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JANUARY 3, 2021

Very few humans are aware that the final world war will take place on American soil. The war begun a while back and many are now beginning to see it. When barack Obama was in office, it was stated that the U.S. was in debt to China for 78 or more trillion dollars. Obama also has a chinese half sister, which most people seem to have forgotten. Today, China owns many U.S. companies which is also unknown by most humans. https://youtu.be/mfKy2FiMH8o. The Dragon is more than a thorn in the U.S. sides. It also plans to completely take over the U.S. and most Democrats, Liberals, many Republicans, and many so-called Conservatives have betrayed the U.S. No matter how much they continue to lie about it, it is a known fact that the U.S. is slowly but surely transforming into Communist China. Marxists Communists in America hold similar views and traits as is in Communist China. You will slowly watch what you know to be America, which is really a Marxist Leninist Communist country, transform. China is upset because progress to carry this out haven't moved as swift as they desired. China knows that it has most of the world's population and doesn't fear the U.S. But by sinister and devious politicians opening up doors where China can breach National Security and steal technilogical secrets may level the battle ground. China have feared U.S. alien technology and tried to get their hands on all that is desired in order to make their final move. Once they obtain a certain type of technology then they'll take over the U.S. by force. Its coming. And while this is taking place Americans are being distracted by alot of issues. One of the latest issues involved what Nancy Pelosi have invoked. Remember, all of this is only distractions for the sole purpose of invasions taking place while Americans are paying no attention at all. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/01/nancy-pelosi-bans-gender-terms-like-mother-daughter-father-son-in-house-rules/. One reason they are removing certain words from the dictionary is not only a distraction, but is predictive programming under so-called political correctness. They claim the many species which exists inside the U.S. are composed of gays, lesbians, and transgenders. heteros*xuals are a threat and are being eliminated. The hundreds of calls to police dispatchers in U.S. cities every day, or every two days, concerning domestic violence is supplying ammunition for this move. The heteros*xual family life is becoming an endangered species.

The word mother is being removed because homos*xuals are two men. No woman is involved and in order to make sure an adopted child embraces the lifestyle, everything about a mother must be removed. They can create babies from test tubes, and can replicate a female's reproductive organs to allow that sseed to slowly evolve until born. Or they can use a lesbian, a willing participant, only if they want the seed to possess certain genes, or they may choose a female who will have no choice in the matter. Lesbians use *****s and vibrators for s*xual pleasure. Many of them continue to recruit young and ignorant girls into their orgies of madness. Usually when the girl reaches a certain age, some of them, like Actress Anne Heche, who use to mate with Ellen Degeneres, eventually decides that shey would prefer the company of men. Those seeking to transform America into transhumanism knows this and that is why they must use the young girls and pass laws at the same time. This assures that even if the girls decide to give up on lesbian life, vibrators, and *****s, still, newer laws would havealready been set and nothing can change it. A transgender can pleasure both male and female because they have chosen to immitate the two. Many humans are slaves to their s*xual passions and it was these passions which got them AIDS, HIV, or death. They usually fall for the tricks of some lesbians, some gays, or some transgenders. No disrespect to any of them because they are what they are. However, when one works according to a global agenda thinking that they are doing the right thing for their cause, and yet it enslaves everyone else based on their own beliefs, this makes them evil. The highest ranking homos*xuals around the world, along with the highest ranking lesbians and transgenders, are what is known as evil alien human hyybrids.
Posted By: george patel
Sunday, January 3rd 2021 at 1:09AM
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They have DNA from humans and they have genes from evil aliens, evil Retilians, and evil Insectoids, et cetera. What makes it evil is because people will have to either suffer, become enslaved. or died in order for a complete synthetic lifestyle to exist on earth. This is also what Climate Change is really about. Climate Change is about them changing the earth's atmosphere into one completely liveable for them but makes humans extinct. Nearly every fruit and vegetable you consume today is synthetic. They come without seeds. They told you that there was a population problem and had to improvise by re-creating from what was once natural, in order to feed the massess. And as the years went by they mentally groomed you from ads, commercials, or bulletins, into believing that seedless things are now natural, or can be organic. They even have the youth believing the marijuana they are smoking is organic. Consuming seedless things forces your immune systems to fight against itself. A common cold could cause you to contract pneumonia. This means if a virus is unleashed you will surely die! Smoking synthetic marijuana can make one violent. Since marijuana from the 1970's, the 1980's, and the 1990's, have been removed from your use, you now are smoking synthetic weed. You can believe what you want but the weed you are smoking cause serious brain cell damage, and it could render you violent when you crave it and don't have it. In all parts of Cleveland, Ohio, Millenials and Generation Z, when they can't get weed, they get volent and many times assault their parents. This combined with mental issues many of them face compound's the tragedies. You don't think that those scientists backing the legal use of marijuana being sold in stores don't know this? You are a comodity! What happens to you don't matter to them! All they care about is gross networth made off of you.

If there really wasn't a trick in all this they could have legalized marijuana and allowed those who sold marijuana on the street to provide for those craving. They wanted to monopolize marijuana and end the hustle of the weed man or woman who were discriminated against because of their criminal records, and were prohibited from obtaining certain employment. White supremacists played a role in this by using this discrimination to bar most people of color from finding employment with benefits that allows them to live comfortably. Everything going on around you is all connected. You just have to connect the dots to see the facts. Anyway, the way these evil aliens work is that they are madly fixated on turning everything synthetic all over the planet. They are the complete opposite of your Ancestors. China has done this to it's population and thousands of people die annually. They have an intense and stringent screening process for people who go to visit that country. The Communists are very secretive when it comes to information about them that is highly damaging. They will kill an entire population to keep their secrets sacred! Today China is greatly fixated on owning all of the U.S. and will stop at nothing until it is complete. All nations seem to fear China because of its population and because of its growing technology achievments. There are some chinese who are in the U.S. who could tell you stories that would make you think they got out of hell itself. They don't go around broadcasting it though because they know there are many politicians and many secret societies working secretly with China here in the U.S. The politicians and the secret societies make sure certain institutions are vunearable at specific times, and while people are distracted on something else, oron some event, this is the breach happens. Its like when a pilot flies a plane and have been doing so successfully for years all of a sudden drinks while on duty and neary crashes the plane. Its when he choose to drink while on duty that many other things are taking place as well. The U.S. is a very hated country and many people are doing everything in their power to destroy it. Some have come to America saying they love it and it offers the fulfillment of dreams, and yet you find out that they are Communists and Socialists secretly working with a mass movement inside the country. They impose their beliefs and political views on others in the form of certain conversations without citing people or events. They are so crafty and deceptive that true goodness bewilders them, and if one is very faithful and true, with a kindness out of this world, they would just walk away. Its like how many Arabs and others shut down many black mosues and masjids all across the U.S. The Arabs would send in infiltraitors to visit the black owned mosques and masjids. The plants would listen to the sermon and listen to basic talk. The information would then be tooken back to the Arab superiors and those Arabs would distort the information. If they saw a blackman or a hispanic muslim just standing around they would assume the two were either drug dealers or was up to no good. Once they contact police and sheriffs, who manhy of them are associated with, the distorted information would be used as ammunition to shut down the mosque or masjid.

There was a black owned masjid in Dayton, Ohio. The black muslims, according to reliable sources, would do anything for anybody. The Arabs and the Turks didn't like this. They sent in infiltraitors and it resulted with the Arabs and Turks lying to a point where the feds froze all of their funds. The Arabs made up lies so intense that they used the feds to do their bidding. Many have overheard Arabs speaking years ago about establishing a certain form of Islam in America, and anyone who won't join in must be eliminated. So for the past 20 years they have managed to shut down all mosques and masjids which didn't agree with their New World Order changes. This was monitored by high ranking military officials from not only Saudi Arabia, but from other countries which joined forces with the Arabs. Military soldiers went into American mosques and masjids and gathered intel on them. In Philadelphia there were battles between American muslims and foreign muslims for years. The immigrant infiltraitors did all they could to either bankrupt those mosques and masjids or would spread rumors and lies about them, many times forcing federal investigations. In 2020, many Arabs and others spoke about what they had done to American mosques and masjids. They took their orders directly from Saudi Arabia. Isn't it so strange that Democrats, Liberals, and certain Republicans went out of their way to open doors for any immigrant wanting to reside in America?And iIsn't it interesting that Arabs praise Barack Obama claiming that he made things possible very easily for them. By having brown skin and by the many lies told swearing him being the first mulatto president of the U.S. confuse along with malipulating blacks and latinos to close their eyes to any wrongs he had did. He doesn't care how people feel about him now because he established what he wanted. Now everything is spiraling towards total destruction and because blacks and latinos refused to observe his intentions and actions many are doomed. He and his transgender mate still visit certain websites professing to be about this or that. And trust it or not, after Obama ordered the elimination of the Libyan leader who wanted to stop neo-colonialism and modern day slavery, there are many blacks and latinos, along with euro-americans, that still support them.

They are all pushing for wars inside the U.S. in order for the NWO to rise from the ashes. Some feel they can transfer things without war. However, the wars will still take place because people who may have agreed with their agtendas shall still suffer like everyone else. They know that when everything is set in order it doesn't matter what kind of opposition humans put up against them. They will suffer and perish. There shall be no escape no matter where you are on the planet! What the U.S. Pentagon isn't monitoring the Chinese are. The hinese have invaded many countries and recently tried getting into the U.S. through Canada. Cleveland is controlled by Liberal white supremacists, Liberal syndicates,secret societies and so-called royalty related to the Rockefellers. Chico have become a socialist city which not long ago applied for becoming a State of the U.S. Philadelphia recently changed its motto from the City of Brotherly Love to the City of Sisterly Love. Those involved with the change were witches, Eastern Star witches, Lesbians, and countless others. The City of Philadelphia has suffered violence and robberies since the change on scales never before calculated. The Covid conspiracies only accelerated the chaos. Thousands of people in Philly say there is no way to see some sort of silver lining in the skies for the city. And while all of this chaos is spreading over America like a dark cloud phone companies are making unbelievable deals and changes to their phone plans as each American moves closer and closer to a poverty which will eventually mean no income at all. The health concerns are just as alarming even though Millenials and Generation Z are their greatest supporters. If you’re concerned about your privacy, it was reported last year that U.S. government tracking software had been installed in hundreds of mobile apps. Of course, businesses have always been very interested in customers’ personal habits too. A 2018 article provides more details about how software apps collect user data often without their knowledge or consent.

Advertisers may track a customer’s shopping preferences within a shopping centre by using ultrasonic beacons emitted from their mobile phones. Many devices in the home are broadcasting an ultrasonic signal to blu-ray players via an acoustic side channel beyond human hearing. The channel networks the two devices, similar to how a dial-up connection used to get our computers online before the days of the NBN. The same technology is behind Google’s Nearby API through their Eddystone protocol, and is the basis of products sold by the startup Lisnr. It’s also the reason more and more apps are requesting access permissions to your microphone. Aside from networking, companies use ultrasonic signals (or beacons) to gather information about users. That includes monitoring television viewing and web browsing habits, tracking users across multiple devices, or determining a shopper’s precise location within a store. They use this information to send alerts that are relevant to your surroundings – such as a welcome message when you enter a museum or letting you know about a sale when you pass by a particular store. But since this technology records sound, even if temporarily, it constitutes a breach of privacy. Most Millenials and Generation Zdoesn't care anything about privacy. Anyway, an analysis of various Australian regulations covering listening devices and surveillance reveals a legal grey area in relation to ultrasonic beacons. Google Nearby enables Android phone users who are in close proximity to each other to connect their devices and share data, such as documents or media. Google says: To share and collaborate in apps, Nearby uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and inaudible sound to detect devices around your device. Some people can hear a short buzz.These inaudible sounds are ultrasonic beacons transmitting data that is then picked up by your phone. Since these ultrasonic sounds are the only relevant section of the data signal, it is necessary to remove the lower frequency audible signals (such as speech) that are also captured. This is done by using a high-pass filter. A high-pass filter extracts high frequencies to remain in the data and eliminates the lower frequencies.

Sunday, January 3rd 2021 at 1:11AM
george patel

This means that while the device could be recording sound, it isn’t keeping the parts of the recording that might include conversation. Different filters process signals in different ways. While filters constructed from basic electrical components do not require any storage of the signal, digital software filters require the signal to be stored temporarily. A listening device is precisely defined as: a device capable of being used to listen to or record a private conversation or words spoken to or by any person in private conversation (…) but does not include a device being used to assist a person with impaired hearing to hear sounds ordinarily audible to the human ear. There is no exemption provided for recording sounds and then removing the audible portion. It is generally unlawful “to overhear, record, monitor or listen to a private conversation” unless you have the express permission of all parties involved. Since audio is being recorded using a standard microphone in the course of an ultrasonic data transfer, the full audio spectrum – including any conversation occurring – is being sampled at the same time. The type of filter used is therefore critical. If a digital filter is being used to extract the ultrasonic data, the temporary storage of the full audio spectrum could be considered a recording. And that requires consent. Google gives users the chance to opt-out the first time notifications are made using the Nearby service. However, this could only be construed as consent for the phone owner, not all parties to a possible conversation being recorded in private. Also, by the time the notification happens, the recording has already occurred. Google’s FAQ explaining the opt-out process for the Nearby API. What about location tracking? Advertisers can use ultrasonic signals that speak to your mobile phone to establish where you are within a store. They can also correlate this data with other advertising metadata easily obtained from cookies to track your broader movements. This further complicates matters regarding their legality. a device capable of being used to determine the geographical location of a person, vehicle or thing and any associated equipment. Since it is generally illegal to track someone without their consent, implied or otherwise, if an advertiser is using an app combined with an ultrasonic beacon to track you and you are unaware that they are doing so, they could be breaking the law.

Google says the Nearby protocol is battery-intensive due to the use of Bluetooth and wifi. As such “the user must provide consent for Nearby to utilise the required device resources”. It says nothing about the legality of needing permission to record sound or track users. Google does warn that the Nearby service is a one-way communication channel with your phone never communicating directly to a Nearby service on its online support page. But since users are required to opt-out of the service, it’s hard to argue that they have given informed consent. Google explains that the Nearby devices do not connect directly as Lisnr technology does, however, nothing is specified about what happens to data from your phone to Google or other third-party servers. People should ask themselves in times we are living in, and with the many Covid conspiracies, why is the governments wanting to know everything about a person, including what they are talking about? Ask yourselves who benefit from this and in what ways? Americans are suffering alot from the transformation into the New World Order. In Cleveland, on January 2, 2021, Millenials and Generation Z were reported assaulting their parents or holding them hostage with guns. Do you get the point? The billions of dollars invested in both Millenials and Generation Z is paying off. They obtain guns illegally and commit all sorts of crimes with them and your government wants to confiscate guns from everyone. When Joe Biden get into office it will be a rude awakening for humans in the U.S. He won't be as suave as Obama was but kamala Harris will make up for it, seeing she will supervise the Shadow Government. Every human on the planet earth's major threat is their governments. They have conditioned the youth to cause chaos amongst you in order to take your eyes of them. Even the media is claiming that President Trump has no merits alleging Election Fraud. So Donald Trump is stirring up the people to listen to all evidence on January 6, 2021. Think about it, if there is internal physical brutal wars, who will pay attention to China and all those countries just waaiting to invade and take over? Don't forget those stakes Saudi Arabia has in America either. This first section of this missive shall continue in the next thread, much more detailed. So stay tuned....

After thought: We recieved word that one white supremacist known as Charles Cyphert, who lives in West Cleveland, Ohio, swears that before he dies he will take out as many people of color as he can. It was also relayed that he swore there were hundreds in the Cleveland and surrounding areas who feel the same way. They don't care anything about facts. They were taught as children to hate black and brown people, and blames them for the chaos in society right now. It was further revealed that his hispanic spies that drive a small white vehicle with Ohio plates: HXE-9640, who lives at 3254 West 38th street, has comrads willing to die for them. These hispanics are monitoring certain blackmen who the government have deemed a threat, and a party recently stood outside their window and recorded conversations they had with visitors. Very soon those conversations will go live. So stay tuned for that. Blacks must also understand there are some so-called hispanics that hate you just as much as white supremacists. They monitor other people's cell phone calls or internet activities while remaining inside their own homes. Imagine that. Everyone wants a job and a nice place to live and will lie, betray, or kill for it. Charles Cyphert have been overheard saying that he witnessed all those around him who shot off guns. Secretly, he alerted certain parties who those people will never know anything about. When they come for the guns those people will be the first to be disarmed. White supremacists such as Cyphert feels that no person of color should be allowed to own guns. The hispanics in the area where he resides wouldn't be bad if many of them didn't have personal issues with black people, meaning they won't know who their enemies are based on how they treated less fortunate people. Some people think that the evil have acclerated since Montu, aka, Muhammad Eury, recently informed people for months that there was going to be a planetary event taking place on December 21, 2020. Obviously, only the watchers were mostly paying attention. And the watchers reached a conclusion and further commented on the event. They stated: That on the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21st, Saturn and Jupiter aligned together to make a heavenly spectacle that has not been seen in 800 years.

This event is being referred to as “The Great Conjunction.” It’s also being called the “Christmas star” or the “Bethlehem star,” as it’s come just in time for Christmas. The fact that the star is being called the “Bethlehem star” has also inspired many to speculate on the event’s deeper meaning. Perhaps it’s time for the next great savior to descend to earth (or for the Antichrist and the revelation to actually take hold; I mean, who would expect anything less from the end of 2020? Great Conjunctions happen every 20 years or so, but we don’t always see them, at least not like this one. This particular one is deeply significant for many reasons. First, it falls at the end of one of the most terrifying and unpredictable years in modern history. It actually seems fitting that this year would end with a major astrological event that apparently signifies the dawn of a new era. Astrologers say this event signifies that we have reached a juncture in between one era and the next. To understand why, we need to look to the planets themselves. Saturn-Jupiter conjunctions are particularly powerful because of the way Saturn and Jupiter relate to each other. Saturn generally represents structure and confinement, while Jupiter is often associated with expansion and growth, making their conjunction a merger of opposite forces and a major opportunity for change. This conjunction is also intriguing from an astrological standpoint because it takes place in Aquarius. For the past 200 years, every Jupiter-Saturn planetary conjunction has been in an Earth sign, but now we are entering a new multi-century era of conjunctions that will occur only in air signs, beginning with Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is supposed to the Golden Age Organized by a new shepherd that establishes a new Utopia—or what appears to be a new Utopia. Some astrologers say 2020 was the start of the decade of the Great Transformation, also known as the “Jupiter Saturn Pluto Transformation.” After a year of chaos and upheaval, which some astrologers were calling the “Societal Reset” long before COVID-19 upended everything, and Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles got together to create the economic reset the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is supposed to offer us a way forward through the next decade. Though it is kicking off an ongoing new era, astrologers say that in the short-term, this conjunction might make this holiday week feel extra-intense in the short-term. It’s influence may even trigger upheaval and rioting, we are also hearing about new Strains of Covid-19 that are more contagious, but let’s not equate that with being more lethal.

Other astrologers say that that it will be a sign of what can be seen as a timeline split. Saturn passes near Jupiter and is especially celebrated during the festival of Saturnalia each December. Saturn was known by the Greeks as KRONOS (Cronus) was the King of the Titans and the god of time, in particular time when viewed as a destructive, all-devouring force. Every time we count down to the new year we celebrate the fact that Saturn or Cronus has not devoured us or killed us with his scythe. Saturn and Jupiter also have the metaphoric symbolism equated with the Chief God and Satan – their conjunction is like a war in heaven which the brightness of the fight produces what is called the concomitance of Lucifer. It is the demarcation of the end of an era and a beginning of new one. In 1623, a similar conjunction of the planets occurred, but on the same side of the sky as the sun, which meant it wasn’t visible from our side of the earth. The events which took place on 12/21/2020 signified the rise of a New Empire. The new empire is a Transhuman technocracy. Many attribute this Jupiter-Saturn conjunction as an omen of a great world change to happen in terms of a coming ‘New World Order’ that will see a change in the current power structures of the world. As to the coming Mark of the Beast that will proceed from this new reset of values and government , there is also a need to change the current economic order as a new paradigm. Throughout history, it has been closely observed by astrologers that the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have been linked to the rise and fall of nations, royalty, leaders and economies. The Jupiter-Saturn Grand Conjunction signifies a sudden and drastic coming change of the present World Order. As it is, the world has never gone through this type of crisis before. It is unprecedented in scale and scope as the whole world is on a lockdown. As to the Grand Conjunction, Jupiter passing Saturn is a so-called a once-in-a-generation event. Astronomically, when Jupiter conjoined with they were only only 0.1° apart. This is the closest conjunction since the Great Conjunction of July 16, 1623. https://banned.video/watch?id=5ff0ee0870e608257de2a8ad. https://www.intellihub.com/atty-lin-wood-infers-chief-justice-john-roberts-is-a-cult-member/. https://www.activistpost.com/2021/01/ny-sb416-quarantine-camps-forced-vaccinations-do-you-love-freedom-enough.html

When the last cycle occurred, in the late Middle Ages, that ironically was characterized by a plague and economic, political, social and religious upheaval. What is also interesting is that the 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter inaugurates its new cycles in the ‘Air Signs’ after 800 years. This indeed, then suggests a profound change is about to occur and is occurring in world politics, society, religions and the economy. Astrologically, Saturn speaks of a new organization. Jupiter speaks of an amplification established affecting the financial system and society as a whole. Esoterically, the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn is also called the ‘King-Maker’ or a “Royal Conjunction”– this indicates a new government, a new empire led by a King. Is this Prince William from the evil Reptilian seed? You will soon see as countries around the globe continue to burn. To be continued...
Sunday, January 3rd 2021 at 1:11AM
george patel
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