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Why Black people prefer white Jesus Posted on 07-18-2011
Atlanta, GA

               Why Black people prefer a white Jesus.

Religion has been the greatest tool used to conquer and convert the minds of Black people. When you connect a belief system to a religion its affects can be so much more profound and longer lasting. An example of this can be seen wherein which during slavery Black people were given a religion that taught them to believe in white deities- a white God, white messiah, white angels and white prophets. These depictions of “white only” deities were deliberately done to subconsciously indoctrinate the false belief of white divinity [and therefore superiority] upon the minds of the African slaves. In making the slaves believe in white deities it made them subconsciously believe that their slave masters- also being white- were closer to God—or god like. Moreover, during this process the African slaves were also taught to believe that this white God had ordained them to be slaves and that their Black skin color was the result of a curse.  This white idolizing Black mortifying religious indoctrination process was used to make the African slaves more loyal to their masters. From the perspective of the slave masters, it made them better slaves. This conditioning has been left uncorrected and un-removed for generations.

The effects of that brain washing scheme initially implemented more than four hundred years ago still continues upon the mind of millions of African Americans today. It is for this reason why it is not uncommon to visit a church with an entire Black congregation and find its walls stubbornly adorned with only pictures of white deities. The effects of that mental conditioning program have continued through many generational lines. These white deities are now so indoctrinated upon the minds, souls, and hearts of Black people that most will now angrily defend preferring them saying that the color of their deities are of no matter nor relevance. But given that this same group is often psychologically incapable of accepting Black depictions of their deities proves that color is of relevance-just as long as it remains white. For some Blacks it is so immense that they literally feel offended and a disdain towards Black depiction of their sacred deities. This behavior is among the severest remaining effect of that black mortifying religious indoctrination process.

To take the standpoint that the preferentiality for white deities among so many black people, over Black ones -that look like themselves- as being normal is ludicrous. For many Black people God is revered as being the [most] highest entity within their lives. Therefore it is logical that the continued perpetuated myth of God’s whiteness would psychological ingrain feelings of white superiority and divinity while subsequently causing self-contemptuous mortifying feelings within the Black psyche. It is also for this reason why many Black people often feel greater sympathy towards the white Jewish holocaust -that resulted in an estimated twelve millions deaths- over their own Black Holocaust that resulted in an estimated fifty million deaths. These behaviors among so many African Americans are the direct resulted legacy of that slavery process where of which they were indoctrinated to believe in the divinity of whites only.

I am well aware that thousands of Black people that will read this article are very sincere in their devotion to Christianity—and totally accept its depictions of white deities. They are however totally unaware that these false depictions of white deities were [and still is] used to subconsciously ingrain feelings of inferiority within the Black psyche.

Today this white venerating religious indoctrination process is continued when black parents teach their children to believe and pray to white deities.  It also continues every time that a Black child enters a church and sees white deities upon its walls, or read an illustrated Bible that depicts all the biblical heroes as white; and also when watching movies or television shows depicting Biblical characters as white.

Millions of Black people have lived and died without ever studying the true origin of their Christian religion or of how their enslaved ancestors became Christians. Many hold the belief that to merely present such a question is to commit a sin. Some even believe that those who would question it are under the influence of Satan himself. These sentiments are often also echoed by many Black ministers.  Subsequently, as a result of these norms, the majority of African Americans therefore go from the cradle to the grave neverat any time—knowing this truth. Do you know this origin of Black Christianity?

Most African Americans are unaware that their spiritual experiences of trance shaking when feeling a spiritual connection with their creator, and speaking in tongue has nothing to do with Christianity. In fact when such behavior was displayed by the early African slaves, their masters often expressed feelings of shock because they found the displayed behavior as being hedonist and alien to the Christian religion they were teaching their slaves. They also often shared these stories of their slaves’ behaviors with their house guest believing that it proved that their slaves somehow lacked mental capacity. This is because these expressions of spirituality that we now perceive as Christianity are in fact totally African expressions.

This truth has been suppressed for many centuries, but it is information that every Black person need to know! This truth is astounding and vitally important to the mental liberation of black people.

This preceding article is an excerpt from the third chapter of the book entitled the Black Matrix: the modern social suppression of Black people.

This book contains genuinely shocking information for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It has profound implications for the future of our civilization. Yet the facts contained herein are not based on some "pie in the sky" theory or concept. This is a matter of finding the genuine Truth regarding the purpose of our human existence, and finding the true way to fulfill that magnificent purpose.

The astounding message in this book will affect you in the years just ahead, and it will also affect your eternal future! It is vitally important.

This explosive revelation is not just for "religious people"—it is for everyone. It affects all of our lives.

If you are willing to go further and learn more please visit www.divineBlacktruth.org and order your copy.



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harryw from Wilson Salem, NC replied on 09-10-2011 10:51PM [Reply]

So, what is Black America's permanent solution!
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TheGreenSage replied on 01-03-2014 03:08AM [Reply]

Jesus was Middle Eastern, not white. Closer actually to my skin tone, maybe darker, with definite ties to Africa. Strong nose and full lips, possibly even coarse, curly hair. This whole "white Jesus" thing came about when the Catholic church kinda took over in the Middle Ages.

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harryw from Wilson Salem, NC replied on 04-19-2014 08:53AM [Reply]

I can see that you are crying out! So, I asked you the question what is our permanent solution. You said something about the Jewish Jesus complexion, but my question wasn’t about Jesus.


Your answer should have been that our permanent solution is becoming a sovereign people in a country of our own. Something like what God did for the Children of Israel.  


Incidentally, the article is wrong about one thing and that is we are not African people. We are a new race of people born out of the ashes of plantation slavery. We never existed anywhere in the world including Africa before plantation started in this country. We are Black Americans, but this will change in the future to something permanen

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