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The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota was just as gruesome as the killing of Eric Garner in New York a few years back. However, everything is connected. What I mean by this is that if we were to calculate the timing of when Melvin1958's account was deleted on ConnectingSingles.com, you will see it was days before the assassination of Floyd took place. The information revealed in the threads entitled, "DEVIL (REPTILIAN/DRACONIAN) WORSHIPPERS, DEVIL (REPTILIAN/DRACONIAN) WORSHIPPERS....2ND WAVE, and THE GALACTICAL CONFEDERATION OF THE PLANETS ", wasn't normal information. The Luciferians, the Draconians, and others paid attention and plotted. Conrad73 and others who criticised were part of the plot. You see, when you take away the means of communication from a race of beings who need it for survival, their enemy can kill at will. White supremacists work with members of the Boule Society who helps sacrifice certain black people. They can speak as ill about white supremacy as they'd like but it is a matter of record, both past and present, that the Boulr Society still works to empower white supremacy. White supremacists target blacks who hold profound knowledge and wisdom. And websites like Infowars.com may speak about crimes against black people, but when blacks or people of color teach their people wisdom beyond anything known by most, Infowars, which tries to post information xlose to the topic but distorts the information in order to make it appear that caucasians have superior knowledge.

Even when the blackman was hunted down like a deer and shot by a caucasian retired detective and his son, infowars.com put out a report claiming that the blackman had encounters with police previously about shoplifting. This was their way of justifying the killing of a blackman by Draconians. Fox News also put out a report which held the same meaning as the Infowars report. Infowars and Fox News support President Trump. And President Trump has no love for black people. Only those who cause divisions within the black community or uses disinformation to manipulate people of color, supports Donald Trump. Trump tweeted that he would kill the looters in Minneapolis after the killing of George Floyd. Surveillance showed those who report to him that the looters were people of color. So there's no way black people should think any differentl;y other than he thinks blacks are beneath him. White supremacists look to Trump as the great white hope. This is why so many support him. The new white supremacists are millionaires and billionaires. Their power lies in their police, which is why Trump secretly supplied certain police departments with updated military technology and weaponry. Their targets are people of color. Forget the Arab because they have pledged an allegiance with white supremacists years ago. Trump have stated on many occasions that he loved and support white power cops. He doesn't show the same love to black cops until someone speaks about it. Afterwards, he pretend because he know most black people are weak, and when a white supremacist is nice to them they thrown down their guards!
Posted By: Susan Storm
Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 2:48AM
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As Montu has said, the Pleidians approached President George Washington because he was a freemason. Every 10 years they must upgrade. Then on April 15, 1999, when they met at Bohemian Grove in California, thats when Molech or NAN.NAR, at the 40 foot tall Owl, had to sacrifice the little girl. They then decided to back off and drop the Arcturians (Bible..Job 9:9). Thats the Anunnaki you find in the Bible. They blocked the Aldebarans and gave power to the Draconians. If you read the Quran, it tells them at the end of the world a lizard or beast will come from underground (Quran 7:82). The beings working with Bill Gates and others know the science of DNA, and see all humans are not the same. Amd like Montu further stated, the reason why the Draconians start wars, steal oil, and totally destroy certain lands is because its all tied into Politics or Politricks. They say things like, "not politically correct" because it encompasses around politics in which they rule with Draonian laws.

Draconian laws indoctrinate you and punishes you should you refuse to disobey those laws. The entire Draconian system is a Sumerian demon system designed to enslave and for them to feast on human flesh. Politics enforces the "G" many of you see within the masonic square and compass. The "G" actually represents many things. But right now we will only define its representation for god over slave. Thus, the "G" represents governance. The "O" represents ordinances for states, cities, towns, for Municipal Buildings, et cetera. And the "D" represents departments everywhere you can think of, including for department stores who are tied in with Draconians. Remember, the word for God in Hebrew is Gad, or one of Enlil's names. Gad is the deity over wealth and power which is how they rule. Its all about wealth. So the next time you see someone with wealth and power, changes are they had to sacrifice humans to get it. The Arabs in America have no compassion for blacks nor caucasians, and craves wealth and power. Many caucasians crave wealth and power. And many blacks, amongst others, crave wealth and power.

America is very sick and because of white supremacists and other great evils, America will perish. But people of colormust keep in mind that while this country crumbles they will fight for the scraps left. Racism and white supremacy comes from the White House, from the media, and from International Militaries. Trump knows that if he tries to eliminate all black people this planet would be destroyed swiftly. This information he keeps from his many flunkies because if they knew the truth they wouldn't follow him nor anything he has to say. This planet is about to face judgement and the Draconians are sacrificing many people of color to their gods in hopes of being saved and tooken to another world after destroying this one. Clowns like Conrad73, and the many who made fun of Melvin1958 and myself work with white suopremacists to keep blacks dumber than them. The Boule Society of Police Chiefs, Mayors, and Governors work with the white supremacists as well. They have been promised a paradise that is really a hell unimagineable. Black people protesting once worked in the 1960's but today white supremacists mock those protesters. The white supremacists have perfected the art of killing and if they can establish this New Order, they can kill without bounds. Alex Jones and Infowars may have some correct information in their reports sometimes. But anytime a black does something to a caucasian or a caucasian cop kills a black, their reports will favor those caucasians. So dont't be misled.

Many parties took part in the deletion of Melvin1958's account. Black people took part in this behind the scenes as well. Those black people who targeted Montu daily, even those close around him, who work to silence facts posted on this website are responsible for the death of George Floyd. And yet they'll get in the midst of those protests and pretend like they support those black victims. That is why protests are vain in 2020. Trying to get the devil to become a good person will never happen. Like I said previously, a black crackhead name Kevin who lives at 1743 Holyoke Avenue in East Cleveland, amongst Montu and James secretly met with the Boule Society to stop Montu's messages. This resorted in Melvin 1958's account being deleted. And Kevin is a manager at Wendy's on West 117th street in West Cleveland. People like him have helped members of the Boule and members of the Boule helps white supremacists. They have chose their sides and atre a threat to black people. When black people and other people of color can come to grips with this and chase them out of their communities, that is when you can start to take back you unity. But as long as drug dealers working with and for the Boule or for white supremacists specific blacks will continue to be assassinated by police because they were told that those blacks were liked by alot of black people. The gang members won't kill them, neither will the thugs. The Draconians kill them because their laws will help them to continue to get away with it. They may not kill another blackman like they murdered George Floyd immediately, but after white supremacists work their magic, the killings will start up again. And each time they are much more fierce than before.


Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 2:48AM
Susan Storm
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