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I am so tired of being broke (1290 hits)
On the Southside I found myself on E Pulled up to a gas station First one I could see 3.89 a gallon but all I have is a balance of 19 dollars and 84 cents at Bank of America I am broke. Does anyone care? I had to watch the pump...carefully pump ...
Posted Monday, March 19th 2012 at 6:57PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Black History Month Poem (2544 hits)
I'M NOT GIVING MY BLACK BACK I'm Not Giving My Black Back! I'm not giving up my greens or my g ...
Posted Tuesday, March 2nd 2010 at 2:03PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Do you have GOOD HAIR? (1585 hits)
Chris Rock's movie exposed the truth about black hair secrets. Now answer this poll and lets open up the conversation further. Please answer the poll question. Thanks! ...
Posted Thursday, February 25th 2010 at 1:26AM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
I Want To Write Something... (1369 hits)
I want to write something... Have ever just wanted to write something? Has your heart every been so full the words rush to your brain and you just want to write something...Its something...My back hurts, I want to write so bad...I just want to pour ...
Posted Sunday, February 21st 2010 at 12:01AM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
A little bit about me. (1400 hits)
I have never baked bread or had the desire to. I use to cut down my own Christmas tree when I was a kid. I can type really fast with one hand. I am expecting my first child and thinking about buying a sewing machine. I use to be a great a ...
Posted Saturday, September 5th 2009 at 10:48PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
STRONG PEOPLE (poem) by Sun (3761 hits)
I know strong people People who can lift a mountain A mountain of Pain A mountain of Sadness Of depression With one “and” Just A few words People who can erase a babies tears with a few verses I know strong people People who ca ...
Posted Friday, August 7th 2009 at 2:10PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Hooray!! Sotomayor has finally been confirmed! (1547 hits)
Hooray!! Sotomayor has finally been confirmed! Yay for OBAMA! "The Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor Thursday as the first Hispanic justice on the Supreme Court. The vote was 68-31 for Sotomayor, President Barack Obama's first high court nominee. ...
Posted Thursday, August 6th 2009 at 3:55PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Are some names too ghetto? (1990 hits)
Let's be honest. I'm not calling out any names but some... names sound like they are straight from the hood. Is this okay or not? Please cast your vote in the survey to the right. And add a comment if you'd like. Thanks! -------------------------- ...
Posted Thursday, August 6th 2009 at 1:15AM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
A Single Gals' Lament (1545 hits)
Wait. I didn't take the bait. I evaluated it and I waited to see if it would turn to me and be what I wanted it to be Wait. I devoured it wholly in my mind fantasized, (and rightly so), its been a lon ...
Posted Wednesday, August 5th 2009 at 5:17PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
"Do You Like, Love or Just Tolerate your job/career?" (1312 hits)
Please be honest when choosing your answer choice and you can also add an explanation. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Posted Tuesday, August 4th 2009 at 9:10PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Think outside the Box! (1269 hits)
How many of you feel like this at work everyday? What can we do to step out of the box? Your suggestions would be appreciated! Let's Talk! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ...
Posted Tuesday, August 4th 2009 at 2:00PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Help Me Break The Chains Of Injustice Everywhere! (1310 hits)
Help Me Break The Chains Of Injustice Everywhere! ...
Posted Tuesday, August 4th 2009 at 1:58PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
More and more, right-wing talk show hosts are bringing race-based fear mongering into the mainstream, but FOX's Glenn Beck just took it to another level. On Tuesday, Beck said: "This president has exposed himself as a guy over and over and o ...
Posted Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 6:14PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
What the hell happened to the Civil Rights Groups? (1065 hits)
Recently, many startling news stories have crossed your television screen. There are two that were very troubling to my spirit. There was a group of 65 African American children who had paid 1100 dollars to swim in a local Philadelphia pool. When the ...
Posted Sunday, August 2nd 2009 at 11:41PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
Make $$$ for accepting junk mail (922 hits)
Posted Saturday, April 25th 2009 at 3:43PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
$$$$$ (1064 hits)
Posted Friday, April 24th 2009 at 4:01PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
This One is for U! (1036 hits)
In honor of the ones who have tried but lost who have paid the cost in this battle to win, to gain In honor of women and men Who will again ask again if their loan is approved In honor of the homeless who have no shoes To the grandmothers up l ...
Posted Sunday, March 29th 2009 at 12:37PM
by: Sun Smith | post comment
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