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JANUARY 16, 2020

Clevelaqnd, Ohio, just like Philadelphia, Pa., has some of the most deceitful, ruthless, and dangerous cops working for police departments. In Cleveland, when police want to get next to a target, who they call a suspect in order to obtain information about them illegally, they use ordinary residents to do their bidding. It was revealed by sources on January 14, 2020, at about about 6:05 pm, that police were staking out areas around Superior avenue and Euclid, Eddy road and Euclid, Belomore road and Euclid, and Holyoke drive and Euclid in East Cleveland, Ohio. They were driving ordinary black pickup trucks according to reliable sources. Arnold Black, a resident of East Cleveland who was recently awarded $50 million dollars by a Jury behind police brutality and malice, along with the Police Administration placing on leave several 911 Dispatchers with who have criminal records, should have been reasons for police to curb their evil ways. But instead, police are just as devious, ruthless, and chaotic as ever. And its not like the Police Administration didn't know they had 911 Dispatchers with criminal records prior to placing many on leave. They allowed it because these Dispatchers were vital to certain cops investigations. These Dispatchers also had access to very sensitive information about residents of Cleveland. Corrupt and racist police was able to get the goods on hundreds of blackmen and women in Cleveland because just like in Philadelphia, Pa., black people are more inclined to cause each other harm than any other race in America. And if Tourists and visitors were to investigate the many Arab ran and owned stores in Cleveland, you will see that 90% of the time they are hiring black females. They hire black females because black females don't mind racially profiling blackmen and treating them like third class citizens.

According to very reliable sources, for over a week corrupt police have been sending spies into East Cleveland around Eddy road and Euclid, and around Holyoke and Euclid. The spies were ordinary looking people one wouldn't think were informants. Some drove old beat up vehciles while others drove somewhat newer models. They would slither their way into meeting people that knew targets. They people who knew the targets would introduce the spies to their targets and then let things work its course. This is how police get into the homes of law abiding citizens without warrants. They get a count on whose all within the homes, et cetera. There are many many black people who dislike their own and hundreds of 911 reports of strangers on their streets can be gathered as proof, according to several retired cops. People would be surprised at who is involve with secretly contacting police on them while other black people, especially on Holyoke, has outside camera surveillance for the sole purpose of keeping police aware of who goes in and out of certain homes. According to sources, this happens alot on Holyoke drive. Some black people can tell when they are being milked for information about others and will usually sin like mocking birds to spies. Several residents claim that a Nuwaubian freemason known as James, who lives on Holyoke, is one such person. They stated that they have gotten all sorts of personal information from James about himself and about others. They also say James' ego is too huge for him to see his faults and many people will suffer who knows him because of this. He talks too much and cops have been listening. It was also stated that he is a very strategic liar and can fool almost anyone if you take your mind off of him for one moment. Black people will laugh and grin in your face within East Cleveland, and may be setting you up to be murdered. They have no respect for one another and there is so many black people walking the streets in search of food. They don't have money to get from place to place, and because black people in East Cleveland have been trained to treat their own worse than dogs, some result in stealing just to feed themselves. Afterwards, they are arrested for petty crimes. Caucasians don't treat their race this way, and every foreigner within America will help their own in need. But black people refuse to be their brother's and sister's keeper. They are more inclined to compare what they have to those that have not. This is the ways black people in Ohio have been groomed and trained.

The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have gained a stronghold over Americans. Many of them claim the Congresswoman, Ilhan Omar, is not their sort of muslim. They claim that she is ignorant for calling out the white supremaicts because they cater to white supremacists until its time to cut off their heads. Most of Islam within America now seems to be about something else. The mosques in 2020, which use to be highly populated with blacks, caucasians, and some latinos, now seems to be mostly foreign Muhammadans. Thousands of blacks all across America have awaken to the conspiracies within today's mosques and masjids, and many know that when blackmen are placed in positions of power, they had better not run out of money! Some say if a masjid won't help them in crisis, why attend. But little do they know that this is the movements of the Muslim Brotherhood. Millions know that the Rothschilds use the Muslim Brotherhood to Weaponize Islam, and very few are being fooled in 2020. The Arabs who run the Shell Gast Station located at: 13341 Euclid avenue in East Cleveland, is only part of one massive cell. And each time someone reveals their many evils, black people seem to break their necks to go to Arab stores just to spend money with them. Arabs are very excellent actors and mind manipulators. And psychology is one of their many interests. Jamal Khashoggi's murder reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood is at the vanguard of the Rothschild's conquest of the world. The Middle East Quarterly Winter 2005, pp. 25-34 By Lorenzo Vidino, deputy director at the Investigative Project, a Washington D.C.-based counterterrorism research institute: "The Muslim Brotherhood's ultimate goal is rather to extend Islamic law throughout Europe and the United States". This organization is a Masonic one, founded by British agent and Mason, Hassan al-Banna, in 1929, later working for the British, then German intelligence services, and then the U.S. CIA. The Rothschilds used the Brotherhood in a futile attempt on Egyptian Pres. Nasser.

All Muslim terror groups are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood´s policy is indeed to fulfill the Quran demands to Islamize the world (e.g. Sura 33:27), however. by subversion and political deals instead of violent jihad, as they have succeeded to do both in Europe: The EU knows this plan and continues to pump Muslims into Europe as foreseen in the plan in cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood: Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas Lobby Group Meets With EU Commissioner. It is the de facto voice of the Muslim youth in Europe. It is regularly consulted on issues pertaining to Muslims in Europe. It has also developed useful links with: the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the United Nations, the European Youth Forum, and numerous relevant NGOs at the European level. The Masonic Shriner Order,where several US presidents are members - is closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, Hillary Clinton´s Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, was associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. https://youtu.be/HMGZUQ81jAo. https://youtu.be/WJDHuW1gEdg. As the sneaky "euro-islam" professor and Muslim Brother Bassam Tibi says: "Paid Turkish and Saudi Arabian Islamists are tricking gullible Westerners into Islamizing Europe!" Tibi´s Muruna/Euro-Islam is the so-called Euro-Islam. The Euro-Islam is to pull the wool over the eyes of gullible Europeans: The wording is a little more peaceable - but in reality it is much more dangerous than original Islamic preaching: It conceals that all peaceable Koran sure have been abrogated by the central sword Prof Tibi says the same things as PJ Media by Walid Shoebat & Ben Barrack 18 Febr. 2012: traditional Islam, only in an edible way for gullible Europeans. l Ahram Weekly 25-31 Aug. 2016: The Muslim Brotherhood used its institutional presence in these three countries: The UK, France, and Germany in order to build a network of alliances with entities representing the world's major Islamic blocs.

The Brotherhood presence in these three major European countries also let it expand institutionally into smaller countries in their orbit, such as Belgium from France, Ireland from Britain, and Switzerland from Germany. The 1980s and early 1990s saw the rise of the second generation of Muslim Brotherhood institutions through horizontal expansion in Europe. The international Brotherhood organization harnessed the new waves of Arab Muslim immigration to Europe as the second generation of European Muslims was itself emerging. An umbrella group, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, was formed as the façade of the international Muslim Brotherhood and as a way of gathering all the Brotherhood associations and Islamist groups in Europe, including more than 500 organizations inside and outside the EU states and unofficial entities working within this framework. There is also now an unofficial parallel network of Muslim Brotherhood. These people run smaller associations that operate outside the Brotherhood's religious and preaching framework, with the goal of making Europeans more sympathetic to Brotherhood ideas by marketing them in a secular package that defends democracy and human rights. These associations include Brotherhood media entities in the UK working in education, culture, and youth issues and focus on the integration of Muslims in Europe. The Islamic Cultural Centre in Geneva itself was established with Gulf funding in 1961 by Said Ramadan, son-in-law of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan Al-Banna. Germany, France and the UK: The Brotherhood spread through Germany from the Munich Mosque, and it relied on three primary tools: the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, the IGD, the voice of German Muslims that control some 60 Islamic centres across the country and is led by Egyptian Brotherhood figure Ibrahim Al-Zayat, the son-in-law of Sabri Erbakan, the leader of Milli Gorus, and Milli Gorus itself, which controls large segments of the Turkish community in Germany.

Milli Gorus's Islamist ideology is a Turkish-inflected version of Political Islam, and it has close ties with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In France, the Federation of Islamic Organisations has been able to bring in more than 250 mosques and Islamic associations under its umbrella using North African Brotherhood cadres, particularly Tunisians, in order to do so, giving it the upper hand in the Representative Assembly of French Muslims in successive elections. In the UK, in 1997, Arab Muslim Brotherhood affiliates founded the Muslim Association of Britain in the UK. The Islamist ideologue Youssef Al-Qaradawi's 1990 book The Priorities for the Islamic Movements in the Coming Phase has functioned as a kind of constitution for Brotherhood movements in the West since the early 1990s. Al-Qaradawi calls for abandoning violence and the use of preaching, dialogue, and other peaceful means to forge a middle way between extremism and secularism. The most important part of the book is his discussion of Muslims in the West, the expected increase in the Muslim population and the dangers of the Muslim minority's assimilation in these western societies. In the light of this, Al-Qaradawi has promoted the idea of a separate community of western Muslims, which he has termed the "Muslim ghetto" (No-go-zones - a goal co-inciding with the Masonic goal). In 1989, the Brotherhood established the nucleus for its horizontal expansion on the European continent by establishing the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, which took the UK as its temporary headquarters. The Federation is the forward face of all Brotherhood and Brotherhood-sympathizing organisations, entities, and associations across Europe. Functioning as the diplomatic representative of the Brotherhood, it employs a political discourse that focuses on democracy and human rights (TAQIJA).
Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 12:29PM
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As it increased the number of organizations under its umbrella, the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe moved its headquarters to Brussels in 1997,to be close to the EU institutions. This has made it easier to find European funding for the associations' activities. The federation is extremely active, and although its headquarters are in Brussels it has branches in Norway, Sweden, Belgium, and the UK that administer youth, educational, and media portfolios. It has also adopted a strategy of expanding outside the borders of the EU. In addition to associations operating in 18 EU member states, the federation has opened branches in nine other non-EU states: Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, and Ukraine. And this: Ghaleb Himmat, a Syrian with Italian citizenship, took the helm of the IGB. He is one of the founders of the Bank al-Taqwa, a powerful conglomerate dubbed by Italian intelligence, "Bank of the Muslim Brotherhood," which has financed terrorist groups since the mid-1990s if not earlier. https://youtu.be/t0vzRJS4O8M. The Talmudist Rothschilds are also Sabbataean-Frankist satanists. Both Sabbatai Zvi and Jacob Frank converted to Islam which is, therefore, an integral part of The Rothschild Religion (as is Jewish-founded Antichristian Jesuitism). And the Illuminati (Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild) took command over the Masonic lodges of the world at the Wilhelmsbad Conference 1781. The Secret Masonry is setting up "our own, to all appearance, off position which in at least one of its organs [Nazis] will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents ,at heart, will accept this simulated opposition as their own and are showing the world their cards. But no man said anything about him [Jesus] openly for fear of the Jews. (John 7:13)

"A new war in defense of democracy and of alleged law is being prepared in all haste. An alliance of all the Jewish groups is already complete; it bears the official title of the alliance of the three great democracies, the English, the American, and the French. . . . Israel requires world war and soon!... Israel is positively of the opinion that time is getting short. To their mind, their world war is a necessity in order that, in the name of indivisible peace, all that portion of mankind who wish to cast off the Jewish yoke, may be laid low." The "First International Anti-Jewish Conference" was held in Dresden in September 1882. The conference attracted 300 prominent businessmen, aristocrats, politicians, clergy, lawyers, physicians, farmers and intellectuals from Germany, Austria, Hungry and Russia. They produced a manifesto addressed to "the Governments and Peoples of Christian Nations Threatened by Judaism" which shows how Jewish hegemony was a fait accompli more than 137 years ago, and explains why the West's racial cohesion and Christian heritage are in serious disarray. The Manifesto begins by saying Europe has been invaded by a foreign race more dangerous and insidious than Arabs, Tartars or Turks in the past because of "its means and objectives." Jewish "emancipation" following the French Revolution ("Equality, Fraternity, Liberty") removed protections against "a race whose first and foremost thoughts and energies are everywhere aimed at putting other nations in the moral and material shackles of slaves..." "According to the Jews' religious and national traditions, all of these peoples were created merely to serve them. The principle of equality was also applied to a race that does not wish to be equal with us, that considers itself a people privileged by God and [regards] the rest of mankind as lower beings, impure animals. The principle of fraternity was also applied to a race that does not even acknowledge non-Jews as neighbors and fellow human beings and according to whose Talmud non-Jews are enemies destined for eradication."

Moreover, cheating, stealing from them, bleeding them dry, bringing ruin upon them, perjuring against them, dishonoring, and even killing them constitutes an activity pleasing to their God. Small wonder, therefore, if modern liberalism, identifying more and more with the ascendant Jews, has taken the shape of pseudo-liberalism. Within Cleveland, Ohio, a customer can go to an Aran ran gas station and pay for $10 worth of gas. The Arab has it set up where you will recieve $6 worth of gas and the rest just shoots out air through the nozzle. This $4 from each customer spending $10 for gas allows them one heck of a profit daily. If there is at least 400 people who stop at a gas station each day spending at least $10 for gas, the thieves make nearly $2,000 per day from gas pump manipulations. And yet when this information is read those involved will target the writers of this thread. It has been revealed that police in East Cleveland have been using devices to apprehend the Mac adress for several cell phones. And when they get the information it is then supplied to someone who stays near their targets. You could have a next door neighbor listening in on your phone calls for corrupt police just for the thrill of it. And according to very reliable sources, there are certaindevices being placed over cell phone towers which are spying devices. When police get caught, their supervisors have to come up with a new way to gain access into private conversations. The Verizon and T-Mobile cell towers around Eddy road and Euclid up to the Windmere/Stokes Transportation Ceneter has been compromised. When black cops trying to do what caucasian cops get caught in their evils, usually the same department or another department will send a caucasian cop in to target those who were targeted by the black cop(s). These cops may just outright lie on the target in a way where it relates to what the black cop was saying. So it opens a door for further illagela activities. If East Cleveland police are so professional, why did a Jury award Arnold Black, a blackman, $50 million dollars because of police brutality, and being left in a concrete room without food or a restroom for 4 days. And why is there so many credible complaints against countless cops in 2020?

Why has the Public Library, in downtown Celeveland, using employees to read copies of documents from the library's copy machines? There is a massive network or system at work which has been started by Arabs, which was secretly confirmed by retired cops. If something is going on in East Cleveland and noone is speaking about it. The powers over East Cleveland will use freemasons and Eastern Stars to gain access into all those with jobs or have money making hustles. The money flow shall slow down or stop and this brings about a psychological result. From that result they get the information they seek because someone is always going to snitch. Black cops are being used by Arabs to pursue matters against black people who have gotten on the wrong side of the Arabs. This is a very huge thing taking place in Cleveland right now, even though they are keeping it quiet. The Arabs and black people who will lie and do anything for them are threats to all Americans. Stress an Arab out and he may going on a shooting spree. This is what he really thinks of Americans. And place this sort of person in charge of a business which makes thousands of dollars daily, he/she will do some damage to the population. Arab born female muslims are just as bad and is just as evil. They use the women's rights thing to get their way. But they won't use women's rights to stop the beatings they are taking from their husbands. Arab men beats their women just as East Indian men do. Most of the women are so scared they will set up an innocent person for the Arab just to find favor in his eyes. The year 2020 shall be an eye opener for all Americans. Many won't make it because of their egos and their inability to tell the difference between illusions and facts. Whats coming by the summer of 2020, to America will never be remedied.

Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 12:29PM
george patel

In Conclusion: The apocalypse in any era is unavoidable especially at the turn of the century or the beginning of a new decade. There are many philosophers and scientists that believe the human mind is wired for the advent of an apocalypse because of the trauma that has been handed down from former generations that have actually experienced an event that ended a civilization or wiped out animal populations. In fact, ancient biblical scripture tells us that God will overturn the earth as many times as it takes in order to return it to a paradise. In Ezekiel, it says I will overturn, overturn, and overturn it. And it shall be no more until he comes who’s right it is and I will give it to him. Sounds like the world has ended many times but if it has ended multiple times then why is it that we have not been told about it? Have historians neglected to tell us dates and times where the earth has ended? The reality is a bit mind-blowing. Phantom time suggests that the early Middle Ages (614-911 A.D.) never happened, but were added to the calendar long ago either by accident, by misinterpretation of documents, or by deliberate falsification by calendar conspirators. This would mean that all artifacts ascribed to those three centuries belong to other periods, and that all events thought to have occurred during that same period occurred at other times, or are outright fabrications. These historical discrepancies were the subject of an archaeological conference that was held in Germany in 1986. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7V0LIxHtt8&feature=emb_logo. Horst Fuhrmann, the president of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, had indicated that many of the documents produced by the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages were created hundreds of years before any of the events described happened. These events were then accepted by medieval society as factual. This implied that whoever produced the forgeries must have very skillfully anticipated the future. Or there was some discrepancy in calculating dates. So what happened? How is it that there is a moment in history where there was absolutely no time and no history.

When you think of the 300 years of lost time you have to ask why the church would have forged documents hundreds of years before they would become useful. Were they hiding something? Was there an event that happened in those 300 years that needed to be covered up? In 1582, the Gregorian calendar we still use today was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII to replace the outdated Julian calendar which had been implemented in 45 BC. The Gregorian calendar was designed to correct for a ten-day discrepancy caused by the fact that the Julian year was 10.8 minutes too long. But by Heribert Illig’s math, the 1,627 years which had passed since the Julian calendar started should have accrued a thirteen-day discrepancy a ten-day error would have only taken 1,257 years. So Illig and his group went hunting for other gaps in history, and found a few… for example, a gap of building in Constantinople (558 AD – 908 AD) and a gap in the doctrine of faith, especially the gap in the evolution of theory and meaning of purgatory (600 AD until ca. 1100). From all of this data, they have become convinced that at some time, the calendar year was increased by 297 years without the corresponding passage of time. It is hard to contemplate a place in history with no recorded or documented time – the idea of an era frozen in time is hard to contemplate but the facts speak for themselves. There are many theorists who believe that various apocalypse scenarios can be found in the ancient astro-histories where it is recorded that at one time Saturn was our sun and that the planets were closer to our planet. Babylonian Star worshippers gave Saturn the name of the sun-star. Similarly, the Greek historian Nonnus gives Kronos as the Arab name of the “sun,” though Kronos meant only Saturn and no other celestial body. As strange as it may seem, early astronomical traditions identify the primeval sun as the planet Saturn, the distant planet which the alchemists called the best sun and which the Babylonians, the founders of astronomy, identified as the exemplary light of heaven, the “sun”-god Shamash. The Popol Vuh lauded as the Mayan Bible, attests to the same idea. There, a previous sun god is described as follows: “Like a man was the sun when it showed itself… It showed itself when it was born and remained fixed in the sky like a mirror.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jb5GKmEcJcw&feature=emb_logo.

The number for Saturn was 6, the number for man was 6, and the day in which man was created was day 6. It is believed that when mankind fell, the original sun darkened and the result is the ringed planet we see today. But of course, many people will say – but that is what the Mayans thought – today we are too sophisticated to believe such outrageous things – science says that all of this is nonsense. The Mayans were great astrologers – and mapped out the future movements of the heavens as they relate to the movements of Saturn. Do you remember back when we were scared into believing that the world was going to end in 2012? A few people had stated that the Mayan calendar indicated that December 21st, 2012 would wind up being zero time and that the world would come to a horrible end. The reality is that the ancient Maya never predicted an apocalypse. They did predict something called “The End of the Cycle of Creation” or “The Time of No Time.” They spoke of the serpent ropes and how they would fluctuate and seize in the time of no time. According to the Mayans, the serpent ropes would lower from the northern regions of the earth. During these times mankind would see all sorts of peculiar activity. Nevertheless, the idea of a world-ending event in 2012 bubbled up on conspiracy-minded corners of the Internet and caught on in pop culture with movies like the 2009 release “2012.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvI66Xaj9-o&feature=emb_logo. The end result? All kinds of people checking their calendars and wondering if they were going to see Christmas. Doomsday scares have been happening for hundreds of years, but most are sparked by charismatic leaders issuing divine proclamations. Not so for the Mayan apocalypse scare. It just seemed that because of one or two theories the Mayan apocalypse kind of took on a personality all its own. What made this doomsday theory different was that no one religion or cult was pushing it, as occurred with the Biblically inspired Harold Camping doomsday in 2011. Doomsday predictions are almost always a top-down phenomenon – sometimes they pass without fanfare or they wind up becoming tragic like the suicides of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

Many say that the reason the 2012 phenomenon happened was because of a culture clash and since many people around the world really knew nothing about the Mayans – they simply thought that they were mysterious enough and were allegedly keen astronomers that knew the patterns of the stars and since there were biblical stories that claim of signs and wonders in the heavens before the end – people were terrified that every eclipse, full moon, and planet alignment were enough to let the countdown begin. Well, the date has come and gone and here we are 7 years later looking back at our collective folly. However, one man is not and he has a terrifying theory that is not only mind-blowing but it makes a little sense. Twitter user Nick Hinton is convinced that the world ended in 2012, and his ideas seem to have found some backers. In order for his theory to work, we have to apply the various quantum theories that we occupy one dimension in a vast parallel universe. Some scientists believe that we are part of a multiverse that has different timelines and simultaneous existences in many dimensions. Nick Hinton started a Twitter thread titled “a conspiracy thread: Did the World End in 2012?” It’s since gone on to acquire thousands of replies and retweets from fellow social media users who seem to believe in his ideas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnQsA28yxnk&feature=emb_logo. Hinton believes that the world ended in 2012 when scientists at CERN found the Higgs Boson. Now before you giggle and make some snarky comment – there is something that many people have overlooked about the discovery of the so-called “God particle.” Stephen Hawking once predicted that discovering the Higgs had the potential to destroy the universe, or in his own words, cause the universe to “undergo a catastrophic vacuum decay.” Scientists at CERN discovered the God Particle On July 4th, 2012 and as far as we know the world is still intact but since the discovery, the planet has gone through some violent changes as earthquakes have increased, volcanic eruptions have also increased, the planet has suffered climate spikes, and the magnetic field is weakening.

Hinton asks a very profound question—If CERN destroyed the Universe we would not really know because if anything were to have gone wrong in the process we would immediately be thrust into a different dimension in less time that it takes to blink an eye. It would be instantaneous destruction of the earth in one dimension and a quick conversion to another, however, the earth would have to adjust to its new position in space-time. Nick Hinton said in a Twitter: “There’s the old cliché argument that nothing has ‘felt right’ since 2012. I agree with this. Maybe it has something to do with ‘growing up’ and getting older, but ever since then it seems like the world descends more and more into chaos each day. Time even feels faster.” Hinton has theorized that the Higgs Boson destroyed the universe and shifted our consciousness to another universe. Hinton makes a good argument—one that may be a bit farfetched but what do we know about our existence and how do we know that we haven’t jumped dimensions? He claims that perhaps this is why people experience the Mandela Effect and that there seems to be a collective memory deficit in people – many remember things in the past that have changed in this timeline. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoD6x1IugNg&feature=emb_logo. Many of us grew up reading about the Berenstein bears. Except they were not the Beresnstein Bears at all they were the Berenstain Bears. The other problem is that the name has never changed and that it has been Berenstain all along. If this is the case then why are so many people convinced that it was Berenstein instead of Berenstain? This presents a quantum dilemma. Which by the way the word dilemma also is part of the problem as well because there are a group of people that believe that in another timeline the word dilemma was spelled with an “n”—“dilemna.” Truth is it never was, however, millions of people will swear that at one time that it was spelled with an “n.” There is even a website called dilemma.info for people who have all of a sudden realized that their spelling of the word is wrong. One of the interesting things about this spelling ‘error’ is that on first discovery, many have reported feeling a bit physically shaken by it as if a fundamental building block in their upbringing has suddenly crumbled away and left them feeling disorientated. Philologists have suggested that the dilemna misspelling is an error that stretches back hundreds of years for the simple reason that our brains gloss over the error. Then again there is the quantum explanation.

Dilemna, at one time, was spelled that way and then there was some bleed over from another timeline and that the word dilemma corrected the problem in the Universal Mind. And that’s why they feel physically staggered to discover that not only are they wrong but there’s also no trace of an “N” spelling anywhere in any dictionary in the history of this timeline. There are a few new Mandela Effect freak outs where people are confused about the past. Pope Benedict the XVI made an announcement that put the dating of events of the Bible into question. He wrote in a book that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly believed. The Bible also has a glaring Mandela Effect. In Isaiah 11:6 in the (KJV) says: The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, however, those of us experiencing the Mandela Effect remember it as the lion shall lay down with the lamb. This has created a schism in a lot of religious discussions. There is also the recent Mandela freak out over the Fruit of the Loom underwear logo. Many people remember that the logo for the underwear company featured a cornucopia full of fruit – now the cornucopia is missing. Recently there was a controversy on the game show Jeopardy over a topic called “Where’s that Church.” The controversy began when contestant Katie Needle responded to a question under the “Where’s That Church?” category. When prompted by a clue about the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Christians believe to be the birthplace of Jesus, she answered What is Palestine? The judges buzzed her and said she was wrong. Fellow contestant Jack McGuire was rewarded with $200 for buzzing in with the answer of Israel moments later. Bethlehem is geographically located in Palestine. The official statement from the creators of Jeopardy is that Bethlehem sits on a territory currently occupied by Israel in the West Bank. However, does that change the location? I asked many people where they thought Bethlehem is – some said Judea while others said Nazareth and very few even said Israel.

Is this the result of the Mandela Effect? It is quite disturbing to think that the discovery of the God Particle could be at fault and that its instability could be causing the Mandela Effect. Two years ago there was a report about how there were some scientists that were worried that perhaps the Higgs-Boson was never stable and that the end of the universe could, theoretically, have already begun. Physicists at Harvard published a study in the journal Physical Review D about the chance that the particle would destabilize and how long our universe has to live, based on the speed of destruction and the size of the universe. If the Higgs-Boson lost stability, it would severely disrupt physics, chemistry, and life. However, the universe is big enough that the disruption might not destroy Earth for a long time. However, the earth would show signs that it was thrust into a new environment even on a quantum level. The result would be the weakening of the magnetic field, an abrupt pole shift, devastating earthquakes in places not prone to quakes, weather disruptions, and an increase in volcanic eruptions. That means that if the Higgs-Boson collapses or even if it already has collapsed humanity would never know. Either we would be reduced to tachyon in less than a blink of an eye or we could be thrust into another dimension without even flinching. Some say that these theories take liberties because of one problem—“gravity.” And yet here we are in 2020, seeing earthquakes in places that rarely have them, Puerto Rico, and Montreal have recently seen moderate quakes. Our weather seems to continually generate severe spikes that some scientists attribute to Climate Change and the magnetic north is rapidly moving south – it is soon to be arriving at the Prime Meridian. The Prime Meridian is the line of 0° longitude, the starting point for measuring distances both east and west around the Earth.

It is also the positioning point for what is called Zero Time. However to be accurate Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers show that the marking strip for the prime meridian at Greenwich is not exactly at zero degrees, zero minutes, and zero seconds but at approximately 5.3 seconds of arc to the west of the meridian. It is also eerie to realize that Preston B. Nichols, a supposed whistleblower who wrote books detailing time travel experiments at the Montauk Air Force Base, claimed that they were never able to time travel past 2012 because they could find no future beyond it. According to him, there was a very abrupt wall there, with nothing on the other side, meaning that something messed with the direct timeline – that time was not as linear as they once thought. Recently, there was a report in Business Insider that Brookhaven Labs is building its first new particle collider in decades near Montauk. The US Department of Energy announced that the long-awaited Electron-Ion Collider will begin construction soon. Scientists use particle colliders to study the origins of our universe and investigate the makeup of atoms. The design for the new machine calls for an underground ring that steers protons and electrons toward one another at nearly the speed of light. When the subatomic particles collide head-on, they melt into a hot soup — the same type of plasma that formed immediately after the Big Bang. For this reason, physicist Stephen Hawking once compared particle colliders to time machines. Are scientists unabashedly pushing us towards the e vent horizon? Are they looking to correct a time glitch that may have ended the world as we knew it? There’s also a theory floating around that we’ve reached the end of history. The ‘end of history’ is a philosophical idea that has been talked about by such notable figures as Hegel, Marx, and most recently Francis Fukuyama. At the ‘end of history’ events still happen, but humanity has reached the end of its sociocultural evolution. This theory has nothing to do with time travel or simulations, but rather, the stagnation of human progress.,

Over the last couple of decades, many theoretical physicists have come to believe that our universe is not the only one. Instead, we may be part of the multiverse, an immense array of separate universes, each its own shining orb in the true night sky. How, or even if, one universe is linked to another is a source of much debate, all of it highly speculative and, as of now, completely unprovable. But one compelling idea is that the seed of a universe is similar to the seed of a plant: It’s a chunk of essential material, tightly compressed, hidden inside a protective shell. This precisely describes what is created inside a black hole. Black Holes are the corpses of giant stars. When such a star runs out of fuel, its core collapses inward. Gravity pulls everything into an increasingly fierce grip. Some scientists say that our earth and our existence might be the product of another, older universe. Call it our mother universe. The seed this mother universe forged inside a black hole may have had its big bang 13.8 billion years ago, and even though our universe has been rapidly expanding ever since, we could still be hidden behind a black hole’s event horizon. And the discovery of the God Particle may have given us a glimpse of what it is like to blink and wind up in a new dimension, something that might have happened after the of the big bang and it happened in the twinkling of an eye. The Bible states that the end of the world holds the greatest mystery. The greatest mystery is that we shall not all sleep, during a great transformation but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Many may not see the events unless someone points it out to them.
Wednesday, January 15th 2020 at 12:29PM
george patel
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