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JANUARY 20, 2021

Within the United States there is a great divide due to the manipulation from politricks. People are declaring to be either Democrat, Liberal, Republican, or Conservative. Politicians have done a thorough job in turning the people against themselves. In West Cleveland, Ohio alone, there is a war between young men and women which is backed by data supporting domestic violence clainms. Never in history since before the Obama Administration have there ever been so much data on domestic violence. Young females who have been programmed that men are only sperm donors contact police on a daily basis in West Cleveland, while alleging that their mates or spouses have either threatened to assault them or have assaulted them. Then there are neighbors who are spies against other neighbors and keep a daily record of events occurring in their neighborhoods. Many of these neighbors are on a first name basis with Police Dispatchers and with those police who control their jurisdiction. These neighbors will get in their cars and literally follow others while on their cell phones consulting with police. Some have shown that they get a thrill out of policing their own communities. Most of these people are Millenials and Generation Z. Those with ancestral heritage knowledge are aware that something is happening to the U.S. is in fact Communism. Due to the generation divide and lack of knowledge concerning historical lunatics who changed their country's systems for the purpose of enslaving its people. There were Marxism, Communism, Leninism, and Socialism. The so-called leaders of today feel that they have recognized the glitches and errors since the rise of the 3rd Reich. People in the United States have no idea that all of their so-called freedoms are being stripped away sinisterly. It is being done sinisterly because anyone who points this out usually has their neighbors spying on them and hacking their cell phone and internet surfing activities. The spies are being told that factologists and truth speakers are a threat to the New World Order's Democracy. But there isn't any democracy in the New World Order which is where one trick comes into play. There are some neighbors who spy on other neighbors, and who have daily jobs but is still given healthy weekly slaries for spying 9on others. There have been reports of salaries as much as nearly $4,000 per week.

These spies are told not to show boat. There have been spies within the jails and prisons of the U.S. who avoided correctional officers brutality and conspiracies issues but focused on specific inmates at the orders of the Warden. Everything you know about prison life shall become a reality for all those on the outside of prisons. The New World Order is about a planet's population treated like prisoners in the U.S before and after the 1990's. JUanuary 20, 2021, marked the beginning to the complete end of your freedoms. There will be no more freedom of speech, freedom to assembly, freedom of choice, norfreedom to drive or walk anywhere you'd like. Everything shall be restricted. The Inauguration of the Biden/Harris presidency will begin in a way many won't recognize. Many will be told that the covid vaccines won't be made mandatory but every business will have to have vaccination mandates. This is where the trick comes in because unless you want to work and feed your families you will have to take the vaccines and bio-chips. Of cvourse this will start amongst the poorest of people in the U.S. Blacks and latinos will be the first to have to take these vaccines because many of them rely on Temporary or Staffing Agencies for employment. The devils have always passed laws and bills stating that humans don't have to do this or that, but in order to eat or breath you must do this or that. That is the trick. Both downtown and West Cleveland are now New Age territories with technologies which mock your Bibles and Quraans. Technology and spies have managed to assist in harrassments and many arrests of people in Cleveland. Ever really wondered why black people in commercials hjave slave like demeanors similar to blacks in the early 1900's? Ever wondered why blacks in commercials seem to get dumber and dumber?
Posted By: george patel
Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:49PM
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there are neighborhoors who hack into other neighbors phone calls and wifi. Cell phhone towers are targeted by corrupt infiltaitors posing as cops. Many are federal agents of some sort and/or military police. Anybody who shows a great deal of intelligence about the New World Order and global Communism have been deemed major threats. Parties are scared into giving up on information which exposes what is about to happen to humans all around the globe. Joe Biden and Trump were only puppets in a much larger conspiracy. So what role does the neutranoid race play? Well, first of all, the neutranoids are set with getting rid of the original bloodlines of people. Netranoids are a combination of all race on the planet which is why its difficult to tell what race they are. Whether humans trust it or not, many neutranoids have a certain amount of evil alien DNA within them. There is fact to the euro-american race about to become extinct by 2026. However, the black and brown race of people are being replaced by the neutranoids. The globalists needed to use racism in order to fulfill their plan. And while blacks and euro-americans have fought about who is the greatest threat to the other, your demises are becoming ever so more clear. eventually you will see it. Right now many are under the spells of Democrats , Liberals, Republicans, and Conservatives. They have even managed to instill fear into many of you by using armed National Guards all across the U.S. during and after the Inauguration. You shall have at least 17 months of complete horror. The Democrats and Liberals feel they can transform the world right under the noses of humans without them even noticing. It must be somewhat true because blacks have complained about many euro-americans wearing the blackface but have failed to see how neutranoids is doing it for their complete thrills. There is a commercial on tv by SmartDirectClub.com, where a neutranoid teenage boy goes blackface. It is shown at least 40 times daily and there is no opposition against it whatsoever.

The blackface taunting is being made into a trend now. It is believed that5 blacks are nolonger offended by those wearing the blackface just so long as the posers aren't euro-american.. https://www.insider.com/celebrities-who-wore-blackface-2018-10 https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/08/30/alabamas-republican-governor-apologizes-wearing-blackface-college-refuses-resign/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/02/02/troubling-history-behind-ralph-northams-blackface-klan-photo/ https://www.history.com/news/blackface-history-racism-origins. So why is neutranoids being given the pass to taunt using the blackface on live tv commercials without any opposition? First off, there are many demons involed and most of today's population are ignorant to their existence. The Nigerians have conjured evil Sumerian demons that are taking control of earth. Enclosed is just a few names of those very powerful demons transforming everything around you. Their names are: Nyarlathotep,Azathoth, Unrat-Tawil, Hub Nigurath, Great Hastur, Yog Soth, CThulu,and Rlyeh-CThulhu, just to name a few. You will see that there have been and will continue to be many demons and devils playing major roles in the New World Order. And for those of you who think there is no New World Order, just take a look at law journals. One such law journal is Fordham International Law on the New World Order https://sites.tufts.edu/sovereignet/files/2019/10/A-New-World-Order.pdf. https://ir.lawnet.fordham.edu/ilj/vol42/iss5/. If there isn't a New World Order then why is it deep within laws across the globe? It goes without saying that there exists a fragmented America today. To say there are divisions is an understatement, and they go much deeper than politics. The current political climate is full of disorder and mistrust. It is rife with group demands and group grievances, but a “culture” is made up of individuals, not groups. A culture is the sum of shared values held by most citizens in any country. America’s primary shared value for over 200 years has been sovereignty of the individual.Autonomy (self governing. a trait of Lucifer claiming there is no supreme or higher being), freedom, sovereignty, liberty for all.

‘It is one of those rare things that makes a country great, but it is also one of those things that most people are now wanting to destroy.It can be argued that collectivism and tribal attitudes are what is destroying this country from within. Victimhood and outrage have become cottage industries and they put a spotlight on our differences. Everyone feels that they must have a resistance or a defiance against petty evils that divide us politically and religiously. The United States was at a unique point in history because it was consciously founded on the value of the individual, and the United States Constitution was framed to protect the individual. This concept of individualism made the United States of America exceptional in the history of humankind. But the United States are not united now. Why? The biggest divide in America today is between groups: Groups identified by skin color and other physical features: white, Asian, Black, and Aboriginal individuals; groups identified by gender or gender-preference: LBGTQ individuals; groups identified by ethnicity: Hispanic, Asian, and European-descendant individuals; groups identified by religion: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim individuals. Every one of those groups are encouraged to join an adversarial group – they demand that you recognize their struggles and ignore your own. We are all struggling some more than others – but when the struggles turn to anger and rage we begin to see the fallout from those who wish to organize and find a scapegoat for all of their problems. Republicans blame Democrats and vice versa, some conservative groups blame homos*xuals and the granddad of theme all is the clash between white people, and people of color. Now keep in mind that every group does and must consist of individuals. It is the sovereignty of the individual that is the bedrock upon which all of us and each of us — no matter race, s*x, ancestry, or religion are protected by our codified Constitution against violence and/or tyranny from abroad or from within.

Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:50PM
george patel

Americans have in the past touted the virtues of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Many as Americans have been reminded through the auspices of US history that it has been peppered with stories of heroes and heroines doing the right thing, standing up and fighting against oppression, standing up for justice, and standing up for one another. This country was built on the idea of taking care of one another, a place where the “huddled masses” yearn to be and can be free. However, in these past few dark days of American history one can become discouraged into thinking that it is all an illusion, a fantastic lie we tell themselves and that deep down they all have contempt for one another. For nearly two decades, the division in the United States has fomented to the point where we have arrived to that nebulous future that for years. America would face an obtrusive government that uses intrusive tactics tantamount to insurrection to force many into living in a country where they see troops in the streets and tanks or military vehicles moving silently into their neighborhoods at night in order to maintain order amidst the chaos brought on by some unknown force. And according to certain Generals, they do have orders to assassinate those on a hitlist should civil disobedience take place on a very large scale. Humans now have a hashtag movement of resistance and organized leftist guerrilla groups whose aim is to wipe out fascism by carrying out fascist acts. There is division over immigration laws and there is this fear that many angry activists are ready to carry out a dystopian fantasy where the left and the right do battle in some kind of half-baked civil war, or that the result will be a revolution where extremists believe that they can squeeze criminal activities through loopholes in constitutional law. The terrifying thing about a pending crisis is that no one is willing to agree that the Deep state is preparing this country for a nationwide incarceration as those who do not take to the streets will be left to shelter in place making their homes a kind of purgatory until the boiling point occurs.

Look around you at what is happening today! It was yesterday’s conspiracy theory and now we are told that conspiracy theories are a product of those with psychological problems.If you dig into practically any conspiracy theory, even the most skeptical person may find him or herself seriously wondering if there isn’t “something to it” after all. Could all the apparent connections just be a series of coincidences? Could so much of the information simply be false? The answer to both questions is yes, but that can be a hard answer to accept. A good conspiracy theory sounds reasonable. It appears to answer a lot of unanswered questions. It can also be exciting, far more interesting than mundane reality. For many, the conspiracy theory merely confirms what they already suspect or believe. And, of course, there is the fact that there have been conspiracies and cover-ups throughout history. In my 30 years of studying various conspiracy theories, there were a few that have stood out as favorites. Many of those favorite conspiracy theories have not aged well – or have just been put on the back burner as stories of pervasive paranoia for a time in history that has been long gone. These conspiracy theories are cold war era conspiracies where the United States was plagued with the fear of a ubiquitous Communist Conspiracy. This conspiracy has been the grand old conspiracy that my Grandfather and Father spoke of in whispers at bowling alleys and barber shops.

For decades they had been able to blame practically everything that went wrong in the world or in their lives on the international Communist conspiracy. Suddenly the Russian Communists were no more, and even the most fanatical persons could not convince themselves, or anyone else, that the Communist collapse was just another clever Commie ploy to confuse the true patriots and weaken their resolve, while secretly underground the Communists were still there, re powerful and more sinister than ever. Somehow the Communists in China, the most populous nation on Earth, just couldn’t take the place of the old Soviet Communists. There was no denying it, no escaping it, the Communist conspiracy, which seemed to explain so much, was dead and gone. But in a very real and personal way, little had actually changed in America. Those who had blamed the Communists were no richer or more powerful than before. Taxes were still high. The government was still trying to take away their guns. The rampant immorality that they had seen as being promoted by the Communist conspiracy was, if anything, more rampant than ever. Something was still wrong. To some very nearly everything was still wrong. A conspiracy to deprive them of what they needed and wanted was still out there. But what was it? It was President George Bush who inadvertently gave this conspiracy its new name. Shortly after the victory over Iraq in the Persian Gulf War, President Bush said, “I hope that history will record that the Gulf Crisis was the crucible for a new world order.” According to my father and all of the men that he associated with the New World Order meant that some sort of one-world government or international control would be forced on the United States, destroying the nation’s sovereignty and the constitutional freedoms of its citizens. Those behind the conspiracy are a shadowy but immensely powerful group that was called the “Establishment.” In the X-files they were called “The Syndicate.” George W. Bush called them “The Shadow Government” and today they are called “The Deep State” or the “Swamp.”

The Davos gang of the World Economic forum and Bilderberg Group call it “The New Normal” or the “Great Reset.” One member of the Bilderberg, Henry Kissinger, has commented many times about the New World Order and how easy it would be to implement it. In the 1980’s, at a Bilderberg meeting in France Kissinger was quoted as saying: “Today, America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.” There were many well-known Conspiracy theorists that I met when I was young, these were classic informants with compelling insight over how the takeover of America was to be accomplished. One of those men was Bill Cooper who wrote the classic conspiracy theory book “Behold a Pale Horse.” Cooper claims that he saw intelligence Data on Operation Red Light, where an invasion on American soil would one day be staged in order to enforce a police state on the country. It would be day where the president would be forced to leave Washington DC, either in a coup de tat or by some other means and that we would begin to see troops gather in major cities to round up citizens and put some in detainment camps. Operation Red Light is also similar to a little-known Operation called Cable Splicer. Operation Cable Splicer is a subprogram of the Rex 84 Program, which “was established on the reasoning that if a ‘mass exodus’ of illegal aliens crossed the Mexican/US border, they would be quickly rounded up and detained in detention centers by FEMA. Rex 84 allowed many military bases to be closed down and to be turned into prisons.” Cable Splicer is the adjunct program meant to establish a program for an orderly takeover of State and local governments in the event of an established riot or insurgence should the REX 84 program lead to domestic violence and civil upheaval.

Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:51PM
george patel

Stories of black helicopters first appeared in the 1970s and were linked to reports of cattle mutilation and UFO sightings. Some would fly lower than 500 feet over these areas and reports of armed men in black paramilitary Uniforms with no insignia were allegedly in these choppers and there was speculation that they were training in the area to confront people and disarm them in an unconstitutional project like Operation Clean Sweep. A few days ago plane spotters in the greater Los Angeles area caught glimpses of three mysterious Bell 407 helicopters painted overall in what looks to be a dark gray or black color, but with no easily identifiable markings. Covered in antennas that one might expect to see on examples in use by military or law enforcement units– The War Zone website reports that these helicopters are bizarre looking and are not like any that have been seen before. While the War Zone reports that they don’t know for sure who is operating them or for what purpose, these helicopters appear to have a very unusual history and there are solid indications that they could be associated with a very secretive U.S. military aviation unit. These helicopters each have an “egg-beater” or “O Wing” type UHF satellite communications (SATCOM) antenna on their tail booms. This installation is similar, if not identical to the one that the U.S. Army used on its now-retired OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed scout helicopters, from which the commercial Model 407 was derived. They also have a pair of prominent blade-type antennas located ventrally under the fuselage, which are generally associated with high-frequency radios and other communications systems. Various other smaller antennas are also visible under the rear fuselage. The helicopters notably do not appear to have any kind of sensor turret of the types that typically hold electro-optical or infrared cameras underneath the nose or elsewhere beneath the fuselage. They are also equipped with high skids, which are commonly found on versions of the Jet Ranger family of helicopters that are tasked with utility work, law enforcement applications, and military missions.

It has also been reported that these helicopters have been seen over Texas, along with military units, Colorado, and Kentucky. The question is: what are these black helicopters being used for? Black helicopters, on the simplest level, are helicopters intentionally painted black, with sound-suppression and low radar signature, the kind of helicopter intended to conduct operations like Cable Splicer REX-84 and Garden Plot . Operation Garden Plot was a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances. Garden Plot was last activated as operation Noble Eagle to provide military assistance to civil authorities following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The Pentagon also activated it to restore order during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Many people may recall that in the Summer of 2008 there were black helicopters flying over major US Cities. The military claimed that these exercises were necessary in order to train pilots for recon and rescue missions in middle eastern cities. The plan also included protocols on how to deal with people who are detained during possible uprisings. In one briefing it was said that the training was not for Middle Eastern Cities but The United States. They were developing solutions to quelling civil unrest for a fuyture event. The solutions proposed include the division of the county into 10 sections and with each section having regional detainment camps provided by the Department of Homeland security. Back when President Obama's signed of executive order addendums known as National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, people were suspicious that he would install a dictatorship under his command. He then said that he signed it not for him but for a future president.

It gave the President executive power to dictate agencies under his authority to allow for the seizure of food, land and fuel. he also authorized the use of 30,000 armed surveillance drones over American cities. There were also the Jade Helm exercise which was the inclusion of of the electronic battlefield and the inclusion of artificial intelligence in a co command operation. All of this was planned as far back as the Senior Bush administration. It was first implemented in the first tier known as the Patriot Act, the second tier as the National Defense Resources Preparedness act and soon the third tier with the Domestic Terrorism Bill that certainly will be implemented during the new Biden administration.If you recall there was a report that was submitted to President Johnson in the 1960’s called the Iron Mountain report which argued that though world peace was a nice idea, the economy of war was such a vital part of global stability that there had to be other crisis that would have to be generated in order to fill the “ceasefires and “peacetime” so that governments could profit and maintain their wealth. The proposal was to provide alternative “terrors” or crises that would prepare the world for the establishment of a United Nation’s world government. The report was literally a blueprint of proposed manufactured crises that the government could employ during peacetime in order to keep the war and military busy and the people demanding protection from threats. The report claimed that a gradual implementation of such crises would guarantee the need for basic social controls. There are those who believe that the proposals in the report have been employed for over 50 years conditioning the American people for acceptance of a New World Order. The report detailed ways to create or manufacture crises that could be substitutes for war, literally a way to keep the military in business due to public demand over the fear of being harmed or killed. The Report from Iron Mountain also proposes that the United States be disarmed and it will be carried out in three stages. Internal security forces provided by the United Nations will honor and enforce a treaty that will be signed where guns must be surrendered by citizens in order to maintain peace.

The Iron Mountain Report also states that in order for this to happen there will also have to be a focus on religious authority and their ability to convince their flocks to follow the law. However, there is also a section that states that if the religious authorities’ rebel there would have to be a way to expose religious organizations as corrupt and this way there would be no agonizing over the moral obligations of a government to religious freedom. If religion does not comply with the obligations of disarmament, then they will be exposed as corrupt and there will be violence between sectarian factions. The process was proposed to include mass surveillance, door to door confiscation and mass arrest for those who do not comply. Local and federal security officials expect about 20,000 National Guard members to be involved in securing Washington, D.C., for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration—this is unprecedented. 20,000 troops are roughly four times more than the number of troops currently in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. The 20,000 National Guard members expected in the city is an increase of 5,000, as 15,000 were previously deployed to the city by the Department of Defense earlier this week.Now it is time to ask why is there such a huge occupying force being called out for a simple inauguration? Why are there black helicopters being deployed over California and other states? As you can see, there were conspiracy theories years ago that predicted that this would eventually happen. A lot of people may not know it, but there is a way to anticipate what’s going to happen in the future. It’s not perfect, but it helps you make educated guesses about what’s next. It’s called “History,” and apparently no one in our ruling class or even in the consensus has ever heard of it.

And last but not least. With the pandemic, the “digital transformation” that so many analysts have been referring to for years, without being exactly sure what it meant, has found its catalyst. One major effect of confinement will be the expansion and progression of the digital world in a decisive and often permanent manner. No matter the origin or true lethality of SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus pandemic has been utilized to implement broader agendas that have been planned well in advance. One of the motivations for declaring a global pandemic was to make possible the widespread usage of new technology such as facial recognition, digital IDs and payment systems, mRNA vaccines and vaccine certificates. This is openly stated in books such as COVID-19: The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The engineers of the “plandemic” recognized that new technology is often resisted by the masses, but could be adopted quickly due to a public health crisis. What better way to coerce people into using technology that has long been planned to enslave humanity than by holding them hostage to a “deadly” virus causing people to fear for their lives? From the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, humanity was told the world could not return to normal without global vaccination against the coronavirus. We were even told that some things would never return to normal. In fact, the people and organizations behind exercises such as Crimson Contagion and Event 201 secretly planned to reshape the world in their technocratic image using the guise of the pandemic to implement their schemes. For decades Hollywood, a major partner in advancing globalist agendas, has been conditioning people to accept all-pervasive surveillance through films such as Enemy of the State, Eagle Eye, and Minority Report. The societies depicted in those dystopian films is now a reality. Welcome to Dystopia Now!

Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:51PM
george patel

On January 14 the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI), a broad coalition of health and technology corporations, was announced. The VCI combines the efforts of companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Mayo Clinic for the purpose of standardizing digital access to vaccination records. The VCI also garners support from the World Economic Forum (i.e., Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset) through The Commons Project Foundation and its Common Pass project. Common Pass is a “globally-interoperable platform for people to document their COVID-19 status (health declarations/PCR tests/vaccinations) to satisfy country entry requirements, while protecting their health data privacy.” In other words, it’s a digital tracking system designed to keep people from traveling unless current with vaccines and other future health requirements. Common Pass requires a smartphone and works on Apple (through the Apple Health app) and Android (through the CommonHealth app) devices. Authorities will be able to scan a QR code embedded in the app that will verify whether an individual is cleared for travel. It is expected to launch in the first half of 2022. In the new world being erected right before our eyes, the Global Syndicate does not want the average citizen to have the right to travel freely without being closely monitored for compliance with new societal rules. They claim reducing travel will help the environment and solve the problem of climate change, but this is just a ruse to destroy individual freedom and rights. In reality, they want humanity locked into a surveillance grid that can track every movement and eventually, every thought! As I warned in part four of the Beware the Vaccine series, employers will eventually make it difficult to work without proof of vaccination. Additionally, stores, concert and sports venues, restaurants, museums, and parks may also soon require a tool like Common Pass to shop for necessities and access entertainment and leisure. But it doesn’t stop here.

Surveillance including the use of facial recognition technology was increasingly used by governments worldwide under the guise of fighting the spread of COVID-19. As early as last April, Amazon began using thermal cameras to scan workers for fever and other symptoms of coronavirus. Companies such as Thermal Guardian and Flir have been supplying thermal cameras to airports, healthcare centers, businesses, casinos and even grocery stores throughout the plandemic. Contact tracing plans largely failed because people were uncooperative, and the technology was not well developed. Companies such as TraceSafe and Estimote have created the next wave of contact tracing tools in the form of biometric wearable devices. Wearables from Flywallet and Digital DNA will hold your vaccine certificates. For now, these new surveillance devices are meant to be worn outside the body, but the ultimate goal is for widespread adoption of bodily implants as documented in my Internet of Bodies article. Though there have been some rumblings about the privacy violations these technologies could create, it hasn’t stopped their development or implementation by governments and companies worldwide. This does not bode well for the future as the digital transformation of society races on. Globalists have a funny way of posing as saviors while secretly planning humanity’s total subjugation. A global technocracy cannot be imposed without robust surveillance systems, widespread deployment of artificial intelligence, and the digitization of everything. The push for digital identification is increasing at a pace faster than Usain Bolt’s 100-meter dash. As I wrote in part 5 of the Beware the Vaccine series: …the plan is to roll out a full-fledged digital ID (ID2020) which would contain driver’s licenses, passports, work badges, building access cards, debit and credit cards, transit passes, and more.

Under the guise of aiding the marginalized and protecting their civil liberties, despotic technocrats will be able to use digital IDs to control access to government, finance, health, travel, and any service where an ID would be required for access or benefits. The road to the ID2020 initiative leads to the Bill & Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations. You may recall that both were co-sponsors of Event 201, the pandemic planning exercise that became reality just a few months later. Is it a mere coincidence that these two foundations are the driving forces behind global pandemic planning, vaccination, and the creation and enforcement of digital IDs? The next domino to fall, coinciding with a planned and coordinated global economic reset, will be universal adoption of digital payments and the outlawing of cash. The plandemic has served to rapidly change the way people think about money, especially cash. Last March, the World Health Organization vilified cash as a coronavirus spreader, and its use was restricted around the world. Coin shortages also soon followed, resulting in a dramatic shift toward digital payments. Talks and moves to implement digital currencies ramped up, all according to schedule. Prior to the plandemic, cash usage was still prominent in the U.S., but was already on the decline in China and many Asian countries. The COVID-29 crisis provided the perfect cover to accelerate adoption of digital payments throughout Western nations. Many are excited about digital money and the blockchain technology behind it, believing it will be the key to decentralization and less oversight by central banks. However, history has proven that elites tend to establish greater control of economies as societies move away from physical currency. This push for digitalization is placing the world at a crossroads. Though blockchain technology and cryptocurrency may initially provide financial freedom and anonymity through products like Bitcoin, eventually the banking elites and their technocratic partners will find a way to regain control. The Federal Reserve has already proposed a new FedCoin that threatens to centralize digital currency with the ability to track and/or prohibit transactions. Attacks on cryptocurrency are on the rise as governments, credit card companies, and mega-corporations have banned their use. Big tech giants like Facebook and Google joined together to ban cryptocurrency ads. However, Facebook (which owns data from billions of people) has announced it will launch its new rebranded cryptocurrency called Diem later this year.

Several countries and banks have issued Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) which threaten to destroy the independent and anonymous financial system brokered through blockchain technology. Once these efforts by governments, central banks, and mega-corporations gain steam, it won’t be long before Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be targeted for extinction. Those who possess them may be sued, criminalized, and excluded from financial systems much like those who pirated music in the earlier part of the century. A significant outcome of the war on terror was the emergence of the surveillance state. Initially sold as a way to track terrorists, governments soon turned these tactics on their citizens, as revealed by whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and through legislation like the Patriot Act (which President-Elect Joe Biden bragged about writing) and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). It even spawned the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), an entirely new government agency conceived to monitor known and “potential” terrorists and prevent future terror attacks. With time and the advancement of technology, the fledgling surveillance state of the early 2000s has grown exponentially into the monstrous biosecurity police state now emerging. What began as eagle eye tools for militaries to track and monitor “terrorists” abroad have now been adapted for use in everyday consumer products like nanny cams, smartphones, smart watches, and vehicles. Use of traffic and surveillance cameras have exploded in the years since 9/11 to the point where the U.S. and China combined possess one surveillance camera for every four people. It is expected that 2021 will see the global deployment of over one billion cameras.

Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:51PM
george patel

DHS expects to have biometric data including DNA and face, fingerprint, and iris scans of at least 259 million people by 2022. DHS is using cloud-based software called Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART), hosted by Amazon Web Services to “make it possible to confirm the identity of travelers at any point in their travel,” according to former secretary Kevin McAleenan. The possibilities of using this software to curb individual rights and freedom are staggering. According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation: The records DHS plans to include in HART will chill and deter people from exercising their First Amendment protected rights to speak, assemble, and associate. Data like face recognition makes it possible to identify and track people in real time, including at lawful political protests and other gatherings. Other data DHS is planning to collect—including information about people’s “relationship patterns” and from officer “encounters” with the public—can be used to identify political affiliations, religious activities, and familial and friendly relationships. These data points are also frequently colored by conjecture and bias. Northrop Grumman, a preeminent U.S. defense contractor, received a $95 million contract to develop the first two phases of the HART system under DHS’s Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM). But this is just one of many ongoing government surveillance projects designed to spy on and incorporate all of humanity in biometric databases. Technology is simply a tool used to achieve a task or goal. It’s mostly neither good nor bad. How it’s used, who’s using it, and for what purpose typically determines benefit or harm. However, it has been proven time and again that digital systems are fragile, ripe for hacking, and contain back doors that can be used to spy on users. Though the technologies discussed in this article promise privacy and individual control, trusting those overseeing their development or deployment is foolish. Most involved in the creation, implementation, distribution, and use of these technologies have ties to governments, global entities, spy agencies, and billion-dollar tech companies. All these new inventions are being used to create a global panopticon, making it easy for technocrats to control humanity through technological innovation. So welcome to Slavery!!!
Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 1:52PM
george patel
After thought: anyone who opposes the New World Oder and slavery of humans will be termed a Trump supporter. This is their way of getting rid of threats under the New World Order for the Ages. So watch that new citizen army who have been working in the shadows and outfront for the demonic globalists! Black people better watch out for other so-called blachttps://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/19/left-calls-for-army-of-citizen-detectives-to-monitor-report-trump-supporters/. https://darkoutpost.com/conspiracies/eas-alert-coming-please-stand-by/
Tuesday, January 19th 2021 at 11:50PM
george patel
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