to certain groups and using scapegoats to compensate for their lack of civility. The truth is not welcomed today, and in a time of universal deceit, or in 2016, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Everywhere you go you will see that lying has been made a trend, and the truth is slowly but surely being totally phased out. It is now evident that the political order in our society is unstable hence a strategy of tension is exerted upon people to garner political control of society. You have the option to stay in your homes or be shot, but not to worry all television programs will continue without any interruption. You can watch the circus from your own home as you are asked to shelter in place while the mass arrests happen at conventions and political rallies. Naïve (liberal and conservative) people in America, comfortable in their manicured lawn suburban sprawl, complacent with ‘American Idol’ and sports will discount the possibility of civil unrest, and a selected dictatorship in this country. You can call it unbelievable you can shout that it is inconceivable, but look at the climate of anger and hatred that is being reported by a media that has its mouth watering, waiting for the civil war to begin and the revolution without purpose explode on the 24 hour news cycle. It will be the mainstream media’s magnum opus as they have contributed to this psy-op. A well-oiled state media and their ability to deceive is so easy when nothing has been learned from history – or has been challenged without skewed debate to push an agenda.

It has been said that “deception is a state of mind, and the mind of the State.” So how do we decide that the mainstream media is the enemy if it speaks against what is facts and yet clings to it as truth? When in actuality, they are being told to confirm the fears of the consensus by creating psy-op that favors the control of all aspects of society by an out of control government that knows it is on its last legs. How are we supposed to react as a people when we see black helicopters fly over our cities with armed soldiers? How are we supposed to interpret the use of unmarked vehicles that have cages attached to them? What are we to think when our neighborhoods are blocked off with armored vehicles or drones flying above us that are armed and programmed to fire at the mere whim of a program that could fail. What are they preparing for? Isn’t it obvious? Americans must understand that sick cultures show a complex of symptoms, but a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness; bad manners, lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, which is more significant than an all out riot. Arguably, these complex acts of hate and militant partisanship will lead to an all out riot or worse. It never fails; extremism erodes any and all arguments. Americans are all being manipulated into hating each other. We are being subjected to a social suicide psy-op that will continue to foment as long as this hatred continues unabated. The once cold and silent war between, races, religions and political groups is now heating up only because of the encouragement by the mainstream narrative as pretext for a militarized front for the elite that want to create the image of Battlefield America. The problems and the hostilities can be blamed on both the right and left. Sure there may be a presidential candidate that is the lesser of two evils, but that doesn’t mean that the process of the election of this lesser evil is not turning evil or at least uncivil. None of the candidates are worth fighting over. If anything, our battle should be to keep corruption out of the ultimate seat of power.

The flashiness of political showdown and the cheering on the sidelines of what can be seen as a Trojan Horse race overshadows the real problem. That is the rising of American sectarianism. It is becoming obvious this whole social experiment is about cults of personality, not principles, or even peace. If we hate our political choices or give them unfavorable approval ratings, then why are we taking it out on ourselves? Why are we judging people by their political ideologies when it is obvious that the political parties are enabling discord amongst the people? We are declaring war on ourselves and calling it a revolution. But the establishment is killing us with viruses, electromagnetic frequencies and radiation, and a whole host of other formulas designed in labratories years before now. The U.S. Army also recently released logs of thousands of experiments conducted at Dugway Proving Ground dating back to the Cold War, providing a glimpse at what the highly secure testing facility has been up to. Dugway Proving Ground is the United States most secure biological and chemical weapons facility located just south west of Salt Lake City, Utah. There was also an incident that took place at Dugway, where a nerve gas agent was released and killed a group of grazing sheep in Skull Valley near the facility. If the wind would have been blowing in a different direction, the incident would have killed hundreds of thousands of people in Salt Lake County. If there was ever a “Zombie virus”, it is there along with other viral nastiness, both human and non-human. Millions of people in America, and across the globe may not know it, but Dugway Proving Ground in the state of Utah is actually what is being called the New Area 51. There is a large runway there, that some is used for the launching of Earth to space vehicles and platforms. But there is also another part of the facility that houses alien pathogens, and extraterrestrial viruses. It may sound like something out of science fiction horror story, but it is not fiction, it is reality, and there are stories about how the facility obtained an alien virus, and how it came into the hands of the Pentagon.
Posted By: george patel
Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 2:59PM
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On September 8th, 2004, all eyes were focused on the Western Desert of Utah as Genesis, NASA’s solar wind sample capsule, returned from Space. Project Genesis was the first U.S. sample return mission since the 1972 Apollo mission. This was the retrieval mission that would set the course for other such missions already scheduled for years to come. The Genesis probe was set to make history as it was to take a scoop of the particles of a comet and bring them successfully back to Earth. A fireball sighting was reported near Bend, Oregon. It was a dot of light far brighter than Venus, moving across the morning sky. Oregon was having a rare clear day and observers were getting an eyeful. Moving at 25,000 mph, it got brighter as it moved across eastern Oregon into Southwestern Idaho. People in Elko, Nevada, were able to see it as it roared across the sky to its destination in Western Utah. It was at that point that a set of parachutes was to open, slowing its descent, and helicopter pilots were to snag the capsule in midair in the same way that Corona capsules were retrieved decades earlier. Unfortunately, it did not happen the way it was planned. The capsule’s parachutes did not open. The $250 million dollar project, and its precious cargo, whizzed past the helicopter pilots at about 150 miles per hour. The capsule’s wobbling arc ended in a crash into the soft salt flats 40 miles west of Salt Lake City. The salt flats were probably not soft enough for the 55 hexagonal fragile wafers that were used to gather up particles from the sun. Scientists had been worried that if the capsule crashed, the samples would be contaminated. There were some scientists that were worried that if the capsule were to crash, it would cause viral extraterrestrial contamination. The capsule broke open just outside of the heavily secured perimeter of Dugway. While Dugway claimed that no extraterrestrial threat and the area was contained, there has been well known that the project was not a total loss, because the government got what they wanted; a sample of an extraterrestrial pathogen. We can't make this stuff up! However, like in 2016, there were many critics that dismissed the idea that there was a danger of planet contamination from the probes. However, it was highly suspect that the probes were both programmed to fall to Earth and land in a desert area near a biological containment facility. When someone suggests that perhaps a microbial life form could survive extreme conditions or mutate, it is usually laughed at because it seems that many people believe that conditions for life anywhere, including space, are narrow and rigid.

It was recently reported that the NASA R-277 document gave chronological data about anomalous activity on the Moon, and that When Apollo 12 retrieved parts of the Surveyor 3, which landed on the Moon in April of 1967, bacteria was found in the probe. It had survived the launch and managed to stay alive on the airless surface of the Moon. Remember, both John F. kennedy, and his brother Bobby, wanted to expose the Moon Projects. They were assassinated from orders from the Pentagon as a result of it. The bacteria found in 1967 was Streptococcus mitis, or basically the bacteria that cause Strep throat. Project Stardust was supposed to follow the Genesis Project, where probes were to follow comets and extract from them material that is said to be the building blocks for life. It was a project that would produce evidence of Panspermia or space seeding that allegedly is the result comets and meteors hitting the Earth. Dugway Proving Ground is proving to be a facility that has more sinister activity happening in it than Area 51 in 2020. On one hand you have experimental aircraft flying over the Salt Flats there, and the aliens are there too in the form of viruses, bacteria, and pathogenic artifacts. According to Michael Morisy, who obtained the 1960s-era records under Freedom of Information Act requests, Dugway has been busy doing all sorts of suspicious tests, and some are quite horrifying.

Some military tests involved human exposure to biological and chemical agents, and others had intriguing titles like; the Consequences of Ingestion by Man of Real and Simulated Fallout; Cluster bombs; Soil spores, Operation Night Train; Weteye Chemical Bomb; Birds to Tularemia; Big Jack, Elk Hunt, Autumn Gold; Data report for DORK; Incapacitating Darts; and Entomological Munitions. It is important to note that entomological munitions deal with experiments conducted at Dugway called; Operation Bellwether, which studies weaponized mosquitoes. IS IT A COINCIDENCE THAT THE ZIKA VIRUS IS BEING CAUSE BY MOSQUITOS? EMPHATICALLY NOT! They loaded up mosquitoes with what they said was an inert disease, an inert bacteria, an inert virus, and released that on civilian populations in the United States. Declassified documents in 1956 and 1958 revealed that the US Army let loose swarms of specially bred mosquitoes in Savannah, Georgia, and Avon Park, Florida, to check whether these insects could be used as a biological weapon. The U.S. in 1972, signed the Biological Weapons Convention, and President Nixon had ordered the Pentagon to stop producing biological weapons in 1969. The Presidential directive was not followed. Despite signing the Convention, the United States, or rather its intelligence, has been toying with different types of bio-chemical weaponry, namely; Ebola, Sarin VX nerve gas, Mandrax, deadly lethal injection drugs like scoline and tubarine, paratyphoid, salmonella, cholera, anthrax, smallpox, highly potent CR tear gas, Dengue Fever, and in 2020, Zika Virus and other viruses.

For the Zika Virus and the Transgender laws seem to be moving hand in hand. Remember, in 2009, the first set Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes were released on Grand Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. In 2010, 3 million genetically modified mosquitoes were released. The release was done in secret, and back then, there were people that worried about what they might have been exposed to. The Genetic Modified mosquitoes were already released in Malaysia, Brazil, Panama, Singapore, India, Thailand, and Vietnam. Since that time, there was an under-reported forced multiplied strain of Dengue Fever that was seen in those areas leading some people to believe these genetically modified mosquitoes were being created for population control. Since the introduction of these GM mosquitoes, the problems they were supposed to eradicate got worse. India and Pakistan suddenly began experiencing dengue fever outbreaks, along with Iran. In 2014, Cambodia and China were hit by a super-strain of dengue fever, which kills nearly 90% of its victims. Doctors were speculating these strains were created in a lab. So prepare, for your governments are using weather and biological agents as weapons against you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkLTzesBxGE. Pay very close attention to the innerworkings of the stones. http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm.

Now, after three years of Oxitec releasing these mosquitoes into the environment early, every mainstream media outlet is reporting a mountain of stories about the Zika virus explosion. The Global Elite, the Rothschilds, the Royalists and all their offspring, is spreading the Zika Virus from genetically modified mosquitoes. Many of today's movies show black oil or alien DNA being introduced like a virus in order to either cull the population, or to infect them and mutate them with alien DNA. Zika seems to have exploded out of nowhere, which is suspicious. The disease itself has been around since 1947. 1947 is also the year that there were mass UFO sightings in the Northwestern parts of the United States, and an alleged UFO crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell was the only case that has been reported to yield extraterrestrial occupants that were seized on location for further experiments. President Truman sent out Field Order 862, which orders personnel to go to New Mexico to investigate the reports of numerous crashes in early July of 1947. Some of the personnel were microbiologists that were sent by the Office of Naval Research. They were sent to investigate claims of earth contamination and the subsequent deaths of several personnel after they came in contact with the debris and the extraterrestrial biological entities that were supposedly inside the wreckage.

One of the technicians was overcome and collapsed when he attempted to remove the bodies from the twisted wreckage. Another medical technician allegedly went into a coma four hours after placing the awfully damaged body of an alien into a rubber body bag for autopsy. All four of the technicians eventually died of seizures and profuse bleeding. The technicians were all wearing protective suits when they came in contact with the fluids of the occupants. The question is: Did the government take samples of the fluids they found on these alleged aliens and create new strains of retroviruses that are not fully understood by science in order to wipe out an enemy? This virus was put into a rhesus macaque monkey by the scientists of the Rockefeller foundation that was later patented for bio warfare! We can't make this stuff up! In March of 2016, after the world was being rocked by the news of the Zika virus, NASA failed to inform Americans that planet Earth was hit by a space rock estimated to be as wide as a two-story building. It exploded with the equivalent of 13,000 tons of TNT while entering Earth’s atmosphere. Is Marines and others assigned to the Military Space Program, working with various aliens, sending down meteorites for earth scientist to unleash onto its populations?

The fireball fell over the Atlantic Ocean in a place we are told is 600 miles away from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the home of the 2016 Olympics, and the place where the Zika virus outbreak began. Scientists are now warning that the meteor event could make the virus more deadly because genetic material has been known to rain down from the skies due to extraterrestrial panspermia, or space seeding. Changes in Zika have already been noted, as it’s changed to be passable through s*xual contact. Scientists are warning that it could mutate, growing stronger and spreading more easily with its victims suffering more serious consequences. Americans must understand that the Zika Virus picks up foreign DNA and adapts quickly to become more virulent. Once taken up by the killer germ, which causes fever, rash, and sometimes death, this piece of genetic code can mutate further making it more dangerous. There is alot of activity occurring at the new AREA 51, or Dugway Proving Ground, which should alarm every human on earth.

The eugenics programs that existed were a byproduct of politics urging science to provide a reason to eliminate what were seen as unfit humans in order to guarantee worldwide sustainability. The American Eugenics programs inspired the Nazi’s programs and were extensively financed by corporate philanthropies, specifically the Carnegie Institution, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Harriman railroad fortune. They were all in league with some of America’s most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. These academicians espoused race theory and race science, and then faked and twisted data to serve eugenics racist aims. Today, too many people are complacent and squarely ignorant to the many of the situations that warrant investigation into wrong doing and warnings that are happening all around them. They still want to believe that authorities are taking care of them. So anyone who upsets that bit of cognitive bias will most certainly be called a conspiracy theorist. Yet in the realms of conspiracy theory, timing is everything and it appears that the Zika virus explosion has conveniently appeared after the 2030 Summit on Global Sustainability. The summit encouraged the adaptation of sustainability rules which have included 17 sustainable development goals and 169 sustainable development targets designed to radically transform our world by 2030.

The UN 2030 plan supported by the Pope is an extension of the Agenda 21 program whose sustainability rules were proposed to be adopted by 2050. Now, the time has been shortened to 2017-2020. The plan implemented worldwide is there to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. The United Nations has openly proclaimed that the world’s increasing population is a cause for concern. The UN sustainable development body seeks to achieve reduced consumption, social equity and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Every societal decision should be based on environmental impact, including land use, education, and population control. It is hard for some people to comprehend the possibility that diseases we are hearing about now could be part of a bio-warfare experiment to slowly decimate the population and destroy the well-being of families. In order to have a full service empire, all things must be controlled from our spiritual nature to our mental attitudes, physical health, genetic attributes and who we have relationships with. That is why we are beginning to see too many things now that are becoming part of the political dialogue. The political dialogue supplants the spiritual dialogue and eliminates the human aspect for what is called, the body politic. The human component of the “system” becomes and entity for the state and every part that nourishes the other must work as a collective and thus we surrender to the corporate self and lose our humanity, little-by-little. The United States of America, their Government, the Russian Government, and the Chinese Government, are all working together against the people, both foreign and domestic. So will humans start loving one another more, and stand together as one? Will you stand against alien human hybrids, evil clones, and advanced technology geared at destroying you? Or will you welcome horrors that your nightmares have yet to envision, about whats to happen to you in thwe wake of this hypnotic so-called Impeachment Process of President Trump? The psy-ops is very real and is upon each and everyone of us right now.
Tuesday, January 14th 2020 at 2:59PM
george patel
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