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MARCH 6, 2021

As I stated in Part 12 of this missive, there is alot of conspiracies evolving around educated blackmen and women who reveal to their people secret weapons being used against them which the first investors were white supremacists. This is why most of the newer technologies are being tested in black and latino communities. But because of the power and influence of the Boule Society, who some call the Black Illuminati, along with many Communists, white supremacists, and Socialists working together with every Communications known to man gives them power over cell phones, wifi, and so many other newer forms of technology designed for spying. Many humans are a comodity and is an investment, and youtr slave masters want to keep track of everything you do and what you are thinking. The white supremacist name Charles Cyphert recently told his white supremacist niece who lives at 3306 West 52nd street that police and others showed him how to use certain devices to spy on neighbors and even on his black roommate. There are devices within that area which can intercept phone frequencies and spy in on calls. But the key is getting either Ip Addresses to those phones or some sort of fingerprint. This is what many white supremacists are doing to black people in order to stay one step ahead of them. Then there are black people in black communities doing the same thing to other black people. Then there are the youth doing it to black people. Then there are many people, including Millenials and Generation Z doing this to both blacks and latinos, Then there is the largest crowd of all making sure that things go the way the government wants who are known as the Neutranoid races. Then there are hispanics who used Cyphert's wifi, along with Cyphert, to push against Blackplanet.com and the advanced knowledge it was allowing black people to build upon daily. They copuldn't have this happening and it had to be eliminated. People like Cyphert have been overheard praising what happened to Blackplanet.com, and its drastic changes made to keep black people more divided and the posting of large sentences minimal. White supremacist fear the so-called educated negroe, even in 2021, and though the Boule Society tries to make black people think they are for them, the information portals are heavility modified by them which pleases white supremacists and many other sub=races and species right now, while keweping black and latino people dumbed down.

White power, whether people know it or not, is also tied in with the New World Order and the highly advanced technology being used to cripple, enslave, and kill down the populations. The Boule Society, the Illuminati, the Jewbusite Kabbalists, and the luciferians, to name a few, all work in alliance to NAN.NAR, who is Moloch in your Bibles and other religious texts. Its all about human sacrifices, or to those who don't understand, massive killings and bloodshed everywhere. This another reason why the U.S. Government pushed forth an order, the H.R 1 Bill, which will make the U.S. elections akin to old Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korea! This was publicized on March 4, 2021, before the world, and if so-called Americans think the New World Order is still a myth, then woe to those ignorant and misguided minds. President Biden and his secret weapon, Kamala Harris, have transformed ICE into rapid processing centers. Then there are those lies being told about the origin of the coronavirus being unknown after blame was placed on China and others. These and hundreds of other distractions were designed to buy them time for setting up their hell known as the New World Order. There are powerful white supremacists involved which is why euro-americans, especially near Cleveland, Ohio, continues to hate on black people even though they are suffering and dying. They, like Charles Cyphert, have been taught to hate black people down to their very last breath! Every educated blackman and woman not tied into secret societies are beingn targeted. Their cell phones are hacked by white supremacists and others, who monitor their calls. Their wifi is being monitored as well. Black people, if they want to surf the internet, should just go back to hard wire cable internet which was as easy to hack. But if you want people into your everyday life then continue using wifi. If you want to know about white supremacist cops, especially in Cleveland and other towns, read Part 12, Who is Charles Cyphert, and you will see how detailed they get when monitoring certain blackmen. But these aren't ordinary cops. Many have ties to the military, the Pentagon, and secret societies. So most of the espionage work they do is off the grid, meaning they will never be silenced or disciplined. Then there is a bkaclash behind the National Guard still present in Washington DC, but Biden and Harris have made it known that they will remain there until the New World Order is complete! As I have said over and over again, the New World Order will be about killing humans freely without laws to block them, eating humans without laws to black them, and committing every act of evil known to man without laws to block them!
Posted By: george patel
Friday, March 5th 2021 at 12:13PM
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This is one of the tents of NAN.NAR. Remember what Montu stated in regards to NAN.NAR: " Draconian laws indoctrinate you and punishes you should you refuse to disobey those laws. The entire Draconian system is a Sumerian demon system designed to enslave and for them to feast on human flesh. Politics enforces the "G" many of you see within the masonic square and compass. The "G" actually represents many things. But right now we will only define its representation for god over slave. Thus, the "G" represents governance. The "O" represents ordinances for states, cities, towns, for Municipal Buildings, et cetera. And the "D" represents departments everywhere you can think of, including for department stores who are tied in with Draconians. Remember, the word for God in Hebrew is Gad, or one of Enlil's names. Gad is the deity over wealth and power which is how they rule. Its all about wealth. So the next time you see someone with wealth and power, changes are they had to sacrifice humans to get it." "Baal has a son name NAN.NAR. In Ancient Egipt NAN.NAR was considered the Demon Deity Sin. He was very evil (satanic, sacrificed humans, et cetera) and when humans did simlar acts they had ommitted acts like Sin. Eventually it trickled down to where people had ommitted acts of Sin. The latter version or saying is what is used in America and world-wide. Not knowing the truth from where this phrase derived can be very misleading. However, the deity "Sin" or NAN.NAR is one of the most evil and ruthless earthlings have ever encountered in times past. Many, as you would say, prophets overthrew cities and other places which practices the ways of the Anakims. Humans in the so-called 21st century have no idea what a world be like under Temples of NAN.NAR everywhere. If you think you have experienced alot already, just keep living. The many cases you here about is nothing compared to what it would be like under pure evil everywhere on earth. Many beings are looking forward to eating your flesh. There are many cases happening already on earth and thats nothing compared to what it would be like under the Temple of NAN.NAR."

The takeover of the world have been in place since the early 1900's. In recent years, we have witnessed a rapid growth in the attention being paid in both academic and policy circles to the concept of direct large-scale intervention in the global climate, or geoengineering. In addition to an increasing amount of technical literature addressing the potential impacts and feasibility of the various techniques being discussed under the geoengineering topic, there is a growing social scientific literature examining the emergent politics and ethics of aspirations to global climate control. This is all running concurrently with discussions in mainstream academic and political discourse for climate control and the steering and fore multiplying storms, and yet it becomes conspicuous by its absence in academic discussions and in Climate Change forums. We know that public discussion around deliberate climate modification is taking place, largely online in internet forums and message boards. This is where we hear the discussion of ‘chemtrails’ is used interchangeably with the term geoengineering to describe the belief that the persistent contrails left by aircrafts provide evidence that a secret program of large-scale weather and climate modification is ongoing, and is having devastating ecological and health consequences worldwide. Was these chemtrails being spreaded in every neighborhood and community in the U.S. responsible for people getting sick and dying which the blame was placed on Covid? And was this all part of a conspiracy to get people to take strange vaccines, which according to certain scientists and other sources, is responsible for the many mental changes in humans along with forced mind manipulating them into complaince with the New World Order and the hell it entails? In fact since 2015 Washington has placed “gag orders” on the following agency employees, “The National Weather Service”, the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration”, and the “US Department of Commerce.” The fundamental details of what is really going on with the weather is now a matter of National Security. Those weather modification watchdogs who have been monitoring the data left behind by myriad storms of various sorts are now saying that it is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure. Rapidly accelerating climate and biosphere collapse is not somewhere on the horizon, it is here now. Climate engineering is further fueling the unraveling of the remaining web of life on earth. Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault. When incorrect or false data is propagated, the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering is harmed.

Moriah was called the Conquering Wind in the Bible, and it apparently had connections to the angel of death that killed the first born in the time of Moses. But there are also connections to Enoch, Moses, and Abraham. It also has a more sinister connection to a secret society within the Illuminati. There are many stories told in paranormal and conspiratorial history that are important guide posts for evaluating patterns and synchronicities. The Moriah Conquering Wind is one of the modern names the society members go by. Moriah is the sacred mountain that Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac on before someone called out of the sky and stopped him. Additional information about the messenger that spoke to Abraham is included in the Zohar, Kabballa, Babylonian Talmud, as well as classic texts by some members of Christianity and Islam who ultimately identify him as Metatron. In truth these are Sumerian deities worshipped mostly by the Nigerians this day and time. Moloch or NAN.NAR is who the Illuminati, the Luciferians, and so many others connected to them in some way all sacrifice humans unto toward implementing a One World Order through emerging uniformed codes and laws by which everybody on the planet will be enslaved to the desires of the ruling elite. This is happening right before our eyes. NAN.NAR and the messenger's connection with Abraham and Isaac’s test on Mt. Moriah is encoded within several of the occultist’s rituals. In some instances, the formalities combine elements of the Moriah story with other mythologies for the express purpose of aligning the exalted members of the society with the forces behind the Conquering Wind. Calling themselves, Moriah Conquering Wind, indicates that they see themselves as superiors to humans using weapons of warfare to act as a destroying angel(s). Even if these weapons of warfare are simply natural disasters that are spawned from their continued geo-engineering strategies that are meant to cool the planet and force multiply storms in order to profit from their sick form of disaster capitalism. The only conspiracy surrounding geo-engineering is that most governments and industry refuse to publicly admit what anyone with eyes can see. Peer-reviewed research is available to anyone willing and able to maneuver the labyrinth of scientific journals. So, while there is some disclosure on the topic, full public explanation is lacking. A brief list of confirmed cloud seeding events is produced at bottom, starting in 1915. According to records from the Smithsonian, on November 13, 1946, pilot Curtis Talbot, working for the General Electric Research Laboratory, climbed to an altitude of 14,000 feet about 30 miles east of Schenectady, New York. Talbot, along with scientist Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer, released three pounds of dry ice frozen carbon dioxide into the clouds.

As they turned south, Dr. Schaefer noted, "I looked toward the rear and was thrilled to see long streamers of snow falling from the base of the cloud through which we had just passed. I shouted to Curt to swing around, and as we did so we passed through a mass of glistening snow crystals! Needless to say, we were quite excited." They had created the world's first human-made snowstorm. After the experiments of G.E.'s Research Laboratory, there was a feeling that humanity might finally be able to control one of the greatest variables of life on earth. And, as Cold War tensions heightened, weather control was seen by the United States as a potential weapon that could be even more devastating than nuclear warfare. In August of 1953, the United States formed the President’s Advisory Committee on Weather Control. Its stated purpose was to determine the effectiveness of weather modification procedures and the extent to which the government should engage in such activities. Methods that were envisioned by both American and Soviet scientists, and openly discussed in the media during the mid-1950's, included using colored pigments on the polar ice caps to melt them and unleash devastating floods, releasing large quantities of dust into the stratosphere creating precipitation on demand, and even building a dam fitted with thousands of nuclear powered pumps across the Bering Straits. This dam, envisioned by a Russian engineer named Arkady Borisovich Markin, would redirect the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which would raise temperatures in cities like New York and London. Markin's stated purpose was to relieve the severe cold of the northern hemisphere, but American scientists worried about such weather control as a means to cause flooding. The December 11, 1950 Charleston Daily Mail in West Virginia ran a short article quoting Dr. Irving Langmuir, who had worked with Dr. Vincent J. Schaefer during those early experiments conducted for the G.E. Research Laboratory: "Rainmaking", or weather control, can be as powerful a war weapon as the atom bomb, a Nobel Prize winning physicist said today. Dr. Irving Langmuir, pioneer in rainmaking, said the government should seize on the phenomenon of weather control as it did on atomic energy when Albert Einstein told the late President Roosevelt in 1939 of the potential power of an atom-splitting weapon. Dr. Edward Teller, the father of the H-bomb, testified in 1958 in front of the Senate Military Preparedness Subcommittee that he was more confident of getting to the moon than changing the weather; but the latter was possibile. He said: "I would not be surprised if the Pentagon (Military Space Program, et cetera) accomplished it in five years, or failed to do it in the next 50." In a January 1, 1958, it was reported in the Pasadena Star-News that if an unfriendly nation solves the problem of weather control and gets into the position to control the large-scale weather patterns before America could, the results could be even more disastrous than nuclear warfare." Today, America, and other countries, are controlling the weather with geo-solar spraying. However, we know that a program has been in operation, and the announcement of wide spread aerial spraying is just a way for the public to become accustomed to a milky white sky for weather control. The programs go under a variety of names; atmospheric geoengineering, weather modification, solar radiation management, chemical buffering, cloud seeding, weather force multiplication; all centered around weaponizing the weather under the guise of eliminating Climate Change.

The practice of environmental modification is vast and well funded both by big business, NASA and the military industrial complex. The Belfort Group, which has been working for the last seven years to raise public awareness of toxic aerial spraying held a symposium to reveal the intentions of weather manipulators. The Symposium included chemtrail awareness groups from Greece, Germany, Holland, France and the U.S. Belfort published five videos covering only May 29, when filmmaker Michael Murphy (Environmental Deception and What in the world are they spraying) and aerospace engineer Dr. Coen Vermeeren gave the most dramatic presentations. Dr. Vermeeren, of the Delft University of Technology, presented a 300-page scientific report entitled, "CASE ORANGE: Contrail Science, Its Impact on Climate and Weather Manipulation Programs Conducted by the United States and Its Allies." Case Orange notes it was prepared for the Belfort Group by a team of scientists but presented anonymously. It was sent to embassies, news organizations and interested groups around the world "to force public debate." The report spends some time on HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, in which the military has reopened, focused on ionospheric, electromagnetic, and global electrostatic field manipulation, and on other exotic weapon systems that manipulate the environment. While related, they go beyond this discussion of chemtrails. Case Orange rejects use of the term chemtrails, because it is associated with amateur conspiracy theorists. The only credible document it could find that uses it is the Space Preservation Act of 2001 introduced by U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). [7] H.R. 2977 sought to ban the use of exotic weapon systems that would damage climate, weather, tectonic and biological systems. "Chemtrails" are specifically listed. Though later removed, no version of the bill ever became law. Instead, the writers prefer the term persistent contrails, to describe the phenomenon since all contrails are chemtrails. Persistent contrails distinguishes those that contain weather-altering additives from those that represent normal aircraft exhaust that dissipates after a few seconds or minutes. Case Orange also rejects misanthropic intentions behind persistent contrails. It shows that geoengineering is fully operational, but rejects it is used to sicken people on the assumptions that 1) public health agencies have the public interest at heart; and 2) the economy is consumer driven. The authors indicate no awareness of numerous reports of collusion between the pharmaceutical industry and government health agencies. Case Orange presents evidence that Raytheon stands to control all weather, which the authors find repugnant given that it is a private corporation. The authors recommend suing private corporations instead of governments. But subcontracting is quite common for governments and agencies, especially the US military. The distinction between large, powerful corporations and governments is a fine line obscure to common folk. And, the effect is the same whether governments are spraying us with nano-sized metals, chemicals or biologicals, or whether corporations do. The authors’ protective posture toward governments is nonsensical.

Case Orange suggests that geoengineering found new life in the global warming scare. Old patents are being dusted off and private interests stand to make substantial sums now that Cap and Trade has been exposed as ineffective in reducing greenhouse gases. (Although, lawmakers are still considering it since substantial sums can be made from the scheme, to wit: Al Gore reportedly achieved billionaire status from it.) Since 2007, billionaire Bill Gates has spent at least $4.5 million on geoengineering research. Since reducing emissions is not popular with industry, Plan B, geoengineering, is being touted as the answer to Climate Change and water shortage. A longer description of Plan B is: Add more pollution to the sky and water to offset industrial pollution, without reducing industrial pollution. Manipulation of climate through modification of Cirrus clouds is neither a hoax nor a conspiracy theory, but currently the best option in geo-engineering considered by decision makers to counter global warming. The impact of production of artificial Cirrus clouds on temperature and precipitation patterns is supported by adequate hard scientific evidence. The ambition of the United States is to control the weather by the year 2025, both for civil and military purposes (offensive and defensive strategies). This research paper contains a proven track record to support that statement. The technology to organize spraying actions on a global scale is widely available. Both civil and military aviation is used for that purpose. The mix, containing oxides of metals and chemical components, can either be dispersed through special designed pods or directly incorporated into the jet fuel. More alarming articles and studies are surfacing each day about anthropogenic Climate Change which claims that the average person is responsible for the rapidly changing state of Earth’s life support systems and climate. According to these articles, these devils have decimated the planet in countless ways and the repercussions are becoming catastrophic. Based on available data, there are a number of known objectives including but not limited to SRM, weather warfare, over the horizon radar enhancement, controlling food production, and probable biological testing. There are likely many more aspects and agendas related to the atmospheric spraying which many humans do not yet know.

Phase 2( getting rid of humans): The era of Artificial Intelligence is upon us, and a surprising number of infosec professionals are refusing to acknowledge the potential for artificial intelligence to be weaponized by hackers. It’s a perplexing stance given that many of the so-called cybersecurity experts claim machine intelligence is already being used by hackers, and that criminals (really the FBI, CIA, NSA, Deep State, et cetera) are more sophisticated in their use of this emerging technology than many people realize. The funny thing about Artificial Intelligence is that our conception of it changes as time passes, and as our technologies increasingly match human intelligence in many important ways. At the most fundamental level, intelligence describes the ability of an agent, whether it be biological or mechanical, to solve complex problems. America, and countless others, possess many tools with this capability, and have for quite some time. The Talpiot Program is perhaps the best reflection of the army’s technological drive. The unit, one of the most selective in the military, was formed in the wake of the 1973 war, when Israel was caught off guard and lost some 2,500 men. While the operation is carried out in a place called Lotem, it is known that this place is just one of a handful of shadowy units that have turned Israel’s military into an electronics warfare powerhouse. Meanwhile, North Korea has also seen the necessity to become a giant in artificial intelligence warfare. Sophisticated computer hackers, have the ability to generate an EMP effect on our power grid by simultaneously hacking into our grid and in effect, can generate a localized attack that would be like an EMP. The effect would be almost as devastating in terms of the effects of such an attack on local utilities, especially for the providers of our power and water entities. According to the U.S. Department of Defense directive, the new American fighting squad is meant to combine humans and unmanned assets, ubiquitous communications and information, and advanced capabilities in all domains to maximize squad performance in increasingly complex operational environments. The military aims to test a new system prototype by mid 2018. The robotic fleet will include underwater drones and unmanned Army trucks that drive themselves. The Army already has plans to test the unmanned vehicles at the Blue Water Bridge in Michigan. This will be the first time the Army has ever unleashed self-driving vehicles onto public roads. The test is suppose to take place on Interstate 69 highway in Michigan. The robot technology is accompanying soldiers on dangerous missions and perform other important tasks such as delivering supplies, analyzing legal documents, diagnosing disease, and assisting in the operating room. The robots is also used for detecting mines, mapping terrain, and detecting weather hazards. Nothing is scarier than a fully automated $200,000 robot that can scan terrain, locate humans, and decides whether it becomes a red mist as it fires a volley of bullets from 2 miles away. The reason the Soviets decided to build the Dead Hand system at all had to do with advancements in American missile technology in the 1980s. Before these advancements, the expectation was that a nuclear war would be initially fought with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

in the 1980s, the U.S. was getting better and better accuracy with their submarine-based missile launch systems, which meant that they could launch precision nuclear strikes close to the Soviet Union, cutting the warning time from when launch was detected down to about three minutes, not enough time to mount a viable counter-attack. The Soviets needed some way to be sure destruction could be assured mutually, which is where the Dead Hand doomsday device comes in. The Dead Hand/Perimeter system was initially just a backup system for emergency communication, but was expanded to provide a full automatic counterstrike function. The heart of the system is something known as the commanding rocket. The commanding rocket was a 15PO11 rocket with a radiation-hardened radio transmitter, instead of a nuclear warhead. The rocket would be launched from a special, very protected silo, and once in flight, the rocket’s transmitter would replace all of the presumably destroyed ground-based communications, sending commands to receiving devices on all land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-based launchers, and bomber aircraft. The rocket’s commands to the nuclear weaponry and installations would be to launch a retaliatory strike to pre-determined targets. Of course, all of this would only happen after it was determined that a first strike against Soviet territory had taken place. An autonomous command and control system was used to determine if the counter-attack should take place, and the entire system is only even activated if a high-ranking human decides to turn it on, ideally long before the actual nuclear strike takes place. So what would trigger the command rocket and send all of the nuclear rockets to the United States in retaliation? The Dead Hand system has a network of sensors to check for seismic disturbances consistent with a nuclear strike, it checks radiation levels, it monitors communications and communication intensity on military radio frequencies, and also determines if people are still alive in various command posts. If you have a shortwave radio you may want to listen on the frequency 4625 kHz. There you will hear a numbers station UVB-76 the Russian Buzzer that is said to be a marker sound that indicates that Russian missiles are on line. If the Buzzer stops for a long period of time and there is no one there to notify the control rocket why, the rocket is expected to launch all of the ICBMs at the enemy. The coming winter appears to be a winter of discontent, and there is a matter of occult engineering that needs to addressed. The alternative media has been wondering for sometime if the world is being controlled by a den of humans that are now openly using magic as a weapon against the government and for the oppression of the people. Truth be known that there are far more causal engineers in this world that have written about the human experience that goes far beyond the imaginary matrix we have constructed for ourselves. In the Zohar, a book in the Kabala there is a passage that sounds more like the Hermetic dictum; "As above, so below." It speaks of something called hebel. The word means many things; however, the hebel or breath when made on Earth, travels to the heavens and is heard above. Whenever the hebel is sent with intent, even when it is sent in silence, has a voice when it reaches the Orion skies. Secret alphabets, codes, geometric shapes, even songs are actually very powerful ways of communicating with what are known as intercessory angels. Each group within the Illuminati has a core of 39 members which breaks down into 13 times 3 members. Thirteen make up an administrative group and then that group answers to a Round Table that consists of nine members.

The nine is significant because it relates the triplicate of three that is considered very important in all rituals including 3 times 3 times 3. The 3 times 3 times 3 rules in magic apply to an amplification of the original intention of a cast ritual as well as the concept that whatever comes back to you will do so three times three times three. The number 13 is a contraction of the numbers three and ten. When said together (Three-ten) another word seems to form. That word is threaten. To most people the idea of immanentizing the Eschaton is not clearly defined or explained. In the framework of the popular belief of outsiders to secret societies, the phrase and occult numbers like the number 13 imply that the catch all Illuminati forces are working hard through ritual to bring about the end of the world. However there is a new brainchild of enlightenment that is sustainable answer to conjuring the end and that is the Illuminati version of seeking Heaven within the immanent universe. the number 13 can be lucky and unlucky in spherical cells of occult engineering. So on the side of true enlightenment bringing heaven on Earth is in one way ending the Earth in the physical and renewing it in the spiritual. However, to the darker lords of the illuminati, those who are pushing acts of perversion immanentizing the Eschaton consists of rekindling a cold war and creating a divisive civil upheaval. This can only lead to all out war, and the numeric strategy will be made manifest as the forces of a darker order are using their handiwork to edge the world closer to cataclysm. The idea that there are forces ruling the Earth is a little odd to those who are held to the various dogmas of modern religion, but it is consistent with very old traditions that the earth is watched over by a hierarchy of powers, and can be traced back to the earliest times when the stars and planets were worshiped literally as the divine rulers of the world. In our monotheistic traditions much of what has been written anciently has been literally erased in favor of relying heavily on various intermediates to deliver us from the chains of demonic or alien infiltration. Common to almost all Pagan/Witch/Wiccan traditions is the concept of the Watchers, or the Keepers or the Guardians. They are known by many names in many traditions. In the teaching of various cultures, these entities are called by many names including: Agents, Angels, Conscious Thought Forms, Creative Energies, Devas, Fathers, Fountains, Gates, Governors, Hands of God, Lords, and Shining Ones. Each of these Watchers is responsible for their area of the ritual circle. They are multi-faceted beings. Not only do they watch your workings, they are the Guardians of the Air of that specific direction, and they guard their portals between the Worlds. They are the intermediaries between Gods and humans. Reaching out to the Watchers is usually done weeks before the Spring Equinox and it is also done a weeks after the Autumnal Equinox at the time of harvest. It is a time to make appeals to higher powers for the guidance and knowledge to make it through the next few months. Much of the ritualism for the watchers was excised or taken from the Book of Enoch. The first part of the Book of Enoch describes the fall of the Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim. The remainder of the book describes Enoch’s visits to heaven in the form of travels, visions and dreams, and his revelations. The book consists of five quite distinct major sections (see each section for details): The Book of the Watchers (1 Enoch 1–36); The Book of Parables of Enoch (1 Enoch 37–71) (also called the Similitudes of Enoch); The Astronomical Book (1 Enoch 72–82) (also called the Book of the Heavenly Luminaries or Book of Luminaries); The Book of Dream Visions (1 Enoch 83–90) (also called the Book of Dreams); and The Epistle of Enoch (1 Enoch 91–108).

These books were removed from Canon of the Bible in the 4th century. In the biblical Book of Jude Chapter 1:14 -15 it quotes Enoch and the vision of the Eschaton or the bringing of Orion to Earth, ending the Earth as we know it. The Golden Dawn Cipher is actually a complex list of ciphers that were published in the 1860's and the 1870's. It was into this system that well-known magician Aleister Crowley became an initiate. These were meant as ritual signposts to heal the earth and bring about goodness and growth; something that a lot of people would say that the Illuminati does not practice. However, with all of the darkness that has been associated with Freemasonry, there is also enlightenment that has been used as a bridge for good. We live in an age when despair is fashionable, victimhood is a cottage industry where you must pay your money to be told that you are part of an oppressed group. Human self-contempt has reached heights not known since the Dark Ages; and it is an age when it is considered naive to believe that anything good can ever be accomplished. This is partly due to the new trauma paradigm that we have acclimated to. We are now witnessing the horrors of what our society looks like from the very bottom, from the black holes of isolation. We are seeing every day the inhumanity to humanity. The negative self-fulfilling prophecy since the beginning of the new millennium is likened unto what Joseph Stalin thought, He believed that he was surrounded by enemies. His own party, he suspected, was permeated by deviationists who hated him. He steadily increased the size and powers of the secret police, and each chief of the secret police, in turn, was executed as one of the plotters against him. They all signed confessions before they died; Stalin insisted on that. He wanted it in black and white, proof that his suspicions were justified. Eventually, it appears, his closest associates conspired to poison him.

Friday, March 5th 2021 at 12:14PM
george patel
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