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It can be said by some that the Black Lives Matter movement has been pointing out racial economical and military strategies being carried out by white supremacists all throughout Americas. Is it true that president Trump's inner circle have been secretly informing caucasian communities that they are under attack by black people? Is it true that Joe Biden, who have it on record as calling certain black politicians n*ggaz, is also secretly tied in with white supremacists while appealing to black people and their votes for success in his becoming president? Lets forget Lebron James and Kaepernick, who are professed Socialists and Communists for a moment. However, lets focus on the youth being inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. First off, the key to white supremacy rule and success rely on daily intel. Their main strategy is divide and conquer of black people. Regular caucasian pedestrians have joined forces with caucasian cops who they see as their saviors because these cops are assassinating blackmen and women. The killings have accelerated since President Trump has been making his rounds. But lets not just blame Trump. We must also remember that the entire Democrat Party was birthed by the Klu Klux Klan. Many black youth are aware of this which is why they join groups like Black Lives Matter. But let it be known that Ohio, one of the most racist states with white supremacists and the KKK wearing suits and ties, driving Utility vehicles, amongst law enforcement, running stores and other businesses, et cetera, with plans on setting off a full on race war. Just recently a Sheriff from Butler County, Ohio, not far from the white supremacist controlled Cincinnati, clsimed that if blacks shoot at caucasian cops they will shoot back. These were his racial statements in detail which was leaked by someone within that inner circle. And since that declaration was made every caucasian cop in Ohio have been targeting black people. Even churches and other institutions ran by caucasians have joined forces with the rhetoric made by that Sheriff.

For an example: A few days ago a black family from out of state sought help with food from two caucasian churches in Westlake, Ohio. According to video recording, the husband spoke with the Pastor at Westlake Christian Church (440) 871-2400, located at: 2239 Dover Center road. According to the conversation from recordings, when that Pastor realized the man was black asking for help, the tone in his voice changed. It was if he wanted to say, "why is a n*ggar bothering my church"? And when the husband was nearby the church after he was led to believe that he would get help with food, the caucasian Pator immediately used Covid-19 A reason not to meet with the blackman. But like all racists and undercover racists, he will lie. This is why its omportant for black people to use video and voice recordings with all of their dealings with caucasians in Ohio. The next church the family sought help from was Saint Ladislas Parish church (440) 835-2300, located at: 2345 Bassett road. The husband was told to go out to the church and fill out an application and he would be helped afterwards. This too was recorded. So when he traveled to the church, witnessing it was an all caucasian community, he felt a bit uncomfortable. Once he got to the church and they witnessed that he was black the attitudes changed. They then wanted him to fill pout an application but he wouldn't be immediately helped, if helped at all. So when the blackman realized that all they wanted was a copy of his picture identification, Social Security number, and everything pretty much about his life, seeing that they weren't going to help him he requested his information back. At first, according to phone video, they tried to verbally manipulate him into leaving his information. But he requested all of it back. And when he departed, certain police were called by both churches. When an unknown blackman comes to their churches for help this is what they do, especially if he isn't helped and asks for his personal information back. And so he was under surveillance by cops at the Westgate Transportation Center on Center Ridge road. The marked vehicle departed and the unmarked vehicle remained.

After he started using his phone the ubnarked vehicle departed and white supremacist in a RTA (Regional Transit Authority) van pulled up. The person in that vehicle monitored him until he was made and the van triede pulling out of the bus station like a bat out of hell, so to speak. There were many who witnessed these events. Some black people are unaware that certain cop vehicles are equipted with devices which can penetrate your phone's signal and listen in on your calls. These devices are mostly made available to white supremacist or white power cops that use this technology against black people. This is one reason why every institution in America wants people to rely on cops. The white supremacist is a tricky one. They believe in using black people against each other when they are targeted for racism. The homeless people have a story to tell. According to at least 76 people living in West Cleveland, around West 117th street, white supremacists use blacks to search out and target other blacks while they themselves try and destroy those same ones. Black people living in West Clevelenad, and further out, are some of the worst representatives for their race. They will lie, steal, and cheat for the white supremacist against other black people and are safeguarded by caucaisan cops. This boosts their egos to enormous sizes until they are tossed to the wolves after being used all up. Then all of a sudden they want to put down the white supremacists with indepth information never heard before by most. For an example: There is a grocery store called Sapell's Supermarket (216) 529-1770, located at: 1314 West 117th street. The store, according to documents, videos, et cetera, is owned by a specifi caucasian tribe. But some of their employees are neutranoids who appear as black people. The neutranoid employees poke fun and mock most blacks who walk into the store because caucasians in the nearby neighborhoods are so invasive that they won't stop until they know all that they seek to know about any black people living around them.
Posted By: george patel
Friday, September 4th 2020 at 8:31AM
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