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JAMUARY 22, 2021

We all know that reverance of the past assures the future but what of all those black and latino people who have lost track and trace of their true past? We all also know that the past have been and is continuing to be re-written which means that the future has been forged in some way by those who want to rule the world. Todays these so-called people are known as globalists. Millenials and Generation Z are without true knowledge of this which is why humans around the globe are being enslaved. If you want to know what your enslavement will start out about just observe the policies, practices, and procedureds by Department of Corrections in each and every state across the U.S. Controlled movement is when all move are under the control of the policy makers. In order to push a controlled movement policy in society a pandemic must be declared under National Security, and every human within the country has to follow policies, practices, and procedures implemented by the World Health Organization and the Center for Diseased Control. Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to be the voice for these organizations and for Bill Gates himself. People living in the U.S. are under some sort of Medical Martial Law right now and very few actually know it. One reason why so many humans are mixed up is because opf the many forms of information being pushed on you every 6 seconds, every six minutes, and every 24 (6) hours. Many countries have closed their doors to Americans because of the so-called pandemic. And the only way for many to start recieving revenue again is by mass vaccinations and vaccination passports. But its hard for Americans and other people around the world to even trust this as truth because of the masterful illusions within our everyday lives. For an example, people believe that there was an Inauguration. https://youtu.be/Uanb9wdvRUQ. But then there are people who believe that the Inauguration was an illusion. https://beforeitsnews.com/opinion-conservative/2021/01/the-military-is-in-control-inauguration-was-pre-recorded-trump-to-be-sworn-in-march-4-charlie-ward-simon-parkes-must-video-3562687.html. Many people who were considered Trump supporters had a vast knowledge of what the Draconians, the Insectoids, the Duwaanis, and the Reptilians, just to name a few, had in store for humans across the globe.

Then there are others who knew the truth about what was and is going to happen prior to those amongst the so-called Trump supporters. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters knowledge of the very near future isaimilar to others with an even greater knowledge of things. But the Democrats, the Liberals, the Republicans, and the Conservatives, all work in alliance and it has all been an illusion. Many humans were told thisn but allowed themselves to forget over and over again. The globalists know what the facts are and have characterized anyone who speaks and defends the facts as supporters of Donald J. Trump. Thus, when the riot took place on Capitol Hill after the mroning of January 6, 2021 this unleashed a new and highly planned conspiracy against all those who spoke the truth about the global order. Democrats are mostly composed of blacks and latinos, along with some others, in either working or poor communities. So the so-called black and latino leaders wotrking in those communities have assured their superiors that the Democrat and Liberal populations in the U.S. have been programmed to see things differently. And because these people refuse to see Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the Republican he was, it proves that it is all show and tell intertwined with illusions for control. Euro-americans under the spell of Mega Church leaders like Joel Olsteen have been mentally conditioned to accept the New World Order with open arms without the slightest opposition. The word God means anyone or thing in control of other people or thibngs. The word God is also a mantra manipulated and twisted by Luciferians who could alter the tones. The Luciferians teach through Joel Olsteen Ministries that embrace goodness and goodness follows. Goodness is likened unto a circle. The designer of the circle is the only one who knows where the first line began and where it ended before completing the circle. Scientism has drawn up a new circle implicating the atomic particle. And instead of the atomic particle beginning with proton neutron electron fields their design of it is electron neutron proton fields. This means that the electron is the primary force. So when people at Joel Olsteen's Ministry's are told to embrace the good energy they are actually embracing the negative energies. As many have said time and time again, what use to be good is now considered bad and what use to be bad is now considered good.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 9:19PM
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Another example is that back in the early and mid 1900's adultery was considered wrong. A Jezebel was the female who painted her face, involved herself in the arts of a manipulative form of witchcraft, and seduced men. This belief was not only been abolished in society but the only place you will hear about adultery in 2021 is on the law books. Eventually they will find someway to get rid of that as well. Feminism was designed by the highest witches around the globe in an attempt to place certain women in the high positions around the globe. It has nothing to do with women's rights. There is a certain breed and DNA of women involved with this. All everyday females join onboard because of what others had to say about how they were mistreated by certain men in power. Trust me, women are the gods of the men from their tribes but globalists have made it about evil women controlling the world. And all of those women who claimed they were s*xually harrassed, observe how they dressed on camera. When women dress in clothing which reveal their panty lines, ****** prints, and nipples, just to name a few things, why do they dress this way? To be observed. Dressing this way is the choice of a woman but when she manipulates and conspires with globalists to make this a trend then it becomes an act of evil. Today's women are experiencing things similar to the movie entitled, "the Vatican Tapes." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yelog-WwqD4. This thing is about devil, alien, or djinn possession on a global level. Its just like what took place with the speech given by Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. Even though most people know Joe's history of molestering children and s*xually assaulting women, it was the speech that got you. When Barack Obama was accused of orgies with men and was accused of some of the most horrible acts against humanity, it was his speech that controlled you. Do you know why that was? Obama controlls several Councils including the Council of 13. He is over the Druid Council which means that he is alot more of a wizard than wizards humans have read about. Because of his mixed DNA from the black gene, the european gene, the Reptilian gene, and many other genes, he used this to infiltrate into every facet of society.

He also claimed that he recognized what people went through, but how did his presidency help? It was recorded that Obama went to other countries claiming that euro-americans were racist. He was in the company of a black church, where Jeremiah Wright preached, which spoke their dislikes about the euro-american race. Keep in mind he was a President now. And every word he spoke carried weight. Thus, it can be safely concluded that his job was to turn blacks, and euro-americans against one another. Why would a U.S. President speak against a race of people in secret places if he didn't want to create enmity and hatred between races? This is how he attacked and marked euro-americans. With blacks and latinos with historicaL pasts where they were dropped off on slave ships from africa in the 15th and 16th centuries, there was a different approach. First he had to denounce "Slavery Reparations" in the open just to see who was the opposition. Those who were the opposition were marked and watched even unto this day by technology and by your many neighbors. The next blast to the grill was when Obama ordered the assassination of the Libyan leader Muammar, because he got together with African leaders and planned to build a Central Banking System which was backed by the wealthy natural resources of the continent which would have bankrupt every bank on earth. They tried to do away with neo-colonialism and modern day slavery. Obama and his hundred of thousands of foot soldiers tried to convice the people that the Libyan ruler was a terrorist. This resulted in what appeared to be a public killing by his own people for the sake of demonic legions in the future of the U.S. This taught so-called Americans that when your president speaks ill of people then react much like what took place in Libya. In truth Muammar resides underground in a prison like setting. It was made to look like he was killed by his own people. Illusions! After the abduction of Muammar there were prisoners who escaped from a New York prison. Police killed one escaped prisoner but when they apprehended the last escaped prisoner, nearly an entire town chanted, "kill him", to police. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2015/06/26/417797892/n-y-prison-escapees-believed-headed-to-canada.

Thid occurred during the Obama Administration. Sorry Bouel Society and Boule controlled Syndicateds. This escape prisoner was euro-american and over 99.3% of those chanting for his death were euro-american. The same thing happened when Casey Anthony was accused of killing her daughter. Once she was declared not guilty a ruthless crowd chated, "kill her!" In nearly all mass events where mobs wanted to kill a person accused of a crime happened during the Obama presidency. This clearly shows that the New World Order do not discriminate. And the people in the background always chanting "kill him or her" were what is known as netranoids. The neutranoids have been on a mission since the 1990's. The New World Order involves alo0t of people considered netranoids. Many have claimed to be black and got the backing of Black Illuminati organizations like the NAACP. The NAACP was behind the publicity of Rosa Parks, even though Parks was a Communist. https://wolfsonianfiulibrary.wordpress.com/2018/01/15/civil-rights-and-the-cpusa/. If so-called Americans really want to know how Communist life is, you will soon see early in 2021. Joe Biden plans to revise all Executive Orders and Bills Barack Obama enacted and signed. If black people think that because many blacks were assassinated by police more during the Obama presidency than in any other time in American history, then you have no idea whats in store under the New World Order. The U.S. Government is being ran by both the military and by corporations. This means that you can join a website and be banned. And when you use that device to join another website you will be banned because the information about that device was already stored in their data. Every website you join will have information sifting from one secret moderator to another. Hundreds of people have spoken about the Moderators for Connectinsingles.com and Destee.com, to name a couple. Websites like these gave up data to the military and other authorities about the member who seemed to amaze others with their incredoble information. Sources say that if you visit these two websites, on their forums and current event sections, the information discussed is both shallow and extremely boring. People are being dumbed down everywhere, andm when they get powerful information, mysteriously, chaos suddenly starts happening around them and they get very scared.

This fear forces them into submission or compliance with societal mind rules. Either think like everybody else or we will make your lives miserable. The Luciferians control religous beliefs which is why your religious leaders teach you compliance with the global order. Psychologists and psychiatrists are employed to declare that you are mentally unstable to bear arms. As more and more chaos occur within every community, it isn't without casualties. Mental casualties are those who eventually see psyche doctors and is prescribed psychotropic medications. Today's medications come with micro-chip implants in order to monitor you, track you, and determine if you are taking your meds. https://www.todaysgeriatricmedicine.com/archive/031912p6.shtml. Bio-chip medications is not anything https://www.sciencemag.org/site/products/ddbt_22704.xhtml. trust us, anyone who has knowledge of all this, just because of the knowledge itself, whether it originated from you or not, you are still monitored just for knowing about it. Globalists want you to be completely stupid and illiterate in order to prolong your suffering and eventual deaths. They care nothing for humans and use humans against each other daily. This is the only way their New World Order got this far. Example: If a neighbor, friend, or relative is very intelligent and can crack the codes of chaos insie our communities, these people are deemed threats against National Security. You are a threat because of knowledge of the origin of the chaos. Just knowing about chaos doesn't make you a threat. It does educate you that something is happening around you, and because of evolutionary metamorphizing, you will soon question those in charge of communities, and those in charge of them, and those in charge of them, and so on. Globalists know that your brain works in this way which is why they want to know everything you are thinking. They will get word to someone who knows you to spread that you have said this or have done that in order to divide you. But for those who love and trust you, they become sufferers for the truth. They know that even though today's scientists can create another human from the DNA in your liver, they know that those creators cannot give that being a soul. This being is known as a Golem! This ties into Kabbalistic Judaism, which proves who is behind all conspiracies. The true definition of a Jew is one whose mother is/was a witch. For gentiles, they say that it defines a race, But the correct ethnicity for the so-called Jew is a Jebusite, which can be found in your Bibles. He was the 6th son of Canaan.

Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 9:20PM
george patel

Billions of dollars was invested in Millenials and Generation Z because they are children of computers and technology. You can tell them by how much they stay on their cell phones. Many have died in car wrecks, stupid mistakes, et cetera, simply because their heads are always in those phones. The film wirter and Director, Stephen King, came out with a movie back in the 1980's called, "the Lawnmower Man", which was preparing that generation for whats going to happen with the next generation. In the movie the Lawnmower Man, the same effect computers had on his mind was what controls your children and your grandchildren. Hybrid Baby Boomers and even Generation X have become part of this because they are being taught that they would bve faded out of society if they don't have a certain level of computer knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LNvXjb44-U. Like with the Lawnmower Man, Millenials and Generation Z live out these illusions on a daily basis. Video games heighten serotonin levels in the brain which have been scientifically responsible for violence and mass bloodshed. Scientism knew of the effects and allowed the effects to take place until a time when the violence would have served its purpose. All data calculated from violence have been used to change laws. Agendas have been fulfilled because of those who create chaos and then offer solutions to the chaos they created and manufactured. And if humans have noticed this occurred with Millenials and Generation Z from every race and sub-race on the planet. This proves that the Globalists are not racists! There are black females part of the globalist agendas, euro-american and european females, hispanic females, arab females, East Indian females, chinese females, and the list goes on. People who know this truth and many other facts sited herein this missive were sadistically referred to as Trump Sopporters because of their vast knowledge of Democrats and Liberals. https://papersplease.org/wp/2021/01/19/put-them-on-the-no-fly-list/. People inside communities, especially in West Cleveland, Ohio, when one teaches this sort of knowledge over the internet, Liberals manipulate the information, and for those who haven't read the information, they are told that the posters are either a threat or is hot.

The FBI have been labeling truth speakers snitches for years which aided in their demise. There have been data showing that certain prisoners, which a powerful backing, in Virginia, was sent to places like New Mexico prisons, and prison officials labeled them snitches in order to get them assaulted or killed. This now takes us into freemasonry which is a brotherhood of liars and betrayers of the people. And because of their iron curtain of silence and cooperation, noone will tell the truth when it involves another freemason getting prosecuted. The 13th Amendment states: Noone inside the U.S. should suffer involuntary servitude or slavery unless they are in the prisons and jails of the U.S. The Communists seek to get rid of the U.S. Constitution or re-write another Constitution because under the New World Order, all humans are slaves. Thus, you have no rights. This is one reason why they know 5G kills and pushes it on the population anyway. Anything that can maim, disfigure, or kill, the U.S. government allows to take place until an incredible mind can challenge them inside their own courts with irrefutable evidence and a mass of Petitioners. Social Distancing assures that many cannot gather or assembly without a Police State monitoring all people and plans using today's many forms o0f technology. The local and national news media all acrossm the U.S. have lied to people so much very few believe them anymore. https://thefreethoughtproject.com/biden-mainstream-media-praise-god/. Many things will unfold after Biden enactsm all Executive Orders favoring the New World Order and total enslavement. https://youtu.be/vZ5soLrvXFg. https://youtu.be/Tshu-HKHm60. https://youtu.be/QJQo5EJF3is. Humans have no idea that Biden was chosen by China and others to carry this mission out. And the most hypnotic digital frequencies are activated each time he speaks which plays on every octave within your hearts. The Luciferians are behind frequencies, sounds, and pulses. They have managed to change the tones for Allah, God, Yahweh, El Shaddai, et cetera, which invokes demons and devils from the ancient past. Each time you use these words in prayers you are empowering their Overlords to rule over the planet.

And this is just the beginning. Many humans thought it was something that they have forced mask mandates. Well, now they are trying to force you to wear two masks. Over 85% of the euro-american race will comply because they are dividedas much as black people are. The vaccines being given in public for the nation to witness are nothing more than some sort of saline solution. This tricks you into accepting those vaccines. And after reading this, the push for more vaccinations will take place. Actors and Actresses will continue to be hired for this agenda. If humans stop doing so many drugs and stop drinking on a daily basis, closely watch those tv commercials which push drugs, insurance, sells, and more. Watch very closely and you will see that 99.9% of them are actors and actresses. The trillionaires control the billionaires. The billionaires control the millionaires. And the millionaires control what goes on in communities. Everyone of them dislike the human population and want you to be separated, tagged, and stored. While in this plight they will decide who will have the right to live against those who don't. Joe Biden says he is for black people, but like Lebron James said in a recent sentence, there are two Americas. The liked and the disliked. Any black, latino, or euro-american with a Social Slave Number, or Social Security Number, is doomed. Joe Biden works closely with those who sold all of you into historical slavery. Euro-americans are suppose to know who sold them into American slavery. Blacks should know that Nigerians were directly involved with their histprical slavery. Latinos, who were dropped off in Puerto Rico, should know that you were darker and your hair was more thicker over 400 years ago. Alot of you have light skin because of racial mixing. Today there are Golems about all of you. You cannot tell the difference from the real from the unreal. This is why it is so easy for many of you to turn against people who speaks words like those within this missive. When there is high conspiracy around a person and law enforcement, along with the military, corporations, and secret societies, got you spying and is saying all sorts of things about that person, it is that person who sacrifices her/his lfe for you. They want you to spread rumors or harbor ill feelings towards them because they don't want you to educate yourselves to global enslavement.

The more people who awaken from their slumber the greater the fight. The FBI got involved with what happened at the White House on January 6, 2021, concerning the riot, because it is a show of force. When they can instill fear into you it gives them power over you. We all know that the many spies and hackers arounf the 3200 block of West 38th street in West Cleveland, Ohio is a groundzero level for correct information. This is why they have employed them to attack the few blackmen in the area because I myself am a Nubian Ptahite Ethiopian Cu****e Hebrew, by nationality. My blood stems as far back as the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation who existed on these lands before the Mayflower. Knowledge is indeed powerful. And knowing that fact about yourselves is what will save you. There are cretors who are fighting on your side. You just have to be able to tap into that energy source for guidance and assistance. And it won't come by using words like God, Allah, Yahweh, El Shadai, and the likes. The tones for all of these names have been changed. This is why your prayers aren't seeming to be answered. If you are seeking to connect yourselves just sit back in a room with an insence lit that isn't synthetic, and chant Huwa (hoowa) over and over again. Change your diets and fast as often as you can. You must fight against the New Age Movement which has a light source all of its own. In West Cleveland, due to Millenials and Generation Z being controlled by evil djinn and demons, crimes occur daily ranging from roberries, to home invasions, to domestic violence, and much more. There are cases where people go outside and their neighbors go into their homes and rumage through their drawers. Then there are cases where people are up in the attics either trying to find a warm place to sleep or wants to steal for food. All of this is a manufactured crisis designed years ago. They cannot pin-point the results and conclusions in all cases but rest assure that some psychologist or psychiatrist is keeping a record of things which is immediately shared with the Pentagon. In West Cleveland bodies are being found laying in the snow, and the battle between police and people of color has took on a new versionj. The Satanic Black Lives Matter which involves Patrice Colors and her connections fought for specific cases. This should alert all black and latinos that they had New World Order agendas. Then groups like White Lives Matter was a combination of racist white supremacists in opposition to BLM and euro-americans who have been real victims in all of this chaos. Then there are the All Lives Matter group which was a New Age or New World Order movement. This tied in with Japan about to make racially diverse its entire country.

Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 9:20PM
george patel
Like I said, the New World Order controllers aren't racists. But they do result to racist tactics when implementing their many agendas. Those who usually fall for it are mentally ill or people who have been victimized from direct racist attacks. Natural Nature, who some term Mother Nature, decides who resides on earth and who is plagued. This is another reason why Joe Biden is giving a mighty push to the Climate Change agenda. Do you really think these demons can control every aspect of the earth's climate? They are only seeking to groom a new synthetic atmosphere that their alien Overlords can reside on earth in their full form. Many huamns will have to perish because these elements will not prove inhabitable for you. The being known as Montu, aka Muhammad Eury, in several of his lectures have informed you that their New World Order will only last for a minute. This was declared by Montu's Master, that Holy Soul sent and who is also known by the Galactical Confederation. Bio-chip implants will not force the rise of consciousness of humans but will bring about robotic slaves under the control of computers. Some call this transhumanism, or the combining of both human and machine. White supremacy is dead and those in full control now are of many different faces and skin complexions. Its like going back to Sodom and Gomorrah prior to the meteorite shower which wiped out every living thing. What women are doing today is the same as in those cities. What men are doing today is the same as in those cities prior to their destruction. However, the Luciferians quickly learned of the mistakes made and devised a different plan or ploot. The planet has never been under the rule of neutranoids because they are out of sync with the earth's vibrations based on the manipulation of their many DNA strains. The corona, which now crowns the sun's rays, is responsible for the elimination of alot of beings. The Luciferians are using this time to fully activate their New World Order, knowing that all life will be eradicated from off the planet as a result. But how can you blame evil devils, demons, djinn, and ghouls for acting out who they really are? Humans are to blame because you desired this world and the worldy things it offered, and thus you lost your souls.

Many beings are still here because the true Creators and Guardians of the Galaxt recognize that their prisms are agreeable and benevolent in all this madness. They are still spared because they face life daily fighting against those demons who vowed to mislead and destroy as many humans as they can. Millions of Americans wake up daily and claim that God have spared them to live another day? What God? You are living in hell, and if you are not against its rulers yiou have made yourselves confortable. A God is anything or being that rules over you. So each time you thank God you are actually thanking the alien overlords of your present slave masters. Joe Biden will be backed by his neutranoid power female who commands the shadow Governmkent. So while they are ruling you will see many people, with higher knowledge, start to mysteriously disappear. There will be at least 17 months of pure hell. But the Liberals feel they can fully activate the New World Order using technology that dumbs down the population. This means you won't have bno idea what is happening around you, moreso today and tomorrow, than in the recent past. Montu once shared that 300,000 humans are kidnapped every week all across the globe by Draconians and Dragonians. So if you think that the Communist Chinese are not headed by a certain DNA group of Reptilians, then you are folling yourselves. Those Chinese will play a serious role in who lives and who dies in America. Every wifi connection have been tapped by the Communist chinese and the Arabs. Ever wondered why sometime when you click on Google Search there will be classical arabic writing? This means you are being monitored. Americans are also being monitored by the Australian government. And now since Joe Biden is president and Kamala Harris is Vice President, you will never recognize America again. Everything shall be changed and you will see that with all of this Stimulus Relief being offered, should you get any of it, there is a price you will have to pay. We are now entering a phase where humans will be ordered to wear two masks. However, the report warns that “three masks may be going too far, since that could interfere with the ability to breathe. https://youtu.be/eoGQSO4zadE.

Wearing two masks has become a preferred method of virtue signaling on Twitter, with leftists posting selfies to prove they’re a ‘doubleplusgood person’ for social media clout. This past November, a landmark Danish study found that, as the Spectator reported, “there was no statistically significant difference between those who wore masks and those who did not when it came to being infected by Covid-19. As soon as the study was released, legacy media outlets fell over each other to attack its credibility in a vitriolic manner strangely absent in response to studies that amplify the consensus narrative on COVID. Meanwhile, more and more people appear to be wearing masks while doing vigorous exercise despite the fact that this can trigger serious respiratory problems. For some, it appears that virtue signaling for dopamine is worth risking their own lives for. https://banned.video/watch?id=5fff9ed52aec653ffc5e12a6. https://banned.video/watch?id=600614c184adb74a650ebd35. In the early 20th century, one of the Marine Corps most highly decorated generals, Smedley Darlington Butler, helped pacify Mexico for American oil Interests. He also commanded American occupations in Haiti and Cuba for National City bank, in Nicaragua for the Brown Brothers Brokerage, in the Dominican republic for sugar Interests and in China for Standard Oil. A group of wealthy industrialists had been plotting to overthrow the government of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a military coup. He was asked to head up an Army of 500,000 men to do the job. He refused. It was a Nazi plot where Wall Street interest threatened to overthrow the government. They were a front called the American liberty League and those who supported it were several major companies including Heinz, Maxwell House Coffee, Colgate, U.S. Steel, and General Motors. The Chief Organizer was Prescott Bush. For many years after there was a concern that the country could fall into the hands of corporate despots wishing to form a new order along with the Nazis. Even after World War II there was concern that Nazis would try to organize against the nation.

Many of them were brought to this country through Operation Paper Clip. These Nazis were used for their scientific prowess and their intelligence. Many of them were recruited for intelligence operations and the national security state. They were brought on board by none other than Allen Dulles the CIA chief that was eventually fired by John F. Kennedy. It is theorized that Dulles and others plotted a real coup against President Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles were abetted by powerful interests in government, business, and the military. Kennedy was moving America toward a permanent peace state, threatening the national security/military establishment whose existence is dependent on a permanent war state. It has been argued that since the death of President Kennedy and the Resignation of Richard Nixon that the security state has been running the country appointing various figure heads from Gerald Ford to Barack Obama. Donald J. Trump, many are told did not cooperate with the National Security state, vowing like Kennedy that he would destroy it in what he called, Draining the Swamp. This is the rhetoric. The reason I say rhetoric is becausem JFK was assassinated but Trump lives. And to spice things up a bit, Trump was removed from office and impeached just weeks before the inauguration of a new President. In that time the question has been who was responsible for unseating a sitting President; not the mob that attacked Washington, but the security apparatus of this country, They have successfully without question removed a President from office. They are now in charge—would it be at all out of the question that this military action is a “by the book” coup? Real coups are not clumsy mob attacks adjacent to lawmakers. Real coups, above all, are about control: Control of communications, control of bureaucracy, and above all, control of military power. And in the past few days, it is President Trump’s enemies who have seized control of all these things.

While we are told that the vote was cast for Joe Biden to be our next president – and we are told that the election was not fraudulent, why all the theatrics to unseat, impeach and humiliate a president in his last two weeks in office? After social media platforms hobbled the President’s ability to speak out about what was happening. A cascade of bans rained down on his loyal supporters, including Rush Limbaugh, Steve Bannon, Ben Garrison, and more. Real coups are almost always about decapitation. They seek to neutralize anyone who could be a focal point of opposition to the unfolding seizure of power. This wave of bans sought to destroy the ability of people to fully understand what was happening until it was too late to respond. As the mayhem unfolded in the Capitol, Pentagon leaders all but announced that they were no longer taking orders from the president. The secretary of defense made this statement: “Chairman Milley and I just spoke separately with the Vice President and with Speaker Pelosi, Leader McConnell, Senator Schumer and Representative Hoyer about the situation at the U.S. Capitol. We have fully activated the D.C. National Guard to assist federal and local law enforcement as they work to peacefully address the situation. We are prepared to provide additional support as necessary and appropriate as requested by local authorities. Our people are sworn to defend the constitution and our democratic form of government and they will act accordingly.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then publicly announced that she had directly contacted military leaders to strip President Trump of his military authority: Amid mounting pressure to remove President Trump from office, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday spoke to the nation’s top military leader about taking precautions to ensure against Trump rashly initiating a military action or nuclear strike in the chaotic waning days of his presidency. “This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike.”

Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 9:21PM
george patel

This was a move to strip the President of his constitutional powers in other words this is what happens in a real coup. The Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a remarkable memorandum to all members of the Armed Forces, the JCS have declared that Joe Biden will be the new president of the United States. The memo may have been not only one to military personnel but also to President Trump: “No matter how convinced you are that the election was stolen from you, don’t even think about remaining in power because we will ensure your forcible exit from the White House.” Unfortunately, relatively few people, including libertarians, comprehend that the Pentagon, along with the CIA and the NSA and, to a certain extent, the FBI, are the part of the federal government in which ultimate power is being wielded. They are the ones who are ruling the roost in America. That’s why that memo is so important. It’s declaring how things will be. It actually shows us who is in charge and who always has been in charge. This overwhelming power is usually exercised behind the scenes in order to make Americans feel comfortable that their government is different from other national-security governments. While the national-security branch of the government is driving the overall direction America will take, especially with respect to foreign affairs, it permits the other three branches to maintain the appearance of power. The idea is to convince Americans that the federal government operates the same as a national-security state as it did when it was a limited-government republic. But it’s a lie, a very dangerous lie, one that unfortunately is lived by all too many Americans, especially those within the mainstream press. Real coup d’états always revolve around getting the military’s backing. Donald Trump’s command of the military was usurped by a committee of top generals, members of Congress, and his own Vice President.

He then was no longer the real commander-in-chief. And if Donald Trump was no longer the commander-in-chief, then he was no longer the President of the United States. Ordinary Americans believe that the President’s powers rest with the office. But they do not.With thousands of troops being called in to Washington DC for the inaugural, most Americans believe it is just for safety precautions, what they do not realize is this is an indication that for the time being this country is in a de-facto police state operated by national security. Be prepared for continuous war, crisis, death and subjugation. Any national-security state necessarily depends of fear, crises, chaos, and emergencies — or “threats” of such things to sustain its existence, its power, and its money. They will always find something for people to be afraid of, even if they have to instigate it. Communism, terrorism, drug dealers, illegal immigrants, Muslims, Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria, insurrectionists, revolutionaries, invaders, or whatever. Without such fearful things, people are apt to ask why they need a national-security state instead of a limited-government republic, which was the type of governmental structure on which America was founded. What is the distinguishing characteristic of a national-security state, as compared to a limited-government republic? Power — raw, unadulterated power. With its vast military and arsenal of weaponry, along with extreme powers of assassination and surveillance, a national-security establishment has the means of imposing its will on government and on society. No one wields the countervailing power to resist. This why precisely why our American ancestors opposed the creation of a national-security state or what they called “standing armies.” They understood that once such a governmental apparatus comes into existence, there is no practical way for the citizenry, even a well-armed citizenry, to oppose it. In fact, if the Constitutional Convention had proposed a Constitution that called into existence a federal government that was a national-security state, rather than a limited-government republic, there is no way that Americans would have approved the Constitution. Practically from the beginning of the conversion to a national-security state, the other three branches have deferred to the overwhelming power of the Pentagon and its vast military-industrial complex, the CIA, and the NSA. All three of those branches have understood the nature of power. Most Americans do not understand this –all they see and hear is what the media tells them and now most media reporters are placed in their positions by the Pentagon. Congress is filled with people who could be self-designated assets of the national-security establishment. This especially includes the military and CIA veterans. They are almost certain to go along with whatever the national-security establishment wants. For those who strenuously object, they encounter the threat of having military bases or projects in their districts canceled, in which case the mainstream media in their districts will go after them with a vengeance. And there is always the possibility of being threatened by those in the mainstream press that reveal compromising secrets about one’s personal life.
Thursday, January 21st 2021 at 9:21PM
george patel
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