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MARCH 5, 2021

It is a matter of record that the white supremacist, Charles Cyphert, and a very large number of euro-americans in Ohio, contends that the greatest weapon in slaying blackmen is black women. But periodically there are blackmen who help slay black women for white supremacists. According to decent cops, there are a very large number of black females who call police on blackmen weekly. Many of those blackmen end up wioth felony convictions. White supremacist America has the feklony conviction set in place which prohibits blackmen and women from securing certain employment. Even though there have been hundreds of blacks accused of murders that were overturn, there is also blackmen and women who were convicted of lesser felony crimes which racism also played a major role in, but as white supremacists see it, if they over-turn all felony convictions of blacks then there will be no need for prisons. prisons are away of bringing forth incentaives, nevertheless each prisoner is a hot comodity on the Stock Market. We must also keep in mind to supply euro-americans with jobs in areas where jobs are limited, prisons built therwe assure that they remain gamefully employed at the expense of black America. Black women are helping to destroy blackmen by using police to trump up charges or outright killing them! Recently, in a North Carolina news outlet a black females who was the mate of a euro-american male suffered a severe beating which was gruesome to observe. One reason this is happening to black women is because they choose the euro-american version of survival and noone can play the so-called whiteman's game better than he himself. Black females suffer more brutality dealing with euro-american men than that of blackmen, but because most females have been groomed to worship material things and money, some black females are willing to die in order to be in the image and after the likeness of euro-americans. In places like Westlake, Parma, and Brookpark, racist euro-americans laugh at black people because white supremacists have verbally made it known that they will continue to fade the blackman out of his society unless that blackman allows himself to be used as one who helps destroy other black people. Charles Cyphert was recently overheard saying to his friends that if times get so difficult for to where they have to make a choice between the black sell-out and one amongst their euro-american race then they'll surely choose the euro-american. In West Cleveland, Ohio, black women can be some of the most ruthless against blackmen. For example: there was a blackman in line at one of the Giant Eagle grocery stores in Parma, Ohio. He was standing in line and because the euro-american female cashier kept making mistakes on pricing his items, he had to take an item back and exchange it for another. Once he got back in line a black female, in between 45 and 55 years of age, stated, without knowing him or ever seeing him before, "so you are the one hoklding up the line!"
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, March 4th 2021 at 8:05AM
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HThe blackman just looked at her and appeared as if he couldn't believe that there were black women still holding on to the 1960's. It was a time euro-american men used black women against blackmen in terrifying ways. That black female wouldn't have said what she did in a store in a black neighborhood. But because there were only 3 black people in the entire store she felt it was relevant to degrade him in some twisted game of circular logic or systemic racism. In Cleveland, and in nearby towns and cities, there are black people that worship euro-americans literally. But hispanics with certain Public Relations jobs have proved that they are more compliant with white supremacist becvause of the stance they have tooken against the black race. There are hispanics and latinos who are suffering just as much as blacks. These are the agreeable ones. They are being betrayed by other hispanics and latinos. But as Charles Cyphert and his white supremacist croonies in Cleveland put it, "we have to constantly play blacks and hispanics against each other so that we can always keep them both off guard!" They recieve help from other hispanics in Public Relations which makes the game more trivial. Then there are police who play roles within all of this and because of their connection with certain people in key positions, conspiracies are paramount in Cleveland. Check this. The being known as Montu, aka, Muhammad Eury, have worked in the Cleveland area as well. And because of his stance against the New World Order, and because of his stance against white supremacy, when he frequents employment agencies, cops will have had him on surveillance. And after he would leave the agencies certain cops would drive to those employment agencies and would communicate with the employees, telling them not to trust Montu, et cetera. There have been a very large number of wworklers all around Cleveland, in Solon, Ohio, and in OParma, who have made this information available to Montu.

This is why its so very important for black people to understand that yopur greatest threat is white supremacists with a badge who use their positions to influence the outcome of what happensin in a blackman or a black woman's life. Millenials and Generation Z respond quickly to black on black crime because everything about them is money. So white supremacists use money and possessions to control the youth which is why the murder rate in Cleveland is growing. Everytime a blackman or woman stands up and tries to teach the youth that black love is where its at, white supremacists and Boule members get together and plot against those threats. As Montu stated in one of his lectrures, "bthe Rockefellas is ferom East Cleveland. The houses the once occupied is now occupied by members of the Boule Society!" There are very wealthy black people in East Cleveland, Ohio, who watches the choas unfolding in black communities but sit back and do nothing. Sometimes they may speak about whats going on with black people but usually it happens when a relative of a member of the Boule was victimized by white supremacy. They are very selfish and and like any secret society protecting their members and the relatives of members are part of their oaths. The Boule have built their wealth from the backs of poor black people and just like the white supremacists, they are all trying to get up enough wealth in order to move to the Planet Mars. Many whiote supremacists in Cleveland, and in other parts of Ohio, along with some hispanics with connections and ties to Charles Cyphert, having been taking out time for the past month, trolling from one black website to another, enrolling with ficticious names, and pretending to be black. They have managed to shut diown several black websites and have even managed to force massive changes to the historical Blackplanet.com. Several people suspected Charles Cyphert being part of a network of conspiracies against black websites, and who trolls black websites and Blogs. A few females who know Cyphert claimed that Cyphert told them that something was wrong with his computer and he couldn't access the internet. But when one of the hispanic females spoke with a relative of theirs who works for Spectrum Communications, partries did a surveillance of his wifi and found that Cyphert lied. They got the Mac Address from the device he used, did research and found out who possessed the device prior to him, and then found out that the device was sold to Cyphert.

Cyphert lies on to those he feel doesn't have the resources to obtain this information. The same device have traces of it on Blackplanet and Blackinamerica.com. White superemaicts claim that hispanic youth and some females have took part of what happened to Blackplanet days ago. White supremacists have many websites where they can all communicate at the same time. But black websites are being censored or is taking down the most knowledgable of blackmen and women on those sites. facebook not long ago exposed white supremacist cops posting what they do to black people. These same cops know the trick of the trade and is obtaining Ip addresses of black people and is using this to destroy them individually. One of the employees working for Spectrum also found that the hispanics workingwith Cyphert that live beneath him have a device connected to his wifi. They also got the Mac Address from that device. It appears the hispanics were taking down black websites using Cyphert's wifi, which again points the finger at him since he is an open white supremacist racist. We know that after this thread Spectrum will either inqure or qill place under surveillance people with job descriptions that allow them to access information about someone's wifi. The thing about devils is they always try and cover their butts. We no longer live in a world where when someone who done wrong they accept responsibility for it. We live in a world where lies, betrayals, and every other evil thought within man and woman is continuous. This is what constitutes a devil. They don't regret the worng the do but learn where they went wrong and don't make the same mistake again. This tactic is implemented by both the military and the corporations running the U.S. Government. So you now now who is directly behind the people right now. Black devils, poor or wealthy, are predators and will attack anything black they dislike. They don't care if they know the person or not. They claim that juts by being black makes them fair game, and euro-americans will surely award them should they take down a very strong blackman or woman. So watch out for those black predators. Montu once said that not all black people are allies. He said that in Africa, years ago, tribes where divided into 9 regions. The blacks didn't cross the borders because many were rivals and some sought to harm their brethren for the thrill. The thing about it is that white supremacists know what tribes were brought to America and what tribes were enemies. The placed all blacks in the same area knowing that some of those blacks had the nature of euro-americans. And because of this move they have successfully managed to control black communities and those phenomena where leadersm would arise amongst the people.

Nearly every blackman and woman who was a leader to the people were betrayed by other black people for euro-americans. The euro-americans make them feel that any information they give to them will never be revealed. So blacks, much like hispanics in PR positions now, betrayed the people tinking noone would ever find out. These devils must be eliminated because everyone knows that europeans and euro-americans will nearly be extinct in 2026. they plan on taking out anyone they can. And for those black people who have been threated by misguided hispanics they say are good with a knife, should you get into altercations with them and think they will cut you, gain the advantage. Remember, there is power in the worth, not the numbers. So if you take out t5he hwead hispanic that is trying to aid in the destruction of black people, the others will be like bees without a queen to rule them. Don't allow fear to force you into a deeper poverty than you already are in. Blacks are up against many devils, including the black devil. So remain focused on enemies and allies! Eeveryone knows that there was once a military tactic in keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. @Werll now we are living in times where they know this and the closer you allow your enemies to get to you the more successful they will be in destroying you. Black people in both Pennsylvania and Ohio, much like in tyhe southern parts of the U.S., have been taught and trained to automatically target their own race. They are violating the laws of force and is re-creating all sorts of scenarios and events. Black people in Ohio has this notion where they feel more safer betraying one from amongst their own race or tribe rather than an opposiing adversary from another race or species. This is why when a black person walks into a store where black workers and cashiers are employed, racial profiling takes place almost immediately, which is based on the type of clothing that person is wearing, how well they groom themselves, and their scent or body order. If that person is wearing old clothes, have not been properly groomed, or has body order, the atmosphere around that person changes. He/she is watched or is mistreated. Negative energy is being dispursed into the atmosphere continuously in America and the outcome before the end of 2021 will be unavoidable. Forced inoculation/microchipping pushed by the UK State-run media (BBC confirms Bill Gatesí agenda for all travelers to be inoculated and microchipped to travel, work or leave home) is also within the works inside America. In East Cleveland, Montu's heart cry daily for the many black females being found dead inside their homes or are being murdered in some of the most brutal of ways.

They also focus on specific black people who may pose a threat to their intention and pupose for being in black communities. Police are used to search out and destroy these threats for the Arabs at the orders of the alien overlords children. Arabs don't like blackmen going to their mosques but they do love the money you spend with them all day long at their stores. The Arabs also know that the job situation won't get no better and is cleaning up in bl;ack communities anyway. Many of you are witnessing a shift within the earth and even the oil from Asia to Africa. You will also see then start many wars which offer up fleshly people to their Pleadian deities. And yet each war is weakening them the world over. The ancestors of black people is controlling the weather and nature. They will do to this part of the planet what white supremacists and their war weapons are doing to others. Killing for god who have desertered them. And yet they have many humans thinking they worship Jesus because they go to churches; thinking that they worship Muhammad because they go to mosques and masjids; and thinking they worship Moses because they attend Jews Temples, et cetera. They worship NAN.NAR anointed Cherubim. The Celtics, Keltics, or Seltics are part of the covenant. They are from the British, Britain, Bristum, British Columbia, British Commonwealth, or British, Berith Isles. The word Berith means covenant. The agreement between the Pleadian Extraterrestrial Overlords and their children involves supplying their gods with blood and sacrifice, and then cutting flesh and offering it. It started with the circumcision. Then it moved to sacrificing animals, birds, cattle, bulls, goats, and people. This is what the deal between the extraterrestrials over the White House in 1952 was really about. Food in exchange for technology. The food now happens to be humans, which is why they keep coming out with more advanced technology each month.

The offering or killing of animals is a way of sealing an agreement according to Judaic traditions. See: Exodus 4: 24-26. 10% of them preach and teach lies which includes blackmen and women. They teach a Bible they cannot even read in the orginal tongue, just as so-called muslims are reading a mistranslation of the Quran that even in arabic has mistakes. But they are quick to tell you that the Quran is a book of facts without error or mistakes! Think about it, if you are an American and study both the Bible and the Quran, wouldn't it be rewarding to get a version revealed in its own tongue instead of translations by others who have intentionally supplied contradictions? The Arabs hate bthe Nation of Islam, and many black so-called muslims who follow them are the same. But then there are those blacks who try and play both fields because money is involved. Black people need to understand that their deities cannot help you because they vibrate on different frequencies than you. Ever walked into a store owned by an Arab who was speaking with someone black and made fun of another customer who was also black? Blacks vibrate on different tones and frequencies than Arabs. AFC tones and rhythms for blacks is entirely different than those 6 ether tones used by Arabs. They have little to nothing in common with you other than money. Their gods have no power over black people which is why they have to be invited in much like with Dracula. If you were to see the movie by Stephen King entitled, "Salem's Lot", you will see that Barlow had to be invited in first, prior to destroying the entire region. And by black people allowing the Arabs to take over your communities with stores and businesses that is putting black communities across the globe into deep and deeper poverty, you have also inherited their many evil deities. Beware of Djinn. There is alot of wishing goinjg on in black communities right now and the powers of evil is growing more and more.

They cannot hurt you until you call upon them for help in some way. El Shad (Deuteronomy 32:17), who is their god, is responsible for all major religions and is responsioble for zombism plaguing the erath right now. Being an Atheist won't save you because an Atheist is A= against, Theos = god of religion. But yet they believe in will power which ties into ancient egipt's, "HU", or the Creative Force of Will which ties into HUWA. This is why in Star Wars movies it is often said, "may the force be with you!" So the Atheist cannot deny the fact that there is a Creative Force or Energy Source from which other things thrive. Also, If you were to review a picture of George Washington in masonic attire, you will see pictures of a ship and a ladder. And this has nothing to do with Jacobs ladder which they claim is tied into Genesis 28:10-13. If you look closely at the picture of George Washington you will also see 7 stars of the Pleadies Star Constellation (Job 9:9) with the shooting star of Venus or NAN.NAR. See: Revelation 22:16, Ezekiel 28:17, and Isaiah 14:12. The Pleadians have been discussed all throughout the Bible and in many parts of the Quran. But very few students of these books are willing to search out what significance does Pleaides play on earth. But within each and every community in America, and outside of this country, is being over ran with wars of various sorts, killings or human sacrifices, and constant violence and mistrust. And in all of this confusion there will be winds that shall become travel 500 mph to 2000 mph. Tidal waves shall rise 100 to 300 feet and more. Earthquakes shall be so massive that the richter scale won't be able to logarithmic the scale. Both coasts of the U.S. shall be under the water. The children of the Pleadians are/have moved underground thinking that it shall protect them. But the earth keeps vomitting up that which is within it. And the children of Pleaidans don't want to cohabitat with humans who they see as undesirables.

This is one reason they are mass incarcerating. MK Ultra experiments have caused major shifts in trust between huamns and the death toll of humans seems to rise more and more. You are either food for their gods or is being exterminated. But they cannot kill all of you because that will leave them open for destructions. They must stay intertwined with you because your ancestors love and don't want to make prematurely your deaths. If you die prematurely in this life you will have to start from where you stopped off in your next incarnation. The thing is that beings aren't being allowed to reenter the earth's atmosphere. So science is involved with alot of test tube babies and other birth experiments. There is a SATANIC muslim brotherhood in Cleveland, and is within all parts of America who are bringing forth destruction on American soil. They worship the dollar because the dollar has the reptilian overlords on the money, who are their gods, which defines in god we trust printed on the dollar bill. If you don't believe it, then check it out for yourselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIVQ3Acmie4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGpxS6yTcVo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZoSXbDw7OA. And there are many many reptilians influencing Americans.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kJ9NfYwlcI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTNla6pfWug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDSPeImdaAM&list=PLvyh873sdU_iquWaS_rk6x9G7aWVBTDzz.

Police in East Cleveloand, as well as in other parts of Cleveland, Ohio, always have some who is willing to testify on their behalfs in order to keep the chaos moving along. If there was no crime there would be no need for police. So they have to make crime happen in order to stay employed. Police informants and lying informants will be supplied information about the you. They will be supplied mental health history information, criminal history information, information supplied by neighbors, et cetera. This information is then gathered together, and the key is accusing that threat, or you, of things similar to all that is within the supplied information, even if you are nothing like what they have labeled you as being. When police conduct long so-called investigations on certain Americans, this is how they usually gather over 40% of their intel. Then there are those drug dealers who work for and with them. These drug dealers have access to everything within communities because drug addicts nearby are either relatives or friends of others. These addicts were considered decent people before their drug addictions and have one foot in and one foot out of those homes who knew them when they were working and responsible people. They may have never been been branded as liars prior, but what they reveal to whomever they serve would certainly be a lie when police are targeting a blackman, black woman, latino man or latino woman, or a caucasian man or a caucasian woman. There are so many players involved with destroying strong men and women in every community in America. Things Americans speak and talk about is being either recorded or overheard by some mysterious informant. Camera surveillance is within black communities in East Cleveland, and microphones are everywhere.

When police target an American the key is to gain access over the mac addresses on their cell phones. And according to multiple phone company employees, no matter how many times you change your phone numbers those police will still have access to your phones. If you are a major threat and speak against the New World Order on a daily basis, your calls will be monitored by police or federal agents within police vehicles. The key is each call you make to another some police will make their presence known to that person on the other side of the call by looking at them very hard as they drive by. Those cops will continue to hang around until the call is over. And usually, by that time the person on the other end of the call is totally freaked out. Police will carry out these tactics each time a call is placed to that party on the other side of the call. The key is to make it appear as if the American they are targeting is a person of interest or something. However, if the person on the other end of the call is a devouted friend or relative, police will make contact with them in one way or another. If that person is driving, they'll be stopped by that police officer and it doesn't matter whether you are in Ohio speaking with someone in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Utah. With your phone's mac address, many police can get the word out against you on websites with other police who are members from all across the U.S. But in many instances, there may be a corrupt federal agent(s) who will monitor that American's phone calls and later supply police in the area of the call with updated information about that American. As we've stated on many occasions, the government knows whether you'll be a threat to them and their agenda even as a baby. The DNA of your parents will provide this information. Then there are demonic parties known as psychologists and psychiatrists who use mind control and collected data to break you down. Psychiatrist sections are even within the Pentagon. This proves psychiatrists are tools used for war! There is a chain of command where lower level psychiatrists have to answer to hgiher ranking ones. And the highest ranking works within the Pentagon.

Its all about mind control, mental manipulation, and character assassination. This is how they get away with the hell taking place in black and latino communities all across the U.S. In East Cleveland, Ohio, these tactics are being prolonged, trust it or not, by black and latino people within those same communities. When they are challenged there will be some caucasian male or female who outranks them all. Those who outrank them rely on lying testimonies and will lie themselves just to gain power over the situation. And after days of taking over, those caucasians will go back to where they were prior and those same blacks and latinos will rest on the scene again. This time they'll be alot more sneaky than before. Their tactics will be alot more advanced as well. We are talking about espionage here in America being used against the black and latino communities on a daily basis. You may even hear helicopters flying in those areas for extensive periods of time unlike before, alerting blacks and latinos that something is going on. And from these many discriminations and war tactics comes the casualties. Dead bodies are being found all around Cleveland, Ohio, right now. Robberies, home invasions, and more is taking place nearly daily. And why? Because they are trying to kill down those within black and latino communities using poverty as a weapon. When people challenge the poverty there are others in place to take them on. The key is trying to set of the truth speakers in a way where they'll slip up. And when they slip up, even if they are driving two miles over the speed limit, there will be a planted cop who will target and then stop them. He/she will make contact. And from that contact may be many things said behind closed doors against the truth speakers. This is a never ending cycle which is why when one complains that a cop shot a blackman in the back as he ran away, there may be a pause in these activities for days or even weeks. But when they use military tactics to destroy the credibility of those complaining, cops will start to shoot black in the back all over again. And this time it will be even harder trying to prove that the violence wasn't necessary. below is some wisdom Montu, aka, Muhammad Eury revealed in one of his lectures:

"The bottom line is there's no rules to accept Negroid people as a whole. All of the rules are there to keep blacks marginalized, and to keep people confused as to what racism really is. Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry, are tools caucasian men and their women use against black people. Racism is not a noun, but is an action verb. In order for a person to practice racism, or to be a racist, they have to not only have prejudice, but they also have to have power to influence the success or the failures of another race's life! In Ohio and within other states white supremacists are in "key" positions of power and decides the fate of individual Negroids. Thats what constitute a racist, and blacks need to learn this. Most black people think a racist is just someone who dislike them and calls them names because of their hue. This happens to be one who is only prejudice. Thats why its important to note that black people can't be racists against caucasians. Even if blacks stand on the street corners calling caucasians names, but they can't determine where the person lives, how much money the person makes, or whether they're gonna have healthcare, these limitations make it impossible for blacks to be racists! But in August of 2020, Negroids are facing a more serious challenge. Many of you still trust Draconians even though you are witnessing the disappearances of many Negroids. The more ignorant black people, much like those so brainwashed in Cleveland that are under the influence of demons from Mississippi, Alabama, and West Virginia, to name a few locations, still believe in the paleman and his system! The paleman's time and rule have ended. This is why they are out in the open with everything in 2020 which was hidden from the masses until now. As we've stated on several occasions, Draconians are feasting on your flesh. When many of you go to Blood Banks and Plasma Centers, your genetic makeup is under review after your blood or plasma leaves that Center. The blood plasma and the hemoglobin is what the devils are after, which is one reason they are requesting blood from people, especially during this COVID-19 fiasco. And these demons are deciding who it is that will be next on their dinner table. You don't gave to trust these facts but we assure you that you will continue to watch the Negroid population decline.

Negroids have Overseers who protect them when they connect. But being a Christian, Muhammadan, or one tied in with Judaism isn't going to connect you. These religions, as stated before, are under the Satanic and Demonic Symerian deities. If you want something to trust in, study Ancient Egipt. This is your way of life. But beware of the Black Devil who always lie in and wait to attack and mislead. These are your most wealthiest blacks and their many different sub levels. They are most known as the Boule Society and other black secret societies. The Prince Hall mason tries to give you knowledge but doesn't explain the risks in 2020, nor how to avoid those risks. Many of them are being consumed as well because 120 degrees of knowledge can only get you so far. Many Negroids are dying because you refuse to hive the white supremacists back his lifestyles. You still use air conditioners, even though they are filling you full of inflammation or mucus. The caucasian population is dying out and they are in terror. Not all caucasians are evil against Negroids, but the majority seems to rule. They are losing their minds and is killing from Social Distancing mandates, or is using law enforcement to detain others who aren't wearing face masks. These mandates they have passed in multiple states are really protective measures for themselves. Negroids are being killed in a different way or manner and yet your deaths are being blamed on Covid-19. The demons get you inside their medical institutions and conduct tests on you. The tests are to see what can be done to destroy you. So they'll advise you to do things that is detrimental to your lives. You trust them because they claim to be doctors. Some prescribe medications for you that destroy certain organs and weaken the immune system to a level where a commnon cold will have the appearance and effect of pnuemonia. Their lying scientists are keeping Negroids or black people from separating yourselves from them. They want to hoard the wealth and property so that you have to rely on them in some way. And when you rely on them they'll manipulate the situation to a point where you will need them more. The more you need them the more they'll trick you.

In 2021, many negroids and latinos, along with some caucasians, have been secretly tooken to camps where they are awaiting sentencing. They'll either be food for Draconians or parts of them will be saved after assassinations. And because of the many viruses their international militaries have unleashed onto the general populace, you shouldn't wear flipflops out in the open because it exposes the feet, and the feet are one of many things on your nody that breaths. Whether they'll listen or not, women should stop wearing jeans because it also constricts. Wear loose clothing. Also, stay away from nlood meats or anything that has parents. The Draconian reptilians can smell it on you. Their canines (dogs) are the eyes and ears everywhere on earth. Thats why they push for dogs to be in everybody's house. Dogs are extra sensitive and hear on frequencies humans cannot. Dogs were used, historically, all the way back to when things were in the hands of Pleidians. Then the Pleidians backed away and it went to the Aldebarans. Thats who Hitler was all about. Then the Aldebarans backed away because of the so-alled savior for America was Joseph Smith. Smith was the one the Pleidians came to. He sought salvation for the people and went to the Native Americans to share what the Pleidians showed him. He was rejected and then killed by his own people. The Pleidians approached President George Washington because he was a freemason. Every 10 years they must upgrade. Then on April 15, 1999, when they met at Bohemian Grove in California, thats when Molech or NAN.NAR, at the 40 foot tall Owl, had to sacrifice the little girl. They then decided to back off and drop the Arcturians (Bible..Job 9:9). Thats the Anunnaki you find in the Bible. Then blocked the Aldebarans and gave power to the Draconians. If you read the Quran, it tells them at the end of the world a lizard or beast will come from underground (Quran 7:82). The beings working with Bill Gates and others know the science of DNA, and see all humans are not the same. They are injecting insect-sized nano-technology in human beings. However, this comes from another species of aliens so that if you get any disease, the nano-technology can go directly to the spot, kill off the cancer, and then flush itself out of one's body. In reality, they are only wiring people up for total ccontrol. In these times it is important to know that when you expose Arabs, they will first try and destroy your character, secretly to a select few in blacks, latinos, and caucasian communities, which like an infection, begins to spread. They always whisper when they plot against others. They will even pay desparate people to kill folks that are threats to them. Some may stand outside your home and fire shots. Not to hit you nor your home, but to invoke a fear response.

The Draconians are eating people and they use websites like Snopes.com to dispute anyone who can verify and confirm this beyond reasonable doubt. Draconian laws indoctrinate you and punishes you should you refuse to disobey those laws. The entire Draconian system is a Sumerian demon system designed to enslave and for them to feast on human flesh. Politics enforces the "G" many of you see within the masonic square and compass. The "G" actually represents many things. But right now we will only define its representation for god over slave. Thus, the "G" represents governance. The "O" represents ordinances for states, cities, towns, for Municipal Buildings, et cetera. And the "D" represents departments everywhere you can think of, including for department stores who are tied in with Draconians. Remember, the word for God in Hebrew is Gad, or one of Enlil's names. Gad is the deity over wealth and power which is how they rule. Its all about wealth. So the next time you see someone with wealth and power, changes are they had to sacrifice humans to get it. Eevn their Draconian scientists tell them to eat you. https://nypost.com/2019/09/09/scientist-suggests-eating-human-flesh-to-fight-climate-change/. Websites like Snopes.com, who have recieved larhe sums of profit for disputing factual accounts, cannot deny the fact that many many people are disappearing, and some of those disappearing are being sold as valuable meals. Just observe the following: https://www.newsweek.com/restaurant-served-murdered-victim-body-vegetarians-1195447. States have even passed laws for Draconian cannibals. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/composting-human-bodies-now-legal-washington-state-n1008606. Then there are those Draconians that delight in the taste of human flesh and promote it world-wide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEaZjm5I7Ks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8cEBDf6MIA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X4K7XcNfcY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmsMEe_1xcI. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIsT71xx6G4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHvg8AR81-8&list=PLqoG8RcsgGwqS7PJQUYGrBZIRJvEY8d6k. The Covid-20 so-called pandemic, being called Covid-19, is only a conduit or catalyst for something much more sinister to come. This is why all sorts of laws are being put in place which restricts the rights of humans more and more. Killer assassins are everywhere and they are using many CIA manuevers. Also keep in mind that the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA are in close affiliations with both NSA and the Navy.

The State of Ohio, much like the State of Pennsylvania, mostly uses caucasian men and women as law enforcement officers because they have no problem breaking Draconian laws to apprehend or kill targets. The massive deaths taking place in Negroid communities in Chicago is right from the CIA handbook. They cause problems and then try to offer solutions which enslave humans more and more. The maker of the movie entitled, The Matrix, even recently distorted the explaination of the matrix by claiming transgender transformations. This is being done to empower transgenders because the Draconians/Children of Pleidians are trying to brainwash the masses again. They are trying to immitate the Ancient Hermorphrodite in order to open an evil portal or gateway. However, as we've stated before, the Ancient Hermorphrodite was of the Negroid bloodline. Although female, she was a ruling pharoah by her own right and by bloodline. She wore a beard as male rulers who also lacked facial hair. As a hermorphrodite, she was a female morphing towards male, having dual genders in one being. She was born anatomically or physically, and was a female who bore female child. She was highly spiritual and had a personality that was masculine or male, at the same time. When an individual is born this way, "perfectly balanced", they are in tuned with both the spiritual and the physial world at the same time. We are not talking about synthetic hermophrodites a part of the creation brought forth into existence by the Children of the Pleiadians. The orginal deities were born as hermorphrodites, which is also known by the Children of the Pleidians. They are highly sensitive as they are twice in everything of their senses and pereptions. Their body vibrations is more sensitive to the things going on around them. And since they are highly sensitive to the things going on around them they are natural guardians of the gateways or portals. Some even say that President Obama is a hermorphrodite/reptilian, amongst other bloodlines, created by the Children of the Nephilim or Pleiadians from resurrecting Egiptian deity DNA. Some hermorphrodites were stopped from opening the gateway. However, this original hermorphrodite had help from her chief architect and her astronomer. She was in a position of power, gained many titles such as High Steward to the King and became the Steward to the King's daughter, also as a tutor for her daughter. This has nothing to do with the Queen of England, even though most of what the Rothschilds stole and patterned after themselves were stolen from the Egiptians. They became Jacob or Yacub, meaning the Supplanter. They stole the birth right from one race and took it as their own. Their rule is based on lies. But the true Queen, who was hermophrodite, has a story to tell which shall affect each and every being on earth.

Her mate or male side was eventually relieved of his duties of tutoring, was his female side's advisor, was put in charge of rock quarries, and became a Master Builder and created the Mortuary Complex. As an astronomer he had knowledge of the constellation and the heavenly bodies , and helped his femi-nine side open the gateway. Egyptologists tried finding the mummy of her daughter but was unsuccessful. They couldn't even find the mummy of the parent either. Some secrets were kept sacred until this space/time continuum. The mysteries of life and death have been revealed, and depending on one's attachment to the Children of the Pleidians and their many religions will determine the next realm for them. 2020 shall be a year marking the ends and the beginnings for many. The Draconians and those working with and for them is aware of these changes. Before they try and wipe out most of the human species they want to first brainwash you so that they'll rule over you in the next realm. And as we have contended before, in order to overstand events implemented by Draconians/Children of Pleidians, one must first measure those events using the same tools. Pay close attention to the chess board and how the pieces are being moved. Several threads on this website explain the chess pieces and their corresponders. These are the facts. Until we vebture on the plane of mind again, take care of yourselves and your lobed ones."

beware of the transgender bills and executive Orders. They are all an act against who many of you claim is God, and an act against Natrural Nature. To be continued..
latest current events--- https://www.activistpost.com/2021/03/flea-collars-linked-to-thousands-of-pet-deaths-and-injuries-to-pets-and-humans-epa-still-wont-warn-public.html
Thursday, March 4th 2021 at 8:05AM
george patel
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