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MARCH 8, 2021

There have been alot of information shared about the racist white supremacist, "Charles Cyphert." Information was revealed in how he tricked his black roommate into believing both of their names were on the Lease at the home located at 3254 West 38th street, in West Cleveland, Ohio. We covered information about how Cyphert was recieving money and was being fed by his black roommate, but then went to his family and to others claiming he hadn't recieved anything or modifying the information in some way. Then we revealed howm the blackman brought furniture into the apartment and after Cyphert determined that he wanted it by force, there were plots between him and one of his daughters to claim that the kitchen table belonged to Cyphert. So the blackman contacted his job supervisor stating that Cyphert was trying to strong-arm his kitchen table claiming his daughter gave it to him. The blackman's job supervisor then stated he would confirm he sold the table to the blackman with camera surveillance on the job site to prove it. We then covered ground on how Cyphert hated blacks and hispanics and were using each of them against one another like most white supremacist. There have been alot of violence between blacks and hispanics as a result of this method. We then revealed how Cyphert and his family, from reliabvle sources who followed him in their car and staked out those placesuntil Cyphert departed, continuously plotted against his black roommate and others, even involving certain police officers. Then I, and others who have the password to this account to post topics, continued posting daily current events. But while posting these events Cyphert's family, thanks to certain police officers, informed them that they were being exposed on this website. So Cyphert started jotting down lies and illusions being backed up by white supremacist cops and others. This is a very huge matter, despite the fact that many want to sweep these threads under the rug. So, anewer form of deception was being implemented against the blackman who is Cyphert's roommate which now shall be revealed! (Note: Cyphert will now search for his roommate's mini cams and if he doesn't see them he will lie and claim there are none. Trust me, there are many videos and his roommate jkeeps his door locked./ Cyphert has very little idea of what electronics his roommate owns. So don't believe the hype. Cyphert and those connected to him have been rejoicing ever since they forced Blackplanet.com to modify its platforms similar to Twitter!)

Within the past two weeks while the blackman was at work, each time he got off he found that most of his food in his refrigerator was hot, and some of it stunk. So the blackman contacted Ben, the man he purchased the refrigerator from and, and told him that the frig wasn't holding up well. Ben told him that the refrigerator worked like new and something else was going on which required serious scrutinizing. Now keep in mind that euro-americans in Cleveland, and in multiple other places in Ohio think that black people are stupid. But the blackman who is the roommate with Cyphert is highly intelligent, and anyone whom knows him, including relatives of his, will confirm this. The blackman wanted to know why his food was spoiling and it was now time to get technical. So he took out the small mini home camera system he purchased at Radio Shack in Wilmington, Delaware, and installed it within the light fixture in the kitchen, and installed another in the bathroom to see why was his towers filthy and stunk. And while he was at work during the week of March 1, 2021, the surveillance went straight to one of his phones. (Important note: There is alot of hacking cell phones and internet browsuing at 3254 West 38th street in West Cleveland, which is why it is necessary to have more than one or two working phones. One phone for regular talking and the other phone should never be used until away from that address.) After recieving the surveillance showing Cyphert opwening the refrigerator and intentionally leaving it open for as long as 15 minutes at a time, it was clear whjat was spoiling the blackman's food. The blackman then forwarded the video and information to at least 19 other sources. The other surveillance mini cam which could monitor what was going on in the bathroom showed Cyphert wiping his hands on the body towels of the blackman. Many of you are thinking, "if that white supremacist did that to me I would beat his ass!" Don't think this haven't crossed the mind of the blackman. But it is very important to note that Cyphert is like any other white supremacist. He is a liar who have made up stories about how blacks and hispanics have did things to him just to get the in some sort of trouble for the thrills. He accused women of sticking their hands in his pockets and men sticking trying to get his wallet. Alot of these allegations, according to employees at the Fays Inn Motel in Lakewood, Ohio, were made at the motel and were unfounded because surveillance cameras proved that he outright lied! https://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-jailed-for-faking-story-of-black-man-shooting-him-that-led-to-cops-rounding-up-black-people/
Posted By: george patel
Sunday, March 7th 2021 at 12:40PM
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