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FEBRUARY 23, 2020

East Cleveland is a section of Cleveland which is mostly blacks being ran and controlled by Arabs and other foreigners. They are able to manipulate the black race through and by using black women. Nearly awt every store front or market, black females have been hired for the sole purpose of "control." In the southern parts of the U.S. black females have been used against blackmen for many many decades. In fact, over 22% of blackmen incarcerated occurred with the help of certain black females. These black females are after one thing and one thing only. Success in the world controlled by the devil and his/her many associates. White supremacists, with the help of black secret societies like freemasons and Eastern Stars, are now able to successfully character assassinate whomever they want. Even without proper evidence. People are being destroyed behind simple lies combined with unknown lying informants and false interpretations of camera surveillance. Not long ago, Arabs and other foreign so-called muslim businesses had particular licenses revoked because of federal abuse of EBT (foodstamps) et cetera. Now keep in mind that the federal government will not charge them with crimes when they are working against the black and latino people. What this means is if these so-called muslims make random reports about what goes on in black and latino communities, or each time someone walks into their business they make up lies on them by terming them agressive, which the targets will never know anything about, then they are considered assets. If they make mistakes but refuse to issue daily reports, then you will hear about them being charged with crimes on the local news medias. Some are protected while others are shamed and disgraced. Those protected are the ones still in black and latino communities even after federal violations. They say black and latino people are so stupid that no matter what you do to them they will continue to support a foreigner's business.

Black people are doomed in Ohio, and pretty much everywhere else in America. Many blacks have bank accoounts with over $10,000 within, according to recent polls, but not one of them will get together and open up a business to supportr their communities. They have no idea that 2020 will be the year m,any of them shall end their incarnations. There are alot more people effected with the so-called coronavirus than is being revealed by the media, according to recent reports from scientists. The government is claiming that revealing the truth about the coronavirus will issue mass panic. Your next door neighbor could be infected with this alien virus and the federal government knows about it. Trust us, the federal government knows more about people in the U.S. trhan people believe. Everything you do is tied in with the federal government. The new identification cards and driver's license in Ohio has chips embedded which tracks you, individually, no matter where you go. In East Cleveland, when black people who know this speak out about it, other blacks with nice homes, nice vehicles, and good jobs, turn against those not quite as successful, materialistically, and anytime someone walks through their streets police are immediately notified. These demons do the same things against black people that white supremacists and white power freaks implement against blacks and latinos. Freemasonic cops and Eastern Stars protect these neighborhood informants by controlling the truth in things. They will literally make up a lie on someone else in the presence of a very influencial person in that neighborhood, and from that moment on the fake news flows like life-blood within veins. Many of these lying informants will go unknown even until America burns. They are "key figures" in keeping black people in poverty and drug dealers employed. This is why the conspiracy against the Nuwaubian from North Carolina is so intense. He sees the truth in things and because he reveals and isn't a concealer of the truth or facts, he is a major threat no matter how many players they use in their character and image assassination games against him.

Other so-called Nuwaubians in East Cleveland, according to sources, do spread the facts even when their lives are threatened from it. These Nuwaubians will actually turn against members of their own nation to preserve their own pathetic extistence. What profits a man/woman to gain the whole world but lose their own souls? Fdearless warriors get alot done in this life. Cowards usually sell out and destroy many nations in the process. Malcolm X was a strong brother, but he took the business of the family and placed it in the hands of devils. He turned against the leader of the Nation of Islam! He was worthy of death! And after the devils used him to bring down the Nation of Islam to a level of controllability, they got rid of him. They hired blacks with islamic names to kill Malcom which brought forth negative attention on the Nation of Islam. This was a well calculated plan which only the FBI and the CIA could have executed at that time. The Nation of Islam was a young organization and the devil needed ammunition to deter blacks with interests about the Nation. Putting it out there that the Nation of Islam was behind the assassination of Malcolm X divided black people drastically. Even in 2020, black people are still talking about what happened to Malcolm X and blames the Nation of Islam. Also, at every Arab or foreign ran mosque inside and outside Cleveland, Ohio, the controllers of those mosques speak of hatred towards the Nation of Islam on a weekly basis. They aren't worried about anything because there are black cops and detectives who protect them with their jobs on the line. And because of how things are being implemented by blacks and foreign muslims in Cleveland, dead bodies of blackmen and women are being found all over the city. Then there are those youth who are attacking older blackmen. This is what goes on in black communities when Arabs and black so-called Sunni muslims control things. The Arabs don't even view the black Sunni muslims as brothers, but that black Sunni muslim will kill or destroy another black person for that foreigner. In the foreign ran mosques they speak ill of caucasians and merntally manipulate blacks to join their cause against white America. They further claim that the stupid blacks don't even know that Arabs put africans into slavery long before the Europeans did, and it still goes on to this day. Ivanka Trump recently wore a hijab supporting Arab women and the Society of Hidden Witches. People are going missing wuite often and the newer aliens who came down recently are literally feasting on human bodies. Some people are being found dead and large numbers aren't being found at all. Ivanka Trump, like her father, is t6ied in with the Ashtar Command and the 4th Reich. But because they are young, Ivanaka and Jared Kushner, their influence in society is highly manipulated.

Americans will not belive what the U.S. has become by July 4, 2020. Many of you won't even be alive. There are countless critics of factual information and myriad parties who want 7you to focus on a job and a home. This is the daily mantra in the black communities. By living the life they want you to live distracts you from whats going on around you. There are blacks in Cleveland who didn't know anything about the coronavirus. They work at places which treats them like slaves. Takwe for an instance the Car Show being held at the IX Center, behind the Airport in Cleveland. Blacks working through temporary services claim they have never experienced such intense racism. They try and work the blacks to a point where they can't move by the time they get off. And then the white power freaks running the Car Show, according to sources, keep a daily log on what each black have been doing throughout the job. Some of them dislike blacks so much they can't even look them in their eyes. Others make fabricated reports tyo Temp. Agencies accisung those blacks of things because the blacks won't work like slaves. Even caucasian youth working through Temp. Agencies spy on those blacks for the supervisors. When blacks are talking amongst one another a caucasian youth will stand close to them just to hear what they are saying. The information is then tooken back to the racist supervisor who had them spying. They'll submit damning fabricated testimonies against certain blacks to their Termp. Agencies before they even get off work for that day, if the conversations were about racism. The worker won't know anything about it until they finished the few days of work. Afterwards, they can't work on other jobs because white supremacist and their affiliates have successfully marked or branded them. This is how things work in Cleveland, Ohio. Some blackmen are spies on the job for those racist supervisors. They only target other blackmen, and have been hired for the sole purpose of claiming thast racism doesn't exist on the job. Thus, they are given more hires and more pay than any other black working for the racist white supremacist Car Show supervisors.
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, February 22nd 2020 at 7:10PM
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