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We Are Building A Community of " Religious Police " #Snitches (169 hits)
Black News & Culture / Religious Police PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT By Black $yientology Ink We are calling all black people across America to join our religious police force in an effort to create safer communities. In every city loca ...
Posted Friday, December 14th 2018 at 10:53AM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Introducing #ThugSexy A Fragrance by Nicki Minaj (301 hits)
Nicki Minaj News / New Fragrance By Black $yientology Ink Attn : Investors We are a company of independent concept creators. And we have created a new hip hop perfume label for females. One that could also translate into a jewelry and clot ...
Posted Tuesday, November 6th 2018 at 7:29PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
OPINION : Muslims Are The New N*GGERS (255 hits)
U.S Cultural News / Muslims OPED by King Nazir Muhammad Blacks have long since been the sole economic , political and social outcasts in America. All other races have found a form of acceptance in America due to their Caucasian complexion. But ...
Posted Tuesday, October 23rd 2018 at 1:04AM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Artificial Intelligence Explained In " Biblical " Terms (224 hits)
Technology & Religion / Artificial Intelligence Thesis by King Nazir Muhammad In the beginning, the bible hints at the creation of human beings by stating god "created " man in his image and likeness. And the operative word here is "create" ...
Posted Friday, October 12th 2018 at 2:58PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Black People Need Their Own Planet # BlackPlanet (233 hits)
Black News & Culture / Opinion By Who-Deen-E / Black $yientologist As strange as it may sound the condition of black people not only in America , but on the entire planet earth will never change. Dark skinned people in every culture on earth en ...
Posted Sunday, September 16th 2018 at 3:01PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Is Nicki Minaj The New "Tupac" ? #ThugSexy (457 hits)
Hip Hop News & Culture / Nicki Minaj By Who-Deen-E Hip hop has rarely seen an artist as dynamic and uncensored since the death of rap's outlaw - Tupac Shakur. That's until Nicki Minaj came through the back door with her korky rap style and c ...
Posted Tuesday, September 11th 2018 at 6:15PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Are " The Kardashians " A Threat To White Nationalism ? (1006 hits)
Kardashian News : Are The Kardashians A Threat To White Nationalism ? by King Nazir Muhammad Ever since the 2016 Elections racial tensions have been on the rise as many nationalist believe making America great again means the rise of white sup ...
Posted Friday, September 15th 2017 at 1:13PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
President Trump : We Want To Convert Black History Month into " White Appreciation Month " (2166 hits)
PRESS RELEASE : We The Online Church of Black $yientology have created a petition in which we are asking the current President Donald Trump to help us to convert Black History Month into - White Appreciation Month in 2018. Study shows that most b ...
Posted Thursday, June 15th 2017 at 1:46PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Transsexuals : Are They The New Age Black Women ? (2567 hits)
BLACK CULTURE NEWS : There is a new sexual revolution going on in the black community among black men called - Transsexualism. But no one has given thought as to why it is happening or what leads to it. But to understand it we must understand that t ...
Posted Tuesday, March 7th 2017 at 1:03PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Black $yientology to Replace the NAACP by 2025 (2965 hits)
NATIONAL NEWS : Founded in 1909 the NAACP was created for the advancement of colored people. But since that time the number of black men that have been killed totals more than 300,000 - more than during the times of lynching's. Although credited ...
Posted Saturday, February 25th 2017 at 11:39AM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Black Women Are Destroying What It Means To Be A Lesbian (2969 hits)
LGBTQ NEWS : Lesbianism has become a new trend in the black community, and many of todays black youth are rapidly joining in. But the problem here is that lesbianism is " not a trend " as it is being transformed into by the ignorant. Lesbianism is a ...
Posted Tuesday, January 31st 2017 at 2:02PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Black Syientology Introduces A New And Controversial DC Comic Book Villain For Superman Called " Allah " (2036 hits)
COMIC BOOK NEWS : Black Syientology Inc. has introduced a new original character which they call the equivalent of a " Muslim Superman ". This character was created to be introduced into the DC comic universe as a new villain for Superman. The ...
Posted Thursday, January 12th 2017 at 1:46PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Black $yientology Church Likens The Black Feminist Movement To " ISIS " #BlackISIS (1112 hits)
U.S NATIONAL NEWS : It has long since been the belief of black men that it is " The White Man " or the white power structure that's been working to demoralize and defame the black man in order to keep us economically and socially gridlocked. But ...
Posted Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 at 11:30AM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
Lawyers Shun Involvement in New ( King Muhammad Vs. Africa ) Reparations Case (1449 hits)
LEGAL NEWS : King Nazir Muhammad founder of the online church of Black Syientology has produced what he calls a clear cut legal argument to obtain reparations / restitution for his ancestors years of slave labor in America. Although it is the co ...
Posted Wednesday, December 28th 2016 at 11:21AM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
TRENDING : Act Like A Black Man , Think Like A White Man (1456 hits)
The Secret To Raising a Successful Black Male : Because the black man's style is the most copied style in the world , it is a must that he remain a trend setter. In fact , that is his greatest asset as a human being because in the area of creating tr ...
Posted Tuesday, December 6th 2016 at 12:19PM
by: Tha Mad $yientist | post comment
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