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FEBRUARY 25, 2021

This 7th missive was necessary for many of reasons. One specific reason was that the white supremacist demon, "Charles Cyphert", who is a relentless devil deadset on causing all sorts of mischief and chaos drove to a certain edifice and facility in West Cleveland, Ohio, and spoke to parties in which he thought that his conversation would remain secret. It wasn't. There were people paying very close attention to him because of his racist, verbally and physically explosive past, and even more sneaky snake-like operations to this day. As I have revealed on countless occasions, the State of Ohio is liken to a southern state because of its overwhelming racism, and the fact that many blackmen, black women, hispanic men, and hispanic women embrace, empower, and uphold white supremacy. CVyphert's MOS status while in the military wasn't one of high intelligence. But he did possess enough intelligence to implement espionage after getting out of the military years ago. Cyphert, on February 22 and Februaty 23, 2021, motphed into an even darker and deeply racist demons than ever before. Some who knows him think that he is under the spell of witches and warlocks. Others think that the Pentagon's Psychiatrists and Psychologists have been dealing with him very strategically for the past couple of months. There have been alot of facts revealed about Cyphert both over the internet and in society. The thing about it is that he doesn't care! Lets say there are people amongst us who are "key" participants in the destruction of the U.S. Lets say these people are plants under instructions and orders to pay attention to certain humans around them. Then lets say that these people get weekly briefings and updates from parties connected to Deep State and secret societies. Remember, freemasons and Eastern Stars can get any sort of information on anybody from their own race. Things that the laws of Confidentiality protects these demons onlyu need to make requests. Black freemasons cannot get information on euro-americans but euro-american freemasons can get information on blacks and latinos. This goes back to July 4, 1776, when black slave masters were no longer allowed to own, manipulate, or decieve any euro-american slaves. Euro-americans, since 7/4/1776, have no idea that the Illuminati and myriad other people of european descent are their slave masters. They have been taught that the Declaration of Independence was the real fire of 7/4/1776. A serious trick was placed upon their minds and very few, due to the loving of loving possessions, wanting to be young and beautiful, and wanting safety, could care less about these facts in 2021.
Posted By: george patel
Wednesday, February 24th 2021 at 8:20AM
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Millions of euro-americans are afraid of dying because of the many evils they have caused people of color. They don't know if there is a heaven or a hell for them. This is their beliefs! And because of these beliefs they have pledged to the U.S. Government to support the New World Order and all that entails. They are being told that if they are successful in their work that there will be a place for them. It will take the moment before their deaths to prove that this was a global lie. The battle right now is between man and mankind. East Indians are a very deeply religious people and all who is connected to their bloodlines like: Arabs, Pakistanis, and many other pale appearing people from the Middle East, or tied in with "man" people of european descent are considered somewhat like a man by many eastern traditions and thus are man-kind, or kind of like a man. This philosophy is deeply rooted in the minds of many people from the east, including China. The chinese people, who were created in incubators and other test tubes by their satanic scientists derived from Peking man, their most earliest ancestor on earth. I could go on for hours but my point is that those who are at war with europeans are the East Indians and the Chinese. Observe the amount of land and property they own all across the U.S. Then learn of who is dominating the financial markets in the U.S. and nearly everywhere on earth. The State of California have been passing some of the most thought provoking bills and laws which have yet to spread across the U.S. Those pushing these laws are both East Indians and chinese. They believe they are more deserving of ruling over earth than their european counterparts who they claim didn't exist on earth longer than 6,021 years. These two species also are tied in with some very very old devils from thousands of years ago. Then there are the evil djinn. There is so many spells being casted upon humans by individuals from every race which explains why violence and chaos have run amuck everywhere.

Scientist, not long ago, were able for formulate medications and vaccines which could open up portals inside of certain vunerable humans allowing either demons, devils, djinn, ghouls, et cetera, to enter. The more being revealed about whats going on in your neighborhoods, the intense these spells and rituals are becoming. There have been scientists who were assassinated by the Luciferians and the Illuminati because they linked the Covid vaccines to not only re-arranging and changing the RNA, but also, from intense studies, who ever took these vaccines were nolonger themselves anymore. They were a different people or species, awaiting orders from their masters. Certain scientists even claim that this was one reason the World health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Bill gates, to name a few, were very verbally dominant when it came to City Bus drivers, local police, nurses, and countless opthers being given the vaccines first. The husbands and wives of many of these people claim that something has changed in them. Its like they are always on standby awaiting further orders and instructions. people in both East Cleveland and West Cleveland, Ohio, have even made accusations that police are allowing certain people, when 911 is contacted, to either be attacked, assaulted, or killed, before arriving on scene. Many women of color say that something is happening and whatever it is proves evil has stepped up its game. People are terrified more of the police than they are of those committing crimes. They feel that police, especially the females, has had a hand in psychological mind shaping citizens and residents. Those people who trust the police are completely under their spells. So who is behind Charles Cyphert and his unbeivable lies that he post over the internet about black and hispanic people? Why does he target his black roommate, thinking his roommate is sleep games?

Cyphert has been known to say that white supremaicts' greatest weapon are the females of colors. Most black people know that in order to control a people one must first conquer the female species. There are City Bus drivers in not only Cleveland, but amongst many Transit Authorities nation-wide, who claim that many employees are spies, informants, lying informants, and since taking the Covid vaccines, have become unbelievable monsters. Maqny do not know what bus drivers are getting from social scoring riders. They know that there are agents within the Transit Authority agencies, but what they don't know is who are the sources! Cyphert makes it very clear that he doesn't have to go anywhere to get the goods on a spic or a *****. They are watched the many they leave their homes or residential places. Someonwe is watching where they go and who they communicate with. And if one is using their Social Security number in some way at a location, Blackwater type operatives make contact at those locations about the targeted one, and information about the incident is given to an informant or lying informant living around the target. Cyphert claims in this way nothing is hidden about the activities of a target. There are police, feds, and individuals in ever occupation tied in with this. When the freemasons are exposed they usually turn to the Eastern Stars. Black and hispanic Eastern Stars worship white supremacy and have been known to take their orders directly under euro-american freemasons. This why one reason Cyphert claims that when a target leaves their home they are watched, and even though camera surveillance catches them, the many spies and lying informants in vehicles and on foot are protected because those who monitor these surveillance cameras only allow certain informtaion to be revealed. There have been attorneys who have tried get certain camera surveillance and were blocked. This is why white supremacists like Cyphert, and hundreds of informants think they will never be found out. Cyphert recently told one of his relatives that the hispanics who reside beneath him are alsom connected to parties with high positions of power.

Democrats and Liberals have been able to get away with millions of crimes and billions upon billuions of murders. The incorporation of female witches have brought about their greatest triumph. I will give a brief history of the european recognized sect known as satanic Eastern Stars. The Eastern Star theology totally undermines the character of the Christian's Jesus Christ, contradicts his teachings, and negates the Christian God’s plan of salvation. In the Lights and Shadows of Freemasonry, many have fully expressed their admiration for much of the character and many of the precepts of the prophet Mohammed, as embodied in the Koran. Avoiding the doctrinal points and, read in the spirit of fraternal love, as illustrated in the lectures of Freemasonry, that book, the Koran, might justly be taken as a comment upon the much older, far wiser, and most remarkable book ever written, the Old Testament of the Hebrews dispensation. Their forms of faith are diverse. In language, customs, and modes of thought, many are cast in different moulds; but in Masonic unity they are one, and one in Masonic faith. As their hopes and aims and labours are one, they, trusting in their Alien Overlords, and doing, each of them, what many believe to be His expressed will, do humbly expect a common reward when they have passed that common lot which none can escape. To the Divine power, therefore, many tenderly commend their masters' excellency, both for this world and for that which is to come.” Like Freemasonry, the Eastern Star claims not to be a religion. Its candidates are simply required to have a belief in a supreme being, whether it is Buddha, Allah, or Christ. In all truth, they worship both Sumerians and Pleidians! Membership requirements for men are that they first be a Master Mason; for women the requirements are that they be related to a Master Mason, in good standing, or one who was a member in good standing at the time of his death, as either a wife, sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter, niece, legally adopted daughter, widow, half-sisters, stepmothers, stepdaughters, stepsisters, daughters-in-law, grandmothers, great grandmothers, great granddaughters. This includes great-great granddaughters and nieces as well as Rainbow girls, and Job’s Daughters, who are 18 years of age, and have 3 years of membership in their respective Masonic Youth group. As in other secret societies, and the cults like Mormonism and the ‘Jehovah Witnesses’, the Eastern Star employs Scripture in a corrupted manner to impress Masonic truths upon its members. The heroines of the Order ‘represent the various stations in a woman’s life’ as well as attributes to emulate; they are as follows: Adah (blue), Ruth (yellow), Esther (white), Martha (green) and Electa (red).

The female Eastern Star candidate is subjected to the following teaching in a question and answer form:

1, Are you a sister of the Eastern Star?
2. We have seen his star in the East.
3. For what came you here?
4. We came here to worship him.
5, Have you the cabalistic word?
6. I have.
7. Will you give it to me?
8. I will, with your assistance.
9. Begin.
10. No, you begin.
11. Begin you.

F. A. T. A. L.

Has that word, F.A.T.A.L or fatal any signification? It has, two. First, that it would be fatal to the character of any lady for satanic truth who should disclose the secrets of these degrees unlawfully. Second, each of the letters of this word stands for one or more words, which words make the kabalistic motto. Have you the kabalistic motto? I have. Will you give it to me? I will, with your assistance. Begin. No, you begin. Begin you. Fairest. Among. Ten thousand. Altogether. Lovely. Fairest — among — ten thousand — altogether lovely. The Eastern Star makes no effort to conceal the real influence behind its teaching. It here presents ancient Occultic kabalism as the actual mode of its interpretation and the meaning behind its secrets. This system way of instruction always contains embedded threats and confusing thought within it. Eastern Star theology is no different. It is common to most secret societies. Kabalism (also known as Kabbalism, or Qabalism) is a mystical digression from Orthodox Judaism. Kabbalists believe the Old Testament Scriptures should not be taken literally because they contain hidden information which is not obvious to the uninformed. Whilst they hold to the inspiration of Scripture, they do not seek the plain meaning of the sacred text. The Kabbalah approach is extremely allegorical and superstitious, using things like numerology and other surreptitious methods to find alleged hidden and deeper meanings in the inspired text. By this spurious system one could potentially make the Bible say anything one wishes. But this mystical approach totally disregards the elementary rules of textual interpretation. NAN.NAR provided His Word in order that He might clearly and unambiguously communicate with mankind and reveal Himself to humanity. All Scripture is meant to be taken at face value, understood plainly and in agreement with the rest of Scripture. Far-fetched, mystical, superstitious or private interpretation is not accepted.

The main thing about occult practice is that it is done in a secret cryptic manner. In the case of this teaching before us: “Fairest among ten thousand” and “altogether lovely” are coupled together to make the word fatal. Most Christians recognise these Old Testament references (from the Songs of Solomon) as being typical referrals to Jesus Christ. By playing word games and by engaging in occult gymnastics the Eastern Star assaults the character of Christ and turns him into the enemy. The Eastern Star considers Jesus Christ to be FATAL to the souls of its members. This is clearly and unambiguously the theology of many many minds at work. Many Eastern Stars are also behind the hundreds of domestic violence incidents and the contacting of police against the men. Like freemasons, many Eastern Stars are protected by officers of the temple. These officers work with assassins, thugs, drug dealers, and countless others. You will know of the drug dealers they control because these dealers sell drugs with a 90% overdose rate. They know fetynal kills and yet they continue to push it into neighborhoods. Many of these women are behind chaos that involves mostly other women. They work in every place of business inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. There are Eastern Stars involve with those Smart Meters which record every tab you press on your computers. There are Eastern Stars behind the information gathered from tabs on computers which is shared with informants and many others. Millenials and Generation Z are computer children. Pushing digital and technology, after killing out those humans who were powerful descendants to the Millenials and Generation Z today allowed secret societies to manipulate with more efficiency. Even female dispatchers are women of chaos. There are many 911 lines which do not consider the people worthy of protecting.

There are female police and police dispatchers who place more concern for the female than the males, even if the females have brutally attacked or murdered males. Killing Jesus means killing man. Women are indeed gods, but the worst of those gods are the ones who play trivia with the populace, and are practicing evil and satanic witches. Freemasons and Eastern Stars often speak about survival of the fittest. But how many of them do humans think will be involved with the chaos? the are agents for Luciferians and the Illuminati who incorporated sports and gladiators from slaves. We are now at the brink of a world wide form of survival of the fittest which is a sick game placed on humans by secret societies and their Alien Overlord masters. Today's freemasons are the designers of global chaos. Every religious leader today is tied in with some secret society. Those running mosques, churches, and Jewish Temples have made a pact with the devils to deceive. They shall throw money and other possessions around in order to control the minds of people because they know people are weak for material things. Montu, aka, Muhammad Eury once said in one of his lectures that:

"The Pentagon is a Pentagram representing Baphomet. Baphomet statues reside in Oklahoma and in the ity of Detroit, Michigan, just to name a couple of places. In truth, there are more Baphomet statues not only in the U.S., but also in many parts of Europe. Baphomet holds up the cornudo sign and has a goat head, a woman's breasts, and a beast-like lower body. You can say that Baphomet is a trans-species and a transgender, which is why its important for the Children of the Pleiadians to promote their transhumanism and trans-species indoctrinations. They use their local and national news medias to demonize anyone challenging it. The psychiatrists and psychologists secretly claim to be fact chekers because the most knowledgeable of them sits back and dissect each and every word by critics. These critics are targeted with surveillance and informants on a daily basis and the so-called stay at home orders targeted them mostly as well. When you look at the statue of Baphomet you are viewing the statue of a part female symbol. Baphomet ties in with the so-called oval office inside the White House. Baphomet also ties in with the double breasted government building in the State of Israel. The oval office is in the shape of an oblong circle which symbolizes a specific type of female giving birth. "

"When you review the Pentagon you see the letter M. The letter "M" represented Mason, Messiah, Mahdi, Moor, Mister and Master. The letter "I", when associated to the letter "M", represents I am Hotep, or I am Imhotep the Master Builder. The Master builder or M.B. becomes M.M or Master Mason. When you invert the letter "M" you get the letter "W". And when you apply them both together you get Worshipful Master. However, the letter "W" is also two "V's" attached. And if the "V" represents the material realm, then two "V's" would be double. The letter "M" also abbreviates for the Priest for the Magi or magicians. The letter "B" is really the number 1 and the number 3. When you bring them together you get the letter 13. The number 13 represents the Master Builder, the Magi, Mr., Mrs, or Miss., et cetera. The formulation of the number 13 and the letter "B" is equivalent in all directions to the number 15. 15 is the numeral value of the letters in the word "Jah". The 15th letter of the english alphabet is the 0. And 0 represents the sun. The equivalent of 0 is the "Eye". The infinite circle always implies time, is govern by patience, and is in the form of a clock which could ne moving from the center outward. However, the job of many freemasons in your communities is to suppress that which is within and add to. The root of the word "educate" is "educe". Someone who is being educated is someone who is having outside information given to them. But someone who has reognized their true potential no longer is being educated but is educing, or is putting out that which connects with the divine, or some would say, their Ancient Ancestors. With the children of the Pleiadians, who is currently running the world, using forces like Mike Pence, Bill Gates, many doctors, et cetera, everything is about synthetics and maintaining control of humans. They do not want you to reach your full potential and is a onstant threat to you existence. Their scientists work around the clock to stay ahead of you with lies and for this reason humans must use their prized scientists to counter these demons and threir fabricated versions of events, time, carbon dating, gene editing, et cetera. "

Wednesday, February 24th 2021 at 8:20AM
george patel

"The 0 also symbolizes the birth of creation, collapsing stars, and expanding stars, which is also pulsation of breathing. Its also called "Pente" in Greek and means 5. This is what happened when the Greeks got hold of Ancient Egiptian science and distorted it for the purpose of the Illuminati and the Pleiadians. The letter "I" in Illuminati is tied in with a college graduate being called an Alumni. The "A" and the "I" are inseparable. When you look at the letter "A" you get an upside down "V" with a support bar in the middle. Some call this a step or a ladder. So you are climbing up. The letter "V" also represents the square in freemasonry. The square, in freemasonry, deals with the material aspects of this life. The letter "M" in Hebrew is Mem, in Greek is Mu, and in arabic is Miym. Air and water. The sounds from certain words yields Maa, to imply "what". And with the careful construction of the letter "M" we get the 5-pointed star tied in with Baphomet. When you understand all letters in the english alphabet you will have a clearer picture of everything pointing in support of Baphomet. The arabic and Greek letters enforce and express more fully support for Baphomet. When you review the english language you will see that it is made up of many other languages. True english is being spoken in England. The english language in America ties in with the dialect or tongue originating from the European Penninsula. "

"As we have stated before, the correct definition for alien is the most high god. Every religion was drawn up using a circle. This is why there are so many different denominations. They wanted to cover every aspect of that belief system. In truth, the number 1,000 equals other. M sounds like EM or Um, such as in the Quran 59:2. M is combined with other which becomes mother or M-other, This is because the female has the Mitochondria DNA which passes on the hereditary genes. Records of genes from females of any race or species of a people Femi-nine. The perfect high number of the one supreme mother is 1,000. M-other as 999 + 1 = 1,000. The one being which creates all others is the mother or M-other or Mother Nature. The numerical symbol of 1,000, as the first 0, is for space. The second 0, other, is for material. The third 0 is the circle or time. For example, within the President's Office, though he is a male, is an Oval Office, which is symbolic of the female ******. Within the government in the State of Israel there is a building which is shaped like two breast of a female. The children of the Pleiadians sought the appearance and likeness of both Jewish women and caucasian females. They have crept into the minds of these women making them believe in something thats destructive to and for humanity. Each and every form of super surveillance in society today was supported by both caucasian and Jewish women on local and national news medias, talk shows, and the list goes on and on. In truth, the constrution of Washington, DC, the Obelisk, and the Oval Office, combined with the State of Israels double breasted government building, implies the superiority of both caucasian and Jewish women. The part they left out from these women were the symbols associated with the science and that symbol was the Nelumbo lotus. The Nelumbo lotus represent Black and East Indian females. This doesn't mean that all caucasian and Jewish women are bad women. It just means that the aliens sought to control under those specific races and wanted to further divide the races by claiming one was superior to their other."

Itr is a known fact that if a child is taught to be jealous of another it shall remain with him/er on into adulthood. If people were allowed to unfold and become a full expression to life's evolution without manipulation, each species would recognizem the greatness of another without envy. However, today's opposition to humans seek slaves and human for food. When people refuse to accept this more and more people continue to go missing across the planet weekly. Social Media platforms like Facebook, is an evil extraterrestrial controlled social media outlet. Censorship is part of their New World Order, and Facebook's members are mostly spies and informants. The transgenders are a huge Facebook members and it isn't coincident that there is a transgender television commercial promoting Facebook Groups. Below are facts involving extraterrstrial influence and technology upon humans, regardless of so-called UFO's being piloted by alien human biological entities.

Statement of facts: In the times we live in now, it is becoming harder to report information because of censorship and the concerted effort by the cancel culture to shut down information that they feel is uncomfortable. Many of those is this cancel crowd believe that they are the masters of “reality” and the gate keepers of accountability. They are the modern versions of the book burners of Nazi Germany or the fireman from Fahrenheit 451. They have have no tolerance for differing views and why they see themselves as socially righteous, they are just a dangerous subculture that do not contribute anything of value to the culture at large. They have declared war on other subcultures even though they claim that their goal is to stamp out lies and fascism. They are simply intolerant to other subcultures. No one needs to condone racism, and hate but no one should tolerate those who wish to declare war on what they determine to be misinformation. This activity just breeds more subcultures within the culture itself. Wherever there are constraints on personal expression, spaces form either real or virtual where these constraints are nullified and subcultures develop within these spaces. In order for information to remain unbiased and representative of all people, these sub-cultures must be reached and their opinions taken into account. However, due to the conflicting nature of opinions between the subcultures and their larger societies, they often do not feel safe or secure enough to be able to express their true opinions or identities. Online communities allow subcultures to express themselves without fear of judgement or rebuttal. Back when the internet was fun, I found my niche in the fringe subculture and area where people were free to think outside of the box and play in the margins of reality.

There is no doubt what we call the fringe subculture was nurtured by late night radio and then it was propelled into a more popular position with TV shows like the X-Files and solidified as “conspiriology” on the internet. It is argued that emerging world views have been shaped by the fringe subcultures. The mainstream media is actually trying to keep up with the changes in the metaphoric cultural weather and the barometer of seismic change that shakes up the paradigm. The difficulty in being part of the maligned fringe is you have to deal with those who immediately dismiss anything that is uncomfortable or inconvenient conversation. The objective is to reveal what is called the “big lie” and to do so, we also have to admit that we can lie to ourselves. One of the biggest liars people have to deal with is themselves, all of the hopes they have, the fears, the biases, and psychological defenses, that in a clandestine way try to distort their perception of the world and how people react to it. The mind has to be open and objective. There are many people humans trust who are telling us the truth, but when it comes to sensitive material, or matters or national security, the public has to understand there are limits to what the alphabet agencies call “Intelligence.” That is why it may be beneficial to do the work yourself, meaning not relying heavily on the messenger but become someone who can testify to the validity of what can be called paranormal activity by experimenting with it all by yourself or with a small group. Recently, there was a report that investigator Anthony Bragalia wrote to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) requesting details of all UFO material, which they hold and results of any tests they had been carrying out on it. He wrote: “This could include physical debris recovered by personnel of the Department of Defense as residue, flotsam, shot-off material or crashed material from UAPS [unidentified aerial phenomenon] or unidentified flying objects.” Surprisingly, he got a response. The Defense Intelligence Agency released 154 pages of test results that included reports on a mysterious “memory” metal called Nitinol, which remembers its original shape when folded.

Bragalia said it was a “stunning admission” from the US government and the documents reveal that some of the retrieved debris possesses “extraordinary capabilities” including the potential to make things invisible or even slow down the speed of light. However, the agency held back certain details about the materials – including any information about whether or not they could be of alien origin. The DIA letter, reveals that the testing was carried out by Bigelow Aerospace, one of the Department of Defense’s private contractors based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company laid off all of its staff at the Vegas plant last year due to the toll of the pandemic, and it’s not known where the UFO material may now be kept. What is amazing is that this material Nitinol seems to have the same characteristics as the material that Jesse Marcel Junior described in accounts that he made regarding his Father and the material he had recovered from the UFO crash at Roswell. It is certainly compelling, but again humans always see the obvious falling short and that cosmic carrot is then dangled in front of them, the reaction is often frustrating. People demand disclosure and yet it has been given in various ways – and many people are not paying attention. Astronomer Dr. Frank Drake came up with the Drake Equation to estimate the probability of intelligent life in a given area of space, capable of communication. Using mathematics and theory Drake teamed up with Carl Sagan and came up with the probability of 100,000 to 1,000,000 extra-terrestrial civilizations existing in the Milky Way galaxy. This increases as science gets closer to proof of life elsewhere in the cosmos. That should be seen as disclosure by a well-known astronomer but of course agnostic science finds a way to shut down the talk of extraterrestrials in our cosmic neighborhood. They don’t even have to be light years away; they can be as close as Mars – or eve n hidden in the Jovian system.

It is obvious to me that the reason why probes are sent out, the reason why we send signals into space is because deep down people feel that there is something out there. All humans seem to get are cosmic breadcrumbs… little pieces of the puzzle that make humans think and ponder just how we are going to understand the methods of proving that life exists in space. Life could be anywhere. And there’s always the chance humanity will stumble across it by accident. So far it seems that scientists have all but admitted that they have observed listened to and even have documented alien technology, now they want biological proof of aliens but both technological and biological aliens are a threat. Biological aliens might well be hostile, but an extraterrestrial AI could pose an even greater risk. It may have goals that conflict with those of biological life, have at its disposal vastly superior intellectual abilities, and be far more durable than biological life. Normally, humans expect that if we encountered advanced alien intelligence, we would likely encounter creatures with very different biologies but they would still have minds like ours in an important sense and while their DNA is being affected by their environment, it would not be too far of a leap to consider that biologically they would share some components of human DNA. However, if the occupants of these so-called UFOs are nothing more than advanced robots, then this would put us at odds with an alien intelligence programmed into subservient drones, doing the bidding of extraterrestrial intelligence. Humans would be dealing with machines that have no consciousness, which of course, is the philosophical cornerstone of our moral systems, being key to our judgment of whether someone or something is a self or person rather than mere artificial intelligence or synthetic intelligence. But how can beings with vast intellectual differences and that are made of different components for life recognize consciousness in each other? What is their mission and what is their objective? It is evident that these entities have been observing us. There have been reports over the years that they have interacted with us, what if the beings that we have been dealing with are not even biological entities?

Science is now breaking with tradition and is now leaping into philosophical questions about consciousness and whether the universe and all that it has produced has some form of consciousness. With this emergence of the new paradigm and the more open scientific method, humanity seems to be rolling back the domain of the gods. What is meant by this is that in the past, gods answered our unknowns. Now with new scientific discoveries, there are fewer unknowns. The more we dig the more we find that there is certainly evidence of possible alien technology that is closer than we realize. There has been a dizzying spurt of hyper acceleration over the last few decades in the fields of politics, economics, science and religion and it is no coincidence that there has been a corresponding eagerness to investigate various fragmented areas of all of those fields. In politics we have the ever-growing fear of fragmentation. Political parties are dividing themselves in various collectives. We are facing an economic reset where we are being told that a world government will be able to provide us our every need. The biggest irony in case you missed it –science is now addressing religious topics and religion seems to be looking for scientific proof that the faithful have not been wrong in being true believers. In that realm, we begin to see great leaps into things like panpsychism, quantum immortality, intelligent design, and of course the seeking out of new life inhabiting strange new worlds. In the past most if not all conspiracy theories about dimensional portals, UFO’s and aliens have been part of post-cold war, anti-government paranoia. It would not be out of the ordinary to hear someone on an old Art Bell show telling people that the information they have about aliens is so dangerous that, they are being tracked, or hunted down by the men in black, It was the old Cold War spirit that continued to program us with the notion that our government, our neighbors, even our families were lying to us. It can be argued that a lot of those same attitudes have survived the cold war and that they will be with us indefinitely. However, it is becoming more and more apparent that all of the so called “privileged information” that has been nurtured during the Cold War is no longer privileged or classified. We live in times where the old axiom of “The truth is out there” becomes trite or even corny when it is being uttered by a news program or even a talk radio show that hasn’t taken the time to understand that there are many things that are now being revealed.

From the Roswell incident to JFK’s assassination up through Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, Waco, Oklahoma and Whitewater, not to mention the government’s self confessed involvement in human radiation experiments, there’s a conspiracy standing on every street corner just waiting to tell its story. It the times we live in now, the stories have been told repeatedly and many of them begin to sound like urban legends or cultural myths. Some are still trying to shake their tabloid veneer as the Weekly World news becomes the New Weekly world Normal. The truth, it seems, is not “out there”, not out there among the UFO cluttered galaxies and not out there amid the psychic voices and the meditation crystals. The truth is closer than we think and it is no longer fashionable to discredit UFO believers, or alien seekers as scientists and pentagon officials are slowly coming clean on the issues that used be dramatized on the X-Files. There are many scientists who devote their working lives to skillfully charting out the most unassuming chunks of our solar system, chunks that none of our species will likely never see up close. Chunks that, individually, are mere specks in the cloud of millions of such primordial planetary leftovers circling our sun. Other scientist spend day after day wrestling with how to measure and decode the extraordinary orbital dances of unreachable exoplanets, to detect and interpret the delicate spectra revealing the composition of alien atmospheres tens of trillions of miles away. There are also those who have, for decades, tackled some of the most daunting questions about the phenomenon we call life itself, including how it began here on Earth billions of years ago, and how it might have begun somewhere else in the cosmos. And finally, there are devoted and talented scientists who pursue the exquisite possibility that somewhere there are alien minds sending out structured, information-rich signals, or repurposing their environments in ways that we might just be able to spot across the gaping void of interstellar space. After they destroy earth many of them plan to reside on Mars which is why this is a major project right now.

Statement of Facts 2: We are living in a Fortean reality with apocalyptic sights and sounds on an increase and that permeate the senses of those receptive to such synchromystic phenomenon. The world has longer become consistent and what we are experiencing cannot be explained in simple terms. With relentless speculation, multiple mind-blowing streams of thought completely shatter preconceived notions of perception, time and space. It is as true in physics as cultural engineering. It is difficult to grasp without egocentricity that everything we experience is a form of virtual reality. If you were watching the news or if you were online, you are aware of the flight that took off form the Denver Airport and how one of its engines caught fire and left a trail of debris on its way to Honolulu. https://youtu.be/J2kHchd6XHw. Large chunks of metal rained down on northwest Denver metro neighborhoods Saturday afternoon after a United Airlines plane reported engine trouble. United Airlines confirmed Flight 328 departed Denver International Airport for Honolulu at 12:15 p.m. Its crew reported an engine issue and turned back to the airport. It landed safely about 1:30 p.m. United issued the following statement about the incident: “Flight 328 from Denver to Honolulu experienced an engine failure shortly after departure, returned safely to Denver and was met by emergency crews as a precaution. There are no reported injuries onboard, and we will share more information as it becomes available. “ Watching the video account was chilling as people on the ground were focusing their cameras on big chunks of metal raining down from the sky. It was also chilling to see passenger footage of the engine that was on fire. The same day there was another incident that took place over the Netherlands. The incident involved a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane that dropped engine parts after a mid-air explosion and fire. The Longtail Aviation cargo plane, Flight 5504, scattered small metal parts over the Dutch town of Meerssen, causing damage and injuring a woman shortly after take-off. https://youtu.be/ADQbwVW4Wuo. Aviation experts say that it was “too early to speculate as to what may have been the cause of the problem” and that it was working with Dutch, Belgian, Bermuda and UK authorities looking into the incident.

The coincidence of both incidents was not lost on the media as various outlets were seeking answers as to what was going on with the planes. While the focus was on these jets and the grounding of other planes like it there was an incident that was not reported in the news. However, there were many strange occurrences that weren’t reported by the media, The story of the plane engine falling from aircraft reminded me of the movie Donnie Darko. In the film a jet engine lands on Donnie’s room in the beginning of the movie. Apparently, it was the engine of the plane in which his mother and sister were travelling, The jet engine falling his house apparently is very traumatic and causes a tangent universe to be made. The jet engine is called an “artifact” and in quantum theory artifacts create turbulent changes in space time and can create alternate universe where bizarre things happen. Donnie Darko was released in theaters 20 years ago this weekend. https://youtu.be/bzLn8sYeM9o. For those who haven’t seen the film, Donnie Darko, it is a complex film that is a presentation of a troubled teenager’s struggle against time, and against his own disabilities. He has an eerie waking dream where a creepy-looking rabbit named Frank tells him that the world is going to end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. He tries to unlock mysteries of time travel and find his purpose; while at the same time unwittingly destroys the neighborhood around him. Although only one part of the film involves reverse chronology, it’s an important one. Even though it’s too hard to explain Donnie Darko without giving a detailed explanation of every character and the alternative universes around it. A parallel universe is created through a corruption of the timeline due to a traumatic event. Afterword every player in the matrix starts to see synchronicity and bizarre events afterwards. After the engines fell over Denver and the Netherlands, another airline incident took place the day after. Yesterday, February 21st, 2021, American Airlines Flight 2292, an Airbus A320 flying between Cincinnati and Phoenix had a bizarre incident where it encountered what appeared to be a cylindrical object hovering near the aircraft.

The crew described as a “long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile” moving extremely fast over the top of their aircraft. Three years ago, there was a similar incident that was reported in the same area. During that event, a Learjet and an Airbus both had consecutive close encounters with an unidentified object that flew over the top of them while cruising at around 37,000 feet over eastern Arizona. The description of a missile-like object also fits with some of the documented encounters U.S. Navy fighter pilots had with anomalous objects off the eastern seaboard. These objects were nick named “Tic Tacs” as they were oblong objects that looked like fast moving missiles. As to what the pilots aboard American Airlines Flight 2292 could have actually seen cannot be explained – but the air traffic mechanical failures and UFO encounters are certainly worthy of discussion. Back on January 17th there was another incident of a Tic Tac like UFO following a Singapore Airlines jet. There was a video that went viral showing the incident – but it was ordered to be removed pending an investigation of the near miss. https://youtu.be/GdpG_eC_ks4. There have been a lot of UFO reports over the weekend, but one that has been the most impressive in the one in which 30 objects were seen following one another over Metairie, Louisiana. 30 lights that had a pink and blue hue were seen following each other, they made no sound but caught the eyes of curious observers. https://youtu.be/7VrQanT7CJw. It appears that after the jet engines fell over Colorado and the Netherlands, ere seemed to be some synchronistic chaos as UFO’s started appearing in the sky some even seen by pilots.

Obviously, if there are unknown objects in the sky, military/defense organizations will see them on radar, along with other organizations that monitor air traffic, like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This happens on a regular basis, objects of unknown origin are constantly tracked on radar, along with visual confirmation by pilots, performing maneuvers that defy our understanding of physics as well as traveling at unattainable speeds. When the FAA tracks them on radar, a protocol is followed. When a UFO is sighted and tracked on radar, they report it to data collection centers, one of them being the Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. The first thing that happens is that it is recorded and documented. Documents regarding UFOs and the tracking of them on radar have been declassified within the past few years; there are countless examples from multiple agencies, like the NSA. Getting recordings and documents on these cases are easier to get than they used to be. In fact, if an incident is reported, the media can gain access to the case if they file a request using the Freedom of Information Act, but of course, when was the last time you heard of a journalist wanting information about how vulnerable our skies are to anything coming from out in space, or worse from our enemies? If something is violating your airspace, and performing maneuvers that defy our understanding of physics, maneuvers that no known air craft can perform, you’re going to want to take a closer look. The military and other groups are more interested in what is out there than what the mainstream media would have you believe. Reporting UFO sightings and then recording them is incredibly complex. UFO investigations are simply an intellectual vortex that can easily addict you, draw you in, and still tell you very little about the fundamentals which lie below. It may be a Black Hole that has no bottom, and which defies all academic “laws of nature” inside its event horizon. Not long ago, man were tossing around the idea that he would be getting the affirmation of where we stand in the universe. For several decades most people who had a keen interest in exposing the truth about life in space continued to face an uphill battle to get the government to disclose what it knows about UFO phenomena. The massive code of silence that has been kept among politicians, scientists and media about disclosure of the phenomenon and the ridicule of witnesses, reflect in part, the ways in which dominant political/economic groups enforce their collective will. And to a great extent, they have succeeded in keeping a partial lid on the situation.

With the recent military disclosure about UFOs, it appears that many of the major TV networks that are stuck with time to fill have diverted their attention to finding out the truth about just what is being disclosed and what isn’t. For science, the new focus on deep space exploration, fully-funded and operating with larger budgets for research and development, could provide information about our solar system than what science knows now. It could signal new data for physicists to hone their understanding of space, time, gravity, and more. It could revolutionize our understanding of biology, geology, and metallurgy. The main focus now is biosignatures, which may include basic elements of life rather than full disclosure of extraterrestrial intelligence. There is also a branch of science that is now focusing on finding technosignatures that may signal intelligent life in space and the study of artifacts that may be found on other planets that would suggest extinct civilizations that may have lived on inhabitable planets. For those that have an interest in disclosure of life in space or even UFOs, this all translates into more equipment, cameras, and people in space. With so much traffic going up, so too should UFO sightings there would be more data to study, and more ammunition to argue for disclosure. It could, by accident, create a scenario for open contact with non-government officials if a private company were to induce contact. Although most people have if not a conviction, at least a sneaking suspicion there is more to the UFO story than weather balloons or military tests, disclosing the extraterrestrial reality will still result in a great shock. The novelty is wearing off and the reality of it all is setting in. With the new UFO reality now comes the arguments and the divisive causes that are being pushed by people that have made UFOs and aliens part of their spiritual path. There are a few researchers now that have rejected the information being disseminated by intelligence operatives because it was leaked that the Pentagon saw the UFO phenomenon as a threat to national security. The fact that the military was involved in the disclosure process also has a number of researchers stymied. What is most disconcerting is for years UFO researchers and believers have wanted the government to come clean on UFO matters. However, now that it has happened there are a few of the so-called believers that are saying that the disclosure provided should not be trusted and that the latest disclosure process is a disinformation campaign. Some believers are now becoming obstinate as they are not all that trusting of military intelligence giving up their secrets, some people are saying there has to be a catch. The question is whether or not they are part of a tangent universe, was the engine failures or two aircraft a synchronistic carbon copy of another? How artifacts come into existence is still fully unknown. One plausible theory states that during the formation of a tangent universe, in which an exact copy of the universe is formed, an “error” in the copying process occurs, creating duplicates of one object from the original universe into the tangent one.Trust me, the Airforce is involved with alot.
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george patel
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george patel
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george patel
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