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How Many Freemasons or Eastern Stars are in your neighborhood, church, family! (2359 hits)

A Freemason Blog Post has identified some Masonic innuendo in the Obama October 29 Infomercial broadcast on a number of U.S. television and cable networks. During minute 25 as the narrator makes a reference to Grandfathers we find a brief flash of a Shriner in a mini-go kart with two men in white shirts standing beside. If you freeze the video and advance it slowly you will also see the bottom of a long Shriner Fez Tassle some of them use. As the 'Grandfather' discussion continues you will see several Masonic style bearhug handshake embraces which are used in the 'five points of fellowship' grip. This is the one where the hands shaking are concealed by the bodies of the two men pressed together, with the other arm wrapped around each others back.

Why do we bother with this somewhat tiresome Freemason hint/handsign/handshake watch? Firstly because Freemason membership non admission/denials for various current(non horizontal) public figures are not to be believed, and to disprove the Masons claim that Freemasonry is not involved in politics and that Freemasons don't use their membership for gain and advantage.

Mr. Obama has not been as prolific in his Masonic 'Ring Knocking' as John the Masonic Sign Machine McCain but he has done so on occasion, most 'craft'ily during the rally where he announced Biden's VPship, placing his hand horizontally on Joe's back. Masons online have stated in posts that Obama is a Prince Hall Freemason along with the Rev. Wright and that they know he is a 'brother'(Regular or Prince Hall variety unstated) because they sat in 'Lodge' (i.e. during the closed ritual where the doors are guarded) with him.

Because Mr. Obama is a member of the 'Brotherhood' you can be sure if elected he will appoint and advance many Freemasons to positions in his administration in front, and behind, the scene. This is ultimately one of the key points with Freemasons, you are not electing or accepting just the individual Freemason, you are electing or accepting his entire extended masonic network. 'The Pillar of Mutual Support' of preference and mutual aid inside binding oaths of keeping their brother masons secrets.

In Summary Freemasonry is heavily involved in Politics, Freemasons use membership in Freemasonry for personal advantage and Freemasonry deceives non-Freemasons on the masonic membership of current prominent public figures. In other words Freemasonry is a Secret Society.
Posted By: Jimmy Plymouth
Saturday, November 1st 2008 at 11:51PM
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