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FEBRUARY 21, 2021

White supremacists are a very cunning species of people who will stop at nothing to not only have the last word but also to remain in charge over people of color. Since the formul;ation of Part 3 of this thread, many many conspiracies have tooken place, and trust it or not, Charles Cyphert is in the middle of them all. According to very reliable sources, Cyphert has a niece who resides at 3306 West 52nd street in West Cleveland, Ohio. Is have been revealed that she and quite a few others who are connected to Cyphert reads these threads each time they are posted. Then they go to a Blog and post lies in order to take the attention off of themselves. It have been also revealed that Cyphert's mother checked into the hospital and while she has been there Cyphert's niece have been burning up her computer in his defense! parties who have hacked her computer nearby says she constantly sends emails and texts to Cyphert, keeping him updated on all of her moves. These people may pretend to have some love for people of color but when they are targeted by people of color they will do everything in their power to destroy them, even if it means lying. Since Thursday, February 7, 2021, after Cyphert met with anonymous parties in others towns in Ohio, the attack againstn black people have esculated. Euro-american police have been part of police chases which could have killed onloookers, pedestrians, and motorists. Remember this event where a 13 year old girl lost her life because euro-american police chased black youth from one side of Clevelabnd to another, toping speeds of over 70mph? Here is the link: https://www.cleveland.com/court-justice/2020/05/family-of-teen-girl-killed-during-cleveland-police-chase-files-lawsuit.html#:~:text=Family%20of%20teen%20girl%20killed%20during%20Cleveland%20police%20chase%20files%20lawsuit,-Updated%20May%2028&text=Tamia%20Chappman,%2013,%20died%20after,Target%20on%20West%20117th%20Street. There have also been a number of other police chases in mostly black neighborhoo0ds where police could have killed someone. https://www.cleveland19.com/2021/02/17/police-pursuit-east-cleveland-ends-with-crash-into-people-man-seriously-injured-video/. If people were to read alot of whats on Facebook and a few other websites you will see that thereb is alot of snitching going on about others who have been targeted by the government and by police. Cyphert's Facebook activities reveal that he snitches alot on m,ostly people of color.
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, February 20th 2021 at 2:19PM
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He reveals his connection with his hispanic connection. He also talks about the hispanics residing in the same house as he at 3254 West 38th street. Then there is talk about a small compact black car, amongst a few other vehicles, which spies on his wifi.; He claims that once he turns off his wifi the same car appears each time and with the assistance of his relatives he claims to know where all the hackers reside, The blackman in the house continues to be a target because he is well connected with forces that know the difference between good and evil. When Cyphert gets caught with his snitching sometimes it have been revealed that he lies on others just to get the attention off of himself. Nothing he say can be confirmed which is why those white supremacists he meets with weekly, mostly after the posting of these threads, keeps the information held as the highest of secrecy. There is even evidence that there are blacks and hispanics tied inw tih the conspiracies and the lying testimonies against certain blackmen and women which will never reach a court of law. usually when they implement these sort of evils they'll usually play out untilm someone is dead! He who controls the females of a race control that race. Cyphert claims that the hispanic females who stays beneath him resides in her apartment daily and listens to every sound which comes from above in his and the black's apartment. He also states that there is a young man who sometimes reside in the apartment who is responsible for a devices used to hack wifi and phone calls. He claims that he have recieved a very large number of calls from peoople whio either refuse to answer when he picks up the phone or plants a fake caller id number just to taunt him. Are white supremacists capable of telling the truthm when it involves people of color? Many say no! But will they tell the truth if something is happening to them?

What most people don't know is that white supremacists like Cyphert, truly hates black people and only the blackman, who is his roommate, could tell stories which will curl the hair on a person's back. White supremacists like Cyphert will sacrifice his own parents and relatives for his agendas. He does alot of speaking against them no matter where he goes, and mostly to hios psychiatric doctors. There is no believing a liar even when he tells the truthm but this day and time people are doing things even the devil himself will hesitate before doing. So why is it each time there are posts made about Cyphert, blackmen and women, along with decent hispanics, are targeted by police? What is the connection? A friend recently spoke with Cyphert's black roommate who gave away a KKK card he had which was a get out of jail free card for white supremacists. The way these demons get out of trouble involves serious lying and continuous collusion. Collusion is a very powerful tool used in almost every event and suituation in the U.S. Collusion a;so decides who gets a certain job, who recieves certain Social Security Benefits, or who deserves the right to live. There is alot of photos spreaded around on blacks and latinos with lies associated that have been responsible for alot of violence. the collusion is what make it all seem lie its facts. You can get a certain amount of people saying the same thing about one person, and even if they are l;hying, the way this society is set up, that innocent person will suffer. Collusion have tooken part in the destruction of black success, and trust it or not, there are many blacks and hispanics working with thw white supremacists. Like I stated in different threads, blacks and hispanics wasn't so evil against one another until the presidency of Barack Obama. Donald Trump only brought out those demons who were in hiding. they troo are using tactics taught by Barack Obama to further destroy every neighborhood and community across the U.S.

Obama was for slavery which is why he not only spoke out against reparations but also had Muammar, the Libyan ruler, eliminated after he met with African leaders and sought to do away with neo-colonialism and modern day slavery by constructing a Central Banking System backed by the natural resouces of Africa. It would have bankrupted every other bank on the planet,m and black and brown people would have been truly free! However, because Barack Obama was the highest ranking of the Black Illuminati (Boule Society) all other members had to follow suit. Obama have since then been in charge of the Committee or Council of 300. The Committee of 300 is a secret society of top royalty, bankers, politicians, businessmen, economists, military commanders, intellectuals, scientists, and religious authorities who are working towards establishing a globalist governing entity that takes its orders from the so-called divine order that is found in the world dynasties. The New World Order has been part of that plan and much of its organization has been influenced by the original British Empire. Many well known names have been part of what is called the Fabian Socialists. The Round Table network of the Committee of 300 is made up of organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Rockefeller Group, the World Trade Organization, the 1001 Club of the Isles, the Club of Rome and the various international intelligence agencies – last, but by no means least, the Royal Institute of International Affairs” – and, of course, the various international intelligence agencies. The Bank of England and the Crown are rarely brought up in conspiracy circles when the banking conspiracy comes up. The Bank of England is an all inclusive way of fingering all of the villains at once. The City of London dominates the world’s speculative markets. “The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation”, much like the Federal Reserve. The symbol that stands in the financial district of London is the winged dragon. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5235669/Tourists-die-satanic-suicide-ceremony-Greece.html. https://www.infowars.com/chelsea-clinton-sends-happy-new-year-tweet-to-the-church-of-satan/.

Jim Crow laws were/are formed as a way to keep blackmen from working to support themselves and their families. The fight between blackmen and caucasian men about the "Construction Business" still exists in 2021, within Cincinnati, Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio, and in Philadelphia, Pa., just to name a couple of places In Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Philly, euro-americans own 99% of the jobs. Blacks must remember that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves for the good of the union, and not because it was dehumanizing and wrong! Its all about Capitalism! A precursor to the new world order, Communism espouses brotherhood, peace and equality in order to deceive us. It has taken over society's eyes, ears, mind and spirit. Much of what passes for truth in the media and schools is part of this monstrous con job. The expression "politically correct" is an old Communist Party term. Our politicians are mostly traitors. Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both s*xes and destroys the basic social unit, the family. The promotion of homos*xuality as a "lifestyle choice" for heteros*xuals is also part of this brazen elitist fraud designed to "create new types of human beings who would conform..."Western Civilization is like a ship floundering in a sea of evil, yet the passengers are too duped and distracted to realize it. Bella Dodd had the courage to sound the alarm 75 years ago. It is never too late to begin to resist tyranny. There are no lifeboats. The Rothschilds are Cabalist Jews who worship Lucifer who represents their own demented megalomania that jeopardizes the destiny of mankind. They are imposing their occult tyranny by virtue of their worldwide monopoly over the medium of exchange. They produce credit & currency from nothing in the form of a debt to themselves, something our government could do itself, interest-and-debt-free. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry are accomplices in this scam. Alas, our "money" is just coupons, virtual chips in their digital casino. They can manipulate or void these chips any time they want. Their agenda is to protect their money monopoly by extending it into a monopoly over everything - power, knowledge, culture, religion -- by re-engineering humanity to serve them. This is the real meaning of Communism.

In magical parlance there is something known as the Law of Attraction. Even on Blackplanet, a website where black people meet, there are a very large number of euro-american members and most of the females are suductresses out to lure the men. There isn't much intellectual conversation because its mostly based on lust, luster, and s*x. Many black females, if not are all clones or hybrids, proclaim that there is nothing wrong with it and yet they continue to watch blackmen suffer and perish. Its all about the emotion for them! So the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. Now, there are some who argue there is no magic to this idea and that there is something scientific to all of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zvnFM2BXqY. This is all commonly accepted principles in quantum physics. Now, there is a sub law that I wanted to bring up tonight because I feel that it would be appropriate to use it for an object lesson in what happens when a country becomes complacent. The sub law is the Law of Contact, or the Law of Contagion. The Law of Contact or Contagion, the second sub law of the Law of Association, follows from the Law of Similarity. This law states that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance even after physical contact has been severed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lz_znaKRylE. For example, if you were at a Goodwill or second hand store and bought a sweater, it is guaranteed that you do not know the previous owner. However, you probably wouldn’t buy the sweater if you knew that the previous owner was a serial killer. Yet, when you get change for the coffee you purchase, the money you received gets handled everyday by people who you do not know, it is said to be dirty, it can have traces of drugs or something else that can be bad for you, and yet you accept it without even thinking. You don’t need to have a drug habit to come into contact with illicit drugs, apparently: a new study found 13 percent of volunteers had traces of cocaine or heroin on their fingertips, despite never having used the drugs. It’s all to do with environmental factors, mainly exposure from banknotes, drugs attract money, drug dealers and drug users handle banknotes, and traces of these substances get passed through the cash network. We’ve known about this kind of contamination for a while, but the researchers say they were surprised that it seems so widespread.

This illustrates that law of contact or contagion perfectly. Another way the law of contagion is implemented is through the accusations of activists that claim that if you support the NRA that you have blood on your hands. In truth, if blackmen didn't possess firearms then many will continue to be hung on trees and killed brutally. This has been the charge of the young activists like David Hogg and others since the Florida school shooting. The tactic is working because stores like ****’s Sporting Goods said it would no longer sell modern sporting rifles at its Field & Stream stores following the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Parkland, FL high school, one question was what would happen to the unsold firearms in its inventory? Typically, a retailer may return unsold merchandise to the manufacturer. ****’s Sporting Goods has decided to destroy them. You can add that to the list that exemplifies the law of contagion. This law has been utilized in order to conduct successful boycotts where businesses have been targeted because of their contact and associations with what the public deems contagious or toxic. The Law of Contagion is also applied to what we are seeing as chaos syndrome happening in our government. It spread like a contagion – it is guilt by association, it is cognitive bias that allows for the denial of the chronic decline in the political system’s capacity for self-organization. It begins with the weakening of the institutions and brokers, political parties, career politicians, and congressional leaders and committees that have historically held politicians accountable to one another and prevented everyone in the system from pursuing naked self-interest all the time. As these intermediaries’ influence fades, politicians, activists, and voters all become more individualistic and unaccountable. The system atomizes. Chaos becomes the new normal, both in campaigns and in the government itself. Our intricate, informal system of political intermediation, which took many decades to build, did not commit suicide or die of old age; we reformed it to death. (Note: Biden is using the Parkland shootings to ban assault weapons and eventually hand guns. While he is engaged Kamala Harris appears to be running the country. She may have the roe of the president even though her title is Vice President. people,will continue to see races lose their individuality and the rise of the neutranoid race will grow more and more).

The U.S. unleashed a pathogen that has weakened the immune system of this country. That immunes system is not only the constitution but also man-made created viruses to kill off the population. When you spend decades abusing and attacking your own immune system, you will eventually get sick. Like many disorders, chaos syndrome is self-reinforcing. It causes governmental dysfunction, which fuels public anger, which incites political disruption, which causes yet more governmental dysfunction. The dysfunction is contagion, the disease is complacency with a dose of hypocrisy. The immune system that defended the body politic for two centuries; the gradual dismantling of that immune system; the emergence of pathogens capable of exploiting the new vulnerability; is in my opinion evidence that the law of contagion has the nation in its grip. It creates an image in similitude as to what our future holds with regard to more exposure to contagious pathogens that governments are known for keeping hidden for a suicide solution. The use of a pathogen for hostile purposes has been the top news item in Europe and with the recent alleged gas attacks in Syria. When President Trump Gave his speech to the nation confirming that he had launched an attack on Syria, he invoked World War I as the point in history where atrocities involving poison gas were outlawed. The truth is, whoever wrote his speech, had peppered it with this huge lie. During the Iran-Iraq war, our then-all,y Saddam Hussein used poison gas, killing thousands, the United States approved. Agent Orange was used by US forces in the Vietnam War, to horrific effect. Agent Orange was a herbicidal weapon developed by Monsanto. Agent Orange has killed or maimed 400,000 people and caused 500,000 birth defects, according to the Vietnamese government. The Red Cross of Vietnam has estimated that almost 1 million people have disabilities or other health problems due to Agent Orange. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJaJbq9aRFI.

The number of Vietnam veterans affected by the chemical Agent Orange is astonishing. Roughly 300-thousand veterans have died from Agent Orange exposure, that’s almost five times as many as the 58-thousand who died in combat. Eleven million gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed in Vietnam over 20 million acres, putting three million Vietnam veterans and their families at risk. Now Monsanto is aiming to have a monopoly on our food supply and as they have struck a partnership with Bayer they also want to have a monopoly on vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Many people think of Bayer simply as the company that makes aspirin since that is how they were founded. But they also produce many extremely toxic substances. In fact, Bayer was one of five companies that formed IG Farben in a 1925 merger. IG Farben was a huge Nazi supporter, and held the patent for the pesticide Zyklon B, which was used in Holocaust gas chambers. They also owned 42.2 percent of the company which manufactured it. Even more sickening, IG Farben used the Auschwitz facility to test its chemicals on human subjects. In 1948, directors of IG Farben were indicted at a U.S. military tribunal, and at the subsequent Nuremberg Trials, where many were sentenced to prison for their horrible war crimes. Due to the severity of the crimes committed by IG Farben during World War II, the company was considered to be too corrupt to be allowed to continue to exist. It was officially put into liquidation in 1952, but this does not mean the company ceased to be a legal entity. It continues even today as a corporation “in liquidation”, meaning that the purpose of the continuing existence of the corporation is being dissolved in an orderly fashion. Its shares are still traded on German markets. Clearly, too many powerful people stood to lose too much money if IG Farben had been liquidated immediately. The same is true of Bayer, which was obviously allowed to continue operations (along with partners BASF and Agfa).

After all, it would have been a shame to waste the profits from all that research. The sad thing is that the American people swallow what is fed to them, with regard to illegal chemical and biological weapons and what is not mentioned is that evolving technologies and genetic engineering may open the door to new dangers. The United States appears to be dangerously complacent about possible biological and chemical weapons attacks, leaving open the possibility of mass deaths or a huge disruption in the economy. With the reports of antibiotic resistant bacteria and tabletop exercises being carried out to fight a Disease they call X it may be an easy call, to say that what has been happening in Europe and Syria will eventually happen here in the United States. It may be safe to say that while we are being warned of cyber attacks EMP’s and other methods of crippling the United States, biological and chemical attacks are happening elsewhere and due to the Law of Contact or Contagion, what goes around comes around. There are genetic engineers developing weapons that are far more sophisticated. Biological weapons that target certain groups of people are becoming more advanced. The genetically engineered ‘superbug’, highly lethal and resistant to environmental influence or any medical treatment, is only a small part of this story. Much more alarming, from an arms-control perspective, are the possibilities of developing completely novel weapons on the basis of knowledge provided by biomedical research, developments that are already taking place. Such weapons, designed for new types of conflicts and warfare scenarios, secret operations or sabotage activities, are not mere science fiction, but are increasingly becoming a reality that we have to face. In debates about genetic engineering and biological weapons, it is often stated that natural pathogens are sufficiently dangerous and deadly, and that genetic engineering is not necessary to turn them into more effective biological weapons.

The global norm against biological weapons, laid down in the 1925 Geneva Convention and the 1972 Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, clearly contributed to the fact that few countries have been engaged in research into offensive bio-warfare during recent decades. Science is capable of genetically modifying our foods and now genetically modifying a pathogen, force multiplying its viral capabilities can now be seen as genetic extinction technology. It is the mother of all genomic discoveries that rivals the nuclear warfare programs developed in the 1940’s. New technological possibilities met new military concepts in the USA and led to a renewed interest in weapons that, until recently, had been banned and rejected. You may not know this but the United States military industrial complex is investing 100 million dollars in genetic extinction technologies aimed at several species of animal, bird, fish and even humans. There are documents that suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research. The UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is debating whether to impose a moratorium on the genetic biological agent tests and research next year and several southern countries fear a possible military application. Chemical and biological weapons conjure in the mind terror and have been repeatedly cited as a pretext for both acts of military aggression and even entire wars. Scenes of soldiers and civilians choking on toxic chemicals or covered in boils after exposure are horrific images both geopolitically and in fiction. A US policy think tank as early as 2000 in a publication titled, “Rebuilding America’s Defense” Project for the New American Century” is a virtual blueprint of the plans and means the US sought to utilize toward achieving global hegemony, would make particular note of bio-weapons and the use of genotype-specific weapons, stating:

“Although it may take several decades for the process of transformation to unfold, in time, the art of warfare on air, land, and sea will be vastly different than it is today, and “combat” likely will take place in new dimensions: in space, “cyber-space,” and perhaps the world of microbes.” Remember that this was the same publication which prior to the 9/11 attacks indicated that an increase of defense spending would have America’s blessing if there was a “new Pearl Harbor” to galvanize the citizens into demanding a new war foothold. There was also the fine print that talks about chemical and biological attacks that also would be of future concern. The memo was a blue print for war and was used to pressure Bill Clinton into bombing Iraq and was a foreshadowing blue print for the 9/11 attacks. It later became a major cornerstone of our foreign policy. The signatories of this war blue print were none other than **** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz, the recently pardoned Scooter Libby, and, was under the direction of Robert Kagan, Devon Gaffney Cross, Bruce P. Jackson and John R. Bolton, who is now the National Security Advisor under President Trump. The future is certain if you utilize the Law of Contagion. The association of old warmongers and neo-con outlaws indicates the government now has been hijacked. The Deep State is now the criminal element, replete with middlemen that are undemocratic, high-handed, devious, and secretive. Middlemen have a characteristic that is essential in politics: They stick around. Because careerists and hacks make their living off the system, they have a stake in assembling durable coalitions, in retaining power over time, and in keeping the government in their image, pushing toxic pathogens that attack the body politic. As with biology, so with covert political impunity: When the immune system works, it is largely invisible. Only when it breaks down do we become aware of its importance. As the Law of Contagion grows, so does our risk of becoming victims to attacks that can cripple us and eventually wipe us out.

It is important to note that there is nothing that happens without the knowledge of freemasons everywhere. Most Masons below the 3rd degree were good hardworking people. The Illuminati-Skull and Bones used the Masons as a disguise. Those who rose past the 33-degree level did so by participating in the "Killing of the King" ritual. The lower levels did as they were told without realizing their part in the "Killing of the King". For assassinating Abraham Lincoln, Pike, Benjamin, Slidell and August Belmont (Rothschild's Northern agent) were made secret Kings of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. Andrew Johnson Vice -President became President and pardoned Albert Pike. Albert Pike awarded Andrew Johnson the thirty-third-degree rite of passage. Doctors were an essential part of the Illuminati plan to kill U.S. political leaders [who] hindered the take over of the U.S. Republic by the international banking elite. They kill Masons too, if they don't obey, and white supremacist freemasons are their most prized assassins. Illuminati doctors eventually did in both U.S. President William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor. They also played a death role in the shooting assassinations of U.S. Presidents Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 (died April 15, 1865), James Garfield on July 2, 1881 (died September 19, 1881), and William McKinley Jr. on September 6, 1901 (died September 14, 1901). Teddy Roosevelt became President after William McKinley was shot. Roosevelt received passage into the 33rd. degree and became a secret king of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. During his presidency, the Skull and Bones became firmly entrenched and controlled the U.S. Republic. Huey Long ("Kingfish") was a populist who mounted a powerful challenge to FDR from his power base as Governor of Louisiana and later as US Senator. Unlike FDR, he was not a Mason and not a shill for the bankers. His "Share Our Wealth" program represented a genuine threat to the Illuminati.

An Illuminati member, Dr. Carl Austin Weiss, shot Long on Sept 8, 1935, and Dr. Arthur Vidrine ensured that Long did not recover. According to Eustis, Weiss was supposed to hit Long in the face, and Long's bodyguard Murphy Roden was supposed to shoot both Weiss and Long. This may indeed be what happened. Roden was a "spy for J. Edgar Hoover. Roden pumped 60 bullets into Weiss'body. Dr. Weiss was told his baby would be killed if he reneged on the mission. Both FDR and J. Edgar Hoover won their 33 degree rite of passage for their participation in this murder. "Franklin Delano Roosevelt was made King of Comus in 1937. When J. Edgar Hoover came down to New Orleans to act out his reign as King of Comus, he was involved in a s*xual revelry of homos*xuality and cross-dressing with various elitist bloodline members of the Mystick Krewe of Comus. Agents of Skull and Bones with blessing and involvement of J. Edgar Hoover FBI Director and 33rd level executioner-cover up specialist for the elitist bloodline of the House of Rothschild murdered Freemason Charles Lindbergh's son. This killing of Freemason Charles Lindberg's son was to set an example that the isolationist stand was not the will of the Illuminati. At the end of July, while travelling south from Alaska through British Columbia, [Harding] developed what was thought to be a severe case of food poisoning. At the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, he developed pneumonia. Harding died of either a heart attack or a stroke at 7:35 p.m. on August 2, 1923, at the age of 57. The formal announcement, printed in the New York Times of that day, stated that 'a stroke of apoplexy' was the cause of death.' He had been ill exactly one week.

After thought: They are now using children in experiemnts claiming the new vaccines can be administered by the individual. They feel people have been programmed to the point they are demanding vaccines, even if they are not sick. It will be very important to see what happens to all those who took the vaccine, 6 months after the second shot. Don't call onm god to help you because there is no god to help you! You god is man and extraterrestrials, and lies is what 90% of the American population believes. If you pay attention to the news and to certain tv shows you will see analysts, doctors, and so-called experts make decisons for humans. They think you are all stupid and must be told what to do. They cannot promise you a heaven. And many from the European race will see this as we move closer to the year 2026. These are the facts. So bring the rebuttal of lies if you must! In the end you will see that not one word from our threads was wrong. The demons just push back the truth by discredting the poster, and when the people turn their attention to something else, thats when these plagues will hit you. Joe Biden knew the storm was coming in Texas and blocked elements which could have saved many people. https://www.scribd.com/document/495189508/DOE-202-c-Emergency-Order-ERCOT-02-14-2021
Saturday, February 20th 2021 at 2:19PM
george patel



FEBRUARY 21, 2021

"...White supremacists are a ..cunning species of people who will stop at nothing to not only have the

last word but also to remain in charge over people of color.......many many conspiracies have tooken place,

and trust it or not, Charles Cyphert is in the middle of them all.....Are white supremacists capable of telling

the truthm when it involves people of color? Many say no! ...."

Posted By: george patel
Saturday, February 20th 2021 at 2:19PM
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As always Mr. Patel your research and writing can be Long....

...How do you write a day ahead; or are you in another time time?

I want to take a stab at WHO IS CHARLES CYPHERT....OK...?

I ask you can russianBOT divisionist be stirring up control issues of Racism at this BIA, African American

Family site from Cleveland.....Can the supremist actually be BIA, russianBOT deaCON Ron Gray(area)?

Saturday, February 20th 2021 at 7:56PM
robert powell
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