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APRIL 3, 2020

Many Americans seem to forget that the Rockefellers are frim Cleveland, Ohio. Their lands extend from the Cleveland Hreights areas to regions people didn't even known they owned. We know that the coronavirus is a flu-like malady. The sad thing about it is, according to many doctors off the record, there are doctors for the New World Order who are claiming that people have been infected with coronavirus even though they only have the flu. These same doctors who have exposed this New World Order plot also claims that there is harmful bacteria, viruses, and sometimes chips within those flu vaccines which people tend to run to get. Alot of Americans, according to those doctors, really don't care whats about to happen to them in 2020. They don't care about the New World Order and have some notion that Jesus is coming to save them from the hands of the children of the Pleiadians. They will see that what happens to them won't offer any saviors. Many will wish death upon themselves but will fear suicide. Hell is soon to come in a way people never dreamed was possible. They have allowed themselves to be tricked into believing anything their local and national news medias feed them. Black people will be some of those who will suffer most. The power of money have a spell on them and they will do anything for it.

The Rockefellers, during the time they lived in Cleveland, employed many blacks from amongst the Boule Society, black freemasons of various denominations, and Eastern Stars, who are really cauldron sturring spell vasting witches. These powerful forces employed by the Rockefellers practiced separation and division amongst black and latino people. For many many years black people have been controlled by forces who knew that one day those mind controll techniques would be useful in their New World Order agensa. The same is occurring in places like Baltimore, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Hartford and New Haven Connecticut, Atlanta, Dallas and Houston, Texas, and the list goes on and on. If Americans were to look back in their history during slavery, you will see that when blacks and caucasians joined forces against the slave masters they came out with great sustenance. Since that time freemasons of various denominations like Prince Hall, Scottish-rite, and York-rite made sure that there would never be that unity again. This is why racism have been a major prosperous tool used to keep the people divided. Each group tells the other race that they are either better than the next or that a specific race or races is repsonsible for financial decline or environmental catastrophies.

Whats sad is that like an infection, this propaganda shall spread and infect thousands. Since the so-called coronavirus outbreak the New World Order is being set into place. Courts are shutting down, restaurants have shut down and hundreds will never reopen, food is becoming scarce, Social Distancing is a plague more severe than the coronavirus, and lovkdowns in homes have been ordered by Illuminati governors. When people epose these governors they usually work with the mayors who work with freemasons and Eastern Stars, who then work with local police to find where the threat is coming from. Once they locate the threat they will deal with them in a variety of ways. During this quarantine lockdown there are records showing that specific people in specific communities are recieving at least $3,000 per week for monitoring others within their communities. Others have been given devices which have been used to monitor cell phone activities. The information converning their numbers amd
They are like clingons on Star Trek, who read or listen to what another has to say against them and will dissect each sentence and paragraph in order to revut factual testimonies. The tactics are most intense and Cleveland is a major player because of the Rockefellers. During the lockdown people have been lying on others who have been targeted as being individual thinkers. Each and every freemason is involved in the conspiracies. There are many Nuwaubian freemasons also involved who claim to walk with Dr. Malachi York, but thir actions have proveb differently. We have spoken about Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, who stays in East Cleveland, Ohio. James White, a Nuwaubian freemason, have been a threat against Montu since moving to Cleveland. James,according to those who know him, is liken unto the Judas Iscariot of the Bible. He doesn't physically harm or kill another. He just points them out to be dealt with. He feeds information to those who have major connections in Cleveland. One such person he works with is called, "Norman", by all who know him. Norman has an apartment which he rents rooms out of which is next door to where James White lives. James stay at 1743 Holyoke avenue in East Cleveland, According to many females who know Norman, they reveal that each time someone exposes him he thinks it is Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, and will snake his way into communicating with James just to gain access to the house. And whether Montu is home or not, Norman takes lies back to his source against Montu. There is data on many people in Cleveland by top officials, which is similar to a blacklist. These people are targets by both State and Federal Governments, and according to whistleblowers, they were primary targets furing this so-called coronavirus fiasco.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:43AM
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James is valued by Boule Society affiliates because of hsi ability, using freemasonry, to play power games with his targets. And James, like his many superiors, is extremeand is a transformer. He, like so many witches surrounding him, have financially benefitted during this so-called virus outbreak. And like we stated in previous threads, The common flu infects millions of Americans every years and causes as many as 50,000 deaths annually, as the above chart indicates. In contrast, there are 1200 serious cases of the coronavirus, as of yesterday, and 700 people have died, a rate of two per million. For what looks like the common flu, millions of people have lost their jobs and thousands of businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy. The politicians responsible for this travesty need to be held accountable. The coronavirus is the common flu masquerading as a pandemic. Most of those people who have gotten sick and died had pre-existing conditions from other probklems. The variations in Wuhan and Italy may have been more severe. But google "flu" and you will get the following info: Very common ; MORE THAN 3 MILLION US CASES PER YEAR-Spreads easily...Short-term: resolves within days to weeks ;HOW IT SPREADS- By airborne respiratory droplets (coughs or sneezes). By touching a contaminated surface (blanket or doorknob). By saliva. By skin contact. Traumatize the general public into accepting loss of freedom and new repressive technology. The Rockefeller Foundation published a paper in 2010 titled Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development. "The first scenario was called LOCK STEP and was described as follows: "A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback." In this scenario, a virus pandemic appears suddenly, quickly infecting populations around the world, destroying economies by interrupting mobility of people and goods, and debilitating industries and global supply chains.

This makes it possible for government leaders to take total control over their citizens as a public-health measure - a process the people greatly disliked but are psychologically incapable of resisting, because it is done in the name of protecting them. Thus, the economies and political structures of the whole world emerge as a united totalitarian system with a resentful and unruly population but one that can be effectively controlled by new technology." E. Michael Jones points out that the coronavirus is used as an excuse to disarm resistance while continuing to advance "oligarch" objectives. Take the yellow vests. People must download a form to show cops to justify their presence outside. Abortion clinics are open but church masses are banned. Borders are closed to all but migrants. The Illuminati are Satanists, and nearly every freemason and Eastern Star on earth either work with or for them. They hate God and want to destroy and enslave his finest creation, humanity. What better way to inspire fear and distrust than to make anyone who sneezes the subject of possible arrest and removal? People have been damaged. The UK Government has now downgraded COVID-19, they no longer see it as a high consequence infectious disease, they confirm mortality rate is low. An "Oxford study" claims that 50%of the Uk population may already be infected. This means half the population is already immune. So why are they locking down the country. The people pressing the panic button are connected to the Illuminati conspiracy in some way. Actors are willing to pretend they are sick. Even the President of Harvard University. Milt Romney. Greta Thunberg. Prince Charles. The usual suspects. The coronavirus must be seen in the context of an ongoing communist attack on the West by the communist central bankers. Think migration, pornography, promiscuity, gender dysphoria and false flag terror (9-11, Sandy Hook, Paris, Nice etc.) Even after this virus panic fades into memory, this attack will continue. We are under constant, relentless occult attack by the Satanists who create our "money" and control our economy, media, education and government.

There are many christians, muslims, jebusites, and othe Nuwaubians who have been used as spies and informants for those who are seeking world domination. They have been taught to listen to every word spoken in their midst, every conversation, and there is a network of snitches and informants who work together when the target is on the move. The lockdons was designed to know who is who. Many have betrayed their neighbors, the stranger, the wayfarer, and the orphan for their masters. And yet when you hear them speak they sound as if they are against the system. The Rockefellers knew what they were doing when they strated working with black freemasons and Eastern Stars. They knew what they were doing when they worked with caucasian freemasons and Easter Stars. And they knew what they were doing when they made sure that Arabs ran all sorts of stores in Cleveland and abroad. TYhe reach of the Rockefellers have extended around the globe and yet Americans seem to be the most passive, even though they have personally witnessed the decimation of other nations. Everything is interconnected. Lawyers are in on the conspiracies, doctors are in on the conspiracies, police are in on the conspiracies, Mayors are in on the conspiracies, many nurses are in on the conspiracies, celebrities are in on the conspiracies, local and national news medias are in on the conspiracies, firemen and EMS is in on the conspiracies, Taxi drivers, Uber drivers, Lift drivers, and others are in on the conspiracies. The Social Security Administration is in on the conspiracies. Social Services nation-wide is in on the conspiracies. Those who own most of the shares in fast food restaurants which is still in circulation is in on the conspiracies. Many blacks are willing to destroy their entire race just for a morsel of food, money, and a place to live. Others are so selfish that they won't help anyone if they can't recieve back in return. Blacks in Cleveland look at other blacks who don't possess what they have as parasites. They treat them badly and speak ill against them daily. The slave ship is gonna get those negroes.

Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:43AM
george patel

These sort of black people, combined with caucaucasians who think the same way, and with immigrants that connect with them, have opened the dorrway for mass surveillance in nearly all communities. This was a Rockefeller Blue Print Design as well. Currently, the world is in the midst of a global health pandemic, or so we are told. We have been covering all of the events which have preceded the coronavirus outbreak that suggest we are not being told the entire story. This list includes Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation which preceded the first reports of the outbreak by six weeks. The World Military Games held its opening ceremonies in Wuhan China, aka ground zero of the outbreak, on the same day as Event 201. Nearly 10k military athletes from 110 nations were all in Wuhan, just before the outbreak. We have also looked at how the CDC shut down Ft. Detrick, the epicenter of the US Biowarfare program just before the outbreak due to violations concerning leaks and contamination. Plus multiple connections to other existing programs related to the United Nations, Bill Gates and many others. Not to mention our extensive coverage exposing the plan to roll out a new digital financial system out of the ashes of this global emergency, which will likely be considered the biggest economic collapse in human history. In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by journalist Helen Buyniski to break down and discuss the Rockefeller Foundation sanctioned report which appears to be the script for not only Event 201, but everything we are seeing unfold right now concerning the outbreak itself, and the police state response. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4Wo1XZQV2A&feature=emb_logo. VIDEO: The “Lock Step” Simulation Scenario: “A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls” https://www.globalresearch.ca/all-sectors-us-establishment-lock-step-deep-states-latest-bio-war/5702773. Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development http://www.nommeraadio.ee/meedia/pdf/RRS/Rockefeller%20Foundation.pdf. In Sweeping Power Grab, DOJ Seeks Ability to Detain People Indefinitely Without Trial https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/in-sweeping-power-grab-doj-seeks-ability-to-detain-people-indefinitely-without-trial.html.

The EARN IT Bill Is the Government’s Plan to Scan Every Message Online https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/03/earn-it-bill-governments-not-so-secret-plan-scan-every-message-online. Information Warfare: Operation 2020 Election https://www.activistpost.com/2019/12/information-warfare-operation-2020-election.html Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/did-bill-gates-world-economic-forum-predict-coronavirus-outbreak-an-inside-look-may-shock-you.html Nearly 10k Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak! https://www.activistpost.com/2020/02/nearly-10k-military-personnel-from-110-nations-in-wuhan-china-weeks-before-coronavirus-outbreak.html Multiple Nations Suggest Coronavirus Originated in America! Is This Possible? https://www.activistpost.com/2020/03/multiple-nations-suggest-coronavirus-originated-in-america-is-this-possible.html Follow Spiro on ***ute ***ute.com/channel/spiro/ Follow on Twitter https://twitter.com/o_rips. Americans must also keep in mind that the Rockefellers had a hand in DARPA's insects with microchips and cameras on them. They are also involved with SARPA's birds with cameras on them. Other members of the royal families were responsible for recently infecting domestic animals with diseases and viruses which was started at certain homes and spreaded abroad. Ther coronavirus isn't the only virus unleashed into the general populace. There are opther viruses as well. This is why we have stated that they will kill down the earth's population to 500,000,000. Unfortunately, they are calling every virus and sickness the coronavirus or COVID-19 which has given them powers over the people like never before.

The thought of an infliction wounds deeper than the infliction itself, which is why they are shutting down everything other than those who support their New World Order. If you pay attention to everything that is still in cirulation it is these who have betrayed the people. Some smaller businesses know this and have tried to remain open. But the powers that be are using police, the FBI, and others to shut them down. Some are being imptisoned for their stance against the New World Order. And through all of this black people seem to have already conformed. The youth are awaiting their orders to destroy everything in sight. They also have memos of certain people, given to them by their superiors, who are their targets. Smart Meters are being deplyed more, world-wide, because of its effectiveness under 5G. 5G will supercharge most or all surveillance technology to a point where there won'y be anything any human will be able to do about it. President TRump, who claims to support the 2nd Amendment, have signed all sorts of 5G bills into use. Like we have stated on many occasions, President Trump is a crypto-Jew who works for and with the Rothchilds, depsite what those who support him say. The Obams, even though you won't hear much about them, was also responsible for the mind control of black people and the signing of bills crippling humans. Trump may claim to have removed alot of Obama's bills and things but those in support of the New World Order and mass surveillance still stands. According to a female who stays in Cleveland, she warns that people hould be on the lookout for a female witch with Ohio license plates: HUT-2126. Many institutions like Social Services, Social Securit6y, and others secretly use female informants. They communicate either by phone, through someone else, or will go in. Sometimes police use informants by making it appear as if they are placing them uner arrest. Information is exchanged while the snitch is in custofy, and after a while they are released. But never are they put into cells with others unless they have been recruited to spy on someone in jail.

Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:44AM
george patel

And alot of people who have been released from jail have been hand picked by Illuminati frontrunners. Many are snitches who have carried out great work in the jails and prisons, while others are liken unto Judas Iscariot. They don't harm or kill personally. They just point another out to be harmed or killed. In 2020, black people have really showed their true colors. Many never really walked with Jesus. They fear those who is imprisoning the entire planet and use excuses like, "Jesus will do something or God is protecting me", making sure niot to say anything to offend their masters many spies. These people shall perish. Someimes in life one can be so good to where they are good for nothings. They hide behind the Jesus character because they refuse to stand up and take responsibility. And when the devils enslave the entire planet, prior to mass killings and mass comsuming of human flesh, these misguided devils will curse their gods and their Jesus. Some will claim that it wasn't real while others will feel betrayed. In truth, your histoprical Jesus and Ancestors have made it where information like this is still available so that you can prepare for battle. There will be battles no matter how much you give up. What they are doing to the planet have been planned for many centuries. Various independent researchers around the web, for weeks now, have highlighted the coronavirus-5G link despite Google (as the self-appointed NWO Censor-in-Chief) is doing its best to hide and scrub all search results showing the connection. The coronavirus 5G connection doesn't mean the bioweapons connection is false (it's not a case of either-or), but rather broadens the scope of the entire event.was one of the test cities chosen for China 5G rollout; 5G went live there on October 31, 2019, almost exactly 2 months before the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak began. Meanwhile, many scientific documents on the health effects of 5G have verified that it causes flu-like symptoms. 5G can exacerbate or cause the kind of illness you are attributing to the new virus. The rabbit hole is deep so let's take a dive. Now Huawei is pretending 5-G is some kind of cure. For the deeper background to 5G, read Makia Freeman's 2017 article 5G and IoT: Total Technological Control Grid Being Rolled Out Fast. Many concerned citizens, scientist and even governmental officials are becoming aware of the danger of 5G. It has already been banned in many places worldwide, such as Brussels, the Netherlands and parts of Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, the USA and Australia. After all, 5G is not just the next generation of mobile connectivity after 4G; it is a radical and entirely new type of technology - a military technology used on the battlefield that is now being 'deployed' (military term) in the civilian realm. It is phased array weaponry being sold and disguised as primarily a communications system when the frequency bands it uses (24GHz - 100+GHz including MMW [millimeter waves]) are the very same ones used in Active Denial Systems, i.e. crowd control. Even mainstream Wikipedia describes Active Denial Systems as directed energy weaponry; it disperses crowds by firing energy at them, causing immediate and intense pain, including a sensation of the skin burning. Remember, directed energy weapons (DEW) are behind the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the fake Californian 'wildfires'. https://thefreedomarticles.com/dew-laser-weapons-used-against-people/. DEW & Laser Weapons are Being Used Against the American People. DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) are no longer the stuff of conspiracy theory. In the last few months in the US, there have been a number of incidents where DEW, laser weapons and perhaps other high-tech energy weapons have been openly deployed against the American people.

This pandemic is being used to forward Agenda 20/30, the UN's policy of complete control over the world population. Of course, this is sugar coated. This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest global challenge and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal and secure our planet. And because people like Montu is fully aware of this the powers that be have even employed parties tied in with Nuwaubians, as spies and setup artists against him. The vaccine will transform humans into creature like demons who will lose their minds and their selves entirely. In this way you won't put up a fight when the physical and brutal takeover takes place. Freemasons, Watch out for those who seem to be playing two sides of the fence right now. Don't trust them. Don't trust 5G. We mus also keep in mind that there is evidence of those amongst us being given devices that hack our phone calls. Each time we turn on our phones and turn on mobile data someon within our communities know it. Your phone service Reps. will claim this isn't possible. But don't listen to them because they are tools and act as human robots. They all supply responses like they are reading off a script.

Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:44AM
george patel

In Conclusion: We let George Bush, the CIA & Mossad get away with murdering 3000 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001 for their masters, the Illuminati central bankers, (Rothschilds & Rockefellers.) We let the mass media blame it on Osama bin Laden and scorned truthers who challenged this ridiculous narrative. Because we didn't bring the bankers to justice, we're victims of their latest psyop, the coronavirus. We're trapped in our homes just like the unfortunate victims of 911 were trapped in the twin towers. It's just a matter of time before the towers collapse and we are all crushed to death. We are talking about a world war which is planned for after Trump's re-election. The Coronahoax is a psyop. Simulation experts like Dr. Colleen Brown create panic in the media while crickets are heard at local hospitals. Just like 9-11 when virtually the whole political establishment lied to us, we must recognize that we're ruled by liars and traitors. Virtually every participant in the panic game, including Trump, is a traitor. But why is this news? They're mostly Freemasons or Jews, or in Trump's case, both. But, this time, the scope of blame spans the world and includes most world leaders as well as some unlikely participants like Iran, China, Russia and the Russia propaganda outlets RT and Zerohedge.com. There are some unexpected holdouts, like Sweden. (Sweden just ignores this insanity.) The scope is a reflection of the range and power of the Masonic Jewish world central banking cartel. Virtually everyone promoting this scam is betraying his fellow citizen. We are not saying there isn't a virus, only that the term "seasonal flu" (influenza) covers most instances. They have s*xed up the flu to scare people out of their wits, their money and their civil rights. They have used this psyop to destroy the economy and enact draconian political measures. The damage from the lockdowns is 1000 times worse than the infection.

Some people think we are on the cusp of another great Depression. This notion, however, will all pass with the flu season. No less an authority than Bill Gates predicts it will "fade away within a few months." Casualties will be fewer than expected, he says. People will credit the government for its "strong" response. Pandemics serve the purpose of "testing and improving response" i.e. the development of vaccines, (an industry in which he is heavily invested.) Pandemics (and another psyop, global warming) are "sufficiently frightful to motivate the public and governments to accept drastic changes to society." Leadership for this must come from technocrats, not politicians. This definitely sounds like a NWO psyop. What "drastic changes" does he mean? I harken back to another psyop, the crash of 1929. Illuminati insider Chaim Rakover (Christian Rakowsky) refers to the Great Depression as an "American revolution." It was deliberately precipitated by the Illuminati for profit, to break the "classical American" character and to take political power. Similarly, the Coronavirus has proven that Westerners have no discernment or courage. They will do whatever they are told: Wear silly masks, close their businesses, fire their employees and allow themselves to be imprisoned in their homes without a murmur or a question. In fact, they will intimidate dissenters and cry out for more draconian measures. We live in a society where your job (and livelihood) depends on betraying your fellow citizens, your culture and your values. The essence of Communism is extending the Rothschild monopoly over credit to a monopoly over everything. This means everything you have or do, your spouse, your children, your beliefs, your freedom is under their thumb. This pandemic masks a Communist power grab. Finally, the real virus is Cabalism (Kabbalism): Kabbalism is an occult Jewish ideology adopted by Freemasonry. Essentially it is Satanism. The Kabbalist displaces your Ancestors in defining reality. He banishes the Creator from the universe. He believes that saying so makes it so. Thus, he inverts reality ("revolution") to serve his interests and perversions. He has acquired the mass media and, therefore, is in a unique position to gaslight us. Satan, or Reptilians, Insectoids, Dragonians, et cetera, preys on his/her own adherents. The Kabbalist seeks to induct humanity into his cult to destroy or enslave it. This virus is part of a relentless millennia-old war against humanity seen today in the s*xualization of women and children, and the promotion of gender dysphoria, migration, satanism and globalism in general. Under the mask of "progressive," they undermine the four legs of human identity: race, religion (God), patriotism and family (gender) in order to re-engineer us to be their slaves. The real virus is Kabbalism (Satanism.) We have caught it because it is in our societal bloodstream: the banking system. Our predicament is dire. Right now we're trapped in our homes on the 94th Floor of the World Trade Center. But unless we grow a brain and a spine, we're going to be crushed when the towers crumble into dust. We didn't avenge the victims of 9-11. Now it's our turn. Rem,eber, Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, staying in in East Cleveland, always said the COVID-19 was a psyops. But other Nuwaubians tin Cleveland ried to feed him disinformation, knowing how effective he is. No they heat is on!
Thursday, April 2nd 2020 at 11:44AM
george patel
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