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MAY 9, 2020

This missive was formulated by Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland, Ohio. We will not go into much other than submitting it over to Montu. It begins...

Montu gives the highest of honors and thanks to the Holy Souls who came down to earth for over 50 uears. Each being teaching something that earthlings wasn't aware of in their conscious minds. In 2020, many earthlings have been rightly educated and not one soul who departs from this earth can say that they didn't get the facts, or at least some facts. We are all responsible for our own actions and with this comes results and consquences. Earth is heading down a path into what is known as destruction. There have been a Space Force created which is not to be mistaken for the Mars Project. The Space Force is a bit more sinister with intentions that is stirring up those beings in what you call, the heavens. The Mars Force, however, involved beings being sent to Mars for colonization. During the time of Adolph Hitler, both the U.S. and Germany took part in what was known as the Super Soldier Program. The Super Soldier Program involved human test subjects that were genetically manipulated and fused with alien DNA, Reptilian DNA, Grey DNA, and others. The parents of Arnold Swartzenegger, Jean Claude Van-Dam, and Dolph Lundgren, to name a few, allowed genetic tests to take place with their seeds which resulted in television Super Soldiers, so to speak. Arnold's father was a general in Hitler's armed forces.

Even in 2020, Arnold is followed and protected by forces equal to the protection the President receives. But does it make them evil people? Well, nearly all women who played in movies with Arnold Swartzenegger claimed that he forced them to give him, what most people call, blow jobs. And when the women tried taking him to court, they found out it was like going against Prince Philip. No charges were ever filed on Arnold from the many complaints against him. Van Dam was different. In his movies he used the men as kicking and punching bags. Actors got so hurt working with Van Dam to where many tried suing him for the many bones he had broken on them, and for other reasons. From what was being revealed in Hollywood, very few knew the outcome of the cases. Not much was stated about Dolph Lundgren because most of his records are sealed. However, the Super Soldier Program was first put together for the purpose of combat. Then they realized that the Super Soldiers could be used in nearly all facets of society. But what Americans don't know is that many of these soldiers took part in whats known as the Mars Defense Force. The Mars Defense Force was part of the Earth Defense Force, a United Nations un-acknowledged Special Access Program. The Mars Defense Force is the primary defense unit that protects the Mars Colony Corporation. This defense unit recruits people from many military services, globally, to protect the interests of the Mars Colony Corporation, which consists of several civilian space colonies. Aries Prime, according to some, was the main human headquarters on Mars, and is located inside of a crater. The atmosphere is adaptable for humans, and the climate is even warm sometimes. At one point there were two main indigenous species living on Mars, and both were highly intelligent.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Friday, May 8th 2020 at 1:55PM
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Essentially, an aggressive reptilian species and an Insectiod species, both of whom were equally capable of defending their territories on Mars. There are bases both on the surface and underground, much like on Earth. The indigenous Martian species, reptoids, or the old clan warrior class, are not particularly interested in expanding their territory, only maintaining it. In 2016, very few humans are even aware that the Mars Colony exists. Local News Medias, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox News, and a host of other news media outlets are always talking about parties on the Planet Earth going to Mars, in human form, for the first time. This throws off most Americans who have daily rituals of watching the news once they get off work. These Americans literally believe whatever the news feeds them, which is one reason why Arnold Swartzenegger considered Americans somewhat illiterate. He stated, and we quote, that 93% of Americans need to be told what to do because they don't know how to properly do much of anything. Americans have no idea that International Militaries have the ability to create rain, snow, earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes, and much much more. They think that these things are completely guided by Mother Nature.

The Earth Defense Force is not only part of the Mars Defense Force, but is also part of the Lunar Operations Command (Moon Project President Kennedy and Senator Bobby kennedy were murdered behind these), and the Mars Colony Corporation. Most of the extraterrestrials don't like humans, but have tolerated those who were human alien hybrids. There are species who are considered extremely dangerous, or neutral and benevolent. In reality, for most supersoldier programs, the training starts long before the person is into adulthood or formally recruited into particular branches of military covert operations. Many recruits were also undergoing what was known as hybrid upgrades. At one time Project Moonshadow was actually the program that prepped recruits for service for the Mars Defense Force tour of duty. Usually at the ages of 17, 18, or 29, recruits will be put into a block with soldiers who are to serve the Earth Defense Force. Afterwards, they will then be contracted out from the Earth Defense Force to work for the Mars Defense Force, which is the main defense contractor for the Mars Colony Corporation. One General even claimed that after recruits serve a certain amount of years they'll be rotated back to the Luna Operations for reverse aging, a process that takes several weeks to prepare recruits to be inserted back into their original timelines. The debrief consists of memory suppression of their training, their duties, and some advanced tests to determine the effects of influence of extraterrstrial consciousness from Mars. Some recruits return before age regression period may include being shown off to some military brass, some gladiator style fighting, and many medical tests and procedures. It was even revealed not long ago that President Obama himself took part in both Project Montauk and Project Pegasus.

Project Moonshadow was a youth program which calculates to about 300 soldiers in the original program; a 80/20 split of boys and girls. Project Moonshadow is a United States Marine Corps Super Soldier cooperative program with the Bronze ones, or the grandchildren of the Dragon Li. Sometimes they are transferred to the United States Marine Corps Super Soldier general service pool. That pool usually consist of about 10,000 to 20,2000 personnel who is to be sent to Luna Operations Command for individual assignments in the Earth Defense Force system. Recruits will later be able to connect with their higher and lower selves. The seven chakras is the individual, and is in between those two Selves. Recruits are taught that their higher Self is the eighth chakra, and the lower Self is beneath the root chakra, below your feet, at the bottom of the prana tube that runs through your body. Once they make the connection, the higher Self can have a way of making it very clear that the recruit is in communication with Him/Her. When other beings, even handlers, that may have good intentions, sometimes there be a feeling the recruit will have of being invaded by something from outside of them.

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 1:56PM
Susan Storm

When the recruit hears their higher Self, it’s a lot more like feeling some other part of them have been missing their whole life, and then the recruit and it are home again, once they reunite. It’s a very moving and emotional experience. But the major earmarks are the positive sensations. There’s certainly a bliss component. But also an empowering component. The rulers of the global elites believe that the Galaxy is sentient, and that they’re job is much like white blood cells in the body of the galaxy. They’re goal is to rid all planets in the galaxy of cancer and disease, as they put it. Humans are neither to them. Humans are a part of the Gaian ecosystem that should have opportunity to flourish, but infections by other species, and by a sociopathic strain in our own species, threaten the whole ecosystem of the entire planet, the entire solar system, and this corner of the galaxy. They would like to stop what’s here before it spreads. Culling back the population to a few hundred million (500,000,000... http://www.radioliberty.com/stones.htm) and starting over is an option for them, but they consider it very wasteful and would prefer to save the species, as is, while removing the harmful or undersirable components. Much in the way a surgeon would rather do the delicate and complicated surgery to save the whole patient, if possible, but will amputate both arms and legs to keep the patient alive, if that’s the only option left to them. But who are these deciders of human fate?

Many humans have watched movies like Star Trek, where they speak of the Space Confederation of the Planet. This is real folks and humans need to awaken from their sleep and advance Onward and Upward. Many many years ago the Planet Earth was quarantined until enough melaninite children had expressed that they have have enough of the devils. The devils would then start to be removed from the earth. Within the past 20 or so years, the Luciferians and their many forces rule ended. The United Nations, which use to be called the League of Nations, was a place where different nations would come together on the planet for peace. Inj the universe we have wahts called the Galactical Confederation of Planets, where beings from higher worlds will come together or convene in many places throughout the galaxy for peace in the universe. The Galactical Confederation is also responsible for passing judgement on planets. From this fact comes Judgement Day, even found within your Bibles and Qurans (Korans). The Book of Revelation speaks of the end of a species rule over the planet. The Galactical Confederation passes judgements on planets to see if knowledge and consciousness have been raised. You so-called leaders know this and even tried implementing this but for all the wrong reasons. They turned what was good to be considered bad, and whats bad to now be considered good or desirable.

The quarantine was/is about renegades being sent to earth to incarnate as humans, and is a prison for those beings. This is why they crave wealth and power. This is their heaven. However, many of these beings had done very evil and wicked things in other places and earth is like a prison for them. At the Millenium, the quarantine was lifted and many of these demonic forces are being removed from earth. Thus, the Pleidians have already had their 144,000 removed. Those left here on earth presently trying to stay in power are the Children of the Pleiadians. The Galactical Confederation is closely monitoring to see if there are beings on earth qualified to rule over earth. Humans need to pay very lose attention to this! Many earthlings don't know or don't want to know that there are myriad different species on earth presently. Through religion, Illuminati controlled schools, and the local, national, and celebrity news media manipulations, people have been successfully programmed in thinking that they are the only life that exists on earth. Many beings ruling today suffer from sucidal tendencies, and before they give up rule they are willing to kill themselves, all humans, and even destroy the entire planet. The Galactical Confederation are the higher neings who police over 300 different Star Systems in this Galaxy alone. The Galactical Confederation is responsible for seeding life on planets and is responsible for destroying planets. Earth is presently headed on a path of destruction, and even NASA and the media are revealing upcoming meteorites headed for earth. They term it Apophis. Apophis is considered an asteroid and is also the name of an Egiptian Demon symbolized by the snake. Apophis was also the enemy of the Egiptian Deity many call Ra, or the Sun. The sun sustains all life on earth, literally speaking and metaphorically speaking, and from time to time Apophis would launch attacks. if Apophis attacks earth, it will be in the form of a fireball. Meteorites are either metallic or made of stone.

And when they enter the earth's atmosphere, the friction from the metallic balls cause these meteorites to become flames of fire. The Book of Revelation even speaks of fire coming from the heavens which will consume the earth. If that happens many things will literally burn up. Even though the evil and wicked Arabs try and keep it away from the people, the Kaaba, the cubed shaped struction in Mecca which nearly all muslims prays to and towards, has an even smaller box like structure buried within it. That box like structure holds inside, a meteorite. This meteorite was held in hopes earthlings would remember what took place in places where pure evil reigned. However, the amount of carbon released from the impact of a massive asteroid or meteorite would blot out the sun, and all life will eventually die. Even those who manage to hide themselves will eventually die from starvation. This will send the earth into an Ice Age. This is what happened to the finosaurs. You can believe in any god they have indoctrinated you to believe in and that god or those gods won't save you from this destruction. Your prayers are not going to stop some massive object heading for earth, traveling at speeds over 3,000 miles per an hour. 68 million years ago dinosaurs were destroyed in this same way. There have been facts uncovered by scientists confirming this.

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 1:56PM
Susan Storm

The large craters in the earth in those regions is a reminder. Humans all across the planet, should be back religions to those demons who created it to enslave you. Your heaven and hell concepts hold an even higher dramatic end for those for those of you whose minds and consciousness remains constricted by those demonic controllers. Women must remember that as you are gods over men, you are not yet ready to accept the throne. Many of you have been poisoned by the Children of Pleidians to accept wealth and power over true love and complete unity. material wealth should have no place in your minds as it will surely come should you balance yoursleves. Many of your vibrations still give off inharmonius frequencies showing instability in many ways. There are many very powerful women on earth who could have stopped alot of whats going on now. And because you refused to step up and be the Mother Nurturer, countless humans will die in vain and from starvation. Countless humans will perish in 2020, and because many of you have tooken blood oaths, and have performed rituals in order to be accepted in the world of the Children of the Pleiadians, you are bound by your desires. They will eliminate know should you betray them, and this you know.

Many beings in the Islamic religion at mosques in Pennsylavania, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, et cetera, worship money and have turned away many people in need simply because they didn't know them. Others have put muslims through all sorts of changes just to obtain some kind of food or funds appealing to the Federal Government. However, some parties within the Federal Government stated that they didnt order mosques to do some of the things they have been doing. The leaders of those mosque who controls the finances worships the money so intensely that they will lie to keep their standings and positions, even if caught in a myriad of lies. The same foods that is like seasoning humans up for the Draonians is the same sort of foods given away to humans by churches, mosques, and Jewish Temples. They think they are doing God's work, Allah's work, or El Shaddai's work. In truth, those deities are now considered diabolical beings tied in with the Children of the Pleiadians. It is important for humans to understand that the tones for those deities we at one time benevolent. But when the diabolical forces learned those tones they changed the frequencies. This means that when you call on Allah or El Shaddai, you are actually invoking a demonic Sumerian deity. And for those who like using the word "GOD", a god is anything or being in control of other things and beings. Thus, anything can be your god. If you were to read the scriptures prior to being translated by freemasons and Eastern Stars, you will not find the word God in any original dialect or translation prior to the birth of that religion. Most of the information has now been erased by Google, Facebook, and many other Tech Giants who are a part of the Children of the Pleidians and the Draconians. The fact that Facebook, Twitter, and others have been erasing important figures from their Social Network only proves that the time is at hand for the destruction of humans.

Humans must understand that this planet is controlled by extraterretrials. And many of you have no idea how deep their influence is within your everyday lives. They have many agents and Arabs are dedicated agents for the Nephilim. They use their religion, Islam, to enslave because it rewards them fianancially. And many of those financial powerhouses over huge mosques and businesses, during the month of Ramadan, they secretly eat, smoke cigarettes, curse or use profanity, plot, slander, display racism, and more. The blacks and caucasians working under them overlooks this because the money they are being paid is good. The gods of the Arabs have been at war for thousands of years. From Anunnaki to Enqi and Enlil, these beings are the same good and evil beings of the Torah. They were overseen by the Anakim or Eloheem or Alihat. Both sides seek to rule earth and all of its resources, including livestock, who they see as animals and humans. Many other extraterrestrials have also come and joined the conflict, which is why people are seeing more and more so-called UFO's. Most humans are under a spell of hypnotic sleep. These humans are worshipping their slave masters. There are so many extraterrestrials that humans don't know who to worship. these humans live by faith, hope, and wishes. They believe in God or Gods unseen. In Christianity if you don't live a certain way you cannot partake of earthly success. The same goes with both Islam and Judaism. In truth, those Sumerian demons overseeing all earthly religions is fighting to break all religions down to one. This is one reasom why in their New World Order the religion shall be a One World Religion. The Catholics are the first to fall. And many others shall fall as well. Some say this One World Religion is about sun worship. But is really about the worship and sacrifice to Sumerian Deities.

As we've stated in a previous thread, COVID-19, involves conspiracies that outweigh many previous conspiracies. COVID-19, is linked to dogs and there is still alot of people embracing them as relatives or children. The news media has been perpetrating lies about this COVID-19, and the deaths attributed to it. They claim that most people who died from the virus were blacks and latinos. In truth, those blacks and latinos perished due to having other pre-existing diseases or illnesses. The lack of doctors, the lack of medical care, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and all the things they shouldn't be eating or drinking were tied in with the virus that led to their demise. The cure lies in the plasma!

The blood plasma and the hemoglobin is what the devils are after, which is one reason they are requesting blood from people, especially during this COVID-19 fiasco. They moved from attention on the virus to donating blood. They want the plasma in the blood with the hemoglobin. The plasma is the clotting factor and every 300 years they have to mix with others or they will die. During the slave trade their were beings who needed the blood of black abd brown people due to being hemophiliacs. In tyhe 1600's they couldn't use the blood of Africans because their genes were too dominant for recessive genes. Thusm, they traveled around the continent of Africa in search of Nubians, or those with mixed blood lines, or the new being. in Morocco that was spanish and french mixed which led to small pox. And due to this mixture there were many different other genes created which ended up wiping out many indigneous people. Such diseases which sprung forth were tifis, measles, influenze, bubonic plague (so-called Black Death), cholera, malaria, mumps, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and a unusual type of syphilis, to name a few. They can use ions in the air to give people cancer in any part of the body they seek. They can also use it to affect the hemoglobin in the body the same way.

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 1:56PM
Susan Storm

Every 300 years they must mix in or the entire species will die. Most of the black and latino population don't have private doctors and private physicians. They also don't have the money to go back and forth to the hospitals like everyone else. If one looked at the map of Africa recently on television, up until a little over one month ago, Africa was the only gray place where the coronavirus didn't flourish. Then they changed it after people wanted to know why Africa wasn't being affected by COVID 19. They lied and said it was because of the malaria medicine! They know that we know the truth and they cannot trick or fool us! The only ones being fooled are those who refuse to do research for themselves and rely heavily on the local and national news medias, with their analysts and strategists, supported by demonic scientists and gene manipulators. 2020 will be a great time of sorrow because so many people have been misled and is doing what they see others doing. You must take care of your health at this time. You shouldn't wear flipflops out in the open because it exposes the feet, and the feet are one of many things on your nody that breaths. Whether they'll listen or not, women should stop wearing jeans because it also constricts. Wear loose clothing. Also, stay away from nlood meats or anything that has parents. The Draconian reptilians can smell it on you. Their canines (dogs) are the eyes and ears everywhere on earth. Thats why they push for dogs to be in everybody's house. Dogs are extra sensitive and hear on frequencies humans cannot. Dogs were used, historically, all the way back to when things were in the hands of Pleidians. Then the Pleidians backed away and it went to the Aldebarans. Thats who Hitler was all about. Then the Aldebarans backed away because of the so-alled savior for America was Joseph Smith. Smith was the one the Pleidians came to. He sought salvation for the people and went to the Native Americans to share what the Pleidians showed him. He was rejected and then killed by his own people.

The Pleidians approached President George Washington because he was a freemason. Every 10 years they must upgrade. Then on April 15, 1999, when they met at Bohemian Grove in California, thats when Molech or NAN.NAR, at the 40 foot tall Owl, had to sacrifice the little girl. They then decided to back off and drop the Arcturians (Bible..Job 9:9). Thats the Anunnaki you find in the Bible. Then blocked the Aldebarans and gave power to the Draconians. If you read the Quran, it tells them at the end of the world a lizard or beast will come from underground (Quran 7:82). The beings working with Bill Gates and others know the science of DNA, and see all humans are not the same. They are injecting insect-sized nano-technology in human beings. However, this comes from another species of aliens so that if you get any disease, the nano-technology can go directly to the spot, kill off the cancer, and then flush itself out of one's body. In reality, they are only wiring people up for total ccontrol. In these times it is important to know that when you expose Arabs, they will first try and destroy your character, secretly to a select few in blacks, latinos, and caucasian communities, which like an infection, begins to spread. They always whisper when they plot against others. They will even pay desparate people to kill folks that are threats to them. Some may stand outside your home and fire shots. Not to hit you nor your home, but to invoke a fear response. And if you have been eating things that give off a desirable smell by the Draconians, they will change laws and policies under COVID-19, just to get you out of your homes. Policies under COVID-19, is alloowing them access into your houses.

These beings are desparate, know that their rule has ended on earth, is being pulled off earth by the Galactical Confederation, and is doing things that the devil himself would hesitate at doing. White supremacy must end or the planet will suffer a fate. No human will escape the destructions no matter where you are on the planet. There is a being amongst us who is vapable of ruling all of earth. The Children of the Pleidians know this being. They watch this being daily. However, its up to you to resist everything dealing with the Pleidians and start your schooling and learning all over ahain, as if starting from kindergarden. The change in your consciousness will maybe allow earth to avoid the fate of the fireballs from the sky. Other than this, the blood of those innocent, after you read this, shall be on your hands. You are no longer unaware after reading this. It was written.... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/10/business/coronavirus-workplace-automation.html

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 1:56PM
Susan Storm
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