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America's Last Plantation (654 hits)
For years, federal officials in the South discriminated against Black farmers, denying them federal loans and grants that White farmers easily received. When Barack Obama was running for president he championed their cause. He created a bill to c ...
Posted Thursday, April 30th 2009 at 1:14PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Rising tide lifts all ships? (651 hits)
President Obama answered a question from a BET reporter during his press conference about the disproportionate economic impact that the recession is having on Black people -- particularly Black males. The question was, "What specific programs will y ...
Posted Wednesday, April 29th 2009 at 9:07PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Getting off to a good start means everything. (239 hits)
One of the community-based initiatives that is gaining support from the Obama administration is Charter Schools, and their potential for creative approaches to improving education outcomes -- particularly in urban communities. More importantly, I ha ...
Posted Thursday, April 16th 2009 at 12:25PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Closing the Black Wealth Gap (664 hits)
According to the Federal Reserve, the net worth of the typical African-American family in 2007 was just 10 percent of the net worth of the typical white family - down from 12 percent in 2004. Put another way: For every $1 held by whites five years ag ...
Posted Monday, April 13th 2009 at 11:31PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Men struggling to finish at black colleges (672 hits)
Just 29 percent of HBCU males finish bachelor's degree in six years Black men at HBCU's are graduating at declining rates, according the AP article below. This points to a real problem. Where is the problem? One indicator is achievement gaps in ...
Posted Thursday, April 2nd 2009 at 12:21AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
The Ebony Experiment: What if. . . ? (791 hits)
What would happen if Black families across America made real commitments to support Black businesses and professionals? How many jobs would be created? How many homes would be saved from foreclosure? How many new role models would our children have? ...
Posted Tuesday, March 17th 2009 at 2:58AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Just how fast is life moving? (291 hits)
Here is an interesting look at our future world. What does it all mean? Roger Madison www.izania.com ...
Posted Monday, March 16th 2009 at 4:02PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Assessing Barack Obama's First 50 Days (666 hits)
President Barack Obama has been held to the closest scrutiny of any President in memory. The normal standard of looking back after the first 100 days to see how the administration is doing has been escalated to a daily focus on every step taken. P ...
Posted Wednesday, March 11th 2009 at 9:09AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Values are the fuel for accelerated results. (279 hits)
Moving in the fast lane means performing at a higher level. Just as an automobile performs better on higher octane fuel, so do individuals perform at higher levels with the right fuel. We cannot expect to close the gaps between our current condition ...
Posted Wednesday, February 18th 2009 at 1:42PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Is the Digital Divide a Myth? -- Personal Communications and Entertainment (233 hits)
National Survey Finds That the Hip-Hop Generation Embraces Internet Technology and New Media Philadelphia, PA (BlackNews.com) - Despite previous assertions, the overwhelming majority of low-income urban teens are accessing the Internet, buying the ...
Posted Monday, February 16th 2009 at 1:20AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Is the Digital Divide a Myth? -- Internet Usage (365 hits)
In an article published by BlackNews.com, a new study reflects the status of the Hip Hip Generation and how their use of the Internet affects the digital divide. I have a few questions that I will include in multiple posts. National Survey Finds ...
Posted Friday, February 13th 2009 at 6:10PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane: Your Economic Stimulus and Recovery Plan -- Recovery or Disaster? (250 hits)
Everyone is deeply focused on the current economic crisis. The news headlines are ominous: "The Worse Economic Crisis Since the Great Depression." How did our relatives live through the great depression? Since that time, we have gone through multiple ...
Posted Friday, February 13th 2009 at 6:00PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Support Telethon for the Children of JLNSCS on 1/31/09 (476 hits)
SUPPORT "AFRICAN-CENTERED EDUCATION" The Joseph Littles-Nguzo Saba Charter School Online Telethon on LIB TV/Radio SATURDAY 10:00 am TO 3:00 PM EDT (7 to NOON Pacific) You can call in during our live broadcast West Coast Line 323-902-2919; ...
Posted Friday, January 30th 2009 at 10:01PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Skills for Survival (478 hits)
I often read that the sage old advice -- "Get a good education and get a good job" -- is outdated. More often than not, the person decrying this advice is promoting entrepreneurism, or has felt the devastating insecurity of the current job market. ...
Posted Wednesday, January 28th 2009 at 4:23AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Life in the Fast Lane -- Culture Shift (602 hits)
I have observed that any focus on the Black Community has to take into account the gaps in our progress -- some imposed by oppressors, others self-imposed, all can be addressed with our own initiative. Throughout my life experience, I have also obse ...
Posted Sunday, January 11th 2009 at 7:38AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Cultural Awareness (565 hits)
I read a recent article by Darryl James titled, "Cultural Awareness." Here are my thoughts. I have always struggled to get my mind around "our culture" as Africans in America. I read the prescriptions below, and they don't result in a "call to ar ...
Posted Thursday, January 8th 2009 at 6:32AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Education. . . the Civil Rights Issue of our generation (641 hits)
President-elect Barack Obama recently announced Arne Duncan, the head of the Chicago school system, as Education Secretary, and declared that failing to improve classroom instruction is "morally unacceptable for our children." Among the initiatives s ...
Posted Monday, December 22nd 2008 at 10:47PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama Wins! -- The beginning of transformational leadership. (604 hits)
This election has been one of those experiences that history may define as "once in a lifetime." It is not often that we get to utter those words. How does an event or occurrence meet this definition? Like the occurrence of a perfect storm, events co ...
Posted Wednesday, November 5th 2008 at 7:18AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 1 day to go. One Word -- VOTE! (802 hits)
Many of us have voted already. Some of us are worried, anxious, nervous about the outcome tomorrow. I have two offers for all of us to get through the next 24 hours. Please read below and pass on to your friends: Here is what you need to do to ...
Posted Monday, November 3rd 2008 at 12:31PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 3 days to go. The stakes leave no room for passive support. (442 hits)
This Presidential campaign has demonstrated that politics is not a game for the faint-hearted. Many of us are anxious, fearful, nervous -- but hopeful and prayerful of a winning outcome for Barack Obama. Because of his brilliant organizing, the p ...
Posted Sunday, November 2nd 2008 at 12:06AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 4 days to go. Be Prepared, and Conquer the Lines. (457 hits)
Everywhere we look, there are long lines of voters participating in this historic election. People are waiting 2, 3, 4, and sometimes up to 6 hours. That's a long time to stand around without a plan. I received this helpful advice from Colorofchange. ...
Posted Friday, October 31st 2008 at 12:36PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 5 days to go. Deja vu all over again. (555 hits)
We have seen this movie before -- or at least something like it. In the final days of the Democratic Primary Campaign, the news pundits at CNN rolled out the "majic map." In the first version of this movie, there were endless combinations of potent ...
Posted Friday, October 31st 2008 at 3:01AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 6 days to go. The Obama Closing Argument. (538 hits)
For thirty minutes on Wednesday evening Barack Obama demonstrated his understanding of the challenges of te American people, and provided a glimpse of how he would lead our country -- with compassion, and confidence in a bold vision of restoring Amer ...
Posted Thursday, October 30th 2008 at 1:52AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 7 days to go. Redistribution of wealth. (520 hits)
I'm fed up and can't take it anymore! My experience is that desperate people are dangerous -- to themselves and to others. The McCain campaign has just taken me to my limit with this redistribution of wealth thing. One of the double-edged sword ...
Posted Tuesday, October 28th 2008 at 4:48PM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
Obama vs. McCain -- 9 days to go. McCain's thousands and Obama's 10 thousands. (309 hits)
On this Sunday, 9 days before the Presidential election, John McCain spoke at two rallies in Iowa and Ohio, wth about 2,000 supporters at each rally. Barack Obama spoke at rallies in Denver and Ft. Carson, Colorado. There were 100,000 poeple in Den ...
Posted Monday, October 27th 2008 at 12:53AM
by: Roger E Madison Jr | post comment
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