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Mr. Ron and Steve Williams each asked a question I am all too happy to answer. (9 hits)
Mr. Ron asked this question. Harry, Steve, Robert, What happens in this case? What if you was born in South Africa and you are "Caucasian" and you moved to the United States to live and gained citizenship here in this country, since you was born in ...
Posted Wednesday, May 23rd 2018 at 5:41PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. Powell stupidly thinks that God created mankind from the biblical Adam and Eve! (19 hits)
It is stupid to believe because it is not logical that God created two Jewish people, Adam and Eve and from Adam and Eve these two Jewish couple came; Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Europeans, Nigerians, Somalia and the rest of humanities racially diver ...
Posted Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 at 7:56PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. Steve Williams. You said this to Mr. Ron! (40 hits)
I saw this early in your "report". It's not rocket science Ron, your ancestors are from Africa, not Scotland, not North America. Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 at 4:28AM. Steve, Mr. Ronís ancestors are from North America and not from Africa. Mr. Ronís a ...
Posted Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 at 2:40PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. Ron asked the question who is an African American. Itís my pleasure to answer this question! (19 hits)
An African American is a descendent directly or indirectly from the continent of Africa who came to White America and became a naturalized citizen of White America. The Somalia community in Minnesota is an African American community. The Nigerian co ...
Posted Tuesday, May 22nd 2018 at 3:38AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
#Royal wedding! Black Americans thinks that race doesnít matter, but I say it does matter! (14 hits)
Letís see if I am right. Iíll first start with the logic that all of what God created was good and therefore matters! God created poisonous and non-poisonous sneaks nevertheless both matters since they both serves a purpose in the bigger picture of c ...
Posted Sunday, May 20th 2018 at 8:52PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Bro. Marcus, Siebra Muhammad how did 15% of the Black American race became so-called Muslims? (14 hits)
First, I do declare that Black Americans who claims to be Muslims are disgruntled Christians and White haters. Iíll use Elijah Poole Muhammad as our focus and example. Elijah was raised in the Christian religion since his father was a Christian pr ...
Posted Saturday, May 19th 2018 at 12:07AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Is there any one in the audience intelligent enough to explain how Black Americans became Christians? (10 hits)
Since we positively know that one race of people cannot give another race of people their religion it stands to reason from history that Black Americans became Christians because the slave masters were Christians. How do you all feel and mentally ...
Posted Friday, May 18th 2018 at 11:29PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. Vasel Glass there is no such thing as a Black American Christian! Real Christians are European gentiles! (11 hits)
It went down like this. Apostle Paul started the Christian religion and the recipients were the European gentiles. Apostle Paul on his way to Damascus said he encountered a strange event when Jesus the Christ asked him why he persecutes those who bel ...
Posted Friday, May 18th 2018 at 11:06PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Godís benefits! Can you name any? Help, Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness are some. (17 hits)
Every race of people to receive any of Godís benefits must first have a spiritual foundation. Iíve previously explained what a spiritual foundation is and how a people come by their spiritual foundation that is only racially suited just for them and ...
Posted Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 4:50PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Every race must have a spiritual foundation to receive any benefits from God! (15 hits)
What is a people spiritual foundation? Every Peopleís spiritual foundation is their anointed prophet, religion and religious book. For instance, the Saudi Arabian peopleís spiritual foundation is Prophet Mustafa Mohammed, Islam and the Holy Quran. No ...
Posted Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 11:15AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Did Malcolm X know that he belong to a NEW race of people? No, he did not know! (23 hits)
Since I know that Black Americans are a NEW race of people and Malcolm X did not know doesnít it stand to reason that I am more intelligent than Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan could ever be? Of course! There are no recorders or eviden ...
Posted Thursday, May 17th 2018 at 12:20AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
These are some reasons that make Black Americans a NEW race of people as I have been teaching! (22 hits)
Races that are not NEW are people like Japanese, Chinese, Jewish and Saudi Arabians all have one thing in common they have their own country/land upon which God created them. God created the Saudi Arabian people in the country of Saudi Arabia. The s ...
Posted Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 11:57PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
My superiorwisdom is needed in Mr. Stantonís blog about Malcolm X. (21 hits)
Firstly, these men and women you are fond of like David Walker, Ida B Wells, William Monroe Trotter, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad and his ministers like Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan and fearless educators like Angela Davis a ...
Posted Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 1:24AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Letís talk about what it is to be objective and what it is to be subjective! You need both! (16 hits)
Firstly, what are these two things, objective and subjective? To be objective is to be free of any bias or prejudice caused by personal feelings; based on facts rather than personal thoughts or opinions. To be subjective is based on somebodyís opi ...
Posted Sunday, May 13th 2018 at 8:09PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
God visits me frequently. On one of those visits God said to me I donít have to just take Godís wordÖÖ (18 hits)
God urged me to check behind God since all truth is self revealing and is always collaborated by another truth exactly the same. For instance, what do I mean by self revealing. Letís the Arabian race, we see that the Saudi Arabian Muslims and their ...
Posted Sunday, May 13th 2018 at 4:21AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
What does justice look like for the Black American race? (14 hits)
Is justice for the Black American race is sitting down with our White counterpart and having a real heart to heart talk of how we can live together? In other words finding a way to work things out, that was Mr. Steve Williamsí suggestion to me 9 year ...
Posted Saturday, May 12th 2018 at 3:41AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. David Johnson says that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the false Trinity and a faÁade. (20 hits)
Firstly, letís apply the divine knowledge that since prophets are racially different religions are racially different as well. Everyone has learned this from me! When you connect the dots you see that Judaism is represented by the Jewish Hebrew Isra ...
Posted Friday, May 11th 2018 at 7:45PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
A sleeping people can only be awakening by one whom is all ready awoke! The prophet! (20 hits)
Firstly, letís take for granted that the entire race at one time is sleeping people. Then, the awakening of this one must have come from an outside source. If everything is as it should be the outside source would be God and the one awoken the prop ...
Posted Friday, May 11th 2018 at 12:02AM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
With the little brain that Black Americans have we can still unite on a place to live, a country! (12 hits)
Why are we not taken advantage of such an opportunity that this social site BIA offers us to communicate with each other is truly a blessing, but how we use this blessed is very troubling to me because we donít discuss anything good and relevant abou ...
Posted Thursday, May 10th 2018 at 11:20PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Mr. Kamal Imani is another idiot! This idiot blogs what he thinks should be Black Americaís 10 Commandments! (19 hits)
Of these 10 Commandments not one of these commandments mentions Black Americans having a country of our own. Any intelligent person having an ounce of brain would know that without a country no other desire could come to pass. As Black Americaís f ...
Posted Thursday, May 10th 2018 at 9:23PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
Doesnít it stand to reason that when the time would come for Black Americans to have a prophet----- (25 hits)
that prophet will automatically have to be a Black American man out of the Black American race. There is no other way! When the time came for the Jewish people to have their last recorded prophet, Christ Jesus he, Jesus came out his own Jewish rac ...
Posted Wednesday, May 9th 2018 at 12:51PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
I, Christ Harry am the most spiritually intelligent man on this site since I joined 10 years ago! (21 hits)
It should be easy to connect the dots; Harry said he is Black Americaís first genuinely anointed prophet by the same God that anointed the White Jewish Jesus and the Arab Mohammed and therefore it should not be surprising that Christ Harry is the mos ...
Posted Wednesday, May 9th 2018 at 12:29PM
by: Harry Watley | post comment
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