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JANUARY 2, 2021

Countless Americans at this time have no idea what is going on around them. It would be best for the to familiarize themselves with prisons in the 1990's. During the 1990's, experiments were taking place in prisons which was paving the way for what was to take place on the outside of prisons. In prisons, the Chief Wardens are like supreme heads. The assistant Wardens take their orders from the Warden. The Deputy Warder takes their orders from both the Chief Warden and Assistant Wardens. The Major takes his orders from the Assistant and Deputy Wardens. Leutenants take their orders from Majors. Sargeants take their orders from Lt. and corporals take their orders from sargeants. It is very similar on the outside of prisons except the Queen of England is like the supreme head. The Illuminati takes their orders from the Queen. Freemasons and Easter Stars take their orders from the Illuminati. Syndicates take their orders from freemasons. A freemason can even be a police officer who controls young assassins for syndicates such as the new gangs. Gangs at one time were formulated for the sole purpose of protecting black and latino communities from white supremacists, lynchings, castrations, and the likes. But the FBI and the CIA got rid of the original leaders of these gangs or organizations and since then gang members have been under the influence and the control of police, syndicates, and freemasons. People with so-called disabilities such as those with bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, and sometimes autism are under the influence of Psychiatrists and Psychologists. They too are pawns like today's gang members. For an instance, within U.S. prisons, anytime riots are about to take place the Chief Warden will have known about it prior to its chaos. In some cases riots have been under the direction of Wardens. However, the Wardens usually work with Assistance Wardens who directly work with Majors. The Majors work with lower ranking Officers and it is these officers that play a direct role in these riots. During the 1990's, many prisoners were being mentally groomed for the state right before the full transfer to a New World Order.

Montu, aka Muhammad Eury who lives in West Cleveland once stated in his lecture that it is no coincidence that some people call themselves dog. To some people this name or title implies some sort of street slang. However, the term running dog for dogs is a Japanese terminology used in the game of Shougi, a type of chess (Japanese Chess). A pawn as understood in the chess terms would have been adequate but the imagery of running dogs, in hunting for an example, under the command of the leading alpha-dog (an agent) or of the master is more precise in expression, in order to see the current condition and the power of influence that guard dogs, politic-dogs, and sheep dogs, et cfetera, can emit. Thus, on the Queen of England's side there is: the Rook (Russia), the Knight (International militaries-Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines), the Bishop (Poltical Parties such as Republicans, which the U.S. is based on, and Democrats, the Liberals, Socialists and Communists), the Queen (the Queen of England rules Babylon and all the heads of government must bow to her). On the King's side there is: the Rook (which represents the U.S.), the Knight (National Police, National Guard, City Police, and so-called civilian police), the Bishop (Pagan religions like Methodists, Baptists, 7 Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witnesses), the King (President, Although he holds an important position, he must sit by the Queen protecting and answering to her only). The Pawns on both sides are the laymen who are influenced everyday by the other pieces."
Posted By: george patel
Friday, January 1st 2021 at 5:24PM
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Montu goes on to say this about those controlling every aspect of our society: "When you review the Pentagon you see the letter M. The letter "M" represented Mason, Messiah, Mahdi, Moor, Mister and Master. The letter "I", when associated to the letter "M", represents I am Hotep, or I am Imhotep the Master Builder. The Master builder or M.B. becomes M.M or Master Mason. When you invert the letter "M" you get the letter "W". And when you apply them both together you get Worshipful Master. However, the letter "W" is also two "V's" attached. And if the "V" represents the material realm, then two "V's" would be double. The letter "M" also abbreviates for the Priest for the Magi or magicians. The letter "B" is really the number 1 and the number 3. When you bring them together you get the letter 13. The number 13 represents the Master Builder, the Magi, Mr., Mrs, or Miss., et cetera. The formulation of the number 13 and the letter "B" is equivalent in all directions to the number 15. 15 is the numeral value of the letters in the word "Jah". The 15th letter of the english alphabet is the 0. And 0 represents the sun. The equivalent of 0 is the "Eye". The infinite circle always implies time, is govern by patience, and is in the form of a clock which could ne moving from the center outward. However, the job of many freemasons in your communities is to suppress that which is within and add to. The root of the word "educate" is "educe". Someone who is being educated is someone who is having outside information given to them. But someone who has reognized their true potential no longer is being educated but is educing, or is putting out that which connects with the divine, or some would say, their Ancient Ancestors. With the children of the Pleiadians, who is currently running the world, using forces like Mike Pence, Bill Gates, many doctors, et cetera, everything is about synthetics and maintaining control of humans. They do not want you to reach your full potential and is a onstant threat to you existence. Their scientists work around the clock to stay ahead of you with lies and for this reason humans must use their prized scientists to counter these demons and threir fabricated versions of events, time, carbon dating, gene editing, et cetera.

The 0 also symbolizes the birth of creation, collapsing stars, and expanding stars, which is also pulsation of breathing. Its also called "Pente" in Greek and means 5. This is what happened when the Greeks got hold of Ancient Egiptian science and distorted it for the purpose of the Illuminati and the Pleiadians. The letter "I" in Illuminati is tied in with a college graduate being called an Alumni. The "A" and the "I" are inseparable. When you look at the letter "A" you get an upside down "V" with a support bar in the middle. Some call this a step or a ladder. So you are climbing up. The letter "V" also represents the square in freemasonry. The square, in freemasonry, deals with the material aspects of this life. The letter "M" in Hebrew is Mem, in Greek is Mu, and in arabic is Miym. Air and water. The sounds from certain words yields Maa, to imply "what". And with the careful construction of the letter "M" we get the 5-pointed star tied in with Baphomet. When you understand all letters in the english alphabet you will have a clearer picture of everything pointing in support of Baphomet. The arabic and Greek letters enforce and express more fully support for Baphomet. When you review the english language you will see that it is made up of many other languages. True english is being spoken in England. The english language in America ties in with the dialect or tongue originating from the European Penninsula."

As many of you can plainly see masonic symbolism plays a major role in functions and in orders. The letter "M" represents "Mother" or the female, which is why female witches, High Priestesses, and evil alien human hybrid fem8inines have casted spells on mortal females and have confused them about prestine purity and their roles in this life. Again you have Politics, Polytheism, Philosophy, Psychology, and Penal. There are Agencies or Departments within the Pentagon which carry out these 5 P's. Psychologists and psychiatrists are working around the clock constantly figuring out ways the mentally ill can be used to destablize the U.S. Within prisons throughout the U.S. and in other countries, the youth were experiemnted on in a variety of ways. One thing they wanted to do is break the minds and will power of the youth. They first started doing this by placing them in segregation for some petty prison offense. This involved commands from the Wardens which directly involved Officers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Removing everything a prisoner owns and then placing them in empty cells made them cry out after a period of time. They would tell psychologists that visited them weekly what they were experiencing from the lockdown. Psychologists wouldn't try and get to the bottom of the alleged disciplinary infractions which got them into segregation. They were only concerned with the state of mind of the youth. So they prescribed them medications. They claimed that the medications were prescribed for helping the youth to cope with their demise. But in truth the medication was experimental generic drugs causing the youth to act out differently. Some become sick and others attempt suicide from the medications. And by the youth being prisoners in this country the 13th Amendment states that they have no rights. Thus, they are used in human experiements and for genocide. Prisons have done a very good job in keeping alot of this information from the public because they control whether the media has access to the prison, they control outgoing mail which sometimes go missing when prisoners are abused by prison Staff at the orders of prison Official and try to alert family and friends, and they control the use of phone calls. By the time the youth inform someone as to what they experienced iron clad defenses and reasons for brutal treatment will have already been prepared weeks before the youth can speak to someone on the outside.

In prisons someone is picked from every race as that dominant one who gives orders to others. The same acts are being implemented on the outside of prisons. Also, in prisons there is alot of drugs which is cloely monitored by the pfficers. But don't think for one moment the Wardens aren't aware of whats going on inside their prisons. The Wardens are the ultimate power supreme heads in prisons and there isn't anything which goes on in prisons they are not aware of. Masny of them play the lying and denying games alot when prisons are ecposed for evils. So one of the lower ranking ones will take the heat or may be fired, depending on the severity of the problem. There are Assistant Wardens who have had s*xual relations with prisoners. Male Wardens have had s*xual relations with homos*xual male prisons and female Wardens have either had relations with male or female prisoners. In a few cases some of those prisoners male Wardens have had relations with kept evidence of it. When one or more Wardens were given blow jobs those prisoners kept the semen belonging to those wardens inside their mouths. They then spit it out in some small container within their pockets. The containers were later tooken to their cells. They then contacted pn the outside claiming they were raped or s*xually assaulted. Lawsuits are usually settled out of courts to maintain the name and reputations of those Wardens involved. Sometimes when the youth are transferred to prisons sometimes they are rraped at the orders of guards who want to either break them or teach them a lesson. This goes on alot. Many youth have been raped under some sort of conspiracy to destroy them mentally. And once they get out of prison they will always be torn inside because of the rape that occurred while they were in prison. They try to pick up their lives and work hard to maintain that they are alpha males, but sometimes they weep. Some of the shootings which have occurred were from youngsters who were raped running into someone with a similar mentalititty on the outside of prison. The victimized one reacts violently trying to erase what happened to them. Sometimes they are killed. Its a sad way how those overseeing their slaves enjoy some of the torture and punishments which have happened to those slaves. They call it being entertained.

The horrors of prison life have moved its ugly head to the outside of prisons. There is a trend in some prisons where when one gets discharged they are suppose to leave all of their goodies to someone in prison. The same practices are taking place not only in motels, but in nearly every place poor people reside. When they move they are expected to leave things for others. And when they don't do this others get mad just like in prison. A Warden has access to files and other data about each and every prisoner transferred to their facilities. Wardens usually live in houses provided by all freemasons for the 32 or 33 degree ranking Worshipful Master overseeing a prison. Each and every tactic used on inmates in prisoners are implemented against the public in society. Covid allows them to control the movements of the people. And just like in prison, when people speak out against a dehumanizing order, policy, or precedure, they are targeted. For inmates who are either paralegals or jailhouse lawyers, the way to destroy their complaints work in this way. There are prisoners who ban together, at the orders of the Warden, but when blame comes around one of the officers are considered willing expendables. prisoners who ban toghether will claim that events never occurred while there are other jailhouse lawyers who are briefed on everything the complainant alleges. If the complainant is very good at what he does, mailroom officers will hold back their mail, steam open the mail and read its contents. Sometimes they would copy the documents and work on lies and defenses before ever sending out the complainant's legal mail. On the outside of prisons, and within every city and town, there are those who monitor their neighbors. Everything that happens on a street all across the U.S. is known by someone. When a person(s) have been targeted by locasl law enforcement, the feds, or secret societies, should they mail out letters those letters are reviewed when their names come up. Every letter is monitored in nearby Post Offices, despite what you are told. And they know when you send out wither letters or packages. There are always liars and illusionists who sit back and claim that what yuyou allege has never happened. Many people have died or were murdered from these tactics and strategies.

In prisons people intend to clique up. The same happens on the outside of prisons. And in prisons there are sometimes riots Today it happens on the outside of prions now being termed "Purges." Every aspect of prison life and laws within those prisons have found its way on the outside. Many of you consider prisoners as those who are incarcerated. Today millions of you have been imprisoned on the outside of prisons and is being punished by law enforcement for not complying with policies, precedures, and operations. About 9pm on December 31, 2020, those roudy ones who would be controlled by officers on the inside of prisons ran a purge after 12am, which according to the 666 scientists, is another day. So after 12am on January 1, 2021, according to their Gregorian Calendar, high powered rifles were shot off, shutguns were blasted, powerful handguns were shot, fireworks were shot off, and more. In West Cleveland, Ohio, there were parties with sticks of dynamite. certain people had their homes shot into, people were found lying in the middle of the street after shots were fired, people were walking down highways at strange times of the night, holes were found inside people homes, assaults and robberies took place, car jackings took place, and drive by shootings took place. People wondered around the homes of others during allparts of the night and there were mobs of people armed just walking around shooting. What took place at the early hours on January 1, 2021, was only a test of your weakness. The next Purges will be a test of your strength. People must understand that the strategies taking place right now involve both Republicans and Liberals. Freemasons and Eastern Stars have tooken oaths to protect each other no matter what the other have done wrong. The violence and chaos which took place in West Cleveland occurred everywhere across the U.S. All of those who went on violent rampages clearly shows what you will be up against when the internal wars, race wars, and civil wars take place. Even though both Liberals and Republicans placed guns in the hands of madmen and madwomen, one of the reasons they want to disarm people is because they want the guns of those who doesn't go around shooting people for the thrill of it. You are a major threat. In 2021, there are plans to disarm you using any method possible.

Friday, January 1st 2021 at 5:24PM
george patel
Most humans in the U.S. stands with those seeking to overthrow this country into a purgatory so vile that it will make the Syrian war look small. Over 85% of the black and latino youth today are Marxist Communists and have pledged oaths with their lives to defend it. On the other hand there are a few who know what Communism have done to countries like Africa. Usually parties from Nigerian or with Nigerian blood participate in Communism. Boko Haram is a very evil movement which gets its roots from Islam, which is the word, "Haram." Haram in Arabic means forbidden or prohibited. But Boko Haram kidnaps women and children and takes part in serious terrorist acts. Many of Boko Haram members have come up through the U.S./Mexican border, like ISIS and so many other groups. They are mostly in big cities because small towns are too nosy and people snitch on everything they see that their local and national news say isn't acceptable. There are Boko Haram members who reside in New York City and some have even become Taxi and Uber drivers. All of them have infiltrated and attend nearby mosques. ISIS members attend U.S. mosuqes. There are gebnerals and other higher ranking officials from other countries who attend U.S. mosques. Many of them are helping to overthrow the government so that Communists and Socialists can take over. Others have read threads on various social media websites and have come to target the opposition against the New World Order directly. When Congress stated that they would give so-called illegals amnesty, they wasn't just talking about hispanics. They were talking about beings from other countries as well. One thing which throws americans off is the fact that anytime local and national news media talk about, as they say, undocumented immigrants, they always show photos of 99.9% hispanics. This was another intentional trick placed upon you. Those billionaires and millionaires who fund Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are connected to or are responsible for funding terrorists from other countries. Many Nigerians, Arabs, and countless others live in communities where their targets are. Some have stores or other businesses near their targets and work against the targets while at their businesses. The type of information requested from stores, even cell phone stores ran by immigrants, is enough information to seek out and destroy everyone connected to their targets. This is another reason why certain laws have tooken a vacation under National Security.

In Cleveland, Ohio, and in nearby regions, when police stop and conduct an NCIC on someone, they ask for names, birthdates, social security numbers, et cetera. The information is then shared with the police dispatcher. Other information like home addresses, license plate numbers, and vehicle registrationh numbers have also given to the dispatcher. Hundreds of Americans and even immigrants from other countries, have devices which allow them to overhear whats going on with EMS, the Fire Departments, Police, and State Troopers, just to name a few. The Statue of Liberty is on vacation and everything about anyone who isn't directly tied to freemasons and eastern stars their information is exposed. If the feds say that identity theft doesn't happen anymore or can't be obtained from all this information then they must think humans in the U.S. are more stupid than imagineable! In truth, there have been alot of hacking into accounts of all sorts. Some banks and other institutions are working against themselves trying to protect their customers while everything about their customers is being exposed by police and others. Liberals and Republicans, along with their sub parties, agreed to making it where people could conduct background checks against others by simply using credit and debit cards. This destabilizes from the inside like an infection. Then they will make sure some blackman or woman is found guilty for crimes against euro-americans and vice versa. This builds up racial hatreds. these evils have tooken on generations of abundant frustrations and hatred. This is one reason race wars will be their best way for killing down alot of the population. This doesn't have anything to do with them unleashing viruses upon the general populace as well. Then there are things which have recently beeen done to the water supplies and to food which adds to their madness. Then there is 5G, a known slow killer, in which their towers can be found everywhere. Each and every cell phone company is part of the 5G movement or conspiracy to make sick and kill down populations of people. What occurred in cities in the early morning hours of January 1, 2021, is only the beginning to something more sinister heading this way.

On January 1, 2021, three people followed a know white supremacist name Charles Cyphert who has two addresses. One of those addresses is 3306 west 52nd street in West Cleveland, and the other address is 3254 West 38th. There are always predators and prowlers driving down those streets and people inside their homes pay very little attention to whats going on around them. But when it comes to spreading false rumors created by syndicates and secret societies against those who are threats against their New World Order, the people on these streets then get involved. Anyway, some a euro-american and others following Cyphert overheard him say that all of the night on January 1, 2021, there was shooting with serious weapons and he recognized several people by peering through his curtainless windowns. He evn said that it got so bad that there were helicopters trying to identify some of the people who was shooting, shooting others, or shooting through homes. Charles was heard saying that it was mostly nigg--- and spics doing this. But Charles was wrong. Certain police officers say that there were euro-americans involved with the chaos as afr as Rocky River road, near Rocky River, Ohio. One cops said that men were attacking women and women were attacking men. The reports they recieved were in large numbers about this. But Cyphert continues to try and make it a race thing when it is about overthrowing the U.S. in complete darkness for a period of time. It is true that there are white supremacists who want to battle against people of color. But white supremacists like Cyphert is much more dangerous because they mix in and interact with people of color, while using military training to learn about them and how to successfully destroy them. trust it or not though, there are many Charles Cypherts out there who don't care about anything else but blaming everything on people of color. They refuse to see the evidence which proves that there are serious parties operating from behind the scenes. They are pulling the streets of their pawns, (street gangs and the mentally diseased). It is no coincidence that the streets all across the U.S., are being overran by the mentally insane! Yet they claim those of use who pay close attention to their strategies have some weird compulsion against authoritive figures.

This is true to some extent when authoritive figures are behind mass assaults and assassinations or are working to overhtrow the U.S. into a darkness people in this country aren't ready for. But many immigrants coming to the U.S. and resides inside the U.S. have been plunged into darkness in their countries. Many came to the U.S. for asylum. Myriads of them betrayed their own countries by secretly working with the Pentagon to overthrow those countries. Many of them are here to destroy the American lifestyles and have appealed to the Millenials and Generation Z. They have so-called american armies of people fighting for their cause. As I have stated in another thread, many are hacking American computers, laptops, desktops, cell phones, and more. This is what the previous thread read: In 2017, hackers and security researchers highlighted long-standing vulnerabilities in Signaling System 7 (SS7, or Common Channel Signalling System 7 in the US), a series of protocols first built in 1975 to help connect phone carriers around the world. While the problem isn’t new, a 2016 60 Minutes report brought wider attention to the fact that the flaw can allow a hacker to track user location, dodge encryption, and even record private conversations. All while the intrusion looks like ordinary carrier to carrier chatter among a sea of other, “privileged peering relationships. Telecom carriers and lobbyists have routinely downplayed the flaw and their multi-year failure to do much about it. In 2018, the CBC noted how Canadian wireless providers Bell and Rogers weren’t even willing to talk about the flaw after the news outlet published an investigation showing how (using only a mobile phone number) it was possible to intercept the calls and movements of Quebec NDP MP Matthew Dubé. Now there’s yet another wake up call: a new report from the Guardian indicates that Rayzone, an Israeli corporate spy agency that provides its government clients with “geolocation tools,” has been exploiting the flaw for some time to provide clients access to user location information and, potentially, the contents of communications. Apparently, the company first leased an access point in the network of Sure Guernsey, a mobile operator in the Channel Islands. From there, it appears to have exploited the SS7 flaw to track users in numerous additional countries:

“Industry sources with access to sensitive communications data say there is recent evidence of a steady stream of apparently suspicious signaling messages directed via the Channel Islands to phone networks worldwide, with hundreds of messages routed via Sure Guernsey and another operator, Jersey Airtel, to phone networks in North America, Europe and Africa in August.” Of course, as with other past reveals of this type (like when Saudi Arabia was also found to be doing something similar to track targets inside the U.S.), the companies involved either insist they know nothing about such exploitation, or that they’re vaguely aware of it, and have done everything possible to prohibit it from happening. Though one reason many Telecoms may not have been particularly keen on cracking down on the practice is that numerous western governments very likely exploit the SS7 flaw as well. Senator Ron Wyden demanded answers as early as 2017 from mobile phone companies as to why they haven’t done more to thwart the practice, and, last I checked, is still awaiting a response. For smaller carriers it can also be expensive and complicated to remedy the problem, which makes them even easier targets for exploitation. Experts say the U.S. FCC, as you might expect, hasn’t done much of anything to coordinate a response to the threat: Instead, as the SolarWinds supply chain hack illustrates, America under Trump spent countless calories hyperventilating over nonsense like TikTok instead of focusing on the vast number of very real cybersecurity threats that actually pose a risk to international consumer, government, and business privacy.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans from the telecom industry. Unfortunately, it has been corrupt agency for decades. This includes refusing to update antiquated and inadequate radiation exposure guidelines. During the Trump administration, lawsuits have been filed against the agency for not protecting the public from unsafe levels of radiation as well as controversial and dangerous 5G on Earth and in space. Doctors and scientists have asked the agency many times, and again recently that health and environmental risks from radiation from 5G, cell towers and other wireless sources be evaluated by experts with no conflicts of interest. Recently the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued warnings about cybersecurity risks associated with 5G deployment. The White House has also issued a directive about the potential for satellites being targeted by hackers as well. https://youtu.be/xxcl8kC_I98. https://youtu.be/QJQo5EJF3is. https://youtu.be/MhL-SubrMEg. https://youtu.be/JgL-VlR1Nuw. Anyone concerned about cybersecurity and privacy risks from wireless devices may be interested in Mozilla’s annual guide that includes information about specific products.

You can trust that nothing happens by an accident. There are careful and intricate plans which can define all things that happen. One reason they use the word accident was to feed religious sheeple disinformation. An accident means your Creator or God isn't perfect and made mistakes he/she themselves didn't know everything about. This brought room for the Luciferians to offer their misguidance and evils. Prepare for the second attack because it will be a test of your strengths. This so-called Purge that will happen shall claim many lives this time. What took place on January 1, 2021, only targeted threats who got in the way from a main focus on those who push against the New World Order. To be continued.... https://youtu.be/8ncE5yYQvJY. https://www.brighteon.com/b2117bf1-5daf-45a5-92b7-90a91b2ce45c. Have they now switched to vaccines which modify human behavior?
Friday, January 1st 2021 at 5:25PM
george patel
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